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Vic Zhou shows his vulnerable side

Even a hunk like Vic Zhou has confidence issues.

In a recent interview when promoting his new movie Ai Ni Yi Wan Nian (loosely translates to Love You for Ten Thousand Years), Vic revealed that there are times when he feels insecure and stressed in a relationship.

"The one thing my last relationship taught me is this: if the guy is not earning as much as the female, he no longer has any say in the family."

"He will feel the need to earn more money and this causes him to sacrifice his principles to take on jobs that he doesn't want to."

Vic added that when a man really loves a woman, appearances are the last thing he'll care about; he will only be concerned about his ability to shoulder the responsibility of supporting the family.

Reports suggest that these heartfelt confessions from Vic appeared to be referring to his last relationship with actress Barbie Hsu.

Back when the two stars went public in 2005, rumours were rife that there were tensions between the two due to differences in financial status.

When they finally broke up after a four-year romance, many speculate that it was due to Barbie being the higher-earner and that Vic could not stand being the weaker one in the relationship.

New Shows on Philippine Television

Ken Chu's Legendary Knight on QTV and Vic Chou's Black and White on TV5
I am still confirming Legendary Knight's schedule. While BW is on July 26, time to be confirmed too.

Vanness Wu's relationship with girlfriend shaky

Long distance relationships are difficult to maintain and it gets worse when your boyfriend is Vanness Wu.

The former F4 member recently revealed that he has patched up with ex-girlfriend Arissa. The two used to date for a year. Marriage was on the cards since their reconciliation.

However, with Vanness based in Taiwan and Arissa in Singapore, the relationship has not been easy to maintain.

Last week Vanness was seen at a cinema together with a dark-skinned babe. The two quickly disappeared into the crowd when Vanness realized he was being followed.

The sighting of Vanness with another female casts doubts over his current relationship with Arissa.

According to his manager, Vanness and the dark-skinned babe are "just friends". When asked if the relationship between Vanness and Arissa has been going well, the manager hesitated before replying in the positive.

Vanness was in China yesterday when he told reporters that the relationship is still going strong.

He also revealed that his new single, No More Tears, will be released in Japan at the end of the month and that he will be busy with filming in subsequent months.

Sammi's new MV[Forgiveness] , featuring Van Ness

'The Haunting Lover' to Open at the End of July

The romantic horror film "The Haunting Lover" ("Deng Zhe Ni Hui Lai") starring Li Xiaolu and Vanness Wu will hit Chinese mainland cinemas at the end of this month, the Beijing Youth Daily reports.
The film is inspired by an urban legend from Singapore that prevailed in Southeast Asia during the 1930s. A young man (Vanness Wu) suddenly disappears, and his girlfriend (Li Xiaolu) is found dead in her bathtub. The police investigation turns vain, and the man and his girlfriend seem to both appear again 10 years later.

Taiwan-based actor Vanness Wu, an American-born Chinese, rose to fame after starring in the 2001 TV hit "Meteor Garden." He has also appeared in such films as "Star Runner" (2003) and "Kung Fu Fighter" (2007).

Mainland actress Li Xiaolu, also known as Lu Lu, starred in such films as "One Night in Supermarket" (2009) and "Blood Brothers" (2007).

"The Haunting Lover" is helmed by Hong Kong director Ken Yip.

Love U A Thousand Years (Vic)

Mark Chao and Vic Zhou faces off again

Mark Chao and Vic Zhou faces off again
The two actors are in the running for the Best Actor Award for this year’s Golden Horse Awards

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Vic Zhou and Mark Zhao's rivalry just got bigger.

Ever since the two stars faced off in last year's Golden Bell Awards for the Best Actor Award for their roles in the television drama Black & White, many have been keeping their eyes on the two hunks.

According to recent reports, the two actors will be facing each other a second time, but on a much bigger stage. The duo will be vying for the Best Actor Award in the Golden Horse Awards.

Vic Zhou's performance as a decadent rocker in the comedy Ai Ni Yi Wang Nian (loosely translated as Love You For Ten Thousand Years) led renowned producer Peggy Chiao to remark that he is the next Tony Leung.

Mark's turn in the sleeper-hit Monga, received positive comments from many; with director Doze Niu praising him as a natural born actor. Monga's impressive haul in box office sales was also proof of Mark's performance.

As of now, Monga seems to be the biggest competitor in the Golden Horse Awards - both veteran actors Ma Ju-lung and Wang Shixian are also in the running for the Best Supporting Actor award.

Clash of the idols

Jerry Yan and Vanness Wu, members of the now-defunct F4, went head-to-head earlier this year in their own respective idol dramas.

Now, the two are headed for another faceoff; this time, for the coveted Best Actor Award.

Having received positive reviews for both dramas, GTV have submitted both actors' names to the organizing committee for the Best Actor Award in the upcoming Golden Bell Awards, which is the Taiwanese equivalent of the Emmy Awards.

Due to their pretty-boy looks, members of F4 have been terribly limited in the roles they could take on. It was only recently that the boys started showing promise, with Vic Zhou receiving a Best Actor Award nomination for Black & White last year while Jerry and Vanness proved their acting chops in Down With Love and Autumn's Concerto.

Jerry's turn in Down With Love received positive reviews, with critics saying that that was his best performance in recent years.

Vanness' Autumn's Concerto garnered record-breaking viewership as the second-most viewed idol drama in the history of idol dramas, making him a hot favourite for the award.

With other veteran actors like Wu Nian Zhen and James Wen also vying for the award, Jerry and Vanness's run for the award will not be an easy one.