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hi there
happy new year
here's the year-ender report hehehe f4 made it on the top list!!!

till here,
mitch, ur moderator!

posted by rica, from f4_phils

F4 Made it to Most Yearender surveys, reviews and rewinds!!!!!
From the Phil. Daily Inquirer section C, D and E

Page C1:

The 2BU! Yearender Reader Survey - The Best and Worst of 2003

Best Band: It's a tug of war between F4 and Parokya ni Edgar

Best Brand: Getting Jerry Yan as image model was a great move. Bench is the brand of the year.

Best Shop: While a majority of 2bu! readers say they now prefer shopping in tiangges and bazaars, Bench and Rustan's U were voted shops of the year.

Best Male Model: So what if he has yet to hit the catwalk? Jerry Yan was voted best male model by F4 fans...err, 2bu! readers.

Best Salon: Bench Fix is again salon of the year.

Best TV Actor: Jerry Yan. Yeah, this guy has a huge group of die-hard fans.

Page D1:

2003's Top Fashion Picks by Jason Doplito 2bu! Correspondent

F4, the metrosexual, chandelier earrings and the LV Murakami bag earned the best buzz in 2003


From ultra-flat, straight ironed hair to flower printed shirts, this Taiwanese boyband is responsible for spawning hundreds of generic looking boys with beautiful hair and well-styled quirky clothes. Never mind if the overkill singing of their hit refrain, "Oh baby, baby, baby, my baby, baby,..." is enough to send even the most sane person to reach out for the scissors and shear the hair off the guy who sings it.

Page D2:

Getting Jiggy with It - Yaparazzi by Tim Yap

1.The Louis Vuitton Launch Party

2.The Gucci Gathering

3. ABS-CBN's Happy 50 Celebrations

from a star-studded (a definite understatement) ball for 500 to an open field concert with the Taiwanese and Filipino pop sensations attended by 50,000, ABS-CBN proved that they're indeed the country's largest network simply by throwing the biggest parties "kapamilya" Parties!

4. The Met's Terno Ball

5. Tessa turns 40

6. Greenbelt's Rock and Royalty


Page D4:

The Intriguing Personalities of 2003 by Jason Doplito and Pam Pastor

Kobe Bryant, Madonna and Britney, Bennifer, Sadako, Mahal & Mura, Paris Hilton, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Friends and ......

F4. Thanks to ABS-CBN's relentless promotion, "Meteor Garden," became a hit a few days after it reached Philippine Soil.

Chinovela rose to poularity, along with F4, the collective name of the four leading men of the series.

Names like Dao Ming Si and Hua Ze Lei rolled off the tongues of Filipinos as if Mandarin was their native language. The TV shows flourished and the music started to take over. CDs, VCDs and other merchadise started selling like crazy. And now, three concerts later, fans still can't get enough of Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Ken Zhu and Vanness Wu.

Page E1:

The Acoustic Flowering by Maui V. Reyes

...... This year's biggest music phenomenon, however, came in the form of a boyband made up of four Taiwanese actors that ABS-CBN exploited so much, the once-beleaguered network is now once more in the black.


September - The Itchyworms! released their new single "Buwan" ....F4 (or at least Ken and Vanness) came over for an overpriced, so-not-worth-your-10,000-peso-per-ticket concert. J.Lo and Ben....



...Michael Jackson got arrested for child molestation (shock, horror!), while really, really rich kids got to watch two more F4 concerts -- ABS-CBN'S 50th Anniversary party had Jerry Yan and Vic at their gig, and Dec.26 saw kids lining up outside the Ultra as early as 8 a.m. for F4's show.

taken from meteorgarden stardust

F4 Concert A Hit (A Concert Commentary)
Philippine Contributor : G7

F4's concert is a sure big hit in the Philippines last night! Audiences from Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong were there to grace the show!

Ninety percent of the fans present on the said concert were Chinese, to give their 100% full support to the Taiwanese boys who popularized the songs, Can't Lose You, Season of Fireworks, Meteor Rain and Lilo & Stitch Can't Help Falling In Love!

During the Rehearsals, F4 is really known to be shy type personalities, they wouldn't get out of the stage when there were audiences to watch them! Vic Zhou was the only one who would even render free smile to the people (including yours truly) and the others were just so shy (?) or snob? The securities at Ultra told us to go to other seats not CLOSE to the stage where F4 will be practicing their numbers, due to the fact of being "CONSCIOUS" or "SHY", so the few people who were watching their rehearsals had no other choice but to leave. We just hope the other F3 can give us free smile like what ZZ did who was really known to be a jolly and friendly Flower.

Joed Serrano and Janice De Belen who were the hosts of the said concert were not that effective. Joed Serrano even bragged about him being personal choice of the F4 to be the host of that said important event because he is a close friend of the four when the truth, he didn't get a high-paying host to limit the million cost spent for the concert, for him hosting the concert is Free of Charge, not to mention that he had a big part of its organizers. We really do hope Joed will not degrade the reputation of F4 by saying negative comments on each member especially now that the four handsome guys have left the country.

It was really a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year for the fans of F4 all over Asia. Thank you for a night full of joy and happiness.

source:, f4_internationalfc | posted by: raisa


have u seen the bayo's latest advertisment.
actually i've seen that already.
it has composed of a christmas list of different people and what kind
of gifts they are going to give...

and the last on the list was a yaya, pertaining to a f4 merchandise
or shirt...and somehow a f4 fanatic may i say offended on it and in
response bayo made a statement for this advertisment...

here's the email.

taken from
From: psychepat
Date: Tue Dec 30, 2003 5:07 pm
Subject: Fwd: reply from Bayo

This is the reply i got from an email i sent to bayo.
In my email i expressed my sentiments about their
campaign and how it turned me off. Myself being a
patron. You be the judge on their reply. Personally,
reading between the lines, they just capitalized on
f4s fame. But please correct me if im wrong.
--- mktg@l... wrote:
> Thank you very much for your letter. We always
appreciate and take
> into consideration comments, whether good or bad.
> In response to your letter, let me please explain
that the christmas
> list we created for christmas was done in good faith
and was not, in any
> way, aimed to insult F4 fans or any one in
particular. For
> clarification purposes, most employees of BAYO are
avid fans of F4 and
> Meteor Garden. And those of us who collaborated
into making that list
> are big fans as well. Most of the computers here in
our office have F4
> wallpapers, MTVs, concert and tv clips and even
long-ago commercials of
> Jerry Yan (7-Eleven, etc.). When we created that
concept back in August,
> we took into consideration the things that made a
mark or made it big
> this year. The artwork was even created before
Bench launched Mr. Jerry
> Yan as their endorser. Seeing F4 as a phenomenon
that was able to break
> barriers such as age, race, social status, we deemed
that the inclusion
> of their name to the list to be unobstrusive and was
not meant to insult
> anyone. The whole concept of the list is meant to
address the need of
> any person who is about to make a christmas list for
loved ones.
> However, we understand that people have different
perceptions and
> reactions to different things. It is in this light
that we apologize to
> you if you were in any way offended. It was never
our intention to
> insult F4 fans, BAYO staff and personal friends
> Thank you very much.
> Sincerly yours,
> Veronica C. Gonzalez
> Marketing Department

blog update

new pics added

xie xie for joisu for uploading the pics!

credits to the following:
marjorie of
Photos tranferred from Pizza Girl on
rica and andie

more pics to be uploaded soooooooooonnn...can get enough of f4...
f4 fever!

mitch ;p

UPDATES from joisu!

New pictures are up! Check them out! ~>

You moderator's mini oneechan,

dOn'T bE a HaTeR!

do exercise your voting rights!

psychepat and hermaning (FROM ONLYJERRY)wrote:

vote for jy (

just in case you want to vote more than once every minute, what you
can do is to:

1. copy the link/url of the page
2. close the current window that you used for voting
3. open another one and paste the link/url
4. vote

then you can vote again. repeat the steps if you want to vote more.
closing date : could be 31 dec 2003 (read updates)
current positions
1. jy 547181
2. bae yong jun 524676
3. jdg 506125
closing date : unknown
current positions
1. jdg 9840 votes
2. alec su 5866
3. wang lee hom 1974
4. nicholas tse 1885
5. leo ku 1563
6. fukuyama masaharu 1127
7. jy 715
8. bae yong jun 684
9. louis koo 597
10. hujun 564

mr bae is very often yapping at jy's heels!

OJ volunteers and 10 days preparations!

hi there
this was written by sailorgirl regarding the OJ mission last concert: a surprise bday greetings for jerry!

i am not able to be there personally (due to personal reasons) still i really want to congratulate them for a job well done.they never stop preparing although the venue was changed.still, the fighting spirit was there.i do salute their kindness too,they never forgot me to include in their until next time, OJ...i hope many will do volunteering now.i may not able to meet u personally but i hope there'll be a victory party for it?shall we?

here's the email:

geraldine cid" wrote:
A group was born... all with 1 mission...faceless, nameless, they all bonded with 1 vision in mind: to celebrate JERRY's bday on the forthcoming concert. Let me share with you our experience, ...all done for the luv of JERRY.

10 days bfore d concert, OJ members attended the 1st JERRY mtg n decided on d preps 4 d bday surprise. BABY n JANESS was to take care of d balloons 2 b released in the Fort n JERRA, head of WOW team was so looking forward 2 d banners n preps for d concert. As DAO MICHELLE keeps on inviting people to join d grp, DAOMINGSOUP was busy designing d pin button w/c was presented on d 2nd meeting. RHONA who took the mins of d 2nd mtg noted that TINAY n AIRA volunteered to b secretariat n was responsible on keeping tabs of other volunteers n was faithful on sending updates. PSYCHEPAT took the role as assist coordinator n faithfully monitored d forum 4 details helpful to d team n continuosly answered queries. RIEL, head of JERRY's soldiers and I went to Divisoria 2 buy glowsticks and plan on other things to buy. Sun, dec 21, East West cancelled their involvement w/ the concert n there goes our preps 4 d balloons, fireworks and banners. An emergency mtg was called, n sadly, 80% of original preps was set aside bcoz of d indoor venue n uncertainty in concert dtails. Still, SOL n I went to Ultra to check if balloons n party poppers can b used, n they denied us. Dec 24 am, JERRA, WOW team coordinator, started preparing d banners n consolidating preps w/ other volunteers who troop to my abode while DAOMING SOUP finalized the flyer details. Chinese characters for happy bday JERRY's chinese name n flyers were photocopied. Neon boards, glue n other things were brought. In the meantime, BIANCA n ROSELL were busy preparing 4 d VCD gift. ANGEL on xmas day gave us blow by blow account of F4's rehearsal . On d 26th, OJ headquarters was busy with LEAH, RIA, BIANCA, TIMMI, ELSA, LAUREN, GRACE, LIZETTE, DONNA, MILLETTE, CACHI n other volunteers assembling 3, 710 flyers. Come noon, after a brief mtg, everybody went out 2 distribute d flyers informing them of d signal, sequence of bday song, d shout afterwards etc while ROSELL was busy taking videos of JERRY fans. We also encouraged them 2 buy glowsticks w/c they can wave during d concert. When the gates were opened at 3:21pm n as we entered d venue, we realized tat we can attach banners. RHONA, BIANCA, LAUREN ,ELSA, JO n RIEL made banners on d venue- Jerry's chinese name(3 chars) n ONLY JERRY banners, n d word JERRY- w/c TIMMI, ELSA, ANNABEL, JOVY AND DANA posted all over d venue while BIANCA was busy informing the director of the show of our plans n HANNIE n SOL wrapping things up at d hq. Tah dah, came concert time, JERRY's solo number, n then d host, began the bday song in ENGLISH!!!!... what more can i say... After d concert, d grp went back to hq, had some pictures taken n went to Mandarin hotel where we stayed till d next morning... continious bonding, sharing of stories, while other volunteers would just drop by to say hi!... we were able to see F4 leave the hotel while ROSELL who went to the airport saw F4 proceed to the their respective departures.

The concert is over but the group is still euphoric over d experience n the magic of forged friendship. We only had 10 days to prepare n some plans were not carried out due to circumstances totally beyond our control ... maybe next time we will have more time n more OJ's to join and support us... To d other volunteers we forgot to mention, to our overseas counterparts who supported us,to d wonderful OJ's who volunteered, XIE XIE NI... I know JERRY would have thanked you personally for all the preps done... till next time... JIA YOU!!!!


Videos courtesy of

f4 in manila, december 26

arrival of f4 in manila, december 25

Joisu's message:

New pictures will be uploaded soon. ~>joisu


hi there
i'm back!

guess what!
it's true that my article was posted to faithful4ever, and i'm glad that everybody will able to read it! hehehe ;p
i hope we do all share sentiments right after the concert.

next issue will be if the there'll be a next f4 concert next year.i don't know the real score.maybe there is.and i'm saving my money right now!

-i'm still working for the pics to be uploaded soon
-if u have any articles and shared experiences on the last concert! pls post a message to our group!

i love u jerry, love u f4!

mitch ;p


credits to: daomingsoup(xie xie):

the hosts were shirley (jerry and zz's interpreter during bench visit and happy50tv), some guy, janice de belen and joed serrano. during zz and jerry's interview, only the unknown guy and shirley interviewd them and it sucked. sorry. they didn't even translate everything. and the sound system wasn't that good so i didn't get to hear them clearly. they both said hello. i think he also said he was happy to see so many fans. vic promoted his new song. janice asked if she could touch vanness' arm, then he hugged her. then they group hugged. ken also initiated a group hug. ken said it's special for them cause it's the first time they've been together for a while, he's glad it happened in manila. something like that, hope i remembered it right. even though janice sucked, she's better than the interviewers of jerry and zz, i wished she interviewed them too. it was funny cause during zz's interview, this guy suddenly spoke in chinese and zz looked surprised in a good way and they like chatted. i wish they translated it. zz and jerry were more reserved than ken and vannness.

when they were all together, Vanness said mahal kita. (I love you)
extremely funny - the front act wan zi said mahal, mahal, then they seemed to forget the next word, then they said mabuhay, then after that they said mahal, namin, kayo in a real fierce way like they're gonna shoot us or something... i think they're saying it in a hip-hoppy way... (mahal namin kayo means we love you all).

ken got 2 stuffed toys from the crowd, he kissed them and threw them back. he did some funky dance moves in the beginning of Show Me Your Love. way to go ken!

Vanness was wearing a jacket when he came out, but of course he took it off to show off his muscles. People around me were saying he has a great body or something. Ken took off his jacket too, people were screaming while he was doing it but he was wearing a long sleeved shirt. haha...

i really can't remember more about jerry's interview. i think they talked in chinese most of the time. i guess i went into a trance again when it was jerry's turn. sorry. i wish someone would translate everything he said. zz too. he said hallo hallo hallo hallo hallo about 3x. it was cute. happy 50 tv did a better job with the translations.

i saw a convoy of vans too before and after the concert. people were screaming. i guess they were assuming that those were f4's. i couldn't tell.

zz sang zai zai ai ni again instead of ai zai ai ni. he looked thinner, i think it suits him.

jerry seemed to be doing a lot of different poses for the camera while performing. he was more energetic this time than in the happy 50 tv concert.

zz was more serious. he was quite giggly before.

i wish they'd televise this concert but i heard it won't be. i saw the gma van parked outside. people said they weren't allowed inside the venue only in the football field. they shot a lot in the bleachers. i was covering my face everytime a camera pointed my way. *lol*

the jerry bench shirts were everywhere! it was almost like an epidemic. *lol* girls and guys alike were wearing it.


hi there.
i just got home.
guess what?
i was able to watch the concert.(my cous)misao's ticket wasn't able to get the refund.i went back to manila at 4pm, and i don't have the chance to refund she pulled me over, to go to ultra.(im making the drama first...but she said, i thought ur not prepared, why r u wearing the "bench is f4ever" shirt?and i was laughing...pretending don't want to go.shy but, ok i want so see them hehehe)...

it's kinda exciting first.but yet, im still frustrated from the past few days happened.and i was amazed that the bleachers r full tank!and...

i may say, thankful for watching it?and seating in the bleachers?coz all people who are seating outside saw the transport service...vans of f4!!!!yes, we are able to get the glimpse of their transport service, although very far, we saw them arriving one at the time...coz we saw the flashes of cameras towards the back door of ultra...also when they leave ultra.f4 were running towards their transport service!!!hehehe!!!

and guess what? f4 saw us first because we were outside.they never fail to greet us-yehey!!!!!!!

but before the concert started, i was soooo sad! y? because, the calendar and the small calendar i bought slipped through the bleacher seat and i don't know where it is right now...i was screaming aloud that, dont go f4...dont leave me...i tried reaching under it but the guard said that hole under the seat flows through the end of the stock room...grrrrr....

i composed myself.misao, trying to comfort me.2 asian artists sang as the guest performance.i dont know what they've been singing but it's ok...then vanness sang first, then ken (he was so adorable and cheerful! - joisu, he is really cute talaga ngayon sobrang smiley face grabe kakatunaw sa screen hehehe)...then vic and jerry then all of them...they sang 2 each solo and 3 group songs.kinda short but worthwhile.

we were screaming to death, and we r just very we stood up on top of the bleachers...dancing, singing and screaming!!!!

vanness' dance number is great.he looks very nice and muscle..muscle..nice hair too...too cute!

ken,ur so adorable!i wonder,among the four, he is the most cheerful!he smiled,he danced, he swayed his butt hehe...

vic's soo cute!i love his get up!and he said, zaizai ai ni!!!whew!audience got shock, it was a delayed reaction but my cousin and i r waiting for that line and again we were screaming...

i won't forget jerry's wink!dimples!they way he point his fingers while he was focused on the screen...his smile...and everything...i love him..i love u jerry!

i may not post some details.maybe u guys can share ur experiences.i was so ooo tired today and tomorrow early morning, we r going to province for a reunion...kinda hectic sked!sorry if i will delay ur msgs but i'll prompt joisu to approve it!

we had an agreement after the concert, this time...start saving money to be able to get inside the venue and show that we can scream as loud as we can than the people outside.good thing somebody is waving a phil flag coz every parts of asia has been identified!eventhough im outside, im proud to be a filipino!

all my heartaches were gone.i hope next year/concert it'll be a very organized yet very touchy one.singing bday song for jerry and ken is a plus!!!

i must accept the truth, im not rich but i love f4!

till here
and im sleepy

mitch ;p
24/7 f4 fanatic!



merry christmas
sori for late posting messages for updates.
i came home late and im with my friend, to visits our "college friends" within the vicinity of our location.

anyways, i just read each forums on different groups.
yeah, f4 arrived! i saw them over saksi late news program of gma7.

and it puzzled me somehow

-they arrived at NAIA, just like any ordinary tourists...

-where are the screaming so loud fans?yes, there were fans but u can count them from 20-50?others where NAIA staffs!what happened?where are the fans before screaming with posters...banners...and magazines!

-f4's transportation is just a plain van?where are other tourists coasters?or any other red carpet treatment?can't believe that jerry's 3rd visits in the philippines will turn out to be riding in a van...(production really had a low budget!) or maybe for another experience, an aircon jeep is good! (kidding!)kinda unique!

-i saw the rehearsals,very small stage!people in front (MOST ESPECIALLY AUDIENCES WHO ARE NOT FILIPINOS!!!)will catch f4, eye to eye from head to foot but the filipino audiences will see them from their eyes from TV screens hahaha!!!

-poor media coverage of gma 7,thanks for the effort of advertisements on noontime show...but i think it'll better if they put ads on primetime hour!f4 coverage just slipped away, more or less less than 3 minutes compare to lhar's report on metro manila filmfest took more than 4 minutes!

-dont forget, be prepared.please be an alert.and ask for ur safety!

-dont forget to post messages on ur experiences, it'll be having some delay of approvals coz it's holiday and i have to go to province for 2days.i'll ask joisu to moderate share ur experiences from the moment of u reach ultra from leaving ultra!

-take care everybody,please sing yao ding ni for me! i love u jerry!

mitch ;p
ur moderator

GREETINGS FROM ur f4_phils moderators mitch, misao, joisu!

have a very merry christmas! peace out! it's time of giving and loving. thanks all members, non-members for supporting f4_phils blog!!! MAHAL KO KAYO

this song is dedicated for you:

F4 - Yan Huo De Ji Jie
(Season of Fireworks)
Ni Wei Xiao De Yan
Wo Kan Dao Wu Shu Qing Tian
Wen Wo De Lian De Na Yi Tian
Yong You Quan Shi Jie

Wei Lai Shi Yi Ge Yuan Quan
Zai Ni Wo Wu Ming Zhi Jian
Wei Wo Men Nuo Yan Lai Jia Mian
Wan Mei De Ju Dian

Yao Ba Ni Yong Jin Wo Wai Tao De Li Mian
Wei Ni Dang Feng Xue

Rang Ni Kao Zai Wo De Jian
Fen Xiang Mei Yi Ge Ming Tian

Qian Ni De Shou Qu Gan Jue
Yan Huo Zui Mi Ren De Ji Jie
Zhao Liang Xing Fu De Shun Jian
Hao Rang Wo Men Kan De Geng Yuan
Qian Ni De Shou Qu Gan Jue
Yan Huo Zui Mi Ren De Ji Jie
Dian Liang Sheng Ming De Yi Qie
Zhan Fang Wo Men De Xi Yue
Zai Ai Ni De Mei Tian

Zhen Cang De Hua Mian
Quan Duo Shi Ni De Qing Jie

Jerry & Ken:
Si Nian Ting Ge Zai Ni De Lian
Wen Nuan Bu Hui Jian

Wei Lai Shi Yi Ge Yuan Quan
Zai Ni Wo Wu Ming Zhi Jian
Wei Wo Men Nuo Yan Lai Jia Mian
Wan Mei De Ju Dian

Yao Ba Ni Yong Jin Wo Wai Tao De Li Mian
Jerry & Ken:
Wei Ni Dang Feng Xue

Ken & Vanness:
Rang Ni Kao Zai Wo De Jian
Fen Xiang Mei Yi Ge Ming Tian


Guo Qu Xian Zai Huo Wei Lai
Ye Qi Lai Jiang Ni De Ai Xia Zai
Yong Yuan Bu Geng Gai
You Xing Xin Zhe Yang Ai



i would like to thank these people who reply on my sentiments last time.thanks for reading it.i really appreciated it!

From: Miracle Pagdanganan
Date: Wed Dec 24, 2003 6:57 am
Subject: Re: [f4_fantasyland] my sentiments


hi michelle!just read your sentiments...actually the feeling is mutual!i was so upset upon hearing the news there's going to be a diiferent made me even more upset when i knew that it's going to be at the basketball arena...when i heard this,i immediately rushed to ticketworld outlet where i bought my ticket...they said that the indoor arena could only accomodate ticketholders for 20,000 -2,500...i said great!m holding a 2,500 ticket...but for the 5000-2500 ticket holders the seat number will no longer be initial reaction was like...what?!you've got to be kidding me?...first come first this is really something!iv'e spent my money..and really went over my budget just to have a 2500 ticket so i can have a guaranteed fans must really go there as early as they can so they can have their i wished i can refund my money...before i bought my ticket i was hopitalized for 2 dayS coz of overfatigue..spent money for my hospitalization...eventhough,because of my love for f4...still i spent my remaining money to get 2500 they'll be telling me that it's no longer guaranteed seat?!man....this really sucks!i know it's really not ticketworld's fault but the production outfits fault!now m having this feeling that it's going to be a chaos....i hope m wrong!i know that some of u guys also have your frustrations about the changes for the concert...i just hope that something can be done here,by d way read at star newspaper yesterday that dei bei prodution is now in partnership w/ susan lim of the vigslim prodution..producer of the event...this is just my own opinion...i think that the production outfits action must be reprimanded!some legal actions must be done hre....if only we can do something!but anyway..for those who'll be going to the concert...i wish you safety...better watch your personal belongings and beware of pickpockets coz i assume that security will lapse...but better make sure to have fun inspite of this!MICHELLE...cheer up!don't give up!hope you'll continue giving your updates and iv'e been visitng your blogspot and it's great..ur doin' a great job!

From: mikayla lee
Date: Tue Dec 23, 2003 3:19 pm
Subject: Re: [onlyjerry] for refunding and others

Really heartsick to read abt this concert. Heartsick for F4 fans & for F4. I hope F4 fans will not blame F4 for this. Even if they or their management know the situation, there is nothing they can do. They hv sign the contract. They cant back out unless the organisers agree to it, otherwise they can get sued.

What a great pity. This is the 1st concert F4 is together since 3/03 & the 1st time held in the Philippines & it shld be a happy occassion. Instead it causes so much anger & disappointment. I dont blame the fans, only the organisers. To stage a big & successful concert takes a lot of time & planning & it is up to the organisers to do it, not F4.

Anyway, whats left now is to pray hard that the concert will go smoothly without any untoward incident. Even if it is the organisers fault, if anything goes wrong, somehow when the media writes abt. it, F4 always get blamed.

I sincerely hope that not too many F4 fans hv decided to cancel attending the concert.I think it is now up to the F4 fans (especially the Filipino fans) together with other F4 fans flying in from other countires to make the concert a success. The organisers cannot be depended on, they only care abt money & not F4 reputation & prestige.


Ticketworld's main office is closed!!!!
i was there in the morning to refund my cousin's ticket...i was surprised for many people r protesting in the frontdesk...that how come they told the people that they can refund it on the 24th till 25th but now, where are they? they've been closed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if u know someone from ticketworld's office.please don't trick each one of us.they (people) want their money back and don't offer too much excuses.

ticketholders who want to refund may still go to the ticketworld in makati.u r going to sign something and the administration of v madrigal bldg told us that they are going to forward the names to the ticketworld.this is unfair.don't do us to every ordinary fans and they r going mad right now!!! please...return the money right away.they are spoiling the true christmas of every filipinos!!!!

if they fail to call and return the money on the 26th, i'm planning to consult a legal action regarding on this matter and i want each one of u to participate.

that's all

advance merry christmas

mitch ;p


TicketWorld Head Office
Suite. 701
Vicente Madrigal Bldg.
6793 Ayala Ave., 1226 Makati City
Tel. no. 891-5610, Fax 891-5634

i went to ticketworld's head office in makati to get my refund.
if u want u can refund it but if u still want to watch the concert u can upgrade it so that u can get inside or change it to 300 (for gen ad ticket 600, 1500 and 2500)...for 2500 above, u have nothing to worry.but the seatplan although changed.i hope u'll be safe inside coz i heard that once again, utlra will be opening one gate entrance...gudness!

there were many people asking for a refund, others upgrade it so that they can get old man went there to refund the ticket for her daughter.her daughter got mad so she decided not to show up maybe for frustration and that old man presented his id, telling that his from the media (get some interview - i was listening...)and how come nobody inform or get it's press release from different medias.all of them got surprised.a girl from the ticketworld told the old man that they had a problem to the venue since they released the ticketsss!!! (she's honest enough, good for her!) and they (ticketworld) surprised that 5,000 above are already sold outside the philippines.they actually proposed to move the date, but the promoters begged because tickets were already sold out outside the philippines and it's a big mess for them (promoters)...ticketworld doesn't have any idea that they were selling tickets!!!

if u want to refund your tickets, ticketworld is open until december 25.u can only refund it to the main calling all 600, 1500 and 2500 ticketholders, if u want to transfer to 300, go to ticketworld so that they can change ur ticket and get some little refund.

ps: u cannot get the whole amount for example, my ticket is worth 618 - i only get 600 (i think 18 pesos is for the tax and commission of sales)

till here
i already informed zaizaiximen that im not coming.she'll update us as much as she can.thanks in advance.

mitch, ur moderator
merry christmas!
enjoy the concert to the fullest and be careful!


The F4 concert on December 26,2004 will take place as scheduled however the venue has been changed to "PhilSports Indoor Arena (formerly Ultra )". In view of the limited capacity of the venue and to accommodate the many eager F4 fans, the promoters will install several "Big Screen" for
ticket buyers who can watch the live "Simulcast" from the bleacher seats of the Ultra Football Field.

Tickets are only P300.00. Call 891-5610 for more information. Ticket selling will resume at 10AM,

December 23,2003. TicketWorld and it's outlets will be open on Christmas Day for your convenience.

this will be a memorable f4 concert.

from the announcement of having a concert here until the venue of the concert and somewhat cancellation of security and anything....controversial!

newsmaker of the year in the phils will be f4!

just a question, for everybody's concern i hope.u'll ask the same question too.

i read in a forum, written by daomingsoup that all 1,500 and 600 tickets will be seating at the bleachers of football field and watch with the help of the tv screens....(im not this is the treatment they want to every filipino f4 ordinary fans...and who's inside???the ones who be coming from different places of asia...and yet they r performing here but the TRUE blood filipino people will be thrown away!!!!!goodness gracious!they treating us like an animals that can be easily thrown away...i'm going to back out!)

i don't know if im going to refund my ticket.but to hell with going to demand to return my money instead.i dont want to be hurt watsoever with this sorry but this is the worst event that will be happening.i have a bad feeling it'll be not that good compare to their other concerts as we watched over vcds.

promoters r just trying to earn money and keep riding on with f4's popularity here in the philippines.

hey, misao if ur reading calling ticketworld if i can get my refund.i'll call u if i can refund it.they are located at makati so it'll be a journey to get there.moneywise, it'll spend for the refund money for shopping instead!!!

sorry to disapoint each one of u.yah, i know i am the moderator of the group but i want a safety and peaceful concert...not like this fact i already seen them here.i must give way to others...

hope everybody will understand me.

have a merry christmas to everyone.

hope u can enjoy the concert as prepared for some troubles.i bet there will!

kristinneangela, im very sorry for all messages u've been received for the past few days.i know this "boycott" issue hurt most of f4 fans.i, myself felt bad upon reading it.but i think it's one way of caring for each and everyone...thanks for giving the warning.i do appreciate it a lot (please, go back to our group...kneeling...!)

mitch, ur moderator
i need peace...not like this!
DONT WORI, IM STILL F4 ADDICT.i do still love jerry!

F4 show fate still up in air

By Shirley M.pizarro

DaiBei Productions has yet to issue an official statement on the real fate of the concert of famous Taiwanese pop group F4 in Manila on Friday, Dec. 26, at the Fort in Makati City.

Observers said that in the wake of recent developments, mainly the pullout from the production of East-West Global Entertainment, organizers of the F4 concert in Manila, it is very unlikely for the show to push through as announced earlier.

Chito Cabalu, representative of East-West Global Entertainment, made the clarification yesterday that his firm has made the decision to pull out from the production after negotiations with Daibei Productions bogged down with Dabei failing to live up to agreements it entered into with his firm.

The supposed concert of F4 in Manila billed F4 Live: Happy New Year 2004 should have been the first after more than two years to gather together all four members of the phenomenal Taiwanese pop group.

In the meantime, the public is advised to stand by for a formal announcement on the Manila concert of F4, particularly those who had already bought tickets to the show on Dec. 26.

on Zai Zai's visits here in the philippines (taken from a taiwan newspaper)

When I saw fans screaming at the top of their lungs for us at the top, and at the concert and moreover during our coverage, from the time we separated in addition with rehearsals, I was amazed. But I wasn't really shocked because beforehand Vanness and Bao Long had already informed me. From our stance, this is the first time in the Philippines and by some sort of method. It touched my heart seeing people inform me Zai Zai, Hua Ze Lei, people seldom inform me like that. But those heng fu (banners?) we saw, "We love you Vic," "We love you jie rui!" The balloon caused one to be confounded. Songs and I confounds one, they knew my songs! Artists moreover have talent, I saw in addition met numerous and they all have good. We wish to be able to come back. Thank you for the warm welcome.

credits to meteor garden stardust


this is quite came from my heart!pls try to read.thanks.

Hi there

f4 fans in the philippines (and some countries!)are stressed out most specially people who already bought their tickets and compromise with the christmas schedule with their families.

would u believe, even my pc shared sentiments coz my pc's power supply went down early this morning,because of overheat i've been monitoring all messages over the internet (on different groups)to be updated on the latest news on the cancellation for the security and venue of the said concert.luckily, my cousin had a spare power supply and thanked God that it's already now here at home and doing some writings about each other's sentiments regarding the confirmation of the event whether it will push through or not.

hence, the most important thing to do right now is to pray and hope producers may come up with a good yet very fair decision because it's only 5 days left and it's already christmas.they must realize that people who'll be watching the concert suffered most.suffered to prioritize their christmas schedule, and suffered the expensive ticket prices they've been offering(that's how filipino fans' valued f4,we tend to be more emotional like as part of our daily lives!!!!!we give our fullest support!!!)i hope they can choose a good venue.sad to say, it won't be the fort (i liked the area eventhough it's hard to get a transpo service to be there...but the security and venue is peaceful compare to other places)...i dont want again to happen last the event concert at the ultra..(i dont like the way they handle the entrance gates, security of each audiences and most esp unruly sidewalk vendors...u might get easily pickpocketed by those vendors coz i heard some news that vendors with strange acts do those things to the audiences while they were entering at the gate, if u wont buy their stuffs, they said some bad words to you!!)

time is running out.i dont like this kind of play.i can't think of a word that best describes it but i don't like what's happening right now...i want to back out any moment from now.i'm just composing myself but i'll set a deadline for them. if the management or production team can't come up a decision until december 23 or 24,sad to say, i don't want to waste my time to wait.i have some priorities in life.i am a devoted fan but hopefully i dont want my patience (all of us) to be abused.but if they have the venue,i hope it'll be a safer one.not with the grandstand (there are more bad people circulating around that area...i used to worked near that place if ur not brave enough, u can't walk alone!!!) ultra it's ok but provided that there'll be more gates for the entrance...securities within areas and accommodating crews!!!what they've been considering is the asiaworld vacant lot in paranaque where michael jackson performed - is soooooooo far...and it's an open's not safe!!!!more squatters lived there most!(i knew that place, i happen to attend mass at baclaran!)they had already built their small community there!

if they want to earn money, fine...but please don't play with filipino fans because we are just ordinary persons. if there'll be a problem with the venue or they can re-schedule it - fine. we can wait but please i want assurance that if it'll be push through on friday...i hope it'll be peaceful and memorable...not memorable because some bad things will happen...i said to my cousin if they can't choose a venue, let's invite f4 here in our house to render some songs! (just to make u all laugh!)...

take care everybody...keep on praying!!!

till here,

mitch, moderator f4_phils

What went wrong!



The Philippine Star 12/21/2003

East West Global Entertainment Co. is no longer connected with the F4 Live Happy New Year 2004" concert schedule on Dec. 26, at The Fort Open Field.
In an official statement sent to media, the company officially terminated its agreement with DaiBei Production Inc.
Initially, East West was tasked to handle the management of venue ground logistics, as well as the marketing and production of the "F4 Live Happy New Year 2004" concert at The Fort.
According to the statement issued by East West, DaiBei Production, Inc. failed to comply with the security requirements of Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation (FBDC). The agreement ensures the audience safety, proper people traffic management, proper vehicular traffic flow and other logistics required for efficient crowd control management.
Secondly, DaiBei Productions, Inc. which is headed by Mr. Ayrin Lo, Mr. Lawrence Lo and Mr. Liao Wei Chen also failed to pay the necessary fees on the agreed date. The company was suppose to issue initial payments for the venue, ground logistics and other suppliers so that all production requirements will be ready in time for the Dec. 26 concert.
Lastly, Taiwanese group also failed to submit the necessary documents required for the issuance of OPM and AMP clearances.
In lieu of these reasons East West Global Entertainment is no longer confident to work with DaiBei.

from angel diva of onlyjerry











IS IT CANCELLED???a million dollar question!

IS IT CANCELLED???a million dollar question!

i'll post the latest details when i watch the announcement this afternoon...

to all members, esp who are going to watch the concert who bought tickets already...

*let's wait for the final word, tomorrow over SOP or whatever...huhuhu..i'm gonna cry...

*pano na lang ang ticket ko...worth P??,??? huhuhu...refund! refund!

nitz miralles wrote on onlyjerry

I received a text message from the PRO of the F4 concert scheduled on December 26 informing me that the said concert is not pushing through. The cancellation of the concert has something to do with the pull out of East West Global Entertainment as DaiBei Productions local partner.
I was forwarded with a copy of a statement sent to the press by East West,
but I already saw a copy of it posted in this site. I'm sure, it will also be announced in S.O.P. this noon, GMA-7 being the media partner of Dai Bei Prods.
This is sad news for the F4 fans who have been waiting for the group's
concert. But there is still next year to look forward to. Hopefully, the
scheduled Feb. or March concert will push through with no hitch whatsoever.

From: Zhu Mei Li
Date: Sat Dec 20, 2003 6:57 pm

This is to inform the public that EAST WEST GLOBAL ENTERTAINMENT has officially
terminated its agreement with DaiBei Production, Inc., headed by Ayrin Lo,
Lawrence Lo and Liao Wei Chen, in the management of venue ground logistics,
marketing and production of the F4 Live Happy New Year 2004 Concert due to the
following reasons:

1. DaiBei Productions, Inc. failed to comply the security requirements of Fort
Bonifacio Development Corporation (FBDC) as required per agreement to ensure the
safety of the audience, proper people traffic management, proper vehicular
traffic flow and other logistical requirements needed for a smooth, comfortable
and efficient crowd control management.

2. DaiBei Productions, Inc. failed to pay the necessary down payments on the
agreed date to all venue and on-the-ground logistical suppliers and production
suppliers to efficiently set-up all logistical and production elements on time
per the agreed schedule.

3. DaiBei Productions, Inc. failed to give the necessary documents to get the
OPM and AMP clearances.

In lieu of these reasons, EAST WEST GLOBAL ENTERTAINMENT is not confident in the
delivery of safety and security of the audience, the efficient implementation of
all on the ground logistical requirements and the delivery of the needed
technical and production requirements of the Taiwanese production group.

East West Global Entertainment hereby submits this announcement to inform the
public and to further state that any and all incidents that may arise from the
concert are no longer our responsibility.

f4 fan-tasies

F4 fan-tasies
by: Charlene F. Sawit

Seeing Ken in person: "i'm sorry - ang guwapo talaga ni Ken"! When we walked into the room, i was like - Oh my God, he really looks so much better in person! I've seen him in the pictures we get from Taiwan and on TV, and he lools so different. They don't do him justice!
(Jennie Pimentel, Sony Music)

Seeing Vanness in person: "Ang kinis" Really cute! He was very talkative. He said taht during Taiwanese interviews, he was the quiet one adn the other three did the talking. But during the English interviews, he's the one that do the talking!!!! (Jennie Pimentel, Sony Music)

Songs Line up for december 26 concert!

Manila Bulletin under Entertainment Section page E-6.

Line up for the concert!

1. Meteor Rain
2. Can't Loose you
3. At First Place
4. Season's of Fireworks
5. Ask for more
6. Can't help falling inlove

7. I truly love you
8. Got to have you

9. Here we are
10. Show me your love

11. Looking for Juliet
12. Body can sing

13. Make a wish
14. Love loves you

*di ko na makakayanan pa to!!!!!

advertisement over channel 7 - eat bulaga!

i just saw the advertisement on channel 7 on a noontime program.

so, it's really confirmed that gma channel 7 will do some coverage!!!

in addition, they giveaway tickets to the contestants... "one million game show" laban or bawi

i'm meeting misao today!!!
mwah mwah mwah

Second meeting na! All systems go!

Dear Fellow Jerry Fans,
moderator mitch> i hope i can attend this meeting but it's nearly
impossible because it' 6am and still i am sori coz i have
insomnia... ;p

Second meeting na! All systems go!




The Agenda will be as follows:

1. Final birthday presentation

2. Details of preparation

3. Overall coordination

4. Tasking

5. Other concerns

Volunteers, attending or not attending sa concert , join us and be part in this momentous event. Let's celebrate JERRY'S birthday! If you have any questions/suggestions- as long as it can still be accomodated- will be addressed in the meeting. By the way, we have a photoshoot/videoshoot during the meeting. Bakit??? Basta punta na lang kayo so you will know. For details, email me at or text me at +639178423384. See you there.

NOTE: Please refer to previous update- posted as PREPARATIONS FOR JERRY sa dec 26 concert- to know about the initial meeting. I just want to reiterate that we are asking for volunteers to come up with the preparation for Jerry’s bday surprise. We are not the organizers/sponsors/production team of the event.


By: Peewee Reyes
(encoded by: dao_mi_chelle, moderator

I admit the first time I caught an episode of Meteor Garden I was quickly drawn to the mysterious leader of F4, Dao Ming Si. He had this strong appeal combined with a shy-boy-next-door trait that was totally endearing. Plus, it was funny seeing a guy who completely makes a fuss over his looks. From that time on, I was hooked (along with the entire country)! I would even force myself to wake up early on weekends just so I could watch MG Rewind. I even went to the extent of collecting the whole series – from Meteor Garden 1, 2 and Meteor Rain. Heck, I even watched the two-week special of Love Scar, which starred Jerry. Oh, and did I mention that I also have a complete collection of his posters, stationeries, and yes, even a mug.

Last September, I even braved the rains, mud, and a sea of equally excited but rowdy people just to see Ken and Vanness, because I thought that was the closest I could “experience” Jerry. (Ken and Vanness knew him at least!) I enjoyed the concert, but I imagined that the euphoria I’d feel if I actually get to see Jerry would be incomparable.

So, when news broke out that Jerry, the latest Bench endorses, was coming here for a press conference I was elated! I had to go! But how? That was the million-peso question. Since I work for meg it means that we get invited to cool media presscons, events and parties. There was a slim chance that I could get to go. (Really slim since the exclusive invites were pretty limited.)

When my editor announced that there was one more ticket up for grabs, I was shocked! Maybe it was really meant to be – my one chance to see Jerry. I hope and I begged, and because a very kind officemate gave up her slot for one big fanatic (me!), I was going! I had to pinch my arm three times! I couldn’t believe my luck!

When that Friday finally came, we all headed to presscon venue Le Pavillon hours early to make sure that we get a good spot. People lined up obediently, securing their red “passports” which serves as the Bench invite. You could feel a mixture of anticipation and excitement in the air. When the doors finally opened, we were welcomed by huge posters of Jery adorning the hall. There was a red stage with a red couch and a giant banner of “Love ko Bench.” The stage was set! We all hurriedly secured our places, and waited patiently for the moment to arrive.

Host Pia Guanio briefed the press to avoid asking personal questions about Jerry and reminded us of the one question per person rule. She also advised us that Jerry was to arrive any moment. After waiting for almost half an hour, the moment finally came.

A giant screen showed us Jerry’s helicopter had landed. There was a red carpet especially for Jerry with Bench’s main man, Ben Chan welcoming him. Thousands of screams and delightful shrieks were heard all over the hall, Yes, he was here! When we finally emerged from the backstage, I held my breath and felt a sudden wave of joy that one can only feel when a dream is finally realized. Jerry greeted us with a warm hello and posed for all the cameras. I felt that I could die that very moment. Jerry came in, clad in a simple ringer shirt that said “Love ko Bench.” He wore dark jeans, a leather cuff and a pair of construction boots. He sported a long layered do, complemented by glowing tan and a magnetic dimpled smile that leaves you breathless. He was so cute, adorable and totally to die for! And I couldn’t stop staring at him. I still couldn’t believe my eyes.

Questions like, “Are you willing to pose for Bench underwear” received the most screams. He was also asked if F4 had disbanded and he denied it saying that they will get together soon as long as there’s a good project. We didn’t even care if he spoke mostly in Mandarin, which has translated to English by an interpreter. We held on to every word he said as if we understood.

Finally, he ended by saying that he was happy to be a member of the Bench family and the he couldn’t wait to have a concert here (he’ll be back even before this magazine comes out!). He posed for a couple more pics, thanked us for coming, then waved goodbye, saying “Mahal ko Kayo” (I love u all!)

Well some good things must come to an end. Seeing Jerry has taught me that dreams do come true as long as you wish and pray hard enough for it. If it could happen to me, it could happen to you too. So goodbye for now Jerry, till the next time.


Just visited ticketworld's website

50% off to the following seats:

Blue = P2,575
Brown = P1,545.00
White GA = P618.00 ...sections...grrr!!! i already bought one, too bad..i didn't expect this to happen!!!!!huhuhu

mitch ;p

Wan Zi, Guest performer on the 26th!

F4's Dec. 26 concert guest performers
This group "Wan Zi" will be F4's guest performers at the 26th Dec Phils Concert.


Thanks to Salty of Pure4

Promo...countdown begins!!!

baolong wrote:
(onlyjerry and f4_phils)

Good morning everyone!!

At last there's a promo for the upcoming concert!!!! At least on
the radio...

I was listening to Chico and Delamar's morning rush (??) (a radio
talk show in d Philippines) at Rx FM just this morning when I heard an
F4 song... (can't remember what song 'coz I guess i went blanked, hehe

Just announced the date, etc... but what got me was that the
LIVE!!"..... WHAATTT??? Don't panic guys, I guess (and hope) it's just part of the publicity so people will go and buy tickets...

I wont panic... I won't panic........ hhhmmmm.... well, I think we really have to GO OUT AND BUY TICKETS... NYAAHH!!! (* grabbed my pants and run to the door.. realizing it's only 8am and ticketworld is not yet open,hehehe)


PS: Try to catch it...I might be wrong 'coz as I've said I went

Zai's update

Zai will be performing in Hong Kong for a concert tomorrow at 8pm at RTHK - a radio station in HK and his album will be release next year, January and the reservation will be the end of the year.A special sheet as giveaway for 1000 fans who'll be reserving in taiwan - first come, first serve!
Jerry's album will be out after the showing of his first movie, magic kitchen sometime in january or june....

and F4 3rd album is not on the way.

thanks to
edited by: dao_misyel, f4_phils



Sureseat Frontrow Specials Presents: F4, Friday, Dec. 19, 2003, 10:30-11:30 pm, RPN 9
F4 Special: Friday, Dec. 19, 2003, 10:30 pm, ABC 5


Jerry visits Vic!!!

Zai, whose solo album is going to be released in January, finally
finished recording it on Dec. 16. Because of the recording, Zai was
prohibited by producer to eat his favourite food, spicy fried chicken
and fried chicken steak. This led to Zai's claim, "I will eat
three buckets of fried chicken once I am done." Zai's solo album is
going to be Sony's first big project and every one have high
expectation on it. May be because of the pressure and the lack of fried chicken, Zai has recently lost 3kg.

Jerry knew that Zai was going to finish recording his solo album
yesterday, so he brought the most wanted fried chicken and champagne
to the studio without Zai's notice. When Zai was told a secret
guest would visit, he did not expect it would Jerry who was very busy
himself. While listening to play back of his recording, all of a
sudden, Jerry showed up, Zai was happy that he was laughing hard.

Actually, when Zai filmed the album cover earlier, Jerry also visited
Zai with a fruit basket. With such support, Zai indicated that he
sure would return the favor and show his support when it was
Jerry's turn to release his solo album later.

Btw, in the article, it mentioned Jerry was ill while he visited.
Don't know how accurate was that, as Jerry looked fine.

(soooo sweeeetttt of you jerry!!!-hehehehe!)

Credits to


I just bought my copy of MEG magazine with Jerry's Love ko bench on the cover...(soooooo gorgeous!!!)

I'm glad to find out even the writers are crazy over f4 and one particularly got the invitation to the presscon is a jerry addict!!!it was a dream come true for her to managed to attend the presscon!!!(she's very lucky!) has 4 pages feature story.first was the "the event" when one of the writer describes ken as "more gorgeous in person compare to pics and videos" and vanness as "flawless and gorgeous"...and share experiences during the event concert.the other one is, jerry's articles on female celebrities who linked to him!!!(i called MEG to delete my name!-joke!)...and 2 pages of bench's presscon story...

nice articles...good job for MEG!

*joisu, i already bought ur the event, relive! am i going to send it to u???nyak-nyak-nyak!!!(we also have the tickets!yipeeee!i love u f4!!!!)

*misao, congratulations, u have ur tickets nah!!!clap, clap, clap...

Here's the artcile from inquirer by nap gutierrez and translated by daomingsoup (xie xie!!!)

"Philippines, favorite of F4"

Looks like the Philippines has become F4's favorite.

After their visit here, and seen how crazy the Filipinos were for them, they'll have an unexpected concert here in Manila on December 26, the day after Christmas and the time when the Pinoys' money have been reserved for the local film festival movies (Metro Manila Film Festival).

ABS-CBN is not the producer and Ticketworld is still in charge of the
tickets sales.

The prices of the tickets are quite expensive that's why a lot of
their fans are problematic. There's nothing they can do because I'm
sure that F4's management have asked for a huge pay from the
producer. They need to make the tickets pricey in order to make up
for it.

Let's see if this concert'll make a profit. Some people thought that
the group will be back on Valentine's Day, but here they are, earlier
than expected.

We're not sure if the producer of the concert has been a little
hasty, cause, there are only 10 days to go before the show.
They'll need intense marketing, intense plugging, and intense
merchandising which only ABS-CBN can do in their TV shows.

And because of the pricey tickets, we don't know how many people can
afford it.

The group will come back here to also prove that they haven't
disbanded yet.

We'll know if the Pinoys haven't gotten tired of them yet after
seeing them in person in two shows, at The Event with Vanness and
Ken, and at the Happy 50 TV with Jerry and Vic.

We'll know if the Pinoys haven't changed how they feel about them
even though they've already seen them and Meteor Garden the series is
already over on TV.


But even if the fans have changed how they feel towards F4 because
they've already seen them here, how I feel for Jerry Yan or Dao Ming
Si will not change.

Ha ha ha.....

Jerry Yan will remain my favorite, because he's nice, he's great in
singing and dancing, and his charisma is one of a kind.


What's the latest with Jerry Yan, asked his fans?

He has finished shooting Dream (or Magic) Kitchen which he did in Hongkong. This'll be his first movie and this'll be released on February 2004 in Taiwan and Hongkong, I don't know if this'll also be released in
Manila at the same time.

His role in Dream (or Magic) Kitchen is an assistant cook so we'll see him
cooking in many scenes.

There's a soundtrack for this film and Jerry will surely sing 2 songs
for this.

The movie is in post-production right now.


Pepsi also chose Jerry to do a solo commercial. You've already seen
the four in a tv commercial, but this time, Jerry will go solo in
this new version that'll be aired soon. (Jerry's action commercial!)

In this commercial, you'd see Jerry with a cart full of Pepsi. He'd
come out of a pile of Pepsi cases that would fall on him but he'd be
able to escape.

Pepsi agreed to have a double for Jerry while the piles of Pepsi
cases were falling but Jerry didn't agree. He wanted to do that scene
himself. His take was great.

You'll probably see this Pepsi commercial on tv programs here in
Manila next year.(whew! even i saw it already thanks to the internet!)

Meanwhile, F4 have signed an endorsement contract for an apparel, and
that's S & K. S & K stand for Samuel and Kevin which is an imported
label. They've already done a pictorial and the four were paid
millions. It'll be launched for the winter and summer collection of S
& K. (and it has 2004 calendar!!!)

Over here, sales of Bench Dao shirts are amazing.
Ever since they've lauched the Dao shirts, they always got sold-out
that was why people from Bench were forced to come up with different

Dao Shall Wear Bench was the only thing they sell before, but now,
there are different lines like Love ko Bench and others that sell
really well.

Even Dao's posters at Bench are always out of stock because of so
many who want it.

They also came out with Dao shirts in the color pink for girls, but
even guys have been buying pink Dao shirts.

It's crazy!

Jerry is also almost finished with his solo album.

He did this for a few months, and because he was extremely busy, it
took a longer time for him to finish the songs.

Sony Music Taiwan also produced this album.

In a book launching in Hongkong, Jerry patiently stamped over 10,000
copies and patiently shook the hands of each and every one of the
thousands of fans who attended the said occasion.

He's spectacular!


So, that's the latest on Dao Ming Si. The latest on the other F4
members next time.

isn't nap's really into jerry?hahaha!!!jerry fever!!!go go go!!!

Speak out! this is my blog!

this is an email sent to each groups.

why should i boycott it? i don't get the point!!! (gggrrrr!!)
if this is true, maybe we must still support f4! whether they are guests, special apperances or just a show off....still i'll be there.

please, wag nyong idamay ang fans kung di kayo manonood...manahimik na lang kayo!!! this is my everything goes!!!

ok.stop na here.

(kung nababasa mo to, sorry pero opinion ko to.walang tama-walang mali.ang samin lang katotohanan!!!)

mitch ;p ur moderator
all out support to f4 kahit kumaway lang sa stage!

here's the email:

To all the members of this/these group/s,
From: kristinneangela
Date: Mon Dec 15, 2003 5:06 pm
Subject: BOYCOTT! F4 Concert on December 26, 2003
Please, i dont order you, but i ask you, to please, DONT GO TO THE CONCERT on 12/26/03. When i told my friend about the concert, she told me that it is not really Dai Bei productions who will organize/produce the up-coming concert! It's really BIG SLIM. Big Slim is the producer/organizer of Ken, Vanness and ASOS' concert here last September 13, 2003, The Event. We all thought that they will be performing with guests, but they performed in the concert as guests.

Guys, come to think of it, they also announced the concert few weeks before the event, but this concert, 10 days before the concert that's the time when they officially announced to the public the concert. They just told the public that Dai Bei will be the organizers because they are afraid that the tickets wont sell because F4 fans are mad at them because of what happened in The Event.

I repeat, I dont order you, I just wanna share this thing that I just found out. These things are not yet confirmed. But I believe it's true! It's up to you if you're going to the concert or not. This is just a WARNING.

this email came from f4 international fc group.if ur interested i'll post details soon.i might be there.hehehe!!

From: Lauren
Date: Mon Dec 15, 2003 6:09 pm

hello friends... if you're free on saturday night & want to meet new friends & chika to death 'bout our fav 4, "F4" & of course the upcoming concert...then join us!

December 20, 2003, Saturday
7 to 7:30 pm ~
McDo, SM Megamall
(konti lang siguro tayo? nway, kung madami ang gustong mag-join baka punta na lang tayo sa food court..what do ya think?)


U want the concert memorable-VOLUNTEER!!!

I know everybody is getting crazy for next few weeks because of the concert.
And one thing i discovered that, i think GMA 7 is covering it i don't know why ABS-CBN refused to be part of it. and SOP (awhile ago), promoted the concert.even the hosts got so shock if what they've been reading is correct! (hehehe)...and they started giving away free tickets...well i guess, whatever channel it is i hope the coverage will run smoothly...full of scenes and no-added features!!!

LASTLY, attention to all who'll be watching the concert.

Only Jerry (interactive group) is in need of some volunteers for the concert on december 26.

If u are interested, please email i don't think you must be a only jerry member but they addressed it to everyone who's willing to participate.

Just answer the following questions below and send it back to her.

This is a f4 full concert, and we want it to be memorable for everybody most specially to all Filipino fans out there who'll be watching the concert.

Be part of it. Let's do teamwork!!!!

1) are you attending the concert? what price range- seat number?
2) are you willing to attend a meeting this week, preferebly tues
evening- dec 16-? Details will be posted later.
3) will you volunteer some time specially nearing the event? to what
extent can you help?
4) where do you live? office? (so we can determine where to have the
general vunue of the meetings)
5) can you invite more people to attend the concert and and do
volunteer work?
6) what are your suggestions? Any comments on how we want this
preparation organized?

We want to make this event truly memorable by enjoying the concert
and doing some
preparations for our fave artists.Remember we only have 2 weeks
remaining to do all the work. Lets unite and be heard.

Jia you!


till here,
Mitch, ur sleepy moderator

ticketworld provincial outlets, ticket sales and long journey home

hi there

na-stranded ako kagabi.grabe, ang hirap sumakay ng fx pauwi (from crossing) friend and i, nagjeep, pasig then marikina.if maghihintay kami ng fx, wow baka umaga na kami umuwi.buti na lang naisip namin agad...and she's living from antipolo pa so i decided to take her home nyahahahaa!!!

guess what?
we've been to shangrila mall-national bookstore, and panic buyin na ng tickets sa f4 concert.grabe, una i was just standing sa near counter then me nagtanong kung tuloy.wala man lang sinabing f4 concert basta kung tuloy.and i smiled and said, ye...ayun pumila na sa likod ko!nakakatawa...then yung iba ganun din, tanong lang den sabay pila...and most of them the syempre kilig.habang we r waiting for our ticket, sabay kwentuhan...kiligan etc...grabe na to! hehehe

and i already got my pepsi in can with jerry's isa-isa nang natutupad ang kahilingan ko...nyahhaah!!!

i forgot to include the two provincial ticketworld outlets:

robinson's dasmarinas cavite and robinson's pampanga for those provincial areas para di na kayo mahirapang pumunta dito sa manila to buy your tickets!!!!

till here,

ur santa moderator, mitch ;p

*ano-anong songs memorize ko?hirap ata lahat ba?nyahaha!!!


Hi Everyone!

It's confirmed.

Dahil f4_phils is going on it's 7th monthsary.

Ininvite namin ang f4 dito para sa grand christmas party ng f4 fans (joke joke joke)...sensya na loka-loka na ang moderator nyo!!!

Brought to you by DEI BEI PRODUCTIONS,INC. and The Federation of Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines

For the Benefit of Kilusang Diwa Ng Taguig Foundation


on December 26, 2003 at 8 pm


advance xie xie to joisu for my tickets hahaha!!!

Ticket prices are the following:

Platinum = P20,600.00
Special VIP = P15,450.00
VIP = P10,300.00
Gold/Silver/Red = P5,150.00
Green = P3,090.00
Bronze/Orange/Blue = P2,575
Yellow/Brown = P1,545.00
White GA = P618.00

Ticket Outlets:
National Book Store Branches

Virra Mall, Greenhills, San Juan
(Customer Service Section)
7251407, 7250931, 7212447, 7251706

Harrison Plaza, M. Adriatico, Malate
(Credit-Card Section)
Tel. 5246871

Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong
(Customer Service Section)
6334434/36, Fax - 6334432

4. SM Centerpoint
Magsaysay Blvd., Sta. Mesa
(Customer Service Section)
7161122-24/29, 7160722, 7150581

EDSA, Mandaluyong
(Customer Service Section)
6363649, 6331576-77, 6348186

6. SM North Edsa
North Edsa
(Customer Service Section)
9276028, 9277118, 9209388

7. SM Southmall
Along Alabang, Zapote Road, Las Pinas
(Customer Service Section)
8063463, 8066432, 8063426, 8063401

Robinsons Department Store

1. Robinsons Galleria
EDSA cor. Ortigas Ave.,Quezon City
(Customer Service Section)

2. Robinsons Place
M. Adriatico St., Ermita Manila
(Customer Service Section)


1. Greenbelt 1 Cinema Ticket Counter

2. Glorietta 1 Cinema Ticket Counter Robinsons Place
Tower Records
1. Tower Records Makati
Glorietta 4, Makati City
(Customer Service Section)

2 . Tower Records Alabang
Alabang Town Center, Las Pinas
(Customer Service Section)

TicketWorld Head Office
Ste. 706, V. Madrigal Bldg.
6793 Ayala Ave., 1226 Makati City
Tel. no. 891-5610, Fax 891-5634

Wag munang mag-panic, relax muna ha baka di kayo umabot ng pasko nyan (joke!)...o isipin na ang mga gagawin para magkaron ng extra money!
ako eto, namamasko na kay sister joisu!!!

ilang days to go na lang...
and sana makabili at makapunta ako...

misao, pano ba to!!!!

sensya na poor lang ako
malamang gen ad na naman ang ticket ko!!!

ok lang basta makasama kayong manood...di ba?


mitch, ur santa moderator

happy f4christmas!!!!


(ganda ng date ngayon 12-12...sayang nakalimutan kong itaya sa lotto!hehehe)
(ang haba nito...wala lang. i do feel im an editor of a fan magazine!nyahahah!)

Hi Everyone,

How many days na lang pasko na!
Nagshopping na ba kayo? Kung ako tatanungin nyo...I don't feel like shopping because wala naman akong pang-shopping (money!money!money!) wala akong mapili (or tlagang cory ako sabi ni joisu nyahaha!)

Eto nga at pinipilit kong magtago sa mga pagtataguan ko (hide and seek! hehehe)

To all na maniningil sa pasko, better have ur reservations na so that i can count u on my list...deadline ko hanggang 20th -pag 25th na sori na lang...the reservation starts now...ahahaha!!!!

I've seen Jerry's love ko bench posing on MEG MAGAZINE december 2003 issue.better grab your copy now.Di pa ako bumibili ng copy ko.I'm still waiting for my christmas bonus from joisu (naks!meron ba ate joisu???)...All i have now are the star studio special issues on f4. and i'm still thinking to buy yes's a showbiz magazine, and i don't like it because konti lang write up nun.cover lang naman sila and some little articles...(and bibili ulit ako star studio mags kasi for joisu->grabe ka na ate ha!)

still thinking of jerry's amphibian book...but this will be my christmas gift for myself????...mahal nga lang...pero ok lang...last na po yan den tipid na ulet hehehe...i dont know if the supplier still have copies...first come first serve daw eh so if ever maubos it means na di pa time to buy and to spend much more money.

here are some of my f4 wishlists:
1. Jerry's Amphibian book
2. Love Storm VCD (pirate?ewan!)
3. Pepsi in can (with jerry -collector's edition)
4. Yung figurines ng f4, na di ko na ulet nakita pa sa riverpark,marikina! (too bad si vic lang nabili ko!!!sana nabili ko na lahat!!!)
5. The Event - Happy 50 TV The Concert - Meteor Fever Presents - ASOS-Ken, Vanness and Jerry - Vic VCDS (sabi me bootleg na daw sa tutuban...wahahaha! mall tour na naman ako nito!!!sensya na!)
6. Jerry's Bench Shirt *Love ko Bench, Dao Shall Wear Bench, I choose bench* (joisu, meron na tayong bench is f4ever!!!nyahahaha!)...i want them all!!!


7.Plane ticket to taiwan with hotel accommodation and tour with Lunch Date with Jerry (panaginip!)...basta kung nasan man sya ngayong pasko dapat magkasama kame hahaha!

I've been reading some messages to other groups. Nag-aaway away na ata regarding the concert. As much as possible, i dont want to comment sa ating group coz i don't know kung sino papaniwalaan so hinahayaan ko na lang kayong magpost...those are informations that gathered via calling ticketworld...(watasource!) and some members''s up to you guys kung maniniwala kayo or wat...I heard that f4 will have a show on December 24 sa Taiwan ata, i just read sa forums.And Ben Chan supposedly to invite Jerry on Bench's christmas party pero due to hectic sked ng papa ko (ahem!) di makaka-attend si papa ko...

Magic Kitchen and Sky of year papalabas.
I'm stil reading the translation of Magic Kitchen and Wala pa akong complete summary ng Sky of Love (di pa kasi nare-release hehe)...

If u have comments, suggestions, violent reactions, contemplation...feel free post nyo...hehehe...wag lang mang-invite or mang-aaway or magbebenta ha!

me inaprub akong group chat...i hope makasali tayo...wala lang, time to meet new friends...baka sabihin ng international groups, suplada tong f4_phils hehehe!

at lalo open ako sa mga magsusubmit ng arts/pics anything f4... for posting sa f4misyel.blogspot, just email me na lang.


mitch, ur santa moderator
(as in the living f4 fanatic santa!)

si misao busy sa life same with joisu...
ako na lang naiwang nagpopost...wawa naman ako!!!

No venue, no ticketworld website update...postponed!

hi there
i got elena's msg and thank you so much for the information!
and it's postponed according to her (a friend who has connections - am i correct?)...i got her msg when i was at the mall (watching jeepers creepers 2 nyahahaha!)...

here are my opinions:
-if it's true f4 will have a concert, is it possible for the organizers to prepare for the upcoming event? look what happened last time at the ultra.less preparation yet, greater damage to the public.i heard wala pang definite venue...san sila magcoconcert sa luneta grandstand?hehehehe.and to think fully booked ang mga venues because of some christmas sa araneta-yung disney on ice...ewan lang sa the fort siguro me mga events na din like the free concert sa christmas watsoever...!!!

-and if it's true and why don't sell the tickets right away. just to take some considerations like mandy moore and mariah's concert, the organizers had a month or more preparations.(wag nang lumayo, like happy 50 TV the concert, it took them more than one month to prepare!and also yung advertisements nila ang tagal din diba?)

-if u call ticketworld, ang sasabihin call again...syempre they dont want the fans to disappoint.and di rin nila pwedeng sabihing di na tuloy...they r just a ticket company...authorized ticket sales...and yet, go signal lang hintay nila...maybe they have the plans pero not yet laid down properly...

o pano, sabong na ba to?
di ko alam sino ang papaniwalaan nyo.
i've been monitoring ticketworld's wala talagang updates...ano nang date ngayon? december 11...di na talaga pwede...kung tuloy man yan...sayang naman kasi over exposed na sila dito sa pilipinas...
hayaan naman nating mamiss sila kahit isang buwan lang...tutal nakadating na silang apat di nga lang sabay-sabay pero at least natupad mga dreams natin...diba?

till here
wag mag-away away...kung tuloy o hindi
ang mahalaga...isipin ang pasko...

sa wakas kung di man tuloy...hahahay! i can buy some stuffs hahaha! definitely misao will like it!!! i hope i can buy it gifts....

advance merry christmas to everybody!

mitch, ur moderator

YAMAHA commercial is ready for viewing...
PANTENE shampoo wons for the polls re barbie's new commercial
MORE pictures coming soon
and Magic Kitchen synopsis to be post soon!!!!

No details yet!

no details yet if the concert will be on december 26!
i'm still waiting for the ticketworld's website for the update (so i can call it - confirm!)

and keep on praying...please not now...

maybe, the organizers r trying to test the fans...

matira anong bansa ang matibay...

stop it!!!

pasko pa naman!

nasisira ang tunay na diwa ng pasko!!!!

till here,
mitch ;p


I'm watching the telecast of Happy 50 TV the concert, im about to go upstairs to changed my clothes when suddenly, i saw an ad after ai-ai's "hero" number and it was yamaha.then, i noticed on the first's Vanness practicing his boxing and Jerry called up...and i was amazed, it's kinda a fighting laughing and screaming to death because they were fighting and jerry beaten up badly by Vanness until his nose starts bleeding...and Jerry took the "bad" motorbike of Vanness. Then Vanness saw the new motorbike of Yamaha, and return to fight with Jerry..Poor Jerry, he had been beaten up because of dreaming on riding on the motorbike...(IT WAS FUNNY!!!)..and I LOVE JERRY'S SMILE!!!!

Vic and Ken's episode, the theme was focused on humour. Vic was 'scrapped' by girls after taking them out for a ride and Ken was the doctor Vic seeked medical attention from...ang galing...pinakita ang body ni Vic...whew!!! hahaha!!!

Misao and I were laughing and screaming to death (via phone patch) we've been talking over the phone after Jerry and Vanness' commercial!!! i was shouting...i hope nobody hears me scream!!! hahahaha!!!!

i hope everybody watched it...

sabi ko, i want to buy na a motorbike after that commercial or buying the same suit they wore sa print ads....nyahahaha

Post christmas gift - f4 concert!

wla pa akong savings.wawa naman ordinary fans like meeeeh!
pero watch out tomorrow kung confirm.
pag na-up na sa website ng TICKETWORLD, it means tuloy na nga.
goodness tlaga.

ticket prices vibrations:
NOTE: i dont say it's true...still under confirmation


in state of shock,

mitch ;p
here's the article:

F4 returns to Manila in full force!
Shirley Matias. Pizarro
Manila Bulletin

If you think you’ve seen the last of the sensational Taiwanese boy band F4 already this year, think again.

We just got word from first-time promoters Dai Bei Productions, Inc. that they are bringing not just two, but all four handsome young men of F4 to bring post-holiday cheers to their millions of followers in Manila on Dec. 26.

So, to those who failed to see Jerry Yan (Dao Ming Si) and Vic Zhuo (Hua Zei Lei) when they came to visit recently, here is your unique chance to see them plus the two other F4 heartthrobs Ken Zhu (Xi Men) and Vaness Wu (Mei Zuo) in a full-length concert on Dec. 26.

We can imagine all those F4 fanatics out there screaming because of excitement with this bit of news. The good thing about this is that we might not be hearing the common complaint we heard from the last concert where two of the F4 guys were featured was that they longed for more of them, and not just to watch them do a guesting stint in some anniversary show which was marketed as their concert performance.

Anyway, this bit of news is still so fresh that as of this writing, we have yet to get confirmation about the venue where the F4 guys will be performing. If plans do not miscarry, we were told that they will be showcasing their sing and dance talents at the open field of The Fort at Fort Bonifacio Global City. Anyway, we’ll be confirming this part as soon as we have the information.

So, remember that in full force, the Taiwanese pop quartet will take the centerstage for a post-Christmas concert on Dec. 26 featuring their hit singles "Can’t Lose You," "Season of Fireworks," and "Can’t Help Fallin," from the phenomenally popular chinovela "Meteor Garden."

Produced by Dai Bei Productions, Inc., this long-awaited concert promises a full-packed night of excitement and surprises to F4 followers.

Tickets are available at all Ticket World outlets. For more details, please call 891-5610.

LUCKY fans get free tickets for the concert - free!

i just watched abs-cbn's simpleng hiling.
and they featured two die-hard fans who were very luckily chosen to attend the happy 50 tv the concert last week.

with hotel accommodations, free f4 merchandise, and grooming package...(take note: both of them wore bench's tshirt - bench is f4ever and style their hair at bench fix salon) the hotel, both of them brought along their f4 stuffs and do some chit-chats.

they seated im not sure if sa front row..or vip..watever.ang galing naka-tv pa sila hehehe.and screaming so loud during the concert.hahaha!!!

ang swerte lang masasabi ko.

that's all folks

see ya tomorrow infront of our tv sets for happy 50 tv the concert.whoever who has a great heart to record it, please do so...and let share, don't sell...<-as if kung mabait kayo!

xie xie joisu for fixing the site...nandito na reward mo!!! ahhahahay!!

more pics to come soon!!!

mitch ;p

Last part of meteor fever presents: ASOS, vic and jerry

meteor fever presents
ASOS, vic and jerry

december 5, 2003 - friday

wala nang interview portion.
akala ko marami pang interview magaganap.

it only highlighted the concert preparations, and some rehearsals.
and some screaming fans...audiences sa concert!

i got a screen caps of vic's rehearsals...too bad, i think my pc cam shut off and i wasn't able to record jerry's rehearsals...huhuhu...

just stay tuned on sunday for the happy 50 tv da concert...

i just bought the event relive! magazine and f4+asos horoscope magazine...i think i'm already left behind sa magazines.and latest cover of yes magazine is f4! on their yamaha shot!!! i read a message to other groups na konti lang daw articles dun and pics...hmmm another strategy for profit!!!!

have a nice weekend!

mitch ;)

f4 concert sa december? jerry and vic's interview part 2

f4 concert sa december daw?
wow, sana wag naman muna ngayon...i mean, christmas eh and daming pagkakagastusan...
pero sana next year na lang para makapaghanda tayo grabe noh hirap ng manghingi ng pera hehehe...
kasi kung dis december yun, malaking problema para sating lahat, to think na kakagastos lang natin last week!!!! hehehe

here's the email of one of our members in f4_phils

From: "maria28ph"
Date: Thu Dec 4, 2003 5:13 pm
Subject: F4 Concert this December!!!

Hey guys, wag muna kayo mag react agad diyan. Pero I got a text from
my friend last night telling me that F4 will be back here this month
for their concert. Kasi she happened to know someone from Ticketworld
that confirmed this event. Pero siyempre medyo half truth pa lang yun
although na excite na naman ako just thinking that the four of them
will be here to perform.

Tapos I tried to call Ticketworld twice this morning and guess
what??? The agent told me that it's definite that there will be an F4
Concert this month but the date, price and venue of the concert is
not yet definite.

So for those of you guys, who just can't wait to see them again like
me, I advise you to call Ticketworld and ask them for yourselves. Or
if anyone of you guys knows anything about this, please try to
confirm naman this news. Kasi I'm sure that a lot of peeps like me
are so excited to see them again.

For those of you still wondering if this is true, do you think that
Ticketworld would lie to their customers???

F4 forever!!!

im so patient dat's why i watched meteor fever.full of commercials and full of fillers...medyo nakakainis kasi pinapahaba until saturday pa ata ito. i dont know!tama ba yung mag-antay ako hanggang sabado...
mind you, cute sila sa interview silang apat - barbie, dee, jerry and vic...lalo na sa part na baket ang ganda ng hair nina vic and jerry...nagb-blush si jerry pag pinupuri ni kris...lalo na naka-tsansing na naman si braso ni jerry...syempre nagulat si jerry at natawa...galing talaga ni kris...pero wala pa ring tatalo sa ginawa ni aiai...for entertainment purposes nga naman oh!
Kris interview with Jerry & Vic transcript (part 2)
(note: the interpreter and Kris talked in tagalog/english or taglish)

Kris: Tell me about your plans, cause they said, my research said that you don't really make plans for the future... with you, what will happen will happen,is that true?

Jerry translates it to Vic, the interpreter says something too. Vic talks to the interpreter.

Interpreter: He doesn't make plans. Other people do it for him but he wants to go or he's interested in the movie industry... like tv series...

(Vic elbows Jerry while the interpreter is talking.)

Kris: Vic, would you prefer acting more than singing?

The interpreter talks to Vic.

Interpreter: He likes acting.

Kris: Jerry, cause you seem so much more comfortable, is it because... did you always want to be a star? Ever since you were very young, did you always wanna get into showbusiness? Cause with him it was an accident, right? (Jerry nods and says yeah.) So, but with you, was it a childhood dream?

The interpreter and Jerry talk in Chinese.

Interpreter: When he was young, he liked acting a little. He would see Andy Lau, his co-star in Magic Kitchen, and it looked ok, the thing is, he's not that relaxed in front of the camera. He's nervous right now.

Kris: Oh really?
Jerry: hmmm... (nods head)
Kris: It doesn't show. It doesn't show at all.

Jerry smiles. (He was like fixing the colar of his turtleneck sweater.)

Kris: If I were to ask you which Hollywood male star do you look up to as far as acting is concerned?

The interpreter and Vic talk.

Interpreter: He doesn't like anyone special in Hollywood.
Kris: Chow Yan Fat, no?

The interpreter and Vic talk.

Interpreter: Speaking of Eastern people, he likes Tony Leung, from Hero, and Chow Yan Fat, they're ok.

Kris: Can I ask you this, both of you have really beautiful hair. (Jerry smiles) Is that part of it... especially you (meaning Vic), I like it, the color is nice...

Vic smiles and says something to the interpreter.

Interpreter: The one who styles his hair, the one who takes care of their image, he's the one who's great in that.

Kris: Is he here? Can we meet him?

Vic calls him: Hey Johnny!

Kris: The one who fixes your hair cause the whole Philippines would love to meet... what's his name?

Interpreter: Johnny.
Kris: Johnny come here so that the whole Philippines can meet you.

They show Johnny and he looks surprised. He sorta points to himself and backs away. Everyone claps.

Kris: Yaaayyy!
Kris telling Jerry: Your hair started a phenomenon. Everyone's copying you.

Jerry smiles and nods. Everyone's talking at the same time. Vic's talking to the interpreter. There's a commotion cause Kris called the hairstylist.

Kris: Come here.
Interpreter: He did a lot of... (she stops cause Johnny joins them. He sits beside Jerry. Vic's whispering something to Jerry.)
Kris: Say hello to your fans.
Jerry to Johnny: Say hello to...
Kris: Share the mic please. Tell us about their hairstyles cause here in the Philippines everybody likes to copy how they look.

The interpreter and Johnny talk.

Interpreter: He's the one who cuts and styles their hair.
Kris: Where'd he learn to cut hair? Where did he study?
Johnny: Hong Kong.

(Johnny looks like he entered the twilight zone. Vic's sort of smiling, he's covering his mouth. Jerry sorta looks mystified by all the hair talk. Sorta like a female-bonding moment except they're guys. *lol*)

Kris: Hair color? Do you put color cause it's so nice.

The interpreter and Johnny talk. Jerry and Vic laugh.

Interpreter: He's not the one who colors their hair.
Kris: Are they nice guys?
Johnny: Yeah.
Vic: Yeah. (smiles and nods)
Kris: No tantrums?
Jerry to Johnny: Are you sure?

Kris laughs. (Johnny and Vic are nodding.)

Kris: Thank you... So now we know. Philippines if you want a haircut he's the guy.

Everyone: Johnny!

Kris: And Johnny put together your outfits now?
Johnny: Yes.
Kris: Who has the better body?

Vic has like a smug expression on his face. He clears his throat and goes *ahem*. Everyone laughs. Jerry's also like pointing at Vic then laughs.

Johnny: Same.
Kris: I think you have nice arms. Do you work out?
Jerry: No, just light exercise...
Kris: What is your exercise?
Jerry: Basketball or swimming... a lot...
Kris: Can I touch?

Kris touches his arm and he stops talking. (He looks so surprised. He grins/laughs in a real cute way... he sort of looks embarassed. He like touched his arm too after she did.)

Kris: Nice. I like to touch. Sorry (she laughs). Basketball and swimming...
Jerry: hmmmmmm.... (talks in Chinese)
Interpreter: ping-pong
Kris: Wow.
Jerry talks in Chinese again.
Interpreter: Ball games... basketball, ping-pong...
Kris: What about Vic, what does he do?
Vic talks in Chinese.
Interpreter: A little...
Jerry talks in Chinese.
Interpreter: They play basketball together.
Kris: Oh really? You talk please. Because your father we read that he got upset or he was shocked because reporters were outside your house, trying to take pictures of your house?

The interpreter, Vic and Jerry talk in Chinese.

Kris: He was shocked that his son was so famous already?!
Interpreter: He feels that that's not ok, cause his Dad got a bit scared.
Kris: Why? He never thought that you're that famous?

The interpreter and Vic talk.

Interpreter: He didn't realize that they were that famous.
Kris: Let's talk about... you have an album coming out... true? A solo album I was told?

Jerry talks in Chinese to the interpreter.

Interpreter: Not yet, they're still working it out.
Kris: So, it's not true that there's gonna be a new album that'll be released?
Interpreter: Yes.
Kris: None yet?
The interpreter and Jerry talk in Chinese.
Interpreter: The songs are being recorded right now but it won't be released soon.

Jerry and the interpreter talk.

Interpreter: Vic's solo album will be released soon, second album.

Vic and Jerry talk to each other.

Kris: Ohhhh... ok, so his will come out before yours does.
Jerry: Maybe, maybe... I don't know... I have no idea.

transcribed by daomingsoup - xie xie!!!