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Missing it more ....

I was so busy compiling all newsclips, teasers etc of the upcoming series - Hot Shot when I saw this clip ... When F3 surprised Zaizai on his album launch.I really love this scene
so I took a snapshot of this. The most famous --- F4 group hug.

Oh well, am also missing this one....the original loveteam of all time, our WU-CHU tandem. Bwahahaha
I was not paying attention on the news lately regarding replacing F4 as Tourism Ambassadors. Who Cares? F4 is busy on their INDIVIDUAL WORKS and Upcoming CONCERT IN OCTOBER.
What's the BIG DEAL? We know in this world of showbizness
, there are pressures, comparisons, endless negative remarks...etc.etc.etc.

Now I have read that Jerry stole the limelight when HE appeared on Hot Shot Premiere.

1. If Jerry didn't showed up --- media would say He is HARD to Handle

2. Jerry showed up -- media said, He is stealing the limelight.

Nightmare ako sa necktie mo, diba mga sis...waaaaaah.distracted.

Oh well, what can we do? Nothing. Oh well, Let us just seat and wait for Hot Shot later.
Btw, CTV will premiering it tonight at 9:30pm and August 2 on GTV.

And Don't forget ... Vanness' new book is coming .. and Please go to this thread if you are interested ... Pre Order Here

Ok have to go. I have to work here today so that tomorrow, i can just stare on my pc on my workstation and dream of ....

Last night, retardeds watched THE DARK KNIGHT.
AWESOME MOVIE, yun lang masasabi ko ....


Astig ....

and we knew that Edison Chen's scenes in Dark Knight was deleted. We saw one scene, 0.5 sec! hahaha

read related news here

CC Mode naman....

Weng sent me this photos .... hayyyy

And took a snapshot of my CC

Miss ko na sila ....

100% Entertainment - GTV featured Romantic Princess tour in Manila
(Wu Chun: Masarap=Yummy!!!)

Fahrenheit replaces F4 as Taiwan Tourism Ambassadors

Source: Minpao
Translated by: bluebbear549 @

Fahrenheit’s goal is to exceed F4’s during marketing in Japan and South Korea

Fahrenheit’s Wu Chun, Calvin Chen, Jiro Wang, and Arron Yan baton passed F4 becoming a spokesperson for the Taiwan Tourism, continuing to attack the Japan and South Korean market. F4’s past appeared astonishing, helping Taiwan earn at least 1.1 billion Taiwan dollars in tourism revenue. Fahrenheit believes that the pressure is really big, but they are trying to set a goal beyond F4’s. F4’s jobs were compared with Fahrenheit’s. For two times, F4 propagandizes successfully in Japan and South Korea with two fan meetings. There has also been rumors that in October, F4 will be holding 6 concerts in Japan; Fahrenheit had only 1 overseas publicity, 1 fan meeting. A magazine states that there is no way that they’ll beat F4.

Yesterday, Fahrenheit attended the Tourism Bureau press conference. Wu Chun, although is from Brunei, he is also Taiwanese. Wu Chun is trying to promote Taiwan’s water park. The other three members have introduced from Taiwan’s land to snacks, and to romantic places.

THERE IS NO WAY THAT THEY CAN BEAT F4. Although I like CC hahaha!

We all knew that F4 has no interest of renewing their contract as Tourism Ambassadors because of conflict schedules of their individual works. But these media are making it a BIG DEAL. Oh well, Good Luck na lang. Ipasa daw ang pressure sa kanila. hehehe =)

Philippines: Pre Order Vanness Upcoming Book


Van Ness Wu's forth coming book Details:

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Van Ness Wu's Event:

Book Presscon: August 08, 2008
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Zaizai @ Lancome Event

7/19_仔仔出席LANCOME宣傳活動新聞1 (i-cable)
Credit to zizidas
Translation by sytwo

VO : Vanness Wu lately came out to meet everyone with a moustache-look. Although the reaction was mixed, but it looks like Vanness’ good friend, ZZ is full of admiration for his looks. Because in today’s Lancome event, he appeared with a “moustache-look”.

ZZ : This is done for Lancome. I want to present a more romantic charisma. So the hairstylist purposely styled my hair a little wavy. And because I want to have a little “ruffian” feel (sytwo : not sure of this), I grew a bit of moustache.

Reporter : So what do you feel about the effect?

ZZ : It’s not too bad. Maybe in Taiwan this is the first time that friends have seen this look. Recently when I participated in UNICEF events overseas for the Sichuan Disaster Relief charity activity, I also had this look and many friends felt it was quite good.

ZZ : In the future? Sure. I hope that if there is a movie/ drama allows me to grow my moustache, I will do it. Just like Vanness currently, he grows a moustache and I envy him.

VO : Besides admiring Vanness’ looks, ZZ also praised that his lips are very sexy. And makes people feel impulsive. He even said that if he is a girl, he will volunteer to give a kiss (to Vanness). About the recent rumours between Vanness and DaS, ZZ said that he has not heard about it.

Reporter : Recently there was a rumours that Vanness is going out with DaS.

ZZ : Huh? Really? Was there such a news? I really have not heard about it.

Reporter : Recently there are rumours that DaS and you are going to reconcile.

1:38 min
ZZ : Rumours are rumours. The last time, reporters have asked me before. And I answered then ….since the Big Election, we have not contacted each other until now. Not even a telephone call. So….

Reporter : Did you go to her house?

1:56 min
ZZ : Also “No”. Currently each of us are busy with our own work. So I do not understand how this rumour come about.

2:04 min
ZZ : In a lot of things, you cannot say “never”. If you say “never” now and in the future you do it, then everyone will think that you are deceiving them. So in many things, you cannot predict and plan. So “we” would rather that it happen naturally and are not willing now (at this point) to say “never” for all these things.


thanks to


Is it the friendship or the fandom?

I have been a fan girl (F4 since 2003), so as my whole life changed because of them - keeping loyal friends, knowing people who will take care of me and most of all meeting people whom i would like to share my fangirling moments.

Yet, some people are really disturbing.

Yes, these people kept on murmuring on things that IS ABSOLUTELY FOUL.

Why? Because THESE PEOPLE can't understand the MEANING OF RESPECT.

RESPECT? yes, respect the blog you've read and stop criticizing

Criticizing who? If you know the news lately, then you're aware of it specially if you're from the Philippines.

Aware of what?

I don't know. How can i explain? Me and my friends were hurt of what these people were talking about.

Can you JUST respect us? Me and my friends are having fun. We enjoyed each moments we had.

And don't question our loyalty because, in my entire life --- F4 still the best.

You people should realized how we were hurt. If you said these people were PAID, then how come i never received my payment?

Do not underestimate RETARDEDS,,,,, or else. Bang!


Fahrenheit vs. F4

Fahrenheit vs. F4

Since the mention of their group popped up, the press prodded them about being compared to F4 of the hit Taiwanese series MeteorGarden. Both Chun and Calvin refused to say who’s more popular between the two groups these days.

Chun even claimed that F4 is “still big in Taiwan” and that both F4 and Fahrenheit have their fair share of supporters. As for being at par with F4, Chun’s opinion on the subject merely emphasized his down-to-earth personality.

"I think we still have a lot of things to learn. We are just new. We’ve been in showbiz for just three years. And I think F4 has been in this business for seven years or so. (And besides), we can’t judge this by ourselves. But what's important is that in all our dramas and record alcbums, we do our very best and hope that we get good results.”

originally posted at ABS-CBN Thread in

Assorted News, Photos, Link

Vann @ HitFm "Moving towards Olympics concert" press con

Zai @ HK Unicef event 29 June 2008

credits to michi @ onlyf4

Hot Shot Preview

credits to

According to fans, Jerry, Fenny, Christine (hair stylist), Xiao Qiu (male assistant), and Da Niao (meaning big bird, agent staff?) should have arrived at the Shanghai airport heading to Hong Kong, then Taiwan. Jerry is wearing black tee? with hook and no mask.
According to Nowell, Jerry and staff have arrived at HK.
Jerry's flight has arrived in TW. Shanghai JMs said Stardust will resume filming next week.
(posted by yami)

ok, yan na muna......gud nyt!