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i already got my OJ vcd yesterday at Megamall.

It was words can describe how i feel when i watched Jerry's "i want it now" mtv.

The contents of the vcd are the following:
Whampoa Kowloon, HK - Departure at HK airport - Yan Chai Charity Premiere - Some MK clips with sammi's Mk song - Whampoa pics with jerry's MK song!!!!

Special Thanks to onlyjerry. More Power!!!!

YAMAHA EXHIBIT at Mega Strip, Megamall

there's a huge f4 banner located at the booth of Yamaha.

Also, some motorbikes as exhibits. they also teach kids to ride on the motorbikes.

Lauren and the girls of f4_intlfc-phils got a poster and sticker (too bad, i went home early) i enjoyed the day activities and i have to go home asap hehe...maybe next time....a motorbike with f4 hehe

DIARY OF A FAN, part 4

*January 26, 2004
Since it’s a Monday, wala akong pasok sa school! As soon as I woke up (that was around 8.30), I had coffee and after that, I sent my entry via e-mail right away… I didn’t do the presentation kasi wala rin akong time so yung entry ko sa MYX, full of smiley… ‘di pa nga yung animated e… my entry was really simple and humorous, at the same time, direct to the point… so nung nasend ko na yung mail, I thought my day is through already… as in back to normal na ulit…
Come 6.30 in the evening, while my sister was using the computer, she answered the phone… “Ate, sa MYX daw!!!” I was shocked because I just sent my entry that morning… my first reaction was, “Weh?! Totoo ba yan?!” tapos malapit na ako sa phone, I asked her, “I won? I won?”
So, I got the phone… and the conversation, as I remember, was like this:
Tin: hello?
MYX: is this christia morada?
Tin: yes… speaking…
MYX: hi! This is mila from MYX… we got your entry and read it…
Tin: really? (I was getting really excited already… parang yung voice ko nga medyo expecting na… ang stupid nga e… siyempre, kaya nga sila tumawag eh kasi nabasa na nila yung entry ko…)
MYX: so, you’re a real vic zhou fan?
Tin: oo naman… matagal na…
MYX: are you Chinese? Kasi yung entry mo in Chinese kasi e…
Tin: no… that was just translated by my sister…
MYX: may passport ka ba? Nakapagtravel ka na ba before?
Tin: opo…I’ve been to the states and hong kong before…
MYX: valid pa ba yung passport mo? Baka hindi naman…
Tin: valid po yon… kakarenew lang kasi ng passport ko e…
MYX: ahh… okay… ganito, you’re not yet the official winner pero we’ll call you again whatever happens… vineverify lang naming yung mga contestants…
Tin: okay… sige po… bye…
MYX: bye.
After the conversation, sobrang happy ako… medyo uneasy kasi when I thought about my answers, sabi ko, “Shoots! Dapat hindi ko sinabi na pinatranslate yung entry ko… dapat sinabi ko ako yung nagtranslate… dapat sinabi ko I haven’t been to hong kong kasi baka hindi nila ako gawing winner…” yung sister ko, sabi niya…”’wag ka mag-expect… malay mo ‘di ikaw yung winner… masakit yon if ever you find out na hindi ikaw yung winner… tawag ka kay Arlene (friend ko na zai zai fan din) tapos tanong mo kung nagsend na siya ng entry niya, kung tumawag sa kanya yung myx…” Sort of counter-verification on my part, di ba?! Point taken… but I didn’t call Arlene…
An hour later, I was able to answer another call from MYX… Ms. Mila just asked me if I joined any contests conducted by MYX or MTV in the past… if I won in those contests daw… I answered no kasi first time ko talaga yung contest kay zai zai… that was it…
My brother who was eating that time told me, “Ate, ikaw na yung winner… kasi tignan mo, twice na sila tumawag sa’yo… ano ibig sabihin non?!” Outside, I looked really calm na tipong parang wala lang sa akin yung sinabi ng brother ko… na wala lang yung second call from MYX… But man!!! inside… sobrang lakas na ng heartbeat ko…
While I was preparing the doggie food in the kitchen… around 8.30 pm… the phone rang and my mom called for me after a few seconds… “Tin!!! Sa MYX…” Oh my god… another call… is this it?! Siyempre ang dumi ng hands ko when I took the phone from my mom…
Tin: hello?
MYX: christia? This is mila from MYX again…
Tin: yes…
MYX: I don’t know if I already asked you this pero itanong ko na lang ulit… nagtravel ka na ba before?
Tin: opo… sa hong kong and sa states po recently lang…
MYX: ahh… okay… sige na nga… kasi ganito yon… ikaw na yung WINNER…
Tin: talaga?!?!?!?!?! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After I heard her say the word winner… wala na… I didn’t understand the words she’s saying… sobrang tili ko, my entire family was looking at me… for the first time in my life, nabakla ako in front of them!!! Another reason why I didn’t get the things she’s telling me was that zai zai and ken’s yamaha commercial was on TV kaya sobrang wala na talaga… DAMN!!! I’m going to hong kong to meet THE guy!!! Yung mga details na lang during the latter part of the conversation, yun na lang yung naintindihan ko… she gave me her office number… she told me that I should prepare myself from February 4 to 8 kasi hindi pa nila alam yung exact date ng flight… I asked her kung maraming entries… She told me “Sobra!”… then we said goodbye…
OH MY GOD!!! This was the statement I kept on saying to myself from the time Ms. Mila informed me upto the time I went to sleep… siyempre before closing my eyes, tinuloy ko na yung prayer…=)

*** The following morning, pasok ako sa school… I was waiting for Arlene to come kasi gusto ko siya and my close friends lang yung first sa school namin na makaalam… wala pa siya pero I can’t help myself… so I told Izaw that I joined this contest and I won… buong batch ko na yung nakaalam after a few minutes… Arlene was the last person to know about it… saying! late kasi siya eh…
*** from January 27 to the early days of February, I received no call from MYX… I was a bit scared already kasi I don’t know if it’s really true… every time I enter the gate, I ask my mom kung may tawag from MYX… wala daw… Thursday lang tumawag si Ms. Mila to get my full name… after that, zero, nil, wala… Sobrang scared ko, I was thinking na baka they found a better entry than mine… maybe they read red_star’s entry already kaya ‘di na siya tumatawag… maybe joke lang ‘to… my friends were asking me bakit pa daw pinapakita yung promo sa MYX eh may winner na? I just told them kasi next time pa daw nila ipapakita yung name ng winner… I was so full of fear and doubt kaya kung anu-ano na yung naiisip ko… if ever I found out na iba na yung winner, I’m going to sue them for giving me false hope!!! I’m going to bring them down!!! February 4, she called me up… “christia, punta ka dito tomorrow to claim your ticket…” that was the day na naging okay na talaga ‘ko…

DIARY OF A FAN, part 3

January 25, 2004
Japs, my best friend called me up in the evening… she asked something about adjusting entries in accounting… then we discussed something about the baby shower for our friend… tapos in between the discussion, I told her about my intention to join the contest. She was excited for me!!! And then I asked her for suggestions… “gawa ka ng A to Z na reasons… Ayy!! ‘wag yon… write 100 reasons why you love vic!!! Tapos gawan mo pa ng presentation… ‘wag power point presentation… dapat adobe… tapos ilagay mo sa friendster or publish it sa newspaper!!!”
Siyempre, natuwa ako sa suggestion niya… But 100 reasons?! Medyo napadouble take ata ako don!!! That’s so plenty!!! I’m not saying that I can’t write something like that… pero I think I already read a fan-written material na ganon din… ayaw ko naman manggaya…
I decided to cut down the 100 reasons to just 10… pero sabi ko walang dating yon… dapat my entry should make an impact… I thought of translating my top 10 reasons in 5 different languages… English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Filipino… hmmm… medyo mahirap and I don’t have that much time too… siyempre may assignment din ako that needed my attention… English, Chinese and Japanese na lang kaya?! I’m not really good in Japanese but I’m really into Japanese culture kaya lang irrelevant naman yung Japanese sa F4… English and Chinese na lang!!! BINGO!!!
I wrote down my reasons in less than 10 minutes… had it translated by my sister (yung vanness fan) in an hour or so… I’m done!!! Yehey!!!

f4_phils is 9 months old!

more power!

f4 fever reigns!!!

take care everybody!!!

DIARY OF A FAN, part 2

January 24, 2004
Around 12 midnight, after reviewing for my preliminary examinations in MIS, I opened the TV and tuned in to MYX… kasi cybermyx na… I usually read the messages there para makatulog ako… also, maraming f4 fans doon kaya naaaliw din ako… anyways, before turning off the television, I SAW THE PROMO PLUG!!!
“Have you heard that vic zhou is heading to hong kong
to be with someone special?
Well, that someone could be YOU!!!” (basta parang ganyan)
WOW!!! Oh my goodness!!! Nawindang yung mundo ko!!! Vic will be in Hong Kong!!! What the ****?! I told myself that I should join no matter what… the chances are small pero what’s wrong in trying? I slept with that thought in mind…
That same morning, right after submitting my test paper, I informed my friend… a fellow zai zai fan… that myx has this contest… blah blah blah… and she should also join kasi whoever wins between the two of us (if ever manalo nga)… kung trip for two, kasama yung isa… so that’s settled between us…
I told my family about the contest… “Ma, sasali ako sa contest sa myx… trip to HK yng prize tapos mamimeet si vic zhou!!!” Sabi lang nila, “basta bahala ka sa pocket money mo!” Afternoon and evening came, I drafted my entry but I wasn’t satisfied… I was getting tired too… thinking of my possible reason… how it should look like… the format… nakakatamad na…

DIARY OF A FAN, part 1

Posted only here at f4_phils!!!!
Please give proper credits if you are posting this article somewhere else…

… the adventures and misadventures of tin-tin in Hong Kong…(written 02.21.04)
Credits to:
And to Christia Morada, thanks so much, girl and more power!!!!

It has already been two weeks since I met zai zai… but I can still clearly remember everything that happened during that special day… when I think about it, damn!!! Parang nasa cloud 9 pa din ako… para nga akong tanga minsan kasi I smile to myself… naiimagine ko na naman yung sarili ko na naka-cheek tint and nagbublush… hehe!!!
When I went home from hong kong, many people told me that rumors were being spread over the net that I am not a zai zai fan but rather a vanness fan… sabi ko na lang, “then, why did I join the contest? kung hindi ako zai zai fan, why waste my time?!” (to clarify things: yung vanness fan kasi na christia din is my sister… our parents named us both christia tapos meron kaming second name…)
Anyways, moving on… I am a zai zai fan ever since… actually, among them, he was the first person I noticed way, way back… mtv asia awards 2003… when ken and vanness received the inspirational award… back then, yung cable namin may MTV Philippines and MTV Southeast Asia… tapos MTV Southeast Asia was playing F4 videos… the first one I saw was “can’t lose you”… sabi ko pa before, “sino ba ‘tong mga intsik na ‘to?!” (I apologize to all the Chinese people who are reading this…) then I would switch the channel… after that, there was “can’t help falling in love”… sabi ko na naman, “ano ba ‘to?! bakit puro intsik na lang?!”… One time, out of curiosity, I tried to watch their video… hindi ko siya na-take so I changed the channel right away, pero I noticed somebody in the video… actually two persons… hindi ko naman sila kilala so I didn’t bother finding out who those two were… Four months later, the meteor fever hit the country and then I realized that the person who I noticed in MTV four months earlier was none other that Zhou Yu Min a.k.a Hua Zhe Lei…
Fast forward… February 2004… I finally met THE guy…

*** the guy aside from zai zai whom I noticed before was ken…=)

please vote

please go to

look for mtvasia start play and vote for entry number 12!!!!(support yvonne, my friendster-jerryaddict friend)

that's all


a msg posted in f4_international fc said that 5566 will be here for a promotion...they'll be guesting this friday (feb 27 @ araneta coliseum in star quest show), i really have to comment? please...stop comparing f4 to 5566...they r different entities!!!

no concert updates of f4 or 5566.watsoever...duh!

and i failed to attend the f4fu gathering, first - i am still reviewing for my upcoming exam this march.second - i dont have much money here.too bad...all my money went to magic kitchen hahaha!!!


I just saw this late morning about an ad of abs-cbn,a teaser that stated "READY NA BA KAYO FOR THE GRAND CONCERT THIS SUMMER" i wondered kung ano yun...somebody help me...ABS-CBN insider....answer my it 5566 or f4????

Fans From All Over The World Gear Up to Support Jerry's First Movie

An email from Cherry Raymundo and thanks to onlyf4

Jerry has not made a public appearance in Taiwan for almost a year now, but his popularity has multiplied by 8 times. Jerry's first movie will screen next Friday in Taiwan. Not only has Taiwanese fans booked cinemas to watch, fans from over 8 countries have gathered in Taiwan for an international gathering.

MK is Jerry's first movie and his first time working with Sammi. The pair will arrive in Taiwan on Sunday for a press conference and attend Taipei's premiere event. HK fans have organised a <> on the 15th in Jan and cooked out 5 cinemas to begin a Asia movie marathon. From Beijing to Singapore to Taipei, which will be the 12th booking event and the last station. A total of 5000 fans have joined in the cinema booking event and costing over NT$1 500 000.

However, this is just one corner of the world of Jerry. His movie has attracted American, Thai, Korean, Chinese, HK and Taiwanese fans to gather in Taiwan to collectively support Jerry.

Not only has Jerry's fans taken over Taipei's Xi Man Ke Jin Hua Cinema, but also attacking Gao Xiong's Hua Na Wie Xiu Cinema. At te same time spending NT$1500 on flower baskets to celebrate.
From this international gathering, it highlights Jerry's popularity and such craze has not been seen for 40 years. It can be seen that this is the biggest movie fan craze in Taiwan for 40 years.

source: taipei reports

Thanks to Lilian of

New Pics

credits to the following groups: f4_internationalfc-philippines and F4FU...for posting the photos at their forums

thanks so much!!!
whew! gwapo ni vanness!!! hehe!

and also...thanks to MTV ASIA for getting VANNESS!!!!

MTV Asia Awards 2004 and many others

FEB 14 -2PM-I went to megamall last valentine's day to support OJ's final mission - to giveaway Jerry novelties for those who'll watch MK at 2pm, Cinema 12.

Thanks to elena, my friend (f4_phils) for the roses she sent last saturday when i was at tia maria's megamall (OJ's meeting place)...i was so indeed touched!!!i really like it...the last time i received roses my debut??? wahehhe!!

Congratulations to all winners of MTV Asia Awards and also, to our beloved Vanness for a job well done.He really well as Machi...i am trying to research some Machi soon....!!!

FEB 15-Yesterday, (sunday) im with lauren, almond, gold, myka, ate vhia we went @ ate maricel's house then to ongpin to check out some vcds/cds....and straight ahead to tutuban mall! wow we went crazy seeing all the items!!! hope to be back soon.

FEB 16-And, too bad i was so busy this week.Guess what? i just received a msg from lauren that bench is giving-away tickets for MK screening at Glorietta...too bad again, i can't make it!!!!

Mk now showing in taiwan,jerry just attended the premiere night...vic's now shooting for mars, vanness went to LA and Ken's busy for shooting for his new series...

more news will be posted soon and pics of mtv aa...joisu will upload it.

take care everybody!


Magic Kitchen: Breaking Lines, HAPPY VALENTINE'S TO EVERYBODY!

It’s when I’ve taste the first happiness in my life (Sammi Cheng)

Can we be friends again? After the past few years, I want you to be my friend again. I like to have a sister like you. (Andy Lau)

It’s not a big deal. – (..)

Everyday is just a challenge.(Maggie Q)

Names are just symbols (Sammi Cheng)

If you can’t let go of the past, the further you will never come. But when you go, you can never come back. (Jerry Yan, MAGIC KITCHEN)

Do you really like her that much? (Sammi Cheng)

Much more than I thought. (Andy Lau)

You look over for the right person, But the perfect person never really exists. (Andy Lau)

(I adore her), she believes in faith, and is living for the moment. (Andy Lau)

He is giving me his 100%. (Sammi Cheng)

Can you give your friend a 100% now? (Andy Lau)

One has to be confident. Don’t hesitate. And you will regret it later on. (Andy Lau)

Cooking is like love, it must be fulfilling.

The true essence of cooking and love, it’s the heart. (Sammi Cheng)

What’s important is that they can feel the bliss of happiness. After all, love should not be a contest. (Sammi Cheng)

Love is life, could be magical or a curse. In the end, it’s all up to you. (Sammi Cheng)

notes by: lilac corner


Just got home from watching block screening at robinson's galleria of Magic Kitchen.I am going to watch it all over again! hahaha!!!!!jerry is soooo gwapo...goodness!!!! i love him so much...i was seating beside lauren and we were both screaming to death whenever jerry's face is focused on screen hehehehe!!!!i feel like loving u!!! hehe!!!

I got my tumbler with me....gee, i feel like drinking hot coffee or milk or chocolate...and just to look over the tumbler with jerry's face on it...hehehe!

To all who give all out support to my beloved jerry...many thanks....!!!

Thanks also to my f4_internationalfc-phils friends...almond, gold, myka, mimi, katz, ate vhia, rachelle, kaye, shereen, abby, crissy, dianne, chacha and who else? lauren!!!! hehehe....and also onlyjerry's ate carol and friends...i do really have a great time with u guys!see u soon!!!

What r u waiting for...go out and vote, este watch MK!!!!

Added Value Chika: try to save more money...just continue saving...i'll be announcing confirmed details soon...expect more speculations on f4 concert!!! just be ready to be sure!!!!

Mitch, ur moderator
"Feel Like Loving You"


I got a sms from LAUREN my friend from f4_internationalfc-phils... when i got home right after watching block screening of Magic Kitchen.
Her friend's mom, who used to work for bench confirmed that Jerry will be here this month, february. but the details are not yet cleared.let's wait and see...


Many thanks to all premiere night goers,the gaiety, the new friends
and the amazing experience of seeing JY in big screen was worth all
the hard work behind the preparation. To all ONLY JERRY members,
thank you for continually supporting our preparations; many thanks
too to other forums for sharing that night with us.

Only Jerry Philippines is equally thankful to our overseas
counterparts who supported our raffle: to our bloved OJ
moderators/owners for the iweekly and uweekly magazines, to beijing for the pocket calendars, Ms Helen Y. for the
Mk VCD and Zui Ai Yan Cheng Xu Jia Zu, Malaysia for the MK postcards
that is due to arrive.

Kudos to the team - behind the distribution of tickets: Red,
Psychepat Riel and Lauren; Sol who is still busy right now preparing
the cd(more info on this later); Jerra who distributed the posters;
Prisca, Gigette, Lizette who collected all overseas parcels, Rosell
and Daomingsoup who took the videos during the premiere night;dmss
and simonette who are preparing the cd labels; to Bianca, and Others
who were all there specially during the premiere night preparations.
JIA YOU to HANNIE, the MK OJ coordinator who lead the whole group in
this activity. JIA YOU TO ALL OF YOU!!! Till the next activity!!!

Today is the regular screening of MK and our next activity is to make
MK a top grosser, a box office hit. How? Invite your friends,
relatives and neighbors to watch the film not once but many times!!!
If HK, Singapore, China can make it happen, we can do too!!!

We still have pocket calendars, MK postcards, Xinhe pictures,
posters and we will randomly distribute them. Wait for further



(hannie is one of the MK coordinators last Feb 7 premiere night)

The Magic Kitchen Premiere Night wouldnt be a success without not only the
support of our co-organizers but also the help of the whole ONLYJERRY GROUP.

We truly have enjoyed a magical night with our " ultimate papa " MR. JERRY YAN!
i can say that all our hardwork were paid with the million Thank You's we
received from you, with the thought that we made a lot of people not just happy
but believed that we experienced " A NIGHT TO REMEMBER"!!!

Your cooperation, trust, encouragement and enthusiasm made us give our best to
make the night as successful as possible.

For the heartwarming gratitude you have given us, truly, all the hardworks are
gone and are replaced with pride and happiness.

The distribution of tickets from different parts of Metro Manila up to Alabang
Town Center, tiring and time consuming as i may say but in the end...I've
realized it was all worth it!!!

Cheers to the attendees, for not minding sharing the night with their fellow

Cheers to the owner and moderator of ONLYJERRY GROUP for the encouragement to
pursue this project.

Cheers to us, the organizers for realizing how important it was to finish this

To our fellow OJ fans in other countries for the generosity in sharing and
contributing MK and JY giveaways.

For those who were not properly accomodated that night, we apologize for that,
it happened probably because of the overflowing energy and excitement that
night, that we overlooked some things to be done. Hope you understand.

May i say now that you may expect more of these as we support JERRY YAN in all
his endeavors!!!




onlyjerry group


thanks to belle


In behalf of FrontRunner Event Management & Marketing Consultancy and Robinsons Movieworld, we would like to thank in advance those who express support to our forthcoming event, Magic Kitchen Block Screening by way of buying tickets.

We are pleased to inform you that we have sold all tickets for Cinema 10 and due to bigger demands we received today, we've decided to open 1 more cinema on Wednesday, February 11, 2004 to accommodate more people. Screening time will be around 7PM.

You may still buy your tickets tomorrow and on Wednesday before 3PM to avail of the limited edition Magic Kitchen Thermo Mug. Ticket price is still at P200.00. Please see Sahara or Alen at the Marketing office of Robinsons Movieworld located at Level 4 inside Dreamscape, Robinson Galleria. Sahara may also be reach at 0920-9205921.

This is your last chance to own the limited edition Magic Kitchen Thermo Mug!

Once again, thank you and see you on Wednesday, February 11 at Robinsons Movieworld Galleria.

New BGM (background music)

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Fellow Ken fans it's our turn! Wahahahahaha!!!

your chiisana moderator joisu your chiisana moderator joisu your chiisana moderator joisu your chiisana moderator joisu your chiisana moderator joisu your chiisana moderator joisu your chiisana moderator joisu your chiisana moderator joisu your chiisana moderator joisu your chiisana moderator joisu your chiisana moderator joisu your chiisana moderator joisu your chiisana moderator joisu your chiisana moderator joisu your chiisana moderator joisu your chiisana moderator joisu your chiisana moderator joisu your chiisana moderator joisu

Magic Kitchen Premiere Night/3rd gathering of f4_internationalfc-phils

it's 4am, i'm still awake.i don't know why.siguro i still have a Magic Kitchen.

3rd gathering of f4_internationalfc-phils
i came a little late.di naman masyadong late.pero nandun na sina lauren and friends.i am very sori to karess (f4_phils member) sensya na lapit ko na nga na-late pa ako hehe.i really enjoyed that day.grabe, as in raffles-raffles-raffles at chikahan regarding sa pagpakyaw ni lauren ng tissue envelopes sa sta lucia mall hehehe.although di ako nanalo nung 500 jigsaw puzzle ng f4...willing akong i-buo yun.pramis!hehehe!i won hmmm 2 mousepads (vic and f4),also a button pin and nakipagswap ako ng scam magazine hehehe.i gaveaway also f4 tissue envelopes and coin banks.i met princess (f4_phils member)...and also, elena (f4_phils-friend ko na since the event pa hehehe!)

before screening
ang haba agad ng pila!grabe!as in!
sa line pa lang.kulitan na,picture background music pa ng f4 songs...kala ko nga sa concert ako papunta.nakakatuwa.

going inside
super excited hehehe.syempre.mheera text me,buti na lang nakahabol sya kasi nagpapasok na eh.sori, mish di kita nakita.hehehe.bawi na lang next time.ok?

raffles ng OJ
kakalungkot.ang daming raffle items ng OJ.di ako nanalo huhuhu.ok lang sige i got naman a MK poster, pocket calendar and a fan size calendar pwede na nga hehehe...

MK Movie
wow,di ko kwento dito.parang ginawa ko sa sky of's up to you guys to find out.good movie naman.although english dubbed.sige pwede na.paglabas pa lang ng name ni jerry sa screen...sigawan na...grabe as in!cute yung story.medyo madaming words of ko dito soon.hehehe.don't fail to watch MK.magaan syang panoorin.light comedy-romance...nakakaenjoy hehehe...

i'll be at robinson's galleria on wednesday for the block screening.nagconfirm kasi ako kay lauren eh.i got na d see u sa mga pupunta dun.

and finally, congratulations to onlyjerry phils most esp to the coordinators...more power...dito lang ako sa tabi nyo basta f4! hehehe!

kahit di ako nanalo ng rice cooker este oven toaster ng 101.1 fm ok lang,dumami naman friends ko.magkita-kita tayo sa cebu! hahahaha!!!

Magic Kitchen Premiere Night

See u all there

3rd gathering of f4_internationalfc-phils
3pm @ SM Megamall Foodcourt

MK Screening @ Cinema 10 @ 7:30pm

scream...jerry...yao ding ni!!!!

Photo Caption: 2nd gathering

FROM RIGHT GOING TO LEFT(am wearing black blouse)
dhanna(ate maricel)
ate vhia
baby lauren
mitch,ooppss i forgot the one who's wearing red blouse...sorry makakalimutin po ako...msg me kung sino sya...please help me!!!!

ENOUGH FOR them directly

For comments & suggestions, write us at:
If you want to email them for you comments about "MOVE OVER F4"


kakareciv ko lang ng msg na to hehehe!!!

"Jerry Yan is back! watch out for his 1st film, MAGIC KITCHEN, showing on feb 11. win premiere tickets, daily movie gift pack of 1000k cash....Send magic to 290"

sana premyo eh date with jerry.malamang magload agad ako nito!hehehe

an invite from f4_internationalfc-philippines

Posted by cha-cha of f4_intlfc-phils

what: 3rd Group Gathering, support Jerry Yan (Gala Premiere of Magic Kitchen)
when: 7th of February, 2004
where: SM Megamall Foodcourt (infront of Jollibee)
time: 3:00 pm

Surprises awaits all those who will attend.

SEE YOU ALL THERE - MITCH, f4_phils moderator


From sailorgirl of OnlyJerry

This is the final list of raffle items that will be given away
before the Gala Premiere of MAGIC KITCHEN on 07 Feb, 2004 at Cinema
10, co-sponsored by ONLY JERRY.

8 Jerry F4 Memo pad - JY wearing the blue
from Thailand jumpsuit chest exposed

5 sets JY Xinhe pictures - 3R sized photos taken by prof
photographers and sold at Sino
center, HK

3 Jerry' Solo Photo Album - from HK, contains 32 pages of
colored and blue and white

2 Esquire Magazine - edition 182, JY on cover
complete w/ translation

2 Cosmo Girl - JY on cover complete w/

6 Jerry Pepsi Cans - from HK, JY in blue jumpsuit

5 MK poster - movie size Phil poster

4 sets MK red pocket - 3 pcs each, lai se set

5 I-weekly magazines - singaporean mag, complete w/
translation, MK and JY
10 U-weekly magazines - singaporean mag, complete with
translation, MK and JY
50 MK post card - from malaysia

3 MK notebook - from HK

4 MK calendar - MK and pepsi pictures

4 MK VCD- mandarin version - from China, original and have
JY's voice and song.

First 200 ONLY JERRY members- wearing their blue ribbons on right
wrist- will receive free pocket calendar.

Many thanks to OJ moderator/owner for the iweekly and uweekly
magazines, Zui Ai Yan Cheng Xu Jia Zu - Malaysia Branch for the MK
postcards, for the MK pocket calendars and Helen
Y. for the MK VCDs.

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Vanness Wu to Host MTV Asia Awards 2004!

Sugababes, A*Mei, Sammi Cheng For MTV Asia Awards 2004!
January 30, 2004

The MTV Asia Awards 2004 is absolutely going to be babelicious with sexy British pop princesses, Sugababes, Taiwanese songbird, Chang Hui Mei (affectionately known as A*Mei) and sensational Queen of Canto Pop, Sammi Cheng, at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Valentine's Day. They will be adding that flaming feminine touch that will leave a blazing trail in the hearts of fans and viewers. Taiwanese hip-hop group, Machi, will also be attending the awards and setting the crowd into a rhythmic grove with their infectious brand of music.

Sassy, glossy and seductive, Sugababes will set your hearts racing with their sexy grooves. Comprising Keisha Buchanan, Mutya Buena and Heidi Range, the U.K pop princesses broke the mould with their fresh attitude, passion for music and an instinctive grasp of street reality in their music. Scoring international headlines and numerous accolades in their musical journey, they recently launched their new album entitled Three, featuring the new single "Hole In The Head." Fans and viewers are definitely going to be treated to a "taste" of these sexy eye-candy personalities who will add sexy cool glamour to the awards!

A*Mei is no stranger to the legions of fans who have witnessed her rise to mega stardom since her discovery through a singing competition. The Taiwanese songbird's soulful and powerful vocal abilities won her the Favourite Artist Taiwan category at the inaugural MTV Asia Awards in 2002 and has propelled her to be nominated for the same category this year. Through her songs, fans often become transported to another place and time to experience and live the lyrical moment. Her new album released in 2003, Yong Gan (Courage), is an album that aptly describes her journey through the years as a songbird. Highly dedicated to her work in music, A*Mei personally saw to the composition and arrangement of the tracks to ensure that it reflected her unique style and magnetic personality.

Winner of the Favourite Artist Hong Kong category for 2002 and 2003, Sammi Cheng is recognized for her immense musical talent and nominated again for this year. More than just the Queen of Canto Pop, she is also a coveted actress of the Hong Kong film industry, starring in countless movies over the years. This beautiful and multi-talented lady often features her songs into her films, continuing the tradition of the complementary marriage of Cantonese music and cinema. More recently, she released a greatest hits album, Mi Century Greatest Hits, and launched her new film starring with Jerry Yen and Andy Lau called Magic Kitchen.

"Hip-hop is an attitude and way of life" is the motto that the all-boy group Machi lives by. Highly passionate about their music, they deem the art of music as a way of life, an innate element for survival and the binding spirit shared among the group. The Taiwanese band adds a unique twist to hip-hop, creating a new identity in the music scene and spreading the popularity of their music through its infections tunes. Come on down to the Singapore Indoor Stadium and feel your body reverberate with their hip-hop beats and see how they set your feet moving at the event!

They will join the previously announced scroll of top international and Asian artists to gather under one roof at Asia's most glamorous and memorable event. Hosted by Michelle Branch and Vanness Wu, the glittering list of stars coming to bring the house to a fever pitch include 5566, Black Eyed Peas, Blue, Gareth Gates, Liberty X, Simple Plan, Stacie Orrico, Han Hong and Sun Nan (China); Iwan Fals, Mocca and Audy (Indonesia); BoA (Korea); Too Phat, Siti Sarah, Misha Omar and Siti Nurhaliza (Malaysia); Rivermaya (Philippines); Tanya Chua (Singapore); Armchair, Blackhead, "Bird" Thongchai McIntyre, Boyd Kosiyabong, Parn-Thanaporn and Tata Young (Thailand).

The Awards this year is supported by a strong lineup of international and local brands with HP, Philips and Toyota Motor Corporation leading as this year’s official partner sponsors while Club Med comes on board as associate sponsor for the Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand markets. On a local level, McDonald’s and Mentari are local sponsors in Indonesia, Wall’s Cornetto in Malaysia, Addict Mobile and SMG Play as local sponsors in the Philippines and StarHub is a local sponsor in Singapore. In strong support of the MTV Asia Awards since the inaugural event in 2002, Singapore Tourism Board (STB) will also continue to support the world-class award show, promoting it beyond the shores of Singapore.

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