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MTV World Stage VMAJ 2010 in Japan

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Love U A Thousand Years

Scheduled date of release: 6 August 2010

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23/05/10 APAHM Concert @ New York

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Entirely changing from the ruffian wind, Zaizai challenges "soft beauty" style

Monday May 17, 2010 Taiwan
Source : TVBS news
Translated by sytwo at VIC/ AF

Melancholic star Zaizai entirely changes from the ruffian wind for new movie, wearing a pink suit and acting hilarious. Not only growing a moustache, he also strike a beautiful pose for the photo shoot, very saucy (lively and cheeky). In the movie "Love You Ten Thousand Years", ZZ's role has a somewhat nervous-like (a little "mad-like") characteristic which makes ZZ want to daringly challenge it.

Face full of moustache, wearing a pink suit and acting very saucy even when taking photos, he does not forget to strike a beautiful pose wriggling his waist and exhibiting his buttock. Zaizai entirely changes from his Ruffian feel, making a big breakthrough for the movie as he wears a "kawaii" (cute) pink suit.

Actually Zaizai has always wanted to act as someone who has mental disorder, and in the new film the role of the decadent rock band singer with a nervous-like characteristic is what he wants to portray.

For the movie, he pompously put on a pink suit and act saucy, and will also have "embarrassing scenes" with lead actress Kato Yuki. Even before the movie is released it has already created topic of discussion - before the official website was established fans has already set up a website for the film.

Purposely striking a pose with his legs and looking foolish, leaving the image of melancholic youth, he lets everyone see a very different Zaizai.

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Zaizai Vic Zhou tries out a saucy and "soft beauty" image for new film

Monday May 17, 2010 Taiwan
Source : CTI news h
Translated by sytwo at VIC/ AF

After series Ruffian Hero, Zaizai Zhou Yumin once again has a major breakthrough in his image for a new film. Not only wearing a pink suit, he also put on a saucy and cute pose. But actually in the film Zaizai plays a decadent rock band member and will sing in the movie, plus have a passionate bed scene with Japanese actress Kato Yuki.

Wearing a saucy pink suit, and combining it with vulgar (俗俗) taiwanese-flavored (台客) dance steps, Zai Zai Zhou Yumin will wriggle his waist and exhibit his buttock and even sing a classic old song to show off his vocal chords in the movie "Love You Ten Thousand Years".

Saying goodbye to the masculine image in Ruffian Hero, Zai Zai has a major breakthrough for the new film, not only putting on a "kawaii" (cute) pink suit, even his pose for the photo shoot is very saucy.

Going the "cute" route, but in actual fact Zaizai plays a decadent rocker in the movie and has a passionate bed scene with Japanese actress Kato Yuki. Zai Zai Zhou Yumin is recently attempting different path in his film career, making great efforts to transform his image. From a idol male star he has now turn into an actor with real strength.

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Live chat with Van Ness Wu this Saturday,
Date: May 15, 2010
Time: 1-2 PM.
Giving away 2 tickets to the APAHM 2010 Tour!

credits to VIFC

Taken using my N70, am very sorry for the poor quality.

My phone almost went dead when I got home and I wasn't able to transfer some of my files.
Phone's memory got full on the last minutes when Vanness was signing "Amazing Grace" and "Nothin' on you"

I'll try to summarize the chat transcript.

I need to rest for a while. Been so tired, I just attended an event the whole night and Vanness was surprised when he founds out that most of his fans were still 'awide awake' at 4am just to chat with him....Fans even said to 'take off his shirt' but He said, when my viewers reached '1000' then I'll take it off...

On the 2nd part of the video, watch out -- He said 'MAHAL KITA' and 'SHOUT OUT TO ALL PINOYS'


:) daomisyel

Live chat with Van Ness Wu


Live chat with Van Ness Wu this Saturday,
Date: May 15, 2010
Time: 1-2 PM.
Giving away 2 tickets to the APAHM 2010 Tour!

credits to VIFC..

Take note: time is in PST .... better check your time zones.

Van Ness Wu X The House of GLAM Charity Auction

Van Ness Wu X The House of GLAM Charity Auction: New 3.V.O.7 Jewelry Collection Launches Via Silent Text Auction to Raise Money for Qinghai Earthquake Victims

Taiwanese American artist Van Ness Wu will hold a silent auction with LA events-production company The House of GLAM of the new collection for his jewelry line 3.V.O.7. to raise funds for UNICEF relief efforts for children in earthquake-ravaged Qinghai Province, China.

LOS ANGELES, California, May 03, 2010 – In the wake of the devastating earthquake that struck Qinghai Province, China, Taiwanese American artist Van Ness Wu has come together with LA based The House of GLAM to hold a charity auction of two items from his new jewelry line 3.V.O.7.

Wu said about the earthquake, “First thing that came to mind was shock that it happened again so soon, the people whose lives will be forever changed by this event, and what I could do to help. I believe there is a reason for everything, God is really moving.”

UNICEF reports that thousands of children in Yushu County are without sufficient housing or clothing; much of the region’s medical and school facilities were also destroyed or severely damaged by the earthquake. The organization has focused its attention on rescue efforts, as well as providing both medical emergency supplies and school supplies for children in the earthquake zone.

The silent auction will be held via text message and will run for 5 days from Tuesday May 4 2010 to the Saturday May 8. The announcement of the winning bids will take place on May 8 at 1am at the new club Industry in West Hollywood where The House of GLAM hosts their weekly Saturday events. The items for auction will be on display on the night of the event from 11-12am showcased by two models making their way through the venue. The House of GLAM will match the donations generated from the silent auction. All proceeds from the charity event will go to support the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF).

Two boxes will be up for charity auction: the first box will be the 3.V.O.7 F DOLL, and the second box will be a two-ring combo set containing a 3.V.O.7 ring and a V ring. Each of the bid items will include a personal note from Van Ness thanking the winners for their contribution to the relief efforts. Winners of each bid will receive their 3.V.O.7 and will get the opportunity to personally meet and be photographed with Van Ness Wu.

China has suffered a series of severe natural disasters in the last three years, including a 6.2-magnitude quake in August of last year and a massive magnitude-8 quake in 2008 that killed 87,000 people in Sichuan.

This most recent earthquake, which took place on April 14, was measured as having a magnitude of 7.1 by the Chinese earthquake agency. The death toll has risen to over 2,000 people, with thousands more numbered amongst the injured.

Van Ness Wu is known in Taiwan and throughout Asia for his roles in several movies and television dramas, including the highly popular “Meteor Garden” and, more recently, “Autumn’s Concerto.”

He has released music as part of Taiwanese boyband F4, as well releasing three solo albums of his own. In addition to his work as an actor and singer, Wu has also directed his creativity to other entrepreneurial ventures.

Wu started his jewelry line 3.V.O.7 in 2009 in conjunction with Janet Yang of Dazzling and J-Y Fashion. When asked about the inspiration for his jewelry, he answered, “Love. Love is the inspiration I have behind all that I do. Whether it’s something that I love to do, or hate to do, I approach it with an attitude of gratitude guided by love.”

“All that I have is not mine; all that I have I cannot bring with me when I’m gone,” Wu added, “So if all that I am and have can help, whenever help is needed, I will gladly give.”

Said Wu, “I’m excited to be able to launch my new 2010 3.V.O.7. jewelry collection and contribute to UNICEF’s relief efforts in China at the same time. It’s great to see something I put my effort and creativity into being used to help those who have suffered so much because of the earthquake.”

more details on this site:

HTC and Verizon Wireless Present the 3rd Annual Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Concert Tour

Featuring Van Ness Wu, Evonne Hsu, JJ Lin and Mike Relm.

West Coast
Seattle, 5/21: Concert with Van Ness Wu, Evonne Hsu and Mike Relm
Fremont Studios
155 North 35th Street, Seattle, WA 98103

Doors open at 7:00pm, show starts at 8:00pm
5/20: Autograph session with Van Ness Wu & Evonne Hsu
Verizon Wireless
5001 25th Ave. NE, Seattle, WA 98105
For more info in English, call (206) 525-0697
(206) 525-0697
For more information in Chinese, call (800) 811-8893
(800) 811-8893

Autograph session starts at 4:00pm
East Coast - 2010 APAHM East Coast Information
New York, 5/23: Concert with Van Ness Wu, Evonne Hsu and Mike Relm
The Fillmore at Irving Plaza
17 Irving Place, New York, NY 10003

Doors open at 6:30pm, show starts at 7:30pm
5/24: Autograph session with Van Ness Wu & Evonne Hsu
HiPoint Wireless
40-28 Main St, Flushing, NY 11354
For more info in English, call (718) 888-0330
(718) 888-0330 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
For more information in Chinese, call (800) 811-8893
(800) 811-8893

Autograph session starts at 4:00pm