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End of Otaku life, Zai zai accepts digital camera advertising for NTD7million

End of Otaku life, Zai zai accepts digital camera advertising for NTD7million
Saturday August 29, 2009 Taiwan
Source : UDNl
Translated by sytwo @ VIC and

Although Zai Zai (Vic Chou) is now single, he is still happy - when taking pictures he has Ken Chu help change the lense, and for meals he has housemate Xiu Jie Kai to take care of it, so that he can focus on taking a break doing nothing. Zai Zai is a severe-type of otaku (homebody), spending the whole day at the sofa watching TV or playing online/ video games. His moustache/ beard growing like a landlord (old usage), like Robinson [not sure who this is]. Yesterday, he attended a camera endorsement event, and due to having enough rest he seems totally refreshed and joked non-stop.

Zai Zai completed his filming work at the end of April this year. Aside from several specific pre-arranged activities, he almost always stayed at home. Strictly speaking, he has been busy working non-stop for 3 years straight. He became a couch potato, and Xiu Jie Kai could not endure it anymore, "Your life is too boring, go out and take a walk." Zai Zai was tired for too long and really want ed to do nothing, "This is the sort of life I need now."

To what extend did Zai Zai take a break (do nothing)? To the extend that when Xiu Jie Kai heard his stomach rumbling and asked him : "Are you hungry?", only then will he eat. Moreover, the food is entirely prepared by Xiu-Jie Kai. Zai Zai smile and said "Even the rice is prepared by him." This mode of interdependence, is similar with the recent ly hotly popular <郭鑫、阿布有異曲同工之妙>.

Zai zai accepted a camera advertising for a NTD7million reward, making a rare comeback (after long hiatus) and willing to cope with overwhelming queries from media, such as about Mark Zhao's rumours of "Big Headed Disease", and even about H1N1. Zai Zai said that he had known from the start that Mark Zhao will become popular, and from early on has told Mark what he will face. As for the rumors of "Big Headed Disease", he interceded on his behalf : "I have debuted for nine years. Vanness Wu of F4 is similar to him, using English logic and translating directly from English to Chinese. That's why it led to misunderstanding." And he who had always have weak body resistance, has predetermined long ago for his fans to always wash their hands before and after shaking hands to prevent from infecting each other.

Vic Chou, Ariel Lin “embrace” on Chinese Valentine’s Day in Shanghai

Vic Chou, Ariel Lin “embrace” on Chinese Valentine’s Day in Shanghai
Translated by btzigane @

Yesterday (Aug. 26) Vic Chou and Ariel Lin, along with 10,000 people were at Shanghai’s Yuanshen Sports Center Stadium to take part in a special QiXi (Chinese Valentine’s Day) event -- “10,000 People Embracing,” marking a new Guinness Book of Records for the highest number of couples embracing. Vic, who’s popular with the ladies, seemed to have been caught in a dilemma – first saying that hugging Ariel gave him the best feeling (?) and then turning around and couldn’t seem to forget Da S, remembering the car accident four years ago.

Hard to forget love affair with Da S

Vic Chou and Ariel Lin participated in an “adventure party” in Shanghai yesterday. The theme was to create a new world record for couples embracing, with the couples required to hug each other tightly for 10 seconds. A lot of observers were curious how these two non-lovers would embrace other. Ariel looked kind of shy, while Vic, who’s filmed several “hug” scenes in his dramas, helped her out by stating frankly that the most-felt hug for him was when they embraced each other during the filming of the [Kangshifu] ad. “Lin Yi-chen looks small, slim and strong (?), but embracing her gives [one] quite a feeling.” [*sorry for the sucky translation: 看上去瘦小的林依晨感覺蠻結實,抱起來很有感覺。]

But when asked about his thoughts on the most romantic scene/spot, it looked like Vic was unable to forget Da S. “As long as it’s the right person, the woman that you favor in your heart, I think any place would become romantic, even if something unexpected happens, like the scene of a car accident.” One couldn’t help but remember the year 2005 when Vic was in a car accident and Da S cared for him, which was the beginning of their love affair. Asked if this “accident” refers to that incident four years ago, Vic said: “Everybody knows what it is.”

Every drama is a “transformation”

Vic’s transformation in “Black and White” has caught a lot of people’s attention. Yesterday, he clarified that he didn’t take on this role because he wanted a change (*to transform himself). “Actually, I’ve tried to make a transformation in every drama that I’ve done. I don’t really know what ‘type’ I am, so I have different characterizations (?) in each drama.”

What do Vic and Ariel, who have never collaborated [in a drama], hope they could work together on screen? The two were interviewed separately, but their answers were of “one mind.” Ariel said she hoped it would be drama on the relationship between a psychiatrist and a patient, as “this could be a test of [our] acting skills.” As for Vic, he said he hoped they could do a non-mainstream art film, such as a “crazy person” because “this type of films can help raise our acting skills. I’ve been performing for 10 years, I don’t want people to keep on viewing me as a ‘vase.’ That would be unfair to Director Tsai [*not sure how to translate this, what he actually said was這樣對不起柴導 something like he would feel sorry/ashamed for not doing better or improving since his discovered by Dir Tsai/Cai]. He also said that he’s focusing on acting and wouldn’t consider releasing an album for the time being.

Actors Ken Zhu and Huang Jin Lun donate their rare type-AB blood to help Typhoon Morakot victims

Actors Ken Zhu and Huang Jin Lun donate their rare type-AB blood to help Typhoon Morakot victims
Source : MediaCorp TV

As if forking out time, money, and talent for the Typhoon Morakot relief efforts weren’t charity, celebrities have also began donating their blood to help the wounded victims.

The filming for Taiwanese idol drama, Momo Love was disrupted in Taizhong, Taiwan after Typhoon Morakot swept across the country, leaving behind a devastating aftermath of floods in the area. The concerned production team heeded the call of their director and donated S$3,500 to the cause. Taiwanese actor Ken Zhu, who stars in the show, went one step further and even invited fellow cast mate, Huang Jing Lun, who had the same blood type AB as him to donate the life-giving fluid to the cause together.

Although they were unable to attend the televised fundraiser held a few days earlier, the actors gave whatever money or help they could to the relief efforts. When Ken saw the news track calling out for more AB-blood donors, he immediately gathered Huang Jing Lun and Sphinx Ding, and made plans to head down to the hospital during their free time together and donate their blood.

As Singapore has never experienced such kinds of crippling natural disasters before, Huang who has been in Taiwan developing his career for almost two years shared, “This is the first time seeing something so serious.” Not satisfied at just giving out monetary and blood donations, a concerned Huang also made an appeal on his blog for fans to help with the donations and relief efforts.

Sun Yue leads group of celebrities to sing Taiwan I Love You to help victims to rebild their lost “Home”

Sun Yue leads group of celebrities to sing Taiwan I Love You to help victims to rebild their lost “Home”

Wei De Sheng, Wu Jian Hao: Don’t lose hope, we will pray for you.

Today (8/24), 18 celebrities from entertainment and movie industry use their voices and through video to raise funds for victims of 88 Typhoon to rebuild their home. Upon the appeal from Chinese Christian Relief Association, Sun Yue, Tao Da Wei, Wu Jian Hao, Xiao Jing Teng, Ji Bao Ru, Tang Lan Hua, Tai Zheng Xiao, Ye Huan, Chen Xiao Xuan, Chen De Rong, Jimmy Hong Tian Xiang, Zhou Zi Han, Xi En, Zhao Zhi De, Li Xuan Rong, Li Dao Yuan, Wei Ru Yun etc together recorded “Taiwan I Love You” EP and MV.

Every donation above NT88 to Chinese Christian Relief Association will receive 1 “Taiwan I Love You - 88 Rebuild Homeland” EP.

To rebuild a better HOME

88 Typhoon caused many victims to shout “We do not have a home”! To help these victims to rebuild their lost home, Chinese Christian Relief Association needs to raise NT90 million. Secretary of the Relief Association expressed, besides supplying the victims with food and lodging, build water pipes for villages, at the same time help them emotionally.

In future, there will be volunteers to help the children in their studies and professional home volunteers to provide emotional support to help the victims slowly rebuild a new home which is better than their previous house.

Xiao Jing Teng, Wu Jian Hao pray for the victims

Wu Jian Hao who is currently in the midst of filming idol drama, took time off last week to complete the recording. He said: “Do not lose hope, I will pray for you all”.

“Taiwan I Love You - 88 Rebuild Homeland” EP is scheduled to release in early September, and will consist of “Taiwan I Love You” single and MV, “Xiao Xiao De Meng Xiang”, “Yan Guang”, “Ai Yi Zhi Dou Zai”, “Lei Guang”, “Zhi Ai De Tu Di”, “Chong Lai De Li Liang” total of 7 songs.

Donations above NT88 to Chinese Christian Relief Association will receive 1 “Taiwan I Love You - 88 Rebuild Homeland” EP. The EP is not for sale.


Thanks Michi for providing the above info

22 celebrities recorded “Taiwan I Love U” EP & film MV to raise funds for 88 Typhoon

22 celebrities recorded “Taiwan I Love U” EP & film MV to raise funds for 88 Typhoon

Upon the appeal from Chinese Christian Relief Association , celebrities including Tao Da Wei, VanNess Wu Jian Hao, Xiao Jing Teng, Wei Ru Yun, Chen Xiao Xuan, Chen De Rong etc 22 celebrities gathered to record “Taiwan I Love U” EP and also filmed MV to raise funds for victims of 88 Typhoon.

VanNess Wu, who was busy filming an upcoming drama yesterday had already completed his part of recording last week. He encourages the victims not to lose hope.

EP will be given to donors, not for sale.

“Taiwan I Love U - 88 Rebuild Homeland” EP consists of 7 songs, and scheduled to release early September. It will be given to donors and not for sale. Every donation above NT88 to Chinese Christian Relief Association will receive 1 EP.

For donation details, pls visit Chinese Christian Relief Association website:


Thanks Michi for providing the above info

F4 star Vic Chou may try to blend in, but he still can't hide his star power

HE REFUSED to stay in a five-star hotel, opting instead to share his film crew's NT$400 ($17) a night accommodation.

Certainly not something one would expect from Taiwanese superstar Vic Chou.

Vic is famed for being one quarter of boyband F4 (now known as JVKV), a foursome that gained regional blockbuster success after starring in the 2001 Taiwanese mega-hit, Meteor Garden.

Said Vic, 28: 'When I was young, due to differences in backgrounds and things that we owned, my friends and I had many misunderstandings.

'For me now, I want to be treated the same as everybody else. As long as we are all happy together, that's good enough for me.'

Vic was in town yesterday to promote his latest television drama, Black & White, along with co-stars Mark Chao, Ivy Chen and director Tsai Yueh Hsun.

The action drama tells the story of two detectives who are as different as night and day - Vic plays the irreverent one while Mark plays the goody-two-shoes.

Black & White is currently showing on Mondays to Fridays at 8.30pm on Mei Ah Drama Channel (SingTel mio TV Ch 73).

Vic explained that during the filming of the series, he was offered luxurious accommodation which he felt was 'unnecessary'.

'A small space that is sufficient for me to sleep in and put my belongings will satisfy me greatly.

'I don't like to be thought of as being better than everybody else,' he said.

The heartthrob's hope of 'blending in' was apparent - literally - when he suddenly pulled the lever to lower his chair, causing him to sit lower than everybody else.

But his efforts to go unnoticed were in vain.

Director Tsai was addressed by the media next and was asked to rate the competence of his cast.

The director, oblivious to Vic's 'lowered position', singled out the actor and commended him for turning in an outstanding performance in the show.

Instead of owning the moment - as all eyes were on him - Vic looked solemn and squirmed uncomfortably in his seat, constantly sneaking peeks at his co-stars seated beside him.

And his humble reply?

'My biggest challenge was worrying about how to do justice to such a good script.'

Answering reports that series-wise, he has been insured for NT$1 million whereas co-star Mark was only insured for NT$300,000, Vic was quick to say that Mark should have been insured for a bigger amount than him.

Didn't work

His reason? Because Mark was a better fighter than him.

But however hard he has tried to play his success down, it seemed that Vic's wish to assimilate with his peers has not been entirely fulfilled.

When co-star Ivy was asked to choose between dating Vic or Mark, she chose the latter without hesitation.

The reason for her choice caused everyone to break out in laughter.

Said Ivy: 'Mark and I are closer in age so we probably can get along better.

'But the bigger reason is that I'm terrified of Vic. He really intimidates me such that I am even scared of talking to him.'

Ivy, by now a bundle of nerves, tried to elaborate further but constantly tripped over her words and eventually gave up speaking altogether.

Joked Vic: 'She's like someone who dug a hole, got in and now finds it impossible to get out.'

Could it be that Vic alienates people not because of his 'star status', but rather his dark, sullen side?

The self-confessed introvert admitted to suffering from severe mood swings which he said could cause him to go from happy in one second to 'extremely down' in the next.

In recent reports, it was surmised that this was the cause of his break-up with Taiwanese starlet Barbie Hsu, whom he had dated for two and a half years.

Barbie told Chinese media that Vic had, at times during their relationship, locked her in his bedroom with him and ordered her not to talk to him while he played video games and watched TV for hours on end.

Said Vic: 'I don't like places where there are many people, in fact I have a phobia of crowds. That's just the way I am.

'But I'm not stingy with love. If I meet someone that I really like, I would go all out to sacrifice for this relationship.',4136,210203,00.html

3 Chinese stars appointed as UNICEF ambassadors

From left to right, Vic Chou, Eric Sun and Huang Xiaoming at a press conference in Hong Kong on August 5, 2009. [Tungstar/Xinhua]

The Hong Kong office of the United Nations Children's Fund announced the appointment of actors Vic Chou, Huang Xiaoming and Eric Sun as its goodwill ambassadors at a press conference on Thursday.

A charity running event, to be held in November in Hong Kong, was announced on the same day.

The event will raise funds for the reconstruction of China's Sichuan province, which suffered from a massive earthquake in 2008, and help child victims to return to their normal lives.

"The Sniper" star Huang Xiaoming revealed he has started practicing Wing Chun for his upcoming film "Ip Man II", in which he will play the eldest student of kungfu master Ip Man.

(CRI August 6, 2009)

Zai Zai, doesn't dare go to a cinema to see Da S

Zai Zai, doesn't dare go to a cinema to see Da S

Source Liberty Times
Translated by Elvenstar @

"Zai Zai" Vic Zhou yesterday attended a charity event in Hong Kong, it attracted a lot of support from his fans. Coincidently, his ex girlfriend "Da S" Barbie Hsu for the promotion of her film was also in Hong Kong. During the events, reporters asked Zai Zai if he would go to the cinema to show support for his ex-girlfriend's comedy movie, he expressed he's scared that his laugh isn't the same as other people and would probably be best that he waited until it can be rented.

Previously the media reported Da S and Hong Kong-er Louis Kuo had been secretly dating for a year due to filming together, the reporters asking what Zai Zai thought of it and he said "You guys have already said it's a rumour, rumours aren't true, it's not right to comment, her and I had truly dated and I will only wish her all the best."

In this series of charity events, it also includes a marathon, with the nickname "home" Zai Zai expressed he isn't a person that can run and is scared that he won't even be able to complete the 3 km, so he might not even turn up for the event.

B&W will be broadcast on Astro from 28 Aug.

B&W will be broadcast on Astro from 28 Aug.

Zai, Director Cai & Zhao You Ting will be in KL for promotions on 9 Aug.

As the 3 guys are under a tight schedule, upon reaching on 9th afternoon they can only attend press conference and followed by a "closed door" meet the fans session. The next morning, they will fly to Singapore and continue promotions.

In other words, there won't be any public promo event.
If u wish to get close to the celebrities, can try yr luck & join contest at:

credits to Michi@OnlyF4

Black & White Malaysia S'pore Promo (09~11 Aug)

Black & White Malaysia S'pore Promo (09~11 Aug)

credits to Michi@OnlyF4
Logon to OnlyF4 for further details

9 August 2009

* Arrival @ Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
* Press Conference
* 6pm - Astro fans gathering (closed event)

How to win tickets:
- Online contest by Malaysia Cable tv - Astro website (only for Astro members)

- MY FM Radio contest

10 August 2009

* Arrival @ Singapore
* 3pm - Meet & Greet @ Bugis Junction

11 August 2009
Leave Singapore, back to Taiwan

Translation of contest details:

Black & White Fans Gathering contest
Good news! Astro has arranged for actors of Black & White Vic Chou & Mark Zhao to meet up with Astro members.
Just answer few questions, and 10 lucky winners will stand a chance to attend Black & White Fans gathering. (Each winner can bring along another person)
Contest period: 1 - 6 August 2009

Fans Gathering
Date: 9 August (Sunday)
Time: 6pm
Venue: Astro, North entrance

*Astro members have to email the answers to
* Must state your personal particulars including epass user id, name as in yr ic, ic number and contact number.

1. In Black & White, who plays the role of Chen Zai Tian?
A. Zhou Yu Min
B. Xiu Jie Kai
C. Zhao You Ting

In Black & White, what is the name of the character act by Zhao You Ting
A. Wu Ying Xiong
B. Gao Yi
C. Ma Xiao Ming

(II) Write down why do u like ¡°Black & White¡±? (within 50 words)