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Bao Long and ZZ are very refined

Bao Long and ZZ are very refined

Bao Long and ZZ are very refined
Bao Long Jerry Yan and Zai Zai Vic Chou's relationship isn't bad because recently when Jerry was filming "The Hospital" and ZZ was filming "Silence" they visited each other on the set. One day they also concidentally were filming in the same building. Jerry bought some food to go see ZZ and played around with him, "Please let me be a passerby."
Source: Min Sheng Bao

Jerry doesn't think he and ZZ are enemies, "We visited each other on the set. One time when ZZ was filming 'Silence - Shen Qing Mi Ma" I kept on saying that I wanted to be a guest star, to make an appearance. ZZ and Vanness Wu has also visited me."

Source: Cheng Bao

only translated the more important parts

Credit: Amy of Faithful 4ever -

Translated News Oct 21

F4 has been busy with their own solo career. Jerry, who is just appointed as World Vision Regional Child Sponsorship Ambassador will be visiting Mongolia. On behalf of Taiwan citizens, he will visit the poor & suffering children there. Zai is busy filming movie and tv serial "Delicious Relationship" will only end filming next January. "Chu Liu Xiang" starring Ken Chu will complete filming soon. Vanness Wu was at San Li tv station few days ago, and had a discussion with an idol drama producer.

Jerry, having returned from Australia not long ago, will head to Mongolia on 24th Oct. Being one of the sponsors, "Whenever i receive some information on the child tat i'm sponsoring, I will want to see exactly wat kind of environment are they living in." Therefore, he immediately accepted the offer despite Mongolia's minus 6 degrees temperature.

Jerry's fanclub has sponsored 29 children, 5 of them from Mongolia.

"Delicious Relationship" starring Vic & Patty Hou had been seriously delayed. Producer Angie Chai expressed, yesterday she has met up with the management companies of the main casts, the production team and director. And they have agreed to wait until Vic to finish filming his movie "Flying Butterfly" in November.

Source: Min Sheng Bao 21.10.06
thanks to Michi@OnlyF4 for the translation

Tokyo Trial" Released DVD on National Day breaks 10,000,000 yuan.

Tokyo Trial" Released DVD on National Day breaks 10,000,000 yuan.

Jin Chu Net Release
Reporter: Wu Ke

Although, it missed the 918 screening date, the historical movie
Tokyo Trial is still a winner it earned box office success and public
acclaim. A few days ago, it released it's collector's edition DVD and
it hopes to attract more audiences.

This reporter learned "The Banquet," "Treasure Map," "Big Jungle
Attack" on the National Holiday Period all these movies had great
drawing power. But "Tokyo Trial and 100% Glamour, a lot of cinemas
have shown these movies independently. This is already some kind of
an achievement; during the past years this kind of movie theme will
not have this success. At present this movie has already broke the
10,000,000 yuan mark.

In the next few days, Tokyo Trial will release its hardcover DVD
edition. Aside from the movie it will feature behind the scenes
footage and photography sessions. Also it will have "a call to
history" the principal narration of the court tribunal, emotional
dramas that will shake the people's spirit and make a world
declaration; it will also narrate all the hardships they went
through. "These times can't be forgotten," behind the scenes
highlights, lead actors interview, "don't forget history," and a
choice collection of photos.

TW G-Music Chart
Dvd Ranking : No. 1 - The Hospital

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Barbie's birthday, ZaiZai proposes as a surprise.

Barbie's birthday, ZaiZai proposes as a surprise.
The girl smiles sweetly, HsuMaMa says: "No marriage this year!"

Barbie's 30th birthday this years falls on Mid-Autumn festival, and
ZaiZai pushed back all his work so he can be with his girlfriend to
celebrate both events. It was said that ZaiZai had planned out
a "propsal" for her big birthday surprise this year, but Barbie
denied. HsuMaMa also adds: "Cannot get married this year!"

Romantic Mid-Autumn
Last year when DaZaiLian was exposed, Barbie was rumored to want
marriage as her birthday present. She wanted to let the public know
on her birthday, which scared everyone. During that time, HsuMaMa's
image of ZaiZai wasnt that deep nor well, and XiaoS also leaked that
if he wanted to become their brother-in-law or son-in-law, he had a
long way to go.

Ate at a French restaurant
Lately, ZaiZai has been in HK filing for his virgin movie, "Flying
Butterfly," and since his girlfriends birthday is on the same day as
Mid-Autumn, he has already planned on dropping all his work and
flying back. Rumors has it that he also planned to propose to her
because that is what Barbie's been wanting since last year.

Last night, ZaiZai went to the Hsu's, but when he saw the reporters,
he went inside to hide out for a bit. When they left, they headed to
a French resturant. When asked if this was part of his proposal, DaS
commented: "No!" but her faces was full of smiles.

As for her thoghts on Barbie's marriage, HsuMaMa replied: "As for my
daughers marriage, i think this year is not good." Good friend PaceWu
says: "Really? If so, then i envy." As for their manager, the reply
was: "I never heard anything of it, but i dont oppose to anyone
wanting to get married." But Makiyo's mother suddenyl jumps in the
picture and adds: "If they get married now, i oppose. He should wait
until he grows out a beard. At least he should be like Mike, XiaoS's
husband, should be over 30." If so, then the 25year old ZaiZai must
wait another 5 years.

The history of DaZaiLian
2005/07 ZaiZai got into a car accident. DaS rushed to the scene and
gave him her hug and comfort. DaZaiLian was "exposed"
2005/07 DaS admits to her and ZaiZai's relationship, admits to being
boyfriend and girlfriend
2005/09 ZaiZai takes her out for a ride in his car, car accident. DaS
never wanted to ride in his car again
2005/09 DaZaiLian is at its highest, ZaiZai goes in and out of the
Hsu's as if it's his own home
2005/12 DaZaiLian is rumored to get married.
2006/04 ZaiZai buys a parking space at the Hsu's, rumored to have
already taken wedding photos
2006/05 ZaiZai films "Delicious Relationship," DaS examines the
script first, seeing if ZaiZai has any intimate scenes.

Translated by m1ss @ asianfanatics
News credits: Apple Daily

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F4 members hopefully will have a repeat appearance this November

China Times

Reporter: Peng Guo Yu

Jay Chou, Rain, Nicholas Tse, Jolin Tsai, Louis Koo, Jerry Yan, Ken Chu, Edison Chen 8 Pepsi Giant Stars will gather together in Beijing this November, to joyfully celebrate Pepsi Cola's 25th year anniversary.

Yesterday, this reporter obtained information that on November 7 Pepsi Cola company showcase "One Song" they will cooperate in the Muqin Shui Jiao Ai Xin Concert. For the first time they will have all the stars together in China.

This evening party will be used as the turning point of Pepsi Corporation 25 years in Mainland China, it is hoped that the big stars will give the feeling of it strength, and expand it to all walks of life so that they will understand and support the company Muqin Shui Jian project in the long term.

This reporter asked why only two F4 members: Jerry Yan and Ken Chu are included in the event, the Pepsi side expressed: To have the 10 Pepsi Big Stars would truly be a rare opportunity but with regards to Zai Zai and Vanness we are still trying very hard to get their schedule. We hope that all the 10 big stars of Pepsi can appear together.

At present concert tickets will not be sold to the public but rather, the regional offices will use it as a promotional gift. It is reported that Beijing and the northern area will have a bigger promotional activity. At the same time, a Pepsi will also conduct an inter-related activity in their official website and give tickets.

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