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F4: The more they bow their heads down the more they fascinate, idol popularity is reasonable

F4: The more they bow their heads down the more they fascinate, idol popularity is reasonable.

Lian He Bao
November 2, 2006

It seems it’s very hard to see their eyes: Zai Zai Zhou Yu Min, or Yan Cheng Xu it’s even harder for Zhu Xiao Tian. It doesn’t matter if it’s for work and you are only a few feet away from them. The impression you get from them is that their heads are bowed down with a smile on their faces or with no _expression at all. It is only when fans scream during picture taking would they occasionally lift their heads and expose their killer smiles.

On screen it seems we are acquainted with another person, they are lively and they smile a lot, they perform seriously, in the drama dialogues they become the fashionable boys loved by the whole of Asia. A moment ago they began interviewing Yan Cheng Xu, you can’t tell much by his words; he will only smile then flash even more of his killer smile. Zhou Yu Min would often bow down his head as if lost in thought and then emit an innocent giggle; with his long hair covering his face Zhu Xiao Tian is the one with the fewest smile, but with his height taller than 180 cm everyone just loves his head bowed down.

In a certain hotel room, with his face flushed from wine, Zhou Yu Min finally answered the reporter’s question “Actually, during the interview, I am afraid to look at the eyes. The eyes can reveal the sincerity of a person but I don’t have that ability yet. I am afraid that what I might say isn’t enough, say what isn’t right and I might not be able to satisfy the other person and make them feel disappointed.” Yan Cheng Xu also says: “Coming from a single parent background, he isn’t really a person who loves to talk and its hard for him to convey his emotions, his is used to covering them up, up to the point that he feels he isn’t mature yet; he is like a big child.”

For F4 fans who go to all kind of events, contribute money in establishing schools, they are cartoons that turned into real men, their force has reached everywhere. You can say that these are the indicators of a popular group in the wake of their increasing popularity the more they lower down their heads the more they become popular. Maybe we can say that it is this mystery that makes them popular.

In the hearts and minds of their fans, F4 is without any equal. They are the ultimate idols.

Translated by honeybums of KCIFC Philippines