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Five most popular TV series


Based on Taiwan writer Pai Hsien Yung's novel "The Night of Madam Kim", the TV series is the second production from the workshop of famous Chinese actress Fan Bingbing. Fan herself will lead a star-studded cast including Taiwan actor Vic Chou, Alex Fong, Eric Huang, and Anthony Wong. Singaporean actress Fann Wong will also play a role in the series. And the star appearances of Hong Kong's Paul Chun and Mainland actor Wang Xueqi have certainly raised fan's expectations.

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Star-studded dramas hit Beijing

Star-studded dramas hit Beijing

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The year end season is also a prime time for stage performances. Sun Haiying and Lv Liping, married in real life and who played a couple in the popular TV series "Years of Burning Passion", are collaborating again in the drama "Peer Gynt".

As she prepares for her debut in a drama, Lv Liping highly recommends people watch the play.

Actress Lv Liping said, "The seniors in the audience would like to know Peer Gynt's whole life, the younger people will learn some lessons from him, and children will view the character as a bad example. The drama is very instructive, because you see your inner world through it."

Lv's husband, Sun Haiying has been absent from stage dramas for over two decades. He encourages those depressed people to come to see the play.

"Peer Gynt" is by honored Norwegian dramatist Henrik Ibsen. It's considered a most inspirational play in culture and philosophy. It's the story of a life based on avoidance, and it is regarded as a satire on the Norwegian personality. The play is set to premiere at Beijing's Poly Theatre in early December.

Another drama "He and His Two Wives", starring Taiwan actor Ken Chu, is now on stage in Beijing. It's the story of taxi driver who secretly has two wives. But one day a typhoon and a car accident force his secret out into the open.

Also, Beijing People's Art Theatre's all-star drama "Wotou Compound" will see its second and third round of presentations starting next month.

Vanness Wu throws away F4 baggage; likes to be called Ren Guang Xi

Vanness Wu throws away F4 baggage; likes to be called Ren Guang Xi

Source: China Times
Translation: Sarah @

Vanness Wu has been in the industry for 10 years, and has finally thrown away his F4 idol baggage, establishing his own personal characteristics. His performance in SETTV’s new drama ‘Autumn’s Concerto’ brings the audience to tears and begin to see him in a new light. Vanness said proudly: “In the past, when people saw me, they would say I’m ‘Meteor Garden’s F4, but now when I walk on the streets, people will point at me and say: you’re Ren Guang Xi from Autumns Concerto!”

Episode 6 was broadcasted last Sunday, and showed Vanness running out from his operating room to chase after Ady only to have her break his heart. When Ady watched the broadcast, she suddenly forgot she was the female lead, and as the story played out, she used up a whole packet of tissues. Ady invested a lot into her performance in the drama, but her good friend Shone An didn’t seem to show any appreciation, and even courageously said to her: “I don’t watch sad dramas, I prefer watching comedies.” Making Ady turn red with anger!

Ady An's drowning act scares Vanness Wu

Ady An's drowning act scares Vanness Wu

Source: Liberty Times
Translation: Sarah @

Earlier, Ady An filmed a drowning scene but because her acting skills looked so real, the drama crew & the lifeguard team on standby thought she was really drowning. The director immediately yelled cut, filming stopped and everyone jumped into the sea to save her! Hence, Ady had to come up with her own cipher: “If I start swearing, then I’m really drowning, only come save me if you hear those key words la!”

Ady has heart problem; drama crew very nervous

SETTV idol drama ‘Autumn’s Concerto’ earlier filmed the scene of Ady going to work at the fisheries, but she accidentally falls into the sea and almost drowns. Because Ady doesn't know how to swim at all, and with her heart problem, the drama crew especially requested a professional lifeguard team to be on standby if something were to happen. However, only a few minutes filming into the drowning scene, director Chen was so startled with shock that she immediately yelled cut, and everyone jumped into the sea to rescue her. Vanness Wu said: “Because Ady’s acting looked so real, everyone thought she was really drowning, and hence jumped into the sea to save her. Luckily it was just a false alarm.”

For this scene, Ady had to soak in the sea from noon to evening, and by the end of it, her skin had wrinkles and her lips were blue. She said that because she didn’t know how to swim, while waiting for filming, she had to stay in the water with her life buoy. However, when the sun set, the temperature turned very cold, and her whole body was shivering. Fortunately, the crew specially prepared hot drinks, and a nearby business was also keen to provide them with hot showers.

Vanness Wu rescues damsel in distress; shouts everyone to hotpot

During the scene, Vanness has to rescue the damsel in distress. Intitially, to make the effect of the scene even better, they were planning on having Vanness jump into the sea from a 6-metre high platform. However, Director Chen gave up on this idea due to safety considerations. Vanness who loves the water, knew that Ady didn’t know how to swim. Hence, when they were in the water, he kept using his thighs to prop her up, to prevent her from sinking downwards. Ady said gratefully: “To a person who doesn’t know how to swim, it feels so nice having a person who does know how to swim at your side.” And after filming wrapped up for the day, the considerate Vanness generously shouted everyone to hotpot to warm up.

VanNess Wu acts in Autumn's Concerto's court scene, Memorizing lines till he was afraid Sunday October 25, 2009 Taiwan

VanNess Wu acts in autumn's court scene, Memorizing lines till he was afraid
Sunday October 25, 2009 Taiwan

News Source: Sina
Translation Credit: MoonlightD @
* Please credit accordingly if/when posting elsewhere. Thank you!


Recently, VanNess Wu, Ady An, and others were acting in a court of law scene in Taipei for idol drama, . VanNess Wu, who plays a lawyer, said laughingly that for this 12 page long court scene he was memorizing lines till he was afraid. He even dreamt that he was a lawyer in court helping a friend file a lawsuit.

In the drama, for Liang Mucheng (Ady An)'s innocence, Sheng De University called for a "Truth Investigation Court." Ren Guangxi (VanNess Wu) served as Liang Mucheng's lawyer in the court battle against Ah Cai Shu's (Chen Muyi) lawyer, Xu Fangguo (Zheng Youjie).

Due to VanNess Wu not being to familiar with written Chinese, plus the inclusion of some proper nouns, Director Chen Huiling was very heartwarming. She read the lines out loud and recorded it as a mp3 to give to VanNess Wu. Whenever he had a single moment, VanNess Wu would take it out to listen to. Even when he is in the gym, he would bring his iPod.

VanNess Wu said that he prepared for almost two months for this scene, memorizing lines till he was afraid. He even dreamt that he was a lawyer in court helping a friend file a lawsuit. This twelve page scene took three days to film. VanNess Wu said that while he was a bit afraid during filming, he felt very accomplished after the filming. It was a breakthrough for this acting career. Merely six years later in the drama, his first appearance is in a scene where is he also helping someone file a lawsuit. VanNess Wu is already waiting in cold sweat.

Black & White sweeps Golden Bell amid controversy

Black & White sweeps Golden Bell amid controversy

TAIPEI: Popular cop drama "Black & White" dominated Taiwan's recent Golden Bell Awards with five wins, but an area of grey hung over the show's success.

The television series, which was nominated for 11 categories, won awards for Best Drama, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Art Direction and Best Marketing.

Newbie actor Mark Chao upset crowd favourite former F4 member Vic Chou to win the Best Actor award, sparkling controversies the former had the advantage of his influential father, Allen Chao.

The results were also reportedly leaked to reporters prior to the award ceremony. China Times said that the Best Actor and Best Actress winners were made known to the press at about 8pm, while Chou had heard the news from fellow nominee Show Luo at around 9pm.

Although Chou had stated he "did not care" about failing to win the award, he reportedly wrote on his website he had "heard some conspiracies and was in a bad mood". His manager also revealed the actor may not act in the upcoming "Black & White" movie.

A teary Chao on-stage expressed gratitude to Chou in his thank-you speech, but Chou appeared awkward and resisted efforts to get him into the limelight to share the moment.

Award officials denied the results were leaked ahead of the prize ceremony, and claimed the scores were only tabulated 20 minutes ahead of the official announcement.

The jury also said Chao deserved the award for outshining Chou on all fronts in the drama.

A lifetime achievement was awarded to late actress Wen Ying, 73, to recognise her dedication to the entertainment business. She had died in August from lung cancer.

Linda Liu won Best Actress for her role in Marriage for Three Women, Chen Po-cheng took home the Best Supporting Actor trophy for his part in You're My One and Only while Phoebe Huang was named Best Supporting Actress for Time Story.

Veteran host Hu Gua was finally crowned Best Host for the quiz show Go To Top 101, after being nominated 14 times in the category.

- CNA/yb

Vanness Wu uses his waist strength to force Ady An to take off her clothes

Vanness Wu uses his waist strength to force Ady An to take off her clothes

Source: UDN
Translation: Sarah @

For his new SETTV idol drama 'Autumn Concerto', Vanness Wu had to wear female high-heels, and it even gave him the idea of re-learning the piano. Lately, he's been going on Youtube to learn a piano piece to one of Justin Timberlake's songs. He said: "Piano has provoked my mind, when I was little, I didn't learn piano properly and that is the thing I regret the most till now."

In the drama, he & Ady An have to act out an intimate scene of him undo-ing her blouse buttons beside the piano, and staff members were so moved by this scene that they even shed tears. Vanness said: "Because I have to force her to take off her clothes, our bodies have to be quite close together, but I was scared of crushing her, so I specially straightened my waist to reduce the weight of my body."

Ady An wants to 'marry' Vanness Wu

Ady An wants to 'marry' Vanness Wu

Source: Xinmin
Translation: alateria @

Taiwanese drama ‘Autumn Concerto/Next station, Happiness’ received a rating of 2.89, for its first episode, hitting a 190 million audience's heart. Ady laughed: "Many classmates called me after seeing the telecast, and asked me to marry Vanness!."

Ady express that she admires those single mothers being able to bear with the stress of being one, after acting the role of a single mother. When asked is there a possibility of being one, she shook her head: "I don't have the courage!" For Vanness, there are a few shower scenes, and Vanness replied: " Showering was filmed in the glass room, but I feel like I'm a piece of meat, bare, with everyone looking at me."


we, Filipinos just encountered a storm worse than hurricane Katrina. in fact, this has been the worst storm. it was even worse than the one that occured in 1967, 42 years ago. this time, it is not the people from the provinces that were hit by the storm but the people in the country's capital, Manila. anyone who has friends here, or have been to Manila themselves would know how urban this place is, so having a disaster as bad as this, it really is BAD. i plead to your hearts to give out all the help and support you could give my fellow countrymen.

these are notices, reminders, announcements, hotline numbers, etc., that i compiled from facebook:

• URGENTLY NEEDED! JETSKIS OR MOTORIZED BOATS needed for ongoing rescue operations led by Red Cross Rizal Chapter. They need to go to Cainta and Manggahan, Pasig, ASAP. People are already being reported to be dying in certain areas. The water has not gone down at all. Please contact Cielo @ 0918-8824356, ASAP.

• CONFIRMED: Brgy Dahlia Fairview QC Basketball Court. SICK KIDS need milk & meds (Paracetamol etc). Dunno how many, but reports for fairview has reached 5000 refugees.

• PLEASE DON'T USE STYRO TO PACK FOOD. if not disposed of properly, it will cause more harm than good. remember, non-biodegradable materials will only worsen floods.

• Donations are accepted 24 hours at the newly established Eastwood City Donation Center, Ground Floor of 1880 Building, behind Eastwood Mall, in front of Dwell at the ground floor of The Eastwood Palazzo Condominium.

• Reach ABS-CBN via these channels:

* ◦ Multiply:

* ◦ Twitter:

* ◦ Facebook: Boto Mo, Ipatrol Mo official page

* ◦ |Email:

* ◦ SMS/MMS reports: IREPORT to 2366

* ◦ Bayan Voice BMPM Voice SMS: 411-BMPM (411-2676)

• ABS-CBN needs volunteers for Sept. 28, 29 & 30. Shifts are 8AM-12NN; 1:00-5:00PM and 5:00-9:00PM. If you are interested, you may call the trunkline 924-4101 loc. 2603, 2579, 4759.

• panawagan sa mga tinatamad mag-aral: mag volunteer na lang tayo magre-pack ng relief goods para naman maging productive tayo. TUESDAY -UST TAN YAN KEE, 9AM. WORLD VISION, QUEZON AVE - 9am onwards. sama na!

• For those buying relief goods: if you need to order MEGA sardines for the typhoon victims, pls contact Jean Tiu 09177161005. They can deliver in bulk and can offer it at lower prices versus supermarkets/groceries. Also MEGA sardines are available in doy packs, no need for can opener!

• For Alabang-based relief efforts: Hey guys, De La Salle Zobel continues its relief efforts tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who came to volunteer today! We will still be needing people and goods tomorrow from 8AM. Rice, canned goods, medicine, clothes, flashlights, insect repellent, candles, etc. plus people to pack and lift. Please come and lend a hand if you can!"

• RUBBER SLIPPERS (at the very least) are also needed by the victims of the typhoon. Walking barefoot makes them prone to disease with all the debris and dirt. Let's do more than rescue people. Let's help keep them alive.

• To all Pinoys in Singapore, if you would like to help our kababayans impacted by the floods, the drop off point for relief goods iis Afreight Cargo, #03-09 Lucky Plaza, Orchard Road. Contact Person: Maureen Schepers 6235-1011/9111-7855. Please pass this info to fellow Filipinos and Non-Filipinos who would like to help.

• several crocodiles from Pasig Nature Park are missing. Residents of surrounding villages (Parkwood etc) advised to be careful while wading in the water. Please warn friends and family in that area.

• We need 50 volunteers RIGHT NOW for relief goods packing @ the RED CROSS QC Chapter Office in Gate 7 Quezon City Hall at QC Circle. Call 433-2151 /52 or 920-3672, 434-3751, or 426-9627. Look for Tony Anne Garcia. GUYS NOW NA! URGENT!

• Policemen needed in Provident Village, Marikina. As of now, there are robbers all over the place, trying to break inside the houses. There is no electricity, the place is like a ghost town, and is covered with thick mud.

• Cavite area have NOT received any relief goods.

• For those of you interested in helping out, cash donations can be sent to the Land Bank of the Philippines at Account No. 3122-101-184 (Department of Social Welfare and Development).

• NDCC Missing Person Hotline:

* Marikina: 0920-9389914;

* QC: 0921-6555262;

* Pasig: 0918-9356318

* Cainta: 0917-5606241.

• Globe Stores accept relief donations (except cash) during mall hours in ATC, Festival Mall, Robinsons Malate, SM Southmall, MOA, SM Bicutan, SM Fairview, Trinoma, SM North, Greenbelt 4, Park Square, SM Makati, Plaridel (Walter Mart, Maharlika Highway), Tarlac (Metrotown Mall on McArthur Highway), Cabanatuan (NE Pacific Mall, Maharlika Highway), SM Clark and Marquee Mall (Angeles, Pampanga).

• Globe Stores accept relief donations (except cash) during mall hours in ATC, Festival Mall, Robinsons Malate, SM Southmall, MOA, SM Bicutan, SM Fairview, Trinoma, SM North, Greenbelt 4, Park Square, SM Makati, Plaridel (Walter Mart, Maharlika Highway), Tarlac (Metrotown Mall on McArthur Highway), Cabanatuan (NE Pacific Mall, Maharlika Highway), SM Clark and Marquee Mall (Angeles, Pampanga).

• PETRON stations accept donations. ARANAZ, TEAM MANILA, LUCA, PAPEMELROTI and 7-11, branches are accepting too. No cash, only food, water and clothes. People lost their houses, cars and even lives. Lil effort can save more lives.spread the word


* Food: Rice, noodles, canned goods, sugar, iodized salt, cooking oil, monggo beans, potable water

* Medicines: Paracetamol, antibiotics, analgesic,rehydration salts, multivitamins, medications to treat diarrheal diseases.

* Non-food: Bath soaps, face towels, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, plastic mats, blankets, water containers, water purification tablets, Laundry soap.






• Red Cross Rubberboats. RED CROSS: 0917-899-7898 and 0938-442697
National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) Emergency Numbers: 911-1406, 912-2665, 911-5061, 912-5296, 911-1873, 912-2112
Help hotlines: 734-2118, 734-2120.
NCRPO Hotline for rubber boats and trucks 8383203, 8383354.
dump trucks for rescue. Please text 0917-422-6800 or 0927-675-1981.

• Globe has waived the transaction fee for Red Cross donations! To donate, text REDAMOUNT to 2899.

• New Manila and San Juan 2000 refugees in Mt Carmel Church. Kids sick. No govt units. In dire need of food etc


Vanness Wu's Complete Transformation

Vanness Wu's Complete Transformation

Source : Huaxia
Translation : oppas4all @

As a product of SETTV's transformation, Vanness Wu is working to get rid of his ABC accent. He has been required not to wear saggy pants, speak English. To make his single eyelid eyes look more like a manga male character, he was given circle lenses. All this was easy. The hardest part for Vanness was Chinese. His script was filled up with romanizations.

TTV and SETTV's starts showing 10/04. SETTV's president Chen Shan Yu said, "In the beginning, indeed, there were people asking 'Why Vanness Wu?'. "But just like during the filming of , when people were questioning the choice of Cheryl Yang, Chen has complete confidence in Vanness.

In order to have Vanness who has poor Chinese understand what the drama was about, Chen especially invited the director to spend two days to verbally describe the role and have him understand the the inner world of the male protaganist. Chen has also required Vanness to not speak any English to reporters and to wear well-fitted collared shirts to show his muscular figure and to not wear baggy clothes.

Ken Chu is very generous; pays for cast members' meals and massages all by himself

Translation by catalie @

"Momo Love" will be airing in October and having spent two months together day and night, Cyndi Wang, her five brothers and Jiro Wang, Calvin Chen, have developed a really good relationship. Reportedly, often after they finish work, everyone still goes to browse night markets together and sure enough, Ken Chu has an older brother demeanor, regardless of whether it's food or massages, he will pay for all of it. Furthermore, recently when Geoffrey Gao was filming the drama's opening credits, he accidentally discovered Ken's "sensitive area"?

Although CTV & GTV idol drama "Momo Love" is still rushing to finish filming, the eight leads Cyndi Wang, Jiro Wang, Calvin Chen, Ken Chu, Gabe Lan, Sphinx Ding, Geoffrey Gao and Huang Jing Lun recently gathered together for opening credits filming and the poster. Having filmed in Taichung for almost two months, little sister Tao Hua Cyndi Wang, Ken Chu and the rest of her brothers, have a really good relationship and often meet up to browse the night markets together after work.

Although Huang Jing Lun was popularity king on , the star exclaimed, "At the night markets, my 'older brothers' are the most popular and I become invisible." This makes him feel very disappointed but he further expressed, most of the time when we go out to eat, eldest brother Ken Chu will pay but he can also explain this, "It's not that I don't pay but because I'm too slow, I never have the chance to pay." Besides eating, Ken will even pay for massages. When asked whether it was simply massages, Huang Jing Lun thought for a while then replied, "Actually I don't know but once we go inside, the atmosphere is really nice." Afraid that Huang Jing Lun would describe it in too much detail, Ken Chu couldn't help but jump in and say, "Just say it's simply massages."

Since all eight people were there which is hard to come by, the scene was very loud and full of excitement. Jiro Wang, Cyndi Wang, Ken Chu and the others were filming the opening credits and in between, everyone would play leg entanglement games [T/N: 双脚交缠游戏 - bit unsure..]. Jiro Wang, Ken Chu and Geoffrey Gao on one team, while Cyndi Wang and two older brothers Sphinx Ding and Gabe Lan also played, leaving Huang Jing lun standing behind the sofa, put to one side by everyone. When colleagues teased him a bit, he simply put his legs up [onto the sofa].

When Director Qu wanted Jiro and Cyndi to hold hands, the other four brothers pretended to fiercely glare and Da Dong, Sphinx exclaiming, "You dare hold hands!" Jiro tightly held Cyndi's hand while pleading, "Sorry! Brothers." At one point, Geoffrey didn't know where to put his hands so he simply held Da Dong's hand. When Director Qu asked him to place his hand on Ken's waist, this time it was Ken's turn to plead, "Don't place it on my waist! Place it somewhere else." Did he almost touch eldest brother's "sensitive area"? In the end they reached a compromise and Geoffrey placed his hand on Ken's shoulder.

Although Ken tries to stop Jiro and Cyndi's relationship in any way possible in the drama, offscreen Ken knows that Fahrenheit will be performing in concert so he generously lent his beloved guitar to Jiro, laughing, 'I only have one condition, that is, say onstage that I lent it to him." Furthermore in the drama, Jiro and Calvin both fight for the female lead. Offscreen, they have been training hard and comparing body figures. Jiro said that his current figure is "little Wu Chun" and Calvin also called himself "little Jiro Wang"; both said, "We've been working hard on our abs lately, as soon as you touch it, you might get a concussion."

Next Stop; Happyness~ posted by Vanness Wu @ AND

source: AliveNotDead

The TV drama that I’v been working on is finally coming out…OCT 4th next Sunday. It’s not an action flick, or a hip hop stick, street culture thing…um…not even close…this ones for all fans who have asked me over and over again when am I going to shoot a love story…well it’s been 6 years…so to all the people that want a love story…here you go. Next Sunday Oct. 4th at 22:00 - 23:30 set your tv sets to TTV / SETTV (in taiwan) and make a night of it. And for all the haters who are rolling their eyes…I still have nothin but love, (The Love we give away is the only Love we keep - Hubbard) God bless y’all~

Zai Zai and Xiu Jie Kai deep relationship from being roommates; teased as being "Niang Niang Jia Dao"

Zai Zai and Xiu Jie Kai deep relationship from being roommates; teased as being "Niang Niang Jia Dao"
Source : UDN
translated by fewfew @

Xiu Jie Kai held an autographing session for his book that was written two years ago. His roommate, Zai Zai, showed up to support, but was teased as "Niang Niang Jia Dao". (娘娘駕到 – New variety show with two male hosts known as being feminine) Their relationship blossomed when Zai Zai slapped Xiu Jie Kai's butt during the filming of . Xiu Jie Kai revealed that it gave him a fright at the time, but Zai Zai made fun and gave an OS to Jie Kai's inner heart: "Is this some kind of hint? Showbiz sure is a dark place."

Xiu Jie Kai's travelling book has been on sale since two years ago, and has sold around eight thousand copies, yet he finally held an autographing session yesterday. Even Zai Zai commented, "That's incredible." Xiu Jie Kai plans to travel to Thailand for his next book. Zai Zai happens to be going to Thailand to film a commercial next week, thus he asked Xiu Jie Kai if he would like come along and photograph him, "so when you go next time, you can tell others that Zai Zai has been here before."

Why does Zai Zai support Xiu Jie Kai so much? Other than because he is a home boy who usually relies on Xiu Jie Kai to cook and manage everything, "He takes showbiz the same way that I do, where he's not anxious to rise to fame, nor would he use our relation to stir up news." Their rules as being roommates are that they must not talk about work or enforce subjective views. They can laugh and watch (全民最大黨) together, and also quietly sit side by side without needing to find something to chat about to dissolve any awkwardness. Who else do you have this kind of relationship with in showbiz? Zai Zai answered, "Ken Zhu and Van Ness. They would come out with just a phone call."

Although Zai Zai was passionate in showing his support, Xiu Jie Kai remained sincere. When asked who he thinks will most likely take the Golden Bell Award for best actor, the two of them answered together, "Zhang Shi!" Regarding the rumors surrounding Janine Zhang and Mark Zhao, there were also rumors that Xiu Jie Kai and Mark Zhao's friendship turned sour because Jie Kai also wanted to pursue Janine. Jie Kai expressed, "Yeah right!" without hesitation. Zai Zai on the other hand, showed a blank stare.

Ady An refuses to kiss Van Ness Wu

Ady An refuses to kiss Van Ness Wu
Source : UDN
translated by fewfew @

Ady An films SETTV's , but has been refusing to film any kissing scenes, making Van Ness Wu feel helpless, "Is it because of me?" He then learns later that she has phobia towards kissing. The two of them could only complete filming the kissing scene after Ady An drunk herself while Van Ness Wu prayed for God's help.

Don't know whether Ady An has had bad experiences in the past of something else, but her barrier has always been filming kissing scenes. She rather films scenes where she is beaten than to kiss with her male lead. However, producer of , Chen Yu Shan, would not let Ady An off and requested for her to film the kissing scenes. Yesterday, on the outdoor set at Sanshia, Ady An publicly apologized to Van Ness Wu, "I only have the courage to film a kissing scene after getting drunk, but after he became Christian, not only did he become celibate, he even quit drinking!" After she finished, she turned around and asked Van Ness Wu, "Do I smell of alcohol?" He smiled and didn't answer.

After Van Ness Wu became Christian, he became a whole new person, gleaming everywhere. Once he discovers someone in a bad mood, he would pray for him/her. Ady An was feeling down one day, and Van Ness Wu asked caringly, "Can I pray for you?" Then he pulled her into a small room. Both leading actor and actress disappeared at the same time, which made others suspect. In actuality, he was only trying to counsel her, and she was so moved that she was in tears.

Van Ness Wu has been in showbiz for ten years, but he just revealed his correct name yesterday. His English name is not, "Vanness," but it is, "Van Ness." .

Mike He calls Ah Sa; will challenge F2 in October!

Mike He calls Ah Sa; will challenge F2 in October!

Source: Liberty Times
Translation: Sarah @

After a few months of Taiwanese vs. Korean drama, the Sunday idol drama battle will start afresh in October. Ken Zhu's 'Momo Love' will replace Korea's 'Boys Over Flowers' and take on Vaness Wu's 'Next Station, Happiness' as well as Mike He's 'Calling For Love' which will be airing on CTS. Poor Mike is about to be brutally killed by F2!

Taiwanese vs. Korean battle over; changes to battle of the 3 hot guys

The Taiwanese vs. Korean idol drama battle is almost over, and the Sunday idol drama battle will start afresh in October. Vaness Wu's 'Next Station, Happiness' will be up first, followed by Ken Zhu's 'Momo Love' & Mike He's 'Calling For Love'. The 3 all haven't revealed their faces in idol dramas for some time. Mike practically disappeared from the idol drama battlefield since 'Bull Fighting' finished last year in February. Instead, he took on the big screen, filming movies 'Future Cops' & '7 Days'. Only this year did he return back to idol dramas, and collaborate with Ah Sa in 'Calling For Love'. Recently, he has ended his work relationship with his old boss TVBS. He has only just been awarded freedom, but he is about to welcome F2's brutal kill, plus he is facing obstacles in finding a new boss; indeed is a difficult career choice.

'Momo Love' rushes filming

'Momo Love's director Winnie You is renowned for his slow but detailed directing. Although 'Momo Love' is set to replace 'Boys Over Flowers' but according to sources, since the drama began filming in May, they've been filming different scenes from different episodes, jumping all over the place. Only 3 episodes have been fully completed, and whether or not it will be ready for October, the crew & the actors may have to rush filming.

Golden Bell Awards: Ruffian Hero's Zai Zai reacts coolly while Mark Chao smiles enthusiastically

Golden Bell Awards: Ruffian Hero's Zai Zai reacts coolly while Mark Chao smiles enthusiastically

original source: NOWnews
translated by minchong92 @

Ruffian Hero’s two handsome male leads, Zai Zai and Mark Chao, were both nominated for Golden Bell Awards’ Best Lead Actor. With both actors from the same drama, it looks like judges will have a hard time deciding the winner. When asked who would win the big prize, Ruffian Hero’s Director Cai commented with a feminine flair: “Ah please! Don’t let me choose, I’m pleading you”.

This year, Ruffian Hero is popular as ever. Not only has it gained the highest ratings ever for Taiwan’s Public Television channel, Ruffian Hero also received a total of 11 nominations for this year’s Golden Bell Awards including the two Best Actor nominations, Best Drama, Best Supporting Actor, Best Director, Best Screenplay etc.
Zai Zai disregarded his old acting of concentrated, depressed emotions and challenged himself with the role of a mischievous, unrefined and unconventional police officer. Zai Zai heard of his first ever nomination for a Golden Bell Award while he was working in Hong Kong. He coolly expressed: “Thanks for everyone’s support and concern.”

Mark Chao, who earned the Best Actor nomination just for his first role in an idol drama, smiled happily: “I just can’t believe it.” With the support of his actor father Chao Shu Hai and after gaining the role in Ruffian Hero, Mark Chao has emerged in the industry as a new star. With his straight-forward and upright image from Ruffian Hero, Mark Chao has attracted many female fans.

Vic Zhou comes to Jerry Yan's defense; tacit understanding with Da S kept in heart

Vic Zhou comes to Jerry Yan's defense; tacit understanding with Da S kept in heart

Source: TOM
Translation: Sarah @

Yesterday afternoon, Vic Zhou (Zai Zai) attended a ‘Spread Love To Si Chuan’ charity event in Hong Kong. Someone mentioned that out of F4, only he can be nominated for the Golden Bell Awards, but he stuck up for Jerry Yan. When asked whether ex-girlfriend Barbie Hsu (Da S) has congratulated him yet, Zai Zai said it’s fine to keep these things in one’s heart.

Zai Zai has been nominated for ‘Best Actor’ for Taiwanese drama ‘Black & White’ in the Golden Bell Awards, but he is optimistic for his senior Zhang Shi instead. He feels that he has already achieved his goal by being nominated: “To me, this is already a very good confirmation, I hope my work in the future will be successful.” When asked whether his ex-girlfriend Da S has congratulated him yet, Zai Zai replied: “I don’t like congratulations and praises, it’s fine to keep these things in one’s heart, saying it out feels very fake.”

Although Jerry Yan is also filming dramas, but someone at the event said that amongst the Taiwanese F4 members, only Zai Zai can be nominated. But he said: “I want to speak in Jerry’s defense, I’ve participated in the most dramas. I really treasure the time us 4 spend together, without them, there wouldn't be me today.”

Ken Zhu would rather die than marry in Las Vegas

Source : MediaCorp TV

Following the recent media circus of Asian stars secretly tying the knot in Las Vegas, prolific Taiwanese actor-singer Ken Zhu also came under the microscope as one of the possible celebrities who are guilty for saying ‘I do’ in Sin City. Ken, who is currently filming an upcoming Taiwanese drama, Momo Love, laughed when he was informed of the media’s speculations and told them to stop their search and save their energy.

The actor explained that he never once considered Vegas as a wedding location because there are too many last-minute and shotgun marriages recorded there. “According to my own personality and opinion, I feel that if I were to tell a girl that I would like to get married in Las Vegas, it does not feel sincere enough. It is as if I would unexpectedly regret and back out on my words.”

On the outbreak of accusations burdened on Andy Lau, who singlehandedly started the furore of exposing secret Vegas nuptials, Ken commented that the Heavenly King is a role model for all entertainment companies and newbie artistes. He cited an example from his early days in boyband F4 and shared that his manager would often spur him on by saying, “Look at Andy Lau. Look at how humble and hardworking he is.”

At Andy’s current predicament and desperate attempts to protect his own privacy and safeguard his career, Ken feels nothing but pity for him. As a fellow celebrity, Ken strongly understands the difficulties Andy faces. “When the media question about my relationships, I have nothing to hide. I am a public figure and I am most willing to entertain everyone. But this does not mean that I must be totally honest and public about my private life as this will also involve the female party. If I do not make any comments, it is done to protect my other half.”

End of Otaku life, Zai zai accepts digital camera advertising for NTD7million

End of Otaku life, Zai zai accepts digital camera advertising for NTD7million
Saturday August 29, 2009 Taiwan
Source : UDNl
Translated by sytwo @ VIC and

Although Zai Zai (Vic Chou) is now single, he is still happy - when taking pictures he has Ken Chu help change the lense, and for meals he has housemate Xiu Jie Kai to take care of it, so that he can focus on taking a break doing nothing. Zai Zai is a severe-type of otaku (homebody), spending the whole day at the sofa watching TV or playing online/ video games. His moustache/ beard growing like a landlord (old usage), like Robinson [not sure who this is]. Yesterday, he attended a camera endorsement event, and due to having enough rest he seems totally refreshed and joked non-stop.

Zai Zai completed his filming work at the end of April this year. Aside from several specific pre-arranged activities, he almost always stayed at home. Strictly speaking, he has been busy working non-stop for 3 years straight. He became a couch potato, and Xiu Jie Kai could not endure it anymore, "Your life is too boring, go out and take a walk." Zai Zai was tired for too long and really want ed to do nothing, "This is the sort of life I need now."

To what extend did Zai Zai take a break (do nothing)? To the extend that when Xiu Jie Kai heard his stomach rumbling and asked him : "Are you hungry?", only then will he eat. Moreover, the food is entirely prepared by Xiu-Jie Kai. Zai Zai smile and said "Even the rice is prepared by him." This mode of interdependence, is similar with the recent ly hotly popular <郭鑫、阿布有異曲同工之妙>.

Zai zai accepted a camera advertising for a NTD7million reward, making a rare comeback (after long hiatus) and willing to cope with overwhelming queries from media, such as about Mark Zhao's rumours of "Big Headed Disease", and even about H1N1. Zai Zai said that he had known from the start that Mark Zhao will become popular, and from early on has told Mark what he will face. As for the rumors of "Big Headed Disease", he interceded on his behalf : "I have debuted for nine years. Vanness Wu of F4 is similar to him, using English logic and translating directly from English to Chinese. That's why it led to misunderstanding." And he who had always have weak body resistance, has predetermined long ago for his fans to always wash their hands before and after shaking hands to prevent from infecting each other.

Vic Chou, Ariel Lin “embrace” on Chinese Valentine’s Day in Shanghai

Vic Chou, Ariel Lin “embrace” on Chinese Valentine’s Day in Shanghai
Translated by btzigane @

Yesterday (Aug. 26) Vic Chou and Ariel Lin, along with 10,000 people were at Shanghai’s Yuanshen Sports Center Stadium to take part in a special QiXi (Chinese Valentine’s Day) event -- “10,000 People Embracing,” marking a new Guinness Book of Records for the highest number of couples embracing. Vic, who’s popular with the ladies, seemed to have been caught in a dilemma – first saying that hugging Ariel gave him the best feeling (?) and then turning around and couldn’t seem to forget Da S, remembering the car accident four years ago.

Hard to forget love affair with Da S

Vic Chou and Ariel Lin participated in an “adventure party” in Shanghai yesterday. The theme was to create a new world record for couples embracing, with the couples required to hug each other tightly for 10 seconds. A lot of observers were curious how these two non-lovers would embrace other. Ariel looked kind of shy, while Vic, who’s filmed several “hug” scenes in his dramas, helped her out by stating frankly that the most-felt hug for him was when they embraced each other during the filming of the [Kangshifu] ad. “Lin Yi-chen looks small, slim and strong (?), but embracing her gives [one] quite a feeling.” [*sorry for the sucky translation: 看上去瘦小的林依晨感覺蠻結實,抱起來很有感覺。]

But when asked about his thoughts on the most romantic scene/spot, it looked like Vic was unable to forget Da S. “As long as it’s the right person, the woman that you favor in your heart, I think any place would become romantic, even if something unexpected happens, like the scene of a car accident.” One couldn’t help but remember the year 2005 when Vic was in a car accident and Da S cared for him, which was the beginning of their love affair. Asked if this “accident” refers to that incident four years ago, Vic said: “Everybody knows what it is.”

Every drama is a “transformation”

Vic’s transformation in “Black and White” has caught a lot of people’s attention. Yesterday, he clarified that he didn’t take on this role because he wanted a change (*to transform himself). “Actually, I’ve tried to make a transformation in every drama that I’ve done. I don’t really know what ‘type’ I am, so I have different characterizations (?) in each drama.”

What do Vic and Ariel, who have never collaborated [in a drama], hope they could work together on screen? The two were interviewed separately, but their answers were of “one mind.” Ariel said she hoped it would be drama on the relationship between a psychiatrist and a patient, as “this could be a test of [our] acting skills.” As for Vic, he said he hoped they could do a non-mainstream art film, such as a “crazy person” because “this type of films can help raise our acting skills. I’ve been performing for 10 years, I don’t want people to keep on viewing me as a ‘vase.’ That would be unfair to Director Tsai [*not sure how to translate this, what he actually said was這樣對不起柴導 something like he would feel sorry/ashamed for not doing better or improving since his discovered by Dir Tsai/Cai]. He also said that he’s focusing on acting and wouldn’t consider releasing an album for the time being.

Actors Ken Zhu and Huang Jin Lun donate their rare type-AB blood to help Typhoon Morakot victims

Actors Ken Zhu and Huang Jin Lun donate their rare type-AB blood to help Typhoon Morakot victims
Source : MediaCorp TV

As if forking out time, money, and talent for the Typhoon Morakot relief efforts weren’t charity, celebrities have also began donating their blood to help the wounded victims.

The filming for Taiwanese idol drama, Momo Love was disrupted in Taizhong, Taiwan after Typhoon Morakot swept across the country, leaving behind a devastating aftermath of floods in the area. The concerned production team heeded the call of their director and donated S$3,500 to the cause. Taiwanese actor Ken Zhu, who stars in the show, went one step further and even invited fellow cast mate, Huang Jing Lun, who had the same blood type AB as him to donate the life-giving fluid to the cause together.

Although they were unable to attend the televised fundraiser held a few days earlier, the actors gave whatever money or help they could to the relief efforts. When Ken saw the news track calling out for more AB-blood donors, he immediately gathered Huang Jing Lun and Sphinx Ding, and made plans to head down to the hospital during their free time together and donate their blood.

As Singapore has never experienced such kinds of crippling natural disasters before, Huang who has been in Taiwan developing his career for almost two years shared, “This is the first time seeing something so serious.” Not satisfied at just giving out monetary and blood donations, a concerned Huang also made an appeal on his blog for fans to help with the donations and relief efforts.

Sun Yue leads group of celebrities to sing Taiwan I Love You to help victims to rebild their lost “Home”

Sun Yue leads group of celebrities to sing Taiwan I Love You to help victims to rebild their lost “Home”

Wei De Sheng, Wu Jian Hao: Don’t lose hope, we will pray for you.

Today (8/24), 18 celebrities from entertainment and movie industry use their voices and through video to raise funds for victims of 88 Typhoon to rebuild their home. Upon the appeal from Chinese Christian Relief Association, Sun Yue, Tao Da Wei, Wu Jian Hao, Xiao Jing Teng, Ji Bao Ru, Tang Lan Hua, Tai Zheng Xiao, Ye Huan, Chen Xiao Xuan, Chen De Rong, Jimmy Hong Tian Xiang, Zhou Zi Han, Xi En, Zhao Zhi De, Li Xuan Rong, Li Dao Yuan, Wei Ru Yun etc together recorded “Taiwan I Love You” EP and MV.

Every donation above NT88 to Chinese Christian Relief Association will receive 1 “Taiwan I Love You - 88 Rebuild Homeland” EP.

To rebuild a better HOME

88 Typhoon caused many victims to shout “We do not have a home”! To help these victims to rebuild their lost home, Chinese Christian Relief Association needs to raise NT90 million. Secretary of the Relief Association expressed, besides supplying the victims with food and lodging, build water pipes for villages, at the same time help them emotionally.

In future, there will be volunteers to help the children in their studies and professional home volunteers to provide emotional support to help the victims slowly rebuild a new home which is better than their previous house.

Xiao Jing Teng, Wu Jian Hao pray for the victims

Wu Jian Hao who is currently in the midst of filming idol drama, took time off last week to complete the recording. He said: “Do not lose hope, I will pray for you all”.

“Taiwan I Love You - 88 Rebuild Homeland” EP is scheduled to release in early September, and will consist of “Taiwan I Love You” single and MV, “Xiao Xiao De Meng Xiang”, “Yan Guang”, “Ai Yi Zhi Dou Zai”, “Lei Guang”, “Zhi Ai De Tu Di”, “Chong Lai De Li Liang” total of 7 songs.

Donations above NT88 to Chinese Christian Relief Association will receive 1 “Taiwan I Love You - 88 Rebuild Homeland” EP. The EP is not for sale.


Thanks Michi for providing the above info

22 celebrities recorded “Taiwan I Love U” EP & film MV to raise funds for 88 Typhoon

22 celebrities recorded “Taiwan I Love U” EP & film MV to raise funds for 88 Typhoon

Upon the appeal from Chinese Christian Relief Association , celebrities including Tao Da Wei, VanNess Wu Jian Hao, Xiao Jing Teng, Wei Ru Yun, Chen Xiao Xuan, Chen De Rong etc 22 celebrities gathered to record “Taiwan I Love U” EP and also filmed MV to raise funds for victims of 88 Typhoon.

VanNess Wu, who was busy filming an upcoming drama yesterday had already completed his part of recording last week. He encourages the victims not to lose hope.

EP will be given to donors, not for sale.

“Taiwan I Love U - 88 Rebuild Homeland” EP consists of 7 songs, and scheduled to release early September. It will be given to donors and not for sale. Every donation above NT88 to Chinese Christian Relief Association will receive 1 EP.

For donation details, pls visit Chinese Christian Relief Association website:


Thanks Michi for providing the above info

F4 star Vic Chou may try to blend in, but he still can't hide his star power

HE REFUSED to stay in a five-star hotel, opting instead to share his film crew's NT$400 ($17) a night accommodation.

Certainly not something one would expect from Taiwanese superstar Vic Chou.

Vic is famed for being one quarter of boyband F4 (now known as JVKV), a foursome that gained regional blockbuster success after starring in the 2001 Taiwanese mega-hit, Meteor Garden.

Said Vic, 28: 'When I was young, due to differences in backgrounds and things that we owned, my friends and I had many misunderstandings.

'For me now, I want to be treated the same as everybody else. As long as we are all happy together, that's good enough for me.'

Vic was in town yesterday to promote his latest television drama, Black & White, along with co-stars Mark Chao, Ivy Chen and director Tsai Yueh Hsun.

The action drama tells the story of two detectives who are as different as night and day - Vic plays the irreverent one while Mark plays the goody-two-shoes.

Black & White is currently showing on Mondays to Fridays at 8.30pm on Mei Ah Drama Channel (SingTel mio TV Ch 73).

Vic explained that during the filming of the series, he was offered luxurious accommodation which he felt was 'unnecessary'.

'A small space that is sufficient for me to sleep in and put my belongings will satisfy me greatly.

'I don't like to be thought of as being better than everybody else,' he said.

The heartthrob's hope of 'blending in' was apparent - literally - when he suddenly pulled the lever to lower his chair, causing him to sit lower than everybody else.

But his efforts to go unnoticed were in vain.

Director Tsai was addressed by the media next and was asked to rate the competence of his cast.

The director, oblivious to Vic's 'lowered position', singled out the actor and commended him for turning in an outstanding performance in the show.

Instead of owning the moment - as all eyes were on him - Vic looked solemn and squirmed uncomfortably in his seat, constantly sneaking peeks at his co-stars seated beside him.

And his humble reply?

'My biggest challenge was worrying about how to do justice to such a good script.'

Answering reports that series-wise, he has been insured for NT$1 million whereas co-star Mark was only insured for NT$300,000, Vic was quick to say that Mark should have been insured for a bigger amount than him.

Didn't work

His reason? Because Mark was a better fighter than him.

But however hard he has tried to play his success down, it seemed that Vic's wish to assimilate with his peers has not been entirely fulfilled.

When co-star Ivy was asked to choose between dating Vic or Mark, she chose the latter without hesitation.

The reason for her choice caused everyone to break out in laughter.

Said Ivy: 'Mark and I are closer in age so we probably can get along better.

'But the bigger reason is that I'm terrified of Vic. He really intimidates me such that I am even scared of talking to him.'

Ivy, by now a bundle of nerves, tried to elaborate further but constantly tripped over her words and eventually gave up speaking altogether.

Joked Vic: 'She's like someone who dug a hole, got in and now finds it impossible to get out.'

Could it be that Vic alienates people not because of his 'star status', but rather his dark, sullen side?

The self-confessed introvert admitted to suffering from severe mood swings which he said could cause him to go from happy in one second to 'extremely down' in the next.

In recent reports, it was surmised that this was the cause of his break-up with Taiwanese starlet Barbie Hsu, whom he had dated for two and a half years.

Barbie told Chinese media that Vic had, at times during their relationship, locked her in his bedroom with him and ordered her not to talk to him while he played video games and watched TV for hours on end.

Said Vic: 'I don't like places where there are many people, in fact I have a phobia of crowds. That's just the way I am.

'But I'm not stingy with love. If I meet someone that I really like, I would go all out to sacrifice for this relationship.',4136,210203,00.html

3 Chinese stars appointed as UNICEF ambassadors

From left to right, Vic Chou, Eric Sun and Huang Xiaoming at a press conference in Hong Kong on August 5, 2009. [Tungstar/Xinhua]

The Hong Kong office of the United Nations Children's Fund announced the appointment of actors Vic Chou, Huang Xiaoming and Eric Sun as its goodwill ambassadors at a press conference on Thursday.

A charity running event, to be held in November in Hong Kong, was announced on the same day.

The event will raise funds for the reconstruction of China's Sichuan province, which suffered from a massive earthquake in 2008, and help child victims to return to their normal lives.

"The Sniper" star Huang Xiaoming revealed he has started practicing Wing Chun for his upcoming film "Ip Man II", in which he will play the eldest student of kungfu master Ip Man.

(CRI August 6, 2009)

Zai Zai, doesn't dare go to a cinema to see Da S

Zai Zai, doesn't dare go to a cinema to see Da S

Source Liberty Times
Translated by Elvenstar @

"Zai Zai" Vic Zhou yesterday attended a charity event in Hong Kong, it attracted a lot of support from his fans. Coincidently, his ex girlfriend "Da S" Barbie Hsu for the promotion of her film was also in Hong Kong. During the events, reporters asked Zai Zai if he would go to the cinema to show support for his ex-girlfriend's comedy movie, he expressed he's scared that his laugh isn't the same as other people and would probably be best that he waited until it can be rented.

Previously the media reported Da S and Hong Kong-er Louis Kuo had been secretly dating for a year due to filming together, the reporters asking what Zai Zai thought of it and he said "You guys have already said it's a rumour, rumours aren't true, it's not right to comment, her and I had truly dated and I will only wish her all the best."

In this series of charity events, it also includes a marathon, with the nickname "home" Zai Zai expressed he isn't a person that can run and is scared that he won't even be able to complete the 3 km, so he might not even turn up for the event.

B&W will be broadcast on Astro from 28 Aug.

B&W will be broadcast on Astro from 28 Aug.

Zai, Director Cai & Zhao You Ting will be in KL for promotions on 9 Aug.

As the 3 guys are under a tight schedule, upon reaching on 9th afternoon they can only attend press conference and followed by a "closed door" meet the fans session. The next morning, they will fly to Singapore and continue promotions.

In other words, there won't be any public promo event.
If u wish to get close to the celebrities, can try yr luck & join contest at:

credits to Michi@OnlyF4

Black & White Malaysia S'pore Promo (09~11 Aug)

Black & White Malaysia S'pore Promo (09~11 Aug)

credits to Michi@OnlyF4
Logon to OnlyF4 for further details

9 August 2009

* Arrival @ Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
* Press Conference
* 6pm - Astro fans gathering (closed event)

How to win tickets:
- Online contest by Malaysia Cable tv - Astro website (only for Astro members)

- MY FM Radio contest

10 August 2009

* Arrival @ Singapore
* 3pm - Meet & Greet @ Bugis Junction

11 August 2009
Leave Singapore, back to Taiwan

Translation of contest details:

Black & White Fans Gathering contest
Good news! Astro has arranged for actors of Black & White Vic Chou & Mark Zhao to meet up with Astro members.
Just answer few questions, and 10 lucky winners will stand a chance to attend Black & White Fans gathering. (Each winner can bring along another person)
Contest period: 1 - 6 August 2009

Fans Gathering
Date: 9 August (Sunday)
Time: 6pm
Venue: Astro, North entrance

*Astro members have to email the answers to
* Must state your personal particulars including epass user id, name as in yr ic, ic number and contact number.

1. In Black & White, who plays the role of Chen Zai Tian?
A. Zhou Yu Min
B. Xiu Jie Kai
C. Zhao You Ting

In Black & White, what is the name of the character act by Zhao You Ting
A. Wu Ying Xiong
B. Gao Yi
C. Ma Xiao Ming

(II) Write down why do u like ¡°Black & White¡±? (within 50 words)

Ken Zhu hopes to take nude photos of Kelly Lin,

Yahoo! News

Taiwanese actor and singer Ken Zhu revealed he has half-naked photos of Vic Zhou and expressed his desire to take nude photos of his rumoured girlfriend, Kelly Lin.

The avid photographer will hold an exhibition in Taipei showcasing his photographic works for the past six years. He will also hold a panel talk called "Memories from My Holidays" for the photos taken from his various vacation trips.

His showcase will not only feature photos taken in Europe, Shanghai, and various other scenic spots, but will also feature his love for cats. He outwardly expressed his desire to photograph Lin, "I really want to, but she refuses to let me do so." He was unafraid of hiding his intentions and said that he would like to take a photo book for her. Zhu once relayed his idea to her manager but was immediately rejected by Lin.

On the type of shoot he would like to photograph Lin in, he expressed, "You have to ask her!"

With a curvaceous body figure of 33C-23-34, Lin, having overheard the outlandish requests, laughingly said, "I released a photo book once. I'm not sick of it and think its still worth a look now. I don't have any desire to shoot another one now."

Zhu went on and explained that his half-naked photo of Zhou was playfully taken after the latter had dinner at his place and sat on the couch after removing his top. He wanted to include the photo in this exhibit but faced vehement protests from Zhou who pleaded with Zhu, "Please don't show it!"

7 Years after "Make A Wish"...

7 Years after "Make A Wish"...
Monday, July 27, 2009 Taiwan

Last night, popular Taiwanese idols, Vic Zhou and Ariel Lin reunited in Guangzhou for a fan meeting sponsored by "Master Kong Jasmine Tea" - a drink company (see above pic). At the event, they were asked about this collaboration, the first since their first collab 7 years ago for Vic's "Make A Wish" MV. Vic laughed and said that Ariel has transformed from an innoncent young girl into a professional and well-rounded actress, while Ariel said that Vic's smile hasn't changed at all through the years, and he still takes good care of his juniors.

Vic also said that there are three type of people in the entertainment industry: Type 1, people who know how exactly to adapt to the environment/atmosphere to make a good collaboration; Type 2 have more of their personality and is more out-spoke; Type 3 doesn't care about others' opinions and input at all. Vic described that Ariel is Type 2 like he is. "She has her own opinions, similar to me. We're not the quiet obedient type as most people think we are." However, Zai Zai also mentioned that he has gone through many stages where he accepted deals where he did not fully agree to. "I think, I would know myself more than than my company knows me. I would know what my future plans should be."

Ariel Lin has been very busy promoting her own solo album, "Blissful Encounter". She said that even though she is still a newbie when it comes to singing, she believes that the market requires various types of singing voices. She also expressed that she would like to step out the "idol" image, so to prove that she should be taken seriously in the singer market.

Ariel added that she is a very quiet girl and has sometimes felt very out of place in current society where everything moves quickly and efficiently (like a fast food restaurant). When talking about unlucky in love, she answered, "I am someone who looks to people who have very deep emotions."


Source: Aiya They Didn't, Sina

Newsclip - Ken Tourism Documentary

Ken's toursim documentary

ken chu
ken chu
ken chu
ken chu
credits to Michi @ Onlyf4

Ken's toursim documentary will broadcast on Dong Feng channel on 15 & 16 Aug in Taiwan



Taiwanese pop stars big in Asia

Taipei, July 23 (CNA) Taiwanese pop stars have succeeded in spreading their charms across borders, attracting large numbers of fans from other Asian countries and making significant contributions to the country's tourism revenue, tourism officials said.

Janice Lai, director-general of the Tourism Bureau under the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, said that since F4 -- a four-member pop group -- began acting as a spokesman for Taiwanese tourism in 2007, the strategy of using popular artists to attract foreign tourists to Taiwan has proven successful, especially over the past two years.

The number of tourist arrivals from Japan to Taiwan in 2007 set a record high of over 1.16 million -- a stark contrast to a decrease in the number of Japan's overall outbound travelers that same year, Lai said.

That same year, the number of South Korean visitors to Taiwan also grew by an annual rate of 15.06 percent to 220,000 -- the first time it had surpassed the 200,000-mark, she added.

In addition to fans from Japan and South Korea in Northeastern Asia, those from China, Singapore, Malaysia, Macau, Thailand, the Philippines and even the United States and Canada have come to Taiwan in the hope of getting close to their idols.

F4 is considered the vanguard of the current craze for Taiwanese popular singers and young TV drama stars among young men and women in Southeast Asia, and its four nice-looking members are believed to have helped generate more than NT$1.1 billion (US$33.54 million) in tourism dollars for Taiwan.

Although the tourism sector in many countries has been hit hard by the global financial crisis, Liu Si-lin, a section chief at the Tourism Bureau, said that in terms of reasons listed by visitors for coming to Taiwan, the number of foreign fans is still increasing.

Numbers arriving from Hong Kong, Macau and Malaysia in the first four months of this year still increased compared to last year levels, according to Liu.

Making the most out of this fad for Taiwanese mandopop artists, the Tourism Bureau has invited A-mei and Jolin Tsai, two of Taiwan's top pop divas, to speak on behalf of Taiwanese tourism in various Southeast Asian countries, efforts that have paid off.

For instance, Tsai, who serves as a "trend spotter, " is responsible for introducing fun places and Taiwan's unique trends to Southeast Asian young adults, while Wu Nien-jen, a famous writer, is in charge of leading visitors to experience Taiwan's most interesting folk traditions in depth.

The benefits of the strategy of using celebrities to promote travel to Taiwan are expected to become even more apparent in the coming years, now that the Executive Yuan has included the cultural innovation industry as one of its six flagship industries in a bid to promote Taiwan as an Asia-Pacific cultural hub, bureau officials predicted.

(By Flor Wang)


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July 24, 2009

IP Man, last year’s top Hong Kong action film cum biopic about the real-life Wing Chun master, was so successful at the box office that director Wilson Yip is back with a second offering.

And while the first focused primarily on the trials and tribulations of Master Ip – best known to the world as iconic legend Bruce Lee’s martial arts teacher – sequel Ip Man II will introduce audiences to a young Bruce Lee.

With last generation’s gongfu heroes Jet Li and Jackie Chan heading towards retirement, it is perhaps, a fitting time to search for the next action star, the young Bruce Lee of the 21st century.

TAN KEE YUN susses out five young guns, each with different qualities, and pits them against each other over a five-star rating for the coveted spot.


Former Cantopop ‘bad boy’ and now a bonafide actor with intense roles in movies like Dragon Tiger Gate, The Beast Stalker and Invisible Target

Resemblance: A little too suave to be Bruce Lee. Nevertheless, when it comes to height, Nic beats the others hands down. At just slightly above 1.7m, he is the closest to Bruce’s height.

Fight Might: No martial arts background, but in his recent films, he does his own stunts. As he wrote on his blog, he picked up Muay Thai and practised the art of Wing Chun when he was filming a TV series with Sammo Hung.

Charisma: Undoubtedly handsome, it helps too, that Nic is a major fan of Bruce Lee.



One-quarter of the delectable boyband F4, who has come into his own as a leading man in action-packed films such as Star Runner, Dragon Squad and Kungfu Chef.

Resemblance: His eyes are too beady, his skin too fair. The only resemblance to Bruce would be his muscular, hunky frame.

Fight Might: He can’t fight in real life. But in reel life, Van Ness plays action parts convincingly. His background as a dancer probably helps.

Charisma: Van Ness is the sort of artiste who will have fans split in two extreme camps. You either adore his ABC (American-born Chinese) mannerisms, or hate his ‘pretentiousness’.



B-list actor who shot to fame in Stephen Chow’s Shaolin Soccer and Kungfu Hustle, dance choreographer, as well as lead singer of his own underground rock band.

Resemblance: Too similar to be true! Danny cuts a spitting image of Bruce and made audiences gawk when he first appeared in Shaolin Soccer, imitating Bruce’s most memorable moves. He was so convincing that he was subsequently cast to play Bruce in a mainland China TV series: The Legend Of Bruce Lee.

Fight Might: Who cares? So long as he can strike a Bruce Lee-like pose convincingly.

Charisma: Not a conventional good-looker, but surely, with a face that looks so much like the world’s greatest martial arts hero, we say Danny is destined for bigger things ahead.



Brunei-born heart-throb now based in Taiwan, who has conquered the teenage market along with the other members of bubblegum boy group Farenheit.

Resemblance: Erm, actually, zero resemblance. He is in here simply because he is so unbelievably cute.

Fight Might: Relatively untested. Last seen in the period film The Butterfly Lovers, he played a scholar who hardly needs to lift a sword. He is a gym rat and sports fan who recently opened his own fitness centre in Brunei.

Charisma: For the zillions of wide-eyed girls from Singapore to Japan, Wu Chun is their man. You can take our word that they will catch him in any role he plays.



Trained in wushu since the age of 11, American-born Daniel has proven himself to be a serious actor. He has taken on a wide range of roles that has challenged his acting abilities, most recently as a drug addict in The Shinjuku Incident.

Resemblance: Though he doesn’t look like Bruce Lee, Daniel immerses himself in his characters such that he literally transforms himself into them. Best example: he was utterly evil as the baddie in New Police Story. Take on Bruce Lee? Like method actor Christian Bale, Daniel will have his ways to make sure he looks the part.

Fight Might: Come on, this guy founded the University of Oregon Wushu Club and headed his team as coach. Nuff’ said.

Charisma: Dark, brooding and stoic, Daniel carries the same emotional intensity as Bruce once did.



Though Bruce Lee lookalike Danny Chan has the upper hand with resemblance, we think it’s more important that one embodies the real spirit of martial arts to play Bruce Lee. Thus, our choice, if we could have our way, would be Daniel Wu.


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Black & White / SingTel mio TV Star Tour Meet & Greet Session

Black & White / SingTel mio TV Star Tour Meet & Greet Session

10 Aug, 3pm
Bugis Square, Level 1

Catch artistes Vic Zhou & Mark Zhao, stars of the upcoming mio tv Mei Ah Drama Channel Drama "Black & White" in this meet & greet session

Taken from Today, 24 July 2009

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VanNess 2nd Single

VanNess 2nd Single:


(1) Limited version CD with DVD 1890yen (tax included)
M-1 "I don¡¯t wanna lose you"
M-2 "KODOKU" (translation: lonely)
M-3 "I don¡¯t wanna lose you"£¨Instrumental£©
M-4 "KODOKU"£¨Instrumental£©

"I don¡¯t wanna lose you" MV

(2) normal version 1260yen(tax included)
M-1 "I don¡¯t wanna lose you"
M-2 "KODOKU" (translation: lonely)
M-3 "It¡¯s your girl"
M-4 "I don¡¯t wanna lose you"£¨Instrumental£©
M-5 "KODOKU"£¨Instrumental£©
M-6 "It¡¯s your girl"£¨Instrumental£©

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Date: 24 July (Friday)
Time: 18:00 entrance open/ 19:00 start/ 21:30 end (tentative)
Place: Taipei
Entrance fee: NT800
registration period: 9 July 20:00 to 17 July 15:00

I-Ken photo exhibition & talk
Date: 22 July to 25 July
Venue: Taipei Xi Men Hong Lou
Free of charge

Date: 25 July
Time: 13:00 entrance open/ 14:00 start/ 15:00 end (tentative)
Venue: Taipei Ximen He An Liu Yan
FOC but registration needed.


Ken Chu acts as weather reporter in new drama; imitates detective Conan matching formal suit with shorts

Source: Epoch Times
Translated by catalie @

F4 Ken Chu acts as a weather reporter in GTV's Taiwanese idol drama . On June 28, he was filming in Taipei; his upper body was clothed very handsomely in a neat formal suit but his bottom half was shorts with thongs! Since just like most news channels whereby only a reporter's upper body is filmed, his "transformation" was only "half a suit". Does he normally leave the house dressed so carefree? He laughed saying, "No, I won't!"

In the drama, Ken Chu and Huang Jing Lun act as brothers. Seeing his "big brother's" shorts look, made Singaporean Jing Lun exclaimed enviously, "I want to wear shorts too." He expressed that he usually loves to wear shorts. In Singapore, he would wear shorts everyday but filming this time, he has to wear long pants a lot so as soon as he saw Ken wearing shorts, he became envious.

Not only does Ken have the demeanor of an older brother onscreen, offscreen he also looks after his "younger brother", teaching Jing Lun some acting tricks. Ken said, "When I had just entered the industry and was still very amateur, I also had a senior who didn't mind taking time to teach me." After that, he encountered many instances where he has also used the frame of mind that senior at the time, to teach new actors. However, Ken has also been straightforward and doesn't deny, "Of course, there are people who don't like this." Therefore, he doesn't teach everyone, "I will watch people." Jing Lun continues asking, "Was I okay?" Ken smiles saying, "That was okay!" Jing Lun is very happy to learn from his senior, also expressing, "Having someone teach me is a good thing. Perhaps this means I have fate with people or it means there's still hope for me." His nonsensical way of speaking makes Ken laugh.

Towards Ken's guidance, Jing Lun explains, "Brother Ken has taught me the 'speculative shortcuts'." As soon as he said this, everyone looked confused. It turns out Jing Lun loves to use idioms when he talks and had changed "performance shortcuts" [技巧取巧] to "speculative shortcuts". Upon hearing this, even Ken couldn't help saying, "You really love to use idioms." In response to Jing Lun's humorous response Ken exclaimed, "I should partner you up with Vic Chou."

In regards to acting alongside a senior, Jing Lun smiles saying, "Yes, there's pressure but it's still relaxing!" Towards his NG count, he can also accept, "I haven't counted how many but I hope I can improve as we go." On the contrary, Ken joked that they should set up a system and make him pay each time he NGs as punishment.

In the drama, both Ken and newcomer Annie Chen act as reporters and are also a couple. They didn't meet until June 28 when they started filming. Ken first asked, "Are you 20 yet?" causing the crowd to look puzzled for a while. He then explained that previously he attended acting classes with fellow cast members and everytone would talk about different topics to get to know each other more, "I usually talk about things like films I used to really like and I'm just worried that they won't understand so I'll first ask if they're 18 yet."

Thousands Came to Christ in Indonesia

Thousands Came to Christ in Indonesia

By John Beita
Christian Post Reporter
Tue, Jun. 02 2009 09:39 AM EDT

Unprecedented numbers of people including young Muslims have embraced Christ as their personal Saviour in a three-day crusade held recently in Indonesia.

The crusade held by Asia for Jesus Indonesia was “attended by over 60,000 people, with 4158 people finding new life in Christ, and 1252 were baptized,” at the former military airport of Surabaya city May 14-16, according to The Gospel Herald online newspaper.

This important gathering was also electrified by the presence of American-born Taiwan superstar Vanness Wu, who now puts Christ first in his life; along with him are Taiwanese Christian artists Sien Vanessa, and the Joshua Band, who “had attracted a maximum number of non-Christians to the crusade.” The crusade also featured praise and worship performances by these influential Taiwanese Christian artists.

“Most Muslim families are hesitant to allow their children to participate in a Christian gatherings, but when their parents heard that their children are going to Vanness Wu’s concert then they did not insist,” the online paper said.

On the first night, around 500 people were baptized besides the stage and the numbers kept growing.

At the crusade Vanness Wu wore a t-shirt that showed “God is better than sex” and gave his testimony of how he used to be far away from God because of sexual lusts but after he repented he felt that he has received a new life.

“All of these are God’s mercy.” Wu testified.

That night, he kneeled on the stage for two hours while worship God and he didn’t get up until his spiritual mentor Pastor Jaeson Ma finished delivering the sermon.

Hosted by Rev. Jusuf Soetanto, head of Gereja Mawar Sharon denomination and senior pastor of Mawar Sharon Church, the event used the title “Army of God”, around 200 church pastors and leaders from Hong Kong, Canada, Malaysia, United States, Singapore, Mainland China, Brunei, and Taiwan were invited to participate in the festivity of evangelism.

Sien Vanessa: Seeing Miracles in Faith

Another popular Taiwanese artiste Sien Vanessa also testified of the power of prayers and the practice of faith. “Two hours prior to the event opened, it was raining cats and dogs. All of the dancers, musicians in the backstage all knelt down to pray and miraculously the rain stopped within ten minutes.” Not only did Vanessa personally witness God, but the backstage Muslim workers also shouted that ‘God is the true God.”

God’s power exceeds what we can ever ask or imagine. Most of the participants of the crusade are in middle-schools and high-schools, and they are mostly non-Chinese and Muslims, which is a great breakthrough.

Taiwan’s Younghe City Gospel Center pastor was greatly encouraged at this crusade. He saw how God is using the young people greatly, and he also announced by faith that Younghe City shall become the city in Taiwan with the highest Christian population proportion.

Taipei Bread of Life Church Senior Pastor Rev. Nathanael Chow invited a pastoral team consisting of 200 people from various churches in Taiwan and the overseas Bread of Life churches.

Testifying about the crusade, Taipei Bread of Life Church Rev. Yi Hu testified in tears, “I see a pure church, like the church of Christ. Rev. Philip and his co-workers also do not seek for their own benefits, but with the heart of love for the souls, they see the value of each person.”

Rev. Philip Mantofa of Indonesia thanked the co-working pastors from Taiwan and hoped that the spirit of unity of the Taiwan churches can be brought to Indonesia, allowing Asia for Jesus to continue the gift of promoting cross-generational unity, so it can become the salt and the light for Jesus in Asia.

Indonesia is majority Muslim nation, who comprises about 86.1 percent of the population; Protestants account for 5.7 percent, Roman Catholics 3 percent, Hindus 1.8 percent, and others 3.4 percent, according the CIA World Factbook.

Ian Hwang and Luke Leung of The Gospel Herald contributed to this report

credit: honeybums@kcifc_philippines

ZaiZai, Jerry Yan & Blue Lan have bold women backing them up

ZaiZai, Jerry Yan & Blue Lan have bold women backing them up

Source: UDN
Translation: Sarah @

Behind every successful man lies a woman. But in the idol drama world, most of the girls in the past have been jade girls; fragile, courteous & refined. Today, they have become independent, takes the initiative, full of personality and stands equal to the male lead. Like ZaiZai, Jerry Yan & Blue Lan’s new dramas; behind all 3 male idols, lies a ‘bold woman’.

As the ratings continue to climb, the 4-way love triangle in PTV’s ‘Black & White’ seems to become more and more complicated. In the end, will ZaiZai be with Ivy Chen or Janine Chang? This question has triggered fierce debate among netizens. Ivy Chen tells ZaiZai that she is a strong tree, and will forever be by ZaiZai’s side; this bold confession has received a high degree of support.

Ivy plays the daughter of a gangster. Although she appears to be fragile, she is actually stubborn and takes the initiative when it comes to love. This difference in inside and outside further adds colour to her character, becoming the typical ‘bold woman’. However, bold women can also tire themselves out; yesterday the ‘Black & White’ cast held a signing event at Taichung, and after saying a quick hello onstage, Ivy was helped downstage to rest, disappointing many fans.

After Jerry Yan returned from Japan, he immediately began filming GTV’s new drama ‘Just Want To Depend On You’. In the drama, Ella talks loudly and even carries refrigerators; full of ‘bold woman’ flavour. Jerry mistakes her for a lesbian, and gets her to become his nanny. The 2 yesterday filmed with Xiao Xiao Bin, and because she looked so cute, it even made Jerry go blind and NG.

Blue Lan & Joe Chen’s SETTV drama ‘Easy Fortune, Happy Life’ is about to air. In the drama, Joe plays a righteous ‘bold sister’, not only does she resist Blue’s evil ways, she even bars the police. Earlier, Joe & SETTV had a big disagreement about Blue touching her chest, in the end, they only filmed above the shoulders; Joe’s bold defense of her chest succeeds!

The 3 bold women steals the spotlight, and has become a hot topic.