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The Straits Times, Singapore

The Straits Times, Singapore

Friday, November 30, 2007

Vic Chou in Singapore:
The F4 heart-throb will be here on Jan 4 to promote his new movie Linger. Directed by Johnnie To, it marks Chou's movie debut. It opens in cinemas Jan 10.

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The Straits Times, Singapore

Friday, 30 November, 2007

'I've worked in a pet shop. When you look at dogs you know that a man on heat is not that different from a dog on heat'

Actor-singer Ken Chu

Waiting For You - @ HMV AND YesAsia Links

New F4 Album "Waiting For You"

New F4 Album "Waiting For You"
release date is 19 Dec 2007
1. Goodbye / F4
2. No Escape / F4
3. You Are My Only Persistence / Jerry Yan
4. Listen to Your Heart /Vanness Wu
5. Should Not / Vic Zhou
6. Love Non Stop / Ken Zhu
7. 7 Days / Vannes Wu
8. White / Vic Zhou
9. No Matter / Ken Zhu
10. I Love You / Jerry Yan

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NEWS BITS:F4 will present to the public the songs of "Wish You Were Here."

Special Note : To people who are reposting this translation, Please repost as is without adding any phrase/clause and make sure to CREDIT ONLY honeybums of KCIFC Philippines for the translation & the original source of the article. No reposting to Chinese sites. Thanks for your cooperation.


Next month, F4 will present to the public the songs of "Wish You Were Here." There will also be some solo songs included in the presentation.

Jerry Yan - F4 Real Film Collection Part 1

credits as tagged

Please go to this album for more photos
Jerry Yan - F4 Real Film Collection Part 1

More Photos - BOF Presscon

Batanes - Coming Really Soon!!! (Posters at SM Megamall)

Kai and I went out for a lunch date @ Luk Yen (Megamall)
We were craving for "Pork Asado" but it's NOT AVAILABLE! then,we asked for Soy Chicken, and it's NOT AVAILABLE TOO (hahaha!) ...then we decided to order - Beef Brisket, that's fina1 (am really hungry) hehehe

Then we went around the mall and took some pictures of "Batanes" posters.
Unfortunately i can't take a good shot. Anyways, i am hoping to see a much bigger poster soon.

Finally !!!! =p

Finally !!! We got our copies! yeah it was so great and we were excited when we got it ...Thanks to vicpower for accommodating our orders. Anyways, i am now enjoying Zz's music (hehe)

Meanwhile, Sisters met at Trinoma Mall and checked the venue (Designated location for Ken's Batanes Fans Day and Movie Premiere next month) ... then ate some snacks near the movie haus.

I hope everything will be fine coz the venue for fan's day is not that big compared to other malls. Oh well, that's all i can say. How i wish i can report everything...Sisters will try to update from time to time.And we are wishing that everybody can watch the premiere since it was told that they can't accommodate all fans ...sadness!

Am excited for Basketball of Fire too. Glad that Jerry will do another series.hehehe.Miss Him so much LOL.

Till here. Take Care.

Mitch =p

11/14/07“Linger”Tentatively Scheduled for January Release in Mainland

11/14/07“Linger”Tentatively Scheduled for January Release in Mainland

According to our information, “Linger”- the supernatural thriller directed by Johnny To, starring Vic Chou and Li Bin Bin, has cleared movie inspection in mainland and is tentatively planned for a premiere on Jan 10, 2008. It will be squaring off with Jay Chou’s “Slam Dunk”.

The Supernatural-themed “Linger” Passed Inspection

The storyline of“Linger”is about two lovers; the boyfriend (Vic Chou) died in an accident and his girlfriend (Li Bin Bin) couldn’t forget about him long after his death, until one day she “encountered ”the spiritual form of her boyfriend…… Renowned scriptwriter An Xi took five year in perfecting the story. Johnny To once stated that the theme of“Linger” was an uncharted terrority to him; unlikely many of his favorite“gang and guys” themes, this movie describe the spiritual growth of a young woman. It is also To’s first movie featuring a mainland actress as the leading female character.

The movie is tentatively scheduled for premiere on Jan 10, 2008; it will be facing competition from Jay Chou’s “Slam Dunk”. There are only two movies planned for holiday release, so “Linger” and “Slam Dunk” will be considered as holiday releases.

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Basketball of Fire - Presscon


GTV announced that the venue for the presscon on Nov 21 will be at the Nangang Sports Center (where Oct27 SJ event was held) instead of holding it in the network's premises.

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11/15/07 Vic¡¯s New Movie Revealed ¨C Co-starring Japanese actress Erika

11/15/07 Vic¡¯s New Movie Revealed ¨C Co-starring Japanese actress Erika

Rising Japanese Actress ‘ôÌï»ÝÀæÏã (Erika ?? ¨C sorry don¡¯t know how to pronounce that last name) secretly came to Taiwan for shooting of her new movie: ¡°Tea Fight¡±, a joint project by Japanese and Taiwanese production companies. The production companies had kept a low profile on the Taiwanese co-star. Our news crew followed the production staff to the shooting site yesterday and surprisingly discovered that this movie will feature Vic Chou, along with another renowned Hong Kong actor Zhang (middle age guy, not handsome so no worries J)

In yesterday¡¯s shooting, Vic wore a long blue overcoat and looked as though he was a maestro in the art of tea serving (cha-dou). His assistants were attentive in ensuring Vic was not bothered by mosquitoes or over-exposure under the sun.

By late afternoon, the crew moved to another site for a different scene. During breaks, Vic and Erika took a brief recess in the resting area at the site, while Zhang chatted with the director.

Erika¡¯s shooting was done shortly after recess and left. Vic and Zhang continued shooting while the staff was busy with controlling the flow of people and preventing reporters from taking pictures.

The story of ¡°Tea Fight¡± is about the quest for the ¡°Tea of Phantom¡±. The owner of the tea house and his daughter went to Taiwan to seek the legendary tea. The movie will be shot in Japan and Taiwan; it is targeted for wrap-up by March and may premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in May

The style of Vic¡¯s character in this movie is like a cross-over between ancient and Japanese styles. His agent Wang was not willing to comment on the project citing contractual terms and agreements with the production company. Vic¡¯s current project, tourism drama ¡°Wish to See You Again¡±, is currently put on-hold. Wang indicated that Vic will return to the drama crew in half a month.

Translation by GK@

Happy 18th Birthday to Lauren aka LaurenZaizai!!!

(Left Side: Birthday Celebrant!)

Happy 18th Birthday, Lauren!
Wish You All The Best

Take care and God Bless

I'll post my speech tomorrow. Am so sleepy.

You'll always be my sister ....F4Ever hehehe
Thank you for your Friendship and Loyalty.

Mwahhhh.....See Yah Saturday!!!!

X-cited Part 2 - Countdown! hehe!

F4 fans are now going crazy coz Ken Chu will promote his latest flick - Batanes.
Here's the rough list of schedule


December 1 - Saturday arrival
December 2 - Sunday guesting at SOP and Showbiz Central
December 3 - Monday Fans Day at Trinoma Mall
December 4 - Tuesday Premiere of the Movie at Trinoma Mall
December 5 - Wednesday Regular showing of the movie
December 6 - Thursday Return to Taiwan

Batanes Movie Trailer 2:

But ...Retardeds are more excited for this coming weekend.

I decided not to buy anything, instead create something unique hahaha. Retardeds already knew it coz i was the one who collate it nyahaha -madaya. And since we have something "coming" along the way ... na-delay lang ang ating surprise pero it's ok. I'll just explain it na lang that "proxy" lang itong dala-dalahan natin hahaha!

So How many days na lang? Countdown begins ..............and i must PRIORITIZE THINGS or else my pag-ibig fund will be bankrupt again he he he --!!!!

X-cited ..

Excited ...

Been busy for the past few days but i am so excited for Saturday.

It'll be a very big event and will be the most memorable thing that will happen, to me, and most especially to the retardeds ...

I am preparing for something but i will post it before Saturday.

I must wake up early and look for something.
Geez, it feels like am the one who's celebrating. hahahaha. Minsan lang ito diba? kaya excited kami. LOL

Details to follow ... Para mas suspense! yay!


Batanes - Movie Poster

as sourced

Taiwan - Tourist Pass

thanks to our friend, Kristine (hope to see you soon!!!)
and thanks to wengvann for allowing me to scan this booklet


Zaizai @ Guess, Guess, Guess

as posted at baidu


Vic to join Malaysia NTV STAR LIVE CONCERT on 22 Dec

Vic to join Malaysia NTV STAR LIVE CONCERT on 22 Dec

This is Zai's visit to Malaysia after 5 years.

Other performing singers: Penny Dai, Zhang Dong Liang, Zeng Guo Hui, Yi Jie Qi, Zheng Wei Kang. Grasshoppers, BoyzFrenz and Da Zui Ba

Source: China Press



Clip from woaivan of F4Pilipinas

11/16 (Fri) Zai @ GTV 100% Entertainment /Yu Le Bai Fen Bai

11/16 (Fri) Zai @ GTV 100% Entertainment /Yu Le Bai Fen Bai
Segment: My house has a superstar too

Delayed telecast in Singapore Channel U @ 11/19
5pm & 1am

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Ken @ Liberty Times

source: liberty times
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Zaizai pic @ UDN

Source: udn
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VanNess - attend Chanel J12 GMT watch event

Source: appledaily

Source: udn

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Zai interview on Phoenix tv Entertainment Whirlwind

Zai interview on Phoenix tv Entertainment Whirlwind

Date: 9 Nov 2007
09 Nov 2007 Friday 06:00 PM
Repeat telecast:
10 Nov 2007 Saturday 05:45 AM
10 Nov 2007 Saturday 01:25 PM

Channel: Phoenix TV Starhub Cable Ch 50
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Welcome here!!!!

No Formal Introductions. Better to say ---
Let's continue to party! hahahaha!!!
God Bless Everybody, Thank you for your FRIENDSHIP AND FOR LOVING F4 as well. YOU ROCK ...mga repapips hahaha oppps!
Yung mga di pa nag-add dyan, aba eh bilisan nyo naiiwan kayo sa pansitan! hahahaha!

StarJerry Merchandises 10/27

credits to mountain

New JVKV Fan Forum =p

Finally, a perfect home for US.
Definitely the one WE OWN AND CONTROL (thanks to multiply, bwahahaha!!!)

I would like to thank my sisters for insisting me to create this another new home. Actually, i am so busy right now with my so-called new life but still I want to be updated with the latest happenings on our beloved four gorgeous guys - F4, and also to my fellow F4 sisters out there!

All of YOU are welcome. Feel free to join.

Party has just started. Come and Join the Fun.

Let's all get RETARDED!!!!

Nov. 3, 2007 - Liberty Times

Disclaimer: I know this is ONLY a JOKE. Feel free to react - violent or whatsoever. It's your OPINION. and I WILL RESPECT IT. Thanks!

Nov. 3, 2007 - Liberty Times

Liberty Times reported when ZZ promoted his solo album "I Am Not F4" in a concert, he spoke some cold jokes in the program. For instance, as he doesn't speak clearly, he can group with Vanness to be standup comedians. With Ken who is not good at dancing, he can perform breakdance? with him. With Jerry, he can pretend to be sissy and play 'brokeback' couple with him. Some newspapers also reported that he even suggested that Jerry and he could challenge the sex positions showed in the movie "Lust Caution" by the male and female leads.

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Nov 6, 2007 - TW Apple Daily

Nov 6, 2007 - TW Apple Daily

TW Apple Daily reported that Jerry is not going to attend Golden Bell Award, as he needs to work in Japan on the 17th, even after Mao Liang flied to Japan last week and tried to fit it in Jerry's schedule. However, Jerry can't go back to TW until the 18th or 19th. Jerry feels that it is a pity that he can't attend the show. Mao Liang indicates that Jerry is taking language and acting lessons, and busy at preparing his solo album in Japan. He plans to go back to TW for the filming of the idol drama before the end of this month. On the 17th, he has an appointment with a super busy 'album teacher' (producer? singing teacher?), that's why he can only reject the invitation.

Regarding "Dream In Beijing", Yan Cheng Xu's name has been used as male lead during its casting throughout the whole Mainland China. When asked about this drama, Mao Liang claimed that he knows nothing about this drama and he has never read its script at all.

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Super busy lately - Mr Chih's Blog

Super busy lately
03 Nov 2007

After F4 tourism fan meeting event, we are currently going on with Zaizai album promotions.
work together with him for 14 hours everyday
everyone is tired
hope Zai's album will have good results

Besides promotional schedules, there's also endless meetings regarding overseas promotions
Zaizai hopes to go to many places, to meet and interact with fans from various countries.
to personally say thank u to his fans for their support
but at the same time, there's drama serials, movies and other promotion events.
Everyday, everyone is cracking their brains on how to allocate the time, and working hard at it

Share some pics with u, and also on behalf of everyone in the photos, thank u for your support.

pics @:

thanks mitch of onlyf4

F4 Holds Fan Meeting in Taiwan

Taiwan on Sunday held the second fans meeting for its F4 boy band, hoping to attract tourists and boost Taiwan's slow-growing tourism. Some 5,000 Asian fans, mostly young and middle-aged women from Japan and South Korea, flew to Taipei to meet the F4 members, visit the locations of F4's TV drama the Meteor Garden and to buy F4 T-shirts, posters and CDs.

The fans' meeting, the second after one held last April, was staged by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau at the National Taiwan University Gymnasium. The fans snapped up F4 goods before marching into the gymnasium to meet the F4 stars - Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Wanness Wu, Ken Chu - all handsome boys in their 20s.

The F4 members, Taiwan's tourism ambassadors, introduced Taiwan's scenic spots and food, posed photos and played games with selected fans before ending the hour-long meetings by singing together a song and shaking hands with the fans sitting near the stage.

F4's fans arrived in Taiwan early this week and have already attended separate fans meetings with their favorite F4 member.

The F4 became famous throughout Asia after its TV drama Meteor Garden was shown in Taiwan and Southeast Asia in 2001. Their Asian fans, from teenage girls to grannies, like the four boys mainly because of their good looks.

Motomi Unmeki, 30, an office worker from Osaka, Japan, said she has been a fan of Jerry Yan for five years and has attended Jerry's fans meeting in Hong Kong and South Korea.

When asked why she likes Jerry, she covered her mouth and whispered through giggles: "His face. He is handsome and cool."

An 18-member fans group from the Philippines gave the same answer. The groups members, also fans of Jerry, range in age from 10 to 52, and the youngest is Christian Louis Abrigo, a fourth-grade boy from Manila who came with his mother.

"I like Jerry because he sings well and he is good-looking," he said.

Taiwan, encouraged by Japan and South Korea's success in drawing foreign tourists by promoting local film or television stars, appointed the F4 members as tourism ambassadors, using them to make TV ads, sending them abroad to promote Taiwan's tourism and holding the first overseas fans meeting in Taipei in April.

Taiwan press said the two fans meetings have brought Taiwan millions of US dollars. The week-long F4 package tours have not only brought in foreign currency but also promoted Taiwan's tourist spots.

Source: Earthtimes

News on Ken's Movie in Batanes

watch it here Link

Newsclip 10/27

credits to happyjerry

Go here

Jerry Yan Philippines Multiply - Video Section

10/28 Taiwan Event Photos From SooStar

For More Photos Please Visit
Jerry Yan Philippines Multiply Photo Album Section