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Ken being photographer for new collection of Sphinx

News on Ken being photographer for new collection of Sphinx clothing line: Doris bella

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Van Ness Wu: God will take me through the storm

Source : Issue# 1671 of China Times Weekly
Credit : PA @

*This is an excerpt from the China Times Weekly magazine.

Van Ness Wu’s life has been like a rollercoaster ride. It rapidly reaches its highs and then dives into its lows. He made it big with Meteor Garden and quickly accumulated a fortune, but he used it all to pay off his mother’s debt three years ago. More recently, he became the new king of idol drama with Autumn’s Concerto, but he was back in a scandal again with the arrest of his staff member.

Police recently discovered that an international drug trafficking organization has been using Chinese Americans to tranport and sell drugs locally. Their tips led them to Jimmy Hung and Van Ness Wu’s film company, Smash & Grab Productions. Staff member Chou Yi-Quan was found with a substantial amount of marijuana. His arrest in turn involved Jimmy Hung and Van Ness Wu into the scandal. The two have yet to be interviewed by the police at this point. They publicly denied that they were involved on the 21st and said they would cooperate with police to complete urine tests.

Chou Yi-Quan was originally referred by Jimmy Hung to work at their film company a year ago. He was hired as a producer and met Van Ness Wu when he started on the job. Half a year later, Van Ness Wu accepted his role in Autumn’s Concerto and needed an assistant to help with translating his scripts. The company then asked Chou Yi-Quan to assist him for two weeks.

Concerning his staff member's drug use, Van Ness Wu said he felt helpless on being dragged into scandal in addition to being stunned. He was originally scheduled to promote his album in Japan until March, but returned on the 21st to host an impromptu fan meeting and clarify his innocence. He stated that he has never used marijuana and will comply with doing a urine test if required.

Van Ness Wu already had a buzz cut when he went to the cover shoot back on February 6th. The hair dresser couldn’t style his hair because it was too short and had to trimmed it even shorter. At the time of the interview, he revealed that he had cut his hair for a short film he was shooting in the US back in January. After the scandal broke out, his buzz cut unexpectedly raised speculations that he had cut it to get rid of traces of the drug.

He said, “I was in Hokkaido at the time. (I) didn’t want to care when (I) heard the news. (I) didn’t even want to reply to text messages from friends, because the roaming charges were so expensive. My mom called and asked me to clarify myself to everyone. My family is praying for me.”

Van Ness Wu - Lost Bouquet - A Day In A Life After Flower Four

Lost Bouquet - A Day In A Life After Flower Four. Starring Van Ness Wu (吳建豪). Directed by Philip Ng (伍允龍).

Van Ness Wu recounts his feelings toward his fellow band mates and contemplates the life he has today in this revealing self-mockumentary ably dubbed - Lost Bouquet A Day In A Life After Flower Four.

Filmed entirely on location in midst of the wonderful city of Hong Kong.

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Vic Chou loses out on filming Killer Never Kills and Black & White

Vic Chou loses out on filming Killer Never Kills and Black & White
Change of director, alter script, Zaizai will not be Killer anymore

Source : UDN
Credit : fufu @

Vic Chou, after gaining massive popularity from the hit drama, “Black & White,” has been receiving invitations non-stop to star in movies. Originally, Vic declined the offer to film the movie version of “Black & White” and decided to film, “The Killer Never Kills” (殺手 歐陽盆栽). However, due to the change in Director, problems with the script and other issues, there have been rumors that the project has been put on halt. Vic has waited two months for the project and his manager expresses, “He will be filming the drama 回家 (Hui Jia / Returning Home) in March, so there is no way for him to accommodate.” Producer Zeng Bao Yi of “Killer” confirms that the project has been postponed and that they will try their best to arrange their schedules with both sides.

Yesterday, Vic expressed through his manager Zhi Xiang Li, “He already spent one to two months in training, so of course he hopes that he can continue in the project.” Last year, it was also due to scheduling that he turned down the offer to act alongside Mark Chao in the “Black & White” movie. Producer Yu Xiao Hui of “Black & White” expressed, “We will begin filming in June and the cast will have a male and female actor from Mainland China.” She also added that because they have already changed the script around, they have no plans of asking Vic to be in the project again.

1040 COMIN AT YA~!!!

Autumn's Concerto drew tears…and unexpected laughter

Autumn's Concerto drew tears…and unexpected laughter

Source : CNA-NEWS,Chinatimes,TTV
Credit : PA @

After being off the air for two weeks, TTV/SETTV’s idol drama Autumn's Concerto returned to TV last Sunday with a two-hour episode. Despite it was last day before school starts after the Chinese New Year holidays, approximately 3.55 million viewers stayed up to watch episode 20 until 12 AM. Although the episode's average rating didn’t break 10% as the cast and crew had hoped, it still managed a pretty impressive rating of 8.06%.

The first half of episode 20 was filled with court battles stemming from the Fang Ge attempted murder case. With surprisingly few scenes between the two leads, Van Ness Wu and Ady An, the episode mainly showcased the performances of its supporting actors. Chris Wu, in the role of Hua Tuo Ye, proved his acting has come along way since the beginning of the series in his court scenes. He also provided some unexpected comic relief during a conversation with his “lawyer” Van Ness Wu. Many viewers commented that they cracked up when Hua Tuo Ye told Guang Xi, “….that ‘Xiu Xiu Xiu” “You You You” (referring Xiao Le's “Miss You Miss You”), who else could it be referring to?”

The highest rated segment from episode 20 came courtesy of the confrontation between Van Ness Wu’s character and his mother President Fang. The two reconciled after President Fang told Guang Xi the truth behind his father’s suicide. She also had a few words of wisdoms for his son in dealing with his own relationship with Mu Cheng. Many viewers cried while watching their scenes and complimented the acting of last year’s Golden Bell Best Actress winner Liu Rui-Qi. The ratings shot up at the moment when Van Ness Wu’s Guang Xi told his mother, “Sorry, thank you!”

Autumn’s Concerto will return to the air this Sunday for the last time with a 30-minute finale. P.S. Man is scheduled to make its debut at 10:30 PM in hopes to carry the momentum from its predecessor. Their competitor Down With Love has dropped back to an average rating 2.28% with its latest episode after a two-week hiatus. There are rumors that GTV would like to re-shoot its ending, as the entire series has already been uploaded onto the Internet. Meanwhile, the struggling Because Of You might be en route to become the lowest rated series of the year. It took in an average rating of 0.34% last week.

Vanness Wu's film company involved in drug scandal

TAIPEI: Taiwan police have come up with a list of celebrities they wish to question on drug related offences after investigating the film production company jointly run by action star Sammo Hung's son, Jimmy Hung, former F4 member Vanness Wu and a few others.

During a raid on the company's premises last week, Taiwan police caught a 29-year-old employee named Zhou with marijuana.

Zhou denied ever selling drugs to any artistes.

They also caught three of Zhou's associates and believed that all four men used code words like "hand-made cookies" and "CD" to buy drugs from a syndicate.

Police suspect that an international syndicate which uses American-Chinese to smuggle drugs into Taiwan is involved.

Police said they have begun a dragnet operation to arrest drug offenders in the entertainment industry and believe that the names of many more artistes involved in this matter will turn up over the course of their investigations.

Jimmy Hung said through a friend that he had reprimanded Zhou but believed that Zhou, a competent employee, should be given a second chance.

Hung also expressed concern over police suspicions that other artistes are involved in the matter.

Wu was in Japan at the time of the incident and could not be reached for comment. However, his manager Katie denied rumours that Zhou was once Wu's assistant and insisted Zhou just "helped Wu out for about one or two weeks".

Drug scandals have rocked the Asian entertainment scene in recent months. Japanese actress Noriko Sakai was arrested for drug possession in August last year.

Hong Kong teen model Monique Chau has also been convicted of drug possession just last month after being caught with ketamines in a school bathroom.

- CNA/ha

Van Ness Wu sends off Xiao Xiao Bin to steal more hearts

Source : Liberty Times,UDN
Credit : PA @

TTV/SETTV's Autumn’s Concerto will return to TV this Sunday with its second to last episode. The story continues with “lawyer” Van Ness Wu defending characters played by Chris Wu and Amanda Zhu. He will also make a decision on the relationship between him and onscreen-wife Ady An.

The drama will end next week with its finale focusing on Van Ness Wu and Ady An, along with TV-son Xiao Xiao Bin. The busy child star will still be on TV long after Autumn’s Concerto ends. He can currently be seen on CTV/GTV's Down With Love, and he will be back to battle against himself when TTV/SETTV's P.S. Man goes on the air.

Yesterday, “Alien Daddy” Van Ness Wu sent Xiao Xiao Bin off to the ladies of P.S. Man, hoping that he will bring along great ratings to the new drama. In the baton/boy-passing ceremony, Xiao Xiao Bin was tied in a red bow as he was handed over to new “mom” Bianca Bai and “teacher” Sonia Sui. The two actresses couldn’t resist playing with him, but he ran over to hug Van Ness at the moment he showed up. The ladies asked Van Ness for his secrets on getting close with Xiao Xiao Bin, he said, “Children need company, as long as (you) play with him, chat with him, then there’s no problem.” Sonia Sui added, “It’s obvious, they have a very good relationship.”

Xiao Xiao Bin will play the role of Xiao Tuo Luo in the upcoming P.S. Man. When asked if Sonia Sui or Bianca Bai is prettier, the smart boy avoided trouble by answering, “One is my teacher, one is my mom. They are both very pretty.”

Van Ness Madness

WHEN hit Taiwanese idol drama series Meteor Garden became a worldwide sensation nine years ago, American-born Chinese actor-singer Van Ness Wu was considered boy band F4's least popular and swoon-worthy member.

F4 - now known as JVKV and also comprising Jerry Yan, Vic Chou and Ken Chu - starred as a rich-boy quartet in Meteor Garden.

Van Ness was criticised for his sub-par acting skills and poor Mandarin diction in the drama.

His character had the least screen time among the foursome, and the only one who didn't have a love interest.

Now fast forward to the present, and the 32-year-old is a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.

Van Ness's latest Taiwanese drama Autumn's Concerto, which debuted last October in Taiwan, has garnered top ratings (8.2 per cent), beating previous front-runner The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog.

It premiered in Singapore on E City (StarHub Ch 56) in January, and resumes telecast on 6 Mar at 7pm after a short hiatus.

The series revolves around an arrogant law student (Van Ness) who loses his memory and then falls in love with an orphaned canteen stall owner (Ady An).

Autumn's Concerto has also won the ratings battle against the rest of F4 by achieving almost twice the viewership of Jerry's Hot Shot (4.2 per cent), Vic's Black & White (4.8 per cent) and Ken's Momo Love (3.4 per cent).

Solo projects-wise, Van Ness is also the only F4 member to have filmed eight movies, released six hit solo albums and own a jewellery line (3.V.0.7) - far surpassing his fellow members' achievements.

He also co-owns entertainment company Smash & Grab productions, lifestyle apparel line Triumvir and luxury nightclub Primo.

Apart from collaborating with international music superstars such as Beyonce Knowles for the 2004 hit single Crazy In Love, he was also the opening act for rapper/producer Kanye West's Glow In The Dark Tour in Shanghai two years ago.

So how did he do it?

First, there was the physical transformation.

For Autumn's Concerto, Van Ness had to work hard to get rid of his American accent and replace his baggy 'street' clothes with well-fitted collared shirts.

Circle lenses were also used to enlarge his pupils so he would have the doe-eyed look that attractive Japanese manga characters are often associated with.

While he had long rebonded hair previously, he now sports a manly crew cut.

His biggest obstacle, however, were the scripts.

But Van Ness won the language battle by transcribing all the Mandarin words into romanised characters so that he could properly memorise them.

Intimacy issues

Then there were the 'girl problems'.

During the filming of Autumn's Concerto, Ady had been reluctant to film the kissing scenes with him.

According to previous Chinese media reports, Ady - who has been an actress since 2002 - reportedly had some bad experiences with men in the past which caused her to develop a phobia of filming intimate scenes.

Van Ness told the Taiwanese media that he was extremely concerned and constantly questioned whether the problem lay with him.

Van Ness, who is a staunch Christian, said he prayed to overcome the problem.

Ady also had some alcohol just before their kissing scene. The final take was a successful one.

On the film set, in front of the media, Ady apologised to Van Ness.

Said Ady: 'I had the courage to film the scene only after I was slightly drunk but Van Ness had already quit drinking because of his religion.'

She then turned to Van Ness and asked: 'Did I smell of alcohol?'

Van Ness could only offer a smile.

Ady added that she was moved to tears when Van Ness had one day pulled her into a room and prayed for her because he had noticed that she was in a bad mood.


Since then, Van Ness and Ady have successfully filmed many other intimate scenes in the drama, including kissing scenes set in an ice-skating rink and in a garden.

But after Ady got over her fear, it was Van Ness who kept fumbling during the love scenes.

The production team then set in place a fine, where Van Ness had to pay NT100 ($4) whenever he had an NG ('no good' take).

Van Ness, who revealed he lost his virginity at 17 and has had six girlfriends since, including Taiwanese sex kitten Vivian Hsu, has since taken a vow of celibacy.

The actor said he is now focused on marriage and children.

'Maybe I was naive, and drank a little as well. The person (whom I lost my virginity to) was just a friend, but not someone I loved.

'I regret it. Even when I get married, I will still regret it. This is not something good. Kids should never do this,' he said.

He revealed that he was tempted to break his vow soon after he had signed a celibacy card in 2008. But he has learnt to curb his desires with prayer.

Despite his new perspective on life, Van Ness has not been free from scandal.

His personal assistant is currently being investigated for a drug offence, and those around him - including Van Ness - are now also suspected of taking drugs.

But the star has said he's willing to take a drug test to clear his name.

Now that's a new rock star attitude - by saying no to sex, drugs and alcohol.

The New Paper

The wait for Autumn’s Concerto is almost over

Source : NOWnews
Credit : PA @

As reported earlier, Autumn’s Concerto was off the air last week to make way for the Diamond Club CNY special. After a two-week hiatus, the drama will make its return this Sunday with episode 20. For those who are keeping tabs on ratings, the drama did lose some of its audience after reaching a series-high with episode 18. Nevertheless, lead actress Ady An has accepted a challenge from costar Chris Wu to perform a pole dance if AC breaks 10%. She wrote in her blog that there is one other condition -- on-screen husband Van Ness Wu and son Xiao Xiao Bin will have to act as her “human-poles”.

Although the drama has previously been reported to contain 20 episodes, TTV/SETTV has yet to announce exactly when Autumn’s Concerto will end. Some fans suspect a shorter episode 21 will air on the following week to help out the next drama P.S. Man. Followers of idol drama might recall that this is in fact common practice -- CTS recently showed a 30-minute finale of Hi! My Sweetheart prior to the premiere of Because of You on the same night. SETTV has already tried this tactic back in 2008 with Fated to Love You as the lead-in for Woody Sambo.

Vic Zhou in "Love You Ten Thousand Years"

Vic Zhou in "Love You Ten Thousand Years"


Super Star 13 Feb 2010 - Van Ness Wu, Xiao Xiao Bin, Tiffany Hsu

Super Star 13 Feb 2010 - Van Ness Wu, Xiao Xiao Bin, Tiffany Hsu / Behind the scenes

Vanness and Xiao Xiao Bin @ Superstar

Vanness Wu regrets losing virginity at 17 to "a friend"

Taiwanese idol Vanness Wu does not want the youth to follow his mistake of losing his virginity when he was only 17 years of age, which he says is his biggest regret.

The 31-year-old singer-actor, who rose to fame as a member of F4, spoke candidly about his past at a Christian event last Thursday he attended to pray for the sick. He was baptized less than three years ago and has since vowed to not engage in premarital sex.

"I was young and ignorant, and was a little tipsy. I really regret it, even after marriage. Kids, please don't follow my footsteps."

His first love was also at 17, and he has had six girlfriends since, one of them being former soft-porn actress Vivian Hsu, which he admitted for the first time. He had another relationship which lasted a year after breaking up with Vivian, and has been single for three years now.

Tiffany Hsu, his rumoured lover, was also at the event, adding fuel to fire about the two especially when the actress-model's boyfriend, actor Ethan Ruan, was reportedly furious after she starred in one of Vanness' music videos.

Vanness explained he had spontaneously asked Tiffany to join the event long ago and that he would have extended the invitation to anyone, when reporters asked him if he was worried about an Ethan backlash.

When asked if she needs to report to her boyfriend about the trip, Tiffany only replied "I don't think there's a need. He's just a friend."

Autumn's Concerto Behind The Scenes - Feb 8 2010

Autumn's Concerto Behind The Scenes - Feb 8 2010

watch it here

Autumn's Concerto Behind The Scenes Part 1
Autumn's Concerto Behind The Scenes Part 2

Autumn’s Concerto struggles to hold its ratings

Source : Chinatimes, Nownews, TTV, SETTV
Credit : PA @

The hit drama aired its "rumored-to-be" second-to-last episode this past Sunday, but it failed to top its series-high ratings from the previous week. Autumn’s Concerto received an average rating of 7.67% and a highest interval rating of 8.12% on February 7th. Jerry Yan and Ella Chen’s Down With Love continued to improve from last week ratings with 3.37%. It is expected to take over the number one spot after Autumn’s Concerto goes off the air, as the next SETTV drama P.S. Man doesn’t appear to be strong competition at this point. Because of You managed to lose over half of its ratings from last week and ended up with 0.44%. Anyone that has actually watched this drama shouldn't be too surprised. Its leading ladies were so wrongfully miscast that there is really nothing can be done to save it.

Fans are sure to be disappointed as they were hoping Autumn’s Concerto to match the all-time highest ratings from Fated to Love You. The Ethan Ruan/Joe Chen drama set the record back in 2008 with an average rating of 10.91% and a highest interval rating of 13.64% on episode 20. Autumn’s Concerto still has a shot (although a slim one) at the record, but for sure that won’t happen this weekend. The drama will be preempted for the Diamond Club Chinese New Year special on February 14th, which is scheduled to air from 8 – 12 PM. Instead of the Ady An/Van Ness Wu on-screen couple, we will have to make do with the Li Jing/Huang Kuo-Lun pair on this Sunday.

SETTV offered a look at the behind scenes of Autumn’s Concerto after episode 19 featuring interviews and outtakes. They have also started a poll on the SETTV Autumn’s Concerto blog for viewers to vote on who actually “killed” the character Fang Ge from the last episode. For those who haven’t watched episode 19 yet, Fang Ge was not technically “killed” as he is still lying in the hospital half-dead. Hua Tuo-Ye, played by Chris Wu, insisted that he had kill Fang Ge in order to protect Hua Ci-Xin.

Voting On Taiwan Yahoo Supported By 50,000 People, Yan Cheng Xu's Acting Won The Public Voting

February 9, 2010
TW Apple Daily

Voting On Taiwan Yahoo Supported By 50,000 People, Yan Cheng Xu's Acting Won The Public Voting

In Taiwan Yahoo's voting of The Best Actor Among Idols, 3 members of F4 "shared the world". In the process, Yan Cheng Xu (Jerry), Wu Jian Hao, and Zhou Yu Min(Zai Zai) led the voting periodically. At the end, Jerry won the champion with 53,154 votes, and Vanness and Zai Zai won the 2nd and 3rd place with 44544 and 25588 votes respectively.

Recently, Jerry and Wu Jian Hao are rivals in Sunday's idol dramas and the competition has been nervewracking. The CTV/GTV drama played Jerry, Down With Love, had the average rating of 3.37 by AC Nielsen (= 2.71 millions of audiences), which lost to Autumn's Concerto, the Sanli idol drama played by Wu Jian Hao, which had the average rating of 7.67(= 3.5 millions of audiences). However, in the voting held by Taiwan Yahoo, in return, Jerry beat Wu Jian Hao.

The voting of The Best Actor Among Idols was held by Taiwan Yahoo between February 2 and February 9, and there were totally 171,504 votes. Among them, Jerry received 30.8% of support, and Wu Jian Hao and Zai Zai had 26% and 14.9% of support respectively. Besides, the 4th and 5th places are Luo Zhi Xiang with 13531 votes (7.9%) and Ming Dao with 10056 votes (5.9%),

Jerry is in Japan at this time. Yesterday, after knowing the voting result, he said, "Thanks all who voted for me. Let's work hard together." Wu Jian Hao is happy that F4 is supported and said, "This is very big encouragement for me. I am happy." Zai Zai's agent, Zhi Xiang Li, said yesterday, "Thanks for everyone's support. We better focus on the dramas and show everyone good projects."

Ella Knelt To Have Climax

Wu Jian Hao showed his physique in Autumn's Concerto, and his performance was praised.

For Jerry's Down With Love, the time slot with the highest rating (4.66) was the scene when Ella knelt in front of him. Last Sunday, Ella knelt down to have good ratings again. When she broke Jerry's beloved sculpture, David, she knelt down in front of Jerry again, and it brought out the highest rating, 6.13, in the time slot of a minute. Through her agency, Ella indicated that she would donate NT100,000 to if the average rating is higher than 3. In the future, she will donate another NT100,000 if the average rating is up for another 2%. Ella said, "In the drama, I played a nanny, so I feel more that children really need a lot of care and love in order to grow up happily."

Jerry Yan and Vanness Wu – From Old Friends to Opponents

Translation by: shyun_y @
***Please take out with full credits***

Hot Flash

Two good friends, Jerry Yan and Vanness Wu have started their “on-screen competition”. Jerry’s latest idol drama – [Down With Love] has recently joined in the idol drama viewership fight, while Vanness’ popular idol drama – [Autumn Concerto] has received a viewership rating of over 8 last week.

Our Press’ Appraisal:
Competition between F2. Regardless Who Emerge as Winner, Viewers are the Biggest Winners

Jerry Yan and Vanness Wu are best of buddies and their recent “on-screen competition” for viewership ratings has been entitled the “F2 Fight”. Recently, Vanness’ idol drama – [AC] topped the ratings fight to triumph over Show Luo, Rainie Yang and Cyndi Wang’s dramas telecasted at the same time slots. The ratings for [AC] has been going up and the latest episode exceeded 8 to the delight of many! At the same time, the debut telecast of idol drama – [DWL], starring Jerry and Ella also joined in the ratings fight. Despite the debut’s ratings was below [AC], [DWL] 1st episode made it into the top 3 position with respectable results. The “F2 Fight” is indeed one worth looking forward to!

PK Between F2, with Vanness Currently Leading

When F4 first rose to fame from the idol serial - [Meteor Garden], Jerry Yan became the group’s leading man. In recent years, Vic Zhou has gradually caught up in the group with his acclaimed performance in [Black & White] last year. On the other hand, Vanness has led with his own style of music in the music scene, but did not have any exceptional performance in drama, until the recent [AC] has totally changed Vanness’ position into “F4’s New Idol Drama Leading Man”.

Coincidentally, Jerry’s latest drama serial – [DWL] has its debut episode last week, resulting in a “F2 Fight” on-screen. A greater coincidence is that both artistes are acting as suave and eloquent lawyers in their respective dramas, hence, that became a point for comparison by viewers.

According to Taiwan’s AC Nielson released statistics, the results of both dramas were as follows: [AC] is leading in viewership ratings at an average of 8.23, while the debut episode of [DWL] is 3rd with an average of 2.63; hence, Vanness won.

Xiao Xiao Bin Most Popular, Fights With Himself

As [AC] was well-received by viewers, there were speculations that [DWL] has to be telecasted sooner than initially scheduled, after the earlier serial with poor ratings - [MoMo Love], in order to “put up a fight” with [AC].

But the most interesting part has to be that the most well-liked actor in both serials was none other than the child actor, Xiao Xiao Bin! This popular child actor not only acts well, but is natural and very adorable, and hence attracted a large number of fans, and he became the most attractive character in the stories! Thus, [AC] and [DWL] ended up showcasing a fight with oneself!

Mistake in Viewship Ratings Released?

[DWL] is the collaboration between China and Taiwan, which talks about the modern Cinderella story. Even before its telecast, the pairing of Jerry and Ella has already gotten everyone’s full anticipation. The subsequent viewership ratings fight with [AC] also became another focus, so much so that even the ratings results released caused a lot of confusion! Yesterday a China media reported that the debut episode of [DWL] scored an average rating of 3.21, which exceeded [AC]’s debut episode then. However this figure appeared to be different from the Taiwan’s released average rating of 2.63, thus, resulted in fans’ queries as to why there were 2 different ratings, and exactly which serial’s debut episode is really the champion?

To find out the truth, our reporters contacted [DWL]’s publicity crew in China and learnt that the difference between the average ratings of 3.21 and 2.63 was because of the difference in age group of the viewers. The former (3.21) is the rating computed for the viewer group between the 20 – 40 years old, while the latter (2.63) is the rating computed for the viewer group between 15 – 45 years old. Both statistics are actually accurate.

Nonetheless, [DWL]’s debut result is considered good and has even exceeded the once-popular [Fated to Love You] (debut rating of 2.56) and recent serial [Hi My Sweetheart] (debut rating of 2.19). Most importantly as [DWL] has just started its telecast, the subsequent potential is definitely worth anticipating.

errr, they are best of friends! hahaha!

good work Jerry and Vanness, Keep it up!

Xiao Xiao Bin cannot bear to part Daddy VanNess Wu and Mummy Ady An

Translated by Whalesg@VIFC

Idol Drama “Autumn’s Concerto” ratings is once again rising and in the latest episode 18 had reached average rating of 8.23, it is also the 18th week at the top. The genius child star who rise to fame due to this drama, Xiao Xiao Bing though had ever appeared in other dramas before, expressed that the people he cannot bear to part Daddy VanNess Wu and Mummy Ady An and that he had the most feelings with everything revolving this drama
Started from 4th October 2009, “Autumn’s Concerto” has been facing competition from “ Momo Love”, “Hi, My Sweetheart” and “Down with Love”, still they are leading the ratings chart steadily. Regardless of average or highest ratings at time slot, “Autumn’s Concerto” is still the ratings Champion.
“Autumn’s Concerto”current average ratings of 8.23 had also broken “Meteor’s Garden”, “Prince Turned to Frog” and “My Queen”ratings record and is the 2nd highest rank just behind “Fated to Love You”
In Xiao Xiao Bing dad’s blog, was written “having such a handsome and kind alien father VanNess Wu + a beautiful and Virtuous Mummy Ady An, I really cannot bear to leave them! I really hope the drama can continue forwever and we do not have to part” There are even personal pictures posted of Xiao Xiao Bing with VanNess Wu and Ady An to share with others online.

My favourit moment is at 1' 23 and 1' 35

Van Ness Wu says God is better than sex

Source: UDN, Chinatimes
Credit : PA @

Is God really better than sex?.....A big YES if you ask Van Ness Wu because it is even written on his shirt. He, along with other believers, attended The Festival of God`s Power Conference yesterday at the Taipei Arena. Van Ness Wu was baptized two years ago and spoke frankly about the changes religion has made in his life at the event.

Van Ness Wu revealed that he has had six girlfriends in the past and lost his virginity at seventeen. However his first night was not spent with his girlfriend, as he embarrassingly explained, “Maybe (I) was naïve, and had drank a little as well. The person was just a friend, but not someone I loved...I’m very regretful, even after I get married I will still regret it.” He added, “This is not something good, kids should never do this.”

Van Ness Wu didn’t deny his relationship with Vivian Hsu like previously, because he doesn’t like to lie after becoming a Christian. He also disclosed that after Vivian Hsu, he dated someone outside of showbiz for a year. As for the reason for their breakup, “I was focusing on my career at that time and wasn’t prepared to be in a relationship. It was the wrong timing.” He said he has been single for three years, which means this relationship was likely to have started a few months after he broke up with Vivian Hsu.

The 31 year-old Van Ness Wu said marriage and children are part of his plan for life. His dad often hints to him, “I really want to carry my grandchildren.” When asked what he looks for in his partner, Van Ness answered, “(She) must be the same as me, putting God in first place.” He revealed that he had signed a celibacy card back in March of 2008, but “experienced temptation right after signing it, because a bunch of girls came looking for me.” He even took out the card from this wallet to show everyone.

Van Ness Wu said he used to chase after girls impulsively, but now he has learned to observe and act with marriage in mind. He prays for almost an hour everyday and prays for his friends as well. Last night, he represented his church as a staff from the “healing prayer group” to pray for others at the event. He kneeled down besides one of the female church members, put his hand on her forehead, and started praying for her. Van Ness was asked if he would consider becoming a full-time pastor. He responded, “I have thought about it, but I have no intention for now. I’ll leave it up to God.”

Autumn’s Concerto sets series high ratings record

Source: CNA, Nownews, SETTV
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It was a big night for Autumn’s Concerto again this past Sunday with episode 18 bringing in an average rating of 8.23%. The much-anticipated ratings battle between Van Ness Wu and Jerry Yan was closely watched by many as the F2 went head to head. Jerry Yan’s new show Down With Love made a strong debut at 2.63% and will look to improve on those numbers in the upcoming weeks. Much to the dismay of Show Luo and his fans, Hi! My Sweetheart finished with a short 45 minutes finale to make way for its successor, which aired its first episode at 10:45 PM. His drama finished with a solid 5%, but the new drama Because of You, starring Baron Chen, lost most of it and found itself at the bottom with only 1.02%

Autumn’s Concerto Chris Wu finally fulfilled his promise of doing a dive when the ratings break 6%. He previously vowed to jump off from Bitan but had to change the location to a local swimming pool as it was illegal. Chris Wu was joined by costar Van Ness Wu, along with Amanda Zhu (Hua Ci-Xin) and Green Tea (Pin-a), at the event. They began with a ice-breaking ceremony to celebrate the new ratings record, followed by the long-awaited dive.

Chris Wu originally planned to dive from the 3 meter spring board but upgraded to the 7 meter platform to show his sincerity. He took off his shirt as per the media’s request and showed off his six-pack. Chris Wu stood on the platform and shouted, “I’m doing this for “Next Stop” (Autumn’s Concerto)!” and jumped off without any hesitation. Van Ness Wu, who has just returned from the US, complimented his costar and said, “He is very brave, very handsome, and has a well-trained body." Chris Wu said lead actress Ady An will do a pole dance if the ratings break 10%, while Green Tea urged Van Ness to take a dive with all three guys together if the ratings break 11%, Van Ness responded, “There are 2 episodes left, let’s fight for it.”

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Van Ness Wu and Xiao Xiao Bin reunite for some father-son bonding

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The TV father and son combo has been receiving plenty of love with their hit drama Autumn’s Concerto. The two attended the recording of SETTV’s Entertainment awards ceremony yesterday, which is scheduled to air on the Chinese New Year’s eve. Xiao Xiao Bin was awarded Most Notable B-Ka (2nd fiddle/supporting actor), while Van Ness Wu was awarded Most Compatible Couple with on-screen wife Ady Ann, who could not attend as she was filming in mainland China.

Van Ness Wu showed up at the awards ceremony with a super short hair cut. He explained that he had just come back the US after completing an independent film. He gave Xiao Xiao Bin a big hug right away, followed by sharing a piece of heart shaped chocolate together. Xiao Xiao Bin called him “Alien Daddy” and even said he wants to get a haircut like his TV dad.

Van Ness revealed that it has been two months since they have seen each other, he plans to give Xiao Xiao Bin a present for the New Year. He also seemed to be quite popular among children as Xiao Xiao Bin’s younger brother Mini Bin also wanted a hug from him. Van Ness said, “(I) plan to have 6 kids in the future, because there are five kids in my family, it’s very lively and pleasant. (I) hope it’ll happen as soon as possible.”
The Bins (from the left): Mini-Bin, Uncle Bin, Xiao Bin Bin, Xiao Xiao Bin

Xiao Xiao Bin’s closeness with Van Ness made the two costars from his new drama P.S. Man jealous. Bianca Bai plays Xiao Xiao Bin's mom, while Sonia Sui said he won't even say hi to her even though she plays his kindergarten teacher. Van Ness consoled the two with a word of advice, “In order to gain his trust, (you) have to play with him, and then he’ll naturally become close with you.”

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