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Five most popular TV series


Based on Taiwan writer Pai Hsien Yung's novel "The Night of Madam Kim", the TV series is the second production from the workshop of famous Chinese actress Fan Bingbing. Fan herself will lead a star-studded cast including Taiwan actor Vic Chou, Alex Fong, Eric Huang, and Anthony Wong. Singaporean actress Fann Wong will also play a role in the series. And the star appearances of Hong Kong's Paul Chun and Mainland actor Wang Xueqi have certainly raised fan's expectations.

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Star-studded dramas hit Beijing

Star-studded dramas hit Beijing

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The year end season is also a prime time for stage performances. Sun Haiying and Lv Liping, married in real life and who played a couple in the popular TV series "Years of Burning Passion", are collaborating again in the drama "Peer Gynt".

As she prepares for her debut in a drama, Lv Liping highly recommends people watch the play.

Actress Lv Liping said, "The seniors in the audience would like to know Peer Gynt's whole life, the younger people will learn some lessons from him, and children will view the character as a bad example. The drama is very instructive, because you see your inner world through it."

Lv's husband, Sun Haiying has been absent from stage dramas for over two decades. He encourages those depressed people to come to see the play.

"Peer Gynt" is by honored Norwegian dramatist Henrik Ibsen. It's considered a most inspirational play in culture and philosophy. It's the story of a life based on avoidance, and it is regarded as a satire on the Norwegian personality. The play is set to premiere at Beijing's Poly Theatre in early December.

Another drama "He and His Two Wives", starring Taiwan actor Ken Chu, is now on stage in Beijing. It's the story of taxi driver who secretly has two wives. But one day a typhoon and a car accident force his secret out into the open.

Also, Beijing People's Art Theatre's all-star drama "Wotou Compound" will see its second and third round of presentations starting next month.

Vanness Wu throws away F4 baggage; likes to be called Ren Guang Xi

Vanness Wu throws away F4 baggage; likes to be called Ren Guang Xi

Source: China Times
Translation: Sarah @

Vanness Wu has been in the industry for 10 years, and has finally thrown away his F4 idol baggage, establishing his own personal characteristics. His performance in SETTV’s new drama ‘Autumn’s Concerto’ brings the audience to tears and begin to see him in a new light. Vanness said proudly: “In the past, when people saw me, they would say I’m ‘Meteor Garden’s F4, but now when I walk on the streets, people will point at me and say: you’re Ren Guang Xi from Autumns Concerto!”

Episode 6 was broadcasted last Sunday, and showed Vanness running out from his operating room to chase after Ady only to have her break his heart. When Ady watched the broadcast, she suddenly forgot she was the female lead, and as the story played out, she used up a whole packet of tissues. Ady invested a lot into her performance in the drama, but her good friend Shone An didn’t seem to show any appreciation, and even courageously said to her: “I don’t watch sad dramas, I prefer watching comedies.” Making Ady turn red with anger!

Ady An's drowning act scares Vanness Wu

Ady An's drowning act scares Vanness Wu

Source: Liberty Times
Translation: Sarah @

Earlier, Ady An filmed a drowning scene but because her acting skills looked so real, the drama crew & the lifeguard team on standby thought she was really drowning. The director immediately yelled cut, filming stopped and everyone jumped into the sea to save her! Hence, Ady had to come up with her own cipher: “If I start swearing, then I’m really drowning, only come save me if you hear those key words la!”

Ady has heart problem; drama crew very nervous

SETTV idol drama ‘Autumn’s Concerto’ earlier filmed the scene of Ady going to work at the fisheries, but she accidentally falls into the sea and almost drowns. Because Ady doesn't know how to swim at all, and with her heart problem, the drama crew especially requested a professional lifeguard team to be on standby if something were to happen. However, only a few minutes filming into the drowning scene, director Chen was so startled with shock that she immediately yelled cut, and everyone jumped into the sea to rescue her. Vanness Wu said: “Because Ady’s acting looked so real, everyone thought she was really drowning, and hence jumped into the sea to save her. Luckily it was just a false alarm.”

For this scene, Ady had to soak in the sea from noon to evening, and by the end of it, her skin had wrinkles and her lips were blue. She said that because she didn’t know how to swim, while waiting for filming, she had to stay in the water with her life buoy. However, when the sun set, the temperature turned very cold, and her whole body was shivering. Fortunately, the crew specially prepared hot drinks, and a nearby business was also keen to provide them with hot showers.

Vanness Wu rescues damsel in distress; shouts everyone to hotpot

During the scene, Vanness has to rescue the damsel in distress. Intitially, to make the effect of the scene even better, they were planning on having Vanness jump into the sea from a 6-metre high platform. However, Director Chen gave up on this idea due to safety considerations. Vanness who loves the water, knew that Ady didn’t know how to swim. Hence, when they were in the water, he kept using his thighs to prop her up, to prevent her from sinking downwards. Ady said gratefully: “To a person who doesn’t know how to swim, it feels so nice having a person who does know how to swim at your side.” And after filming wrapped up for the day, the considerate Vanness generously shouted everyone to hotpot to warm up.