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Info regarding the TW tourism campaign

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Info regarding the TW tourism campaign

According to Japanese sisters, there are several tour packages to choose from, like 2D/3N, 3D/4N. The tour includes ticket to the Apr22 fan event in Taipei. But 2D/3N package alone costs at least 100,000Yen

F4 tourist board valentine card / draw fortune

F4 tourist board valentine card / draw fortune
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Another site for F4 tourist board project
However, it seems that the site is not completed yet, for example,
many errors noted for
1. broken link for drawing a fortune game;
2. the Valentine e-card sent were never be received;
3. broken link for sending blessing ecard card;
4. it requires you to sign in before you sending an e card but the truth is not...
5. many broken links when you clicking certain buttons........etc

anyway, here is the site:




F4 become representatives for Tourism bureau of Taiwan. They will introduce the beauty of Taiwan to all other Asian countries. There will be a press conference in Tokyo on 3/7 and Seoul on 3/9. On 4/22, there will also be a meeting event in Taiwan. Further information will be announced soon.

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Official news by the Taiwanese govt
Suggestions for F4 Idol Drama Filming Locations,
the Taiwanese wave as a counter move to promote Taiwan tourism

Source: tw
February 15, 2007
Translations and screenshot by Jerry's Kingdom

Super famous F4, just before they become Taiwan's official tourism ambassadors for Japan and Korea, will also film an idol drama this year, where it's beautiful plot will only show the best mountains and water sceneries and introduce them to the Korean and Japanese friends.

To accomplish this super mission, the Tourism Bureau will officially open the suggestions for filming locations from February 15 to March 15, which will be available for on-line at http://taiwan. It will carry your choices for the filming sites and other basic information. 200 participants whose suggestions will be selected will get the "F4 360 degrees 5 years Glorious Collection Set", and a CD (IG, for 50 winners). If you suggested a highly-valued filming site, the Tourism Office can suggest for the production unit to take shots of these beautiful sceneries and introduce them to the locals and foreigners. It is hoped that everyone could be able to help the Tourism Bureau and together with F4 could create a new dazzle for a happy Taiwan travel.

official site:

JK NOTE: the orange circle leads to the suggestion form while the blue circleleads to the related information

Email From Taiwan Tourism Board

posted by Michi@OnlyF4
A fan emailed Taiwan Tourism board to enquire abt April event and here's their reply:

Scheduled to have a fans event on 14 Apr at Taipei Arena. As this is a promotion project targeted at Japan and Korea, the event will mainly open to Japan and Korea fans. Regarding details for the tickets, it will be announced at F4 official site & Taiwan Tourism Bureau once finalized.
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Vanness Work Scheule for 2007

Vanness Work Scheule for 2007

End Feb - Rehearsal in Hong Kong

3 March - Concert in Genting Malaysia

Mid March - Africa Charity event

End March - Filming movie in China

April ~ June - New album preparations and promotion

July ~ November - Filming tv series

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(Feb. 13) TW Apple Daily

According to today's (Feb. 13) TW Apple Daily,

"The 4 members will perform on the same stage again for endorsing TW's tourism, planning to depart on March 6 for having endorsement press conferences in Japan and Korea. Yan Cheng Xu's agent consultant, Jiang Yi Peng, confirmed, 'He agreed to endorse (for Tourist Bureau), but for this year, his solo album and new drama all require time to prepare, so other endorsing numbers have not been decided'... Other than united for endorsement conferences and activities, the 4 members will endorse TW's tourism in different groups filming idol drama, hosting tv programs, etc.... It is planned that ZZ will film the drama. As Chu Xiao Tian knows how to cook, he has the highest probability to host the food program. Although Yan Cheng Xu is resting at this time, he will start preparing his new drama after Chinese New Year. Besides, he will discuss another drama proposal with Japanese, and he will start the preproduction preparation work for his solo album. Therefore, other than the endorsement conferences/activities, he won't take the major parts in the drama or the tv program. Jiang Yi Peng emphasized, 'We will fully cooperate as needed'... Regarding the details for the Apr. 15 concert, it is not set yet."

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Vanness, Ken & Vic individual official fan club

Vanness, Ken & Vic individual official fan club

Application for their solo fc, Vanness "JUST VAN NESS" Ken:"I KEN" Vic:"V.I.C" will begin shortly @ F4ever homepage.
More details to be released soon.


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Translated News, Feb 5

*This news translation goes with the article and two pics I posted yesterday
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Ever since good friend Xu Wei Lun past away, skinny-built Zai Zai (Vic Zhou) appeared in public with his manager with a sad look and said, "To commemorate this good friend, I haven't shaved in seven days. I hope she has a safe trip. As a friend, I also hope she will live happily forever."

After his good friend suddenly past away, Zai Zai has decided not to say a word about it, but to pray silently for Xu Wei Lun. This is to respect the Xu family and Xu Wei Lun. He strongly believes that at that moment, no one is even more depressed than her parents. The media constantly reminded everyone of Zai Zai's relationship with her two years ago. He said, "This isn't a very nice thing to do. Other than hurting Barbie and I, it also hurts the Xu family at the same time."

The media pointed out that after Xu Wei Lun broke up with Zai Zai, Barbie had a dispute over the phone with her. Zai Zai explained clearly that he doesn't believe Wei Lun would do such a thing. The media also said that after Xu Wei Lun past away, Zai Zai was in a state of depression. Regarding his mood change, Zai Zai chose not to talk about it. He said, "At this time, I am very glad I have Barbie with me, who is willing to listen to all of my concerns. I am also happy to be able to find such an outstanding boyfriend for Wei Lun. My mood is not the important point."

February 9th is Xu Wei Lun's goodbye concert. Will Zai Zai go? He said, "If I go, I will become the focal point, which will disrespect the Xu family. If I don't go, then there will be nothing to talk about. I want to choose a way so I will not bring trouble to the Xu family."

Once Zai Zai found out about Xu Wei Lun's death, Barbie, Xiao S, and him cried together. Afterwards, Zai Zai constantly reminded himself and his friends to cherish life, "This is the inspiration Wei Lun gave me. You have to face life with a healthy mood. This is what the little angel hopes for us to do right?"

Credit: 2007/02/05 聯合報 & xbunnylicious for translation