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Ken Chu concert in Japan, concentrates fully at rehearsals

F4's popularity in Japan is unwavering. Ken Chu is the only member in F4 to hold solo concert in Japan for 3 consecutive years. 21st nite, his concert was held at a new venue JCB hall, estimate of 5000 seats were sold out fast, and organisers added standing tickets which were also wiped out by Japanese fans.

Despite the economic recession, Ken's is still doing well in Japan. Although this year is his 3rd time to open concert in Japan, his number of shows increased to 3 shows and tickets are priced at 8000yen (approximately NT3000), the price remains the same for standing tickets. Japan fans did not mind standing to squeeze in the venue to see their idol.

Having had concerts for 2 years in a row, initially Ken was afraid he might lose attractiveness, and begin to fade... Unexpectedly, fans to continue supporting him enthusiastically, and it is a great encouragement for him. "They recognised my music compositions, no matter how long am i able to sing, I'll treat each performance as the last and give my best."

For this year concert, Ken did everything himself, from looking for musicians, type for performances, content, costume etc and flew to Japan to start rehearsals 2 weeks b4 the concert. Past 2 years, he sang Carpenters and Beatles songs, this year he decided to pay tribute to Eagles.

Ken even chose a classic eagles song to dedicate to his deceased father. He revealed that the song had a significant meaning towards him, when he sang the song, he said in a teary voice: "Believe that my father will be listening by a side although he can't see it."

In comparision to the warmth by Japan fans, Ken is regretful for not being able to gain support in Taiwan, where topics will always be on his looks and whether he is fat or thin. He emphasized, it is due to his asthma. He expressed, "very thankful that F4 gave a good start for me in the entertainment biz, but I'm not a "pretty flower boy" anymore, hope I can be myself."


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Van Ness, the voice

His long, floppy rebonded hair sparked a trend among Asian guys who couldn’t carry off the look. Best known for being one-quarter of once phenomenally popular Taiwanese boyband F4 (which has since been renamed JVKV), Van Ness Wu — he’s changed his name from Vanness to Van Ness, the road in his hometown of Los Angeles he was named after — has long since shed his flower-power Meteor Garden image in favour of an edgier style.

The 31-year-old, who has dabbled in diverse ventures including music, film and, most recently, jewellery design, stars in LaMB, Animax Asia’s first original animation production. Or at least his voice does.

LaMB explores the futuristic world of a harsh desert planet where the inhabitants have perfected “lamination”, a system by which criminals are imprisoned in laminated suits to ensure that they remain productive members of society in a system of virtual slavery.

“I’m very excited about this project,” said Wu over the phone from Taipei. “I’ve been a very big animation buff since I was a kid... I love the way they’re able to create a different world with so much imagination.”

Also starring the voices of Josie Ho and Tanaka Chie, the ambitious project includes music videos, web manga, mobile graphic novels and mobisodes, as well as online and mobile games. In addition, it features songs from The Click Five and Simple Plan, as well as costumes designed by Vivienne Tam.

Wu, who counts Ninja Scroll, Appleseed, Akira, Samurai Champloo, Naruto and Finding Nemo among his favourite animations, voices protagonist Dr Jack Griswold, a visiting scientist who debates the ethical implications of lamination and falls in love with a woman serving her sentence in the laminated suit.

“I have a lot of inner demons I’m trying to resolve on my own, and I’m trying to get through life living in the past and wondering what the future’s going to hold; trying to find a purpose,” he said of his character. “It was really difficult, but it was fun to try to connect with those emotions. It’s too bad I wasn’t able to do it in front of the camera.”

In fact, the Kung Fu Chefs star may have found his new calling. “I’d definitely love to try new characters and different types of voiceovers. I love doing crazy voices,” he said. “And funny voices and high voices and low voices and monster voices.”

Catch Part 1 of LaMB on Tuesday and Part 2 on March 31 at 8pm on Animax (StarHub TV Channel 84). Visit for more online content. - TODAY/yb

Vanness Wu: From Meteor Garden to Anime Kingdom

Vanness Wu: From Meteor Garden to Anime Kingdom Ex-F4 member is no mild little LaMB

MSN News


It has been difficult for VANNESS WU to shake off the ‘Just another pretty boy’ tag, especially since he was part of the extremely boyish and good-looking foursome F4 in the popular Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden , but we think that the singer/actor has carved a nice little niche for himself in Asia. He’s definitely talented. Being fluent in English and Mandarin enabled the American-born Taiwanese actor to work with Japanese director Ryosuke Tei in Animax’s first and biggest original production - English anime film LaMB.

As Dr. Jack Grisworld in LaMB, Vanness, 30, is a scientist visiting from another planet who delves into work to forget the memories of his late wife. He meets Eve, voiced by Hong Kong actress Josie Ho, an ex-weapons specialist, who while trying to do the right thing, causes a massive accident and ends up being sentenced to years in virtual imprisonment.

Vanness recently took some time off to speak to hot about his role as a nerdy scientist and how he’s kind of like ‘big dork’ like his character.
How do you feel being part of this film?
I’m very excited about this project. I’ve been a very big animation buff since I was a kid, so to be in any part of an anime project gets me excited. I love the way people are able to create such worlds in different times and explore the imagination. To be part of such a great story is such a blessing.
Can you tell us a bit more about the project and how you got involved in it?
I don’t know how it fell into my lap but I’m very grateful that it did. The producers told me that they were looking for somebody who was able to speak Mandarin and English and luckily enough, my name popped up. I was lucky. I’m just a very big animation buff!
Name us some of your favourite animes.
Let’s see, Ninja Scroll, Apple Seed, Akira, Gun Buster, Robotech – the list goes on and on.
Do you have any favourite cartoon characters?
There are so many! Naruto, because he has a big heart and he has a dream which he pursues no matter what. He doesn’t let anybody stand in his way. From Disney, I like Pinocchio for the same reasons I like Naruto. I liked him as a kid and I still do today. I also like The Little Mermaid.

If you were an anime character, what would you look like and what personality would you like to have?
That’s a hard one. I want to have super powers and ninja-like qualities. To be a shape shifter would be really cool.
Who do you think has the sexiest voice in showbiz?
They are so many! It depends on how they do it. I think one person is the actress from The Devil Wears Prada , Meryl Streep. She’s just so natural playing different characters and the way she plays them exudes sexiness. I have always thought she’s sexy!
What has the experience of doing voiceovers on this anime been like?
It definitely has its challenges but I enjoyed the great experience of working with the people who have helped me with the vocals when I was doing the voiceovers in English. The artwork and animation were not complete at that point and I didn’t have anything in front of me except for some sketches from here or there and there were no actors selected at that time as well. I was just saying my lines in front of the vocal producer and she really helped me get into character by describing every detail. I really appreciate all her help.
How different is regular acting as opposed to animation voiceovers?
[With voiceovers], you don’t have to worry about camera angles because there is no camera. But sometimes it’s simple lines like, ‘I’d like to get a cup of water’, that require multiple takes to get the proper effect because it’s animation and simple lines have to be said in a more specific way.
How did you bring your character to life and how did you feel about him?
I kind of injected my cousin’s personality into the role because he’s a computer engineer.He’s a bit of a nerd and I’m a big dork too so I can relate to that. Growing up, my cousin and I hung out together and we’re all into animation and the geeky stuff but I find it very cool.
How do you personally feel about the future of mankind?
I would love to save the world but I know I can’t and only Jesus Christ can. What I can do is pray, let me be a servant to him and let him to do his work through me and I think that’s the best way that I can do it.

Van Ness Wu recording his new album

Van Ness Wu recording his new album
Posted by sagprod on march 11
Van Ness Wu is recording his next album. He is getting ready to shoot his music video as well.


Credits to Michi@ OnlyF4

Finally Vanness solo project will start in Japan

Vanness Japanese single CD will be released ,
original Japanese song
release date 20th May

2 versions

(1) limited version 1890yen (tax included)
CD - Song 1: "Only", Song 2: "Cinderella", Song 3: "Only" (instrumental), Song 4: "Cinderella" (instrumental)
DVD - "Only " MV
preorder link:

(2) normal version 1260yen(tax included)
CD - Song 1: "Only", Song 2: "Cinderella", Song 3: english song yet to be titled, Song 4: "Only" (instrumental), Song 5: "Cinderella" (instrumental), Song 6: english song (instrumental)
CD: 3 songs (Japanese song: only and Cinderella) and one english song ( the title yet to confirm) + instrumental versions
preorder link:

credits to Stephanie@OnlyF4

Fan Bing Bing, Vic Zhou, Romantic wedding dress in "Madame Chin" is exposed

Source : Eastday
Translation by MoonlightD @

Fan Bing Bing invested and lead acts in drama "Madame Chin"*, which is nearing the end of shooting. In the newest set of exposed on set photos, Fan Bing Bing and Anthony Wong appeared hand in hand in a church. The wedding progresses halfway, but is cut short by the appearance of Fan Bing Bing's "first love", Zai Zai (Vic Zhou).

In the filming, Fan Bing Bing dons a white wedding gown with a train dragging on the ground, a dignified and elegant streamline and rich flower embroidery. Along with her hair, wound up high, covered by a white veil, she gives off the illusion of grandeur. It has brought back the rich classical styles of the 60s of last century. The falling form of Zai Zai (Vic Zhou)'s long hair is both graceful and unruly. It is different from the previously exposed sunshine image. So this moment was actually already 20 years after "Sheng Yue Ru" (Zai Zai) first meets "Chin Zhao Li" (Fan Bing Bing).

Fan Bing Bing's character, "Chin Zhao Li", was once unmatched in talent and grace by the hundreds of entertainers in Shanghai. She attracted the pursuit of countless men. However, even more, she was a woman who suffered through many mistakes of fate. She came from she slums, but did not catch it.** Instead she had a forthright and generous manner, always doing charitable deeds. She had a strong stance in not wrecking other people's lives. She was willing to love, but afraid to seek it. She was willing to sacrifice herself, but she would not allow the misfortunes in her life dominate her fate. Her brother, the man she loves the most, and the man who loves her the most makes "Chin Zhao Li"s life colorful and engraves itself in one's memory...The extraordinary positions of this story adds much to its complexity.

Vic Zhou's character, "Sheng Yue Ru" is one of the drama's most important male characters. In the drama, his nature is sincere and kind-hearted. He loves painting and theater. Towards relationships, he is single-minded as well as dedicated. "Sheng Yue Ru" and "Chin Zhao Li" meet during each other's happiest times. The two fall in love at first sight. However, because of time period's limitations and family resistance, they have to face trails one after another. They act out a love that engraves into one's memory.

Translator's Notes:
* Also known as "The Last Night of Madame Chin"
** She did not "catch" the dirtiness and ruthlessness

Animax: LAMB Press Screening @ Greenbelt 3

A press screening for Animax new animation called LAMB was held last March 13, 2009 at Greenbelt 3 My cinema.

LaMB stars Taiwan-based singer-actor Van Ness Wu, Taiwan-based actress Tanaka Chie and Hong Kong artiste Josie Ho as voice actors in lead roles. International bands The Click Five and Simple Plan provide musical tracks to the show which also features costumes designs by Vivienne Tam. Further information is available at

for more news and pictures regrading the press screening...visit the links below:



credits to kuya az coladilla

Fight for your right to cook

Fight for your right to cook

Martial arts meet Top Chef as singer Vanness Wu turns culinary for his new movie role

In the new action movie Kung Fu Chefs, actor-siner Vanness Wu plays a young cook who can whip up a delicious traditional Szechuan dish Fresh Water Bok-Choy (chinese cabbage).

But in real life, the best dish he can cook is simply an omelette.

The single 31-year-old was in town last week to promote his latest movie in which he plays a promising chef and martial arts fighter who takes part in a cooking competition to compete for the title of Top Chef.

We, who is in wildly popular Taiwanese boyband JVKV (formerly known as F4), tells Life! in a interview at Marina Mandarin Hotel: "The last time I cooked was many years ago. My cooking is not bad but I cook only for myself and have not really cooked for others before."

The Los Angeles-born actor is blase when comparisons about his film are made to Stephen Chow's famous Hong Kong comedy The God of Cookery (1996), which has a similar premise.

He says in his American-accented English: "There will always be comparisons so I won't worry too much about it. Just let it be."

Kung Fu Chefs is just the latest in a long line of movies with the words Kung Fu in its title, including Stephen Chow's Kung Fu Hustle (2004), Jay Chou's Kung Fu Dunk (2008) and Hollywood animated comedy Kung Fu Panda (2008).

Wu thinks the Mandarin movie industry should capitalise on the fact that martial arts is unique to the Chinese: "We should do what we are good at and not shy away from it. If something is unique and good, why stop?"

Sporting long shoulder-length black hair, Wu is dressed in a casual get-up of blue checked shirt and jeans. Although he looks tired, he is relaxed and chatty.

The actor broke into the entertainment scene with popular mange-based pioneer idol drama Meteor Garden (2001) along with fellow bandmates Jerry Yen, Vic Chou and Ken Chu.

He has come a long way from his F4 pretty boy days. Now sporting a more mature unshaven look, he says he wants to break out of his idol status.

He frankly admits that being in a boyband was not the ideal way of breaking into the entertainment scene: "There were too many riles and we had to sell this wholesome, clean-cut pretty boy image because that is what fans want. It was very restrictive and unreal."

However, he is grateful for his big break eight years ago. Now, the star is busy with his third album which will be released in Japan soon and a new unisex jewellery line he has created.

"I have loved drawing since I was young and I am glad that now I have the chance to put my designs into reality."

Even with a new movie, album and jewellery line, the busy man does not forget his fans: "I want to ask them to be careful and look after themselves. I am worried about their safety as some of them are always following me around in vehicles, and I don't want them to get hurt."

Kung Fu Chefs in showing in cinemas now.

by jocelyn lee

credits to michi@onyf4

Ken Chu: FREEDOM Concert in Japan - SOLD OUT

All concert dates (both Tokyo and Osaka) for Ken Chu's Freedom Concert are SOLD OUT as according to the official online ticket pre-order)

3-21/Sat- JCB HALL(Tokyo) - SOLD OUT
3-22/Sun- JCB HALL(Tokyo) - SOLD OUT
3-24/Tue- Osaka - SOLD OUT

Congratulations to KEN...

Chen Qiao En's next man will be Jerry Yan?

Chen Qiao En's next man will be Jerry Yan?
Wednesday February 18 2009, Taiwan

Source: UDN
Translation: Sarah @

Following on after Ming Dao and Ethan Ruan, who is Chen Qiao En’s next man? SETTV upcoming idol drama has approached Jerry Yan for the second time, inviting him to play the role of the arrogant and overbearing rich son; modified version of ‘Dao Ming Si’ is expected to resurface.

Qiao En has the title of ‘prosperous lady’ and Jerry is also the box-office guarantee. Till now, Jerry is the only person that is able to let Taiwan enter the Japanese idol drama market. One can imagine that if he collaborates with Qiao En, the resulting effect is bound to increase. In the drama, Qiao En will play the daughter of a Chinese herbal medicine father, and her role will still be the one she’s good at – ordinary everyday girl. As for Jerry, on the outside, his character is filial and courteous, but in private, he is all kinds of evil things; can be regarded as a villain character.

Everyone knows that Jerry has ‘turtle feathers’, he once considered a drama for 11 months, and during filming, he has considerable demands towards the scriptwriter, director, other characters and the environment. SETTV revealed that they have been in contact with Jerry since before the Chinese New Year, and he has requested to see the script. If he agrees, then he will be the most expensive male lead in the history of SETTV.

Last year, when Jerry was recording , he revealed that he would be filming a Taiwanese television drama this year. Yesterday, his manager Fenny expressed that they have received many drama invitiations, but nothing has been confirmed yet. At the same time, there are also rumours that GTV’s is intending to make a comeback; will Jerry agree to go back? Everything is subject to change.

credits to

Feb 18, 2009
Lian He Bao

Who will be Joe Chen Qiao En's next man? It was reported that Sanli has already contacted Jerry twice regarding a role in the upcoming drama, Fu Qi You An Kang, who is arrogant and domineer. There's hope that the revised version of DMS may have a chance to show up.

Chen Qiao En is always said to bring good luck to her "male lead" and Yan Cheng Xu is a box-office guarantee. Up to now, for the TW male idol who can successfully invade the Japanese market, he's the only one, with nobody else. We can forsee that if he works with Chen Qiao En, the impact will surely increase in times. In the drama, Chen is the daughter of the owner of a Chinese herbal store, and the role is an ordinary girl whom she is good at. Yan Cheng Xu's role is an ill-minded child of a company owner. On the surface, he is very filial and courteous, but in behind, he does all kinds of evil things, so his personality has some villainous quality.

Everyone in the world knows that Yan Cheng Xu cares about every detail. He has once considered picking up a role for 11 months. When filming, he has high requirements in different aspects, including the script, director, cast, and the environment. Sanli expressed that they had started contacting Yan Cheng Xu since before Chinese New Year, and YCX has asked to review the script. If this goes through, he will be the male lead with the highest talent fee from Sanli.

Last year, after YCX finished recording for Kang Xi, he reviewed that he would film a TW drama after Chinese New Year. Yesterday, his agent, Fenny, responded, "A lot of scripts have been offered, but nothing is confirmed yet." At this time, it is also rumored that GTV's Skip Beat may be resumed. Regarding whether there will be any changes in the original male lead, it's still unknown.


kkla: a revised version of DMS? As we know how Jerry doesn't want to repeat his work, this may be the turn off factor. However, I am more than happy to see Jerry work with companies other than GTV, especially Sanli's dramas always have the so called "habitual good ratings".