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Vanness Wu: Only God can judge me

The singer responds to criticisms about the photo taken at a toilet urinal for the first time

Earlier this week, netizens blasted Taiwanese singer Vanness Wu for a lack of respect towards God, when he uploaded a picture of himself at the toilet urinal onto his microblog.

Vanness sat down with xinmsn for an interview, when he was in town recently to promote MTV Sessions, a new show on MTV, and his new works.

MTV Sessions is a multiplatform music series, developed for regional and international artistes to showcase their craft in a studio environment in front of a live audience.

Vanness was invited as the show's first guest, where he performed an unplugged performance at Sentosa's Waterfront Studio in front of 200 lucky fans.

Recalling the recording, Vanness admitted that he felt a little nervous because it was his first time interacting at such a close distance with his fans. However, at the end of the session, he felt a sense of accomplishment.

The singer also shared that the fans were not too sure how to interact with him initially, but everyone soon had a lot of fun, inspiring Vanness to want to organise something similar in Taiwan too.

He added that the local fans are generally shy, while Japanese fans are more enthusiastic and would try to make body contact.

Vanness Wu Is The First Artist To Debut On MTV Sessions

Vanness Wu Is The First Artist To Debut On MTV Sessions
Vanness Wu is the first artist to debut on the new MTV Sessions, held last
night at Resorts World Sentosa's Waterfront Studio. Together with his
session band, ...

MTV Sessions with Vanness Wu @ Waterfront Studios, RWS |
Last night was the recording of the first ever MTV Sessions featuring
Vanness Wu in the spanking new Waterfront Studios at Resorts World Sentosa.
I was super ...
Vanness Wu on Living for the Day and Being One with God - MTV ...
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MTV Sessions at Resorts World Sentosa and we get his thoughts on life and

Vanness Wu gets closer to fans in Singapore with new MTV show

SINGAPORE: Taiwan singer Vanness Wu, who recently released his new album "C'est La 'V'", will be heading to Singapore on Wednesday, to record the first episode of music channel MTV's locally-produced live performance series "MTV Sessions", at Resorts World Sentosa.

Wu expressed that the recording session for the show, which will premiere over MTV South East Asia on January 1, will be the perfect opportunity for him to meet his fans and said he looked forward to sharing his new material with them.

"It's more of an intimate setting; it's more where the artiste and the audience can get closer.

"We'll be bringing down the whole smoke and mirrors, glitz and glamour of the huge stage, and get it to be more of a coffee house type of feeling," said Wu, who will also be answering questions from his fans during the recording.

"I actually always wanted to do something like this and I feel right now, with my new album which I just released, it is perfect timing for the audience to be able to hear something in a much more relaxed state."

Although he loved interacting with his fans, Wu revealed that overzealous fans sometimes make him very uncomfortable.

"They get overly excited and become a bit more brazen.

"One that really sticks to my mind was probably when I was in Las Vegas. A fan asked for a handshake. I shook her hand and as I was shaking her hand, her grip became quite strong and ended up pulling me towards her," recounted Wu with a laugh.

"She tried to kiss me! And when I moved my face away she landed her lips right on my neck. I was like what the … !"

A very busy man

Wu has been especially busy these days – the 33-year-old star had only recently concluded a concert in Japan which attracted fans from across Asia, and is currently busy promoting his new album, jewellery line 3V07 as well as his upcoming film "Road Less Travelled", which will premier on December 22.

He said that "Road Less Travelled", which stars himself as well as his friends Jimmy Hung, Eric Tu, Dean Fujioka and Chris Lung, is a project especially close to his heart.

"'Road Less Travelled' is about a rock band. Five guys who come together and experience the highs and lows in the entertainment industry," said Wu, explaining that the film's storyline contained many elements based on the actors' own experiences.

"It's quite close to the truth about their actual lives."

Wu is certain to get busier in the run up to the premiere of "Road Less Travelled", but for now, he is just happy to visit Singapore again.

"I love Singapore. I think Singapore is an awesome place.

"I mean the weather is really relaxed, chill. I love the fact that is it summer all year long, the food's great," said Wu, adding that he tries to visit the city state when he has the time.


Vic Chou - Perfect Two Trailer

Vic Chou wants to be a dad but do not have a partner, Ella praises boyfriend

Friday December 2, 2011 Taiwan
Source : Epoch Times
Translated by sytwo at VIC/ AF

Taiwan film "Perfect Two” (English title for Match Made in Heaven”) Director Chu Yan Ping and actor Vic Chou (Zaizai), Chen Jiahua (ELLA) and Xiaoxiao Bin went to TV program "SS Hsiao-yan Night " for promotion. Vic Chou said that he wants to be a dad but do not have a partner, so no chance to have a child yet. Chang Hsiao-yan praised Vic, that he has become more mature, looking very much like the young Tony Leung. Director Chu also agreed and felt that from his eyes one can see that Vic has grown up. He said with a laugh: “Previously when filming "Yi Yu” (Foreign Land) , actor Tuo Chung Hua has just split-up from his girlfriend, so his eyes naturally exudes a tremendous sense of change. The eyes of Zaizai (Vic) also has this sense of great change, but do not know if he went through a break-up. "

Director Chu Yan-ping teased Chen Jiahua (ELLA) who is now in love, saying: "But ELLA’s eyes did not have that feeling (of great change), her eyes are full of brilliant happiness and blinded me, so I told her to restrain it a bit." Sitting beside him, Chen Jiahua (Ella) turned shy and asked the director not to make fun of her. The host Chang Hsiao-yan praised her, saying that Chen Jiahua is a considerate girl and hopes she can also find a very considerate boy, and then asked if her current boyfriend is good. Ella was very happy and gave a thumbs-up saying: "Give him a praise, a GOOD, an affirmation. "

In “Perfect Two”, Vic Chou plays the father of Xiaoxiao Bin, and has very good interaction with XXB both in and outside of the movie, the two of them have complete tacit understanding. This ignited Vic’s desire to have a baby and let him experience the joy of being a dad. Vic Chou said with a laugh: "Really feel like having my own child, but so far do not have a chance yet. But this movie allowed me to experience the feelings of being a father, which is something I did not get from other films." Then Chang Hsiao-yan told him that it is not easy being a father - while Xiaoxiao Bin is acting, his dad Xiao Binbin has to be by his side to direct him. Vic Chou smiled and replied: "Being a dad is not an easy thing to do, so it is still better not to hastily rush and have a baby."

Two ways to win passes to Vanness Wu's S'pore showcase

Thursday, Dec 01, 2011

SINGAPORE - Vanness Wu will be in Singapore on December 14 for a studio performance for MTV Sessions - Asia's very own multiplatform music series where artists can perform unplugged versions of the hits.

The showcase will be performed in front of a studio audience of only 200 fans at Resorts World Sentosa.

Presented by Zesta and held in association with Canon Legria, the showcase will be held at Resorts World Sentosa in front of a studio audience of 200 fans.

There are two ways fans can get their hands on these passes.

The first is through Zesta's Scratch and Win contest, available from 7-11 outlets nationwide until December 11, 2011.

Collect a Scratch Card with every Zesta 500ml purchase and get five cards of the same design. Each lucky winner will score a pair of invites. For more information on contest, visit

Resorts World Sentosa will also be giving away three pairs through a Facebook contest that runs from December 5 - 12. Fans will have to submit pictures of their most outstanding and elaborate Van Ness Wu memorabilia plus a statement on what it means to them.

The three best entries will each win a pair of passes.

For more information on the contest, visit from December 5, onwards.

MTV Sessions with Vanness Wu will premiere on MTV SEA Sunday January 1, at 6.00pm (SG/HK/PH), 5.00pm (WIB) and 7.00pm (MAL).