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Ady An refuses to kiss Van Ness Wu

Ady An refuses to kiss Van Ness Wu
Source : UDN
translated by fewfew @

Ady An films SETTV's , but has been refusing to film any kissing scenes, making Van Ness Wu feel helpless, "Is it because of me?" He then learns later that she has phobia towards kissing. The two of them could only complete filming the kissing scene after Ady An drunk herself while Van Ness Wu prayed for God's help.

Don't know whether Ady An has had bad experiences in the past of something else, but her barrier has always been filming kissing scenes. She rather films scenes where she is beaten than to kiss with her male lead. However, producer of , Chen Yu Shan, would not let Ady An off and requested for her to film the kissing scenes. Yesterday, on the outdoor set at Sanshia, Ady An publicly apologized to Van Ness Wu, "I only have the courage to film a kissing scene after getting drunk, but after he became Christian, not only did he become celibate, he even quit drinking!" After she finished, she turned around and asked Van Ness Wu, "Do I smell of alcohol?" He smiled and didn't answer.

After Van Ness Wu became Christian, he became a whole new person, gleaming everywhere. Once he discovers someone in a bad mood, he would pray for him/her. Ady An was feeling down one day, and Van Ness Wu asked caringly, "Can I pray for you?" Then he pulled her into a small room. Both leading actor and actress disappeared at the same time, which made others suspect. In actuality, he was only trying to counsel her, and she was so moved that she was in tears.

Van Ness Wu has been in showbiz for ten years, but he just revealed his correct name yesterday. His English name is not, "Vanness," but it is, "Van Ness." .

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way to go Vanness.. Gos is everywhere..Way to go..