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Reposting: Three Kingdoms: Ressurection of the Dragon aka Forbidden Kingdom

Entertainment news: Andy return to Beijing to continue shooting of Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon

The posters and screen shots of Andy Lau's first collaboration with Maggie Q, Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon had been revealed in Cannes. Andy will be playing historical figure Zhao Zilong while Maggie Q will be playing Cao Cao's daughter Cao Yin, both of them standing with a desert background, it seems to have a strong atmosphere, looks like this movie does not want to lose out to John Woo's Red Cliff.

The film started shooting last month in Gansu, a small scale press conference was held at Cannes earlier with photographs of Andy's Zhao Zilong, Maggie Q's Cao Yin and Vanness Wu's Guan Xin (Guan Yu's son) were revealed for the first time, there's also a one-minute long trailer premiere worldwide. It was earlier touted that Summo Hung would be playing Zhang Fei but actually he would be playing a character made up for the film, Zhao Zilong's best friend Luo Ping-an.

The film's poster used Andy and Maggie Q as theme as their period dressing looked strong, especially Andy's Zhao Zilong image, with the sorrow desert background, this shows the strong atmosphere. Among Maggie Q's photograph, there's one that she played the Qin in-front of the army


Andy and Vanness fall off from horse

Andy Lau and Vanness Wu were location shooting for Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon. The filming crew had switched base from Dunhuang to Gansu.

Earlier, both of them were shooting a horse riding scene and both fall off from their individual horse, an agile Andy suffered no injury but Vanness whom played Guan Yun elder son fall off his horse after riding for 1,700 metres before falling and suffering from abrasion.

Sumo Hung expressed yesterday that both suffered light injuries. They are rushing shooting day and night, it's not sure when this rushing will end.

news from:, CRIOnline

Latest Updates Here

Zai Zai visited Barbie Hsu last week to celebrate Lunar New Year

Read Translated News Here:

During the time Barbie and Zai Zai were in love, he used to stay at her house. His relationship with her family is not only good for the family's members but also loved by her dog named "fifth sister". Last week, when Zai Zai celebrated New Year at Barbie's house, the dog was so happy that it jumped into his lap and rolled all over the floor. Barbie even joked with reporters that: "Watching its behaviors, I feel like "fifth sister" broke-up with Zai Zai instead of me."

Translated Article - Linger by Vic Zhou, Li Bing Bing

Click the link to read the article, PLEASE DO NOT COPY OR REPOST THE ARTICLE WITHOUT PROPER PERMISSION FROM THE BLOG AUTHOR. However, you can share the link ... =p

Linger by Vic Zhou, Li Bing Bing

8 March - it's Significance

8 March

If you are a fan who has good memory, u might remember what special signification 8 March has for F4.

8 March 2002
F4 1st visit to Hongkong, bringing about Taiwan fever.

8 March 2003
F4 attended Pepsi concert in Hongkong. Not long after, SARS broke out. If the concert was any later, it might have been cancelled.

8 March 2007
F4 visited Japan to promote Taiwan tourism and went on SMAPxSMAP program.

8 March this year,
Ken will be holding concert in Japan
Vic will have fan club gathering with his fc members

Not sure how many fans have witnessed though the years of 8 March.
Regardless if you have supported from the start, and joined halfway through, thank all of you for your support towards the 4 of them.

Hope 8 March this year, u all will spend it together with them.

Pls credit Michi@ OnlyF4 if u wish to post the above clips/translation elsewhere. Thanks!

Translated News, UDN Feb 20 (Ken)

Music is still Ken's love, he'll hold concert in Tokyo International forum on 8,9 March. Every show has capacity of 5000 people and 70% of the tickets have been sold. Last year, Ken held a concert at the same venue. But this year, everything is organised by Japan organisers. Although the performance fee of US$20,000 per show is not considered high, but it can satisfy his persistance towards singing.

Ken went to America before the new year. His company said he was there for holiday, and they do not ask what he did there.

Yesterday, Ken has left for Japan to make preparations for the concert, after which he will immediately work on his new album.

Source: 20.02.2008
Pls credit Michi@ OnlyF4 if u wish to post the above clips/translation elsewhere. Thanks!

Happy Weekend, TGIF

Happy Weekend, TGIF

Just want to say Happy Weekend. Hope i can be online later =p
Been busy here. How does it feel that you are working for other people? Get's nyo?
Meaning, may absent na naman dito so we have to do their(dalawa sila) tasks. Bwiset diba?
Sadly, i don't know if they are still reporting for work because I've heard this two ladies were given a sanction last time about their tardiness. Pasalamat sila noh dahil may work sila eh yung iba nga diba inalis na dito? Sayang sila, maganda pa naman sila pareho. Hehehe! Yesterday, we had drawlots...kung sino ang gagawa ng article writing kasi nga mukhang wala na nga sila at wala nang balak pumasok. Baka next week another drawlots ulit. Leche, di tuloy ako makapag-petiks. hehehe!!!

Wala, shout out lang. Retardeds, buhay pa ba kayo? hehehehe.

Freezing ...

Freezing ...

It's very cold here in the office. But it's Sunny outside (i can see it because am sitting near the window, beside the super duper huger aircon LOL). During breaktime i noticed a "mugshots" posted on our bulletin board. Why mugshots? because i saw our faces on that piece of paper! hahaha! Actually that is EOTM, in our lingo --- Employee of The Month (January!) weeeeeeeeee! This is the first time i was included on the list because during the past few months, i wasn't included. You have first get a "client site" before you get this kind of incentive (with no absences, no lates, no violations) hahaha. Where is the incentive? Gone in a few seconds! hehehe. Bought foods, foods, pay bills...etc ...Totally Gone! hahaha!Now i have to be a "good girl" once again for February (hehe). As i wrote few weeks ago, my status here is not-that-ok, hanging! don't know if they are going to renew my services. I don't know! waaaaaaaah!

Last Weekend I met my friends, we ate at our famous hideout! (it's a hideout so am not going to reveal the name of the place) then we went home and watch Cds! yeah (special thanks to laurzai and wengvann), it really made my weekend -- COMPLETE (like taking my daily dose of centrum,haha) i really love our bugoys (f4), also i love KUYA so much now (Jerry, hehehe) then i went to Cavite for Lace's Birthday (Belated, thanks for the food!)...

Last Night, we were at Rockwell (with Kuya Az not the other Kuya LOL). He got premiere tickets of The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (Starring Brad Pitt and Cassey Affleck). While waiting, we were at Coffee Bean and surfing the net. Kuya saw somebody reading a newspaper (chinese) and Edison is on frontpage, we were laughing and I said i want to borrow the newspaper (as if i can read chinese LOL,nothing just curious on the pictures on the newspaper). then I saw a newsclip posted by wengvann in our JVKV Multiply (actually i posted that last Weekend) wherein Jerry (acting) like banging his head on the wall during BOF interview with Wu Zun and Show (laughing out loud!) ... He is such a crazy boy! LOL!!!

It was a long movie, i was so sleepy then but the movie is soooo good. Brad's acting is not bad here same with Cassey. It's a story of how Jesse James was assassinated and what was his life as "Cowboy-Gangster" hihihi.The movie is not recommended for kids because it contains violence. Love the cowboy suits (hehehe)

You can read the spoiler here, I mean the Synopsis haha

Lesson learned for today:
Set your own limitations. Read Vanness blog more often, and don't try to surf at yesasia. hahaha! You know what i mean....Get enough sleep. Don't eat too much! hahaha! =p

Till here, am so sleepy. I want to go home. I'm done with my task. wow it's only 11am! hahaha! My teamleader said she's giving me another task (am going to optimize another site). Poor me.Why me?


Wish 2 See U Again OST (CD + DVD)

Wish 2 See U Again OST (CD + DVD)

Date of release: 22 Feb 2008 in Taiwan

CD (11 songs)
01.Goodbye (L2M)
02. Waiting for u (F4)
03. Ti Yan (F4)
04. Ai Bu Ting Zhi (Ken Chu)
05. Man Man De Zou (2ladies)
06. Wei Xiao De Yue Ding (Li Xuan Rong)
07. I believe in love (Wow Tou Hao Ren Wu)
08. White (Vic Chou)
09. Can Nian (Vic Chou)
10. Waiting for u (instrumental)
11. Ti Yan (instrumental)

Bonus dvd:
- 20mins interesting scenes of the drama
- Waiting 4 u & Ti Yan MV

Pls credit Michi@ OnlyF4 if u wish to post the above clips/translation elsewhere. Thanks!

Waiting for U Japan Limited Edition Deluxe Version

Waiting for U Japan Limited Edition Deluxe Version


Date of release date: 5th Mar 2008

Price: 5000yen

Comes with:
- F4 Waiting for U cd (with Japanese text and translations)
- Waiting for U & Goodbye MV
- F4 2008 Calender
- F4 2008 Notebook
- F4 2008 Mousepad


Pls credit Michi@ OnlyF4 if u wish to post the above clips/translation elsewhere. Thanks!

Waiting for You novel

Waiting for You novel

Date of release: 25 Feb 2008 in Taiwan
ISBN: 9789578036796



Pls credit Michi@ OnlyF4 if u wish to post the above clips/translation elsewhere. Thanks!

F4 interview on AZIO, 20secs preview

20secs preview:

F4 interview on AZIO
TAIWAN broadcast
23 Feb 10pm
24 Feb 5pm, 10pm

according to AZIO schedule, Asia broadcast will be 1 week after Taiwan.
and if i remember correctly, Starhub cable will stop showing Dong Feng channel on 29 feb
so Singapore fans may not be able to watch it :'(

Pls credit Michi@ OnlyF4 if u wish to post the above clips/translation elsewhere. Thanks!

F4 interview on AZIO

F4 interview on AZIO
TAIWAN broadcast
23 Feb 10pm
24 Feb 5pm, 10pm

Singapore broadcast
should be 24 Feb 6pm

thanks to michi@onlyf4

Simple Love =)

Just want to greet everyone "A Happy Hearts Day"
Sigh, I cannot make something special for you today (hehe) ...Hope you like this one - made from a scrapbook online generator .... (hehe)

Oh well nothing much to say ... Just A -- "Thank You" for your friendship!

And ... Shouting ...

Make "Everyday" a Special Day to your loved-ones ...
Take Care and Enjoy.

Jerry Loves the World, Yeah (hahaha)
Friendship is a wondrous thing;
There's so much happiness it can bring.
I’m really glad that you’re my friend,
And I hope our friendship will never end.

Happy Valentines Day friend!

By Karl Fuchs


Congratulations to Amy Winehouse for bringing home Grammy's...She won 5 major awards
Record Of The Year
Song Of The Year
Best New Artist
Best Female Pop Vocal Performance
Best Pop Vocal Album

Girls, magpaparehab ba tayo - I said "No, No, No!" hahaha!!! bagay sa mga adik!



They tried to make me go to rehab but I said 'no, no, no'
Yes I've been black but when I come back you'll know know know
I ain't got the time and if my daddy thinks I'm fine
He's tried to make me go to rehab but I won't go go go

I'd rather be at home with ray
I ain't got seventy days
Cause there's nothing
There's nothing you can teach me
That I can't learn from Mr Hathaway

I didn't get a lot in class
But I know it don't come in a shot glass

They tried to make me go to rehab but I said 'no, no, no'
Yes I've been black but when I come back you'll know know know
I ain't got the time and if my daddy thinks I'm fine
He's tried to make me go to rehab but I won't go go go

The man said 'why do you think you here'
I said 'I got no idea
I'm gonna, I'm gonna lose my baby
so I always keep a bottle near'
He said 'I just think your depressed,
this me, yeah baby, and the rest'

They tried to make me go to rehab but I said 'no, no, no'
Yes I've been black but when I come back you'll know know know

I don't ever wanna drink again
I just ooh I just need a friend
I'm not gonna spend ten weeks
have everyone think I'm on the mend

It's not just my pride
It's just 'til these tears have dried

They tried to make me go to rehab but I said 'no, no, no'
Yes I've been black but when I come back you'll know know know
I ain't got the time and if my daddy thinks I'm fine
He's tried to make me go to rehab but I won't go go go


Please vote for F4.

Posted by vrg_yan @ Tsinoy
Gud PM po, makikisingit lang ng pakiusap.
Please vote for F4.
Who is Asia's No. 1 group, F4 or 東方神起?

Vote, vote vote!!!
東 方神起 fans are saying really nasty things about F4. They are bragging a lot coz their idols are leading so we have a lot of catching up to do. Please vote for F4!!!

Edited: Just click the above button (blue box) on top!!!

Best Valentine's Day Gift Suggestions

February 14 is Valentine's Day, a special day not only for couples but also for other people who you think is special to you. Can't think of what to give this Valentine's Day? Read this article and you will find great gift ideas to give this Valentine's Day.

Read full article here
Best Valentine's Day Gift Suggestions

Van Ness Updates his blog

Mr. Vantastic member of Legio XIII

Sunday, Feb 10, 2008 9:31AM

2days, good day...God is good~!

Sunday, Feb 10, 2008 3:53AM

visit his blog @

Photos Overload

Photos Overload

Hi. I re-uploaded some of the photos i got from different sites (thanks so much to and nbbbs)
Please click the links to view the entire albums


Filming MV

MIA New Catalog

MIA Event Photos 1/19

more news, photos and videos posted at JVKV

Is it really a Happy Weekend for me?

Is it really a Happy Weekend for me?

I don't know. With things happening around here. I hope i can STILL enjoy my weekend.
(Please pray for me! hahaha....!!!!)

I have no appoinments this weekend so probably i'll just stay at home and watch all those stuffs i have ...

Retardedness will resume next week.haha!!!!

Till here,
Mitch =p

Oricon Daily Charts - Top 10 Albums

Oricon Daily Charts - Top 10 Albums - Koda Kumi remains in the #1 position - 2.06.08

Wednesday February 6, 2008 Japan

Submitted by ttenovy@asianfanatics

original post here

NOTE: Koda Kumi continues to remain at the #1 position, great showing for DOUBLE and BRAHMAN, Good showing for F4 at the top 5 and Kobukuro continues to remain strong in the top 10.

1. Koda Kumi - Kingdom
3. BRAHMAN - Antinomy
4. HOME MADE Kazoku - ~Heartful Best Songs~ “Thank You!!”
5. F4 - Waiting for you
6. Kobukuro - 5296
7. Ongaku Gatas - 1st GOODSAL
8. Simple Plan - Simple Plan 3
9. Tsubakiya Shijuso - TOKYO CITY RHAPSODY
10. Suzuki Ami - DOLCE

Attention to this person who's using 2 IPs

Attention to this person who's using 2 IPs:


I love reading all your messages on my tagboard - on my blog (, but please if i say AM B-U-S-Y, it's for REAL!

can't you see am working here? Yes, am in the office. My PC Monitor at home broke down few days ago. If i said, I cannot do whatever you asked, and I requested you to visit my forum to check the links, Please do so. Bakit ka nakikialam eh hindi naman ikaw ang kausap ko?

Leave my site alone. Wag mong sirain ang araw ko kasi alam ko san kita hahanapin. Impostor, Copycat... Gets mo? Now your friends are joining my FORUM, bakit kaya? Spying on me? on Us? Shut Up, dun kayo sa bundok, bwiset, araw-araw nagche-check ako sa member list, at presto---BAN AGAD KAYO - !@##$@#$@!!!!

2008 Chinese New Year - Lifestyles and Trends

"Gong Xi Fa Cai" which means "Congratulations and be prosperous and - "Xin Nian Kuai Le" which means, "Happy New Year" these two are the most popular greetings in celebration of Chinese New Year.

According to, Chinese New year is celebrated on the first day of the first month of the Chinese calendar, which falls on the day of the second new moon after the day on which the winter solstice occurs, unless there is an intercalary eleventh or twelfth month in the lead-up to the New Year. In this case, the Chinese New Year falls on the day of the third new moon after the solstice. The next time this occurs is in 2033.

Read Full Entry here -

2008 Chinese New Year - Lifestyles and Trends

"Waiting Here for you" preview lost its focus, Zaizai Guan Yi two loves
translated by

Vic Zhou (Zaizai) attended yesterday to "Waiting here for you" press conference, Kingone Wang, Michelle Chen, Guan Yi also dressed up for it. Regarding to have being spotted going to DaS house, he smiles and says : "I went to see Big sis (Barbie and Dee sister) child, my relationship with Xi Yuan now is like family, it only lack of intimate behaviour, that's all. " The two are interacting as if there is no awkwardness due to the break up at all.
Compared to Zaizai open and composed attitude, Guan Yi as soo as she heard the words "Jerry Huang" she immediately acted dumb, saying "I dont know". Zaizai and Guan Yi got surrounded by the press, Angie Cai, Kingone and Michelle got squeezed in between, becoming miccrophone stands, the drama promotion totally lost its focus.

Guan Yi thinks of herself ans someone who doesnt lie, regarding the fact that she was openly going as a pair with Jerry, she said : "He is so big, too hard to hide !" in her words, there was still some smile, but the present her is choosing to be herself, whether she wants to go here and there with which man, she doesnt need to deny, but when asked about her relationship with Jerry, she replies "Dont know" that kind of evasive answer, also reveal that they have have ambiguous relationship as before.

This time, in "Waiting here for You" Zaizai acts as a bestselling author who is having a block, he feels that comparing to all his past roles, the frustrated and crazy writer made him able to expand his acting even more , his exciting performance not only let producer Angie Cai satisfyingly nodding, but Director Lin even praised him non-stop : "I feel that he 'll become Taiwan's Tony Leung" Angie Cai immediately turned to Zaizai asking "Then, do you agree to show your intimate parts ? " Zaizai froze for two seconds then said "Mine dont look nice, no need to film !"

The press conference prepared a few tourism spots to test the actors about their understanding of Taiwan, the Ylan born Zaizai stared at the map for long time, and almost put "Love river" at "Tong San river", from the look of it, he is minding very much about "Tong San river" not being listed as one of the 8 best spots. "Waiting here for you" is Taiwan first Idol drama in cooperation with the Tourism board, last december, it had premiered already in Japan, ratings and reviews were really good, CTV will start showing it from 3rd of February at 10pm.

"Waiting Here for You" preview, Zaizai wears DaS love jewelry again

"Waiting Here for You" preview, Zaizai wears DaS love jewelry again

source :
translated by

Last time he got interviewed in Mainland and his lover-jewelry got discovered, Yesterday, "Waiting here for you " held a press conference, he still had on him the lover chain with a crystal that they both wore while dating, making the outside world feeling Zaizai still is linked by the heart with DaS. Zaizai's manager Zhi Xiang Li says, Zaizai often wears that necklace, it doesn't have any other meaning, it's a family feeling.

In this serie, Zaizai has improved dramatically, director Lin highly praises : " He will definitely become Taiwan's Tony Leung !" Zaizai giggles nervously : "Does this mean I'll also have to film 'Lust, Caution' ? " Everyone quickly asked if he'd reveal his intimate parts, he quickly refused : "Mine dont look good."

Tourism board Idol drama "Waiting Here for you" will premiere today at 10 pm, yesterday, at the preview event, ZAizai was still the press focus, even Guan Yin, King one were left on the side, Ken Chu and Vanness Wu didn't even appear, Vanness's reason weren't very clear, his manager said "This morning he got a stomach ache"; then it became "he got back to the States" ; Ken being a male lead didnt attend, it is rumored that he had other engagements, that is to especially go to the States to wish a happy new year to his girlfriend Kelly Lin's parents, at the same time asking for their daughter's hand, Manager Zhi Xiang Li didnt deny or confirm, only said "not clear about it", Kelly's manager quickly said " you think too much".

After the end of DaZai Lian, Michelle Chen surprisingly got rumored as "third party", Zaizai and Michelle both took that as a joke. But, yesterday, the two, while talking about the kiss in the elevator, smiled sweetly, Michelle even said sulkily to Zaizai : "that was my first on screen kiss !" saying that he was laughing and ad NGS, making her getting scolded by the director, Zaizai immediately says "That's because we are too close."

Michelle, who has been labeled as "DaS look-alike", while filming, got called to the office by Angie Cai and director Lin and got scolded, Director Lin even said " If you continue to act badly, It'll be whether you resign, or I'll fire you !" making Michell crying non-stop : "I want to stay." after all that tough experiences, she yesterday especially thanked ZAizai : "He really helped me a lot."

Zaizai is forced to learn from Tony Leung and reveal his most intimate parts, Director Lin adds : "the iron is waiting" no one understood his humour, he could only explained " there are some wrinkles, need to iron it flat" rated kind of topic. Talking about Edison's pictures incident, ZAizai suddenly became serious : "the people who purposely did it are really evil" some people reminded him to be careful not to send his computer to repair ( giving it to "Xiu"), He regains his humorous self : " Are you saying to Xiu Jie Kai (his friend)?"

Guan Yi recently got two lumps on her throat, because she is taking antibiotics, so she couldnt drink alcohol, she didnt dare to get too near the press, fearing to be asked about Jerry Huang. It had been rumored that he recently went to visit the filming set recently, the two have some reconciliation hints, but Guan Yi gave an ambiguous answer, saying, "Afterwards, whether I want to go out with whom or I go out with who, I wouldn't want to explain it to everyone"

Da Zai Lian reviving ? Xu mama clueless

source :
translated by

DaZai Lian are rumored to have rekindled, Zaizai recently often went to see DaS, his excuse being that they take Elly out to play. Xu mama currently in the States, doesn't know anything about it, she laughingly says "What do you mean reconcile ? Xi Yuan called me saying that she wanted to take Elly out, about Zaizai accompanying, I really don't know."

But Xu mama says very sensibly, " I'm saying, after breaking up, you still can be friends, there is no need to become enemies, you need to be adults." can DaS and Zaizai make up? Xu mama doesnt directly replies, she insists again and again : "Separated lover being friends isnt a bad thing."

Xu mama and Xiao S and son in law Mike are on a trip in America , they'll come back before the new year to Taiwan, she says : " After the new year, Xiao S will have to start working, we are traveling to relax, we are not clear about what is happening in Taiwan." Does Zaizai, profiting from Xu mama's absence, secretly dating? Xu mama humourously replies "I'm having time difference problems. I'm stilll trying to get used to it. Can't mind it for now."

Friends who are close to Zaizai think that he is a very dependent person on his past girlfriends because he was too sticky making them not able to bare it. After he broke up with DaS he can't cut it immediately, proving his dependence on DaS is very deep.

Latest F4 News Updates

Latest Updates:

'Hero' was chosen by Director Cai couple, Zhang Jun Ning, and ZZ yesterday, and it will be played by a newcomer
(credits to

thanks to kczhu for the photo


Aditional Information:

The F4 Album new year edition comes with a DVD of the launching album concert and a 16 pages photobook...

Check out the cover of the album: GMusic

thanks to wengvann
Jerry @ "There's No Way I Can Leave You"

thanks to nbbbs and Jerry Yan Philippines

Top Five Mandarin Albums


Friday, 2008 February 01, Page 14

1 Aska Yang and Dove with 11.38 percent of sales

2 F4 and Waiting for You - Await Your Love with 9.54%

3 Rene Liu and I'm Fine with 6.25%

4 YUE and Perfect Match with 5.71%

5 Valen Hsu and Latitude 66 Degrees with 5.31%

Album chart compiled from G-Music (, based on retail sales
thanks to kczhu, Taipei Times

Update from Just VanNess..

After months of hardwork, drama "Wish to see you again" is going on air in Taiwan
Feb 3 CTS 22:00~23:30
Feb 9 ONTV 20:30~22:00

thanks to Wengvann

thanks to Jenzhu and KCIFC-Philippines

Site Under Construction

Hello friends!
Well just want to inform you that i am re-layouting my blog - (again!) hehe. Will be back soon. I hope i can finish all this stuffs by weekend. Meanwhile visit our forum for more juicy updates and stories. it's

Happy Weekend!

Van Ness updated his blog - A Weekend with You

Van Ness updated his blog

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