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Jerry of F4 goes solo

The sensational Taiwan band F4 is to perform in concert in Bangkok on August 29 and 30, but even before that, band member Jerry Yan is launching his solo album Jerry For You. He worked for two years to complete this album for Sony Music. Jerry said since he is not gabby, he prefers to let his songs talk for him, and reveal his true self.




F4 in Thailand

F4 no longer popular? The answer is - No!
The Thailand Fantasy
concert they will attend in August, each will pocket at least $10

August 28 and 30, F4 will proceed to Bangkok, Thailand to perform in
front of close to 60 000 audience from Asia. The company was willing
to pay a sky high price, reaching 8 digits. According to estimates,
each F4 member will rake in 10million

F4's concert tickets are still on sale, with the highest priced
ticket fetching around $6000, which was gone in one day. F4 are still

F4's MG was shown in Asia, and last country to broadcast was in
Thailand. Two years ago, their first album was released. This year,
the sequel was shown. In just over half a year of release, F4 are at
the peak. F4 is coming to Bankok for a concert. It was originally
scheduled to be one show only but due to the great demand, another
show has been added.
Each member will sing 3 songs, with Jerry, ZZ and Vanness all singing
songs from their new album. Ken even though has not released his
album yet, has been producing his album and has recorded a number of
songs. Whether he will let his fans hear it, is still being decided
by his music company.

F4 held concerts over a year ago. Due to their lack of experience and
their own songs, it was criticised to be "tong he hui". After a year
of practice, their stage experience increased, they are confident the
Thailand concert should please their fans.
In the past year, F4 have each been doing their own things. The
Thailand concert will reunite them and they will arrive in Bangkok
from different parts of the world. Jerry will come from Taipei, ZZ
HK, Ken China and Vanness from the US.

Approximately, from the ticket sales, advertisements and concert
products, NT$100million will be the revenue, taking our expenses,
each F4 member will at least pocket at 8 digit figure. 

taipei reports 3/8 

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