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Van Ness Wu becomes a monster for his next role

Source : Chinatimes,UDN
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Van Ness Wu attended a press conference to promote a new digital TV service as their spokesperson. He revealed that the American Syfy (formerly known as Sci-Fi) channel has offered him a role in the third season of Sanctuary. Van Ness Wu said he is a big fan of the network. He is expected to appear in two episodes, and the role is a monster of Asian descents with a kind heart.

In addition to the Syfy channel, the new digital TV service will also feature popular program The Biggest Loser. Van Ness Wu said he weighed up to 90 kg at one point. His mom has even sent him to summer weight loss camps when he was 10 and 12, but the weight would always return. Now that he is older, he maintains his weight at 72 kg with a normal diet and exercising. Van Ness joked that going on the scale is the most foolish thing, because looking in the mirror is much more accurate. He usually looks at himself before going into the shower and checks if any parts show signs of fattiness.

Van Ness Wu said he has been staying busy with daily meetings to discuss his new movies, TV dramas, pre-productions, as well as recording his 4th EP. It was reported that he might drop out of The Killer Never Kills after all. He was supposed to replace Vic Chou who had to leave the production after numerous delays and scheduling conflicts. Van Ness Wu’s manager explained, “(The movie company) moved up the filming date, it conflicts with the existing schedule. We are trying our best to negotiate a compromise.”

Confirmed: Down with Love & Autumn Concerto @ ABS-CBN

Starting April, more daytime and primetime shows will keep Pinoys in and out of the country glued to TV set. Koreanovelas like Down with Love starring Jerry Yan sets mornings in the mood for love and Autumn’s Concerto with Vaness Wu while Walt Disney’s Aladdin, The Adventures of Narnia and Pirates of the Carribbean: Dead Man’s Chest are exciting treats to kiddie viewers.

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Errrr, it's TW Soap. Gosh!

Van Ness becomes producer for new drama

Source : UDN
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Despite the drug scandal from earlier, Van Ness Wu’s Smash and Grab production company has taken up the new PTS drama project to film the upcoming 6-episode idol drama, “那年,雨不停國” (lit. That year, rain does not stop the nation), where the story takes place after Typhoon Morakot.

The drama was not a project proposed to PTS by Smash and Grab Productions, but rather, it was PTS who had already completed the script and was very interested in having Director Chen Hui-Ling to film it. Director Chen was still busy filming “Autumn’s Concerto” at the time of PTS' invitation, but Van Ness fell in love with the script after reading it, so Director Chen later helped materialize the collaboration between PTS and Smash and Grab Productions. It’s estimated that the production fee would cost around one million dollars (NT) per episode and it is expected to start broadcasting on May 15.

Media were allowed to visit the set of the drama yesterday and Director Chen joked that it feels like “payback time” from Van Ness Wu. She explained that because she was too harsh on Van Ness when he was acting, and now he is her boss, controlling quality and budget of her new drama.

Van Ness admits that the details of the project are mostly handled by his partner Jimmy Hung, while he focuses on acting as a special guest star in the drama. Van Ness plays a therapist who is responsible for helping youths in post-traumatic recovery. Besides have long lines of dialogue, Van Ness reveals that the word “死” (“Si”, die) gives him the most headaches as he can never pronounce it right.

The theme for the drama is exactly what Golden Bell Awards loves, so there is a possibility that it may go head to head with “Autumn’s Concerto” this year. Van Ness comments that regardless of which drama gets a nomination or award, it’s all good. If the new drama is well received, it will make him a proud producer. The drama is also filled with talented actors such as Ding Qiang, Ke Shu Qin, and Liu Rui Qi. Van Ness expresses that it’s a very meaningful project as it talks about the post-traumatic recovery of youths, and he hopes that the script can be a form of showing support to those affected by Typhoon Morakot.

Cyndi Wang says Vic Chou is a funny guy off-screen

Source : NOWnews
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Cyndi Wang attended a press conference to announce her contract renewal with Sketchers. The already-slim star was photographed last year by a magazine at height of her weight gain, but she happily revealed at the event that she has lost 2 kg.

Several days ago, Cyndi Wang was asked in an interview if she was worried about becoming a “leftover-girl”. The term refers to women between the ages of 25 to 27 who are not married. She said she is not afraid at all because women are entitled to pursue their personal achievement, and their unwillingness to marry early is a reflection of “equality between men and women”.

Cyndi Wang recently played a couple with Vic Chou in a mainland green tea commercial. Although they only spent a limited amount of time together, she found out that he is actually pretty funny, so she had a good time working with him. She also mentioned that she has met a lot of “new friends” lately, but not anyone she is attracted to yet.

Late Night Hangout Session - Vanness Wu

Last week while I was in Taipei, Vanness also happened to be in Taipei for a few days for some press conferences. Because it has been so many years since I was last in Taiwan, this was my first time visiting his Taipei apartment. He has quite a collection of sneakers and vinyl toys, so much so that he tried really hard to give away some of his collection to me to clear up some space in his apartment.

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2010 vic chou green tea cf

More 2 Come~ - Vanness Blog Post

I know I’ve been slacking been so much to do lately it’s crazy…I’d like to introduce to you a place that you probably never really heard of or wonder why people would go there…Redding California.

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Van Ness, God, and bed scenes

Source : NOWnews
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After Van Ness Wu was baptized, he offered nearly all his time to the Church; God was his top priority. Because of his dedication and promise of abstinence before marriage to God, now, not only does he feel uncomfortable all over when he films bed scenes, even when he simply recalls the images, he would get the chills and must remind himself, "It's not real!"

A few days ago, during his shoot for the Trendy Men section of Beauty 321, he spoke frankly about his faith bringing purification and peace to him. 2007 was the low-point in Van ness Wu's life. Despite being supported by the popularity of F4, he felt empty inside. As a result, he decided to find himself again, and only at that time did he discover that what put him farthest from God was sex.

Van Ness stated, "I struggle a lot at first to not play around with women. In the beginning, the pastor told me to start slowly, and now I have promised God that I will observe abstinence before marriage. After the promise and his alteration, in separate years, Van Ness achieved his goal of making music, holding concert, etc. More than once, during interviews, he has testified, "Give your faith to God and everything around you will succeed." Van Ness also openly said that he was a "beast" before, but now, even though there are still women who take the initiative around him, he "sees them with different eyes."

While acting as a father and son pair with Xiao Xiao Bin in Autumn's Concerto on TTV and SETTV, Van Ness expressed his longing to be a father. He said, "In the future, I want to have many kids. If it is possible to raise them all, I want six of them. I hope to settle down, the sooner the better." As for requirements for his fated woman, Van Ness said resolutely, "I hope she loves God

Van Ness Wu, Glory of Love

source:, Chinayes
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*The following article is an excerpt of the interview with Van Ness Wu in the new issue of Men’s Uno.

After becoming baptized for two years, Van Ness Wu now appears less flamboyant, but he gives off a strong sense of certainty towards his future. Many people might have stereotyped him during the early years because of his appearance and unruly style. It was easy to associate him with as a playboy. Van Ness Wu now faces his past frankly and clearly knows what he needs at the present. He can talk about music with confidence and passion. As for the overwhelming response from Autumn’s Concerto, which had put him back in the spotlight, he credits God for all of his success. He is also thankful that it gave his parents something to be proud of.

I became famous too quickly

Van Ness Wu burst into fame with his character Mei Zuo (Mimasaka) in the idol drama Meteor Garden ten years ago. It was also his first formal entrance into showbiz, and then becoming a member of F4. His American style/ABC personality, passion for music and love for dancing quickly became his trademark image. Over the course of ten years, his fame reached all over Asia, from Korea, Japan, Hong Kong to South-Eastern Asia, etc…If he can start over, would he go into this line of business again? He said without hesitation, “I would still choose this occupation again, because I really love music and dancing. I love giving my best performance to everyone even more.”

Before formally joining the entertainment industry, Van Ness Wu had searched for a chance to release to his own album with demo tapes that he created himself. He thought about quitting while he waited, but he was able to pull through because of his anticipation and passion. He came from LA without any special background; the only thing he had was the pursuit of his dreams. Even after Meteor Garden, he hasn’t forgotten the love that he had originally for music. We have seen him performing in a group with Korean pop star Kangta, and more recently with Kanye West on stage. Not only that, he is also a serious artist. He thanked God for giving him the warmest guidance in the times of uncertainty.

Taking a look back at the past, he doesn’t deny about losing himself because he “became famous too quickly”. When too many people offered their love, they made him lose his power to see what was real. He had become anxious and upset over gossips and false reports in the past. “When too many people congratulate you, and everyone compliments you unconditionally, it’s very easy to lose yourself in the midst of fake images and false reputations. There was a time when I asked myself if I am Mei Zuo or Van Ness Wu? I forgot what I really wanted, what my heart really cared about, what ideals I had since I was a child? I even went back to the US to settle myself down, in hopes to find the feeling I had in the beginning. All the uncertainty and agitation I had slowly disappeared after I found God!”

Rebirth after Baptism

“Many people thought I look at things differently after my belief in God. I don’t deny that my belief has changed my life, because I truly feel that God gives me a lot of power. I really want to share the happiness that I have received. I now look at things more and more peacefully, or it can be said as a departure from the hot-blooded youth. I now know better to step back and think, and look at things from a different point of view. When I hesitate, I would quietly pray and hope God would give me power. He always points me to the right road and takes me to a better place. I’m truly grateful to him!”

In the interview, he shared a phrase from the bible: “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, all your plans will succeed.” He said, God gives him a lot of positive energy. He also hopes everyone can give themselves a chance to get to know God better. “He doesn’t care how much you have done, he already loves you, he already gives you love unconditionally. Just believe and proceed in the direction from God, you will be able to get where you want to be.”

Back when he was will unsure about taking on Autumn’s Concerto, he slightly panicked as many situations arose. However, he got a feeling that God wanted him to move forward bravely, and now it proved his direction was correct. “During filming, I would always have discussions with the director. I hoped to refine the most appropriate acting style, and then completely immerse myself into the drama. I believe God will take care of me, and let me do my very best.”

*The full article is available in issue No.127 of Men's Uno TW.

Xiu Jie Kai celebrates birthday, Zai Zai and Cai Yue Xun have awkward run in

Source : UDN
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Zai Zai and Cai Yue Xun ran into each other unexpectedly because of Xiu Jie Kai's birthday celebration. Despite news of them not being on good terms due to the Black and White movie, the two embraced and Cai Yue Xun even lightly patted Zai Zai's back saying, "Long time no see." Zai Zai stayed at the party until the very end moving Xiu Jie Kai, who stated "Zai Zai is my brother for life!", to tears.

Xiu Jie Kai held his 27th birthday party last night where Cai Yue Xun, Yu Xiao Hui, Ivy Chen, and Jason cut the cake together while Alan Kuo and Champion Band performed "Zero". Zai Zai was originally going to only record a taped message, like Janine Zhang, to send wishes to Xiu Jie Kai and would not actually be present. However, later on into the party, Zai Zai suddenly appeared.

From start to finish, Zai Zai was like an "assistant" who stayed by Xiu Jie Kai's side the entire time. He didn't grab the spotlight and would only insert a few words from time to time. With him there, it gave Xiu Jie Kai a large dose of confidence at his first birthday celebration.

Ding Dang was also there and performed "I Love Him". Fans made an uproar over Zai Zai nestling on Xiu's shoulder. Zai Zai couldn't help but scold laughingly, "Do you guys really see the us as husband and wife?." To date, the two are still living together on Bade Road, their relationship can well be imagined without speaking about it.

During the latter half, Cai Yue Xun, along with Yu Xiao Hui, Ivy Chen, and others left first. Zai Zai and Cai Yue Xun had came across each other onstage. Cai Yue Xun sat down on the couch Zai Zai was sitting on. Zai Zai, in return, leapt up in exaggeration and being funny said, "Oh my, the director has come! When the director is seated, who dares to stand!" Previously, Zai Zai and Mark Chao's relationship became complicated due to the Bell Awards. They could not collaborate either on the film Black and White that Cai Yue Xun had prepared due to scheduling. Thus, last night, because of Xiu Jie Kai, Zai Zai and Cai Yue Xun bumped into each other, making it awkward.

Van Ness takes over Vic's role with the help of God

Source : UDN
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Due to change in Director and problems with the script, “The Killer Never Kills” project was put on hold. As reported previously, although Vic Chou has waited two months for the project, he will no longer be participating in it. Rumors say that Eddie Peng and Mike He were interested in taking over the project, but just yesterday, it was announced that the devoted Christian Van Ness Wu will be the one taking over the role.

Van Ness’ popularity skyrocketed after the smash hit idol drama, “Autumn’s Concerto,” which also crowned him the King in ratings. Van Ness reportedly received ten drama and three movie offers, but it has been confirmed that he will be taking up the “Killer Never Kills” project, which will resume its filming by the end of the month. Although Van Ness previously indicated that he would concentrate working on his upcoming album, he loved the character in “Killer” too much, so he accepted the role. In fact, Vic also recommended Van Ness to Film Mall, the movie production company, because he believes that Van Ness’ “gentle” appearance matches the role very well.

Family Mart -Ad Photos

Van Ness Wu praises Oxford graduated mayor for good English

Source : CNA, UDN
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An epic fail indeed but not entirely his fault…..Autumn’s Concerto’s Van Ness Wu became the spokesperson for the free TTJ Bus service for the city of Taichung yesterday. He met with Mayor Jason Hu for the first time to promote their new Next Stop, Happiness public transit campaign. The two got to know each other a little better with a chit chat in English at the event. Van Ness said, “Mayor Jason Hu has a distinct personality. Very Powerful.”

Van Ness Wu was praised by Mayor Hu for his fluent English. He explained to the mayor that he had grown up in the US and returned the compliment by saying Mayor Hu’s “English is not bad” either. In response, the mayor said, “Do you know I was the foreign minister? (I do now.) You were too late! (I’m sorry.) Hey listen, the foreign minister of Taiwan gotta be something. (Yeah, definitely…) Did you know I’m graduated from Oxford? (I do now!) Haaaa! Shut up! He doesn’t know me at all. But I know him!”

In related news, the daughter of famous musician Peng Guang-Lin was arrested for using marijuana, following the recent drug bust of one of Van Ness Wu's employees. When asked about the news, he said he hasn’t done anything wrong, and is not in the position to speak on behalf of others.

News clip no.1 from SETTV (1/3) :

Autumn’s Concerto reaches its last stop

Source: SETTV, TTV, PTT, Nownews, Chinatimes
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Autumn’s Concerto (better known as Next Stop, Happiness in Chinese) arrived at its final stop this past Sunday. The hit drama ended with a 30-minute episode and took in an average rating of 8.07%. Fans were happy to see its lead characters, played by Van Ness Wu and Ady An, spend some quality time together, but they were also dissatisfied with the drama ending so abruptly.

The *intervals ratings (7.33% followed by 8.80%) seemed to indicate that viewers were just starting to warm up by the time Episode 21 finished. Those who patiently sat through the next drama got a little treat called P.S. Next Stop. The short special included outtakes from the finale, as well as the usual Van Ness-forgot-his-lines-again bloopers.

The successor to Autumn’s Concerto, P.S. Man (Tou Xin Da Sheng P.S. Nan), appeared to have benefited from its strong lead-in with an average rating of 4.57%. The new drama starring Blue Lan was off to a great start after being heavily promoted over the last few weeks. However, the *interval ratings showed a different story as episode 1 started with a high of 6.55% and finished with 3.35%. The first episode was rather slow and lacked the comic-timing of dramas in the same genre. This might be good news for Down With Love and Because Of You after all, since their ratings trailed behind at 2.84% and 0.46% respectively.

It remains to be seen if P.S. Man will pick things up when the other lead actor, James Wen, makes his debut next week. He has been on quite a streak with a Golden Bell-nominated performance on My Queen, a fan-favorite couple with Sonia Sui on The Happy Times of That Year, and even a cameo as Ady An’s father on Autumn’s Concerto.

The passionate kiss of Vanness Wu and Ady Ann in Autumn's concert Final Episode

Translated by Whalesg@VIFC

Idol drama “Autumn’s Concerto” had finally completed its run on 28 February 2010 in a grand finale. After going through so much of obstacles and problems, the couple had finally come together, the prince and princess is living happily ever after. Wu Jian Hao and An Yi Xuan had give it all to kiss passionately in the grand finale.

With the male and female leads being so immersed in their characters, the viewers were overwhelmed though the intimacy level hit the roof for the drama but still there are voices that claimed it is not enough and they requested for the drama to have a sequel to show their after marriage life in the story.

Clip of TV version and BTS