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August 12 Gathering [F4 Int'l Fc Phils]

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F4 Schedule til August

What’s new:

- 0720 Charity Premiere Ticketing Start
- 0722 Indonesia Dinner Show
- 0813 Taipei Charity Premiere
- 0815 Start

Ken :

- Jun 18, 2006 Press conference for TV drama series "Chu Liu Xiang" in Shanghai
- Jun 17, 2006 Red carpet opening of "Shanghai TV Festival" in Shanghai
- Jun 8, 2006 Chongqing "Sun Yanzi Concert" as guest performer

Vanness :

- Jul 12, 2006 Album Promotion Activities and Fans Meet & Greet Session in Osaka, Japan
- Jul 10-11, 2006 Album Promotion Activities in Tokyo, Japan
- Jul 8-9, 2006 Solo concert in Tokyo, Japan
- Jun 17-18, 2006 Album SCANDAL Autograph Sessions in Taiwan (4 sessions in total)
- Jun 10, 2006 Golden Melody Awards in Taiwan

Vic :

- May 18, 2006 "Silenece" media preview and two TV programmes recording in Taiwan
- Filming of new TV drama series "Delicious Relations"

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Picture of the Week and Bad News ...


think all of you are very sad and depressed after hearing Ken's father was gone from news these days.
Our club (K.C.I.F.C) also contacted Fu Long and take care for Ken at the 1st time.
Fulong indicated that ken's still working very hard, and he is truly sensible.
He clearly knows what he should do and how to do at this moment.
Ken will come back to Taiwan after finished his works at Xingjian.

This moment, I think ... be a fan, we cannot do anything, but I think what we can do just show our supporting
and encouragement to him. We shall standby him ... maybe they be the power for him now.
Hope everyone please leave messages for Ken. He shall understand how we such care about him.
I also believe Ken is a strong person. Maybe he has such many regrets and sadness, but he decided keeps his hardly working.
And he wouldn't like everyone worry about him. He is just our Lovely Ken.
I understand everyone is very worry about him, because he always forbears from bad emotions.
In any case, Ken'll know how to do face it...

Messages for Ken's father: ¡§Uncle Chu, please be rest; You have a good and filial son. He'll never let you down..."


[SHANGHAI] Zaizai patiently waits for Barbie while on shooting ... Hay nakaka-inlove ka na Zaizai ahhhh!!! hehehe!!!!

For my sisters!

see you girls soon!

In the final analysis is F4 very popular?

In the final analysis is F4 very popular?

Kang Ta a little plump when he returns to Korea.
Have eaten a lot of Spicy Ma Po and Xiao Long Bao.
Reporter Yang En Hui/ Xing Bao

Having a special fondness for spicy food is a Korean trait, Kang Ta is
no exception. This time when Kang Ta and Vanness promoted their new
album "Scandal" in Taiwan, those dished were always on Kang Ta's mind.
When they visited a restaurant, Kang Ta said, "I want it super spicy."
And he also wants his food to have a lot of sesame oil to the point
that he would use Chinese and say, "I love sesame oil."

Vanness Wu requests a song.
Kang Ta looks for inspiration everywhere.

Vanness appreciates the musical talents of Kang Ta the most,
requesting Kang Ta to write music, he said he wants to help Vanness
find his emotions in writing a love song. He will be releasing his
solo album soon; lately he started listening to Taiwan's popular songs
to look for inspiration.

In the final analysis is F4 very popular? Kang Ta relates his first
hand experience. He revealed there was a time when he to Manila to
film an MTV, one evening he went to a local night spot, manager and
other staff went ahead, when he followed, he saw the manager and a
local girl seated, at first he was very anxious that he would be
recognized, he never thought that, that girl would point at him and
say, "You look like F4's XXX." Kang Ta smiled then the girl said she
made a mistake.

This time when he was in Taiwan, he would like to go and see night
markets, but because he has to wake up early and prepare for
promotions, and he is happy with the progress of the world cup, so
lately he hasn't been able to do just that.

Last year, Jerry management contract with Fu Long expired, because he
wants to manage himself, he announced this at the end of the year, and
he established his own company. But results are not what they are
expecting, aside from "White Tower" and the Indonesian performance it
seems he doesn't have any other work his fans couldn't understand it
and they still question Fu Long whether or not they are freezing him,
why are they only helping F3 find work?

F3 manager Zhi Xiang Li said: Originally Jerry said he was too busy,
then now he is pushing for the world tour, he just finished arranging
work for the other F3, ¡§I only know that I can't let F3 be idle.

Fanny made it clear that after the concert, they have been
continuously talking with companies, endorsements, TV dramas, movies
and albums, the second half of the year, Jerry will really have a lot
of work. His official website has also been very active.

As for the rumors that Jerry is pushing for the world tour, Fanny
stressed that, So-so K we really haven¡¦t been pushing for it, all the
F4 members have been looking forward to this too. The main problem is
the place and schedule. Everyone wants to satisfy the fans not only
Jerry. At present we are absolutely not waiting for F3

China Times Weekly Magazine

Warning: I think you have the right to know, that's why I summarized the following gossips from TW Next Magazine (a gossip-entertainment magazine in TW). It is up to you to believe it or not, or to determine how much you should believe in it. However, please bear it mind that even the artists in TW said if the entertainment news in the newspapers and magazines had 20 to 50% truth in it, they would be satisified. As a Jerry's fan, I only believe in what's from Jerry's mouth.

If you want to transfer my "summary", please also transfer "kkla's comments" at the same time, so fans get to read the other side of the story. Thank you very much.

Here is another gossip from an entertainment magazine in TW.

[06/29]Yan Cheng Xu and Lin Zhi Ling have broken up
China Times Weekly Magazine, vol. 1480.
Posted: June 29, 2006

(only extracted the parts related to Jerry and Ken's work)

summary: After YCX has become popular, no matter acting in dramas or releasing his solo album, he protects his success/career very much. He seldom goes on entertainment programs. Even when he promoted his dramas and solo album, he has selectively gone on them only. However, this time, the talent fee for his upcoming Indonesian concert is heavenly high. According to information, it is about US$60,000 for 3 songs, about TW$190,000. Other than the fee is extremely high, the location is very special as well. It is a famous night club in Indonesia.

In order to coordinate with last stage production (like recording and dubbing) of TH, his overseas study plan needs to be on hold for now.

This time, the talent fee of YCX's Indonesian concert has broken the TW record. According to the production company for this concert, YCX's talent fee is the highest among the TWese artists. However, with this kind of talent fee, the performance won't be easy, as the location is a high-class club with a lot of wealthy busnessmen as customers. Although the price for the tickets is high, the production company doesn't concern about the ticket sale, as there are a lot of Chinese in the community.

Regarding having a concert in a night club, YCX's agent, Fenny, said that it should be ok, as Ah Du (a singer in TW) and Zhao Wei (an actress and singer in Mainland China) have also performed over there. This time, YCX accepted the invitation was mainly to meet with fans, as he has not been in Indonesia for 4 years. When fans have missed him so much, he also misses his fans very badly. Regarding the talent fee, Fenny said that she couldn't disclose the real figure due to agreement with the production company. However, the rumor is not true.

kkla's comment:
According to fans of Indonesia, the location is not an indecent place.

summary con't: While Jin Sha Restaurant invited YCX with a heavenly fee, another member of F4, Zhu Xiao Tian, accepted the role as "Chu Liu Xiang". Last year, F4's agent asked for TW$400,00 per episode in Mainland China, this led to the producers to back down. This time, Zhu Xiao Tian accepted the role with about TW$80,000 per episode that he is going to lose about NT$10 millions. Regarding Zhu Xiao Tian's acting fee for "Chu Liu Xiang", the responsible person in Mainland China confirmed, "Yes, he will have the treatment of first class actor but he accepted the role with a friendly fee." According to the acting fee of TWese artists in Mainland China, F4's YCX and Zaizai ask for NT$400,000 per episode, and Vanness and Ken should not be less than NT$240,000 per episode. This time, in order to fight for this role, Ken hasn't just rejected all the other invitations since four months ago, he also cut his acting fee. The producer in Mainland China confirmed, "He has shown his biggest sincerity. During audition, he didn't just remember all his lines, he also showed us a Kong Fu act from the lessons he learned recently. That's why we are satisfied." The scrptwriter also said, "When Huang Xiao Ming came for audition, he was simultaneously discussing several other drama projects, not like Zhu Xiao Tian being this serious that he has plan for only this one. When we first looked at his photos, we thought that he looked too chubby. After meeting with him in person, he doesn't look as chubby as in the photos, with his seriousness, we decided to choose him."

Claiming that he can gain weight by just drinking water, Zhu Xiao Tian has given up his habit of eating weight-loss drugs. His agent, Zhi Xiang Li, indicates that Zhu Xiao Tian has lost 3 kgs since he got up at 5 am to play Tai Chi four months ago. When he films this drama in Xin Jiang, he will cook his own meals.

kkla's comments:
For your information, the production team has also contacted Jerry and Zaizai. Jerry's agent publicly announced in the newspaper that he didn't plan to accept the invitation, although he was voted to be the no. 1 candidate for the role in a survey. According to Zai's agent, Zai is busy with other drama projects.