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Not getting along because of Zaizai ? DaS, Patty Hou drink together and prove the rumors wrong,

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Leaving Zaizai, DaS and Patty Hou Pei Cen, two days ago got together with good friends Pace Wu etc.., DaS and Patty drank until having their face were all red, faces close to each other, shoulders touching, breaking the rumors or not getting along because of Vic Chou.

Yesterday, Pace WU had posted a picture of their get together at her sina blog, with the title "We are good girls", describing the aftermath of the end of DaZai Lian, she and DaS,with other friends went out, she also wrote :
"These two days, news of my good friend's break up has spread, every kind of rumors, spreading non stop...
As a friend, I cant do much, whatever I say, it can be wrong, but as long as she's happy, then it's fine, no matter what she decides, whatever happens in her life, we will continue to stay by her side and love her..."
After separating with her "Jiu Guang" heir, and now going out with malasian Mr. P, Pace Wu also wrote
" Especially now I'm at a happy period, but she also feels happy for me no matter if she herself is or not, makes me know even more how much she cares for me...Actually, for me, a lot of rumors and news by the press dont have any true part...In this world hurting people is very easy." Pace Wu says this story involving Patty Hou is really the most unimaginable.
Now, the single DaS, Patty went out to have fun with everyone else, the funniest is that, Patty, when filming "Sweet Relationship" often saw DaS visiting, noone ever thought that after DaS and Zaizai broke up, girls freindship could started out.

PS : This reporter isnt that well informed... DaS and Patty got photographed a few moths ago when having dinner with Xiao S, and they also attended to some parties together as friends...

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