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Meet my new friend

Meet my new friend

Last Thursday, March 20. We went to Manila Ocean Park
and I really love seeing these new found friends .... like Nemo and Dory (hehehe)

You can check out the website, click the hyperlink and see the beautiful marine life ... Am not afraid seeing these little sharks, am wondering ...what if --if they grow bigger? am i able to see them this --close? hahaha! You can check some more photos in my brother's site

Mitch and Little Sharkys hehehe

Where have i been lately

Where have i been lately
17 March 2008

Been long time haven't spend the new year in Taiwan
This year, i was able to stay in Taiwan and spend with family
and even met up with old classmates for drinks and chat
comfortable and totally relaxing and satisfying

After the new year, went to Japan for Ken's concert preparations.
The concert received not bad reviews, Ken worked hard and went to Japan 1 month before the concert for disussions with the all Japanese production team, and examine every rundown and details.
Towards the music he likes, Ken will give 100% concentration.
It enables me, who have been accompanying at his side these years, to see his growth and improvement

Back in Taiwan, continued for Ruffian and Hero preparations with Zaizai
Besides some stamina training courses, lately there are some survival games training. Accompanying Zaizai to buy some stuff for the games, looking at his engrossment and excitment, looks like he'll fall in love with his new role again. Through the years, Zaizai no longer sees acting as a job, but fully giving life to his role. He will become an outstanding all rounded actor, not just an idol.

Weekend, attended LV party with Zaizai in Hong Kong. Only stayed 1 night. HK friends complained, why not arrange to meet friends for a meal in HK. Being a manager, often things are beyond your control.
Next time, next time in HK will fork out time to have a meal with everyone. My treat.

credit to Michi@ OnlyF4

Article Mentions Vanness Wu's Grand Theatre

Article Mentions Vanness Wu's Grand Theatre

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Mandarin brings Bruce Lee's kung-fu master to big screen

Mandarin is also selling Tsui Hark's romantic drama Missing, starring Isabella Leong, Angelica Lee and Chang Chan, and 30-episode TV series The Theatre, directed by Clifton Ko and starring Korean singer Park Ji-joon and Taiwanese idol Vanness Wu.

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Article on LV Opening in Tsimshatsui (Vic Zhou)

Article on LV Opening in Tsimshatsui (Vic Zhou)

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Article Mentions Vanness and Vic

Ramy Choi's Fame to develop new Taiwanese talent
Liz Shackleton in Hong Kong
16 Mar 2008 16:39

Former Fortissimo Films executive Ramy Choi has launched a production and talent management outfit, Fame Universal Entertainment, which aims to develop up-and-coming talent with a focus on Taiwan.

The company is representing several award-winning Taiwanese films as international sales agent – including Singing Chen's Berlin Forum entry God Man Dog, Doze Niu's What On Earth Have I Done Wrong?!, Pan Zhi-yuan's The Touch Of Fate and Lin Chih Ju's The Wall.

God Man Dog is nominated in the best supporting actor category of tonight's (Monday) Asian Film Awards for Jack Kao's performance.

Fame is also producing the debut movie of Jimmy Hung, son of veteran Hong Kong actor-filmmaker Sammo Hung, which is set to star Vanness Wu and Vic Chou of Taiwanese boy band F4.

Entitled The Road Less Travelled, the film is scheduled to start shooting in August.

The company is also producing the sophomore directing project of Taiwanese actor Leon Dai, Can't Be Without You, which starts shooting in April, and the directorial debuts of Eric Tu and Ian Lou.

On the talent management side, the company is representing Michelle Krusiec (Asia only), Matt Wu, Morning Mo and Chris Lung. Fame is also working with China's Starlight International to represent music talents.

Before working at Fortissimo, Choi working in distribution at Golden Harvest between 1985 and 2000.


credits to:

Zaizai Arrives in HK =)

watch clip here

credits to the source

Misyel Birthday Celebration, March 14 and 15 =)

March 14
Azrael, Lace and Misyel

Went to Quiapo church with Kuya Az and Lace
and then the ongpin adventure begins ...
Searching for Authentic Chinese Cuisine...
hehehe. Saw my favorite on menu: Soy Chicken...
after eating we went to our favorite stalls in Quiapo
(You know what i mean, hehehe DVD-DVD-DVD)

March 15
Retardeds aka Women of JVKV Multiply (hehe)

Gateway ...

We were craving for pizza and pasta (weeks ago)
so we ended up at Pizza Hut..
The Girls gave me a MOST PRECIOUS GIFT ....
F4 Waiting For You New Edition (Audio + DVD Concert) wuhoooooooooooooo!!!!
Thank you so much, we watched it when we went home .... =) ...
I also received gifts from other ladies...
Thanks di na ko bibili ng bagong belt bag, wahahaha!!! =)
Salamat sa mga palamuti hehehe.

These Pizza Hut crews went to our table and sang a birthday song,
nagulat ako papalapit sakin hahaha.
May libre akong ice cream hehehe =)

Also, I would like to thank Ate Joan ...
i was surprised last Friday because she sent a "birthday cake" (delivery) ...
I shared it with them ... ang sarap grabe!!! haahha!!!

Til here and more adventures coming up ...
Summer na, ang init na...
outing na! hahaha!!! =)

Thanks to all who greeted me ...
Wish to see you all soon!!!! =)
Ganda ng DVD pramis, ang linaw kita ang pores ni zaizai!
hahahaha!!!! =)


Zai will attend LV event in HK

Related info:
Chow Yun-Fat has been invited to attend the opening ceremony for a second flagship Louis Vuitton store in Hong Kong. The Louis Vuitton grand opening has an impressive line-up of stars. Chow Yun-Fat will be joined by Michelle Yeoh, and for the younger generation by Aaron Kwok, Vic Chou, Zhou Xun, and Choi Ji Woo. According to Baidu the opening takes place on 14th of March.

Credit Thanks : Sam @ V.I.C for info and

Zai will attend LV event in HK
Flight details as below:

14 Mar, 08 CX421 12:00 Departure Taipei ~~ 13:50 Arrival HK

15 Mar, 08 CX466 13:40 Departure HK ~~15:15 Arrival Taipei

Zai Zai holds a spring party for fans

source : UDN
translation by nikod @

Zai Zai kept top secrect from all media camera yesterday. He held a Fans gathering in GrandFormosa Hotel with thirty tables and dinner with his fans from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Philippines etc. But the media was blocked for the entire event. The view to the banquet room were all blocked by black. The security guards were present at the front door. Zai Zai was only seen when he went to the restroom before the event started. The scar from his face seemed to be covered by heavy make-up and not so obvious.

read full article here

Related Reports - F4's Individual MVs and Japan Concert

thanks to kkla@

According to news, each F1's individual mv will be posted on the official website (Sony?) for fans to view. Although fans can watch the mvs in KTVs (karaoke bars/restaurants), commercial time won't be bought on tv for their broadcast.


Sandy_jerry2006 posted that the F4 concert(s) in Japan will be held in Oct. Wait for confirmation from SJ.

Latest News Updates for the week (Feb 2008)

While Filming in a Hospital, Show Lo Visits Hospitalized Fan

(Related News, Basketball of Fire Shooting)

"Meteor Garden" Set for Korean Remake

Taiwan's smash hit television drama "Meteor Garden" will soon be made into a Korean version,

South Korean media reported.

Who is the most adequate actor for the role of Dao Ming Si in Korean version of "Meteor
Garden/Hana Yori Dango"?

Famous Japanese comic "Hana Yori Dango/Meteor Garden" was made into a drama with Japanese version and Taiwanese version, and both became very popular. Therefore, Korea is preparing to make a version of its own, and there is an online poll for chosing the casts of the

Vanness Wu wants to learn from Andy

"I always look up to him as an idol and he also looked after me." When Vanness joined the
cast, Andy immediately asked his assistant to lend Vanness huge chunk of Three Kingdom books and DVD as tuition, even prompt him to find stories related to Guan Yu to read, thus Vanness got the "Three Kingdom poison", Vanness then seize the chance to ask Andy to be his master, "Not only learn acting from him, also wanted to learn his hardworking and way of life, we also want to let people know that people in showbiz is very healthy, many kept improving themselves, Andy Lau is a role model for artist."

Watch Video Clips Online:

Azio Behind the Scene (interview)

ZaiZai in China Jan 13, 2008

F4 interview with Patty Hou part 1
F4 interview with Patty Hou part 2
F4 interview with Patty Hou part 3
F4 interview with Patty Hou part 4
F4 interview with Patty Hou part 5


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