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Vanness Wu returns to ABS-CBN via 'I Love You So'

Korea's Vanness Wu returns to ABS-CBN via 'I Love You So'

I think the writer should research more where this series was originated.
This article comes from their official website and it's really a stupid thing to include the word 'Korea' knowing that this series came from TAIWAN.

What's happening to you ABS-CBN?

Read the article here and be suprised

Vanness Wu denies reconciliation with ex-girlfriend

Flaunting his newly-trained 8-pec abs as a denim jeans ambassador, Vanness Wu refutes claims of a reunion between him and heiress, Arissa Cheo


Vanness Wu's short-lived relationship with Singaporean heiress Arissa Cheo first made headlines after a photo of the couple surfaced online. The two used to date for a year in 2006, but broke up after they drifted apart when Arissa was studying in the US.

They reconciled again in April last year and were photographed shopping on the streets together. Although the Taiwanese singer publicly admitted to his then-relationship with Arissa, the duo broke up again in September, after six months of courtship.

Despite going separate ways, Vanness publicly acknowledged that they are "still in contact" and are "still friends".

A devout Christian, Vanness has taken a chastity pledge against pre-marital sex. However, his ex-girlfriend is widely known for her liberal ways like posing sexy pictures of herself online. It was widely-speculated that the clash in "sexual interest" was the catalyst to the failed relationship.

After countless of separations and reconciliations, it looks like the pair has kissed and made up yet again. They were recently sighted touring Taiwan together in the year-end with Vanness visiting Arissa's folks in Singapore.

Attending a press conference held yesterday as a brand ambassador for denim jeans, the 32-year-old replied "Happy New Year," when reporters asked about his relationship with Arissa and declined to answer all questions regarding his love life.

A member of now-defunct Taiwanese boyband, F4, reporters asked if the group's non-appearance in Lunar New Years shows were due to Vic Zhou's promotional activities for Black & White.

"Our schedules and timing are really hard to organize. I don't know about the rest!" he replied.

To build up his body for this denim jeans commercial, the singer-dancer shared that he eats "only vegetables" and spends as long as "3 hours in the gym" everyday.

Article taken from XINMSN dated 21 Jan 2011

I LOVE YOU SO (Autumn's Concerto)

ABS-CBN welcomes the New Year with one of the best Asianovelas of all time...

Stanley Ren, an heir to a huge family fortune and an arrogant law student, meets Michelle Liang, the hardworking bento seller in their school canteen. A bet draws the two together and little by little, Stanley's heart changed as he sees the real beauty of Michelle.

Their lives turned upside down as Stanley needs to undergo a brain surgery which later cost him his memory.

Despite her great love for Stanley, Michelle left him to grant the request of Stanley's mother not knowing that she's bears Stanley's child.

Six years later, their paths crossed. With no memory of his past, will Stanley recognize Michelle and his own son?


I love You So...
January 17 after Kristine
credits: Kapamilya Multiply

13 Chinese Pop-Artists Record Christmas Single for 8 Million Dying Children

Luke Leung
Gospel Herald Reporter
Tue, Jan, 04 2011 05:11 AM PT

To express solidarity for the plight of the children worldwide, 13 Chinese celebrities and pop-artists from Asia by recording a music single called "Letting Everyday be Like Christmas."

The celebrities include Elva Hsiao, Van Ness Wu, Dee Hsu, Angela Chang, Cheryl Yang Jing-Hua, Jing, Jaycee Chan, Jing Wong, Tension, Michelle Vickie, Si En Vanessa, and others. Their action is a response toward's World Vision Taiwan's "Orange Wrist Band Movement", a call to speak out and make a change for the children's right to survive.

All of the proceeds from the sale of the CDs will be donated to charity. World Vision Taiwan will be distributing 10,000 copies of “Forever X’mas Dream Gift Box”, which will include a copy of the single, an orange wrist band that symbolizes health and hope.

Every year, around 8 million children die before the age of five. Most suffer and die from pneumonia, cholera, malaria, malnutrition, and other preventable and treatable causes.

However, the conditions of the medical environment and the health of the communities, which affects the lives of millions of children, can be significantly improved through World Vision’s child sponsorship programs, where mosquito nets, electrolyte grape candy are distributed and proper breast feeding education are distributed.

“Orange Wrist Band Movement” invites you to speak out for the rights of children around the world to live, spreading the message of children’s health, encouraging more people to make a difference for them through child sponsorship and other World Vision’s sponsorship ways.

To hear the single “Letting Everyday be Like Christmas”,

Ken Zhu and Kelly Lin rumoured to have patched up

The couple reportedly spent Christmas together in California

Looks like Taiwanese singer-actor Ken Zhu and actress Kelly Lin have hooked up again.

Ken and Kelly ended their five-year relationship in August last year. As the year began, the couple were rumoured to have kissed and made up.

Last month, the couple reportedly showed their love for each other on microblogging site Weibo by posting photos of their own dogs. Kelly also uploaded a photo of her looking at the sea on Dec 19, while Ken updated his Weibo with a seascape photo on the 24th.

Kelly also added an entry on her blog, titled "I want to have a relationship that would last forever".

Coincidentally, Ken and Kelly both spent their Christmas in California, causing media to speculate that the couple had gotten back together. Kelly reportedly went to the States last month and had recently returned to Taiwan. At the same time, Ken returned to China from California for filming.

However, Ken's manager said that Ken "was in America to see a doctor for his spinal injuries".

Ken and Kelly met on the set of The Tokyo Trial in 2006. No one was optimistic about the couple's relationship as Ken is five years younger than Kelly.

There were frequent rumours of the pair breaking up during the five years they dated; but it was not until August last year when Kelly moved out of the apartment they shared, did their relationship end.

However, according to a close friend of Kelly's, the actress is more soft-hearted than she seemed to be. There was a high chance the two would get back together, although some friends thought that it was impossible.

Judging from the chemistry the couple had on Weibo, the couple had probably patched things up.