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F4 Promo Picture for the Japan Concert

Additional News:

The F4 Japan Concert are adding 3 additional concerts dates in Yokohama starting October 3, 2008.Tickets for the Yokohama concert will be selling starting on August 30, 2008.

Stage Design

The Centerstage which 360° can look around and the mobile crane that an elevated passageway leading to the stage extends to every direction is installed.(like 2006@H.K?)

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F4 Japan Concert : Concert Tickets Sold-out in 1/2 hour.

June 24, 2008
China Times

It was reported that the tickets of F4's 3 concerts in Japan were openly for sale on June 21 and all 30,000 tickets were sold out in half an hour. A lot of fans couldn't get the tickets even after they joined the fans clubs. Some fans club members put their tickets on the web for sale and the bid price immediately raised from 12000 yen to 50000 yen.

Lian He Bao

The same informaiton as above. In addition, a lot of fans are disappointed as they can't get the tickets. As F4's concert tickets are in high demand, the Japanese production company is discussing with JVR and Fulong the possiblity of adding 3 more concerts in Japan. JVR is trying its best to arrange Jerry's schedule and Fulong loves to see that happens.
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Pre-Order(Philippines) VanNess's 3rd album. "In Between(1CD+2DVD)

Dear Friends...

Announcement For Philippines Pre-Order:

You can placed your pre-order here in our Certified Vannaddicts
Yahoo groups mail, or through the following persons listed below:

Contact Details:

jane(angelvanness) -
email: winheart17@yahoo. com-
Cell #:+639163864436

Mari~ -
email: emaricel@yahoo. com
Cell#: +639272446542

email: barnesamelia@

You can deposit your payment @

Bank of the Philippine Islands-BPI
Current Account

Amelia G. Barnes

Amount: 750 PHP

Kindly Send us your transaction number for the confirmation
of payment.

Deadline of Payment: June 30 (lunchtime)

Distribution of CD to be announce later.

Thank You for your usual support...

Keep the WU Spirit Alive~

God Bless EveryVANN!

in behalf of Certified Vannaddicts,
____________ _________ _________ _________ _________ ______

It's VanNess's 3rd album. "In Between(1CD+2DVD) "
there'll be 3 new songs and 12 his past best tunes.
the sale date is July 4th, 2008.
the reservation amenity is his new song's MV "Lucky me".

DVD1: making (about 60 mins)

Preorder taking for "In Between" (TW version)

Van Ness will release his third album "In Between" (Taiwan version) on 4 July 2008.

Each preorder will get a DVD of "Lucky Me" MV as a bonus/special gift; please take Immediate action if you wish to order. Opening period from now till 10am, 30 June 2008

Unit price for HK and Overseas orders
(1) HK$115 per album (CD to be collected in Taiwan in August during release of his new book. Postage will be required on top of the unit price, if you wish to get it by mail.)
(2) HK$130 per album (to be collected in HK this August; shipping included)

Banking information (good for HK and Overseas payer only)
Bank:Bank of China(HK)Limited
201 Castle Peak Road, Tsuen Wan, N.T. Hong Kong
A/C Number:012-880- 1-053348- 9
A/C Name:Hung Yuen Yu & Yu Suk Chong Alice

If you wish to make an order, please fill out the necessary information listed below and reply to this post directly or email to preorder_hk@ vannesswu. org. We will update the purchase statement in this post accordingly.

(1) VIFC ID/Name:
(2) No. of album you wish to order and total amount**
(3) Phone No.:
(4) E-mail (mandatory) :
(5) Date of remittance: (please complete this part once remittance is done, otherwise please leave it blank.)

** Please make sure you remit an exact amount to the designated account, that is, net of all charges. In another words, you will pay all the bank charges, including overseas charges.

To minimize your remittance cost, for individuals other than HK, we would strongly recommend you to place the order via one of the following persons or fan clubs. Thank you!

Japan:VanNess 1 Love; VanNess Zone
Korea:Vannessfriends ; Vanness Wu World
Malaysia:Jessi from VIFC
Philippines:Certifie d_VannAddicts
Singapore:onlyF4 and/or whalesg from VIFC
Thailand:VCC Thailand

PS. We will try our best but do not guarantee you will get an autographed copy of the album.

Thanks to Alice of VIFC - We cannot view our new posts!

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She cannot viewed it. I said try to reopen or refreshed the page but still she was unlucky.

Unfortunately, I tested and posted another entry about Vanness
and I am frustrated seeing this "NOT VIEWABLE" message every now and then.

We contacted the Customer support already and hopefully it will fix soon.

Starting today, When posting, please select "for Everyone" so that we can read it.
By the time when everything is OK, we will repost everything.

Of course, we would like to have a little privacy on our group. It will be a "hassle" for now but we have to do this
- tto give you the latest updates and information on F4.

Again, thank you for your patience and understanding.

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=) daomisyel,
JVKV Multiply Admin
(naks solo sa billing) hehehe!

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Toy Con 2008 Online Video Strem - live today!

click here



All fans of this upcoming CTV drama set to premiere this August, who are Global Destiny Cable subscribers at the same time, must sign the petition to ensure CTV and CTS will still be made available to Global Destiny Cable subscribers even after June16 (Monday).

Petition URL:

Thank you for your help!

Our own version of Zaizai's Birthday Celebration!

Happy Birthday Zaizai, wish you long life, happiness and hopefully you'll find someone who will love you

Weekend, June 7 and 8

Part 1 -Our own version of celebrating Zaizai's birthday celebration

Part 2 -A Sunday afternoon "coincidence" adventure

Part 3 -and a Monday chika-chika

Part 1 - June 7
Our own version of celebrating Zaizai's birthday celebration

The retardeds agreed to meet on June 7 at Megamall.
We decided to stay at my palace and have some snacks while watching our favorite videos and had fun talk (about everything we see, feel, etc)

Food courtesy of the Retardeds
thanks to claire for the photos

Am still waiting for weng's photos because meron akong posing dun holding jerry the alien breadman.hehehe.

*Ma'am Mimi madaya, di sumama.pero sa picture taking present.bwahahaha.

thanks to Mari of Certified Vann Addicts. Hello to Tita Amy. Nice seeing you once again. Hay istorbo talaga ang work sa mga meet up. bwahahaha.

Our main highlight was "Linger" (Zaizai's movie) but unfortunately my dvd got stuck up on claire's player and we decided to let it go and watch other clips. I don't know what happened. I actually seen the movie twice. First was i fell asleep because i was too tired from work then the second one, I wasn't aware that there was an audio option wherein i can switched the cantonese audio to mandarin (laughtrip!). The movie is not that long, and the story is very simple. Zaizai's character is I don't know if he's an illusion or a ghost with unfinished business on earth and keeps on asking Li BingBing "Do You Really Love Me?" What keeps me annoying is the female lead. You know i don't like her. She occupies 90% of the screentime. That's why i got bored. Zaizai looks horrible in "YKK" zipper as Jerry said in their F4 interview. Anyways back to our marathon, finally we were able to watched all thelatest clips of F4 from Jerry's Starlit, Hot Shots presscon, Vanness Kung Fu Chef, Vic's Lancome and many other F4 related news including the TV specials werein these four guys had bloopers on their rehearsals (Jan 2008 - Waiting for you the Album) ...

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Vivian Hsu ignored Vanness Wu and explain rumor with Stephen Feng

Vivian Hsu ignored Vanness Wu and explain rumor with Stephen Feng
By Melinda
During a disaster relief activity, she met her ex-lover, Vanness Wu Jianhao. She indicated that it was too noisy at the scene and she was busy receiving calls for donation. Thus, she did not have any chance to speak to him. ...

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Taiwan's Kelly Lin And Ken Chu With Shu Qi In Tokyo

It was the first time that Kelly Lin and Ken Chu were seen together in a public function at the charity dinner last night, since the affair was exposed. Although after a previous admission, they were not in the same table, but the rumored romantic lovers were paying attention to each other's every move. When asked if they have now a semi-open affair, Lin said: "You think too much!" She explained: "This is just charitable work, let alone a meaningful activity."

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Our New Layout

Hello F4 Friends! finally, the new layout is now uploaded to our JVKV | F4 Fan Lounge.

Special thanks to rhicz

And Many thanks to all the members of the forum. Keep on participating. Rest assured we promise to give you more Updates on our beloved F4.

JVKV Multiply - F4 Fan Lounge Admins

Vanness Wu: Kung Fu Chef

Here is the latest photo of the film, Kung Fu Chef starring Vanness Wu. You can visit our JVKV site for more details. Thanks to wengvann for uploading. Credits to the source.