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Vanness Wu admits he was a womaniser

By Syahida Kamarudin | From Cinema Online Exclusively for Yahoo! Newsroom – 13 hours ago

8 Nov – Vanness Wu's much popularised abstinence from sex for the past five years is apparently to redeem himself from his bad behaviour in the past, according to a report on Asianpopnews website.

In an interview on a Taiwanese variety programme, "University", the performer confessed to audiences regarding his past rebellious behaviour. The singer stated, "I used to be very flirtatious in the past."
"2007 was my most depressing year. Although F4 was at the peak of popularity, I was unable to do the kind of music I loved in order to support my family."

Vanness confessed that he lost his life direction and was in frequent quarrels with his parents as a result.
"I quarrelled a lot with my parents at that time. I even went around drinking and courting girls. I treated girls with no respect at all," the singer confessed.

However, Vanness explained that he changed his lifestyle and attitude after he was baptised as a Christian few years back. The singer stated, "I then realised that women are the best creations and my past attitude towards women were so wrong!"
The singer is currently in a relationship with a Singaporean heiress, Arissa Cheo.

Vanness Wu not engaged

8 June – The manager of American-born Taiwanese singer Vanness Wu denied that his star has been engaged to his Singaporean girlfriend Arrissa Cheo.

According to Asian Bite, Vanness's manager Katie responded to rumours that Wu had been engaged to Arrissa by saying that he is currently too busy with the filming of his television series, the romance drama "Ti Amo Chocolate", to put a ring on it.

"Vanness is very careful when it comes to marriage; his friends would be informed [if he is engaged] but I've not heard anything from him."
Rumours of Wu's and Arrissa's engagement surfaced when a friend of Arrissa revealed that the couple had gotten engaged with the blessing of Arrissa's parents.

It should be noted that Arrissa's parents had initially refused to acknowledge the couple's relationship due to Wu's job as an entertainer, when they started dating again in April 2010.

The couple was believed to have met in 2006 when Wu was shooting the music video for "My Kingdom" and dated for a year before breaking up. Wu has kept a low-profile about his relationship with Arrissa due to her non-celebrity status, but friends of Wu has said that he intends to settle down with the Singaporean lass.

Vanness Wu and Jun-ho for "Tiamo Chocolate"

2 Apr – It was revealed that Taiwanese star Vanness Wu will be collaborating with 2PM's Jun-ho for a Taiwanese drama's OST album.
According to Kpopstarz website, both singers Wu have recorded the track "Undefeated" for the drama "Tiamo Chocolate". Both stars will also start shooting the music video shortly after the OST album is set for release.
Jun-ho enthused, "It was a pleasure and excitement to have met Vanness and work with him for the music. The music video shooting is the thing to look forward to."
Earlier, Vanness Wu has partnered up with SM Entertainment artist Kangta in the past for promotions in Korea.
Currently, the "Meteor Garden" star is the lead actor for drama "Tiamo Chocolate."

Vic Chou is looking for love

HONG KONG: Taiwan actor Vic Chou revealed during a recent promotional event in Hong Kong for his new film "Perfect Two", that he hopes to settle down by 40 and is currently seeking a girlfriend, reported Hong Kong media.

The 30-year-old actor, who plays a father that grapples with the challenge of raising his young son in the film, said he previously planned to marry and have children at 25, but just couldn't find Miss Right.

His new goal is to do so by 40.

"I really want to be a father and start a family but it isn't easy. I need to first find a good other half, but I haven't found one yet.

"My social circle is too small, and I don't like socializing at events, so I sincerely ask that if there is anyone suitable, please recommend them to me!" Chou told reporters.

The former F4 member said many of his friends were in loving relationships and this caused him to yearn for love as well.

Chou added that he did not rule out having a lightning quick 'flash wedding' if Miss Right comes along.

"Should the right person appear one day, and wants to marry and have kids, I will do it," said Chou.


Clarification on CNY - F4 REUNION

January 12, 2012

Yesterday, news was released in Mainland China and transferred all over about Jiang Su Satellite Spring Festival Concert's Executive Director claimed that they had received contracts from all F4's 4 members for performing 2 songs at the Spring Festival Concert. In the news, it was reported that ZZ was the first one who accepted the offer, and he's so enthusiastic that he even started looking around for the peforming outfits for F4.

Today, Lian He Bao reported that both ZZ and Vanness' agents denied any F4's reunion at Jiang Su Satellite's Spring Festival concert. There's rumor that the plan aborted due to disagreement on talent fees between Jiang Su Satellite and F4. ZZ's agent replied that it was not about the money, but about format and sincerity, as the four parties of F4 have agreement that the next reunion should have some special meaning that it would be either for big charity event or CCTV's well organized Spring Festival concert. At this time, YCX and Zhu Xiao Tian are busy filming movies in Matsu and Heng Dian.

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Sorry no F4 reunion at this moment :)

A-mei and other celebs strip for charity

The Daily Chilli
Sunday, Jan 08, 2012

Taiwanese rock queen A-mei Chang Hui-mei has shot her most daring picture since she made her debut in showbiz in 1996.

She has stripped for a photograph.

The 39-year-old was among 40 celebrities helping ambitious teenagers fulfill their dreams.

Most of the stars are from Taiwan but not all of them posed nude for the cause.

Among them are Chinese model Lynn Xiong and actor Huang Xiaoming, Angelababy from Hong Kong, model Sophia Kao and Malaysian Fish Leong.

The others include Vanness Wu, Aaron Yan, Elva Hsiao, Show Luo, Vivian Hsu, Matilda Tao, Wilber Pan, Patty Hou and members of S.H.E. - Selina, Hebe and Ella.

Their photos are being displayed at an exhibition in Taipei, and will be auctioned off later.

All proceeds go to the Realising Dreams Project under the Fubon Cultural and Educational Foundation.

The charitable event was organised by 68 stylists, designers, photographers and directors from Taiwan.


Taiwanese Stars featured at

Pop musik: the sound of the charts in … Taiwan

Western media often assume Asian music to be dominated by Japanese and South Korean pop. But a new generation of Taiwanese stars is highlighting Mandarin pop's potential

Western media often assume Asian music to be dominated by Japanese and South Korean pop. But a new generation of Taiwanese stars is highlighting Mandarin pop's potential

Viewed through reports in the western press, the battle for domination of Asia's charts would appear to be a straight fight between established superpower Japan and effervescent upstart South Korea. Rarely meriting a mention is the primary hub of Mandarin pop, Taiwan. This island state shares a language with mainland China but is free from the weight of its political control and has a cultural influence vastly disproportionate to its size.

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