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The wait for Autumn’s Concerto is almost over

Source : NOWnews
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As reported earlier, Autumn’s Concerto was off the air last week to make way for the Diamond Club CNY special. After a two-week hiatus, the drama will make its return this Sunday with episode 20. For those who are keeping tabs on ratings, the drama did lose some of its audience after reaching a series-high with episode 18. Nevertheless, lead actress Ady An has accepted a challenge from costar Chris Wu to perform a pole dance if AC breaks 10%. She wrote in her blog that there is one other condition -- on-screen husband Van Ness Wu and son Xiao Xiao Bin will have to act as her “human-poles”.

Although the drama has previously been reported to contain 20 episodes, TTV/SETTV has yet to announce exactly when Autumn’s Concerto will end. Some fans suspect a shorter episode 21 will air on the following week to help out the next drama P.S. Man. Followers of idol drama might recall that this is in fact common practice -- CTS recently showed a 30-minute finale of Hi! My Sweetheart prior to the premiere of Because of You on the same night. SETTV has already tried this tactic back in 2008 with Fated to Love You as the lead-in for Woody Sambo.

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