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Happy =p


Well i was surprised yesterday that i got a registered mail card. I already received my Special Christmas Gift! hahaha! Thanks a lot to the people who helped me on purchasing my precious christmas gift.bwahaha.

And ... a while ago i was about to watch Zaizai's Real Film dvd, i got shocked that my dvd player didn't recognized the dvd (it said - Wrong Region!) kablag! Well, i didn't lose hope and i look for some crack codes around the worldwideweb...tadahhhhh --- it's now "Unlocked!" Now my player is already available to all regions ... Girls, what we are waiting for? buy those Real Film and let's watch it here at home! hehe!
Happy Watching =p LOL

*Pang-alis ng stress may 2 articles ako due tomorrow bwahahaha!!!

Your 2008 guide to fashion gadgets and accessories

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full article here: fashion updates - your 2008 guide to fashion gadgets and accessories


Special Note : To people who are reposting this translation, Please repost as is without adding any phrase/clause and make sure to CREDIT ONLY melviken of KCIFC Philippines for the translation & the original source of the article. No reposting to Chinese sites. Thanks for your cooperation.


F4 will release a 'new-year celebration version' of the album:
title- waiting for you- 'new-year celebration version'
Waiting For You Special Collectible
classification: mandarin music {cd+dvd album} (includes the album-launch concert live + pictorials)
release date: 2008-02-05
discs: 2
price: NT398

*aisssh, goodluck to me! bwahaha!!! ok back to work! =p

F4 reunites for a concert

F4 reunites for a concert

Even though they're busy with pursuing solo careers, Taiwan idol group F4 still find the time to reunite each year to give their fans a concert. This year in Taipei they belted out a new song "Right Here Waiting For You." And they greeted their global fans using Korean, Japanese, English and Cantonese.

source: CCTV International

Berince Liu: Vanness Wu is Sweet and Cute

Berince Liu: Vanness Wu is Sweet and Cute

Bernice Liu was earlier in Taiwan to shoot an advertisement, where her work partner, Vanness Wu organised a surprise birthday party, presents and sang her a birthday song. Delighted by Vanness’ thoughtfulness, Bernice praised the Taiwanese singer for being sweet and cute. Disregarding any thoughts of rumours, Bernice and Vanness then took photos while hugging each other. It is unknown if Bernice’s ‘good friend’, Moses Chan will be angered by this.

After filming an advertisement for Nike in America last year, Bernice, this year, paired with talented dancer, Vanness Wu to film a new set of advertisements. Vanness is not only the male lead in this promotional campaign, he was also the one who choreographed the dance that is featured in the ad. Although this is the first time they have met, Vanness and Bernice made friends quickly due to their upbringing in western countries. When Vanness was told it was Bernice’s birthday by a worker, he appeared not to care and continued working. But he was actually secretly planning for a surprise party.

When the clock hit twelve, Vanness, holding and cake, led a group of workers to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ and entered the dance studio where Bernice was rehearsing the dance routine by herself. During the celebration, Vanness also presented the birthday girl with a gift. Overwhelmed by emotion, Bernice hugged Vanness tightly and began taking photos. To return the kindness, Vanness gave Bernice the thumbs up, to tell her that she was the best. Bernice expressed that this year’s birthday was unforgettable, she commented, “I thought that I would be spending my birthday working but then Vanness gave me such a surprise. I must express my gratitude. (Why did you passionately hug him?) We both have western personalities, a hug is very normal. (Not worried about rumours?) Rumours just because of that? Then I will have heaps of rumoured boyfriends. (Your good friend, Moses Chan, might be very jealous.) Only rumours.”

When talking about her thoughts on working with Vanness for the first time, Bernice not only praised him for being a talented musician but also being an excellent dancer. She said, “Although he is quite cool, he also has a sweet and cute side to him. We have been talking about tips to keep fit from dancing. After seeing him dance, I kind of want to further study dancing.”

translated by dee-lush @

F4 CONCERT (1/19/08)-AZIO

F4 CONCERT (1/19/08)-AZIO

Credits to wowo of Kenforever

F4 is at no. 2 spot for this week's G-music

F4 is at no. 2 spot for this week's G-music

thanks to
thanks to kczhu

2 versions =p

Finally, we got our copies of F4's latest album - Waiting for You
(thank you very much to our dear sisters ..endless thank you and i love you hehehe!)
(i got mine couple of days ago hehehe!)

Thank you to all who gave me these lovely goodies ... WengVann took the photos, so i am posting it on her behalf ...

The Albums ...

The mousepad

The Stamping pass
Road map to Taiwan! hahaha!!!!

Familiar with this?'s so delicious .... ...F4 Ever !!!! ....

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Today is Mommy's birthday .... Happy Birthday!!!
My monitor is quite a-OK but it's blurred! at Nag-bblink nga lang hahaha!

Last Wednesday we (Kuya+Lace+Me) went to Mulligan's Bar
(Near Ortigas Depot in Julia Vargas) for an advance birthday celebration =p hehehe

Here's my photo:
(holding the menu)
*masarap ang sisig nila pramis! hehehe!

i am meeting my friends today. Wala na namang tulugan ito. bwahahaha.

Attention Starjerry members

Attention Starjerry members

Please check starjerry forum for more informations regarding the New arrangement for Stamping card. Also check out new videos posted on starjerry's multimedia section.

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Save the best for last!

Save the best for last!

Last night, it was a success! I managed to save all of my files to my usb.
Paging Ms Laurenzaizai, please get my usb and save it on CD (hehe!)

Ok back to the "total disaster thing" ... While saving my files, my monitor went "blackout" again...As i saw my cpu is still blinking i kept on pushing the monitor's "power" button. Glad, everything was saved....wheewwwww....

I tried connecting to the internet, it was successful but unfortunately i cannot open some windows or even view pictures. The more loading of files, the longer (the monitor) won't respond. So, don't try buzzing me at YM or else it'll shut down! (hahaha!) ...Similar incident happened when i tried opening some of my friends' photos...haaah! i saw some, but the monitor wont respond again....hahaha. So i shut my pc down and went back to sleep...

Maybe it's about time to change my daily routine ... work-sleep-???-i don't know... let's see if i can survive this challenge....!!!

Ok gtg, am working for my new article.

Total Major Disaster!

Total Major Disaster!

I don't know how am going to call it but this what "best" describes the situation...sigh...I hate to post the story. If you don't see me online, that means --- G-O-O-D-B-Y-E. Maybe this is a sign for me to enjoy my new life (hehe)


The past 2 days, fans xin ku le (Message from Mr Chih)

The past 2 days, fans xin ku le
22 Jan 2008

F4's new album concert and stamping session has come to an end.
Thank you to everyone who made their way here from overseas, and to Taiwan fans for their support towards them too.

The 2 day events were very lively, very exciting, letting F4 feel everyone's support and love for them.
At the same time, we understand that there are some inconvenience caused to fans during the events , and apologize for it.

A fan was injured and taken to the hospital during Danshui's event, at Ximending's events fans were sad and cried coz they were unable to get their passes stamped.
F4 are sad and apologetic for these news.
Based on the events scheduled timings, F4 seriously co-operated with the events. Believed that fans at the event venue saw that they went to Danshui for rehearsal in the morning on 19th. At Ximending stamping session, throughout the few hours they only rested for 10 mins.
As they have other work after the event, they would rather delay and return to filming set later, and try their best to stay till the last minute in order to stamp as many as they could. They understand fans wish to see them face to face, and to express their support and encouragement.

Regarding the imperfectness of the events, we will reflect on it with the organisers.
F4 promise to work harder, and to repay everyone's love with excellent works.
It's F4 7th year in showbiz, and with fans unwavering support,
besides being touched, they also hope to say to everyone many thanks....
Thank you all for personally supporting every event, and always fully support their works.
Believe that with everyone's company, F4 will work hard in the showbiz and to share their results with everyone.
Hope everyone forget the tiny unhappiness and look forward to the next exciting gathering.
Cheer Up!!!

Pls credit Michi@ OnlyF4 if u wish to post the above clips/translation elsewhere. Thanks!

(ayan meron daw next exciting gathering, kaya cheer up! bwahahaha!!!!)

Your 2008 Color Forecast

Feng Shui experts can suggest how to improve one's life. They simply calculate and balance the elements and energies that will give you guidance in each area of your life. Also they can use some objects in order to determine your strengths and weaknesses which will bring peace, harmony and prosperity. In fashion, anything we wear generally came from the latest fashion updates that we read from magazine ads, newspapers, or what we see in billboards. Do colors really affect your mood? what will be your lucky color for this year?

Read Full Article here, fashion updates (your 2008 color forecast)

Thank You!!

Thank you to VIFC and Certified Van Naddicts for accommodating our orders. And ofcourse, thanks to my dear sisters for their efforts ... See you soon, take a good rest and let's celebrate! hehehe!

Fsz, hahaha. at long last i got my own copies of your albums ... Yes, i got two versions (both got stamped!, super thanks sis talaga!!!) bwahahahahaha.....

I love you Fsz, i love you my Sisters! hahaha!
Hope there'll be next time, and i hope i can be there. I'll be praying for it, I have to work hard first. hehe!!!

F4 swooned 20,000 fans with 8 songs, drawn $2 Billions

Today, we are the hottest!
F4 swooned 20,000 fans with 8 songs, drawn $2 Billions
F4 2008 Event TVBS News

Source: TW Apples Daily
Date: January 20, 2008
Reported from Taipei by: Peng Su Juan

Yesterday, F4 spent $5.1millions to hold a concert at Danshui Fishermen’s Wharf. from the left, Yan Cheng Xu, Chu Xiao Tian, Zaizai, and Wu Jian Hao is on the right.

Fans thronged at the gorgeous venue.

F4 held their first free outdoor concert at Danshui Fishermen's Wharf last night. It was also Zaizai's first time to appear in public after his broke-up. F4 only sang 8 songs but spent $5.1 millions in that 45-minute short show. They attracted almost 20,000 attendances for which, 10,000 were overseas fans. Based on an average $20,000 spending for a 2-days-3-nights tour, they helped Taiwan Tourism to gain another $2 billions! Since it was overcrowded, a Japanese fan fell on jostle and was send to the hospital by ambulance just before the show began.

Ardently promote Tourism

Last night, F4 organized a free outdoor concert of their new album "Waiting for You" on a full scale. In addition to a U-shape extended stage, it also designed with 10 types meteor rain like firework effects. The four united to present 4 group songs and took turn for individual solos.

Zaizai, who recently broke-up with his girlfriend, made prior arrangements to refuse interviews. Yet, he appeared "unusually happy" on stage last night. He greeted fans in Japanese and teased to call himself "She Chang" (Principal) at the beginning of the show. Vanness Wu also greeted fans in Korean, followed with Jerry's greetings in Cantonese. In turn, Ken Chu expressed in English. Ken appeared fine on stage like a "dragon" but limped coming off stage because he accidentally injured while practicing his daily routines.

Yan Cheng Xu ran off-key

When Zaizai sang "Can nian" (Should not), one of the lyrics said, "I thought the happy ending is coming close but it vanished in a flash leaving me a regret." The words seems expressed his feelings for this recent half-month. Jerry Yan showed up wearing a knitted hat embroidered with a "J" at the opening of show. He was criticized as being "schematic" because that was not part of Sony's arrangement. Jerry’s manager Cheng Mao Liang clarified, "The knitted hat was a present from a Mama came from Hokkaido. Her daughter was unable to come because of illness. She hope Jerry can wear it as a blessings on stage." Jerry insisted to put it on regardless how much they spent on his expensive hairstyle. Despites, he kept running off-key on last night's performance. The record company explained that it was their first time holding outdoor concert in such an open area.

F4 will have a Stamping Event at the Red House this afternoon at 3pm. Zaizai promised won't escape from questions again and will clarify with the media.

F4 burnt $5.1 million in a 45-minute show

Venue: Danshui Fishermen’s Wharf
Songs: 4 group songs, 4 individual solos, total 8 songs (for a total of 45 minutes)`
Crew: 4 individual groups of make-up artists, hairstylists for a total 12 staffs. 1 image designer, 10 securities, 30 part-time assistants, 4 escort cars, 4 restrooms.
Oversea media involved: 30 overseas media, 30 Taiwan media, totaling 60
Overall cost:
U-shape stage and 10 special effects: $2.5 million
Costume & makeup, overseas room and board, other sundries : $2.6 million
Information provided by Record

Translated by: weiwei


Place: Fishermans' Wharf

According to various newsarticles today on F4's mini concert, they put the attendance at the mini-concert from 20,000 - 30,000 people.

F4 sang Waiting For You first, and Can't Lose You, Season of Fireworks, and Goodbye.
Each member also sang 1 solo song each.

Azio will broadcast the concert (Jan 19) and the autograph session (Jan 20) on Jan 26 and 27 for its "Waiting For You" Special.

Online Links:

Opening (Waiting For You)-
Can't Lose You-

credits: vifc/juju
salla of
fatty @asf

For photos go here

SMS Message from WengVann - January 20 - Sunday 6:30 pm (Mission Accomplished)

credits to WengVann @ and Certitied Van Naddicts

Summarized by daomisyel


-Gifts were given to Jerry, Vanness, Ken and Vic
She said, Happy birthday to Jerry and gave our gifts (as i instructed! wahaha!!!) and Jerry said "May you have a nice time" (blushing! haha!)

-She gave our best gift to Van Ness, and He was shocked saying "Wow, is this for me?"
(mitch: hahahaha..gotch Van Ness i know you'll like it!)

Let's wait for her to come back for more close up encounter updates.
WengVann and XiaoClaireXu,thanks for everything ..Come home and let's celebrate! hahaha!!!

Not getting along because of Zaizai ? DaS, Patty Hou drink together and prove the rumors wrong,

Source :

Leaving Zaizai, DaS and Patty Hou Pei Cen, two days ago got together with good friends Pace Wu etc.., DaS and Patty drank until having their face were all red, faces close to each other, shoulders touching, breaking the rumors or not getting along because of Vic Chou.

Yesterday, Pace WU had posted a picture of their get together at her sina blog, with the title "We are good girls", describing the aftermath of the end of DaZai Lian, she and DaS,with other friends went out, she also wrote :
"These two days, news of my good friend's break up has spread, every kind of rumors, spreading non stop...
As a friend, I cant do much, whatever I say, it can be wrong, but as long as she's happy, then it's fine, no matter what she decides, whatever happens in her life, we will continue to stay by her side and love her..."
After separating with her "Jiu Guang" heir, and now going out with malasian Mr. P, Pace Wu also wrote
" Especially now I'm at a happy period, but she also feels happy for me no matter if she herself is or not, makes me know even more how much she cares for me...Actually, for me, a lot of rumors and news by the press dont have any true part...In this world hurting people is very easy." Pace Wu says this story involving Patty Hou is really the most unimaginable.
Now, the single DaS, Patty went out to have fun with everyone else, the funniest is that, Patty, when filming "Sweet Relationship" often saw DaS visiting, noone ever thought that after DaS and Zaizai broke up, girls freindship could started out.

PS : This reporter isnt that well informed... DaS and Patty got photographed a few moths ago when having dinner with Xiao S, and they also attended to some parties together as friends...

Zaizai gets F3 encouragements, shakes his bottom and forgets about heartbreak

Source :
translation :

After the end "DaZai Lian", it's the first official appearance for Zaizai Vic Chou, yesterday at F4 Taipei new songs event, to not get all the spotlight on his relationship, Zaizai refused to accept interviews from the press, his mood was very good and he talked and laughed with other F3, even shaked his bottom, as if he totally forgot about his heartbreak !

Without album for 5 years, F4 yesterday at Taiwan, Dan Shui wharf had a "Waiting for you here" presentation to all Asia for their new songs, attracting more than 20.000 fans to the place, with 10.000 overseas fans from Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and Thailand etc.., As the "Tourism board" endorsers, F4 with counting only yesterday had brought to Taiwan 200,000,000 NTD.
Recently broken up with DaS, with whom he dated for more than 2 years, the day before, because he, while going back from China to Taiwan, successfully avoided the more than 20 reporters, said that he would explain to everybody at yesterday event.

But after that, he discussed with his manager and finally, to prevent from having the spotlight on his relationship, he refused to accept interviews, having F3 agreement and support.
Reporters dscovered that a mysterious bouquet had been sent to Zaizai, with "Always supporting you !" written on it, the workers seeing the reporters showed nervousness making the flowers even more fishy, but Zaizai fans who came to support their Idol shouted " Zaizai ! Dont be afraid ! We are here for you ! " Zaizai after hearing it was very touched !

F4, apart from group songs also had one solo song each, Zaizai chose a song that describes a heartbreak, 《殘念》,with in its lyrics : "To Had thought that a happy ending would happen, but in a flash, there were only despair left ! " it was as if he sang his own feelings, Zaizai, to sing this love song looked very grave, all the heartbreak feelings written on his face, but, once he got back at F4 side, Zaizai's mood clearly became better, playing around with F3 all the time, and even oftenly shaking his bottom and dancing.

Although this time it's only a new song presentation event, but SonyBMG had put in it more than 5.000.000 NTD to do this event, having 20.000 fans, making the whole circulation a mess, usually to get from Taipei to Dan Shui, it only takes 1 hour, but yesterday, we had to take more thn 2 hours to get there.

F4 today afternoon will held a even at Xi Men Ding, the press will continue to ask Zaizai about "Da Zai Lian", and Zaizai expressed he may accept interviewsv

SMS Message from WengVann - January 20 - Sunday 1pm

credits to WengVann @ and Certified Van Naddicts

SMS Message from WengVann - January 20 - Sunday 1pm

Summarized by daomisyel

"Nasa venue na sila ng stamping session since last night after the concert"

*will post updates later, i have to sleep and take a rest am not feeling well hehe ....

VLOG - F4's 3rd Album Concert

F4's 3rd Album Concert
source: Azio TV

Watch online :

Thanks to

credit: yasiki
thanks to jerry99 and Xia Mi of



Screencaps TVBS News


Jan 19 F4 mini concert

Thanks to auyinling
Jan 19 F4 mini concert

thanks also to

Jerry - MIA Event Photos

source: SoooStar
go to this URL for photos

Another SMS update from WengVann

Please credits to WengVann @ and Certified Van Naddicts

Summarized by daomisyel: (Hirap magtype eh haha)

Nagpapasok na sa venue, naguunahan dun sa mashpit at may konting stampede. Good thing hindi sila nadamay kasi muntik na daw silang mapasama dun....Di pa ngstart ang concert..

daomisyel: OMG .... hope OK lahat at walang nasaktan..wag magunahan ... hehehe =p

SMS Message from WengVann - January 19 - Saturday 1:20pm

SMS Message from WengVann @ and Certified Van Naddicts
(Taiwan Update) - January 19 - Saturday 1:20pm

Hi sis. d2 na kmi sa concert venue @ fisherman's warf. Kanina pa kami 9am d2. Now, super haba na ng pila.Saw d stage, mukhang may mashpit.Magrehearse f4 mamaya dito.

(Sorry, I don't have time to translate this in English =p hehe)

Article Mentions Van Ness Wu


Credits: Serena @

Yesterday, Bernice Liu dressed in sexy athletic clothes and attended a Nike promotion event
along with Vanness Wu. The sponsors broadcasted Vanness’s new “She’s not Sorry” music video made to Nike’s theme “This is Love”. This MV was directed and conceived by Vanness.

He invited Bernice to the female lead in the MV. Bernice praised that Vanness was a professional director. Every move needed to film once or twice only. She said: “Maybe it was because we both like to dance [that’s why it went so well].”

Bernice admitted that she would give extra points to boyfriends that can dance and speak in English. She then said that Vanness put her most beautiful side in the MV.

She said: “At the start of the MV, I had a sweaty look. Maybe he likes sweaty girls.”
Bernice said that she doesn’t know if Moses knows how to dance.
She only knew that he can draw but hasn’t received any of his work.
She has to film a series this Valentine’s day. Then it would be horrible for Moses?
Bernice smiled and said: “I have a lot of other friends too!”

Zaizai : instead than being busy each on our own,it's better to separate in peace

Zaizai : instead than being busy each on our own,it's better to separate in peace

Source :

It seems that Vic Zhou had learnt from Jay Chou's "Im not F4", "Not taking the normal road" having his ZheJiang area album event in NinBo. Promoting his album, Zaizai arrives at this place at its freezing period, moreover, yesterday, it has been revealed that he broke up with DaS, the "hurt " him had been in the movie, TV, music areas, being a true " 3 sided artist".

Pink colored sport sweater, black gloves, Zaizai looks really pale, the right side of his face has a few pimples.
After waiting for 2 huors, Zaizai finally appears, NinBo and HangZhou reporters had agreed beforehand to directly ask him about his love affair, but seeing a Zaizai like that, they all tacitly didnt have the heart to do so, asking questions about little things for a while, finally, a reporter couldnt resist and mentionned DaS, for a second Zaizai eyes seemed to have gotten teary. (he didnt cry but his eyes just looked wet)

No need to look at a breakup with pessimistic eyes

Why does everybody feel that breaking up is a bad thing. Between Xi Yuan and me, there are too much too much tacit undrstanding, we cant even explain it to friends. How long I've been into this business ios how long this understanding has been there. Separating, is for us good and amical, peaceful, we feel that with trying to maintain a life where we are each busy on our own, becoming friends, family is better, we can pour out our problems to the other, that kind of feeling is not bad.

Reason for the break up ? These versions are not solid

I dont like too many people guessing around, it's not our feeling that is an issue or anyone's problem. I hate hearing about bad thing about Xi Yuan, When facing the press, if someone is having offensive words toward her, I'll stand up and talk. My point is that ... we still have very good relationship.

Why didnt say it sooner ? because there was no need to

The friends who understand me know, I never did publicity stints. I dont like it, also dislike that kind of behaviour. If using that to stay in the entertainment circle, I had a lot of time and occasions to do it but I never did. This decision(Breaking up) is a mature and wise decision, please dont distord this mature act of us.

Looking for another girlfriend ? Not thinking about it

Next girlfriend being in or out of the Entertainment circle, I'm not thinking about it. I want to focus on my career, working hard on it, hoping that during that period, I can use my energy on my work, looking for my real place in the circle, and not thinking about anything else.

DaS in reporters mind has become Xi Yuan in Zaizai's mouth, those who hear it all have their heart thumping unwillingly. But once the topic is changed, Zaizai immediately gets happier, laughing hard and even stomping his feet. Talking about his album made him even more high.

I'm F4 and also not F4

Zaizai thinks his vocals arent compatible with rythmic songs, he has always had love songs as his main focus. In this album, it the first time for him to try out a song with fast rythm, " I wish not to have the need of getting help from Andy Lau's songs when performing on different places" Zaizai sticks his toungue, " I'm not F4, Mosaic, these songs have very good effect."

The album's title insolently claims "I'm not F4" hearing it may make people think if Vic Zhou singing it loudly and insolently. But the four F4 brothers relationship is still as deep and strong, Zaizai reveals, They oftne reunite at some people's house chatting and eating, Surprisingly, Zaizai forgot about Jerry's birthday few days ago, " Our relationship(the 4) doesnt need to many words, I'm sorry for forgetting his birthday, I'll make up for it when I go back to TW." Zaizai apologise.

F4, this abnd which was so popular, makes them proud. Now, each of them are trying hard on their own way. About his 3rd Solo album, Zaizai also wish to change the image of an unreachable F4 through it, getting closer to fans, having his own style.

Acting, I'm giving myself 100 points

For the past 3 years, Zaizai has been focused on acting, recently his movie has started showing, starring with Li Bing Bing in " Linger", makes people surprised. For the breakthoughdegree of his performance, for this movie which had finished filming one year ago, Zaizai unhesitantly gives himself 100 point, for a year, he again participated in another movie, now, watching this movie again, Zaizai can still see where it could have been better : " But the me of that time did the best, now I can really judge, so I'm giving the past me 100 points"

To LBB's performance, Zaizai also gives 100 points, "Unhesitantly" Zaizai adds. At that time, LBB still hadnt gotten the title of best actress, but Zaizai says " From her eyes filled with the character, I could see it".

It's also LBB's performance, professionalism, not minding about her own image that let Zaizai not being embarrassed in the passionate scene, even being a little numb : " Surprisingly, being the first performance in a movie, but in TV, for these past 7 years, I never stopped to have passionate scenes, for me, its not anything special naymore. When filming, I didnt think of anything, only did what the character should do."

" I like acting, like the entertainment circle, when we meet again, if you feel that I am a professional actor, then this oppinion will help me very much" Zaizai admits, " We F4, the 4 of us, all want to go for 'all round' artist way, situation, I hope everyone will in many years after acknowledge my thinking."

About Zaizai's influence, we can see it from the number of NinBo, HangZhou, reporters who came not minding the snowy storm, from the fans who brave the freezig weather from the event place to the crossing bridge, I have my answer.Although it's not about the the problem of the "older you get the wiser you are" but Zaizai also wants to be like his Idol Andy Lau a lasting artist.

The fans stamp their feet, shrink their neck, making people pity, a group of high school girls shout at our camera " ZaiZai, you must be happy ! ", one of them even pulled us asking, what you just filmed, will Zaizai see it ? I thought and thought again before saying yes, he only need to go on "And is it true that he broke up with DaS ?" I nod, she happily says " Waa, then I have a chance ! ". The girls around immediately start to discuss: I feel that LBB is not bad, pretty and....
It seems that Zaizai doesnt need to worry, there are so many fans who are worrying for him, You only need to sleep weel, continuing to work hard, " who cares about F4, DaS, someone who can catch people's heart, is a good artist ! "

Career comes first

Career comes first

January 16, 2008
Star Online eCentral

Life after being onequarter of the F4 boyband continues its heady spin for Vic Chou, with his film debut and a new solo album.

Taiwanese pop idol Vic Chou dreams of becoming a grandfather. “My grandfather died when I was in primary school. We had a good relationship. I want to be a grandfather so that I can have a long and good relationship with my grandchildren,” he explains.

Which is why he once said that he wanted to be married by the age of 25.

“Before I turned 18, I thought that being married by 25 was a matter of course,” he says.

Nowadays, however, the 26-year-old Chou, or Zaizai as he is known to his fans, is too busy with his career to think about an early marriage.

But girls can forget about making a play for him. He has been dating Taiwanese actress-TV host Barbie Hsu, 31, for about three years.

Besides releasing his third solo album, I’m Not F4, last October, the member of the wildly popular Taiwanese boyband F4 is making his movie debut in the supernatural romance, Linger.

In the film, he plays Tung, an undergraduate who dies in a road accident but is unable to leave the earthly realm as he has unresolved emotional issues.

Award-winning Chinese actress Li Bingbing, 32, plays his girlfriend Gia while Hong Kong’s critically acclaimed Johnnie To directed the film.

Throughout the recent press conference in Singapore and in the one-on-one interview later, he had a friendly smile on his face and a lilt in his voice. He came across as earnest, somewhat old-fashioned, and politically correct at times.

You might conclude from the opening anecdote and his choice of cinematic material that Chou is a sentimental romantic at heart.

But he dispels that with very pragmatic reasoning.

“My goal was to build a good foundation in TV before moving on to movies,” says the singer, who shot to fame in 2001 with his fellow bandmates when they starred in the TV series Meteor Garden, which caused an Asian pop culture quake.

Two years ago, having decided that he was ready to make the jump to the big screen, he was approached by To.

“My ultimate goal is to act well and let people see my good work. I first started out on television – it’s not a question of whether film or TV is better. If I had started out doing movies, I would have wanted to prepare myself for TV work as well.”

Asked which aspect of his acting he thinks needs work, he pauses before answering.

“I want to improve my language ability as my Cantonese lines in Linger were dubbed over. It would be good if my linguistic abilities were stronger, be it Cantonese or English.”

Not that he is thinking about making a move to Hollywood, though.

“I don’t have such a long-term goal,” he says. “Besides, there are a lot of good films and scripts right here in Asia. Maybe the budgets are smaller but something like Infernal Affairs was made here and then picked up by Hollywood.

“But I just want to do my job well first.”

Chou has not done too shabbily in the career department since his first hit with the Taiwanese TV idol series Meteor Garden.

In the adaptation of the manga Hana Yori Dango (Boys over Flowers), he played the sensitive Hua Ze Lei – and female fans everywhere swooned.

The other three “flowers” were Jerry Yan, Vanness Wu and Ken Chu; together, they make up the boyband F4. At the height of their popularity in 2002 and 2003, it seemed that the whole of Asia was caught in the grip of F4 mania.

The band paved the way for the current crop of Taiwanese boybands including Fahrenheit and 5566.

Chou’s latest album seems to be a repudiation of his boyband status. The foursome has just launched their first album, Waiting for You, in four years.

Due to copyright issues, the group is now known as JVKV, after the first initial of each of the members’ names. The copyright to the name F4 is owned by the Japanese publisher of the manga.

What is different about Vic Chou on his solo albums compared to Vic Chou on the F4 albums?

“When we come together as F4, we have to think about what fans want from F4. We have to come at it from four different angles because there are four of us and, in the end, we need to have a common goal.

“On my solo albums, I can just think about what fans want from me.”

In the years between the F4 releases, Yan, Wu and Chu were busy with their own projects as well. But Chou dismisses talk of the group breaking up.

“We have never thought about splitting up. It’s not possible for us to separate ourselves from F4 and it will be with us for life,” he says emphatically.

He looks to Hong Kong band The Wynners as a model. “They have been together 20, 30 years. Some of them are no longer even in the entertainment scene but when someone makes the call, they still get together to perform.

“This is for life,” he emphasises.

What about the comparisons to newer boybands such as the red-hot Fahrenheit?

He is quick to point out: “We have never badmouthed them. It’s the media playing things up. We can’t stop that so we just have to constantly re-but it.”

He adds magnanimously: “It doesn’t mean that fans of ours cannot be fans of Fahrenheit. Good things should be supported by all.

“In fact, I’m happy if they do well and improve, though that means we would need to do better as well.”

That is a lot riding on those slim shoulders. But perhaps he is now drawing strength from his long-term relationship with Hsu.

They were co-stars on Meteor Garden but began dating only after crossing paths on another manga-based series Mars (2004), which tackled issues such as mental illness and suicide.

Chou’s parents divorced when he was young but that does not seem to have coloured his views about marriage.

The earnest young man admits: “It is very difficult to keep a family and marriage together. It needs time and effort.”

At this point in time, “work is priority and I can’t convince myself to talk about marriage now”. He adds that men should build a career first. “I feel that I can’t just go and ask for someone’s hand in marriage if I have not done so”.

How does Hsu feel about that?

“Our thinking is quite similar. We should concentrate on our careers while we’re young,” she says.

Looks like his dreams of grand-fatherhood will have to wait a while longer. – The Straits Times, Singapore / Asia News Network

Jerry filming "I Love You" MV

Jan. 18, 2008
TW Apple Daily

TW Apple Daily reported that Jerry filmed the I Love U mv yesterday.
credits to

Announcement from Starjerry

credits to
screencapture by daomisyel



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Zai Zai confirm break-up - Maintain life-long family ties with Barbie, Wednesday, December 16, 2007

Credits: MingPao
Translation by: evodrift @asianfanatics
Zai Zai confirm break-up - Maintain life-long family ties with Barbie, Wednesday, December 16, 2007

Vic Zhou Yu Min and Barbie Hsu two and a half years of sister, brother relationship have ended.
Yesterday, Zai Zai who was in Taiyuan, capital city of Shanxi province, China announced the seperation with Barbie.

They were unable to maintain as a love couple but they can become life-long friends of close family ties.

At the press reception, Zai Zai was asked about the new on the break-up;
He said: 'It's true, we have broken up, the feeling with Barbie is one from being her boyfriend to that of family member. The feeling of being a family member will be everlasting, this is much better.
He was reluctant to disclose the reasons for the seperation but he feels that the two and half years with Barbie were good times.

Rumours spread that the reasons for the breaking up were publicity for the film and that of
the female is stronger than the male even forced marriage?

Zai Zai rebut that it's only hearsay, it's not the facts and that he did not wish to comment more.

That the cause was forced marriages;

The 32 year old Barbie have been reported to be impatient, wanting to get married and have children,
the reason for her break-up with her former boyfriend Lan zheng Long 4 years ago was also due to the
forced marriage which led to the breakdown of the relationship.

Zai Zai plans in his early life was to be married at the age of 25 and become a dad at age 30.
Never to expect that after his 26th birthday, he is still unwilling to get married, that he had
changed his intentions and to maintain the relationship first.
Even if it was Barbie who initiate the seperation, it is understandable.

There were also reports that Barbie's mother is not too satisfied with this prospective son-inlaw.
As a mother, it is only understandable that her own daughter gets married to a good husband.

Yesterday, Mrs. Hsu and Barbie's spokesman responded to the reporters questions.
She first denied that the 'forced marriage' was not the cause of the seperation.
Barbie and Zai Zai are concentrating on their careers that's why they decided to seperate.
She added that: 'Whether to get married is not a problem, the most important thing is that the
both of them are too busy, they feel they want to make their careers as the first priority.
That's why they agreed on the seperation.

Isn't it a waste?
'Fate is like that, in the future everyone are still friends.
Friends treat each other sincerely and in the future they will still be able to encourage one another.'
Big S do not have the wisdom and the ability to get married.

Mrs. Hsu confirmed the break-up with Zai Zai and Barbie was interviewed on the website regarding the breake-up but she was evasive
The Internet hosts states that Mrs. Hsu have admitted to their seperation.
Barbie was calm and replied: 'What Mrs. Hsu can say whatever she wants, I am in no position to
prevent her. She is my mother, she can speak on my behalf.

Last night after having returned to Taiwan, with regards to the seperation,
she expressed that all along she have not never insisted. She have sufficient courage to
face the future.
'To engage in a marraige relationship, including teaching the children, having a good relationship
with the parents-inlaw, involves everyone's cooperation. I do not have the wisdom nor the ability
to engage in such matters.

Actually, was the announcement on the seperation planned beforehand?

In actual fact in mid December last year, Zai Zai had already made known the 'seperation notice'.
Outsiders misunderstood that for a marriage announcement.
Last year on December 9, when Zai Zai was in Shanghai to attend the prize presentation ceremony,
he media asked when the marraige will take place?

Zai Zai replied that: 'There will be a breakthrough in our relationship next year.'
He did not elaborate further what he meant by breakthrough.
Now we understand the real meaning of his statement. The breakthrough is their decision to seperate.

Reports state that the date for their breakup was on the 4th of January.

It's been reported that in 2006 when both of them wanted to get married, Mrs Hsu turned around
and told Zai Zai that he had to be married into their family which really hurt him.
The age difference of 5 years (example of a brother attaching to an elder siste) whereby the
female's personality is stronger than the male, could also be a factor for the seperation.

Those who worked with Zai Zai revealed:
Recently Zai Zai have been working really hard, and was always discussing work matters with the
staff. He's very different from last time where he used to be very shy and did not have any
views on matters. Seems like he is using work to treat the wounds and to express that he is
not a 'small man'.

Vanness Wu
Vanness Wu carring an illness, appeared in an event for Nike yesterday.
When informed of the break-up between good friend Zai Zai and Barbie:
He was surprised and exclaimed that he didn't; Because I've been very busy with
work recently, didn't have time to contact others.

Will you look up Zai Zai and comfort him when you get back to Taiwan?
'I will look up friends for chats, as a friend, definitely I will do what it's need.
To comfort him? Everyone's condition is different.'

Will introduce a girl that you know?
'That fast? Very cruel ah..! Let me understand the matter first, see if it's true then
see how it goes.'
He added that he will be texting Ken Zhu to wish him 'A Happy Birthday'.

F4 copycat of TVXQ?

Taiwanese band F4’s latest music video, “Waiting for You” has created lots of debates lately, that the MV (the video, not the song) is copying Korean band TVXQ’s “Step by Step”

Read full entry here
credits to yummycelebrities

Happy Birthday, Xiao Tian!

Happy Birthday!
Wish You all the Best. Please come home soon.hehehehe.

No Live Broadcast on Azio (Jan 19/20)

No Live Broadcast on Azio (Jan 19/20)

Just got the information that Azio won't provide live broadcast of F4's functions on Jan 19 or 20. Instead, recorded programs will be broadcasted on Jan 26 and 27.

credits to kkla@

Your 2008 Astro-Fashion Guide

Was 2007 a great year for you in fashion? Or do you feel uncomfortable wearing your old clothes and fears changing your style?Now, you can now consult your stars and discover what will be the latest trends in fashion this year 2008.

Read full Article here: Your 2008 Astro-Fashion Guide

Rainy Saturday ....

I dont have work today but i woke up early...grrrrr

Anyways, can't wait to see my F4 sisters once again. It's been a long time since we last meet (last year i think?) ...

Well i found this site wherein you can personalize your photo and be a cover of a magazine ... enjoy...

gorgeous! hahahaa!!!

Do you really care?

Do you really care?

When sometimes when we feel that we are alone and nobody wants to listen to our stories? what do you usually do? Well for me, when i feel that i am not happy i simply contact my friends through email, sms, or call them and talk to them how do they do on that day.

Sometimes we feel bored at home but not like me -good thing that i am so over-crazy with F4 (hehe) and i am very excited with their upcoming album. Can't wait to have my own copy! It took them years to collaborated and made this album possible. And us, fans are so happy.

Well if you feel lonely, there are also some websites like who will be there to give you support and find answers to your questions why you are alone. It's like a community service also provides resources for social care like nursing home. It has a database with all registered UK care homes and a forum where you can discuss your problems or anything you want to consult.

F4 beats Farenhait No. 1 on the sales chart in Japan

credit: helenylo of
Dong Fang Sunday

After 5 years, in order to fulfill their contract with SonyBMG, F4 released their group album again, and their charm appeared to maintain in the press conference. However, things did change. Luckily, the appearance of Yan Cheng Xu and Vanness Wu hasn't changed much, otherwise, the too skinny ZZ and too chubby Zhu Xiao Tian are difficult to be recognized as the used-to-be handsome boys.

credits to

Jan 10, 2008
Liberty Times

F4 beats Farenhait No. 1 on the sales chart in Japan

It was reported that F4 new album's 2 different versions (with 2 different covers) and its Japanese version score the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in Japan HMV's World Best Sellers Chart and Farenhait is No. 6. In the Asian Best Sellers Chart, F4 is in No. 4 and Farenhait is No. 12...Yan Cheng Xu's agent, Zhang Mao Liang, indicates that it is happy to see everyone get good scores in Japan.

credits to

Icebreaker ...

Icebreaker ...

Early this morning when i was working, i suddenly felt that the chair am using is swinging. Then i totally forgot it when i was about to lean upon and i nearly fell down. I shouted and i didn't realized that it was THAT LOUD (I am wearing earphones, listening to my mp3s of F4's New Songs hehehe), until i saw my officemates looking towards my place. I totally removed my earphones (and laughed) and checked my chair. Buti na lang i controlled it from falling mas nakakahiya siguro kung seplang ang beauty.bwahahaha.that's it.end of the story.

Send Your Love and Support to F4! (For Blog Posting)

Send Your Love and Support to F4!

Finally, It is confirmed that our friends here in JVKV Multiply Fan Lounge will be going to Taiwan to attend the one of the most memorable event of the year! (Congratulations, JIA YOU SISTERS!)

I would like to thank them for allowing me to share this idea, (for those who can't be there, like me hehehe) to send our LOVE and Support to F4.

Here's how:

1. Login to, and join (for non-members)
2. Look for this thread and follow the instructions

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Batanes in Treasures Magazine

thanks to KCIFC Philippines

to view the scanned magazines, please go here
Batanes in Treasures Magazine

scanned by daomisyel for

Watch - Wish to See You Again (F4 Tourism Drama)

Watch - Wish to See You Again (F4 Tourism Drama)

To watch the online video, please login to
Strictly NO REPOSTING. Thanks.

credits to


Wish To See You Again - Ep 1 (Part 1/7)

Wish To See You Again - Ep 1 (Part 2/7)

Wish To See You Again - Ep 1 (Part 3/7)

Wish To See You Again - Ep 1 (Part 4/7)

Wish To See You Again - Ep 1 (Part 5/7)

Wish To See You Again - Ep 1 (Part 6/7)

Wish To See You Again - Ep 1 (Part 7/7)


Wish To See You Again - Ep 2 (Part 1/6)

Wish To See You Again - Ep 2 (Part 2/6)

Wish To See You Again - Ep 2 (Part 3/6)

Wish To See You Again - Ep 2 (Part 4/6)

Wish To See You Again - Ep 2 (Part 5/6)

Wish To See You Again - Ep 2 (Part 6/6)


thanks to mpresz

F4 Chronicles - January 2008

January 2008

4 Jan 2008 Zai "Linger" promotion in Singapore
Press con @ Kbox

@ PS

Red carpet @ cineleisure

Zai Linger promotion
Jan 5-7 Hong Kong
Jan 8 Beijing
Jan 9 Shanghai
Jan 10 Guangzhou
Jan 11 Chengdu

Zai solo album promotion
Jan 12 Beijing
Jan 13 Nanchang
Jan 14 Nanjing

19 Jan 2008
F4 “Waiting for you” New Song Release Asia Launch Event
Time: 19:00 (entrance starts at 18:00)
Venue: Tamshui Fisherman’s Wharf

20 Jan 2008
F4 “Waiting for you” Stamping Event
Time: 15:00
Venue: Ximending Red Mansion Square

Pls credit Michi@ OnlyF4 if u wish to post the above clips/translation elsewhere. Thanks!

On HMV JP, World Best Sellers chart: F4 "Waiting For You" at top 3 spots

On HMV JP, World Best Sellers chart: F4 "Waiting For You" at top 3 spots

thanks to moonr3al @

Top 5 MVs (MTV Taiwan Chart)- F4 at #1

Top 5 MVs (MTV Taiwan Chart)- F4 at #1,
as of Saturday January 5, 2008

Top 5:

View Complete Top 20

1. F4- (Waiting For You)- Waiting For You (NEW)
2. Farenheit- (2-Sided Farenheit)- New Home (NEW)
3. Liangjingru- Worship (DOWN)
4. Alan Luo- Show Your Dance (DOWN)
5. Angela Zhang- Ang 5.0 (DOWN)

credits keeyshane of

F4 3rd Album - Fan Made Clip

credits to jerriene @ Jerry Yan Philippines

Planned maintenance Sunday

We thought you might be interested in knowing ahead of time that we have some maintenance work to do, planned for early this coming Sunday (January 6).


Regarding Uploading of Audios

Regarding Uploading of Audios

Hi friends
Please be reminded that uploading of audios (complete version) in Multiply or any other music sites are strictly prohibited due to copyright restrictions. If you would like to share the audios, you can only post the samplers and we donot encourage you to upload the entire tracks of the album. All those "uploaded" are for PERSONAL CONSUMPTION ONLY and YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO REPRODUCE or/DISTRIBUTE it to any other sites/forums/blogs. You may share the online streaming links provided with the complete source/URL and complete credits.


Anyone caught posting and distributing the links HERE in will be automatically ban.


Off-Topic: Fashion forecast: what's hot in 2008?

What will be the latest trend for 2008? Year 2007 is more of like re-inventing the classic styles, Are there any differences for this coming year? Or it will be just the same and continue to revive the old-style fashion?

Fashion forecast: what's hot in 2008? Read it here in Style and Be Famous

F4 releases Album Da S and Xiao S reads - Always Strong Group

Extra Note : To people who are taking the below translation, Do make sure you ONLY CREDIT Xiujuan @ . No extra credits should be given and no changes must be made to the translation. Thanks for your cooperation.

F4 releases Album Da S and Xiao S reads - Always Strong Group

Idol pop group, F4 releases album. Waiting For You, after 5 years. Yesterday, at the press conference for Asia, the 4 of them took swords to place into the defense board. It was like all 4 were stronger when placed together. There were lots of different flower baskets from fans from all over the world.

The most "attracting" flower basket was of course from Da S and Xiao S. On it, it was written, "Taiwan's Forever Strong Group, May you all be loving forever." And it was signed off as ASOS, which was Taiwan strongest group, and it sort of torn off F4 a little.

With his girlfriend's flower basket, Zaizai seemed to be even more enthusiastic and told cold jokes and joked that "Very happy that F4 survived till now." Vanness had his hair done orange and was being teased by Zaizai, "Very shy, that's why even his hair turned red" and everyone couldn't help but scream cold.

Jerry, who would be turning 31 on 1st of Jan next year, is now currently rushing filming for Basketball Fire and will not be able to celebrate his birthday. However, when asked if he would love a new relationship, he gave a shocking comment , "Seeing that the other 3s' relationship is stable, i'm in full envy being single." Accidently exposing that F4's relationship had a new level.

Ken Chu, who had lots of negative reports against him, was defending his relationship with Lin Xi Lei. He expressed that because of his body condition, he looked a little swollen. "Can't understand why the media always love to hurt him." Jerry told a cold joke to help Ken write off this, " I always film with lots of metal ropes, i'm also injured "Zhong Shang"!"

Even though all 4 of them were filming, their singing career had quite some achievements. They also brought in 1.5million for being spokesperson for Taiwan's Tourism Board. And all this, took away all rumours of Jerry not wanting to work with F4. Speaking of Fahreheit, Zaizai said, " We are already out in this industry for 7 years, we do not want to be brought to be compared with kids anymore.".

Jerry Yan, Vanness Wu, Gets together to Gain Feelings in MV

Extra Note : To people who are taking the below translation, Do make sure you ONLY CREDIT Xiujuan @ . No extra credits should be given and no changes must be made to the translation. Thanks for your cooperation.

Jerry Yan, Vanness Wu, Gets together to Gain Feelings in MV

The night before, F4 was rushing to film the latest MV of Ti Yan. All four of them spend the night to film for 8 hours, tiring all of them out and having different "experiences". Jerry Yan's spirit helped to bring up the atmosphere, holding on to Vanness and singing "brokeback" loudly. Zaizai picked up a reporter's camera and started snapping around to kill his time. Ken practises his skills and not forgetting to put on his lipstick to bring back the image.

Yesterday, the lights at Hua Shan Yi Wen Te Qu was really brightly lited. F4, splited into 2 groups started filming from afternoon and only finished filming at 2am. There was even a luxurious car that allowed them to enjoy being bigshot both in and outside the MV. When Jerry gave a very depressed look while filming, Vanness walked towards him smiling and Jerry had his hand over Vanness shoulders, it seemed like they were very into it. Towards the end, they looked at one another, reminding people of Brokeback Mountain.

Ken, who was very worried about his own "shui zhong" (water retention?) problems, seemed to be very down. He was either alone in the resting room using his mobile phone and practising his Taiji exercise. Just before filming the MV, his make up artist put on a little lipstick for him to look better on screen. Zaizai was so tired that he kept yawning and used the camera and went "secretly snapping" to bring his own spirits up.

News Taken from Appledaily.
30th December 2007

(JVKV Multiply readers, sorry for double posting)

F4 Album Launch Press Conference (translation)

F4 Album Launch Press Conference (translation)

NOTE : When reposting into other sites or forums, kindly post the complete text WITHOUT editing and credit it to sytwo@VicChou forum

Hi there all ZZ Junkies and F4 fans. Have just completed the translation for the F4 album media conference, YES!!

Anyway, as I was doing this translation, I reflected on the past 12 months or so, how I first became a ZZ fan and from there began to discover F4. I must say that I am more of a F4 Supporter rather than a fan. The F4 story of 4 guys who suddenly got thrown into the limelight (unprepared) at an amazing speed is a legendary story that everyone who knows something about the Chinese/ Asian Entertainment Industry will be aware of. I was also aware of them but totally not interested before. It was when I got to know more about ZZ that I became curious to find out about F4, these four guys who rose up in fanatical fame together. And was surprised to find out that each of these good-looking guys are not empty vessels, but individuals of unique and interesting personality with different life experiences. I was pleasantly surprised that they are not “boring”, “uninteresting” idols who only have good looks. I think that the sudden leap to fame made each one of them to take stock of themselves and what they want to achieve for the future. And we can see that each one has chosen their own path, working very hard towards their own goals which are really quite different among all four. Each have become a magnet that attracts their own group of supporters and fans, who themselves are probably quite different too. But when the four of them come together (like for their concert and this new album), they are like opposite magnets that stick together and generate an even stronger magnetic field and attraction. And that is F4 to me – 4 unique individuals with their own attraction, but together they create super strong synergy. And I believe that despite having their own path to take, they will never forget and will be forever grateful to be a part of F4, four strangers who became friends and good brothers. Only they will understand what they have gone through, because no one else was part of F4. With that, my hope is that all fans and supporters of either F4 or Vic, Jerry, Ken and Vanness, will also support and believe in each F4 member.

F4 Album Launch Press Conference (translation)

NOTE : As I am still learning Mandarin, my translation is not perfect and there are a number of gaps when I come across words I don’t understand. My apologies for that. Please let me know if you see something that needs to be corrected and I will do so.

Part 1 :
Part 2 :
Credit to JerryTheHospital@Youtube and hunted down by monasia313@Asianfanatics

T : Taozi (host)
Z : Zai Zai
J : Jerry
K : Ken
V : Vanness


T : Give a hand and welcome Vanness, Xiaotian, ZaiZai and Jerry! It’s a long time since we last met. Let’s start by greeting friends from the media.

V : Friends from the media, how are you! We are …
F4 (all) : … F4!
Z : Yeah..
T : It’s been a long time since we met F4. And at the end, there is an extra sound “yeah” from ZZ. After such a long time, why don’t each of you give your greeting and tell everyone that you have really returned. OK, who will start?
J : Ah… Hello to everyone, I am Jerry. I am very happy to be together again standing on this stage, and to see everyone’s support and well wishes.
Z : Hello, I am Zai Zai. Very happy that F4 can still remain until now without much changes, and in fact has become better and better.
V : Hello everyone, I am Wu Jian How. Really very happy to be together with all three of them. It’s been a long time since we met with so many people from the media and so many fans, and hope that our coming performance/ results will be even better…
Z : ….You are very happy today, right?
V : Yes quite happy.
Z : Even you hair is dyed.
V : That’s right.
Z : A very cold joke.
V : The chemistry still has not changed. Cold jokes are getting colder/ greater. (sytwo : not so sure of this)
T : Right, now Xiao Tian.
K : Hello everyone, I am Xiao Tian. Very happy that we are able to launch our new album and to work together again. Hope you will support us.

Seated at the table
V : Every time we meet again, we are like old friends who have not met for awhile. We will talk about what’s been keeping us busy and any funny things that happened to us. And also talk about the future, with each one of us telling the others what he is doing, and what area that we can work together in the future. We will always be good friends.

Standing on stage
T : Let’s start from Vanness.
V : I will still be focusing on my singing and music. Now preparing for my third album which has just started recording.
J : I was just talking to ZZ at the backstage. In the past few years, my works are very few. Like ZZ, he has filmed 9 dramas/ shows, whereas I have filmed two. So I hope to come out with more works in films/ dramas.
T : I saw in the filming footages of “Hotshot” that you were able to shoot the ball into the hoop with your back facing the post! That was really good.
V : (jokingly) The computer animation is very good.
J : No, it’s actually real.
T : Yeah, “BAM” and the ball went in. Do you have eyes on your back?
(Vic said something to Jerry that we can’t hear and Jerry started to pinch/ tickle Vic.)

(sytwo: hah, hah, so cute. These two are like that all the time)

T : I know ZZ will say something like that. Let’s ask him what are the 2 words he said after this. Now what about ZZ. His results/ performances lately have also been very good.
Z : Lately, I have been (laugh)…
T : Why do you have to say it like that..ah…. “lately”…
Z : No, lately I have been filming the tourism drama and rushing to complete it.
K : Currently, just like him (pointing at ZZ), I am also filming the tourism drama. I am also preparing for another album that is about to be completed, and in March I will be holding a solo concert in Japan.
T : Right and we hope that the Japanese media will help publicize this and that fans in Japan will support this concert.

Seated at table
K : We know that there is a concert and an autograph session coming up. So I guess you are referring to the fans’ traveling schedule, they will probably arrive in Taipeh on 18 Jan and then participate in these 2 events on 19 and 20.
J : This song…. I really like this song. Because when I was recording it, I have this different/ unique (not sure of the word) feeling and the song has its own feel/ style/ uniqueness (not sure of this either), so I am very happy that it can now be introduced to everyone.
T : From his expressions, you can feel that Jerry was touched by this song. ZZ, you have 2 songs right?
Z : Right.
T : I am curious about one of the song called “White (pai)”. In this song there are a lot expressions of love towards a girl. Like white song etc etc (this part I really can’t understand). Did you look into (explore) the white of Hwang Je Jiau (can’t understand this either)
Z : Not really, only look into how “Wu Yue Sheng” filmed the beautiful “bai-ge” film. (sytw : OK, this must be a cold joke from ZZ. I totally could not catch it). Ah…
T : Ai yah…. It’s OK, it’s OK.

(Vanness started pushing ZZ to go backstage)

T : Eh… come let’s talk more about this song.
Z : Why don’t you stand there. I will help you. (asking Taozi to take his place between F3)

Z : (pretending to host) ZZ, don’t tell anymore cold jokes. Now Vanness, you have 2 songs in the album that I feel is really good. Can you please introduce them?
V : Which two songs?
Z : I feel these songs are the most important in the album.
J : What are the name of the songs?
Z : It’s in English, is that possible?
V : Yes, there is.
T : Wow, the host really knows a lot about this album.
V : Yes, and shuai too.
Z : Must do the job well and in a professional manner.
V : I have 2 songs in this album. One is called “Seven Days”, whichis about the relationship between a couple. Many times do not understand a girl especially when it comes to love relationship.
Z : Just let the schedule arrange it.
V : Right, in the 1st week will quarrel, the 2nd week will wait, the 3rd week will reconcile and then the 4th week will quarrel again. That type of feeling.
T : Wow, a very busy schedule.
V : Yes exactly. That’s why it’s better not to date (or be in a relationship).
T : No don’t, that will be too extreme. You’re using the lyrics to express the feelings of fans.
V : Another song is “Listen to you heart”. It’s written by George Chen, who produced “Shoo-bee-duwop” . When I first heard the song, I really have a good feel for it because although it’s a slow song but the composition still allows me to sing and dance at the same time.
T : Would like to ask the host, can I return to my place now?
Z : I think you’re doing a good job.
T : Oh really? But today I feel really “nervous” (she pretended to pronounce the word wrongly like ZZ).
Z : What did you say? I feel that you Mandarin has improved a lot.
T : Yes I am not “nervous” now (pronounced correctly)
Z : So let’s go back to position.
T : Alright. Xiao Tian can you tell us more, you have 2 songs in the album. You are said to be able to express best a man who is cool about things (not sure if this is correct). Especially the song “Wu Shuo Wei” (No Matter)
K : This time I have selected 2 songs that I really like. One is called “Ai bu ding zhi” (Love never stops). For this song I have 2 versions, one in the F4 album and another version in my own album. You can later compare the differences between the 2 versions. The other song “Wu Shuo Wei” is to express my last moments of being youthful…I am approaching my 30’s soon. So this is my last opportunity to sing this type of …
T : Young/ youthful song..

Seated at table :
V : The recording went smoothly although we did not do it together. The first to record… was it ZZ or Xiao Tian?
Z : I think it’s Xiao Tian.
K : I am second.
V : Whose voice did we hear at the beginning?
Z : Oh, that’s me.
V : I think it was Xiao Tian, then followed by whom?
K : I know you are the last.
V : I am not the last. I was the second. So you (Jerry) are the first one. No, no…
Z : It does not matter now (spoken in Cantonese “Mm gan yiu –ah, yee ga”)
V : Right, our chemistry is like that. Anyway, we couldn’t be together as all of us were busy with our own schedule, but before we realized it, we have all finished recording our parts.

V : Even from the beginning when we first know Zai Zai, he has always been like this.
J : Right, from the start he always had this sense of humour.
Reporter : What were the 2 words that he said to you earlier?
Z : What was the question?
V : We said he (Jerry) has eyes behind his back.
Z : Oh, “tien-yen” (I think it means heaven-eyes or god-eyes). Gods will have “tien-yen”.

V : Right, because I am competitive/ ambitious (not sure of this word). Isn’t that so? Not really, I have always wanted to dye my hair. But since joining this industry, due to the roles I play, I was not able to dye my hair completely. Currently I am trying to grow my hair longer, but it’s now neither short nor long which is the most awkward period. Since I can’t cut it, I decided to be more extreme. I really like it. I also did that 3 years ago.
K : Can’t say that Vanness is competitive. He is working very hard for this album and doing this to suit the Korean market which is very demanding. And also to match the Christmas season, it’s the Christmas red.
V : And this will be suitable right up to Chinese New Year. I am doing this to complement the season.

(sytwo : [cold sweating] Wow, their jokes are super cold!)


Holding swords :
T : Are you ready? Once you plunge it in, you cannot take it out anymore. Plunge half of it in first. Let starts, three…Don’t plunge it in yet. ZZ you have plunged it in too deep.

(all the media started laughing at Taozi’s words. Sounds very cheeky/ naughty).

T : I’m not trying to give a different meaning. Those guys at the back, I really don’t mean it in a different way. I’m just saying to wait awhile till the photographs are taken before we complete this ceremony. And don’t keep going in and out either (Hah! Hah! Hah!)

Reporter : Do you need to say “don’t wander in and out”?

T : No need, no need. Taiwanese media has such a great sense of humour!

Seated at the table :
K : I just feel that my 20’s is about to go away soon. So I feel nostalgic (not sure of this word). When I came to put on my make-up…. I had a headache this morning ….so I went to the bathroom for awhile. As soon as I went in, his make-up artiste (pointing either at Jerry or ZZ) got make-up into my eyes. So I had to go back to the bathroom. Then as I was styling my hair, the stylist accidently knocked my legs with a chair. So I keep telling myself, “fan-thai-sui” (can’t understand this word at all, sorry).

- The launch ceremony was conducted (can’t hear what Taozi was saying)

J : I feel it is not just myself, but everyone has improved. Like this song that you let me listen to the other day (turning to Vanness), ah that’s a different song….. the thing is all of us have improved. So I tell myself I must also catch up.

T : Thank you Yan Cheng Xu. Next is Zai Zai. Eh…Mr Zai Zai (he wa still talking to Jerry). He (ZZ) said “Good job you know.” At the end we will ask F4 to pose together. We have Vanness who is rather shy so his hair is red. Thank you. And Zhu Xiao Tian. Now let’s have all four together.

J : My birthday wish is for myself to be at… ah, actually I normally work during my birthday so I don’t have much experience/ memories of celebrating my birthday. And I actually don’t really like to celebrate my birthday.
V : Well then I don’t need to get you a birthday gift.
J : Then just give me your autograph, that will be good enough.
T : Don’t like to celebrate birthday but like to receive gifts.
V : Yeah, it’s like that.

J : Actually wanted to go the school and see the kids, but because I went to Japan and had to return to work in Taiwan, I had not had a chance to go. But I still thank them (fans) because this is a very real/ good/ meaningful (not sure of word) type of support. Because you can support us but if we use our combined ability to do some charitable work… this is something that we might not have thought of (or be able to do) in our whole life.

Holding up the promo poster :
T : OK, Jerry please read it out.
J : On 19 Jan Saturday, we will start at 6.00pm at XXX venue.
T : Now would like to ask the host, who do we call up next to read this?
Z : Maybe we call Xiao Tian.
T : OK, can Mr Zhu please tell us about the 2nd event/ activity.
K : The 2nd activity is on 20 Jan Sunday at 3.00pm at Xi Men Ding.
T : Is that OK, Mr. Host?
Z : Not bad (in English).
T : This 2nd activity is very unique. In the album there is a pass. And on the pass are 4 very adorable XXX (sytwo : not sure of this. Could be their caricature picture?) and on that day F4 will autograph it (not sure if they will sign on it or do something else). Congratulations to F4 for their new album and hope these 2 events will be packed with fans to celebrate together with F4. Thank you everyone!

Seated at the table :
J : Yes, I hope to. Now I am busy with work, but I also hope to… and seeing that all three of them are pretty stable in their love relationship, so I will also feel….I am talking about family, about family!
K : Who told you about such things?
V : What are you saying?
T : Be careful about simply shooting and hitting the target.
J : Sorry, I could have offended the other three, ha, ha, sorry. (edited after watching video)

K : I do not know why. Maybe because currently there is a lot of preassure, they heard wrongly or imagined hearing it, saying that I “mo-ren” (can’t understand this) but I never said it. I am just good friends with her. Plus those kind of report will cause hurt to the lady. So I want to clarify here that we are really just good friends. There are no further development at this point. That’s the way it is. Currently, I am also always imagining this happening, I frequently dream that won the lottery,but when I wake up I realized that I did not even buy any (edited after watching video). So I can understand that these reporters have a lot preassure from everywhere.

Reporter : Do you have plans for marriage?

K : I do plan to get married but I do not have a partner yet.

= END =

P.S. Sorry again for all the gaps in the translation since I am still learning Mandarin. Please let me know if you see something that needs to be corrected and I will do so.