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VanNess Wu acts in Autumn's Concerto's court scene, Memorizing lines till he was afraid Sunday October 25, 2009 Taiwan

VanNess Wu acts in autumn's court scene, Memorizing lines till he was afraid
Sunday October 25, 2009 Taiwan

News Source: Sina
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Recently, VanNess Wu, Ady An, and others were acting in a court of law scene in Taipei for idol drama, . VanNess Wu, who plays a lawyer, said laughingly that for this 12 page long court scene he was memorizing lines till he was afraid. He even dreamt that he was a lawyer in court helping a friend file a lawsuit.

In the drama, for Liang Mucheng (Ady An)'s innocence, Sheng De University called for a "Truth Investigation Court." Ren Guangxi (VanNess Wu) served as Liang Mucheng's lawyer in the court battle against Ah Cai Shu's (Chen Muyi) lawyer, Xu Fangguo (Zheng Youjie).

Due to VanNess Wu not being to familiar with written Chinese, plus the inclusion of some proper nouns, Director Chen Huiling was very heartwarming. She read the lines out loud and recorded it as a mp3 to give to VanNess Wu. Whenever he had a single moment, VanNess Wu would take it out to listen to. Even when he is in the gym, he would bring his iPod.

VanNess Wu said that he prepared for almost two months for this scene, memorizing lines till he was afraid. He even dreamt that he was a lawyer in court helping a friend file a lawsuit. This twelve page scene took three days to film. VanNess Wu said that while he was a bit afraid during filming, he felt very accomplished after the filming. It was a breakthrough for this acting career. Merely six years later in the drama, his first appearance is in a scene where is he also helping someone file a lawsuit. VanNess Wu is already waiting in cold sweat.

Black & White sweeps Golden Bell amid controversy

Black & White sweeps Golden Bell amid controversy

TAIPEI: Popular cop drama "Black & White" dominated Taiwan's recent Golden Bell Awards with five wins, but an area of grey hung over the show's success.

The television series, which was nominated for 11 categories, won awards for Best Drama, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Art Direction and Best Marketing.

Newbie actor Mark Chao upset crowd favourite former F4 member Vic Chou to win the Best Actor award, sparkling controversies the former had the advantage of his influential father, Allen Chao.

The results were also reportedly leaked to reporters prior to the award ceremony. China Times said that the Best Actor and Best Actress winners were made known to the press at about 8pm, while Chou had heard the news from fellow nominee Show Luo at around 9pm.

Although Chou had stated he "did not care" about failing to win the award, he reportedly wrote on his website he had "heard some conspiracies and was in a bad mood". His manager also revealed the actor may not act in the upcoming "Black & White" movie.

A teary Chao on-stage expressed gratitude to Chou in his thank-you speech, but Chou appeared awkward and resisted efforts to get him into the limelight to share the moment.

Award officials denied the results were leaked ahead of the prize ceremony, and claimed the scores were only tabulated 20 minutes ahead of the official announcement.

The jury also said Chao deserved the award for outshining Chou on all fronts in the drama.

A lifetime achievement was awarded to late actress Wen Ying, 73, to recognise her dedication to the entertainment business. She had died in August from lung cancer.

Linda Liu won Best Actress for her role in Marriage for Three Women, Chen Po-cheng took home the Best Supporting Actor trophy for his part in You're My One and Only while Phoebe Huang was named Best Supporting Actress for Time Story.

Veteran host Hu Gua was finally crowned Best Host for the quiz show Go To Top 101, after being nominated 14 times in the category.

- CNA/yb

Vanness Wu uses his waist strength to force Ady An to take off her clothes

Vanness Wu uses his waist strength to force Ady An to take off her clothes

Source: UDN
Translation: Sarah @

For his new SETTV idol drama 'Autumn Concerto', Vanness Wu had to wear female high-heels, and it even gave him the idea of re-learning the piano. Lately, he's been going on Youtube to learn a piano piece to one of Justin Timberlake's songs. He said: "Piano has provoked my mind, when I was little, I didn't learn piano properly and that is the thing I regret the most till now."

In the drama, he & Ady An have to act out an intimate scene of him undo-ing her blouse buttons beside the piano, and staff members were so moved by this scene that they even shed tears. Vanness said: "Because I have to force her to take off her clothes, our bodies have to be quite close together, but I was scared of crushing her, so I specially straightened my waist to reduce the weight of my body."

Ady An wants to 'marry' Vanness Wu

Ady An wants to 'marry' Vanness Wu

Source: Xinmin
Translation: alateria @

Taiwanese drama ‘Autumn Concerto/Next station, Happiness’ received a rating of 2.89, for its first episode, hitting a 190 million audience's heart. Ady laughed: "Many classmates called me after seeing the telecast, and asked me to marry Vanness!."

Ady express that she admires those single mothers being able to bear with the stress of being one, after acting the role of a single mother. When asked is there a possibility of being one, she shook her head: "I don't have the courage!" For Vanness, there are a few shower scenes, and Vanness replied: " Showering was filmed in the glass room, but I feel like I'm a piece of meat, bare, with everyone looking at me."