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Vanness Wu at Golden Horse Awards

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“The Last Night of Madam Chin” starts filming

Fan Bing Bing new drama “The Last Night of Madam Chin” starts filming
Waited 10 months for Zai Zai Zhou Yu Min

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After experiencing a "crisis of copyright" and more than a year of preparation, the TV version of "The last Night of Madam Chin" started filming yesterday in Shanghai. This is also the second production from Fan Bingbing’s studio following "Rouge Snow". Zhou Yu Min, Wong Siu-kei, Fang Zhongxin, Anthony Wong will act as the important men in the lives of Fan Bingbing’s character Madam Chin. Fan Bingbing said, due to the schedule of “young boyfriend" Zhou Yu Min, she waited for 10 months.

Waited 10 months for Zhou Yumin

In the drama, during her youth, Madam Chin has three men appear in her life, acted by Zhou Yu Min, Wong Siu-kei, Fang Zhongxin. Fan Bingbing said that in order for Zhou Yu Min to act as her “young boyfriend”, they have to wait 10 long months. "From the beginning, we have already identified him and has strongly invited him to join. We waited from February until December. Finally he emptied out a timeslot/ schedule. It must be that he was moved by our sincerity."

It was reported that in the original story, the role played by Zhou Yumin ie. “Yue Ru” is a University student kept by Madam Chin, and only served as an adornment in the story. But this script specifically increased the character’s portion just for Zhou Yu Min. Anthony Wong who portrays Madam Chin’s ”last man” in the drama, due to commitment to film a movie with Johnnie To which causes his schedule to be not the same with Zhou Yu Min, and so they had no choice but to reduce his portion in the drama.

While still in Taiwan shooting Ruffian Hero, Zhou Yu Min, has also expressed great interest in the role of “Yue Ru”. He said that "This role is very challenging. If I can successfully interprete it, it will be a major breakthrough for my acting." Zhou Yu Min will formally join the group on the 19th Dec.

950,000 yuan per episode, the most expensive period drama

Fan Bing Bing selected the drama after reading more than 20 scirpts. The cost per episode is at 950,000 yuan, mainly in sets and costumes, and is the most expensive period drama to date. This includes luxurious stage and dance hall, and filming in Taiwan.

When asked if she is worried that it will be difficult to recover the production cost of 950,000 yuan per episode, Fan Bingbing and her partner/ agent (Mu Xiaoguang) said that the drama has receive very good reception from overseas. Hong Kong and Taiwan, as well as Singapore and Malaysia have ordered in advance, so that even high production cost can be recovered.

*950,000 yuan = NTD4.64 million per episode

F4 - Actors Style Taiwan Vol 11

cartoon extracted from Japan magazine: Actors Style Taiwan Vol 11

thanks to Michi @ Onlyf4

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Upcoming Artist That Want To Be Invited ?


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Stardust and Ruffian Hero

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Nov. 29, 2008 - Lian He Bao

It was reported that ZZ's Jerk and Hero was planned to be broadcasted during the Chinese New Year on PTS (Public Television Service), but as the project is unable to finish on time, so Yan Cheng Xu's Starlit will be broadcasted at that time instead to "save the fire". Then ZZ's drama will be broadcasted after Starlit.

For now, Starlit will be broadcasted on CCTV, and the initial broadcast copyright in TW was obtained by PTS. It is planned to start the initial broadcast by late January. PTS has decided to apply the nomination of Golden Bell's Best Actor Award for Yan Cheng Xu. After realizing PTS' plan, although he has never been nominated for Golden Bell Award, he answered in low profile, "I try hard when filming every drama. I don't think about that (award) too much."

V animated

V animated
Thunder Road
By James Gabrillo
Philippine Daily Inquirer

Last updated 01:10:00 11/15/2008

VAN Ness Wu isn’t two steps through the door before I understand his entire career. On paper, his clean-cut all-Asian good looks make him an unlikely choice to play a suave university student in the wildly popular Taiwanese idol series “Meteor Garden.” Earlier this year we saw him play a part in the epic period film “Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon.” He’s one-fourth of the pop music group F4, now known as JYKV. Why then, you have to wonder, the need to play a guy who experiences an emotional rollercoaster so vigorous and never-before-seen that I’m actually quite nervous for Animax.

In “LaMB,” Van Ness lends his voice to bring to life the character of Dr. Jack Griswold, a man suffering the pain and despair of moving on after the loss of his wife, the struggle against the system of virtual imprisonment, and the helplessness and anguish of his seemingly doomed romance with a prisoner named Eve. Clearly, this is a character unlike those he played before.

But Van Ness says this one is something he’s truly proud of. “I’m very excited about my involvement,” he tells me in an exclusive interview. “Jack is a very complex character with many facets and strong emotions, and I am looking forward to meeting the challenges to bring him to life.”

F4 in 2D

When the producers of the series approached Van Ness and offered him the role, he found it such a privilege. Van Ness admits that ironically, while his face won’t be seen on screen, he thinks this is one role critics and fans will remember him playing.

“To be a part of any type of animation project is nothing but a dream come true,” he says. “I love the way that animation is able to create different worlds, different times. It challenges you to explore the imagination.”

Not surprising to hear from someone who grew up glued to varied Japanese animated series. “Ninja School, Akira, Gunbuster, Robotech, Naruto, Evangelion, Samurai Champloo—the list goes on and on,” he recalls. “I’m a big dork and a bit of a nerd. When I was young my cousins and I were too involved with gadgets and we were all crazy over animation.”

Dub-le trouble

While recording his dubs, Van Ness got entangled with a little challenge that he never foresaw—bringing out the extra dark emotions the role demands while caged inside a small, cold audio booth.

“There were no actors or actresses that were picked at that time. So pretty much the only other sound I was hearing was from the vocal producer at the other room,” he says. “And sometimes the simple throwaway lines like ‘I like to get a cup of water’ are the hardest to say.”

Silence of the LaMB

A few hours after I talked to him, I caught him being interviewed on television. It was a press conference—probably his one hundredth in the last week, I thought. When Van Ness entered the room, he walked with his head bowed down and eyes turned inward. Later he revealed that perhaps he got too burdened by inner turmoil after internalizing his character too much.

He kept his olive-drab military cap on backwards as he slid quietly on the spotlight, so only a few wisps of his auburn hair slipped free. The high cheekbones suddenly seemed skeletal, the large eyes clouded. While "LaMB" is a project for young audiences, Van Ness seems very much aware that this is his most mature role to date.

I continued to watch the press con. When someone asked about his childhood addiction to anything animated, Van Ness’ face lit up. It was one of only a handful of smiles I got to witness, but the effect is as remarkable as it is disconnected: his eyes clear, his body slouching rakishly against the chair. For the moment, he was easy-going and seemed to have no idea.

All grown up

As the press con wrapped up and I recalled our conversation early that day, I thought that Van Ness Wu is a likeable chap, if a little guarded. He tells you, “I’m guarded” and crosses his arms over himself. Then he tries, with admirable humanity, to un-guard himself for you.

The more mature Van Ness Wu is a Van Ness Wu who seems to have traded vanity in for something more useful: a color-palette of nuances and delicately tuned emotional truths. You don’t have to be an actor or a Buddhist to notice that he has impressive interior design—he’s done a dutiful job of his own character construction.

Not that he couldn’t still be vain if he felt like it. He still has movie-star good looks. He just prefers to wear it inside out these days. He’s filled up now, and looks better than ever.

“LaMB,” Animax Asia’s first HD original animation production, is premiering in early 2009 across Asia. It is based on the award-winning script submitted by Filipino viewer and amateur writer Carmelo Juinio to the Animax Awards 2007 pan-Asia scriptwriting contest.


Taiwan Golden Horse - Vanness Wu

Taiwan Golden Horse award will be held on 6 Dec in Tai chung.

Invited guests includes: Lin Zhiling, Zeng Zhi Wei, Du Wen Ze, Fang Zu Ming and Wu Jian Hao....


Vanness Wu is Dr. Grisworld in Animax Asia’s ‘LaMB’

Vanness Wu is Dr. Grisworld in Animax Asia’s ‘LaMB’

Walden Sadiri

who does not know pop-Asian star Vanness Wu?

In the Philippines alone, he became a household name as a member of the Asian boy band F4 whose TV series " Meteor Garden " and Meteor Rain" became phenomenal hits as their shows invaded nationwide Pinoy TV.

While in Asia, the Taiwanese-American artist is also a recording star as well as a movie actor whose most recent movie was "The Three Kingdoms: Ressurection of the Dragon." There’s more to expect from Van Ness Wu as he is working on a number of projects and one of them "LaMB," Animax Asia’s first multimedia, multiplatform (for online, mobile and television) and HD original animation production.

In a phone interview with select members of the Asian press, Vanness said he didn’t know how he was chosen to be a part of a big Asian animated project like "LaMB" but is nonetheless pleased he was cast. Fortunately for him they were looking for someone who could speak fluent English and Mandarin because "LaMB" is going to be dubbed in those languages among other versions.

"I’m just very grateful it fell on my lap...when they approached and asked me about it, I was looking at the artwork and I was looking at the story and I decided it was a great project to climb on board. It was such a big animation project," explained the actor who was handpicked for the role.

His second time in voice acting in "LaMB," it is also his first voice acting in English. So how different is voice acting from regular acting?

"Well, you don’t have to worry about camera angles as much because there’s no camera," he kidded on the phone. "Sometimes the simple lines like I like to get a cup of water. You have to do a couple more takes just to get the proper effect because it is animation. Some of the simple throw away lines instead you have to be a little bit more specific in the way you say it."

He added that one of the biggest challenges for voice acting was that the artwork was not yet finished when he started dubbing for it.

"There were no actors or actresses that were picked at that time. So pretty much the only other sound I was hearing was from the vocal producer at the other room. She really helped me get into the character and helped get me get more details of what’s going on the room and things going around and God Bless her for being so professional," he said.

Vanness Wu plays Dr. Jack Grisworld. "LaMB" is about the protagonists Jack and Eve’s struggle against planet Cerra’s Lamination system of imprisonment — criminals called LaMBs are kept in laminated suits to remain productive. Yet they remain imprisoned inside their laminated suits. Eve is an ex-scientist serving her sentence in the suit having accidentally taken innocent lives in an experiment gone wrong, while Jack is a visiting scientist immersing himself in work to forget his dead wife. Inadvertently, Jack gets pulled into the political system of Lamination and a romance with Eve.

So does he relate to his character being a pop star or a matinee idol?

Vanness Wu could actually relate to his character since he considers himself, like Dr. Grisworld, a nerd.

He expounded, "Growing up, me and my cousins, my cousin is like a big computer engineer guy and we are all into animation and the geeky stuffs that some might say but I find it very cool. I was able to relate with him a little bit and I kinda got my cousin’s personality in my cartoon character."

Though he could not describe how he would like himself interpreted if he was an animé character, he is simply thrilled to be working in "LaMB."

"I am very excited about my involvement in Animax’s inaugural animation production as it looks set to reach out to Asian youths in a big way across multiple media platforms. Jack is a very complex character with many facets and strong emotions, and I am looking forward to meeting the challenges to bring him to life in LaMB," said Vanness Wu in an interview with Animax.

Directed by Ryosuke Tei, from the storyboards Yasufumi Soejima, "LaMB" is slated for a 2009 opening. Other international artists involved in "LaMB" are Canadian pop punk band Simple Plan and American rock band The Click Five. The former’s "I Can Wait Forever" is the show’s title track.

When asked who is Vanness Wu’s favorite cartoon character, he mentioned a lot but what came to mind was Naruto.

"Because of his heart. He has a great big heart and he believes in something he dreams and he pursues and goes after that no matter what and he doesn’t let anyone stand on his way," he concluded.

source: Manila Bulletin Online

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U decide who host 9th CCTV-MTV on 16 November @ Beijing

U decide who host 9th CCTV-MTV on 16 November @ Beijing

JJ Lin, Vanness Wu or Lee Hom?

Cast yr vote @:

from Michi @ OnlyF4

Vanness Wu's Kungfu Fighter VCD and DVD on Sale @ Odyssey

Vanness Wu's Kungfu Fighter VCD and DVD on Sale @ Odyssey

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-The making contains behind the scene footages, interview and Vanness' training in Kungfu (doing some stunts, kicking, flying....sleeping hahaha!!!!)

thanks to Chrissie for the SMS.

Check the photos here

[Now Available] Batanes Movie VCD and DVD

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*extras: dvd contains trailers and a photo slideshow (not sure with vcd version)

Stupid Youtube terminates my account!

Stupid Youtube terminates my account!

What the hell...I don't get the logic. All clips i made were terminated including my account.
I only uploaded few self-made clips, Yet deleted some others that claimed that the materials were "copyrighted"

OK, it's ok.

I have wherein i stored all my files.

So I won't be coming back to Youtube.




F4 Japan Concert Updates

Hi guys
Our forum will be giving you updates on F4 Concert in Japan

Will be posting here as soon as possible. Thanks. Jia You, Fsz!

Songs that F4 gonna sing in F4 JAPAN TOUR 2008

You want to know what are the songs that F4 will going to Sing in their upcoming F4 Japan Tour 2008 this October?

Check this link and find out
Big thanks to Vanness' friend Terry for updating us.
Songs that F4 gonna sing in F4 JAPAN TOUR 2008

[Audio] Ken @ Geisai Event in Japan

Ken's Message to Fans
Audio provided by kenforever
(to download the entire audio, go to

Transcribed by daomisyel for

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source: minmin0609

credits to may0224 of

Here is the full version in 27 mins

Full Translation

source: UDN
translated by:

F4’s upcoming concert tours in Japan are taking place soon. Yesterday the 4 took some time out to hold a press conference in Tokyo. They announced that they will add 2 extra shows on Oct 3 and Oct 19, totalling 7 concerts, with over 80,000 fans attending.

Yesterday, during the press conference, in front of over 100 reporters, besides announcing the good news of 2 added shows, F4 also revealed details about each of their own solo performances. ZaiZai (Vic Zhou) said that to be different from their 2006 Hong Kong concert, this time he will use 3D images in his performance. Ken Zhu shyly said that he had taken up ZaiZai’s suggestion and will challenge tap-dancing. He said, “I am not good at dancing, so I am very nervous, but I will try hard to perform to the best of my ability.”

Talented Vanness Wu says that this time, besides planning even more outrageous dancing, he will also bring on an exclusive orchestra to accompany his performance. As for Jerry Yan, he says that this time, he does not plan to sing and dance at the same time, but rather he will focus on the music and feelings to touch the fans.

From the 3rd of October, F4 will hold 3 concerts at the Hokohama Arena, Tokyo Budokan Hall and Osaka Hall. The 4 will also live in Tokyo for some time, and when asked about what they want to do while they are there, Jerry praised Japan’s fruit. He said, “If I get the chance, I want to eat as many speciality fruit as possible.” ZaiZai smiled and said, “Because I don’t like leaving the house, now, whenever I leave the country, I like examining menus in different hotels, and then recommend to others, maybe I can release a book in the future.”

Ken said, “If I have some spare time from work, I will want to go to restaurant to eat, visit some bookstores and also go to a spa.” Vanness however, is the opposite and he says, “To maintain a good figure, if I have time, I will exercise. Lately, everyday in the morning, I will go to restaurant and eat 10 boiled eggs.”

UDN, september 19

rough translation by daomisyel @

UDN, september 19

Ken said Zaizai accepted the biggest challenge to do a "tap show"
He said "am not good at dancing, am so nervous but i will do my best"

F4 will stay longer in Japan and asked what they are going to do when they have free time:

Jerry said - he wanted to taste Japan's specialty fruit
Zaizai said - i don't like to go out, i'll order in hotel room service instead
ken said - when there is free time, then i'll go out and eat at the restaurants, go to some bookstores and look for some hot springs
vanness said - in order to maintain my physique, i'll exercise and order a soft-boiled eggs @ the hotel

F4 in Tokyo Presscon for Japan Concert

click the links to view the news, poster and photos. thank you.

F4 in Japan Updates

Gabe will be going to Japan on 17 Sept for F4 rehearsal & concert tour


thanks to Michi @ Only F4
I think Jerry is in Japan now, as a blog owner from Japan wrote that Jerry had dinner with some staff in a Korean restaurant in Japan.

thanks to kkla @

Three Kingdoms coming soon in the Philippines

Three Kingdoms coming soon in the Philippines

Posted by Vannesa @

Great news, Three Kingdoms will be showing here in Manila.
Let's all support the movie.

Details to follow.Soon.

You can read her updates here on our forum,

FYI, Vanness has a cameo on this film. So we better watch it!

Such a great news. I love watching this kind of film. We know that Vannness' part is just "short" still,am going to watch this film on big screen. The english subtitled DVD made me sick and it's fun if i'll watch this together with my friends. Diba?

My question is: is the film english subtitled or english dubbed?

and...should i say, i have a strong feeling that Red Cliff will be coming here to the Philippines..That would be GREAT.

Ken Chu @ Geisai 09-14-08

source: Apple Daily
thanks to Yvonne @ Onlyf4

Ken sings 3 songs : (walk out from yesterday) Rain and (Love non stop),
his body is just like the same in July fans meeting, sun-tanned,
his beard is so growing, that in order words, he is absolutely SEXY
credits to simple @ kenforever

you can check this website for more updates

check out photo album here

CREDIT TO essa.of kenforever
special thanks to wowo of kenforever
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Tokyo Trial Nominated at 17th Golden Rooster and Full Blossom Film Festival

Zhang Yimou, Gong Li, Jackie Chan fail to make shortlist for Chinese audience film awards
Chinese film veterans Zhang Yimou, Gong Li and Jackie Chan failed to make the shortlist for film awards given by the audience at an annual domestic film festival which opened in China's northeast seaport of Dalian on Wednesday.

Directors Feng Xiaogang, Yin Li, Stephen Chow, Ning Hao and Gao Qunshu will contend for the Best Director of the 29th Full Blossom awards, with their "The Assembly," "Yun Shui Yao," "Crazy Stone," "A Hope," and "Tokyo Trial", respectively.

They were selected and then nominated during a general election campaign organized by China Film Association from April 16 to July 31.

Zhang Yimou, director of "Curse of the Golden Flower," has missed the shortlist, together with Peter Chan and Benny Chan, other two candidates announced by the CFA earlier.

"Curse of the Golden Flower" received heated and mixed reaction after its release in China in December 2006.

Zhang is also the general director of the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic opening and closing ceremonies.

Gong Li was on the longlist for her leading role in "Curse of the Golden Flower" together with Xu Jinglei and Lin Hsilei, but lost out on a shortlist spot to Li Bingbing, Tang Yan, Gao Yuanyuan, Hsu Vivian, Leung Wing Kei, who were nominated for the Best Leading Actress award.

Kung fu star Jet Li will contend for the Best Leading Actor after beating off strong opponents including Jackie Chan, Andy Lau, Chow Yun-fat, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Louis Koo.

He was nominated with Zhang Hanyu for Feng Xiaogang's "The Assembly", Guo Tao for 2006's black horse "Crazy Stone," Chen Kun for love story "Yun Shui Yao," and Liu Songren for "Tokyo Trial."

Li was acclaimed by audience for "The Warlords", depicting a struggle of three blood brothers and their love entanglements with a woman during a time of war and political upheaval in the Qing Dynasty .

He won the Best Leading Actor at the 27th Hong Kong Film Awards on April 13, also for the movie, which was directed by Hong Kong director Peter Chan.

"Yun Shui Yao," "The Assembly," "Crazy Stone," "Tokyo Trial," "Invisible Wings" will vie for the Best Feature Film award.

All the awards will be given out at the closing ceremony of the 17th Golden Rooster and Full Blossom Film Festival on Saturday evening.

Programs of the festival include promotion of dozens of films, projection of more than 80 domestic and foreign movies, a film forum and several press conferences.

Source: Xinhua

F4 Slideshow | Yesteryears and Beyond | Self Made MV

F4 Slideshow | Yesteryears and Beyond | Self Made MV

Dedicated to all of you!

*in low resolution,forgive me am so lazy to convert it (hahaha)
*you have no choice!

Vanness Wu and Kelly Lin at GUCCI Fashion Show In Taiwan

thanks to KeneticGurl @ Tsinoy
2008 09 06 at 12:55
credit to KellyLinthread@asianfanatics

In addition to Huang Xiao Ming, last night the angels have gathered in the big show. Kelly Lin, Liang Jingru, Jiang Yi, Laiya Yan, the fashionable F4(Vanness) and Nguyen arrived at the scene earlier . Nguyen admitted today , this is his first time over the years to be invited to participate in GUCCI activities whihc is actually an event for models, which really made him blush.Kelly Lin came out, wearing leather jacket and a mini -balloon dress , displaying a rare personality, and for the first time she also tried to have a black nail polish, to make her appear more rock-oriented for the big fashion show. Singer Liang Jingru wears special dress looking so small and gringing in the latest bag for this year at the venue, and Vanness Wu was in a punk style get up.

Retardeds @ VannAddicts Party - Legend Villas

(at last,i got my copy, wuhooooooooooooooooo!!!)

August 30...

*we just dropped by....hectic sked duh! hahaha!
Thanks for the goodies VannAddicts. See you again Soon....

=) ....

photo credits to

*special thanks to VIFC and VannAddicts for accomodating our orders....

jia you vanness!!!

F4’s Japan Tour 2008 tickets are hot

Taiwanese boyband F4’s Japan Tour 2008 concert tickets are selling like hot cakes at the moment. The group was planning to have three concerts in October initially, but added to seven following popular demand from fans around the world.

Taiwanese boyband F4 Japan concert poster

F4 has been enjoyed great fame since 2001 following their debut in hit TV drama “Meteor Garden”. The guys are now very much focus on their solo career and are not often seen appearing together in public events… and the rumour that this tour could be their last act as a group has fueled the ticket sales obviously.

Taiwanese boyband F4 Japan concert poster
Taiwanese boyband F4 Japan concert poster
Taiwanese boyband F4 Japan concert poster
Taiwanese boyband F4 Japan concert poster
F4 Japan Tour 2008 promotional posters (Image via Sohu)


Free newsletter in Japan convenience store

credits to michi @ onlyf4