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Autumn’s Concerto and Down With Love go head to head

Van Ness Wu and Jerry Yan play abnormally hot lawyers on their shows

Source: UDN, Chinatimes
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Jerry Yan’s new drama is set to make its entry in the highly competitive Sunday night idol drama battle. Down With Love will be going up against Autumn’s Concerto, which has been in the number one spot for 17 weeks in a row, as well as a 45 minutes finale of Hi! My Sweetheart. A behind the scenes special of Down With Love was aired last week after an approval delay. Compared to the rating of 7.64% for Autumn’s Concerto and 5.14% for Hi! My Sweetheart, the special brought in a decent rating of 0.98% considering the Momo Love finale was only at 0.69%. All eyes will be on Jerry Yan and Van Ness Wu as the former F4’s battle for the top spot in the ratings. Coincidentally, both stars will be going to Japan for promotions after the Chinese New Year.

In the midst of all this competition, one man/boy will be the ultimate winner regardless of which drama comes out on top. Child star Xiao Xiao Bin has been charming audiences with his acting in Autumn’s Concerto over the past few months. He had even outdone Van Ness Wu when it comes to baring it all on TV. Xiao Xiao Bin will also be seen on Down With Love playing Jerry Yan’s adopted son. The drama will showcase a younger Bin as it was filmed prior to Autumn’s Concerto last year. With a combined rating of 8.62% from both dramas last week, no F4 will even come close to challenging Xiao Xiao Bin for The King of Sunday night TV.

Vanness Wu vs. Jerry Yan

Taiwanese idol drama series Down With Love which stars two mega idols, Jerry Yan from F4 and Ella Chen from S.H.E will be making its debut on television screens this weekend. To instill some hype amongst viewers, the production team aired a special episode which consisted of trailers and exclusive interviews with the cast last Sunday.

The ratings for the special trailer episode raked in a meager 0.59% as compared to Jerry’s fellow F4 band member Vanness Wu’s ongoing drama series, Next Stop Happiness, which pulled in a healthy number of 7.15% in ratings.

The four members of F4 have been separately participating in various drama productions lately with Vic Zhou starring in Black & White and The Late Night of Madam Chin, Ken Zhu in the recently-concluded Momo Love, Vanness Wu in the ongoing Next Stop Happiness and Jerry Yan’s soon-to-debut Down With Love.

Due to its similar timeslot, the drama series starring both Vanness and Jerry are expected to compete head-on with each other. Next Stop Happiness is currently the leader of the pack with its strong ratings of 7.15%.

The television station broadcasting Down With Love defended themselves and explained that the special episode cannot be considered as the show’s debut episode. They remain confident that their drama series will perform well when it airs this coming Sunday.

VanNess Wu takes it off for the 7th time on Autumn's Concerto

Source : Appledaily TW, UDN, Liberty Times
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Van Ness Wu made it to the front page of the entertainment section by simply having his shirt off. As per last week's preview, Van Ness will be showing off his hot body again on this Sunday's episode of Autumn's Concerto. This will mark the seventh time he has been half-naked on the show. The hours he spends at the gym are definitely not wasted as each time has brought in some very impressive ratings. For those who missed the last episode, his and Ady An's characters are living under same roof again after their shot-gun marriage. The preview showed Van Ness, covered by only a towel, in bed with his co-star. We'll have to wait till Sunday to see what happens next. In the meantime, the always thoughtful Appledaily has compiled a list of great Van Ness's naked moments.

Van Ness has originally shot a shower scene for the first episode of Autumn's Concerto but it was cut from the show. The clip eventually aired as part of the behind the scenes footage, allowing fans to get a close up on his chest and six-pack. Other highlights featuring Van Ness's body includes his previous bed scene with Ady An in episode 5, his shower scene following his operation, his boxing scene as a form of anger management, his bath scene with Xiao Xiao Bin, and his putting-a-shirt-on scene prior to his wedding. The highest rating (among the above mentioned scenes) came when he and Xiao Xiao Bin had a bubble bath together. The naked duo combined to achieve a rating of 6.14%. Some Netizens on PTT even commented that the more Van Ness reveals the better.

Van Ness follows a pretty tough regimen to keep his 180 CM/72 KG frame sizzling HOT!! Check out his routine here:

He hits the gym 3 times a week for 1 hour; spends 1/2 an hour running and 1/2 an hour on weights.
He swims 3 times a week for 1 hour each.
He practices some abs training exercise at home when he has a busy schedule.

No carbohydrates; his meals consist of meat, vegetables, and fruits.
He eats 8 egg whites a day.

He drinks mostly water, and stays away from other beverages.

Info provided by Van Ness Wu's management company.

Vanness Wu's drama ratings are top amongst his F4 peers

Vanness Wu's drama ratings are top amongst his F4 peers

Vanness Wu has trumped the rest of his F4 peers... in the TV drama ratings. The F4 group, made of Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Ken Zhu and Vanness, first rose to fame in 2001 when all four singer-actors starred together in the Taiwanese idol drama Meteor Garden.

The ratings of Vanness's current drama Next Stop Happiness recently escalated to a new high average of 7.76, with portions of its latest episode raking in as much as 8.86 (that's approximately 3.2 million viewers turning in).

In last Sunday's episode, Vanness Wu's character regained his lost memory only to suffer an emotional meltdown as he uncovered the lies and betrayal by his own mother and girlfriend.

As the drama reaches its gripping climax, Vanness has not only won the ratings battle against Vic Zhou's Black & White (4.8), Jerry Yan's Hot Shot (4.2) and Ken Zhu's Momo Love (3.38), but also received praises from the online community for his improved acting.

The 31-year-old, who is currently vacationing in America said, "I'm super happy and very touched!"

On his breakdown scene in the latest episode, he confessed to having a few NGs (No Good takes). The actor was initially hesitant about taking on the role due to its character's many emotional struggles and conflictions. He was afraid that he could not cope but eventually decided to challenge himself with this role.

"When filming first began, I couldn't really feel for [my character]. I end up not being able let go when I think about how the entire world betrayed me. I got angrier and angrier just thinking about it and could not stop crying. The director finally comforted me and said "Ok, you can come out now" before I returned to my senses."

Next Stop Happiness still has half a battle to win if it wants to be crowned as a chart-topping series. The all-time record high of 13.83 was established by Fated To Love You starring Ethan Ruan and Joe Chen.

Vic Zhou Beats Jerry Yan in Becoming Taiwan Most Handsome Guy

The Taiwanese media recently conducted a voting event to vote for the five most handsome guys in Taiwan. Vic Zhou came in first with a total of 13,989 votes, beating first runner-up Jerry Yan, who obtained a total of 8813 votes. Following behind Jerry Yan are Ethan Ruan, Kaneshiro Takeshi and Mark Zhao respectively.

Through the entire voting event from the 7th to 21st December, the competition between Vic and Jerry was the most intense, but they are actually on very good terms in private.

Jerry's manager, Fenny, said, "Since Jerry and Vic are 'brothers', whoever wins the voting is the same. Jerry would like to express his thanks to his fans and also to those who voted for him."

Although these voting events are often carried out with fans sending in their votes through various accounts, however, this particular event has brought about a new issue of fans setting up anonymous accounts and made use of systematic methods that allows for automatic voting through different IP addresses. This has thus distorted the entire system, causing the actual number of votes to be of great difference as compared to the values shown on the website.

Thus, after clearing away the "artificial" votes by the webpage's management, out of 29,384 votes casted in total, Vic Zhou emerged the overall winner with a vote count of 13,989. Ethan Ruan, who has the least number of artificial votes emerged as the second runner-up with a total of 3500 votes. Kaneshiro Takeshi came in fourth with a total of 3033 votes, while Mark Zhao despite being fifth in place, had only 49 votes.

With regards to this event, Ethan said, "I'm aware of this event, but I didn't dare to view the webpage, as I don't want it to affect my mood." He also thank his fans from all over for their support.

Having known Mark through their partnership in MONGA, Ethan supports Mark, saying, "He will be with me for the next 20 years. This event is for a particular moment. No one is sure who will win or lose over the next 20 years."

Vanness Wu and Tiffany Xu are only good friends

Vanness Wu and Tiffany Xu are only good friends

According to various news sources, apart from playing onscreen lovers in the ongoing Taiwanese drama series, Next Stop, Happiness, both Vanness Wu and Tiffany Xu are speculated to be more than just friends. Acting as Vanness's fiancée in the show, a member of the production team revealed that Vanness would often ask Tiffany, "Do you want a ride in my car?" when they changed filming locations.

He reportedly picked her up from her house in the mornings and would wait for the 25-year-old actress to finish filming her scenes before sending her home. It was reported that Vanness also gave Tiffany a book, immensely touching her with his enthusiasm and gallant mannerisms.

Currently in Japan, Vanness commented on the matter via his manager, Katie, "Sending her to and fro was only a form of convenience when we end work early - I have never picked her up before. The book was her birthday present."

Reporters asked Vanness's manager if the 31-year-old actor-singer was interested in Tiffany and she said, "He really admires her. [He] feels that she can write poetry and is very talented. However, he has no intentions to pursue her, they're just good friends."

When Tiffany was asked if Vanness was pursuing her, the actress immediately protested, "No! The book was a birthday present from him. Sometimes I would hitch a ride from him after we end work but he has never sent me home."

Known to be dating fellow Taiwanese actor Ethan Ruan for the past two-and-a-half years, Tiffany's relationship with Ethan was exposed by the media after they were spotted sunbathing together in Kenting last July. The couple's relationship was previously reported to be on the rocks due to Ethan's hectic filming schedule for the upcoming movie, Monga.

New Rejoice CF

Vanness Wu & Jerry Yan vs. Takuya Kimura; new Sunday idol drama battle begins!

Vanness Wu & Jerry Yan vs. Takuya Kimura; new Sunday idol drama battle begins!

Source: UDN
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In 2010, FTV returns to the Sunday night idol drama battle. Next year in January, Takuya Kimura’s Japanese drama will battle against ratings champion SETTV’s ‘Autumn’s Concerto’ & GTV’s ‘Down With Love’. The battle between Asia King Takuya Kimura and F2’s Vanness Wu & Jerry Yan is receiving a lot of attention.

Vanness Wu disappeared from Taiwan's idol drama industry for some time. This time, he successfully threw away his idol baggage, playing the role of a single father in ‘Autumn’s Concerto’ and his acting has received affirmation. The night before yesterday, ‘Autumn’s Concerto’ ratings reached another new high of 6.64% and online netizens expressed that back in the F4 days, they didn’t feel that Vanness had any breakthroughs, but now everyone is in love with him, and even thinks that he has the best acting skills amongst F4.

Yesterday, ‘Down With Love’ released its official poster where Ella wears a long wedding dress, while leaning against Jerry Yan, and it looked very happy & sweet. However, Ella didn’t have any wishes about marriage. She said that marriage seems very troublesome, and in the future, she may choose to have a civil marriage.

Takuya Kimura entered the industry in 1991, and to date he has been popular for 18 years, and also has many fans in Taiwan. FTV has chosen his drama ‘Karei-naru Ichizoku’ as the number one gun in the new battlefield. The story is set a hundred years after the Meiji Restoration and Japan undergoes a series of reforms in the finance system. Takuya Kimura plays an ambitious young man, striving for a better future, but his non-biological father eventually pushes him into suicide. The drama was broadcasted in Japan in 2007 and ratings broke 30%. Some of the scenes in the drama were also filmed in the Head Office in the Bank Of Taiwan.

Van Ness Wu’s drama rises, album falls, plans to release Japanese single "Reason"

Van Ness Wu’s drama rises, album falls, plans to release Japanese single "Reason"

Source : Chinatimes,Aiya They Didn’t,Van Ness' blog
Credit : Pauli @

The rise in popularity of Van Ness Wu’s current idol drama “Autumn’s Concerto (Next Stop, Happiness)” has been meteoric, yet the data for his next full album release has not been able to achieve such happiness. Neither has he been able to find a music label to be his backer for his upcoming album, leaving him to find “the next stop” for his music.

Back in March of this year, Van Ness signed a two-year deal to produce 20 songs, rumored to have a signing bonus of NT$10 million, but ever since he signed on for his current idol drama, the F4 member has been focusing all his attention on the drama itself. Even though Van Ness has spent time recording for his new album, he hasn’t had time to promote the new album due to his busy idol drama schedule. Because of this, Van Ness and his music label backing ended without penalty, as his manager Katie made the statement, “We broke it off peacefully.”

Despite the termination of his music deal with his label on his upcoming album, Van Ness’ manager was quoted as saying about Van Ness that music remains his first love, and that he would look for a new record company. In the mean time, Van Ness released word on his blog on a new Japanese single titled “Reason”, the third one to be released off his planned album for a targeted March release. The single's release is geared for a January 20th release next month.

The Top 10 Newsmakers of 2009


7. Vic Zhou & Mark Chao

What happens when you put two good-looking, hot-blooded guys together? Apart from speculations if either or both are batting for the same side, there’s also the old-fashioned assumption that they could be the best of (straight) friends or the worst of enemies. Despite their onscreen roles as buddies in the hit Taiwanese drama series Black & White, it seems like the relationship between Vic Zhou and Mark Chao off the set is anything but. The former started out as a teen idol who only recently finally managed to break out of the mould to make his mark as a credible actor, while the latter is a new kid on the block face who’s already got his share of the spotlight and recognition. Both men were nominated for ‘Best Actor Award’ at the recent Taiwanese Golden Bell Awards, which eventually went to Mark. Even before the winner was announced, Vic did not join his fellow cast and crew members on the red carpet and was later quoted saying that the votes were rigged after his co-star won. And with a movie sequel trapped in development hell, it only means more room for rife. Already the rumours are going around that Vic will not be featured in the flick, so it seems like audiences won’t be seeing a reunion between the two heroes.