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Ken Zhu hopes to take nude photos of Kelly Lin,

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Taiwanese actor and singer Ken Zhu revealed he has half-naked photos of Vic Zhou and expressed his desire to take nude photos of his rumoured girlfriend, Kelly Lin.

The avid photographer will hold an exhibition in Taipei showcasing his photographic works for the past six years. He will also hold a panel talk called "Memories from My Holidays" for the photos taken from his various vacation trips.

His showcase will not only feature photos taken in Europe, Shanghai, and various other scenic spots, but will also feature his love for cats. He outwardly expressed his desire to photograph Lin, "I really want to, but she refuses to let me do so." He was unafraid of hiding his intentions and said that he would like to take a photo book for her. Zhu once relayed his idea to her manager but was immediately rejected by Lin.

On the type of shoot he would like to photograph Lin in, he expressed, "You have to ask her!"

With a curvaceous body figure of 33C-23-34, Lin, having overheard the outlandish requests, laughingly said, "I released a photo book once. I'm not sick of it and think its still worth a look now. I don't have any desire to shoot another one now."

Zhu went on and explained that his half-naked photo of Zhou was playfully taken after the latter had dinner at his place and sat on the couch after removing his top. He wanted to include the photo in this exhibit but faced vehement protests from Zhou who pleaded with Zhu, "Please don't show it!"

7 Years after "Make A Wish"...

7 Years after "Make A Wish"...
Monday, July 27, 2009 Taiwan

Last night, popular Taiwanese idols, Vic Zhou and Ariel Lin reunited in Guangzhou for a fan meeting sponsored by "Master Kong Jasmine Tea" - a drink company (see above pic). At the event, they were asked about this collaboration, the first since their first collab 7 years ago for Vic's "Make A Wish" MV. Vic laughed and said that Ariel has transformed from an innoncent young girl into a professional and well-rounded actress, while Ariel said that Vic's smile hasn't changed at all through the years, and he still takes good care of his juniors.

Vic also said that there are three type of people in the entertainment industry: Type 1, people who know how exactly to adapt to the environment/atmosphere to make a good collaboration; Type 2 have more of their personality and is more out-spoke; Type 3 doesn't care about others' opinions and input at all. Vic described that Ariel is Type 2 like he is. "She has her own opinions, similar to me. We're not the quiet obedient type as most people think we are." However, Zai Zai also mentioned that he has gone through many stages where he accepted deals where he did not fully agree to. "I think, I would know myself more than than my company knows me. I would know what my future plans should be."

Ariel Lin has been very busy promoting her own solo album, "Blissful Encounter". She said that even though she is still a newbie when it comes to singing, she believes that the market requires various types of singing voices. She also expressed that she would like to step out the "idol" image, so to prove that she should be taken seriously in the singer market.

Ariel added that she is a very quiet girl and has sometimes felt very out of place in current society where everything moves quickly and efficiently (like a fast food restaurant). When talking about unlucky in love, she answered, "I am someone who looks to people who have very deep emotions."


Source: Aiya They Didn't, Sina

Newsclip - Ken Tourism Documentary

Ken's toursim documentary

ken chu
ken chu
ken chu
ken chu
credits to Michi @ Onlyf4

Ken's toursim documentary will broadcast on Dong Feng channel on 15 & 16 Aug in Taiwan



Taiwanese pop stars big in Asia

Taipei, July 23 (CNA) Taiwanese pop stars have succeeded in spreading their charms across borders, attracting large numbers of fans from other Asian countries and making significant contributions to the country's tourism revenue, tourism officials said.

Janice Lai, director-general of the Tourism Bureau under the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, said that since F4 -- a four-member pop group -- began acting as a spokesman for Taiwanese tourism in 2007, the strategy of using popular artists to attract foreign tourists to Taiwan has proven successful, especially over the past two years.

The number of tourist arrivals from Japan to Taiwan in 2007 set a record high of over 1.16 million -- a stark contrast to a decrease in the number of Japan's overall outbound travelers that same year, Lai said.

That same year, the number of South Korean visitors to Taiwan also grew by an annual rate of 15.06 percent to 220,000 -- the first time it had surpassed the 200,000-mark, she added.

In addition to fans from Japan and South Korea in Northeastern Asia, those from China, Singapore, Malaysia, Macau, Thailand, the Philippines and even the United States and Canada have come to Taiwan in the hope of getting close to their idols.

F4 is considered the vanguard of the current craze for Taiwanese popular singers and young TV drama stars among young men and women in Southeast Asia, and its four nice-looking members are believed to have helped generate more than NT$1.1 billion (US$33.54 million) in tourism dollars for Taiwan.

Although the tourism sector in many countries has been hit hard by the global financial crisis, Liu Si-lin, a section chief at the Tourism Bureau, said that in terms of reasons listed by visitors for coming to Taiwan, the number of foreign fans is still increasing.

Numbers arriving from Hong Kong, Macau and Malaysia in the first four months of this year still increased compared to last year levels, according to Liu.

Making the most out of this fad for Taiwanese mandopop artists, the Tourism Bureau has invited A-mei and Jolin Tsai, two of Taiwan's top pop divas, to speak on behalf of Taiwanese tourism in various Southeast Asian countries, efforts that have paid off.

For instance, Tsai, who serves as a "trend spotter, " is responsible for introducing fun places and Taiwan's unique trends to Southeast Asian young adults, while Wu Nien-jen, a famous writer, is in charge of leading visitors to experience Taiwan's most interesting folk traditions in depth.

The benefits of the strategy of using celebrities to promote travel to Taiwan are expected to become even more apparent in the coming years, now that the Executive Yuan has included the cultural innovation industry as one of its six flagship industries in a bid to promote Taiwan as an Asia-Pacific cultural hub, bureau officials predicted.

(By Flor Wang)


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July 24, 2009

IP Man, last year’s top Hong Kong action film cum biopic about the real-life Wing Chun master, was so successful at the box office that director Wilson Yip is back with a second offering.

And while the first focused primarily on the trials and tribulations of Master Ip – best known to the world as iconic legend Bruce Lee’s martial arts teacher – sequel Ip Man II will introduce audiences to a young Bruce Lee.

With last generation’s gongfu heroes Jet Li and Jackie Chan heading towards retirement, it is perhaps, a fitting time to search for the next action star, the young Bruce Lee of the 21st century.

TAN KEE YUN susses out five young guns, each with different qualities, and pits them against each other over a five-star rating for the coveted spot.


Former Cantopop ‘bad boy’ and now a bonafide actor with intense roles in movies like Dragon Tiger Gate, The Beast Stalker and Invisible Target

Resemblance: A little too suave to be Bruce Lee. Nevertheless, when it comes to height, Nic beats the others hands down. At just slightly above 1.7m, he is the closest to Bruce’s height.

Fight Might: No martial arts background, but in his recent films, he does his own stunts. As he wrote on his blog, he picked up Muay Thai and practised the art of Wing Chun when he was filming a TV series with Sammo Hung.

Charisma: Undoubtedly handsome, it helps too, that Nic is a major fan of Bruce Lee.



One-quarter of the delectable boyband F4, who has come into his own as a leading man in action-packed films such as Star Runner, Dragon Squad and Kungfu Chef.

Resemblance: His eyes are too beady, his skin too fair. The only resemblance to Bruce would be his muscular, hunky frame.

Fight Might: He can’t fight in real life. But in reel life, Van Ness plays action parts convincingly. His background as a dancer probably helps.

Charisma: Van Ness is the sort of artiste who will have fans split in two extreme camps. You either adore his ABC (American-born Chinese) mannerisms, or hate his ‘pretentiousness’.



B-list actor who shot to fame in Stephen Chow’s Shaolin Soccer and Kungfu Hustle, dance choreographer, as well as lead singer of his own underground rock band.

Resemblance: Too similar to be true! Danny cuts a spitting image of Bruce and made audiences gawk when he first appeared in Shaolin Soccer, imitating Bruce’s most memorable moves. He was so convincing that he was subsequently cast to play Bruce in a mainland China TV series: The Legend Of Bruce Lee.

Fight Might: Who cares? So long as he can strike a Bruce Lee-like pose convincingly.

Charisma: Not a conventional good-looker, but surely, with a face that looks so much like the world’s greatest martial arts hero, we say Danny is destined for bigger things ahead.



Brunei-born heart-throb now based in Taiwan, who has conquered the teenage market along with the other members of bubblegum boy group Farenheit.

Resemblance: Erm, actually, zero resemblance. He is in here simply because he is so unbelievably cute.

Fight Might: Relatively untested. Last seen in the period film The Butterfly Lovers, he played a scholar who hardly needs to lift a sword. He is a gym rat and sports fan who recently opened his own fitness centre in Brunei.

Charisma: For the zillions of wide-eyed girls from Singapore to Japan, Wu Chun is their man. You can take our word that they will catch him in any role he plays.



Trained in wushu since the age of 11, American-born Daniel has proven himself to be a serious actor. He has taken on a wide range of roles that has challenged his acting abilities, most recently as a drug addict in The Shinjuku Incident.

Resemblance: Though he doesn’t look like Bruce Lee, Daniel immerses himself in his characters such that he literally transforms himself into them. Best example: he was utterly evil as the baddie in New Police Story. Take on Bruce Lee? Like method actor Christian Bale, Daniel will have his ways to make sure he looks the part.

Fight Might: Come on, this guy founded the University of Oregon Wushu Club and headed his team as coach. Nuff’ said.

Charisma: Dark, brooding and stoic, Daniel carries the same emotional intensity as Bruce once did.



Though Bruce Lee lookalike Danny Chan has the upper hand with resemblance, we think it’s more important that one embodies the real spirit of martial arts to play Bruce Lee. Thus, our choice, if we could have our way, would be Daniel Wu.


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Black & White / SingTel mio TV Star Tour Meet & Greet Session

Black & White / SingTel mio TV Star Tour Meet & Greet Session

10 Aug, 3pm
Bugis Square, Level 1

Catch artistes Vic Zhou & Mark Zhao, stars of the upcoming mio tv Mei Ah Drama Channel Drama "Black & White" in this meet & greet session

Taken from Today, 24 July 2009

thanks to Adel @ OnlyF4

VanNess 2nd Single

VanNess 2nd Single:


(1) Limited version CD with DVD 1890yen (tax included)
M-1 "I don¡¯t wanna lose you"
M-2 "KODOKU" (translation: lonely)
M-3 "I don¡¯t wanna lose you"£¨Instrumental£©
M-4 "KODOKU"£¨Instrumental£©

"I don¡¯t wanna lose you" MV

(2) normal version 1260yen(tax included)
M-1 "I don¡¯t wanna lose you"
M-2 "KODOKU" (translation: lonely)
M-3 "It¡¯s your girl"
M-4 "I don¡¯t wanna lose you"£¨Instrumental£©
M-5 "KODOKU"£¨Instrumental£©
M-6 "It¡¯s your girl"£¨Instrumental£©

thanks to Michi @ OnlyF4



Date: 24 July (Friday)
Time: 18:00 entrance open/ 19:00 start/ 21:30 end (tentative)
Place: Taipei
Entrance fee: NT800
registration period: 9 July 20:00 to 17 July 15:00

I-Ken photo exhibition & talk
Date: 22 July to 25 July
Venue: Taipei Xi Men Hong Lou
Free of charge

Date: 25 July
Time: 13:00 entrance open/ 14:00 start/ 15:00 end (tentative)
Venue: Taipei Ximen He An Liu Yan
FOC but registration needed.