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Beautiful Challenges along the way

Message from Sailorgirl of ONLYJERRY

VIDEO FESTIVAL REPEAT: Beautiful challenges along the way

It never dawn to the working team that the repeat would spell more
work and much pressure as there was the first festival to reckon with.

As we want it to be grander, merrier and more memorable, the group
was sent to a tailspin of hectic ticket distribution and mad dash to
collect overseas packages.

To sum up everything, our fears that there will be less people and
downplayed event because it was a repeat defied what happened last

We were prepared for only 180 people coming but there were 250 people
and more were coming. We run out of tickets, the food run out so we
have to reorder and it was quite hot inside the venue even with all
aircons at full blast from all the screaming and movements of the

There were so much fun, and the screams were louder this time. They
thought if you scream more , you will be given the red tag, just like
before, but this time, we gave red tags to those who were quietly
watching, for those who were celebrating their joy in their
silence. :D

Most of the packages arrived 2 days before the festival and was quite
touched when a JMS from Guangzhou sent 6 emptied JY Pepsi warrior
cans. Apparently, Helen of Yan Cheng Xu Beijing mobilized members
who contacted JMS from Nanjing, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou to
find the cans. They found the last few cans at Guangzhou, emptied it
(air regulations prohibited pressurized containers) and immediately
sent it by FedEX. Thank you Cici and Vicky, wish we will meet you and
return the favor someday.

Similarly, the 16 My Idol magazines were sent by JY Family
Indonesia. Quite heavy( 8 kilos), the mags were first delivered to
Singapore, then hand carried to Manila. We promise, a heavier OJ
stuff will be delivered to you, hand carried also.:D OnlyJerry
Singapore, sent three separate packages, all hand carried and last
package was delivered 2 am May 16!

There were two great walls of Jerry this time. Do you know that
those 2 walls are just owned by two persons? Thanks to Jerleth of
JYC for lending us one wall.

I think the people who watched can attest to the fun and memory of
the festival. Some went for the second viewing and was still touched
(and cried) when JIA YOU AH XU was shown. As usual, FEEL THE BEAT,
PERFECT MOMENT and MG1 were the favorites. Some are asking for the
3rd showing,.. crazy eh??!! Jerry crazy!!!

Many thanks to our dear friends who supported the festival:
Exclusive F4, OnlyF4, JYC, F4 Phil Intl, Switch2F4, F4 foundation,
F4IFF, JY Family, F4FU, F4 Phil.

And to the working team, who were quite nervous during their
presentation of MY FAVORITE PICTURES, it is always a pleasure and
very inspiring to work with you: Norie and Lizette (coordinators),
Ems, Leah, Lauren, Daomichelle, Rhona, Riel, Simonette, Lanie and
Nancy. Watch out my fellow Jerry Friends, this group is back in the
meeting table again, cooking up something for the next activity!

Thank you everybody, to the attendees, to our JMS counterparts and to
our beloved JERRY, all of this for you!!!

If there are any comments so we can better improve our events, please
don't hesitate to email us at ojsecretary@p...


Jerry Yan Video Festival...The Repeat (UPDATE)

i just want to thank all who attended our JERRY YAN VIDEO FESTIVAL ... THE REPEAT at Richville Hotel yesterday, May 16.

It was another successful project of OnlyJerry (Yahoogroups) Phils.

I would like to say thank you to my f4 friends (many to mention)who were present, please continue loving JY!!! all the way!!!!

I really loved the entire video presentation (of course, i love jia you, ah xu hehehe it's really emotional!!!!) the raffle..again, second time around..i won hehehe.

and also, Congratulations to OnlyJerry (Yahoogroups) Phils, our coordinators/moderators (local and abroad)/and co-working committees...It was really one of my most unforgettable moments as of now.thank you for the friendship you gave. I'll see u soon, sisters! (I heard we r going to take a rest first before heading the next project coming soon hehehe!)

and to Jerry, I wish you were here...

I will love u, only you...ONLY JERRY!!!


Special thanks to my f4 international fan club - phils sisters, and f4_phils (my group), and all forums who were present (internet and non-internet based).


It's been a year.

It started with Meteor Garden Craze then, there's f4. KEN VIC VANNESS AND JERRY, now what's next. can't wait to see them all together in one series (hope so).

I miss dao ming si hehehe

till then
see u all soon!!!!!