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Vanness Wu: Only God can judge me

The singer responds to criticisms about the photo taken at a toilet urinal for the first time

Earlier this week, netizens blasted Taiwanese singer Vanness Wu for a lack of respect towards God, when he uploaded a picture of himself at the toilet urinal onto his microblog.

Vanness sat down with xinmsn for an interview, when he was in town recently to promote MTV Sessions, a new show on MTV, and his new works.

MTV Sessions is a multiplatform music series, developed for regional and international artistes to showcase their craft in a studio environment in front of a live audience.

Vanness was invited as the show's first guest, where he performed an unplugged performance at Sentosa's Waterfront Studio in front of 200 lucky fans.

Recalling the recording, Vanness admitted that he felt a little nervous because it was his first time interacting at such a close distance with his fans. However, at the end of the session, he felt a sense of accomplishment.

The singer also shared that the fans were not too sure how to interact with him initially, but everyone soon had a lot of fun, inspiring Vanness to want to organise something similar in Taiwan too.

He added that the local fans are generally shy, while Japanese fans are more enthusiastic and would try to make body contact.

Vanness Wu Is The First Artist To Debut On MTV Sessions

Vanness Wu Is The First Artist To Debut On MTV Sessions
Vanness Wu is the first artist to debut on the new MTV Sessions, held last
night at Resorts World Sentosa's Waterfront Studio. Together with his
session band, ...

MTV Sessions with Vanness Wu @ Waterfront Studios, RWS |
Last night was the recording of the first ever MTV Sessions featuring
Vanness Wu in the spanking new Waterfront Studios at Resorts World Sentosa.
I was super ...
Vanness Wu on Living for the Day and Being One with God - MTV ...
Full story at PopConversation visits Vanness Wu at
MTV Sessions at Resorts World Sentosa and we get his thoughts on life and

Vanness Wu gets closer to fans in Singapore with new MTV show

SINGAPORE: Taiwan singer Vanness Wu, who recently released his new album "C'est La 'V'", will be heading to Singapore on Wednesday, to record the first episode of music channel MTV's locally-produced live performance series "MTV Sessions", at Resorts World Sentosa.

Wu expressed that the recording session for the show, which will premiere over MTV South East Asia on January 1, will be the perfect opportunity for him to meet his fans and said he looked forward to sharing his new material with them.

"It's more of an intimate setting; it's more where the artiste and the audience can get closer.

"We'll be bringing down the whole smoke and mirrors, glitz and glamour of the huge stage, and get it to be more of a coffee house type of feeling," said Wu, who will also be answering questions from his fans during the recording.

"I actually always wanted to do something like this and I feel right now, with my new album which I just released, it is perfect timing for the audience to be able to hear something in a much more relaxed state."

Although he loved interacting with his fans, Wu revealed that overzealous fans sometimes make him very uncomfortable.

"They get overly excited and become a bit more brazen.

"One that really sticks to my mind was probably when I was in Las Vegas. A fan asked for a handshake. I shook her hand and as I was shaking her hand, her grip became quite strong and ended up pulling me towards her," recounted Wu with a laugh.

"She tried to kiss me! And when I moved my face away she landed her lips right on my neck. I was like what the … !"

A very busy man

Wu has been especially busy these days – the 33-year-old star had only recently concluded a concert in Japan which attracted fans from across Asia, and is currently busy promoting his new album, jewellery line 3V07 as well as his upcoming film "Road Less Travelled", which will premier on December 22.

He said that "Road Less Travelled", which stars himself as well as his friends Jimmy Hung, Eric Tu, Dean Fujioka and Chris Lung, is a project especially close to his heart.

"'Road Less Travelled' is about a rock band. Five guys who come together and experience the highs and lows in the entertainment industry," said Wu, explaining that the film's storyline contained many elements based on the actors' own experiences.

"It's quite close to the truth about their actual lives."

Wu is certain to get busier in the run up to the premiere of "Road Less Travelled", but for now, he is just happy to visit Singapore again.

"I love Singapore. I think Singapore is an awesome place.

"I mean the weather is really relaxed, chill. I love the fact that is it summer all year long, the food's great," said Wu, adding that he tries to visit the city state when he has the time.


Vic Chou - Perfect Two Trailer

Vic Chou wants to be a dad but do not have a partner, Ella praises boyfriend

Friday December 2, 2011 Taiwan
Source : Epoch Times
Translated by sytwo at VIC/ AF

Taiwan film "Perfect Two” (English title for Match Made in Heaven”) Director Chu Yan Ping and actor Vic Chou (Zaizai), Chen Jiahua (ELLA) and Xiaoxiao Bin went to TV program "SS Hsiao-yan Night " for promotion. Vic Chou said that he wants to be a dad but do not have a partner, so no chance to have a child yet. Chang Hsiao-yan praised Vic, that he has become more mature, looking very much like the young Tony Leung. Director Chu also agreed and felt that from his eyes one can see that Vic has grown up. He said with a laugh: “Previously when filming "Yi Yu” (Foreign Land) , actor Tuo Chung Hua has just split-up from his girlfriend, so his eyes naturally exudes a tremendous sense of change. The eyes of Zaizai (Vic) also has this sense of great change, but do not know if he went through a break-up. "

Director Chu Yan-ping teased Chen Jiahua (ELLA) who is now in love, saying: "But ELLA’s eyes did not have that feeling (of great change), her eyes are full of brilliant happiness and blinded me, so I told her to restrain it a bit." Sitting beside him, Chen Jiahua (Ella) turned shy and asked the director not to make fun of her. The host Chang Hsiao-yan praised her, saying that Chen Jiahua is a considerate girl and hopes she can also find a very considerate boy, and then asked if her current boyfriend is good. Ella was very happy and gave a thumbs-up saying: "Give him a praise, a GOOD, an affirmation. "

In “Perfect Two”, Vic Chou plays the father of Xiaoxiao Bin, and has very good interaction with XXB both in and outside of the movie, the two of them have complete tacit understanding. This ignited Vic’s desire to have a baby and let him experience the joy of being a dad. Vic Chou said with a laugh: "Really feel like having my own child, but so far do not have a chance yet. But this movie allowed me to experience the feelings of being a father, which is something I did not get from other films." Then Chang Hsiao-yan told him that it is not easy being a father - while Xiaoxiao Bin is acting, his dad Xiao Binbin has to be by his side to direct him. Vic Chou smiled and replied: "Being a dad is not an easy thing to do, so it is still better not to hastily rush and have a baby."

Two ways to win passes to Vanness Wu's S'pore showcase

Thursday, Dec 01, 2011

SINGAPORE - Vanness Wu will be in Singapore on December 14 for a studio performance for MTV Sessions - Asia's very own multiplatform music series where artists can perform unplugged versions of the hits.

The showcase will be performed in front of a studio audience of only 200 fans at Resorts World Sentosa.

Presented by Zesta and held in association with Canon Legria, the showcase will be held at Resorts World Sentosa in front of a studio audience of 200 fans.

There are two ways fans can get their hands on these passes.

The first is through Zesta's Scratch and Win contest, available from 7-11 outlets nationwide until December 11, 2011.

Collect a Scratch Card with every Zesta 500ml purchase and get five cards of the same design. Each lucky winner will score a pair of invites. For more information on contest, visit

Resorts World Sentosa will also be giving away three pairs through a Facebook contest that runs from December 5 - 12. Fans will have to submit pictures of their most outstanding and elaborate Van Ness Wu memorabilia plus a statement on what it means to them.

The three best entries will each win a pair of passes.

For more information on the contest, visit from December 5, onwards.

MTV Sessions with Vanness Wu will premiere on MTV SEA Sunday January 1, at 6.00pm (SG/HK/PH), 5.00pm (WIB) and 7.00pm (MAL).


Vanness Wu in Singapore

25 Nov – Taiwanese heartthrob, Vanness Wu who is currently in Singapore to perform songs off his latest album, "C'est La V", in filming the debut episode of MTV Sessions, talked to us in an exclusive interview where he revealed about his choice of abstinence through Christianity, among other details about himself.

Vanness who is widely known as a devoted Christian, said that he strongly believes in abstinence before marriage, when asked on his unusual choice on the matter.

"I see virginity as something worth holding on too, as a measure of self-worth, seeing as it is so easily taken among today's generation," said Vanness.

He added, "Especially in these times, it is so easy to just walk in a club, drink alcohol and find somebody. I want something of value to give to my special someone."

Vanness is reportedly dating the daughter of a rich Singaporean, Arissa, but has yet to confirm the relationship in the media, and still refuses to comment on his love life when asked.

However on his album, "C'est La V", the 33-year-old Vanness said that the despite only taking a year to make, it felt more like ten. But that didn't stop him from being glad with the response it had garnered so far.

"The album is a reflection of how long I've been an entertainer, and it took that long for me to fully understand myself, my direction in life, how to give and take in becoming who I am now. This album is me."

During the conception of his album, Vanness collaborated with Ryan Tedder and Bruno Mars, although he had never met the former. However, he is eager to collaborate with artistes such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna and U2, in the future.

For now, Vanness is just eager to meet his fans and family in Singapore.

Some of Vanness' upcoming projects are television dramas in Taiwan, as well as an exclusive accessory line called 3V07, a reversal of the word LOVE.

Vanness Wu forms a new band

The former F4 member mocked himself for being part of the boyband in his upcoming movie

Taiwanese actor Vanness Wu's upcoming movie The Road Less Travelled will open in theatres on Dec 12.

The film tells the story of five music lovers -- Vanness Wu, Jimmy Hung, Dean Fujioka, Long Chen Han and Eric Tu -- and their road to forming the band SMASH. The quintet made their official debut on Nov 13, attracting more than 300 fans at a promotional event.

This is Vanness's third group in his showbiz career. He debuted as F4, together with Jerry Yan, Vic Chou and Ken Zhu, and later collaborated with Korean singer Kangta.

When asked if he is worried about falling out with good friend Jimmy, Vanness replied, "All groups have their share of ups and downs, but at the end of the day, we're still friends. This group is different from before; we have chemistry with each other."

In the film, the singer mocked himself for being a former F4 member, saying, "You wouldn't put me into silly idol groups like F4 and Tension, would you?"

The singer confessed that "rock n' roll is every man's dream" and revealed that he is the lead singer of SMASH. The group will soon be holding a concert tour around Taiwan to promote the movie and hoped to release an album in the future.

Furthermore, Jimmy, who is also the director of the movie, managed to get his father, veteran actor Sammo Hung to act in his movie.

When asked if he was confident with the box office sales, Jimmy laughed, "I'm happy as long as it doesn't flop. I hope it'll break a million dollars."

Jimmy also admitted that his father did not give him pressure and is very grateful that Sammo gave him space to express himself.

[Trailer] Road Less Traveled -Van Ness Wu

吳建豪 (Van Ness Wu)、洪天祥 (Jimmy Hung)、洪金寶 (Sammo Hung)、涂百鋒 (Eric Tu)、藤岡靛 (Dean Fujioka)、隆宸翰 (Chris Lung)、弦子

Sleepless Fashion with Vic Zhou and Vivian Hsu

Vic Zhou is currently in Beijing filming the period movie Saving General Yang, but his completed modern C-movie Sleepless Fashion (formerly known as Live with Fashion) is about to premiere later this month. Co-starring Vivian Hsu and Alan Tam, the movie is about an idealistic fashion magazine editor played by Zai Zai who incurs the wrath of his boss played by Alan and thus gets set up and sacked. He gathers together a motley crew of fashion industry outliers and rejects to pursue his own fashion dreams.


Van Ness talks about latest album, hopes for F4 reunion

Written by: Pauli @

It has been three years since Taiwanese celebrity Van Ness Wu was last a guest on mainland Chinese program Top Chinese Music, but since that time the singer/actor has made huge strides in the entertainment industry. Following a string of successful acting roles and several album releases including his latest album C'est La V, Van Ness took the time on the show to talk introduce his recent album release and various tidbits behind the album.

Amongst the songs from Van Ness' latest album that he brought to the show was rhythmic song Is This All, where he was in a good mood to discuss the details on the album's production after just having celebrated his birthday on August 7th. One of the topics discussed was the inclusion of Grammy Award-winning American artist Bruno Mars for writing the song Knockin" for Van Ness, which is also in his latest album. In addition, Van Ness spent some time talking about close friend and fellow F4 bandmate Vic Chou's first time rapping for Van Ness' other album song Do It. For the recording of Do It, Van Ness remarked how he originally had the impression that Vic would not be that articulate prior to recording of his rap part for the song, but was proved wrong by Vic when he finished the recording under an hour and demonstrated a remarkable sense of rhythm.

Speaking of Vic, Van Ness admitted that he and the rest of the members of the famed F4 group regularly contact each other in the hopes that they can reunite again at the right time. The Taiwanese superstar also hoped that fans are supportive of his own work and development, and that their support is most valuable to him.

In addition to recording for the album, Van Ness also discussed how Chen Hui Ling, whom directed Van Ness in Taiwanese mega-hit drama Autumn's Concerto and also directed Van Ness' recent MV for album song Aiya, requested that he be reunited with former Autumn's Concerto co-star Ady An for the MV's adorable coupling.

Friends supporting of Van Ness remarked that Van Ness does not slack off when it comes to work, and once spent eighteen full hours dancing without a break in preparation for his latest album. Van Ness also admitted that the work of his album has been mentally brewing inside of him for a decade, and that he put 100% effort into it.

Saving General Yang/ Seven Yang warriors proclaiming brotherhood loyalty, competing in looks

Saving General Yang/ Seven Yang warriors proclaiming brotherhood loyalty, competing in looks
2011.08.20 [World News ╱ entertainment news group 19 (Xinhua) - Hangzhou

Translated by sytwo @ VIC

If we group handsome guys Wu Zun, Vic Chou , Raymond Lam into one movie, I believe that female fans will be screaming. When Raymond Wong announced the cast list for Saving General Yang which he has been preparing for many years, in addition to the above actors, there is also Yu Bo and Li Chen, and "old shuai-ge" Adam Cheng who will be playing General Yang (Yang Ling Gong) in the film..

Comparable to idol drama, challenges TVB’s classic series

According to reports, the Legend of the Yang Saga spread from the Northern Song Dynasty, and there are interpretation from numerous versions. But in the handful of films that were done, the story is mostly about Mu Gui Ying and this group of Lady Yang Warriors, including the 1960 theatrical film "Lady Yang Warriors, "; 1972 movie “14 Lady Amazons” by Director Cheng Gang, acted by Ling Po, Lu Yan; CCTV Movie Channel series of TV movie" Lady Yang Warrior", and the soon to-be-released in September this year, Cecilia Chang’s movie "Lady Yang Warrior : Military Order".

In 1981 Lau Kar Leung produced, directed and acted in the movie by Shaw Brothers, scripted by Ni Kuang, called "5th brother ‘s 8th divinity rod", and is a rare film about the men of Yang Warrior in the last 30 years. The most dazzling star of Seven Yang sons combination came in 1985 via TVB anniversary series "Yang Warrior Saga" - with the seven sons acted by Li Han Chi, Francis Ng, Li Guo Lin , Michael Miu, Felix Wong, Andy Lau and Tony Leung Chiu Wai.

It was report that since two years ago, Raymond Wong's "Yang Saga" already had a prototype, with screenplay by his son Edmond Wong who also wrote "Ip Man 2". The focus of the story is on the brotherhood love of the seven Yang sons. Raymond Wong had even openly posted before on weibo to ask fans opinions on the casting, ie. which are the actors most appropriate to portray the seven Yang sons.

More touching than “Ip Man”, Zaizai and Wuzun shed manly tears

Do not know whether it is to portray a big brother, that during the press conference event, Zaizai kept the moustache-look that he has spotted since June during the filming of "Live With Fashion". Plus he is thinner, the skin is darker and he was wearing sunglasses, from a distance looks like the "narrow version of Aaron Kwok. "

According to reports, this is the first time in ten years since debut that Zaizai will be acting in an ancient costume role. He said that before that he could not find a ancient costume role that he likes: "The Yang Saga is a story that I am familiar with. During the trying out of costumes, I was so surprised – I felt that I really look handsome." However, in the visual depiction released by the film company, Yang San Lang is like the “great change” version of the Elf Prince (Legolas) from "Lord of the Rings".

It was reported that the first time Zai Zai read the script for "Saving General Yang", he started to cry: "The seven sons would rather sacrifice themselves in order to protect their own brothers, I cry each time I read it (the script). "

Besides Zaizai, another son who was moved to tears was Wu Zun. He said that after reading the script, the one thing that he most wanted to do is to look for his family in Brunei, he can deeply feel the family love in the story.

This made the writer Edmond Wong very satisfied. He said that the original design of the story is to let the audience be moved to tears when they see each of the sons collapse, because the original story of the Yang Saga is actually a tragedy. The producer Raymond Wong added that, compared to "Ip Man 1 and 2," "Saving General Yang" will make the audience even more moved to tears. For this reason, he purposely invited his old partner back from Hollywood – director Ronny Yu of "Bride with White Hair," "Fearless", joining forces with Huayi Brothers, Henan Television Group, raising 170 million to film "Saving General Yang."

"Saving General Yang" first son Louis Koo had to retreat (from the film) due to foot injury, whether Raymond Wong’s wishes can come true will depend on the performance of Ekin Cheng and the other six shuai guys.

- END –

Hand of God guides rock singer's new album - Yahoo!

Hand of God guides rock singer's new album - Yahoo!: Beijing (China Daily/ANN) - His skin-fit purple jeans, black T-shirt, that hangs loosely on his strong frame, leather bracelets, and huge finger ring scream the rebellious spirit of a rock singer. But when Vanness Wu, a famous singer nad actor from Taiwan, begins to talk about his new pop-rock album, C'est La V, his first in three years, he is seriousness personified.

- read more,

Vic Chou talks about his depression

The Taiwanese actor commented that life meant nothing to him then

Taiwanese heartthrob Vic Chou shot to fame in 2001, after his role in drama Meteor Garden.

Sporting a moustache now, Vic said to the Chinese press, "But many people looked down on me, especially those in showbiz. Who is he? He's just a 'pretty vase'."

He added, "People might not believe me when I say this. When I first entered showbiz, all I wanted was to leave this industry. I kept thinking how I could get out of my contract and say goodbye to all these."

While drama offers came pouring in, Vic still hoped to keep a distance from showbiz because he had seen the things people do to reach the top. The actor was inevitably bullied because he is a person who "is unwilling to fight, and would rather do things quietly".

"I was struggling. With my kind of attitude, I would still be bullied, no matter where I worked; but not wanting to fight is my nature," Vic said.

Vic's emotional burden accumulated over the years, resulting in depression a few years ago.

"I was immune to pain and was unafraid of death, during the worst period when I had depression. Death became optional. In other words, I would die, if I wanted to die today," he let on.

The actor might have talked about his illness lightly now, but his condition was rather severe back then.

"Luckily, I have positive-thinking friends, who were willing to listen to me, towards the end of my therapy, and I would tell them about my condition. You're actually helping yourself, if you're willing to share. The negativity would decrease," Vic said.

Van Ness Wu, "Aiya" MV featuring Ady An

Taiwanese artist Van Ness Wu, "Aiya" MV featuring Ady An.

These two have previously collaborated in a popular 2009 Taiwanese drama entitled, "Autumn's Concerto."


VanNess Wu 吳建豪 - Aiya 哎呀 MV [Eng Sub]

Wu Chun and Vic Chou fights in saving General Yang

The Raymond Wong Pak Ming produced SAVING GENERAL YANG (JUNG LIT YEUNG GA JEUNG) today started production in Kaifeng, Henan. Raymond Lam Fung, Wu Chun, Vic Chou Yu Man, Yu Bo, Fu Xinbo appeared and attracted 300 fans. Later, the team went to pay their respect to the Yang family ancestors at the Yang House. However Adam Cheng Siu Chau who played Yang Linggong, Louis Koo Tin Lok who played the oldest son and Li Chen who played the fourth son. Goo Jai due to leg injury and Li Chen due to work were absent.

The film cost almost 200 million. The Ronny Yu Yun Tai directed, Wong Pak Chi's son Edmond Wong Chi Hung written film starred top film stars of three lands on both sides of the strait. Lam Fung played the fifth son, Wu Chun the sixth son, Chou Yu Man the third son and Yu Bo the second song, Fu Xinbo the seventh son, Dior Cheng Yi Kin as Pan Renmei, and Xu Fan as She Taijun.

The actors shared their feeling after they received the script. Because the story was mainly about siblings and family, Wu Chun after reading it wanted to call his father. Lam Fung already imagined the scenes as he read the script and believed that everyone would like it. As for Jai Jai who would play in costume for the first time, he said that he was very happy to run into a good script. Originally he worried that his costume look would be terrifying, but he was unexpectedly handsome. Later he also added, "The other brothers are also very handsome."

Goo Jai was absent due to his right leg injury. Wong Pak Ming revealed that he has talked with Goo Jai over the phone, although his injury has improved the doctor's report would determine when he would start work. Wong Pak Ming also stressed that he would not recast because Goo Jai was the soul of the story.
Wu Chun, Jai Jai and Lam Fung all worried about Goo Jai's injury and wished him a speedy recovery. Lam Fung ten years ago worked with Goo Jai on STEP INTO THE PAST (CHUM CHUN GEI) so he looked forward to working together again very much. Making his costume debut Jai Jai joked that despite the action director on the hand he still wanted to ask Wu Chun to be his personal trainer. Wu Chun immediately agreed. They also had to learn to ride for the film together. Jai Jai said that he had to foster a relationship with the horse and he already had three lessons. Every time he improved.

Vanness Wu declares that he did not violate any laws

Original Source: mingpao
Translated by: ♔LATTE♔ @

Vaness Wu declares that he did not violate any laws

Vaness Wu arrived yesterday afternoon at apm for his autograph signing meeting. He was asked about the obscene photos of fight attendants taken from the pilot area of the plane which were recently released, as well as the picture of him and the pilot taken from the pilot area of the plane he had uploaded to Weibo the day before yesterday which made netizens suspect that it had been taken while the plane was still flying, Vaness then declared that he knew the flight rules very well, knowing that while the plane was still flying passengers were prohibited from entering the pilot area and that the picture he took with the pilot was before the plane took flight. The pilot had told him to enter and after conversing with one another, they decided to take a picture. Today was Vaness' birthday and the coordinators of the event had presented him with a birthday cake and he also received a lot of gifts from his fans.

Ella forces Vic Chou to choose her over Yang Mi

The Kevin Chu Yen Ping directed, Vic Chou (Chow Yu Man), Yang Mi, Ella, Benny (Siu Siu Bun) and Ding Shasha starred film HAPPY UNION (TIN SUN YUT DUI) yesterday held a Beijing press conference. With Qixi on the way, the event placed a giant heart shaped floral arrangement for the cast to take photos with. In the film child actor Ding Shasha had a crush on Benny, but when the event arranged for them to hold hands Benny was somewhat upset and even made some funny expressions that made everyone laugh. Rising in popularity, Yang Mi had fans with banners and flowers for her. Because later she still had to work, yesterday she took three hours off to attend the press conference. Jai Jai also had fan cheering him on.

This film will be released during the year end holidays, now the Taiwan segment has already been completed. Later it will shoot in Shanghai. Although during the holiday it will face a lot of strong competition, director Chu Yen Ping was very confident. Because among the action and martial art films, HAPPY UNION was like a fresh breeze, a tears within laughter romance that would gently conquer the tough. He even believed in film luck. Because the cast had strong popularity, the film had good luck. In the film was Jai Jai a Happy Union with Yang Mi or Ella? He joked that Jai Jai this time was very lucky. He not only had two women but also Vivian Hsu (Tsui Yuek Suen). Jai Jai heard and happily smiled.

Yang Mi this time played Jai Jai's former wife, Ella played his confidante and Tsui Yuek Suen played another girlfriend. Which type of girl would Jai Jai choose? Before he was able to answer, Ella already cut in. "He doesn't need to choose, he definitely would choose me." She also said to Yang Mi, "Give me a chance." Jai Jai laughed and said, "Since you say it like that, I choose you." Jai Jai and Benny also had a father and son relationship. Jai Jai honestly said that at first he was worried whether he would be able to work with a child actor. Luckily childhood stardom has not polluted Benny. They had great communication. Reporters asked whether Benny liked Jai Jai or his own father? He directly said he liked his own father. When Yang Mi first worked with Jai Jai, she thought that he lived in his own life and was somewhat hard to communicate with. Later she realized that his eyes were electrifying, which caused her to lose control. Luckily she was able to leave her character.

Vanness Fans: Survey from MCA Music Universal Music Philippines

Van Ness Wu’s comeback album to be released under MCA Music!

I've stumbled this page from MCA Music (Universal Music Philippines) at Facebook and they're asking if fans are willing to buy and support the album launch (Yes, there were several album promos held here in Manila without the presence of the artists but I hope they can bring Vanness to promote his album personally) Is that possible MCA?

Anyways, just for a thought of sharing this page to all of you (specially Metro Manila/Philippines) residents if we would like the MCA Music/Universal Music Philippines to hold the album promo in one of the malls in the Metro.

Simply click this click, like the page, like the post and leave your comments :)

And, Early August is such a perfect month. Because it's Vanness'special day.

Also, which album cover will be available - LOVE, FAITH , LIVE? drools.

Honestly, we've already pre-ordered our album in Taiwan courtesy of VIFC and Certified VanNaddicts :) hahaha

[Photos and Video] Van Ness Wu promotes new album in Taipei



Vanness Wu recommends good friend Vic Chou (Zaizai) to sing RAP

June 30, 2011

In Vanness Wu's new album, one of the songs "DO IT" needed a powerful hip-hop MC to sing the RAP portion. During discussion and song arrangements, Vanness strongly recommended Zaizai, and unexpectedly despite everyone's doubts, Zaizai was able to complete recording the RAP portion within one hour, plus received very positive evaluation. Everyone who heard it gave it the thumbs up.

Vanness and ZZ got to know each other during F4 time and now each of them have their own career path. During their debut years they have gone singing at a KTV before, and Vanness discovered that ZZ is a hidden rap expert. Vanness immediately told Zaizai that next time if he releases a solo album, Zaizai must rap in it. Zaizai agreed readily.

Following their F4 album, this is their first collaboration together and Vanness invited Zaizai for support. He asked Zaizai “Can you come and rap for my new song?” Zaizai had doubts in his heart and replied “Are you sure?” Vanness confidently told Zaizai “You can definitely do it!”. Zaizai then jokingly said “OK-ah, if you are not worried, then I am also not worried.”

Before recording the both of them had close discussions on the song and Vanness even asked Zaizai to write his own lyric so that he can sing it more smoothly. But Zaizai was afraid that changing the lyric will disturb the original song’s overall feel, and followed the original lyric during recording. The attentive Zaizai even asked Vanness “What type of RAP feel would you like?” Vanness answered “ I want Zaizai STYLE”

Zaizai did not disappoint his good brother’s expectations, only taking one hour to record the RAP portion of “DO IT” and astounded the album producer and crew - besides very clear diction, his tempo and rhythm was also very good, Everyone at the recording praised Vanness recommendation, and said that it added many extra points for the new album, making Vanness feeling very proud.

Both of them were very happy to be able to fulfill the promise from previous years, and Vanness said “This time, Zaizai helped me record the rap portion and he really did very well. When everyone listen to the album, you must pay attention to his strong performance.”

Vanness fan meeting cum album autograph event was canceled earlier due to heavy storms and Vanness felt very sorry about it. It has been rescheduled for July 9 and 10 and he hopes the weather will be good and the event will take place as planned.

- END -

Vanness Wu reconciles with ex-girlfriend


The couple was spotted holding hands and shopping at a night market

Last April, singer Vanness Wu began dating Arissa, the daughter of a rich Singaporean. Later, it was rumoured that the couple had parted ways in September because Vanness's religious beliefs require him to abstain from "pre-marital sex".

Two days ago, Vanness and Arissa were spotted holding hands and taking a stroll, before returning to Vanness' home. This fueled speculations that the couple had reconciled.

At around 10pm the same day, director Doze Niu was filming an outdoor scene from his new movie Love, which attracted a huge crowd. Amongst the onlookers who were there to watch Shu Qi and Ethan Ruan filming were Vanness and Arissa. However, the pair left after a short while.

While they maintained a slight distance in public, Arissa immediately pressed herself up against the singer's strong arms the minute they reached a back alley.

Vanness even helped Arissa with her handbag and led her across the street.

The pair did not stop talking throughout their half-hour walk, before entering Vanness' residence through the back door to avoid being seen.

Vaness' manager refused to comment on his relationship.

【Knockin - VanNess Wu featuring Bruno Mars】

OC/OA: Bruno Mars/Justin Michael

Everyday you complain, you say men all the same.
...You give your heart, up to them, but they give you pain.
Telling me, they’re so mean, it’s the same old story
I try to tell you, girl what more, but you just ignore me.

You wish they would just listen like me
You wish they would respect you like me
But there’s something that you can’t see
The man that’ll treat you good, is standing right in front of you

Tell me what you waiting for
When my hearts been knocking on your door
Knocking on your door, knocking, knocking
Can’t take this anymore,
You let these strangers walk in, and forget about your friend
Who’s outside knocking on your door~ your door~ your door~
I’m outside knocking on your door~ your door~ your door~
I’m ouside knocking~

Can’t take no more, it’s killing me, won’t play no more games
I want to be, more than friends, but you feel the same
Don’t waste no time, with these guys, they don’t treat you right
Let me be the one, to show you what, true love is like.

You wish they would just listen like me
You wish they would respect you like me
But there’s something that you can’t see
The man that’ll treat you good, is standing right in front of you

Tell me what you waiting for
When my hearts been knocking on your door
Knocking on your door, knocking, knocking
Can’t take this anymore,
You let these strangers walk in, and forget about your friend
Who’s outside knocking on your door~ your door~ your door~
I’m outside knocking on your door~ your door~ your door~
I’m ouside knocking~

Waiting for your girl to come let me in, let me in, let me in
Waiting for your girl to come let me in, let me in, let me in

Tell me what you waiting for
When my hearts been knocking on your door
Knocking on your door, knocking, knocking
Can’t take this anymore,
You let these strangers walk in, and forget about your friend
Who’s outside knocking on your door~ your door~ your door~
I’m outside knocking on your door~ your door~ your door~
I’m ouside knocking~


Vanness boasts Kpop affiliations - Yahoo! News

4 Jul – On 2 July, Taiwanese multi-talented star, Vanness Wu went on "100% Entertainment" and mentioned his affiliation to Girls' Generation, particularly with members Tiffany and Soo-young, according to a report by dkpopnews.

Another Taiwanese singer, Show Luo, who was also on the show, said that his favourite member from Girls' Generation was actually Tiffany, and showed his obvious jealousy when he exclaimed that Vanness Wu knew Tiffany and Soo-young personally.

read more
Vanness boasts Kpop affiliations - Yahoo! News

I want to settle down and have kids before 40: Vanness Wu | What’s buzzing? - Yahoo! News

Forget the former F4 band member (and his rebonded locks) we met in Meteor Garden a decade ago.

The Vanness Wu we are seeing today is a grown and changed man who knows exactly what he wants — babies included.

Having "been busy being Japanese and lovin it" for the past three years, the 32-year-old Taiwanese-American is back and all geared up for his new Mandarin album, 'C'est La V', set to be released worldwide on July 8.

read more here

I want to settle down and have kids before 40: Vanness Wu | What’s buzzing? - Yahoo! News

The outsider's guide to ScreenSingapore 2011

SINGAPORE: The inaugural ScreenSingapore is the first international film event held in Singapore.

The eight-day event, which kicks off on Sunday, may look like a trade event for industry players at first glance but there are still a few treats for local film buffs.

Although the premiere screenings of films like "Treasure Inn" and "The Devil Inside Me", which will take place during ScreenSingapore 2011, are only open to invited guests, those who wish to catch a glimpse of their favourite stars up close can do so when they walk the red carpet at the following events.

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan and "Lust Caution" actress Tan Wei will not be appearing due to scheduling problems, but there are still plenty of stars who will descend on Singapore for the event.
The Devil Inside Me

Chinese "Memoirs of a Geisha" star Zhang Ziyi will grace the red carpet with "The Devil Inside Me" director Zhang Qi and actress Anya for the thriller's premiere at Golden Village Vivocity, 6pm on Sunday.
Paradise Kiss and May'n The Movie

Japanese actress Aya Omasa takes to the red carpet at The Cathay, 6pm on Monday, for the premiere of her film "Paradise Kiss", the film adaptation of a popular Japanese Manga of the same name, about a young girl's journey into the world of fashion.

Japanese singer May'n will also perform on the red carpet at the gala premiere of "May'n The Movie", a film that documents her concert tour last summer, which will be held at the same venue as "Paradise Kiss".
Treasure Inn

Director Wong Jing along with "Treasure Inn" cast members Nick Cheung, Huang Yi and Liu Yang, will walk the red carpet at Cathay Cineleisure, 7.30pm on Tuesday for the premiere of their film, a martial arts comedy about a white jade statue coveted by many different factions.
Where The Road Meets The Sun

Singapore director Yong Mun Chee will make an appearance on the red carpet at Golden Village Vivocity, 6pm on Friday with cast members Fernando Noriega, Laura Ramsey and Luke Brandon Field for the premiere of their latest film "When The Road Meets The Sun", a cross-cultural film about four men who cross paths at a seedy hotel .
Jesus Henry Christ

Director Dennis Lee, producer Sukee Chew and actor Jason Spevack will grace the red carpet at Golden Village Vivcity, 7.45pm on Friday for the premiere of their film "Jesus Henry Christ", which revolves around a boy's quest to find his biological father.
Larry Crowne

Hollywood veteran Tom Hanks starred-in, directed and produced "Larry Crowne", a comedy about a man who tries to turn his life around by going back to school after losing his job.

Hanks will walk the red carpet along with Zhang, former F4 member Vanness Wu, Lee Byung Hun of "G.I.Joe" fame, Archie Kao from "CSI", and Singapore actor Chin Han for the premiere of "Larry Crowne" at Shaw Lido, 6pm next Saturday, drawing the eight-day event to a close.
Special previews

Those not interested in stargazing can catch a series of special preview screenings held in conjunction with the film festival.

Highlights include "A Summer in Genova", starring Collin Firth as a man who moves with his two daughters in a bid to get over the tragedy of his wife's death as well as "A Beautiful Life", starring Shu Qi as a woman who cons a cop but later finds out she loves him.

Details about these preview screenings can be found

The second China Film Festival will also be held in conjunction with ScreenSingapore, offering film lovers a chance to catch films with a distinct Chinese flavour, such as "The Piano In The Factory", about a steel worker who decides to build a steel piano from scratch to win custody of his daughter.

Find out more about this year's China Film Festival


Material Queen to premiere in June

Source: Appledaily, UDN
Written by: fufu @

NTV’s first idol drama “Material Queen” will be premiering in June on CTS (free-to-air network). NTV will broadcast reruns on the following day. A press conference took place on the 11th; Lynn Xiong and Daniel Chan appeared to promote the upcoming drama, while lead actor Van Ness Wu was absent from the event. Van Ness’s manager explained, “He is at the recording studio and can’t make it due to time constraints. We have already arranged time for the next promotional event.”

Previously, Lynn, who is 179 cm tall, wore her heels at the preview release event, making Van Ness look short. Daniel was in luck as Lynn wore flats this time. He exclaimed, “I’m truly very lucky!” Lynn explained, “Some clothes have to be worn with high heels in order to look good. But this wedding dress I’m wearing today is too short, so that’s why I’m wearing flats.”

Apr 21, 2011 - Le He Bao


It was reported that F4 has become a group for 10 years, since last year, there were nonstop attempts by different broadcasting companies and manufacturers to unite them together on stage but without success.  Zhe Jiang Satellite TV has not given up and hopes to invite the original cast of Meteor Garden 1 to appear on its program, Mainland China's Dream Come True.  This is an mission impossible that including Yan Cheng Xu, no one has received any invitation yet.  Furthermore, Ken Chu is filming a tv drama, ZZ has movies, Vanness will release his album, and Jerry's future plan is still unknown.

Quite a number of Jerry fans suspected that Jerry dropped the Material Girl project was due to scheduling problem.  However, Material Girl has finished filming, but Jerry has accepted any project offers.  His agency responded, "More than tv and movie projects are in discussion.  The final decision is yet to be made."

credits to

Has Vic Chou’s depression returned?

The Taiwanese actor was spotted looking thinner than before

When Vic Chou shot Meteor Garden in 2000, he said that the most important thing during filming is that he must not go hungry.

This has apparently changed.

When Vic was filming Returning Home in China late last year, the actor only ate two mouthfuls of rice. His lack of appetite, a weak stomach and insomnia were probably causes of the actor's sunken cheeks. The actor currently weighs 58kg.

This has led to speculations that the actor's depression has returned.

In 2005, Vic was speculated to have depression and had been visiting the psychiatrist secretly. However, the speculations were brushed away by his managers.

According to Vic's manager Zhi Xiang Li, Vic rarely ate when he was filming because he was afraid he cannot think properly with a fuller stomach.

When asked if the sudden weight loss was related to the actor's depression, Zhi denied and said, "He [Vic Chou] visits the doctor every three months. The doctor gives him some drugs to aid him in his sleep, but they're not sedatives."

The actor is currently trying to gain back his weight by eating more.

Vic Chou and rumoured girlfriend spotted with matching couple necklace

The Taiwanese actor had previously worked with Chinese actress Yan Na on a drama

Not long after ex-flame Barbie Hsu found happiness with Chinese millionaire Wang Xiaofei, Taiwanese actor Vic Chou is now speculated to be attached.

The speculations came after Vic, who was at an event earlier this month, was spotted wearing a matching necklace with rumoured girlfriend Yan Na, an up-and-coming Chinese actress, in one of her photos that was uploaded online.

The couple met on the set of their latest drama Returning Home last year, where Yan Na played the role of Vic's on-screen girlfriend.

It is believed that the pair attended Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao's concert together. At the concert, Vic said, "I specially brought the 'female lead' from our drama with me."

That night, Yan Na wrote on her microblog, "Do you have to surprise me on stage like that?"

Furthermore, an online entertainment source stated that Returning Home's production crew confirmed the couple's romance, citing that they have been dating for about six months now.

However Vic's manager squashed the rumours and commented: "This is absurd, it's impossible."

When reporters called the production crew of Returning Home for confirmation, they replied: "What did you say? This is hilarious!"

Fight and Smile charity event on 18 March 2011

Jerry answering phonecalls

Ken part

VanNess part

thanks to michi @ onlyf4

VanNess 2nd JP album

Date of release: 20 April 2011


Limited version (28 page booklet with DVD) ¥3,500

01 Break Out!
02 Mission
03 Why
04 No More Tears
05 Soldier
06 Better
08 Love Will Come

DVD: behind the scenes of album jacket filming


Normal version ¥2,800

01 Break Out!
02 Mission
03 Why
04 No More Tears
05 Soldier
06 Better
08 Love Will Come


Ken Zhu: How many times do I have to send her my blessings?

Ken Zhu: How many times do I have to send her my blessings?
The Taiwanese actor comments on rumours of his ex-flame getting married


Last month, the Taiwanese media reported that Taiwanese actress Kelly Lin would be marrying a businessman from Shanghai.

On Mar 15, at the lensing ceremony for his latest drama Remember, About Us, reporters quizzed Kelly's ex, actor Ken Zhu on the former's marriage rumours.

To that, Ken expressed that he knew nothing of it, adding that "it'd be stupid to ask her if the rumour is not true".

When asked if he would be surprised if Kelly suddenly got married, the actor instead questioned the reporters why should he be.

"If she does not get married, how many times do I have to send her my blessings each year?" Ken said helplessly when reporters asked if he would send his regards.

Ken later added that he would definitely "wish her all the best if she's getting married".

It is believed that Ken and Kelly dated for five years before splitting last June. At the ceremony, the actor seemed to have lost a lot of weight, but he denied it was because of the breakup.

Ken clarified that he is still good friends with Kelly and that they are still in contact with each other.

Taken from xinmsn entertainment

Singapore Entertainment Awards 2011

Most Popular Male SingerVote for Jerry

Most Popular Taiwan TV Actor
Vote for Jerry or VanNess

Starhub TV Most Popular Asian Drama
Vote for Autumn Concerto

This voting is open to all Singapore citizens or permanent residents.
Closing date: 21 March 2011

Award ceremony: 2 April 2011

credits to Michi at OnlyF4

[Home drama] Dialect disallowed. Zai Zai Taiwanese dialect silenced

United Daily News reporter ╱ Chu Pei Jun / Taipei - Beijing reported】 2011.02.16 03:37 am
Source :
Translated by Vicfan at Asianfanatics

Zai Zai in the new drama "Home", set at the time of anti-Japanese war, was a Taiwanese military doctor drafted by the Japanese Military and sent to the Mainland. The story spans across both banks (Taiwan & Mainland). Originally, the drama’s dialogue had Mandarin, Japanese and Taiwanese dialect. But there were news yesterday that the Mainland version will not have Mǐnnányǔ (dialect). Zai Zai’s initial painstaking efforts to memorize his lines in dialect have come to naught. His manager Mr. Chih said yesterday “We’ll respect the producer’s decision, only worried that substitution of the Taiwanese dialogue with Mandarin will lose some of the original flavor."

"Home" original arrangement was that Zai Zai will speak Mandarin during the period of the Mainland war, speaks Japanese when in military compounds, then post-war he speaks Taiwanese after he returned home. During the filming of this drama, besides having to run under the hail of bullets and gunfire, and have to portray heavy psychological misery, speaking 3 languages is also a big challenge.

Why can’t Mǐnnányǔ be used in the drama? The producers explained yesterday that all Mainland’s works do not allow dialect. Japanese is a foreign language, not a dialect, and does not constitute a major portion of the dialogue. But Zai Zai’s efforts are not totally lost; Taiwan version will still have dialect.

"Home" cost nearly 200 million NTD to shoot. Zai Zai’s performance is a new transformation which stunned several high-level people in Mainland and Taiwan. The drama is expected to be launched in Mainland China in May.

When Mr. Chih found out that the Mainland version will replace Taiwanese dialogue with Mandarin, he asked curiously, “During dubbing, how is Zai Zai going to differentiate his voice between the mainland period and Taiwan period?" The other person laughed and said: "This is not difficult, just say Taiwan guóyǔ ah! “ (mispronouncing国语(national language)) In the past, Zai Zai who did not speak Mandarin clearly, would never have dreamed that there will come a day when he will be requested to be “inarticulate”.

But whether it is standard Mandarin or "Taiwan Mandarin," this will be Zai Zai’s first performance in a Mainland drama which is not dubbed (ie original voice is not replaced). This is different from "Madame Chin" which was dubbed. When broadcasted, fans complained when they could not hear his original voice and felt like a stranger speaking.

Career is successful, but after Zai Zai broke up with DaS his love life is empty. Da S is now married to another person. In a Japan interview Zai Zai said that if he was to be romantically involved again, he prefers to keep it low profile.


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photo credits from

Zai Zai (Vic Zhou) lost 6 kg Earned NTD37,000,000

2011-01-30 Taipei-Tokyo
Translated by Vicfan @ AF Vic Zhou thread

Vic Chou (Zai Zai) at the end of last year was in Shanghai filming a TV series "Home". Due to the low the local temperature, his face and hands were blue with cold but still continued to work. Due to a bad cold plus with filming pressure, within 1 month his body weight fell 6 kg, fell from 68kg to 62kg.

On 29th, he held meetings with Tokyo Fans Club, although thin, but nonetheless charming. A total of 4 gatherings’ admission fees, sales of merchandise and "Black and White" DVD revenue, earned a total of about 37 million NT dollars.

He was in Tokyo and Osaka, 4 gatherings in total, about 10000 fans. He had not been to Japan for nearly two years, Japanese girls in order to see the elegant star, some were willing to pay twice the original ticket price of NTD2,200 yuan. His thin appearance caused many fans heart ache and many urged him to gain weight. He sang "I'm not F4" and other songs, went downstage to interact with fans…..those who shook hands with him were moved to tears.

2000 sets of "B&W" DVD sold out

4 rounds of Fans gatherings, about NTD22,000,000 admission fees, personal merchandise sold about NTD4,000,000, TV series "Black and White" Japan version DVD very expensive a set of about NTD5,300. More than 2000 sets sold out online which will bring in more than NTD10,000,000 revenue. He and Janine participate in a high-five game. There was a very pregnant fan who asked for autograph and asked both to touch her stomach, they obliged so that pregnant fan was very happy.

He and Janine has worked together 3 times. The host asked, “In the film, did you like Pizi or Hero?” She replied, "when I was young I liked the Hero kind, now I like Pizi."

This year, he will return to Yilan to celebrate CNY with family. When he was asked how many red packets will he give? He laughed: "I am the family’s convenience store, how much I give does not matter.” He usually give his money to his sister-in-law to manage, solely responsible for his family’s finance. The original homeboy, he will spend this time playing video games, and K(finish) 8 scripts. F3 Jerry Yan, Vanness Wu, Ken Chu will also spend CNY as dutiful sons, staying home with family in Taiwan during the Chinese New Year.

Vanness Wu returns to ABS-CBN via 'I Love You So'

Korea's Vanness Wu returns to ABS-CBN via 'I Love You So'

I think the writer should research more where this series was originated.
This article comes from their official website and it's really a stupid thing to include the word 'Korea' knowing that this series came from TAIWAN.

What's happening to you ABS-CBN?

Read the article here and be suprised

Vanness Wu denies reconciliation with ex-girlfriend

Flaunting his newly-trained 8-pec abs as a denim jeans ambassador, Vanness Wu refutes claims of a reunion between him and heiress, Arissa Cheo


Vanness Wu's short-lived relationship with Singaporean heiress Arissa Cheo first made headlines after a photo of the couple surfaced online. The two used to date for a year in 2006, but broke up after they drifted apart when Arissa was studying in the US.

They reconciled again in April last year and were photographed shopping on the streets together. Although the Taiwanese singer publicly admitted to his then-relationship with Arissa, the duo broke up again in September, after six months of courtship.

Despite going separate ways, Vanness publicly acknowledged that they are "still in contact" and are "still friends".

A devout Christian, Vanness has taken a chastity pledge against pre-marital sex. However, his ex-girlfriend is widely known for her liberal ways like posing sexy pictures of herself online. It was widely-speculated that the clash in "sexual interest" was the catalyst to the failed relationship.

After countless of separations and reconciliations, it looks like the pair has kissed and made up yet again. They were recently sighted touring Taiwan together in the year-end with Vanness visiting Arissa's folks in Singapore.

Attending a press conference held yesterday as a brand ambassador for denim jeans, the 32-year-old replied "Happy New Year," when reporters asked about his relationship with Arissa and declined to answer all questions regarding his love life.

A member of now-defunct Taiwanese boyband, F4, reporters asked if the group's non-appearance in Lunar New Years shows were due to Vic Zhou's promotional activities for Black & White.

"Our schedules and timing are really hard to organize. I don't know about the rest!" he replied.

To build up his body for this denim jeans commercial, the singer-dancer shared that he eats "only vegetables" and spends as long as "3 hours in the gym" everyday.

Article taken from XINMSN dated 21 Jan 2011

I LOVE YOU SO (Autumn's Concerto)

ABS-CBN welcomes the New Year with one of the best Asianovelas of all time...

Stanley Ren, an heir to a huge family fortune and an arrogant law student, meets Michelle Liang, the hardworking bento seller in their school canteen. A bet draws the two together and little by little, Stanley's heart changed as he sees the real beauty of Michelle.

Their lives turned upside down as Stanley needs to undergo a brain surgery which later cost him his memory.

Despite her great love for Stanley, Michelle left him to grant the request of Stanley's mother not knowing that she's bears Stanley's child.

Six years later, their paths crossed. With no memory of his past, will Stanley recognize Michelle and his own son?


I love You So...
January 17 after Kristine
credits: Kapamilya Multiply

13 Chinese Pop-Artists Record Christmas Single for 8 Million Dying Children

Luke Leung
Gospel Herald Reporter
Tue, Jan, 04 2011 05:11 AM PT

To express solidarity for the plight of the children worldwide, 13 Chinese celebrities and pop-artists from Asia by recording a music single called "Letting Everyday be Like Christmas."

The celebrities include Elva Hsiao, Van Ness Wu, Dee Hsu, Angela Chang, Cheryl Yang Jing-Hua, Jing, Jaycee Chan, Jing Wong, Tension, Michelle Vickie, Si En Vanessa, and others. Their action is a response toward's World Vision Taiwan's "Orange Wrist Band Movement", a call to speak out and make a change for the children's right to survive.

All of the proceeds from the sale of the CDs will be donated to charity. World Vision Taiwan will be distributing 10,000 copies of “Forever X’mas Dream Gift Box”, which will include a copy of the single, an orange wrist band that symbolizes health and hope.

Every year, around 8 million children die before the age of five. Most suffer and die from pneumonia, cholera, malaria, malnutrition, and other preventable and treatable causes.

However, the conditions of the medical environment and the health of the communities, which affects the lives of millions of children, can be significantly improved through World Vision’s child sponsorship programs, where mosquito nets, electrolyte grape candy are distributed and proper breast feeding education are distributed.

“Orange Wrist Band Movement” invites you to speak out for the rights of children around the world to live, spreading the message of children’s health, encouraging more people to make a difference for them through child sponsorship and other World Vision’s sponsorship ways.

To hear the single “Letting Everyday be Like Christmas”,

Ken Zhu and Kelly Lin rumoured to have patched up

The couple reportedly spent Christmas together in California

Looks like Taiwanese singer-actor Ken Zhu and actress Kelly Lin have hooked up again.

Ken and Kelly ended their five-year relationship in August last year. As the year began, the couple were rumoured to have kissed and made up.

Last month, the couple reportedly showed their love for each other on microblogging site Weibo by posting photos of their own dogs. Kelly also uploaded a photo of her looking at the sea on Dec 19, while Ken updated his Weibo with a seascape photo on the 24th.

Kelly also added an entry on her blog, titled "I want to have a relationship that would last forever".

Coincidentally, Ken and Kelly both spent their Christmas in California, causing media to speculate that the couple had gotten back together. Kelly reportedly went to the States last month and had recently returned to Taiwan. At the same time, Ken returned to China from California for filming.

However, Ken's manager said that Ken "was in America to see a doctor for his spinal injuries".

Ken and Kelly met on the set of The Tokyo Trial in 2006. No one was optimistic about the couple's relationship as Ken is five years younger than Kelly.

There were frequent rumours of the pair breaking up during the five years they dated; but it was not until August last year when Kelly moved out of the apartment they shared, did their relationship end.

However, according to a close friend of Kelly's, the actress is more soft-hearted than she seemed to be. There was a high chance the two would get back together, although some friends thought that it was impossible.

Judging from the chemistry the couple had on Weibo, the couple had probably patched things up.