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Zai Zai Agrees to Appear on 'Da Xiao Ai Chi' as a Guest

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Zai Zai Agrees to Appear on 'Da Xiao Ai Chi' as a Guest

Although Da S is a vegetarian, she is willing to cook meat dishes for Zai Zai. How would she know if it is tasty? She replied, "Based on my instincts". Zai Zai plays a chef in his new series "Delicious Relationship / Fairytale Romance", and has agreed to appear as a guest in his girlfriend's show 'Da Xiao Ai Chi' to show off his culinary skills. This is the first time since Zai Zai & Da S publicly announced their relationship that they would be appearing together on the same stage for a variety show.

Relationship gone bad? No such thing.
Due to Xu Weilun's demise following a car accident six months ago, Zai Zai looked very wan and reports alleging that his relationship with Da S had gone awry were rampant during that period of time. Actually, the couple's relationship is still as good as ever. The day before, Da S accepted an interview while filming 'Da Xiao Ai Chi'. When Andy Lau was mentioned, she revealed that Zai Zai was a big fan of his, and would only sleep after watching his concert DVD at home. Xiao S immediately said, "Yes, when he comes to my house he will get us to watch it together with him. His favourite song is "It is not a sin for men to cry", and when it comes to the second half of the song he will call for all of us to sing together."

She is vegetarian, but cooks meat dishes for him
Da S has been a vegetarian for many years, but for Zai Zai's sake, she has been learning to cook meat dishes which include curry pork chop etc. When Zai Zai was asked whether he was willing to be a guest on Da S's show, he nodded in agreement. As for Da S, the producer of the show Ye Xin Ru said, "She has no problem with it".

Mickey Huang will not make a guest appearance
When asked if Xiao S's ex-boyfriend Mickey Huang would make a guest appearance, Ye Xin Ru said, "I have asked Mickey" but he replied, "Are you crazy!" jokingly, and it would be difficult theoretically. Actually, the ice between Mickey and Xiao S has been melted after they met at the Golden Bell red carpet show and they even joked with each other later at another show. Although there is no longer any animosity existing between them, Mickey is worried about Da S, who speaks her mind, and the two have not met to date.

2007/7/28 People Look Forward for DaZai to Be Together

2007/7/28 People Look Forward for DaZai to Be Together

On July 27, Ken and Lin Xi Lei was reported to have gotten married. Today, Lin's manager say it is very unresponsible to say that, and he also says that this thing has never happened. Besides that, the Ping Guo Daily News did a survey asking people which couple does the people look forward to be together among the F4. The winner is Vic and Barbie.

For the chart of F4,

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2007 Asian Song Festival

2007 Asian Song Festival

Date: 22 Sep. 2007
Time: 18:00 ~ 20:30
Venue: Seoul World Cup Stadium

Many Asian artistes will appear, including F4 from Taiwan


as to how accurate it is or will all 4 of them appear, let's wait for more news.

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Meteor Garden Ratings as of July 23 to 27

TV Ratings
Mega Manila
AGB Nielsen
July 23-27 2007

July 23 -Meteor Garden 22.2% vs. Sineserye Presents: Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos 11.6%;

July 24-Meteor Garden 22.2% vs. Sineserye Presents: Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos 10.5%;

July 25 -Meteor Garden 20.4% vs. Sineserye Presents: Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos 12.4%;

July 26 - Meteor Garden 21.1% vs. Sineserye Presents: Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos 11.5%

July 27 - Meteor Garden 25.3% vs. Sineserye Presents: Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos 11.8%

source: and MG Thread

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Presscon - Waiting For You Here

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07/23 Ken confirmed the image for "Waiting for you here" last week

07/23 Ken confirmed the image for "Waiting for you here" last week

(part related to Ken only)

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Source: United Press July 23, 2007
Ken Chu, Zai Zai and Chen Yan Xi confirmed the image for Tourism Bureau drama, "Waiting for you here". The production headache that how to enable Zai Zai has the feeling of "civilians", instead of a richie. In the story, he is a best-selling writer, however, in order to find new source of inspiration, go to experience life by driving a taxi.

Meteor Garden Ratings as of July 16 to 20

TV Ratings
Mega Manila
AGB Nielsen
July 16 to 20 2007

July 16 -Meteor Garden 20% vs. Sineserye Presents: Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos (chapter premier) 12%;

July 17 -Meteor Garden 22.6% vs. Sineserye Presents: Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos 15.1%;

July 18 -Meteor Garden 21.5% vs. Sineserye Presents: Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos 13.6%;

July 19 -Meteor Garden 21.6% vs. Sineserye Presents: Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos 11.7%;

July 20 -Meteor Garden 21.7% vs. Sineserye Presents: Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos? 12.7%;

Zai Zai's a Chef Competes with Wu Zun for Popularity

Source: UDN
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Zai Zai and recently rising idol Wu Zun will soon be comparing popularity, the two's starring dramas [Mei Wei Guan Xi 美味關係] and [Romantic Princess 公主小妹] will be competing. Zai Zai in [Mei Wei Guan Xi] plays a chef, image is very forever noble, but his next idol drama for promoting tourism; [Wait for you here 在這裡等你] changes commoner image to drive taxis, director Cai Yue Xun 蔡岳勳's new film [Ruffian Hero 痞子英雄] also becomes a police, constantly looking for new break throughs, preventing new waves catching up.

[Mei Wei Guan Xi] stars Zai Zai & Patty Hou, filming was as long as 9 months, production costs was $70,000,000. This film is determined to be brodcasted on CTS early Sept after Mike He, Rainie Yang's [Why Why Love]; which is also another strong weekend idol drama. CTV also wants to compete with GTV's Wu Zun & Angela Zhang 's [Romantic Princess], they'll continue to broadcast currently broadcasting [18 Jin Bu Jin] so that in early Sept Zai Zai & Wu Zun can compete.

Not only are the actors competing, both drama's directors are looking forward to a competion as well. No matter power or ratings both will be compared.

Last weekend Zai Zai along with Ken Zhu and Michelle Chen 陳妍希 were trying out images for the tourism drama [Wait for you here], it's a bit of a headache for the drama team, since they had to figure out how to make Zai Zai become more of a commoner, to take of that prince charming image. In the drama he was a best selling artist, to find inspiration he goes and drives a taxi to experience life.

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Linxilei not renew the contract, want to marry Ken Chu? ?

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Source: Liberty Times July 23, 2007

? Linxilei (right) does not renew the contract with Mars
Entertainment, rumour came out she have the the idea of marriage,
and the scandal boyfriend is Ken Chu.

Lei-Lei" Linxilei does not renew the contract with Mars
Entertainment, she has the idea of getting marry? Fans have found
that the Lei-Lei's blog was removed from "Mars Entertainment, "
(http : / / www.supermars. com/stars1/ news/mars/ ) quietly. Her
manager Shen Yin stated that Linxilei does not renew the contract.
Her reason is : "personal career planning. " However, whether she is
tired after filming for two consecutive years, or any other
brokerage firms "fighting for star, " or if the rumor was her
parents reminded her to get marry, that she moved to the idea of
marriage? She will attend an opening of a gift shop on next Tuesday
in Taichung, media would questioning about it.

Since two years ago, Lei-Lei and Ken Chu filmed "Tokyo Trial",
scandal never broken off. Lei-Lei particularly flew to Hong Kong to
attend the last F4 concert to cheer for Ken Chu in last March. Not
long ago, two of them flew to Milan for Versace dinner. There is
even rumors that both of them were living together secretly.
However, the manager Shen Yin denied : "I know this is not true.
Both of them are only working together."

Managing director of Mars Entertainment Jiang Cheng Jin said, the
company works happily with Lei-Lei, and of course he wants her to
stay on. But Lei-Lei vaguely referred her fathers wants her to
manager the family's organic food business, the company and her may
move towards a "tacit understanding" approach for working in futher.
For whether she get marry or not, he then said that he was not

New Mia pictures

New Mia pictures
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It seems like Mia will have a promotional function of Jerry spending some time with fans in August. Details will be announced later.

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Shot at 2007-07-20
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The Hospital Broadcast- Japan

Thanks Axuaya's information. The Hospital is confirmed to be broadcasted on Japan NHK BS2 every Thursday at 11pm, starting October 4, 2007.

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Vanness 2nd solo concert in Japan has sucessfully ended

16 July 2007

Vanness 2nd solo concert in Japan has sucessfully ended

Thank you to all the fans, as well as Vanness's family and friends who were at the concert supporting Vanness, making the concert a huge success.

The enthusiasm and touching moments were unforgettable.

Chih shared few pics of the concert at his blog, as reposting of pics are prohibited!, please click on the following link to look at the pics.

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Shot at 2007-07-16
translated by simple - Ken's part only
source: Taiwan Apple Daily

Ken Chu Milan fashion trip, buy underwear first.
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To commemorate the Italian designer Gianni Versace died for 10 years, Milan hold a series of commemorative activities. The highlight is on the 15th at the "Thank You Gianni With Love" ballet performances and dinner. Brand incumbent helmsman Donatella Versace led members of the family, and welcome global guests. Ken Chu is the only attended on behalf of the Eastern Star. This is his first time to Italy and participate in the Italian fashion event, but also encountered bad things : "My luggage left in Hong Kong, and even underwear had to re-buy in Milan. "

Ken first on the participation of Italian fashion feast felt very interesting : "Many western stars wearing very solemnly walked up and feel much like the scene in the film. "Versace provide suits for him to attend the dinner along, but he appears to have become edema. Yesterday he transit in Rome to Hong Kong, he said : "This time I am a little crack with jetlag, the whole person becomes edema, even the eyes bags are swollen. "He's even more sad is that he brought three cameras to take pictures, but also on the missing suitcase : "No commemorative photo, a bit waste in this trip, I hope that the next Italian trip to be a good one. "

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Translated News/Blogs

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July 14, 2007
According to the owner of the above blog, her cousin (her cousin is a image designer) bought an apron with her as Yan Cheng Xu needs to film a jewelry commercial. Too bad, after trying it out, the apron was too short for Jerry. At the end, a customized apron was ordered in Xi Ming Ding.

If the commercial is for Mia, we should be able to see the commercial on tv in August, at the time of the Chinese Valentine's Day.

July 17, 2007
Liao He Bao

From a piece of Wu Zun's news, it was reported "Princess Xiao Mei" is expected to finish filming in 12 days. Then, Wu Zun will start filming Basketball Of Fire."

Thanks Jjnca's for the information.

Wonder whether there will be a press conference when it starts filming?

Meteor Garden Ratings [GMA7] July 9 to 13

Meteor Garden GMA Ratings:

9 - 24. 6%
10- 26.9%
11- 25.9%
12- 26.6%
13- 27.4% from Pex

advise me if there are corrections. thank you.

Translated Article July 14

July 14, 2007
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Today's news reported that Liu Geng Hong will get married on Oct. 7, 2007, and stars like Jerry and Jay will be two of his best men. Liu went on Happy Sunday to support Jerry in 2004, and Jerry plays basketball and does weight training with Liu periodically.

Vanness Concert Photos




Thanks to Michi of Only F4

http://groups. group/Certified_ VannAddicts/

Barbie and Zaizai deeply in love, clarify rumors of breaking up

Barbie and Zaizai deeply in love, clarify rumors of breaking up

Barbie and Zaizai are deeply in love, but meanwhile, rumors of them having problems with their relationship popped up.

Barbie was being interviewed yesterday on the phone because of the promotion of her drama "Corner with love". Although Chai Jie gave orders that no questions about Barbie's relationship with Zaizai was allowed in the interview, Barbie was the one who mentioned it.

Boyfriend - Best Actor!

Concerning the rumors, Barbie said with smile, "In the past, unprofessional media will make up stories with photos in their hands, and now they've grown, that's without any pictures, they still have stories based on ordinary people's information. The rumors are fake, We're going pretty well, he's most suitable for a lover!" Barbie even praised Zaizai that he has what it takes to win the awards of different acting award ceremonies all around the world.

Besides, Barbie has commented the handsome actors she has worked with, including Jerry, Show etc. Andy Lau, Chun Wu WongHiuMing are the actors she is very much looking forward to work with.

+ elviedecastro


15 July 2007, Sunday
By: Mario E. Bautista


WHO would have thought that the F4 series, “Meteor Garden,” will still rate very high when it was already shown twice on ABS-CBN? Apparently, the fans of Jerry Yan and company have not gotten tired of Dao Ming Su and San Cai so they’re now watching the series all over again, this time on GMA-7. It’s rating a very high 24 to 26 plus percent everyday at 6 p.m., even clobbering ABS-CBN’s “May Minamahal” in Sine Serye which was on its last week and yet, one day, rated only 8 percent. Starting Monday, Sine Serye will feature “Natutulog Ba ang Diyos” starring Roxanne Guinoo. Will she be able to put up a good fight against the F4? Let’s wait and see.

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Update on Vanness solo concert on 13 July @ Japan

Update on Vanness solo concert on 13 July @ Japan
13 JULY 2007 solo concert brief update

yo ... just back from the concert, another amazing is off at a rather slow start but things start to build up and got more high 2nd quarter into the show till the end plus of coz the encore

first vanness appear on stage in a king throne and kick off the show with a remix bit of ’my kingdom' then follow by a couple of old songs LIKE ' i hate myself' the original version and then some songs he did such as 'ling shi cha' ...this time his stage costumes are rather conservative and only at near end when he sang 'looking for juliet' the usual concert version, then he took his shirt off and of coz everyone who is waiting whole night for his s-c-r-e-a-m!!!... most of the time he kept his shirt on or only bear his chest ... heee

Then during interval, Jimmy Hung first appeared as his guest for the night singing 2 or 3 his guest for the night singing 2 or 3 'tension' songs And then when he says he will sing babyface's 'everytime i closed my eyes' out came vanness singing the second verse ....awww...such a romantic song by him where he wore a white shirt bearing his chest...haaa....then at 3rd or 4th verse;into the song, out came nicky...the 3 sang all together....then of coz vanness and jimmy congradulate nicky as he just got the taiwan music Award for the best male singer. after that, the trio sang another engish hit 'all my life' it is quite nice too! then nicky took the stage solo....singing 'jie tou' and neyo's 'sexy love'...then vanness solo session again on a number of his songs...then one part, he sang 'mama' but invited his mum on stage, both got so emotional and cried...then at the end when vanness sent his mum off the stage, he even mischeviously say out to his mum surprise ……hahaha…….playful him

Then like last year, he plus jimmy and nicky belted out a number of english hits but most are ’old school’ hip hop hits but quite cool with vanness's dancing and this time he also danced like micheal jackson in a dance melody of mj song.

then he further sang solo of SONGS like 'my kingdom' ....gasp, my fave songs like 'just last dance'and sexy dancing moves with 3 lady dancers and encore final song is 'huan xiang ai' the remix version in japan !!!! Yea!

But encore is actually -liu xing yu – plus the remix –huan xiang ai –

in conclusion, there are a lot of things in store as we saw a lot of dancing from vanness and more styles that he had yet to show us till now……good move on that to give fans something new. However, I could not illustrate more on the first quarter of show where I thought it is focusing guite a bit more on melody’s dancing as she came out a couple of time of dancing abit as vanness start singing each song during that quarter show.

This is all I can write out at the moment…cant wait for the next show where i know he will perform even better.

Oh in the first part of the concert, he missed out Singapore fans. But towards the end as he was singing – My Kingdom – he fianally saw our light boards and shout out s-i-n-g-a-p-o-r-e We are so trilled.


ps. Pardon for the messy report as the keyboards have at the internet café is full of Japanese characters so I dare not used some functions keys. i am sure some one out there will provide u guys more detailed and neat report..hee…sign off for now …byeeee

thanks to whalesg @ VIFC

Meteors hark Backing my Cerebrum

I was surfing the internet and found this blog.
when reposting, please credits [no other names/sites/forums] coz i personally asked his permission to repost his "blog article" to some of my affliated forums.


When GMA Network told the whole Nation that they are going to re live the spirit of the so called "The Firstborn of the Philippine Asianovelas", my mind traveled across the hour glass of my life. It sets my whole being again into a country bombarded by the F4 Fever, and the Meteor Garden Attack.

That time, as I remember I was a junior student in our beloved school by the bay. Yeah right, and on those times, the community and even the whole country always dragged their feet to come home as early as five thirty in the afternoon just to view their favorite Asianovela. Seemingly, the whole country’s clock always stops when the hands of the clock in Manila City hall reaches the most waited moment of every Filipino.

One thing that I also remember is the moment when my friends and I had this summer outing in Morong, Bataan. All things were moving and doing well. The weather, the temperature and the beach were fine. The people, having their summer escapades from Manila, were enjoying the sun’s blessing in the months of summer. When the sun is now finding its way to take a rest and the mystical sunset was embraced from the horizon to the shore, I was surprised when I found out that I was the only being taking the pleasure of the beach. And when I looked on the mini hotel lobby facing the beach, every one was so deliberately watching their favorite Meteor Garden. No one was caught blinking while watching the drama on the television. The beach goers, the staffs from kitchen up to the administrators of the resort and the people that come out from no where, everyone was relatively hooked on the show. The merriment was stopped, but not totally bunged; it is now stirred on the kissing scene between Dao Ming Zi and San Cai.

I know that my teachers in my High School Alma Mater were great educators. I learned their lessons not because I want to but because we all want to because of their fancy teaching techniques, ideas and concepts.

But one thing that I cannot forget on them is the time that they are really addicted to Meteor Garden, not only to the story but it extends to the personal being of the characters.

One of my instructors, whom I adore most *because of her passion to her profession, nothing more* was deeply hooked to the society’s apple of the eye on that time. She has a huge wallpaper of Dao on her cubicle room, a mug personalized with Dao’s name painted on it, and a lot of Dao’s photos, carefully framed and displayed so heartedly.

Our class in World history, with her, usually ends with the meteor garden dialogues. Even the topics from great Athens, the Mesopotamia, the middle ages, the Mesoamericans, the Glory of Rome, the Lutherans, the Hundred years war in France, and until the modern World, all ended with Dao Min Zi and her admirations to Him.

But do not think that It ruins our class , instead, it totally helped us to make her subject more enjoyable, and helped us to comprehend on the topics easily. The reason is that, we feel the subject more enjoyable when there is no cloud of pressure that is above us. We learned a lot from the subject, *try me.haha* and also we enjoyed the life she shared on us, including her life as a Dao Ming Zi fans Club Philippine Chapter member haha, her first handshake with Dao and the moment she was totally in loved with Dao when she was embraced by Jerry Yan during his Bench Model Search here in the Philippines.

And that story is too long to be placed on this post. Just ask her na lang, and she will tell the whole story completely as if you are watching the scene right in front of you. After doing so, once she tell you that it is her birthday today, think twice. Haha peace ma’am.

She influenced most of the class, and even the whole faculty including the Principal *laughs*. Oh how I miss those days.

These things really bounced back to my mind whenever I see GMA’s teaser on Meteor Garden. I will treasure those moments. And as the Meteor Garden relives the spirit of the story, the happiness it brings to Filipino’s hearts will still smear on the history of anyone’s reminiscence.



After the successful run of Japan's Hana Yori Dango, GMA network launches another series that is also based on the famous manga ( japanese comics) with the same name: TAIWAN's Meteor Garden.
Beginning today, TAIWAN'S version of the hugely popular manga, which was also turned into anime, will air on the highly successful GMA Mangaserye, as a way of thanking viewers for all the support they have given the Mangaseryes- from Gokusen and Hana Yori Dango to the recently concluded G.T.O. Live

If viewers already miss the cute Makino & F4 of Hana Yori Dango, they will soon be with their favorite characters again, but this time it will be their counterparts in Taiwan, and the new Makino to love is now SAN CHAI ( to be portrayed by the adorable taiwanese star Barbie Xu) Witness once more the story of a poor, ordinary girl who dispalys a lot of guts & strenght of will, and the four boys who would turn her world upside down when she crosses their path...F4.

San Chai is the poorest girl in Ying De University, and her only goal is to finish her studies. Her quite days come to an end when she crosses paths with the school's notorious F4 -a group of young, powerful, and rich boys- and clashes with their leader, DAO MING SI ( played by ONE OF TAIWAN'S HOTTEST POP STAR, JERRY YAN) Dao Ming Si belongs to the richest family in Taiwan and is heir to the Dao Ming Corporation. Everyone wants to be his friend and be close to their group, except for San Chai, who posesa threat to his reign. Hua Ze Lei ( Vic Zhou), Xi Men ( Ken Zhu ), and Mei zhou (Vanness Wu) round up the handsome, most sought-after yet notorious members of the close-knit F4, who will try to make San Chai's life miserable.

Watch the colorful, intertwined lives of these five incredibly interesting individuals unfold daily on Meteor Garden, GMA's newest Mangaserye which premieres tonight, replacing G.T.O Live before 24 oras on GMA -7

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07/06 Ken make biscuit for sick children

07/06 Ken make biscuit for sick children
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Shot at 2007-07-06

Translated by simple of

news in brief:

Ken was doing a charity function. He visited the sick children in the hospital. Those children are sensitive to certain substances so they cannot eat normal food. Ken was making special biscuit with them. He was having fun with those children and saying he can handle children well.

And Ken also said, his body is not good recently. He was very sick in the beginning of the year, having high temperature. Doctor told him that even he is just 28, he has the body of a person who is 35 . His body checking report is not good for some testing. He is not fat but edema when appeared in 422 F4 fans meeting. And now, Ken quit drinking wine or even soup with meat. He is doing Taichi every morning in order to have good health. He said : I feel sad also that I cannot drink now.

Also, he completed the high school certificate course via part time evening school finally in last year so that he now can fulfill his dream by further study. He was in Japan for 2 months early this year and was studying Japanese and cooking.

A thoughtful birthday present with conscience

20070626 msg from xiao zhi
Message from the manager Xiao Zhi

Copied over by bluesnow61: link to fans club

2007-06-26�@00: 16:04 Xiao Zhi

This past weekend, Zaizai spent a wonderful night with fans. Many
fans came to the function. Your enthusiasm has made it such a
delightful and satisfactory get-together.

What has moved us is the big birthday present from you - an
elementary school in Lan Zhou which will be renovated and named after
Zaizai. You all have followed what Zaizai says - love and help others
in need. Zaizai is proud of having such sensible and caring fans.

That day we had rehearsed about 8-9 songs. Zaizai sang about 4-5 song
at the fan meeting. Everyone had a great time. Zaizai has promised
that he will visit various countries to meet his fans, to experience
in person your support of him, to say thank-you to all of you in
person, and to share with you the tidbits of growing up.

Zaizai has returned to Taiwan and continues working on recording his
solo album. A great deal of time and effort has been spent on this
album. The music company plans to release it around the time frame of
October to November. In return for your support, he will show you the
improvements and the broader scope of music styles he can handles now.

After the album is released, we will start the project of his solo
concerts. Hopefully, next year we can hold Zaizai's own solo concerts
in Japan and some cities in Mainland China, It is something Zaizai
and all of us are looking forward to.

BTW, there is a sina blog in Zaizai's name.
(http://blog. cn/zhouyuminblog)
It's not an authorized blog. Nor is it operated by the staff of Fu
Long. For any enquiry or message, please post it on V.I.C. or via
other official channels.

translated by laiou of vicpower

July 1, 2007, China Times

credits to

Just want to share this with you but please don't take it too seriously. On July 1, 2007, China Times had a small piece of news about Director Cai. It reported that Director Cai visited Niu Cheng Ze's filming site with his wife and kids. When Niu Cheng Ze jokingly asked him when he would direct again, Director Cai jokingly answered, "The end of this year." Hmm, no one knows how serious he was and no one knows which drama he would direct. If, only if, what he referred to was BF, then preparing the filming of a good drama is not really easy. If Jerry is really going to film BF, I think one big problem is the computer technology they want to use in this drama. We all know that how Jerry likes to learn all the related knowledge when working on a project. Let's hope that Jerry won't want to get a degree in computer technology in movies before starting filming the drama. Hahaha! Just kidding!

I think basketball is a hot topic this year, so quite a number of dramas are about basketball. However, I think Mike He's is more like an idol drama while Jerry's may be more serious when considering the BOF srciptwriter's background that he hasn't written scripts for idol dramas.

BTW, as quite a number fans asked about Fenny, just heard from a friend who works as artiste's assistant that Fenny may have left SJ for studying abroad. If it is true, thanks her so much for helping and standing by Jerry all these years, especially when Jerry finished the contract with FL and started SJ. Wish her all the best!!