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Aug 12 - Gathering Pictures

We would like to thank everybody for coming to our gathering!
We hope you enjoy our little treat

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Zaizai takes leave for 2 months, Patty Hou loses 120,0000 a month

Zaizai takes leave for 2 months, Patty Hou loses 120,0000 a month

Zaizai Vic Zhou would be heading to Hong Kong during mid August to
film movie, Hu Die Fei for 2 months causing idol, drama, Mei Wei Guan
Xi to halt filming. However, the biggest victim is actually Patty
Hou. To film this show, she pratically push away 3 shows to host
every month, 120,0000 vanishing into thin air like that. Now that Mei
Wei Guan Xi have been delayed, it's predicted she'll be losing lots !

Ever since the show have started filming from April, it have been
going at a tortise pace. That's because , Director Cui You Ning is
very serious and place importance on the feel of it. He can sacrifice
a day just for one scene and it's very normal. For the quality of the
film, he spent huge amount of money to buy the best ingredients. The
ingredients even have to be thrown away as he could not film several
scenes a day.

Besides, artists who were involved in the filming were all very busy
and often took leave, Zaizai promoting Silence and Patty had lots of
invites for hosting while Alan Kuo had to record his album and film
commercials. And also, Zaizai would also be soon acting in Du Qi
Feng's Hu Die Fei and would need to film for 2 months. Thus, Mei Wei
Guan Xi had to halt filming for some time.

Mei Wei Guan Xi has 20 episodes with 60 minutes in each episode. It
is predicted that it would complete filming end of the year. However,
after 3 months of filming, they have only finished 3 episodes instead
of 5. The show have burnt thousands of money and with about 20000 for
each episode and it have been increased to 300,0000. It is predicted
the end money used would be 6000,0000.

With the slow pace, every artist was in huge pressure. The Director
requested each artist to write down their feelings at the end of the
story and Patty's heartfelt words were, "can we film faster ?"

Patty's manager expressed that they hoped the show would complete
filming by end of the year while producer, Cai Zhi Ping did not want
to comment about the slow pace and burnt money but said that
regarding Zaizai having to go overseas was planned beforehand and she
was willing to burn more money to wait for Zaizai.

Thanks to Liberty Times.
5th Aug 2006

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busy with his fathers funeral matters, KEN CHU wasnt able to give vanness a birthday gift, but KEN already texted him as greeting, and they have agreed to eat together when he comes back to taiwan.

source: liberty times 8-8-06
(ken parts only)

Kangta and Vanness News July 28

Article: July 28, 2006

click link for pix.

Kang Ta and Vanness were in HK to promote. They said that they communicate with Mandarin, English and Korean. Kangta said that he had no problem using English but perhaps Vanness might have problem understanding. Vanness said it is fine.

Vanness said that he used to sing ballads with F4 and now he's more on dancing and he enjoys it. Kangta said he likes this 2 person combo because with fewer persons, they are more in sync with each other's work.

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