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Vic Chou will be "returning home" with Janine Chang in new drama

The big news yesterday at the 2010 Taipei Television Festival was most definitely GTV’s adaptation of “Hayate the Combat Butler”. But not to be outdone, local idols led by Vic Chou also proved to be very popular with participants from the TV industry. His upcoming wartime drama “回家 (Returning Home)” quickly caught the media's attention with the announcement of Janine Chang (張鈞甯) as his costar.

The two will reunite for a third time after last year’s hit “Black and White” and the movie “Tea Fight (鬪茶)”. Although Vic Chou has long been attached to the project, Janine Chang came as a surprise since there hasn’t been any news of her involvement previously. Due to its sensitive subject matter, the big-budget production is still pending approval from the mainland. (Read more about Vic Chou’s role in “Returning Home” here.)

There was another piece of interesting news concerning Vic Chou at the festival – His name was mentioned for “The Taipei Shop of Coffee Prince” (yes, it’s a remake) which Jerry Yan was said to have dropped out earlier. Unfortunately this could be purely a case of who the producers want rather than who they are able to cast.

There were other (failed) casting news at the festival -- Producer Shen Shi Hua (沈時華) had hoped to cast Van Ness Wu and Vivian Hsu in the drama “瑰寶 (The Artifacts)”, but was turned down for obvious reasons. Two other dramas listed rumored ex-couple Tammy Chen and Li Wei as the leads. Chen’s manager responded on the pairing, “Not possible.”

Source: Appledaily, Chinatimes

Vic Chou studying Japanese for latest drama role as doctor

Written by: Pauli on 9/19/2010 @

After declining the chance to continue his role for the movie version of previous hit drama "Black & White", and losing out on the lead role for the production-troubled "Killer Never Kills", things are looking bright again with production beginning for Vic Chou's latest drama "Returning Home / Pacific 1949".

In Vic's latest drama, he will play a Taiwanese-Japanese military doctor during the tumultous East Asian conflicts of the mid-20th century. According to reports, the singer-turned-actor will shorten his idol haircut even more to fall in line with the military hair style required for the role. Vic hopes that his latest acting role will once again bring redemption to his acting ambition.

Since the completion of hit Taiwanese police drama "Black & White", Vic vowed not to do purely romantic idol dramas, and has only filmed for the Chinese movie "Love you Ten Thousand Years" within the past half year. To further his commitment for the drama "Returning Home", Vic has declined roles for approximately twenty dramas from both mainland China and Taiwan.

Vic's role as a medical doctor in his latest drama required knowledge of the practices performed by Japanese military doctors during the mid-20th century. In order to fully capture the accuracy of the role, the film crew arranged training for Vic in the use of medical equipment such as stethoscopes and scapels. Furthermore, Vic has been studying up Japanese in order to portray the fluency of Japanese by Taiwanese whom were drafted into the Japanese military during the time period.

Source: UDN

Ken Chu vs. Jerry fans, Vic Chou afraid to get involved

Posted 27/09/10

Source: UDN
Written by: Zahra @

As some may have already heard, Ken Chu is embroiled, once again, in a fight against Jerry Yan fans. A few nights ago, Ken decided to provoke Jerry fans on his Weibo*, causing them to retaliate back. When asked about this subject at his Pert shampoo activity, Vic Chou was very hesitant to step into the mess and only hurriedly replied, "I don't even dare to pick up their phone calls. It's best to avoid communication."

However, when he heard from reporters that Ken had described Jerry fans as "Evil Spirits" and even wrote "May the Heart Sutra bring salvation to you," inciting the fans, Vic could not help but laugh out loud. "That would be Ken. If he didn't do that, he wouldn't be Ken Chu. He has always been the most daring speaker out of all of us, his speech is quite extreme, and he is brave enough to accept outside criticism."

Vic stated that he was not a member of Weibo, so he would most likely not go online to look at the comments. However, a friend has sent him things regarding Ken versus Jerry fans, "(I) have only seen an incomplete picture, (I) am not sure under what circumstances he wrote it in." He said that the private relationship between Ken and Jerry wasn't bad before, that for something like this to happen was also in accordance with Ken's personality. Vic also revealed that Ken has scolded him in front of the cameras before, but said, "These things can't hurt me because a friend wouldn't care and will only believe that he is just joking."

As for Ken describing Jerry as very shrewd, Vic thought about it for awhile before saying, "(He) could consider his terminology again, being deciphered as something else by others isn't a good thing."

This year marks the tenth year of the formation of F4, and many outsider wish for them to come together once again. When he was asked about his views on Jerry dropping out of "Material Queen" and having Van Ness Wu picking it up afterward, Vic widened his eyes and said, "We are all in different companies now, I can't speak for them. They probably have their own thoughts on it."

Vic does not deny that he is still battling depression, and still regularly sees a psychologist. He says, "Not seeing a doctor when you are sick will cause it to worsen. I am revealing this because I wish for everyone to have the correct idea." He emphasized that he was currently very normal and has started shooting for the TV series "Return Home 回家" that was originally slated to start shooting at the end of last year.

*Weibo is the name of a Chinese micro-blog, a combination of a blog and twitter.

Vanness Wu splits from Singapore girlfriend

TAIPEI: Former F4 member Vanness Wu has admitted that he has split from his Singapore girlfriend Arissa Cheo, according to Taiwan media reports.

"Indeed, [we have] broken up, but we still keep in contact with each other. We are still friends," said Wu through his manager on Sunday.

The 32-year-old singer's relationship with 28-year-old Cheo became public after he was photographed with her on numerous occasions in April earlier this year.

Wu had previously said they were "dating with marriage in mind" and appeared to be very happy with Cheo.

Speculation has been rife about what caused their separation, with some believing that it was the incompatibility between Wu's relatively quiet lifestyle and Cheo's fun loving character that drove a wedge between them.

However, Wu's manager declined to comment further on the matter saying "it is not convenient to talk about these things" when pressed by the media.

"He (Wu) feels that the other party (Cheo) is not from the entertainment industry, and hopes to respect her privacy" Wu's manager also said. -CNA/ha

Brian Joo, SuJu’s Siwon, and Van Ness Wu collaborates to help African children

Artists Brian Joo, Van Ness Wu, and Super Junior’s Choi Siwon have come together in an effort to help children in Africa through the sales of a Christian CD.

The three artists, along with several others, are currently promoting their new CD titled, “3rd Wave: I Will Be There” to benefit the less fortunate. With regards to the new CD, Brian tweeted, “My new CD for helping African children is on sale right now (at) We can change the world together!”

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Vanness Wu - Wanna talk?

Chat with Vanness Wu at
Philippines - 11am, Monday - September 13
Monday the 13th of Sept 11am Taiwan time:)

Asia Time for live stream is 11AM TAIWAN TIME~~~ Goodness... my eyes are going to be puffy~ hahaha

Sep. 10 2010 Apple Daily - F4 Reunion - CCTV 2011 Spring Festival Gala Invites F4 On the 10th anniversary of F4

CCTV Spring Festival Gala is reportedly working on reuniting F4 on stage for its 10 billion audiences. There are also reportedly similar talks among the fans in Taiwan and all around Asia to push for a F4 concert to celebrate the 10th anniversary. Taiwanese 80s popular boys’ band - Little Tiger’s (Nicky Wu, Alec Su and Julian Chen) received very positive response at last year’s gala. The program now targets another Taiwanese group F4 on the group’s 10th anniversary. The timing seems perfect. F4’s agents didn’t deny the report yesterday. However details still need to be worked out. The agents are reportedly back in Taiwan to work out the scheduling. It is said that Vic Chou, Van Ness Wu and Ken Chu are all happy to see the deal go through. However the most difficult one to schedule will be Jerry Yan who has been having health issues. This will increases the uncertainty of the deal. Vic Chou is currently shooting “Returning Home”. Van Ness Wu will start shooting “Material Queen”.

Ken Chu wrote a song that is said to mark the closure of his relationship with actress Kelly Lin. F4 – Then and now
Jerry Yan ~ then a hunk on screen but a shy boy in private, now having health issues due to work related stress Van Ness Wu ~ then believing in easy life, now a devoted Christian
Vic Chou ~ then had difficulties in pronunciation, now fighting depression
Ken Chu ~ then over cocky, now active in stage shows and weird blogs

Jerry Yan steals Vanness Wu's limelight

F4 hunk overshadows fellow boyband member with his sudden appearance at drama's press conference

One pretty boy steps down, in comes another.

Days earlier, Taiwanese idol drama Material Queen found itself in a dire state when original male lead Jerry Yan pulled out from the show, citing scheduling conflicts.

However, the crisis was quickly solved when fellow ex-boy band F4 member Vanness Wu stepped up to accept the role.

At the press conference yesterday, however, Jerry Yan surprised the crew when he made a sudden appearance, stirring media frenzy.

Clad in casual clothes, the strapping hunk made a speedy exit after presenting a bouquet of flower and accepting a photo-call.

Looking scruffy, the star expressed his regrets on declining the role at the last minute, "Because of my weak health, I'd have to pass on the chance to work with a good crew, it's such a pity."

According to reports, a hefty TWD 120,000,000 (SGD 6,000,000) has been invested in the production of Material Queen.

In the drama, Vanness Wu plays the role of a violinist from a humble background, acting alongside supermodel Lynn Hung.

Vanness also appeared to have no qualms about replacing his good buddy Jerry's role in Material Queen.

"I've always wanted to act (in this drama), but I didn't insist on it. Perhaps God heard my wish, it's all fate," he said.

The devout Christian also had no problems with co-star Lynn who stands at 1.79m.

"Even Jay Chou dared to act with Lin Chi-ling, what should I be afraid of?" he laughed.

Vann takes over the lead role after Jerry pulls out due to clash in work schedule

Vann takes over the lead role after Jerry pulls out due to clash in work schedule - Material Queen/Bai Jin Nu Wang

Drama facebook site:!/2011Queen

credits to michi@onlyf4