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Feb 7 premiere night tickets -sold out/Feb 11 block screening, tickets still available

According to OnlyJerry, tickets r already sold out for premiere night of Magic Kitchen on Feb 7 @ SM Megamall. but still u can join us on block screening on feb 11 @ Robinson's MovieWorld here's the details from belle.


....if you want to see how our Magic Memorabilia looks like, please click the link below.

...if you want to own this limited edition thermo mug, BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW!'s the details...


Robinsons Movieworld Marketing Office
Inside Dreamscape, Level 4 Robinsons Galleria (Ortigas)

Sahara or Alen

Monday to Friday
10AM to 6PM

Special Schedule:
January 30, 2004 (Saturday)
10AM to 5PM
Proceed to Cinema 5 of Robinsons Galleria and look for MEANN

Lia's experience to meet JY in HK & Singapore

email from Cherry Dimaguila

HI GUYS !!!!



dear all Jerry's friends,

I am still very happy now, still feel like dreaming
I would like to share my happiness due to seeing JY in person in HK n
Sing, talked to him, shaked hand, got his signature and hugged his arm in
airport. Hope this story could make you happy as I am...and we all may
know him more..

This is a very long story....if you were bored reading it, just delete

I took trip Jkt-HK-Sing-Jkt, left for HK on Saturday noon, arrived at
night and stayed for 4 nites at Ritz Carlton where JY stayed, left for
Singapore on 14th on same flight with him (CX 711) but didnot stay at same
hotel since untill last minute we didnt get where he would stay at Sing.
Back to Jkt on Saturday night. I had this trip with 2 other friends,
Veronia and Lela. Very exhousted but enjoy my days for I had wonderful
days with our prince

On first night we couldnt see him at all. He arrived at Ritz Carlton (RC)
about 10 minutes prior to our arrival at RC.

The next day we could met him with other +/- 10 fans on his way to Hong
Ham where he had first promo MK in HK. We could see him for he stopped by
at a building on the way to Hong Ham. I heard from HK friends that he
needed to stop for having 'pee'...heheee...I guessed he did it in purpose
to give us chance to meet him :). He was very handsome in light blue
sweater but looked thinner. I, Veronia and about 2 other fans managed to
pass our gift to him. I gave several pictures when we celebrated his b-day
at McD with orphant children on Jan 4th in 10R size together with the
story of celebration in Chinese writing (my friend helped me to translate
my story) and my letter plus New Year card and a letter from a friend in
Jkt. All were packed on a transparant buttoned plastic paper map. I passed
it to him and he received it with big smile .After that we joined the MK
promotion function

On 12th, there was aother function at Time Square and continued by
watching MK movie. We were together with HK fans following his car to car
park of Time Square (at basement). When JY came out from his van, about 10
fans gatherred at the left side near the short stairs directing to
elevator that JY would enterred. There are several securstar guys between
the area to be passed by JY and fans. I took the right side only by
myself, near the car's door. When Jerry came out from van, I called his
name and he looked at me, then I said "I am from Jakarta" then he gave his
big nice smile and waived at me. My heart beat so hard....he is soooooooo
handsome with his black n white costume and very kind. I almost cry by
We planned to have dinner at same resto with him but it was fully booked
and have to queing to get the table. We just forgot it and went out to
open air area for joining the function. There are so many fans there and
so difficult to see Jerry. Thank God there is a very big screen on Time
Square so we could enjoy every single second through the screen. Sammi was
there too.

On 13th, there was another function is MK charity promotion and continued
by watching the movie. We waited for Jerry to leave the area (convention
centre) but he didnt appear. We met Thai fans and they have reserved to
have dinner at basement 2 of RC and they told us that JY would be there
for dinner. When Thai fans left the area to go to RC, we couldnt go with
them for a friend of mine was in the theatre for feeling so tired and
needed to have a seat. Then I and veronia enterred the theatre. When the
movie ended, I heard people screamed his name and according to people
there, apparantly Jerry was at the theatre. Gosh, I even didnt know
it...but had such kind of feeling when a securstar guy took us to find our
seat (we enterred the theatre about 30 minutes after the movie started)
and saw some security guys in the theatre.

We went back to hotel at about 12 midnight. A HK fans took us by taxi.
Then my friend Lela got back to our room for she felt very tired and
sleepy. I and Veronia and 2 HK fans (another one came later) sat on 1st
floor. Then Hk fans took us to 3rd floor. These floor (1st and 3rd) is the
floor for hotel guests to reach rooms. So the ground floor's elevator have
no direct access to rooms. Should go to 1st or 3rd floor then transfer
lift for reaching room's level. I checked to basement 2 and saw the lamp
of Chinese resto where JY had dinner still on. It ensured us that JY was
still there. We waited on 3rd floor. About 10 minutes later head of hotel
security (big bold guy) came out from elevator. Seems he was checking
situation. We guessed JY would come out. Then we moved to 1st floor
because we thought the bold guy would tell JY's crew that there are 4 fans
waiting on 3rd floor. Not up to 5 minutes, the big guy again showed up. I
almost cried didnt know where to wait for him. Then four of us discuss who
would wait where. HK fans suggested to get separated to 2 groups and see
our luck. Then I decided to go to 3rd floor with Veronia and HK fans
waited at 1st floor. We wished for our best...we each other said "jia you
jia you jia you!!". Those HK friends are very nice

Then I and Veronia sat at 3rd floor. The floor was very very quiet. Nobody
there but two of us. No hotel staff at all. Veronia took his official
paperwork for she got urgent letter to be reviewed. We sat exactly in
front of the middle elevator. I opened my 4R album content of our complete
pictures when we celebrated his b-day and read my notes on every single
picture. Then I took out my MK note book that just been given by HK fans
when we were queing for the function at that night. I wrote my name there,
then I took out a Ritz Carlton small paper. Suddenly I imagined how if I
could get his signature. Honestly, at that time I just thought that it was
only my imagination for I heard usually JY's management doesnt allow him
to give any signature or taking photo privatelly. Two of us almost lost
our hope to see Jerry for it was 1 AM and JY still hasnt shown up. Veronia
was still busy with her paperwork. Suddenly I heard the elevator reached
the floor. I look at the door's elevator with my back still leant on my
back seat. At that time I was just guessed that the big bold guy would
appeared again there.
I looked at the elevator's door which was being opened......My
Gooooodddd....I saw Jerry's face was there. He looked a bit surprised
seeing know his surprise face on MG...thats what I saw at that
moment. Then he moved his face to right with shy look. I touched Veronia
and whisperred "jerry....". I started to worry they wouldnt walk out but
thank God, after about 3-5 second they started to walk directed to another
elevator for reaching their room's level. The elevator is on my left hand
side so JY would walk beside me. I and veronia have held our gift and
slowly stood up....we were not hysteric at all....felt like being
Then JY (with Fanny and his big assistant and a hotel guy) slowly walked.
Again, I guessed JY did walk slowly in purpose i.e to give us chance to
'enjoy' him. Then when he saw us standing there (I was only about 1 meter
distance with him), they stopped in front of us. I nicely said "Jerry, we
are from Jakarta". Then Jerry gave his very nice and big smile and
suddenly gave his hand to shake hand with me. I was a bit shocked, then we
shaked hand. His hand's shake is very warm and tight. I like it :)
Then I gave my photo album to him and slowly said "I have a gift for you"
then he took my album, I continue saying slowly "this is the pictures when
we celebrated your birthday at McDonald with orphant children". Then he
said "haaaaaaaaa.........thaaank you" still with his very warm and nice
smile. He opened first page of my album then Fanny touch his hand and I
guessed she would like to say "open it later on" then JY closed the album.
After that Veronia gave his present to him, he received it and said "thank

Then in a very short time I remember about my dream to have his signature.
Suddenly I said "Jerry, would you please sign this for me?" while I hold
the RC small paper which was placed on the MK note book and holding a pen.
By then I was sure the assistant wouldnt allow him to grant my request. I
saw Fanny touched his arm maybe would like to say "no", but this very
handsome prince took my paper and note book and pen. While he was pointing
at my cover of note book (with his and sammy picture on the cover) he said
"here..". Then I said "oh...yes...please...". He meant that he didnt want
to sign on the RC small paper, he wanted to sign on cover of MK my note
book. Then his assistant (the big guy) helped him to hold my photo album
and Veronia's gift. He let JY's hand free to sign my book. Then JY walked
to the small round table and chair where we sat. I thought he would sit
there. I directly prepared the seat, but apparantly he only needed the
table for signing my book. He squatted right beside me. I almost cried
seeing the view. He was sooooo kind. He actually could sign my book by
standing for my MK note book is thick, but he did it on table to give the
best result. He is so nice! Then having realized that none say anything
while he was signing my book I reflex and slowly said "Jerry, you are very
great on your new movie" then he laughed and said "thank you". Finished
with his signature he stood up and handed my book to me and he made kind
of body language looked like wanna say "i have to go" by put his two
hand's palm together in front of his chest and bowed his body to
us........thats what he did...then walked back several steps. He is sooo
polite. I said "thank you very much Jerry" then JY walked to elevator.
Then Jerry, Fanny, his male assistant and hotel guy waited for elevator
and suddenly I heard JY said loudly "HAPPY NEW YEAR" while looking at us.
He said it wth happy face. I and Veronia looked at him and he was smiling
nicely after happy new year us. Then we said "thank you Jerry, happy new
year too, bye bye Jerry" and we waived to him. He kept smiling untill he
enterred the elevator. After he missed from our eyes two of us hugged each
other. What a wonderful night !

At HK airport, we waited for JY at boarding lounge. About 10 minutes prior
to flight schedule, he showed up with about 10-15 fans surrounded him. I
walked toward them. When I was in front of him, he was shaking hand with a
fans and when he saw me he gave his hand for shaking hand. We shaked hand.
He was very shuai with his sunglassess and jeans jacket. After shaking
hand with him, I took place on his left hand side. On his right hand side
there was Fanny (Vanny?) and the assistant guy was right behind me. THen I
realized that I have put my hand around his arm while we were walking.
Veronia told me not to hold him. She was afraid JY would get mad. And I
said (in Indonesian) "no, he is not mad, he even didnt try to let my hand
off....thats oke"...and also his assistant who was right behind me didnt
do anything to my hand...they are very kind. Probably because of seeing
and hearing our conversation (Veronia was walking back in front of us
about 2 meters), he looked at me and I looked at him. I forgot how he
looks when he looked at me and I asked Veron when we were at plane how his
face were when he was looking at me (I'm afraid he got mad at me) and
veronia said "no...he is smiling at you". I continue hugging his arm till
we reached boarding counter and let him go to business class by saying
"take care Jerry". My God, I even can not believe it happened. Feel like a
We were in the same plane. He sat at the back row of business class and
three of us sat at the first row of economy class. When I went to toilet
behind him I couldnt see him. The manager of stewardes told us that Jerry
was sleeping...he was very tired.

In Changi Sing airport, I met another 2 friends from Indonesia. We could
walk beside him up to waiting lounge before imigration. He sat down on the
lounge for about 10-15 minutes and all fans who were inside the airport
could stared at him...he was in very good mood...always smiled....he even
opened a fans' gift..a photo album and laughed when seeing the
picture...:). When he was walking to leave the lounge, I and Veronia said
"Jerry please come to Jakarta again" then he smiled and said "see you
tonight...see you tonight...."
At night I joined his function at Junction 8 and for the third time
watching his movie....
On the next day I couldnt see him leaving for Malaysia. I was very tired
and over slept untill 9 o'clock . I got sms from my indonesian friends who
were at the airport and they said Jerry changed the flight. At my room I
whisperred "bye Jerry....thanks for being so nice".....

Dui bu qi...I took much of your time to read my is a very
long story....
I am very happy.....but very very sorry I didnt manage to take picture
when I was with him. At our meeting on early in the morning (1 am) at 3rd
floor of RC we didnt dare to ask for taking picture. And at airport my
friend Lela has tried her best to take picture when I was walking beside
JY hugging his arm but I dont think she could manage it (she told me she
failed for she was pushed by fans beside and behind her).

Shortly I would like to say: Jerry is so handsome, humble, nice and kind
to all fans. He always tried to make all fans happy. He pays attention to
fans. And he is much much changed compared to before he took break for
several months last year....I was very impressed by him...and of course my
experience make me have more love, support and care for him....I'll keep
this wonderful experience in my heart forever......
Jerry you are the best!! are number one !!

Thanks God for giving me such wonderful days with our beloved Jerry Lia
from Jakarta-Indonesia

a poem for ken

posted by aica, f4_phils member

I tried so hard to be loved
But no one seems to love me
I tried so hard to be the best
But my best wasn't good enough

Do you love me from what you see?
Or do you love me because it's me.

I'm here in this world
Don't know what I'm searching
Maybe, I just want to be love?
Or just want to love you
Can you help me find my way through?

Do you know me when you look at me?
Or you're just pretending to be.

I'm very mysterious and hard to understand
But I'm not what you think I am.
If you could know me well,
Then you'll know, I'm just like anybody else.

I hate to pretend but I'm a pretender
I'm use to be like this,
As I grow wanting someone to love me in peace.

You think I'm a snob and don't know how to love
Pls. forgive me, that's all I can say
It's just the fact that I don't know where to start
What's the best thing to do
How to show it to all of you

Pls. try to understand…
I'm a young man but a child at heart
Know nothing about myself
Know nothing `bout others
Still learning to fit in to be the best that I can be.

f4_phils joins f4_internationalfc_philippines tomorrow

f4_internationalfc_philippines will be having it's 2nd gathering @ SM Megamall foodcourt, Sunday, January 25 at 1pm.
First agenda, meet and greet of fellow f4 friends
Second agenda, watching Sky of Love together (let's unite and scream @ the wide screen!)

feel free to drop by
everbody is welcome to join!



ONLYJERRY meet and greet,today,robinson's manila at 1030am at tokyo tokyo be there!


Attention: to those who already reserved and received a confirmation from hani.please read

if u still want to reserve ur tickets do email oj-through hani at

mitch ur moderator

From: "sailorgirl1121"
Date: Thu Jan 22, 2004 12:17 am

Magic Kitchen Philippine Gala Premiere Night Tickets will be
distributed at the following drop points(with OJ's who will
distribute the tickets):

Jan 23, friday, 7:00 onwards -
Tia Maria's resto, 4th floor, SM Megamall. Lauren, Riel and Prisca's
group together with those who paid last tuesday can pick up their
tickets. Another 40 tickets will be available, first come first serve
basis.( Hannie Jerra and Sailorgirl)

Jan 24, saturday, 10:30am to 1:30pm -
Robinson's Place, Tokyo Tokyo resto, Padre Faura Wing. A preliminary
meet and greet for OJ's, lets all have brunch here and while waiting
for our tickets, we will show video clips and unpublished pics taken
at Whampoa Kowloon promo function and Time Square HK. (Hannie, Sol,
Jerra and Psychepat) *for OJ's residing/working in manila

Jan 26, monday, 5:30pm to 7:00pm -
Third floor,Food gallery,infront of Samurai resto, Enterprise Tower,
Ayala Avenue Makati. (Hannie, Psychepat and Sol) * for OJ's in

Jan 26, monday, 9:00am to 6:00pm -
UST Main building lobby, Espana Manila. Call/ text if you are there.
(Sailorgirl) * for OJ's residing/working/studying in Manila.

Jan 28, wednesday, 7:00 to 8:30pm -
McDonalds, SM North Edsa. (Hannie and Sailorgirl) * for OJ's at
Quezon City

Jan 29, thursday, 7:00pm onwards -
Tia Maria's resto, 4th floor, SM Megamall. Last day for ticket
distribution. * for OJ's residing/working at Pasig/Mandaluyong area.

Priorities will be given to OJ's residing/working at the areas
mentioned. If you want to pick up your tickets on the early dates,
PAY IN ADVANCE for we can only cover as much tickets.

Blue ribbons will be distributed together with the tickets that will
be tied on the right wrist during the premiere to identify OJ MEMBERS

For more inquiries, contact MK OJ coordinator HANNIE (09178520175) or
SAILORGIRL (09178423384).


UPDATES from joisu and hyde

New pictures are uploaded. Man it was hard uploading 'em they were too many! But I'm a Ken fan (and my sister, dao_misyel will give me a reward for being the webmistress of her blog), so it's okay! hehe ^__^ Hope you guys like 'em. Buhbye and Have a good day!

You moderator's mini oneechan,

please reserve ur tickets now!


to reserve, u can
1. email me -
2. access f4_phils (yahoogroups-for members), and for non-members, u can click join and wait for the approval of membership and email me that u r reserving MK premiere.
3. details will be posted at f4_phils (yahoogroups)
4. i already added 30 more do please sign up and reserve now!!!
5. payment/claiming will be posted not later than jan 23

thanks so much,

visit Yahoogroups


<< Sky of love >>

We need all the people counts as soon as possible so either reply here
or email me at of whether you are coming and how many
other people are coming with you.

You DONT have to be a member to join our 'premier' gatherings including
the <> one

Price: 100
Date: Saturday 24th January 2004
Location: Manila, Philippines

ON MAGIC KITCHEN RESERVATION: calling all f4_phils members, if u want to join us on the premiere night on feb 7 please do reserve ur tickets right now.u can add ur name at our database section of f4_phils or email me.the first 20 tickets has been occupied!!!

jerry fever go! go! go!


if ur watching the movie with us, please email the contact persons below.

thanks so much,

MITCH, f4_phils moderator


Fellow OJ's and friends,
ONLY JERRY will be a co-sponsor of The Philippine Gala Night Premiere
of Magic Kitchen. This will be on February 07, 2004 at SM Megamall,
Cinema 10. Tickets are priced at P300 but OJ members and friends can
get it at P250.00 if you but the ticket before Jan 30. Tickets will
be available as early as Friday, Jan 23.

You will be issued a glossy 2 fold premiere ticket and the MK
souvenir will be given on the gala night. There will be a short
programme before the movie starts and ONLY JERRY group will raffle
some MK items. Programme starts at 7:30 pm.

Please make your ticket reservations now.

Contact hannie, our MK coordinator at
Other forums are invited to join us.
For other inquiries, email ojsecretary@p



visit Yahoogroups

magic kitchen screening update from sailorgirl

According to sailorgirl of onlyjerry, they are still finalizing the details.but don't worry as soon as it finalized, i'll post the possible details not later than this week!


here's sailorgirl's message posted at onlyjerry

Magic Kitchen's Only Jerry Advance Screening is surely going to
happen. WE are finalizing the details and expect some fun in the
programme before the screening...

MK promo function at Whampoa Garden, Kowloon HK was shot entirely in
video but since its not professional done, its kinda shaky, but we
had fun watching it anyway... we will try to load portions of it so
you can view it, and also pics taken during that function and more.
There's this commercial in busses shown aroung HK and it includes a
short interview/message from Jerry. Hopefully OJ's from HK can load
it pretty soon as they promised. Pictures of Jerry at the different
functions are also available. We just need to scan them and post
it... Hopefully we can do it before the week is over or latest is
monday evening.


happy bday ken!
more power!

to all ken fans...this is for you....


Now, there's a place i want to show you
And don't you know it's not too far
And there's a place i want to know you
Inside of my guitar

In my guitar there is a garden
Where rainbows bloom and shine like stars
If you say no, i beg your pardon
Come inside of my guitar

I'll make you laugh
And make you sing
And we can play among the stars
And we'll make love and dance beneath the strings
Inside of my guitar

Now, there's a feeling that i'm after
So please don't think my love's bizarre
But i hear music, girl, and laughter
Inside of my guitar

I'll make you laugh
And make you sing
And we can play among the stars
And we'll make love and dance beneath the strings
Inside of my guitar

I'll make you laugh
And make you sing
And we can play among the stars
And we'll make love and dance beneath the strings
Inside of my guitar

I'll make you laugh
And make you sing
And we can play among the stars
And we'll make love and dance beneath the strings
Inside of my guitar

Come inside of my guitar


at long last, i've seen F4'S YAMAHA billboard located at Guadalupe-EDSA..ang laki-laki di ko pa nakita hehehe misao and i last time we're looking for billboard on our left..nasa right pala hehehe...then nagulat ako (i was shocked!) when i saw jerry's pepsi poster, located at intersection of meralco avenue and ortigas ave...hehehe....billboards galore nga...super saya!puro si jerry nakikita ko everywhere!!!

i saw jerry everywhere!!!yehey!!

f4_phils supports onlyjerry for mk screening

hi everyone.

onlyjerry emailed me and they told me that they are also preparing for the screening of magic kitchen, at sm megamall (not sure of the date but i think sabay sa robinson's screening)...

f4_phils will support onlyjerry.please join us.

i know i posted some details here for mk screening at robinson.but i choose to help onlyjerry because im also a member of their group and they want us to help them.

i haven't buy my ticket for robinson's screening.i hope u can still join us.

let me know.ask your friends.and join us.

details will be posted as soon as everthing is finalize...

thanks so much

mitch, ur moderator


here's the translation of the chat with jerry.

jerry is not really the one who's typing the messages.he's with a host and the host reads the messages to jerry.
picture will be uploaded soon (mitch)

In, "hermaning"
> > wrote:
> > > > its now 3.25pm local time n i tink some kind of chatting is
> > > > happening now online but its all in chinese, so not sure.
> > > >
> >

translation credits to ginie from onlyjerry (yahoogroups)

Lin Bai: Today many online friends came nationwide and overseas..
news will definitely spread far and wide overnight. Online friends
said that they will book the entire Beijing cinema to watch your
movie, and produced a special promotion card, that's why believe that
your movie will be a sell-out in Beijing

Jerry: I know that friends (his fans) booked the entire cinema..i am
very happy about that. If it is not to due to all these publicity, I
hope to visit every place that they have this kind of event. i don't
know if time will permit me though.

LinBai:Today in already have a little cold, we don't
want turbulence to strike Shanghai..the next online friend, said that
do you feel lots of pressure working with so many hot shots in your
first movie?

J :at first yes..because we were not close, after all, they are big, lots of pressure. But, after meeting them..i feel that I
have been thinking too much..Andy such a big star but after getting
to know them you feel more and more that he is very gentlemen..good
for us to follow their example.

L: That why this movie opportunity, lets you learn many things.

JerrY: YES

Linbai: Another online friend, jerry do you know that many stars
bought houses and started restaurants in you have such

J: Actually i have thought of that before have a property and start
business...I don't mind whether it earns a profit or not but i hope
to have a friends are supportive of me..if i have a store,
if there's any event we can go there...this location will belong to
me and it is easier to control. But, at the moment, i am still
thinking..nobody approached me to realize my dreams yet.

I don't know why the chinese transcipt did not include LinBai's
question here..but when i was watching the online clip..he asked
jerry is his basketball skill is better than Jay Chou..and this is
his answer"

Jerry: Actually he is better, very styllish, has tricks, when i play
basketball it is very much like my personality...we always play
basketball together....but because he looks very stylish when he
plays basketball ...we are those kind that plays it safe...i feel
that he plays better. The last time during the papsi event i won
because he let me.

LinBAi: Now we have "" 's huge cake to celebrate your
new movie hope that it will have great sales....let us end with
cutting cake..

Note: wait for further details now..when i heard it is
more than this..but right now i can't remember his exact words...
This transcript is available online.


Please be advised that the schedule of Magic Kitchen's regular screening was moved to an earlier date because the film distributor would like to release the movie in time for Valentine's Day. Instead of FEBRUARY 18, 2004 (Wednesday), it was moved to FEBRUARY 11, 2004 (Wednesday). Since our Block Screening is scheduled on the first day of the movie's regular screening, we would like to inform you that we will schedule it on FEBRUARY 11, 2004 (Wednesday), 6:00PM at ROBINSONS MOVIEWORLD GALLERIA (Ortigas). You may buy your tickets at Robinsons Movieworld Galleria Marketing Office located at Level 4 Robinsons Galleria (inside dreamscape). Look for Sahara or Alen from Mondays to Fridays, 10AM to 5PM. Ticket Price is P200.00. Thanks!


here's the latest details


Front Runner wrote:
Since we posted the advisory yesterday regarding the special screening of Magic Kitchen (MK), we have been receiving a lot of inquiries asking about the details of this forthcoming event. To address all your concerns, please see below items:

1. This Special Screening that we are organizing is NOT a Premiere/Advance Screening. This is more of a Block Screening, meaning, we will block-off a certain screening time during the first day of the regular showing, which is February 18, 2004 , exclusively for a group of people. In this case, to Jerry Yan's friends here in the Philippines. This event is scheduled second to the last screening of the movie, that's around 7PM. The advantage of this Block Screening over watching the movie on a regular cinema screening time, is the sense of exclusivity to a group that shares common interest over one particular subject (Jerry Yan), get a limited edition of MK merchandise and guaranteed seats (free seating).

2. You have an option to go straight to Robinsons Movieworld Galleria Marketing Office to purchase your tickets without making reservation. The reason why we requested for reservation via email is to monitor the volume of interested MK moviegoers so we could make the necessary adjustments ahead of time should there is a need to accommodate more people.

3. We will start selling tickets this coming Monday, January 12, 2004. All interested moviegoers may buy their tickets at Robinsons Movieworld Galleria Marketing Office, Level 4, Robinsons Galleria, Ortigas Center (inside Dreamscape), from Mondays to Fridays, 10AM to 5PM. Kindly look for Sahara or Alen.

4. All inquiries should be course through us at Robinsons Movieworld will not entertain queries.

5. We will initially issue special controlled pass which can be exchanged for MK invite and memorabilia on the day of the screening right before the start of screening.

6. Guaranteed Seat means we will guarantee a seat but free seating (no specific seat number will be assigned). You have to come early to get the best seat.

7. We will send out final advisory days before the screening to advise
the exact time of screening because the 7pm time is not the exact time.
this may move up as early as 6pm to as late as 8pm.

8. We are still negotiating to the film distributor of MK as to what
merchandise they will allow us to produce and will advise you as soon
as possible.

9. We are not by any chance connected to Sky of Love premiere in Megamall.

Thank you very much for the support and more power to all Jerry Yan's friends.


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1.paolo paraiso
2.ken zhu
3. jerry yan
4. vanness wu
5. vic zhou
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i read from onlyjerry posted by belle that there'll be a magic kitchen(jerry's first movie-yahoo!), first screening on feb 18 at robinson's galleria.i'll wait for her email first before i post the details.but i already posted it to different forums for awareness...but i said, im still waiting for the confirmation...(wait...wait...wait!)

and sky of love i think will be showing on jan 21 (joisu, sama ka nood?hehehe)

and rumors spreading vanness will be here on friday? (ows?), for what?

Vanness too careless, loses Vivian?

credits to f4_internationalfc_philippines
posted by dhanna

Vanness Wu throws away his "pretty boy" image and changes style to a "man" in his movie, Star Runner. Not only is Vanness satisfied with his performance in the show, he also said that his movie is better than the other f2's movie.

After f4 separated to do thier individual jobs, Jerry, Ken and Vanness each had their own movies with Vanness's movie hitting the big screen in Taiwan this friday.

Vanness place this movie in high priority and even cut his long hair away in order to fit the character he was acting. He also practised thai, yong chun and hong quan everyday. Vanness said that the training was tough and the crew often had to stay up till very late to shoot. There was many scenes of the competition where he need to appear sweaty and wet but he need not be sprayed with water artifically as he was already sweating like hell.

Vanness's co star, Jing Xian zhu had some kissing scenes with him but once Director Lee shouts "cut", he will immediately turn away as he was worried that people might say that he is taking advantage of her. However these scenes, including the bed scene was cut away and not included in the movie, making Vanness feel very ke xi.

Vanness's impression of Jin Xian Zhu is that she is a very professional actress. He said "I see her memorizing the script so hard, it makes me think of the days when I first come Taiwan with my lousy Chinese"

Will Vanness want to work with Vivian in the future? Vanness says "She is already snatched away by zaizai and Ken, the actress I admire most is Maggie Cheung. Ever since I saw , I started to an lian her." I hope to act as a mad person or killer the next time, especially with roles whose character is very different from myself" At yesterday's press conference, Angie Chai appeared and give him a hug.

With regards to the rumors that f4 will not be continuing their contract with Comics, Vanness said that he has never heard the news before but if the contract really expires, he will still continue with Comics. Vanness will be working on the recording of his 2nd album which is estimated to be realease in the holidays.

When Vanness was asked whether he wants to help Zaizai to add oil as he has no movie yet, Vanness said jokingly " Zaizai is already number 1 (Zaizai wrote it on the flowers), remember to study hard in the future jiu hao le"

Zhi You Shi Bao 6th an

Da S suprises Vic

credits to f4exclusive

Zai "Remember I Love U" autograph session was held on 3rd Jan, and
fans from all over the world- US, Canada, Brunei, Japan, Korea,
Singapore, Malaysia. Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong & China were all
gathered together. "Secret fan, Da S took time off to encourage ZaiZai."

Media from all cover the world came to interview the autograph
session. Nearby shops were forced to close for business for the time
being. It was so squeezy that policemen were needed to maintain order.
The record company even took up a 50 million insurance policy for him
& employed 80 students to keep order.

When Zai finally appeared, the situation became chaotic. The record
company especially prepared fireworks & red carpet for Zai's
appearance. However, fans became high when they saw Zai, everyone
began pushing & situation became very chaotic. Even the crew & the
students employed could not stop the fans, Zai's hair was pulled by
fans, & someone pinched his butt. Zai almost could not go onstage.

At the autograph session, Da S disguised as a "secret fan" to support
Zai. Zai, who did not know beforehand, could not believe his eyes when
he saw Da S appear with a bouquet of flowers. He asked: "how come u
are here?" The last time, Jerry visited him when he was recording.
This time, he tot it would be Ken or Vanness! Dressed in purple, Da S
said happily: "Today, i wore purple coz i hope Zai's album will da
hong da zi, sell very well!" Da S took along with her Zai's album for
him to sign, Zai was delighted!

F4 IN MAY 2004???

credits to

Abante Tonite - ALLAN DIONES
Note: I've just translated this article from Tagalog (local Philippine language) to English.

There's still chance for F4 fans who didn't get to watch the group last December 26 at ULTRA because Yamaha will bring the Taiwanese quartet back in the Philippines. The tentative date of the said concert will be on the last week of May 2004.

Yamaha hadn't picked the production arm for this event and there's no particular venue yet.

The promotions of the said concert will start by February. The four Meteor Garden stars are the celebrity endorsers of Yamaha motorbikes. 'Switch' is their huge ad campaign that we've seen and watched on commercials. Yamaha will launch their new products the same time when F4 will arrive here. Right now, Yamaha is promoting 'solo-models' or motorbikes that are like scooters, because they were highly concentrating on tricycles before. In connection with 'Switch' campaign, there will be a new look on all Norkis Yamaha stores and outlets. They will also place huge F4 billboards of Yamaha plus they will be placing F4 promo material on their service vehicles and roving buses.

It could be remembered that a lot were dismayed on F4's last concert because it doesn't just lack promo and publicity, the venue was also small. At least this time, you'll get to see F4 in a bigger and better concert!


jerry on the cover of esquire....he's sooooo hot!!!

credits to lah david od f4_intlfc_phils
xie xie joisu for uploading the photo


posted by hermaning from onlyjerry

credit to lilian n for both the news

F4 Makes Their Mark in Movie World with very different Fates: Ken -
too Chinese not commercially viable, Vanness - Box til he drops,
Jerry - New Year's Movie

Ever since the release of <>, F4 are now Asia's most
popular. Last year, they began to make their mark in the movie
industry but their image and feel are all very different, hence their
fate have led them to different destiny. Ken's <>
was not released in Taiwan, Vanness' <> was
painstakingly hard to film and Jerry's <> is much
luckier screening from Valentine's Day in Taiwan

Good looking, popular F4 have already set the scene in the TV
industry and have had lots of movie invitations. They started to make
their mark earlier in the year. First was Ken in his movie with Gigi,
using time barrier to communicate a love story. The story was too
Chinese, so the Taiwanese didn't buy into that. Ken fans are better
off looking for DVDs to watch.

The next was Vanness. His movie required much more work. Being so
active, it's no wonder that they got him to film an action movie.
Other than being exhausted, Vanness was also black and blue after
filming. Vanness paired up with Korean actress Jin Xian Zhu but no
rumours were spread, which is pretty difficult for the electrifying

In comparison, Jerry's movie battle has been much luckier. His movie
is with Andy Lau and box office queen Sammi. The pressure of success
is lowered greatly. Plus, the movie will be released during the
Chinese New Year, it's hard not to sell tickets. Moreover, there's
string of other great actors in the film and with Jerry just getting
over his 27th Birthday, fans in HK have booked out the first 3
sessions to the movie. Feng Guang should be the words to describe it!

As for ZZ, even though he has been busy with his album work, he will
soon tackle his new role in <> produced by Angie Cai.
However, he will definitely be on the big screen, with lots of
scripts going his way, it's just the question of which one to choose.

source: Da Cheng Bao 3 jan

F4 resign contracts? ZZ the first to nod.

Their every movement is scrutinized by their fans, F4's contract with
Comics and Fu Long are about to end from June this year. Other than
ZZ, the other three have not decided whether or not to continue their
existing contracts. In regards to this matter, Angie Cai and Yao Yi
Jun have expressed that the contract is nearing its end and they are
still in discussion but there should be no problems, ZZ has already
given them the nod.

Head of Comics, Angie Cai moved F3 from Comics to Fu Long. However,
last year, besides F4's commercials and their appearances in South
East Asian countries, filming and album preparations have all been
individual activities. The four can hardly be called a group but have
established their own fields of development.

After the Phillipines concert, F4 have started the new year doing
their own things. ZZ is off busy with his album promotion and will
start filming <> in Feb. Da S will also be in the show
along with Xiao Zhong. The threesome will have a triangular

According to Fu Long, ZZ will head to Hk this year to film a movie.
His schedule before July is completely full. Jerry will be releasing
an album and filming more HK movies. Vanness is in preparation for
his album, whilst Ken is also preparing his album and will start to
film a CCTV series after Chinese New Year.

As the four's contract end mid way through the year, rumours are that
they will not resign for the latter half. Manager Zhi said: "Ken's
contract ends in June/July, Vanness and ZZ's end in August/September
and Jerry's end at the end of the year. We have already planned their
different contracts and with their abilities, their workload for the
second half of the year will only get heavier and not lighter."

Angie Cai admits that their power as a foursome is greater and if
they separate, they become 'enemies', hence she does not plan to do
that and keep them under the same flag. Apparently, HK and mainland
and even large international management companies are putting forward
proposals to get the foursome to join their flags with very good
deals indeed.

source: lian he bao 3 jan


features happy 50 tv the concert with concert pictures...check it out!

thanks to f4friendsunited for the cover photo

costs P50

xie xie joisu for uploading the pics!


posted by: RUTHIE WANG-ZHU of f4_phils

Hey Guys!

I saw last night - Skycable Channel 67 (Cebu, Philippines) TTV or ETTV Asia (I am not sure the network, I just saw the logo that reads TTV) for the 2004 countdown. Vic Zhou sang about 2 songs about 11:00 pm - I think he sang his new song " Remember I Love You" and "I Feel You" from Love Storm OST. He is very handsome!

After ZZ sang, Energy sang 4 songs and then.... my latest idol (next to Ken Zhu of course!) WANG LEE HOM ...He is very very handsome, so cool, so talented, though he is not known in the Phils...He sang 4 songs, Ni Bu Zai (You are Not Here), Can You Feel My World, Ya Birthday, Ni Hi Wo (my fave!!!).... After Lee performed, 2004 countdown started... and ends with fireworks!!!

I saw it replayed at 7:30 am today and catch up ZZ and Lee Hom's performance again. So sad, I was not able to record it since my VHS recorder is not functioning.

I wonder what is Ken doing that night or any other shows. Im scanning all chinese channel but I could not find any , we don't have CETV either (I heard F4 concert was shown last night).

Happy New Year to All!!!

here's the pic links:

Posted by: Wonder Y of f4intlfc_phils

Credits to nanako_joycelyn of


from ONLYJERRY posted by laurenda78

2003: Bombshells, boy bands,
breakouts, breakups
Posted: 8:48 PM (Manila Time) | Dec. 31, 2003
By Jocelyn Valle
Inquirer News Service

'Meteor' power

The land was also rocked by another bombshell, which kept on
returning like an old song-the Taiwanese boy band called F4, from the
Taiwanese soap "Meteor Garden."

First came Vaness Wu and Ken Zhu in September; they sang three songs
each at the muddy Philsports field, and the huge crowd loved them.

Then came Jerry Yan and Vic Zhou in November; they sang three songs
each at the Fort open field, and the huge crowd loved them.

Then came all four young men together in a show at Philsports again,
and the huge crowd loved them still, no matter that it was the day
after Christmas.

Will the "Meteor" power ever fall?

Bigger, lesser

Other foreign stars-far better artists than F4, and lesser
celebrities than F4-came to town, but their audiences were not as
huge as the F4 multitude: Mariah Carey, Mandy Moore, Duncan Sheik,
Ronan Keating, Boyz II Men, Michel Legrande, Dionne Warwick, Stephen
Bishop, and Michael Buble.

"Spaghetti Song" by the Sex Bomb Girls and "Otso-otso" by Bayani
Agbayani became national anthems, drowning out even the live acoustic
music of Paolo Santos, Jimmy Bondoc and Nyoy Volante.