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Tickets for 4/22 fanmeeting (Korea)

Tickets for 4/22 fanmeeting (Korea)

Taiwan Tourism Bureau announced infromation related to 4/22 F4 fanmeeting. Those who want to participate it should purchase a package tour item from a travel agency. TTB appointed specific travel agencies.

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700 Tickets for F4 fanmeeting will be provided for free, but only a ticket is unavailable. Each travel agency was allocated with limited amount of tickets. They'll provide several differnet tour items, whose prices are, fortunately, pretty reasonable.

1. Naeil Tour:

2. Verygood Tour:

3. Time Tour:

4. Tour Taiwan:

5. Mode Tour:

6. Cathay Pacific

7. Freedom Tour:
3days 4 nights
Free style ( air, hotel, tax) : 299,000won
Package style ( +local guide, bus) : 399,000won

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Pop Stop Friday, March 23, 2007, Page 14

Pop Stop

Compiled by Ho Yi
Friday, March 23, 2007, Page 14


One of Taiwan's most famous pop culture exports, the disbanded boy band F4, will unite again in Taipei, for a handsome profit of course. Their get-together party with fans, to be held next month, will draw over 5,000 devotees from neighboring countries such as Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, it is reported.

Uploaded Online Clip - Vanness @ Genting [Tonghua]

Uploaded Online Clip - Vanness @ Genting [Tonghua]
credits to wengvann @ F4 International Fan Club Philippines


Boy Band F4 Invites Korean Fans to Taiwan

By Cathy Rose A. Garcia
Staff Reporter

For several years now, die-hard fans of Korean actors, actresses and pop stars have been traveling to Seoul to attend fan meetings and concerts. Hallyu or Korean wave has helped boost Korean tourism, thanks to the popularity of Korean dramas, movies and music around Asia.

Now Taiwan is using the same tactic, hoping the charm and popularity of boy band F4 will entice Korean tourists to visit the island

F4 members Jerry Yan, Vanness Wu, Ken Chu and Vic Chou, who gained popularity among Korean fans with its drama ``Meteor Garden” visited Seoul for the first time on Friday. F4 was appointed by Taiwan Tourism Bureau chief Lai Se Zhen as its ambassadors to promote Taiwan tourism to the rest of Asia.

Taiwan is hoping to increase the number of Korean tourists going to Taiwan, which is estimated at 200,000 annually, while there are some 400,000 Taiwanese tourists going to Korea annually.

To kick off the ``Wish to See You in Taiwan” tourism campaign, F4 announced it is holding a fan meeting in Taipei on April 22. During the press conference, Yan said it has been a long time since F4 reunited as a group, so they are preparing some surprises for their fans during the event.

As part of being tourism ambassadors, Chu said F4 will film a commercial for the Tourism Bureau and start working on a TV drama, which will be shot in tourist spots throughout the country. The drama will be aired in Korea and Japan later this year.

F4 members talked about their favorite places, including food and tourist attractions in Taiwan, which they hoped would be enjoyed by Korean tourists. Wu said Korean tourists should sample the island’s delicious mangoes, while Chu recommended the hotpot shabu-shabu.

Yan said tourists should visit Kaohsiung, a major port city, where he served for 2 years during military service. He added he couldn’t forget the place since it is where his girlfriend broke up with him.

F4 is also currently in negotiations with Korean organizers to hold their first concert in Seoul. Wu said they are eager to meet Korean fans, especially after seeing so many enthusiastic fans welcoming them at the airport.

F4 members also expressed their desire to work with Korean actors and actresses in the future. Wu, who formed a duo with Korean singer Kangta last year, said he would like to do an action movie with Kwon Sang-woo or Ryu Seung-beum, while Yan said he is a fan of the film ``Old Boy” and its star Choi Min-shik. Chou said he would like to work again with Park Eun-hye, who co-starred with him in the drama ``Silence” and So Ji-sop.

Yan, Wu, Chu and Chou gained popularity throughout Asia after starring in the TV drama ``Boys are Prettier than Flowers” and its sequel. F4 has released two albums ``Meteor Rain” and ``Fantasy Forever” and has staged sold-out concerts.

However, in recent years, F4 members have concentrated on solo work such as dramas, movies and albums. F4 members have visited Seoul on separate occasions but never as a group. In November 2004, Chou, Chu and Wu attended the Asia Song Festival, while Yan attended the M-net Music TV festival in December 2004.




Tokyo, March 7 (CNA) Popular Taiwanese four-man pop group, F4, held an international news conference in Tokyo to promote tourism in Taiwan and went to Fuji Television Network for a shoot on the famous television variety show of the Japanese five-man group, SMAP, where they talked about beauty of Taiwan.

F4 members Jerry Yan, Vic Chou, Ken Chu, and Vanness Wu said they were proud to be representatives of Taiwan's tourism at the international press conference organized by Taiwan's Tourism Bureau. The four members all showed off aspects of Taiwan that they favor, from beautiful natural scenery to delicious local fruits and dishes.

F4 talked about beauty of Taiwan during SMAP's show, "SMAP¡Ñ SMAP"-- the most sought after program for Japanese variety artists wishing to make a public appearance. This was the first time that Taiwanese artists have been on the program. Board Chairman of AzioTV Go Fu-hung said the show was designed by Takuya Kimura, a SMAP member and one of Japan's most favorite pop idol, and is scheduled to air next week.

Lai So-chen, director-general of Taiwan's Tourism Bureau said in the press conference that Japanese people made 1.16 million visits to Taiwan in 2006. With the Taiwan High Speed Rail operational, the opening of the renovated National Palace Museum, and completion of the Hsuehshan tunnel, Lai said Taiwan is ready to welcome far more visitors.

(By Yang Ming-chu and Ruth Wang)

Zai Zai rattles Da S skills in cooking noodles, middle of the night begs for Ken Zhu's rewarding dishes

Taiwan Apple Daily
Min Sheng Bao

ZaiZai has finished his promotion for Silence in Japan; he stayed there for 4 days and 3 nights. During the propaganda he revealed that there was this one time his girlfriend Da S gave him some instant noodles to eat. He also revealed that there was this one time he went to Zhu Xiao Tian's house to beg for something to eat. He said: "Do you have time tonight?" The neighbors who have heard it felt it was a bit weird but actually he just wanted to ask for some pork dish so he could eat!

Aside from saying that Da S skills in cooking is still the same, he loves to go to Zhu Xiao Tian's house, knock on his door and beg for something to eat. There was a time when both of them were practically neighbors and Zhu Xiao Tian can really cook Zhu You Ban (I think this is like Crispy Pata). His stomach was really hungry and he would just go there to beg for food.

So far, the only person he really forces to cook is Zhu Xiao Tian it's because ZXT's skill in cooking is extremely good there was a time in a fit of hunger he just went to ZXT's house press the door bell and beg for food.

CREDIT ONLY honeybums of KCIFC Philippines for the translation & the original source of the article.

Still under Genting's spell

Still under Genting's spell

The Bangsar Boy

I AM not quite sure what my obsession with Genting Highlands is but I absolutely love that place. Perhaps it stems from the fact that it is such a fun place to be.

When younger, it was not close enough to make frequent visits and now that I'm much older and mobile, it's really barely an hour away.

The unfortunate part for me, however, is that many of my friends don't feel the same way.

Recently, I was given the opportunity to spend a night there and obviously, I grabbed the opportunity. I had a hard time convincing friends to come along with me but eventually (with the promise of a free bed and me doing the driving) they relented. I didn't spend much time up there, we got there in time for a quick dinner and then it was time for the Vanness Wu concert we were due to watch. After that, we took a walk around the indoor theme park.

The next morning, we had a quick breakfast and I was determined to play some games. I wasn't so much interested in the outdoor theme park that particular day, recollecting some scary memories.

I was there once in 2003 with a group of colleagues. We spent a couple of nights there which was really fun but the best part really was going on the rides. You see, prior to that, I have always been scared of such rides and the only reason I agreed to join my friends was because of a particular ride I had gone on the year before.

This was at one of the theme parks on the Gold Coast, Australia, during my round the country visit before heading back to KL, after having completed my studies.

Having paid so much money to get in (I really only wanted to visit the house where they shoot Big Brother Australia TV series), I decided I could not leave without trying out a ride.

This ride raises a group of people above a big pool of water and you are clamped down to your seats by this huge bars that come down from your shoulder and right down to your belly.

I met this guy in the queue and he was nice enough to talk me through the whole ordeal. When we were going round and round, the guy – a typical Australian bloke – was kind enough to offer to hold my hand in exchange for me keeping my eyes open.

"You can't miss this view, mate," was his reason. When we were suspended 90 degrees, our body weight all on the bar, it was he who convinced me to let go and hold my hand out a la Superman.

I did and the feeling was amazing. So, when I was in Genting with my colleagues, I carried with me that confidence. I went on the Cork Screw which was a great feeling and

I became brave enough to go on this device, I forget what it is called.

It basically lifts you very, very high up, holds you there for a while before making a free fall drop. It was a blast and I was convinced that I had overcome my fear of thrill rides.

Unfortunately, a visit back in 2005 (my last time there before last weekend – so much for loving the place, huh?) I once again decided to go on that ride. I wanted to experience the same thrill except this time, on my own. All the way up there, I asked myself: "Oh my gosh, what were you thinkiiiiiii…" and before I could finish that thought, I was on my way down, totally unprepared and scared sh**less.

I've not been back on a thrill ride since. So this time round, I was still determined to act like a kid and went around looking for some games to entertain myself with.

My friends and I found ourselves in the arcade section of the indoor theme park and seeing all those games – Street Fighter, Daytona racing and Time Cop – just brought back memories.

My friend and I were talking about the days back in school when we'd play truant (I only did it once, mum!) to head over to the arcade centre in Jaya Shopping Centre in Petaling Jaya. At that time, with my allowance, I could only afford a couple of games so what we had to do was be really good so as to keep winning because as long as you don't lose, you're still in the game.

I also remember the days when my uncle from Singapore would want to head up to Genting to have a go at the casino, and my mum would insist that I go along.

Now, I'm not sure if mum sent me there to babysit my uncle, or vice versa but we had the time of our lives.

While he was in there trying to win more money for me to play games (so long as he kept winning, I had stash to keep playing), I was trying to win as much coupons to exchange for a pencil box, or a soft toy. Not quite the same thing, but I've never been a gambling kind of person anyway.

The best part however for me has always been the cold weather because then it really felt like I was away from home.

I always made it a point to walk about and take in the fresh air. Of course, the best way was really by taking the taxi down – the windows are never down, and the drivers always drove as if they were going to drive over the ledge which ensured that we got a cold blast of air in our face all the way down.

Hmm... maybe that's why I've got such a phobia of thrill rides.


F4 @ SMAP x SMAP broadcast postponed

Mr Chi's message

F4 @ SMAP x SMAP broadcast postponed
2007-03-12 @ 13:54:17

F4 segment in SMAP x SMAP that was originally scheduled to be broadcast on 12 Mar (Monday) will be postponed and broadcast in April.
(This is because the recorded content was much more than initially planned.
Therefore, it's unable to broadcast on 12 Mar.
Will inform everyone when we know of the actual broadcast.

Credit michi @Onlyf4

F4 in Japan 2 - More News, Photos, Downloads

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Message from Mr Chih

EpochTimes 3/6

[download] japan fans blog


[DOWNLOAD] F4 in Narita 20070306

Airport Screencaps

F4 in Japan 2 - More News, Photos, Downloads

F4 members were appointed as the representatives of Taiwan Tourism Bureau

Airport Screencaps

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F4 in JAPAN - News, Photos and Downloads

Friends, i am too lazy to post it one by one ... you can visit some updates here [i am only human hehe]:

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Fans at the Airport

F4 to guest in SMAP X SMAP in a big battle of the bands

Idol group F4 as ambassadors of Taiwan will go to Japan and Korea to hold international media conference

F4 will go to Japan and Korea to promote Taiwan

Jerry Yan brakes income source brings up resentment to F3

Super famous F4 as Tourism honorary ambassadors to lure fans to come to Taiwan and create an upsurge in Taiwanese wave

More Screencaps, Updates - F4 going to Japan

F4 Arrives in Tokyo to Promote Taiwanese Tourism - March 6, 2007

Jerry's Shanghai Charity Event - Cancelled

More Pictures from WireImages

F4 to guest in SMAP X SMAP in a big battle of the bands

Source: United Daily News (Lian He Bao)
March 6, 2007

scanned news clipping by mamy of Jerry's Harbor (page D3)
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As F4 goes to Japan today, they will guest in the taping of SMAP's TV show.

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Two of Asia's most famous idol groups "F4 VS SMAP" battles together in one show! F4 will go to Japan today for the Taiwan Tourism Bureau promotion. They will also guest at the taping of alreaSMAP's variety show "SMAP X SMAP". After they return to Taiwan, they will hold a Japanese and Korean fan meeting sometime in April, in its aim to target the Japanese and Korean tourists.

Actually, the only public appearance of F4 in Japan is tomorrow's press conference, but they will already arrive there a day earlier because they will guest in the taping of the "SMAP X SMAP". It's only Takuya Kimura, Shingo Katuri, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi and Goro Inagaki who will be together with Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Vanness Wu and Ken Zhu in this episode, that could bring enough excitement to the viewers.

SMAP's variety show "SMAP X SMAP" has been around for 10 years now. At the end of last year, rumors spread that the show will already stop airing. Kimura's mom even revealed that the 5 men will already disband to go on with their solo careers. In addition, ever since F4's "Meteor Garden" had created a wave in Japan, this rare chance of bringing together these two famous boy bands was not easy. Last night, that program already announced that F4 will guest in their show

As F4 visits Japan, large troops to be deployed for the 4,Strict policy for short exit walk and allow to wave only 3 times

Source: Liberty Times

March 5, 2007
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scanned news clipping by mamy of
summarized by Jerry's Kingdom

Tomorrow, F4 will all-together board the plane bound for Japan for the Taiwan Tourism Bureau promotion, a collective break after their individual solo flights. Because of the collective 4's astonishing expected amount of fans to welcome, Japanese police will use the strict troop deployment. The Japanese aviation authorities also relayed to F4 the restrictions of waiving their hands for only 3 times during their exit from the airport.

Japanese Aviation Police is very afraid of fans' chaos

Two years ago, during the last time F4 collectively went to Japan was for their photobook shooting, thousands of fans madly chased and crowded towards the Tokyo airport, creating extreme chaos and inconveniences for other airport travelers. After that, F4 went separate ways in their solo careers and a reunion project became next to difficult. However, in order to promote Taiwan tourism, F4 will end their earlier qualms on reuniting. On Tuesday afternoon, they will take the China Airlines flight bound for Tokyo from Taoyan airport. In order to prevent a huge commotion in the airport, the Japanese Aviation Security already sent restricted policies to F4 including phohibited areas of picture-taking, their pre-determined exit route, and allowing them to wave to the fans for only 3 times before they will quickly walk-away towards the airport exit.

Vanesss to promote using a cane to support his injured leg

Regarding accommodations, F4 will jointly embark on First Class. Vic and Ken will sit together while Jerry and Vaness will sit side by side. On special requests, food lover Ken asked for some quick meal after work, while fitness-conscious Vanness asked for those light food and drinks of boiled meat and salads with no oil, and wanted a hotel with a gym.

However, during Vanness' just-concluded concert in Malaysia, he injured his right foot pretty bad, that is why he will use a cane when he walks to Japan and Korea.

TW Liberty Times (3/5)

credits to fatty @ asianfanatics

according to TW Liberty Times (3/5), Japan airport has already issued very stringent conditions to prevent chaos tomorrow such as F4 must followed the preset route to the exit, can only wave 3 times, etc, etc. & seems that Jerry will be seated with Vanness while Ken will be seated with ZZ. since tmrw is a weekday, i hope think the situation wont be that bad. Japanese airport officials takes very seriously any situations that will caused discomfort to others in the airport, that's why they are very strict when it comes to artistes arrival at the airport, they absolutely dont like it if fans create inconvenience to other passengers.