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Vanness Wu: Qinghai Earthquake Artistes Fundraising Event

Vanness Wu addresses media claims about girlfriend

Girlfriend Arissa Cheo's father is not a media bigwig, and she also did not dump her ex hastily to reunite with him, singer-actor Vanness Wu clarified on Wednesday at an event in Taipei.

The former F4 member had confessed to the romance after being photographed shopping in Hong Kong with Arissa, a Singaporean heiress. Since then, the rumour mill has been working overtime digging into the 27-year-old's background.

Some reports claimed she is the daughter of a top executive at a large media group in Singapore, which has since been confirmed to be untrue. A photo of Arissa and another man, believed to be recent, also surfaced.

Vanness said, "The person in the photo is her cousin. Please don't create anymore unnecessary problems."

The 31-year-old apologized to Arissa's family, while confirming they are "very well-to-do".

During the interview, Vanness also revealed that they first broke up because of him, but religion changed his outlook of life and he picked up the courage to contact the one-time actress again.

Marriage is also a key consideration in getting back together, he said.

Has he been keeping up with his chastity pledge?

The pious Christian insisted he has, she respects him, and they limit themselves to hugging and holding hands.


The professional and personal rivalry between Vic Chou (周渝民), aka Tsai Tsai (仔仔), and Mark Chao (趙又廷) has intensified with the approach of the Golden Horse Awards. The two actors, who came to prominence with the somewhat inexplicable success of the police drama Black & White (痞子英雄), began their rivalry after Chao pipped Chou to the post for a Golden Bell Award in October last year.

Since then, Chou’s career has been in the doldrums, with a number of scheduled projects being put off and his professionalism coming into question after spats with Black & White director Tsai Yueh-hsun (蔡岳勳). He also refused to participate in a group photo at a classmate’s wedding, priggishly citing contractual obligations.

The only bright spot had been the August release of Love You for a Thousand Years (愛你一萬年), which will put him in contention for a Golden Horse nomination. Unfortunately, given Chao’s involvement in the hugely successful release of Monga (艋舺) last month, Chou’s chances of outdoing his rival are slim.

Vanness & Arissa: No sex or french kissing

Vanness Wu became a hamburger store manager for one day on the 21st, and talked for the first time about his reconciliation with girlfriend Arissa Cheo, stating their abstinence. "This is a really serious matter, (their promise to God), not something to be spoken of lightly." Asked if he would French kiss her? He shook his head vigorously, (but what if you guys get too passionate?) then tapped his cheek, saying "A kiss here is okay."

He met Arissa when filming the MV for his song "My Kingdom", but they split up after one year together. She has once acted in "RMVB", her father is a Singaporean "higher-up" in the media. He speaks of their reconciliation, "I was the one who brought it up. She still keeps in contact with my family, we broke up earlier because I had issues with my character and way of thinking. I prayed to God, and he gave me courage, so I am very happy right now."

The pair have started dating again, with a view to get married. "We are very blissful together, I once made hamburgers for her to eat." To rumours that she dumped her then current boyfriend to date him again, he vehemently denied it. "That's definitely not true, I've known her for a very long time, she is a very gentle person." To media reporters who keep digging up her past and making headlines about it, he said, "They can do whatever they want, I don't care, as long as ti doesn't hurt our families, I already feel very embarrassed that they have to go through all this."

Vanness' project, idol drama "That Year, the Rain Didn't Stop" (那年,雨不停國) aired yesterday, in which he plays the main male lead's older cousin. Outside of filming, the two of them get along pretty well, with Bryan Chang asking Vanness for tips on how to get a nice body. Vanness replied that other than intense core training, he eats 20 proteins a day, and Bryan almost fainted after hearing that! After less than a week on that route, he couldn't take it and switched to a high protein diet instead.

Source: China Times
Translation: casablanca-- @ AsianFanatics

Vic Zhou Returns To Nanning

Zai Zai’s return to Nanning caused Nanning fans to swoon once again. On April 11th, Taiwanese idol Vic Zhou (Zai Zai) appeared as the spokesperson for a certain personal care product line at Beijing’s Hua Lian Jiangnan store. This was his second time to Nanning, his last visit being less than a year ago. For such a sought-after celebrity, the frequency of his visit to the same place is quite surprising, and for his fans there, it was like another paradise. One of the events involved Zai Zai acting as a last-minute photographer for his fans, which was quite interesting. If Zai Zai’s visit to Nanning could be made into a book, it would definitely be full of lasting memories.

Zai Zai personally ties a female fan’s hairband

Previously, Zai Zai had revealed that he was a “love at first sight” type of person, but what kind of girl would he show his affections to? At the Nanning stop yesterday, he admitted that he was part of the “facial appearance” group, “The first thing that a guy notices about a girl is definitely their outer appearance, for example, a girl may have a head of long soft hair, which looks very appealing, and will definitely melt a guy’s heart.”

The events crafted for the occasion were up to Zai Zai’s standards. He had to personally look for girls with “soft, luxurious long hair”, and to see if they could, using only their fingers, comb smooth their hair after it had been blasted by a strong wind within a short period of time. The winner of the challenge was the object of envy by all the others: not only was she rated by Zai Zai as “an advertisement worth model, very sexy”, she got to have Zai Zai tie a headband on her head himself! After it was done tying, she exclaimed, “I’ll never wash my hair!” Zai Zai, an ever-dutiful spokesperson, immediately “threw cold water” on this fan, saying, “You can’t not wash your hair, the products are waiting for you to use them!”

Japanese housewives follow him to Nanning

Zai Zai’s current promotion activity is entitled, “Soft and smooth travel”, but his journey from Shanghai to Nanning has been anything but; in fact it has been very dangerous and rough. At the Shanghai activities event, there was an over-excited female fan who almost injured Zai Zai during one of the activities; at the Shanghai airport, no matter how carefully he wrapped himself with a hat and face mask, his fans still managed to recognize him and encircled him, causing a huge ruckus…… trying to maintain a low status in Nanning is no easy task!

These events can all be simply explained: he is just too popular! This time, there were even fans that came all the way from Japan to see him –4 members of Tokyo’s “housewives group”, who saw his activities online, and flew to Shanghai without a second thought. Then they flew to Nanning, staying at the same hotel as Zai Zai. They informed the reporters, “Zai Zai’s acting in ‘Meteor Garden’ caused us to fall in love with him, at the time, he was only 20!” ……following that, one of the missus even pulled out a little book, showing it to the reporter: Shanghai’s map, Nanning’s map…… such a thick book, was filled with maps and itineraries, so who knows to how many places have they followed him? What a dedicated group of fans!

F4 bromance will never fade

Zai Zai’s popularity nowadays can definitely be attributed to his days in F4. After expanding on their own for so many years, what is their relationship like now? Do they keep in close contact? Zai Zai’s answer to these questions was moving and satisfying, even when he mentioned his prankster texts with Ken Zhu, he started laughing just thinking about it. This type of natural friendship cements their F4 brotherhood, and that their relationship will never change.

Zai Zai says, he is closest with Ken, and only contacts Vaness Wu “sometimes”, as for Jerry Yan, he is often very busy with advertisements, so they barely keep in contact. F4’s main mode of contact is text messaging and phone calls, and they hardly meet in person. He explains this, saying it’s not because they are too busy, it’s because “they feel it’s weird to purposely meet in person.” Zai Zai says that after 10 years of collaboration, they are like a real family: “Like me and my brother, we live apart. Real feelings don’t require face to face contact, the most real feelings come from the heart.”

Zai Zai also cited some interesting examples of F4’s comradeship. “I’m the youngest in the group, so I like joking around with them, especially through texting with Ken, after which he will retaliate. For example, if I accept any new films or advertisements, I like to brag to him about it. Ken really likes travelling, and will always reply back in a really interesting place, saying, ‘Are you always going to reside in the silver screens? Aren’t you tired?” He was already half-laughing when he was telling us this; clearly it was very funny to him. He revealed that he feels gratified after receiving such texts, and feels that this is how true friends communicate, better than the fake ‘You are very good at this’ type of sayings.

“Rain god” Zai Zai prays to the heavens

Probably due to his busy work schedule, he doesn’t have time to watch the news, and didn’t know of the Nanning drought until that day, and really wanted to do something for the citizens. Speaking of this point, his fans started yelling, “Rain god! Rain God!”. It turns out that “Rain God” is one of Zai Zai’s nicknames, because it often rains when he attends events. Although this nickname is often used to make fun of him, it suddenly had a good connotation at the time, but his “rain god” status didn’t materialize, and it remained a sunny day. This made Zai Zai a bit disappointed, and said he would pray to the “Rain god” himself, and hoped for rains to come earlier to relieve the drought.

He is very clear about the influence that his status will bring, and the effects this can have on charities. “If I could, I will try to spread the love through charity work. I think, like a magnet, this could help attract more of my fans to understand the difficulties faced by the citizens here, and focus all their powers to lend a helping hand.”

Avoids talking about arguments with Mark Zhao

Following the rise of the Taiwan dramas again, Ethan Ruan and Mark Zhao are among the new wave of rising stars, and Mark even stole the spotlight from Zai Zai in their drama “Black and White”, resulting in rumours that Zai Zai held a grudge against him for stealing the number one spot. Does he feel pressure from the new idols after working in the biz for 10 years?

Zai Zai naturally avoided the topic of their comparison, only saying, he didn’t feel pressure from newcomers or established actors, because everyone worked hard to do their best, and to improve the whole film industry for Taiwan. “We don’t have special effects support like those from Hollywood, so we have to do the real deal like Jacky Chan. I watched the behind the scenes from ‘MONGA’, and all the shots were done by the actors themselves. We have to learn a lot of things, in order to pave the road for ourselves in the future.”

Wants to work on a movie himself

Zai Zai reveals, he and a group of similar-minded artists are currently preparing to create a studio that belongs to themselves, to act out things that they personally believe in and show everyone.

He tells reporters, his singing contract is already up, and it is a sort of release for him, because he has absolutely no interest in singing anymore, and doesn’t have to withstand the glares and snotty looks from those waiting for him to rush his recording songs. He can focus all his efforts on his acting, and proceed with his dreams to create a lone-standing film. This dream, he has had for many years. “Usually when I’m acting, I see areas that I’m not 100% satisfied with, but as an actor, I can’t say much. In the future, if I work with friends on a film, we can discuss and present a more satisfying product.”

Zai Zai is very optimistic about his future, and the renewed interest in Taiwan’s film industry has given him a good opportunity at the moment. Although he wishes to film and produce his own film, he doesn’t plan to create an artistic film; “Taiwan film’s route down this path has already been a long one. I remember there were many popular films growing up, that became more artistic, and thus losing their popularity. Now that someone can make a good blockbuster, like ‘Cape no. 7′, ‘MONGA’, I feel very proud.”

Zaizai cannot differentiate "an" and "ang", does not speak Taiwanese

Monday April 19, 2010 Taiwan
Source :
Translation by sytwo @ VIC/ AF

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Pix : Zaizai does not speak Taiwanese, scaring producer Virginia Liu

The co-produced (Taiwan/ China) drama "Return Home" starring Zaizai is about to start filming, and only now producer Virgina Liu discovered that he does not speak Taiwanese ! Her chin nearly fell down : "Isn't Zaizai from Ilan?" So besides learning Japanes, he now has to quickly add-in Taiwanese too.

In fact, people from Ilan does not necessarily speak Taiwanese, but Zaizai is well-known to be unable to differentiate between "an" and "ang", for example "crashing a car" (zhuang che) becomes "drill a car" (zuan che), leading many people to think that it was Taiwanese-accented Mandarin. In fact the two things are not related. The real situation is that he can only speak single Taiwanese words but not complete sentences.

Zaizai's manager laughingly said that if Zaizai has a face that looks like a foreigner (westerner), maybe the drama "Return Home" would not have looked for him to take part. In the drama which is set during the Japanese Occupation era, although Zaizai is a Taiwanese but he is a military doctor with the Japanese army. The Japanese do not see him as a Japanese, and he is also not accepted/ recognized in Taiwan or Mainland China. Zaizai has currently receive the script for 10 episodes, and the Taiwanese language teacher has recorded the Taiwanese script into MP3 for Zaizai to prepare his homework. As for Japanese language, although he often goes to Japan for work he only knows basic sentences and still need to "jiayou" (refuel/ work hard). Virginia Liu said : "For April, let Zaizai concentrate on learning Japanese and Taiwanese, and the drama will proceed to Shanghai for filming at the end of May."

Previously, after she (Virginia Liu) lost the law suit versus Eddie Peng, she originally intended to appeal, but has recently given up on this idea. Only thing is that her lawyer Chih-Hao Lin only previous lost record was the former president Chen **, but now has to add-on Eddie Peng.

- end -

World Earth Day 40th anniversary

thanks michi @ onlyf4



I’m very blessed and honored to have been able to be a part of her new Mandarin album “Faith” coming soon! Thank you Sammi for reaching out to me on this. I was so inspired while listening to the song I wrote another version in English the night before recording. I was up till 5:30AM…it was crazy, right after I finished the first part I paused, because I wasn’t really sure what direction I wanted to take the song. Then suddenly I blurted out “God what do you want me to write about?” and then BAM! Words came and flowed and next thing you know I’m done. God You’re so awesome~ I didn’t finish recording both versions till 3AM the next morning, and that same day had to shoot the music video for it. I LOVE MY LIFE~ stretched so thin, but completely worth it. Keep an eye out for it~ Had a really good chat with Sammi today, she is an amazingly strong woman. Sammi, you’re Super Duper girl~ God bless you!

Vanness Wu tweets of solidarity with girlfriend

Vanness Wu's newfound faith has without doubt made him the new darling of the media.

After proclaiming a few months ago that he would not lie anymore about his love life due to his Christian faith, the former member of F4 has gone from admitting without hesitation to his latest girlfriend, to now tweeting of the couple's solidarity in fighting the current limelight.

His Twitter wrote, "Babie, this is our war against the outside world. Jesus has descended and sent His angels. Let's fight this battle together."

More is now known about Arissa Cheo, the 27-year-old Singaporean heiress.

Other than having already dated Vanness for a year in 2006, Arissa also tried her hand at stardom in Taiwan when she was 19. But after acting stints in idol dramas Toast Boy's Kiss II and Sweet Lemon under the stage name Yao Zhining, she left for studies in California as she could not achieve the breakthrough she desired.

Local reports also claimed her father is a top executive at a large media group in Singapore.

In response, Arissa tweeted that it was her friends who encouraged her to act in the idol dramas, but her dream is to be a singer, although her parents are against it.

Van Ness Wu goes shopping with his new girlfriend in HK

Here's more from Appledaily:

It turns out that Van Ness Wu’s “new girlfriend” isn’t so new after all. According to “close friends”, his girlfriend Arissa Cheo was the person that he was dating back in 2006. She is apparently from a rich family in Singapore and has two brothers who are studying in California. She also appeared in the music video for his song “My Kingdom”.

Van Ness Wu and his girlfriend were also spotted in Taipei on April 2nd

After the news of Van Ness Wu’s relationship, his manager Katie tried to keep a low profile at first. However, the two were not actually just starting to date, but rather rekindling their relationship. They were reportedly together 4 four years ago, but Arissa was in the US while Van Ness was filming and touring in Asia, and eventually broke up. His manager Katie was asked if the on and off again “AV-love” is back on. She responded, “On that (I) can’t answer.” As for Arissa’s appearance in his MV, Katie said “(she) just happened to be there.”

According to a source, the 27 year-old Arissa was very popular in her school days. There are many photos of her on the Internet, and most seemed to have been taken at nightclubs, including some with Van Ness. The source also pointed out that the couple share several common friends like Stanley Huang, Jaycee Chan and Melody Yeung. At the press conference of his new film Go Lala Go, Stanley Huang said, “(I) didn’t know he has a girlfriend, and (I) don’t know this girl.”

In contrast, Jaycee Chan acknowledged that he has known Arissa for 3 to 4 years. He said she is easy-going, gentle and makes friends easily. Jaycee Chan was a little shocked to hear the resurrection of “AV-love”. He joked at first, “Isn’t God Van Ness’s girlfriend?” He continued, “They are definitely not boyfriend/girlfriend.” Obviously, Jaycee Chan is still having trouble accepting their "renewed" relationship.

Jaycee Chan is not taking it well...

Source: AppledailyTW, Next Magazine

Spotted: Vanness Wu and his new girlfriend

Last seen in the hit drama series, Autumn Concerto, Taiwanese-American artiste Vanness Wu was recently spotted in the company of an unknown long-haired female while shopping in Hong Kong. He admitted to having a new girlfriend and explained that "we are still trying to work things out."

Due to delays in the filming schedule for his new movie, The Killer Never Kills, directed by Philip Ng, the 31-year-old was able to enjoy some free time in early April. A few days ago, he was spotted in the company of a fashionable and sweet-looking long-haired beauty at Hong Kong's Zhonghuan street.

Decked out in a black couple outfit, the blissful pair was seen exchanging intimate gestures. When they were on the escalator, Vanness dotingly arranged the hair of his female companion, and waited patiently for her while she did her shopping.

The couple hurriedly left the area when they spotted the presence of reporters. When the press questioned his female partner's identity, Vanness tried diverting the attention to others around him and asked, "You wanted to take a photograph with me?"

Despite his initial denial, the fervent Christian confirmed rumours of a blossoming romance through his manager, Katie, and said, "Since photographs have already been taken, I'll just have to admit it. Yes, that's right, she is my new girlfriend and we started dating not too long ago.

"We have the same faith and background. We get along pretty well and we are still in the stage of trying to work things out," Vanness admitted.

Katie refused to divulge further details of his said girlfriend and only shared that "she is over 25 years old and is 160cm tall." She pointedly expressed for reporters to refer her as "Miss A" as she does not belong to the industry.

"She [Vanness's girlfriend] has already gotten a shock from all the stalking and following. It is not convenient for me to explain too much," Katie said.

Sources believe that Miss A does not belong to the entertainment industry and has been longtime friends with Vanness. She is an American-born Chinese and they were brought together by their common religious beliefs.

Taiwan star Vanness Wu spotted with mystery girlfriend

HONG KONG: Taiwan star Vanness Wu has been photographed shopping with a long-haired beauty on Monday in Hong Kong and has admitted that she is his new girlfriend, said Chinese media.

The pair were spotted behaving intimately while shopping in the Central district with Wu's friends. He swept the hair from her forehead when they entered a lift and was seen laughing and chatting with her throughout the trip.

The 31-year-old singer-actor admitted that the girl was his new squeeze in a statement relayed by his manager Katie.

"Since [we] have been photographed, it's best to admit it. She is indeed my new girlfriend. [We] have just started seeing each other," said Wu in his statement.

Katie pointed out that the former F4 member did not deliberately hide his relationship with her. He simply wanted to maintain a low profile.

He had apparently known the girl for several years but they only started dating about a month ago. She, like Wu, grew up in America and is also a Christian.

Wu's buddy, actor Phillip Ng, described her as a "very, very good female friend" of Wu and said that the girl had been "part of their circle of friends for a long time".

Wu said that as she is not from the entertainment industry, adding that she was uneasy about being followed by paparazzi.

After the "Meteor Garden" star split with actress-model Vivian Hsu, he admitted to having another girlfriend but eventually broke up with her as well.

Wu had not been seeing anyone for the past two years, though he was recently rumoured to have taken an interest in "Monga" star Ethan Ruan's girlfriend, Tiffany Hsu, after acting opposite her in the Taiwanese drama "Autumn's Concerto".

- CNA/ha

Esquire's April 2010 article on Vic - English translation

Credit Thanks : af4zz @ V.I.C for translation for us.
Thanks to : Orange_Vic@Pantipmember for posting

Thanks to Meihua for typing out the Esquire article. Based on Meihua’s post, I’ve put together an English translation of the Esquire article for Vic’s non-Chinese-reading fans. Please make allowances as there will be many places which the translation is not quite correct.


“I’m happy when I’m performing in front of a camera”
After the experience gained from several TV series and movies, Zai has come to enjoy performing, giving his all to achieve perfection, projecting his force as an actor.
Away from the stage, he is still unwavering in meeting challenges, trying out new things, ignoring the trivial disturbances surrounding him, immersing himself into each role he plays. In the future, he will continue in his pursuit of his ideals and announce to the world his dreams.

One can only be happy with a work product if he was fully prepared and conscientious

From his rise to fame as a member of F4 in the popular Meteor Garden, Zai has always been in the focus of attention, exuding an unstoppable star quality. However, Zai says that behind the glamour and large productions, he felt a great emptiness. It was not until he met Director Cai and Da S for MARS, that he started to like acting. “They are perfectionists in what they do, I learnt a lot from them whether acting or work attitude. I started to understand that acting is not only concerned with looking good through the screen, but with developing a multi-faceted character that belongs to me”

Looking at the wave of newcomers, Zai hopes they have the right mentality to be in the business, not just by luck or as a hobby. He also hopes that the agents will adopt a more responsible approach to develop the newcomers, and teach them how to treat people with sincerity. One can only be happy with a work product if he was fully prepared and completed it with utmost sincerity.

In his effort to step up to the next level, he has refrained from acting in “pure romances”. Recently after a long break, he came across “Returning Home” based on a true story, which has rekindled his interest and high spirits. The story is set in the period of internal war, and the Japanese invasion of China. Zai plays a medical doctor in the military, surrounded by injuries and death, war hostages and the ruthlessness of war. “Actually in that setting, no matter which side of the war one is on, one has already forgotten about one’s own safety. All people can think about would be their family.” Zai has high expectations for this epic series which is considered the Asian version of “The Titanic”, and hopes that he will have a chance at the GB awards (translator: personally don’t think this is what Zai is concerned with).

A fine line between introvert & extrovert

When he first started acting, he was reactive and doing what the director tells me to do, I didn’t have any individuality. However reality and acting are still different, and so, during his available time before the next series starts filming, he has gathered some friends to start a workshop, actively working towards a group creative project that is faithful to the original ideal. “Now I realize that when everyone is committed to a common interest, we are not that far from reaching our goals. it our commitment and experience, I’m sure the final product will be very close to what we originally envisaged.”

Zai says that he most wants to try to play a mentally disturbed or schizophrenic, reason being that he will spend months playing his role. He likes to live the part he’s playing, almost living identical life off-screen during the period of filming. If I can play two characters in a movie, or a part with multiple personalities, then I can live vicariously through them and get more experience, which is what I want to try.” He is impressed with what Robert Downey Jr said of his role in Tropic Thunder, many have played mentally retarded, but being the character does not get you an acting award, the challenge is to create individuality through your own unique interpretation of the part.

Zai indicated he used to tend to be impulsive. However with the incessant rumours and gossips, he has adjusted his emotions from being angry to being excited, as he is determined to tackle these with the truth. “I can understand the demands of the media, but I am angry at being malicious slandered or being used to create gossip. I only want to be a good actor, and use my will and power to reverse the “gossip” culture that has been existent for so long”. To be happy whenever he wants like any ordinary person, is his most ordinary wish at this moment.

Zai frequently works overseas, and every time he travels to foreign places, he has to adjust and familiarize himself with his environment. He said he used to miss his family and girlfriend when he travelled. Now he makes sure those foreign countries he travels to are well connected with internet. As long as he can communicate through the internet, distance is no longer an issue. Now that he has become a spokesperson for Sony「α」series, he also captures the things he sees during his travels through his camera, a necessity he now uses to record moments, adding color to his itinerary.

Zai recommends 「α550」和「α500」for those beginners who are looking to upgrade their camera. He smiles seriously and says that he doesn’t say this because of PR for Sony, but that these cameras have a feature that will adjust the color and contrast no matter the light condition under which the picture is taken, so that the picture quality is greatly improved. Zai said that he doesn’t really like photographers telling him to pose coolly looking shuai. He like pictures that are spontaneous, that will be interpreted through the subject’s emotions and background story, the environment during the picture taking, etc, that will touch the people looking at the pictures. Zai is finding his orientation and style, through concentrating on his present projects, demanding attention to details. He will continue to be unwavering and keep to his principles, being true to himself and his attitude in life.