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Ming Dao, Ken Chu fighting for more scenes

Ming Dao, Ken Chu fighting for more scenes. Producer: Don't act if still quarrel

Ken Chu and Ming Dao To quarrel due to a China drama "Chiv, Sword, Laugh (The Three Swordsmen)" . Yesterday producer Muxiaoguang could not help saying : "To fight to the other side with the mainland actors, rather than fighting inside closed doors themselves. Too narrow perspective, this will make outsiders look as a joke!"

"Chiv, Sword, Laugh," moive version was filmed by Andy Lau, Lin Ching-hsia and Xu Jin Jiang. The television version caused great sensation even before shooting. The original three leading men were Nicholas Tse, Ken Chu and Ming Dao. Tse later refused the drama due to his wife Cecilia Cheung gave birth to their baby. Then the war between Ken and Ming Dao staged. From the character, reward, circumstance to facility eqipped with, all become life-and-death wars. Once it is heard that producer Muxiaoguang is having "revolutionary sentiment" with Ken due to Chuliuxiang. He said to Ming Dao's agent that : "I only support Ken!" Then, there was news that Ming Dao has been kicked out from the drama.
Yesterday Muxiaoguang attended the movie "Contract Lover" premiere in Hong Kong, he sighed : "After I go to the mainland for filming, as long as there is Taiwan actor/ actress, I must give them suites, assistants and private business cars. But now if someone quarrel for whom earn 5000 more, whom has less car, I might simply change the roles into three mainland actors at the end. "
Muxiaoguang said, he spent money on the production. He paid reasonably for actor/ actress. The paid for 3 leading role in "Chiv, Sword, Laugh" are almost the same. Now, he needs one leading actor and wants to choose amongst Dylan Guo, Wallace Huo or Show Luo.

Ken's manager Mr. Chih also agreed to "muzzle external" theory. He is very confident about Ken's overseas advantages, absolutely the top priority of the production team. "I can take less money ah, but who is ranking ahead, we know it very well." He even denied the discords with Ming Dao's agent. And Ming Dao's agent trusts the sincerity of Muxiaoguang and doesn't care about this "saliva war". The other agent Xiang said that Ming Dao is popular in the mainland has become the fact.

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Vanness refused to renew the contract with FL

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2007 August 30

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F4's article, it said that Vanness is not renewing his contract with FL & that most probably Ken wont be renewing his contract next year. That since Jerry is already on solo , F4 is going to be only F1.
I remember reading some years back that Ken signed a 10 years contract with FL, didnt know that its already expiring.

Anyway, its better to wait for official confirmation from Vanness & Ken. Media speculation is just media speculation.

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August 30, 2007
Liberty Times

It was reported that Vanness refused to renew the contract with FL. It may be the same for Ken who will finish his contract next year. Therefore, F4 will become F1.

new f4/jvkv forum

Hi everyone! There's a new f4/jvkv forum that is just starting up and we've been told to invite friends and fellow f4 fans to join.http://jvkv.motionforum.netThis is intentionally built forum for the entertainment forumers specially to the fans of JVKV also known as F4.

Articles from Manila Bulletin and Phil Daily Inquirer

Ken Zhu-Calzado-Jennylyn Mercado-Judy Ann Santos

Iza chosen over Jennylyn in movie?

Iza Calzado, who is reportedly having trouble with her schedule, has been chosen to star opposite former F4 boyband member Ken Zhu for the local production "Batanes: Sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan" from Ignite Media Films.

It was also clarified recently that it is not true that the role was stolen from Jennylyn Mercado because it was to Judy Ann Santos that the role was first offered.

Judy Ann had to beg off from the project also because of schedule conflicts.

But the deal is not yet that sealed for Iza because she is currently juggling the Hollywood film "The Echo," "Desperadas," and TV's "Impostora."

Should more schedule problems arise, the role might be won by Jennylyn because she was suggested to do it in case Iza fails to clear her working air.

Source: Manila Bulletin, Entertainment, The Juicy Corner, page L-4, Sunday, 2007 August 26.

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Inquirer Entertainment

Iza goes F4

By Bayani San Diego Jr.
Last updated 11:57pm (Mla time) 2007 August 25

Iza Calzado

MANILA, Philippines - Following her Hollywood debut in “The Echo,” Filipino actress Iza Calzado is set to co-star with Taiwan’s Ken Zhu, formerly of the boy band F4, in a movie to be shot in Batanes.

The news was confirmed by the film’s producer, Arleen Cuevas and co-directors Adolf Alix and Dave Hukom of Ignite Media.

Adolf says Iza is “perfect” for the role—a Manila sales girl who relocates to Batanes and falls in love with an Ivatan man and a stranded fisherman from Taiwan.

The Taiwanese fisherman is to be played by Ken, while the role of the Ivatan is yet to be cast.

Adolf recalls that Judy Ann Santos was originally tapped for the movie, tentatively titled “Sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan.”

“She loved the script,” Dave recounts. “But there were scheduling problems.”

“Judy Ann recommended Iza, a good friend and co-star in the hit movie ‘Ouija,’” Adolf says.

Iza immediately expressed interest in the script, written by Arah Jell Badayos, who wrote and co-directed “Mudraks” for last year’s Cinemalaya.

Iza, however, bagged a major role in “The Echo,” the Hollywood version of Yam Laranas’ “Sigaw.”


That was when they thought of Iza’s fellow GMA 7 talent Jennylyn Mercado for the part. But Iza’s schedule eased up a bit and “she eventually signed up for our project,” Dave says.

Lito Calzado, Iza’s father, confirms that his daughter will start working on the Batanes movie in October.

Adolf says that from the start Iza has been excited over the script and the prospect of going to Batanes.

“She wants to get a feel of the place before the shoot. From Toronto (where she is shooting “The Echo”), she will proceed to Batanes.”

Ken Zhu, one of the stars of the popular youth drama “Meteor Garden” (currently aired by GMA 7), was just as thrilled over the script, relates producer Arleen.

“I got in touch with him through a friend of a friend who’s a Hong Kong producer,” she says.

After sending the script’s first draft to Ken’s agent, Arleen was surprised to get an e-mail from Ken.

“He said that he had read the script himself,” she notes.

Ken also acted as consultant, giving tips on the cultural practices in Taiwan, to make the script’s flashback scenes more accurate.

“Sa Dulo” is Adolf’s second film to be shot in Batanes, after Cinemalaya’s “Kadin” this year.

“After I did an ocular for ‘Kadin,’ I told Dave that Ignite should do a love story set in Batanes,” Adolf says. “For ‘Kadin,’ we used an HD camera, but for this new movie, we will be using a 35mm film camera. Batanes should really be captured on film.”


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Undaunted by Typhoon Sepat, thousands of women in Taiwan for Jerry Yan

Image Hosted by
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Undaunted by Typhoon Sepat, thousands of women in Taiwan for Jerry Yan

Many activities were postponed or cancelled due to Typhoon Sepat. However, undaunted by it, around 1400 Japanese women were in Taipei this afternoon specially for F4's Jerry Yan fans session. Among them is a 71 years old woman who was too excited that she almost tripped. She hugged Jerry tightly, and other fans screamed when they saw. Refused to let go of Jerry's hug, this 71 year old woman was the oldest among the fans present at the event. She said she had waited 3 years for the opportunity.

In actual fact, these 1400 Japanese are all unafraid of the typhoon and insist in going to Taiwan to see their dearest Jerry.
Japanese fan said: "Although we know typhoon is coming, but I still want to see Jerry. After waiting so many years, this is a rare opportunity, so i have to come."

Shouting Jerry's english name, full of anticipation for their idol to look at the. And Jerry's wave, smile can drive the fans crazy.
Organisers can be relieved, the event was full house and the atmosphere was high.

credits to Michi@OnlyF4

Latest Message from Mr Chih


Latest Message from Mr Chih

Have been spending much time in Heng Dian lately, therefore not being able to be online often
Busy with VanNess new drama & Gigi's concert
F4's 2nd round of Taiwan tourism promotion is confirmed, schedule is very tight as usual.


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A-mei, F4 to sing in Seoul in September

A-mei, F4 to sing in Seoul in September

Taiwan's heavenly Queen A-mei and handsome F4 will be joining other artistes from Asia in performing at 2007 Asia Song Festival in Seoul on 22 Sept.

The event is in it's 4th year this year.
On 22nd Sept, 14 singers and groups from 9 Asian countries will perform. Including Taiwan's F4 & A-mei, China's Zhao Wei, Hong Kong's Gigi Leung, Thailand's Golf & Mike, Vietnam's Lam Truong, Peter Pan from Indonesia, Barbie Almalbis from Philippines, as well as Li Xiao Li, SGWanabe & Super Junior from Korea.

Organisers said they will soon announce another Korean group joining the event. And at the final stage, will announce 2 singers from Japan.

Tickets for the event are free. Fans can apply for tickets at the following website from from early September.

Source: 16.08.2007

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2008 Jerry Yan calender pre-order

2008 Jerry Yan calender pre-order

Vanness Updates

Latest Blog Entry from Vanness @ Triumvir3 site

Stuck In China by Van Ness


As for the choice of special guest, Vanness and Gigi will have a dance segment. They will collaborate "My Kingdom" & Meteor Garden theme song.

Souce: Sina 14.08.2008

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Buy nephew as son? ZaiZai wants to be an instant dad

Buy nephew as son? ZaiZai wants to be an instant dad

Actually, Zai hopes to be a dad very much, but he doesn't want to force Da S to give birth. So he has ideas on his brother: "Can u give your son to me for $200,000? "
Everyone was stunned after hearing. Zai continued to joke: "After all, the baby have big eyes, sharp nose, takes after me."

There have been ongoing rumours of him and Da S breaking up, reason being Da S wants to get married and have baby whereas Zai is career minded. Yesterday, Zai replied that Da S has explained abt the matter many times but they realised no one listens. This explanation indirectly confirmed that their relationship is still as strong, juz that they dun have current plans to get married.

Zai said both himself and Da S are busy with work and don't have the time to get married, not to say having kids.
Lately, Zai became an uncle coz his older brother who is older by 1 year juz had a son. The baby is now 2 months old and as his brother and sister in law are both working, the baby is looked after by Zai's mum. Zai laughed and said, it's very tiring looking are kids, at times even his mum couldn't take it. There was once she suddenly went out to play mahjong to take a breather.

Source: udnstars 15.08.2007
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Endorsing for Taiwan, Zai: "I'm Chinese"

Endorsing for Taiwan, Zai: "I'm Chinese"

There was a controversy when F4 refer Taiwan as a "country" when they visited Japan and Korea to promote Taiwan tourism in April this year. Yesterday, Zai broke the silence and responsed to the issue: "I'm proud to be a Chinese! We have yellow skin, black hair and have the same roots. Artises should not be equated with politics."

Yesterday, during spare time while filming Taiwan Tourism Drama he explained some issues which included the slip of the tongue "country" issue, and also accusations of him trying to avoid national service.

Abt F4 calling Taiwan a country, it's normal for Taiwanese. But it offended some China websters and even said they'll boycott F4.
Zai expressed: "Only now that i realized it's seriousness, but the 4 of us place our work as top priority, not wanting to be associated with politics." Their manager Yao Yi Jun said, even Taiwan politians may not be able to explain clearly abt China-Taiwan issue.

And as for sayings about him avoiding national service in order to maintain his career and love relationship, Zai said he has dropped out of school, and will not transfer to another school. as he is too busy with work, he has not received enough credits. Therefore, he put his education on hold for the moment. If he is afraid of national service, he would not have stopped schooling.

Yesterday, Zai sheded his prince-like image, dressed in checkered shirt and drove a taxi. But as the camera as placed on the vehicle, blocking his view, and almost caused an accident.
Passengers at the back seat are Qu Zhong Heng and Huang Pei Qi who are making guest appearance. Both of them were kissing passionately. Taxi driver Zai smiled embarrassingly and occasionally glanced in the rearview mirror.

Source: 15.08.2007
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Right here waiting for u (Taiwan tourism drama)

Right here waiting for u (Taiwan tourism drama)

Zai as a taxi driver in the drama
Image Hosted by

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F4 receives support from Japan fans

F4 receives support from Japan fans

Recently F4 was reprimanded in China websites for referring to Taiwan as a country. As F4 has a certain extent of popularity in Japan, the issue became a discussion topic in Japan 2 channel forum.

Lately, there are many messages supporting F4, stating they are not at fault and that there was no need for F4 to apologize. However, some unhappy voices still remain.

Source: 14.08.2007
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Meteor Garden Ratings - August 6 to 10, 2007

August 6 to 10, 2007

August 6, 2007 - Meteor Garden 24.6% vs. Margarita 18.4%;
August 7, 2007 - Meteor Garden 25.7% vs. Margarita 17.3%;
August 8, 2007 - Meteor Garden 30.3% vs. Margarita 18.4%;
August 9, 2007 - Meteor Garden 30% vs. Margarita 16.8%;
August 10, 2007- Meteor Garden 24.9% vs. Margarita 15.8%;

Meteor Garden Thread


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Guest starring at Taiwan's tourism drama? Jerry Yan's manager rebukes rumours

Guest starring at Taiwan's tourism drama? Jerry Yan's manager rebukes rumours

Taiwan's tourism board idol drama "Right here waiting for u" has finally started filming, previously producer for the show, Angie Chai has announced that Jerry will be guest starring in the drama. However, Jerry's manager Mao Liang denied.
In April, when F4 visited Japan and Korea as Taiwan tourism ambassadors, they introduced Taiwan as a "country", which caused a heated controversy in China websites. Situation became more & more serious tat someone has started "boycott F4" movement.

News of whether Jerry will be acting in the Taiwan tourism drama has been going on for some time. Just when it is believed that only F2 (Zai & Ken) will be main leads in the show, there is rumour that Jerry has initiated to Angie Chai that he is willing to guest star. But after the news was released, Jerry's manager Mai Liang expressed: "there's no such thing".

In the past, there was some unhappiness between Angie & Jerry.
But at F4's concert in Hong Kong last year, they hugged on stage, putting their unhappiness behind. Yesterday, Angie Chai calmly express: "Even if he tells me when he's available, I may not write him in. At the moment, the script is still in the primarily stage. Let's wait till everything is stabilised.

Although F4's visit to Japan and Korea happened early this year,
but recently they became target of criticism in China websites as erry, Vanness and Vic referred to Taiwan as a country. In the websites, there are screencaps of it, scolded them for making a mistake even more serious than Rainie Yang, requested for a public apology and also told others to boycott F4 products.

F4's manager, who was with them during the visits explained yesterday: "Facing overseas media, they were nervous. It should be a slip in speech.
A spokesperson from Taiwan Tourism said they did not teach F4 to introduce Taiwan in that manner. Following, promotional prokect will be mainly commercial and idol drama, and will no longer touch on this sensitive issue.

Source: 09.08.2007 Lian He bao
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Exploiting $ from Japanese fans - 30,000 yen to purchase silver jewellery in exchange for entrance ticket to Jerry Yan fans meet session

Exploiting $ from Japanese fans - 30,000 yen to purchase silver jewellery in exchange for entrance ticket to Jerry Yan fans meet session

Price to see Jerry Yan = 30,000 yen (approximately NTD8271).
Mia Jewelry, which Jerry Yan endorses will have a press conference in Taipei next Saturday. To exchange for an invitation ticket to the event, Japan fans have to purchase a set of MIA special collection costing 30,000 yen. Besides earning 7 figure endorsement fee, Jerry also helped MIA to earn 5 million dollars from fans pocket. By this move, Mia is said to exploit fans money.

Free tickets by draw for Official fan club members

The new collection press conference will be open 1500 Jerry fans, seems like a commercial meet the fans session. Currently. MIA Jewelry has allocated 700 seats by lucky draw to Star Jerry official fan club members. Non fanclub members will have to buy over NT$5000 worth of products to receive an invitation card to the event.

Fans complain expensive but still pay

As Jerry seldom attends public functions, therefore even though fans complain it's expensive, they still fork out the $. 500 sets of products were sold out very soon. According to sources, at the moments among the 1200 fans who are confirmed a seat, most are Japanese. Although Star Jerry members from Taiwan need not buy products to gain entrance, but they still feel it's unfair to the Japanese fans and think they are exploiting fans money.

In response to this accuse,MIA jewelry marketing manager Ivy expressed tat it is to control the number of people attending the event. Previously, during F4 Wish to see u in Taiwan event on 0422, fans from Japan, Korea and other overseas countries followed travel tours to Taiwan. If the event is open free of charge, there will be too many people wanting to attend.
At the event, there'll be fans interaction where Jerry will giveaway a specially engraved ring with 0101 (representing Jerry's birthdate).

Jerry's manager, Zheng Mao Liang said: "We did our responsiblity by fighting for benefits for official fanclub members, but how the company market the products has nothing to do with the artises."

Source: Zhong Guo Shi Bao 10.08.2007
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F4 Wish to see u again fans meeting session 10/28

Received a reply from Taiwan tourism board:
dated 07 Aug

Regarding yr enquiry on F4 Wish to see u again fans meeting session, it's confirmed to be held on 28th OCTOBER, 3pm.

As F4 is ambassador for Taiwan tourism for Japan & Korea, and due to limited venue capacity, at the moment the event is currently restricted to Japan and Korea tourists.
The event rundown is yet to be confirmed.

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F4 calls Taiwan a country, angers net citizens in China.

Special Note : To people who are reposting this translation, Please make sure to CREDIT ONLY honeybums of KCIFC Philippines for the translation & the original source of the article. No reposting to Chinese sites. Thanks for your cooperation.

F4 calls Taiwan a country, angers net citizens in China.

China Press
August 7, 2007

Because of one comment made by Yang Cheng Lin about the war resistance some four years ago they have been bashing her non-stop. The other day, they pointed their fingers at F4, they have pointed their fingers at Yan Cheng Xu, Wu Jian Hao and Zhou Yu Min for their introduction speech they gave on Taiwan in Japan and Korea. They called Taiwan a “country.” The anger of net citizens was directed at the 3 members because they weren’t mindful of the international repercussions of their actions. Zhu Xiao Tian is exempt from this issue.

The Taiwan Tourism Bureau invited F4 as their spokesperson for their popularity and unending glamour and charm. Last March, the 4 of them became ambassadors of tourism for Japan and Korea and were given the big task of promoting tourism for Taiwan. During the last meet and greet they were very careful, Yang Cheng Xu was very nervous and kept a straight face.

The fans from Japan and Korea gave an enthusiastic response on their invitation, the assignments given to them were considered to be a success but lately it seems to have been having a reverse effect. The other day Chinese net citizens have been rehashing what happened and have been hitting on the speeches of Yan Cheng Xu, Wu Jian Hao and Zhou Yu Min. Pointing out what Yan Cheng Xu said: “I think our country is a capable country. Wu Jian Hao said: “I feel Taiwan is a passionate country.” Zai Zai also said: “ I really feel Taiwan is a passionate country.”

Compared to Yang Cheng Lin it’s a bit exaggerated.

The Chinese net citizens aimed their anger at the three members and were indignant that they have called Taiwan a “country.” The manager of Yan Cheng Xu has this to say: “ Taiwan, China, Japan are all important. This happened over 6 months ago how come you are only talking about this now?"

Meteor GArden Ratings - July 30 to August 3, 2007

TV Ratings :Mega Manila Only

July 30 to August 3, 2007

July 30, 2007 -Meteor Garden 23.1% vs. Margarita 16.5%;
July 31, 2007 -Meteor Garden 21.8% vs. Margarita 16.9%;
August 1, 2007 -Meteor Garden 24.4% vs. Margarita 14.4%;
August 2, 2007 -Meteor Garden 23.8% vs. Margarita 13.9%;
August 3, 2007 -Meteor Garden 22.7% vs. Margarita 12.6%;

Meteor Garden Thread

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Happy Birthday, Vanness!

Welcome to His Kingdom..Van Ness Wu

Dedicated to our Royal Shuainess

A Meteor Garden without Fireworks

A Meteor Garden without Fireworks
By: Jullie Y. Daza

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at

Is there a real Meteor Garden in Taiwan?

If I were working for the Tourism Bureau of Taiwan, my answer would be taht the garden is wherever F4 is, and wherever F4 is, there you will find Taiwan.

The quartet is on their third (or fourth or fifth) replay on your TV screens in the Philippines, and still going strong. They are at least six years older now than their screen image, but they have just been given a new role to play as official endorsers of their country's come-to-Taiwan sales pitch.

"Wish to see you in Taiwan!" is everywhere on posters, TV, caps, T-shirts. The world is they have gone their separate ways to do their own gigs, but anytime a project is strong enough to pull them together again, they are ready, willing, able and united.

As for the rest of the young people who are aren't their fans, the young people I saw in Taipei and its surrounding counties appeared to be remarkably serious, well-behaved and typical of the Chinese stereotype: inscrutable. Wild and rowdy are not words that were invented for them. I asked Beryl, our tour guide, to describe the young Taiwanese in one word. A long pause, they she gave up.

We saw the young ones in restaurants, shopping centers the night market, convenience stores, the high-speed train, the MRT (like ours, but more handsome, and airconditioned).

They were remarkable, in that they were unremarkable,though they did not stick out in any negative way. If anything, they appeared shy, modest, unwilling to make eye contact with strangers. Strangely enough, they did not sport colored hair, and except for a few, very very few cases, their haircuts were not conversation pieces. Why are they so conservative? Beryl's reply was a surprise: "As soon as the movie stars that they adore stopped coloring their hair, they stopped coloring their own hair." Yes, but why did their idols stop?

Taiwan's young adults are not as loud as their elders when they dine in the most "in" places, such as the famous dim sum palace called Tin Tai Fung that is always SRO at mealtimes 24/7, reservations not accepted. Compared with their peers in Hong Kong and Tokyo, the young Taiwanese do not have a passion for fashion, no matter that global brands proliferate in the boutiques and knock-offs are a dime a dozen in the crowded night markets that to me looked like the only night life available to tourists.

Where did the young people go during those four nights we were in Taiwan? They were feating on eat-all-you-can shabu-shabu and barbecue, for the equivalent of Php600 per person with bottomless drinks and endless scoops of Haagen Dazs ice cream.

They were in the neighborhood clubs and bars to chill out, practically out of sight, because Taipei as a country sprawls far and wide, without a special strip or area for them to congregate, a Ia Lan Kwai Fong in HK or Greenbelt in Makati. By accident, I came across a newspaper feature on Taipei's supposedly gay corner, the Red Theater on Rainbow Plaza, but it must have been so new or so secret that Beryl, a well of information who has been guiding tourists more years than she can count on her fingers, hadn't heard about it, didn't know where to find it.

As it was our last night in Taipei and we had to wake up at 4am to catch our plane, none of us dared to venture out to look for Rainbow Plaza. And there lies the difference between a Manileno and a Taiwanese. Beryl wasn't interested in finding out, but we were keen - i. e., keen the whole day - to discover Taipei's gay little secret, if only we had time.

I discovered something else courtesy of Beryl. Entry-level jobs start at the minimunm wag of NT18,000 (about Php 37,000) - "but no one can survive on that salary." The cost living is so high that it could take the fireworks out of any neophyte's check.

Maybe that's why China Airlines gets close to 10,000 applications every year from young women and men who dream of becoming flight attendants and stewards - of whom only 135 wil make the grade, at a starting salary of US$2,000 or NT76,000.

There is so much information and culture to exchange between Taipei and Manila, considering that Taiwan is only 55 minutes away if you fly China Airlines; considering that the tip of Batanes is only 200 miles away from the tip of Taiwan; considering that although there are no formal diplomatic relations between two capitals, there is MECO (Manila Economic and Cultural Office) in Taipei and a TECO (Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office) in Makati.

Another swap could happen. If Taiwan can teach us how to be No.1 in IT(information technology), we'll tach them how to loosen up, have fun and live like everyday's a fiesta!

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Latest Picture of Vic and Barbie

Latest Picture of Vic and Barbie
thanks to atnext & and Francesca of

Image Hosted by
Shot at 2007-08-03



Credit AMY @ VIFC FOR the translation

Shaolin held a important event days ago. Invited guests for the event were being selected personally by shaolin’s ‘Fang Zhang’ (The main Master). This year, he had exclusively invited the only entertainment celebrity cum Shaolin disciple, Wu Jian Hao to this event. When Wu Jian Hao knew he was invited, he felt honored and happy. This is mainly due to he can get to meet the main Master again and also other Shaolin disciples, also he can make use of this opportunity to revise what he had learned in Shaolin for both martial arts and the studies, so he had specially asked for leave grant from his current workteam to join 3-day event.

As soon as Wu Jian Hao reached Shaolin, the main Master immediately invited him to a nearly 2-hour chat. The main topics that they had chatted were revolving on welcoming Wu Jian Hao that he was able to attend this special 3-day event, the Master was also concerned about Wu Jian Hao recent on goings such as, his work, health and life. The Master also gave Wu Jian Hao some advise and directions. Wu Jian Hao also expressed that, he was thankful for what the Master had done for him, he promised no matter how busy he will be with work, he will make a trip there annually at least once. The interesting thing was, other disciples told Wu Jian Hao in private that, the Master had never talk that much to the disciples in a year compared to what he had talk to Wu Jian Hao! That just showed how much the Master favored Wu Jian Hao, treating him better! After the chatting session with the Master, Wu Jian Hao began his involvement for the event, such as, the opening ceremony of the event, relating talks, art gallery event, visiting the Shaolin founded orphanage, practicing martial arts sessions at Shaolin, etc. From attending all these various activities and events, Wu Jian Hao had better understanding and new discoveries.

During the sessions where Wu Jian Hao need to revise and show his martial arts skills, he impressed the fellow Shaolin disciples as it had been quite a while since Wu Jian Hao had completed his training at Shaolin (about 3 years ago), yet he can still remembered the steps and movements of 2 types of martial arts that was taught to him before and he still did them so well, making the Shaolin disciples praising him gifted (talented?).

Apart from that, Wu Jian Hao also climbed the famous ‘Shaolin Hao Han Ding’ (meaning if you are able to climb to that top, considered a hero, a MAN). That was his 2nd attempt. The spot had that name is mainly due to, as the route to the destination is full of curves and obstacles, it is located at half way of a mountain with two hundred over steps leading to it from the bottom of the mountain. To be able to reach the spot at one ‘breathe’ is not a easy task, a lot of people who tried to attempt to do so mostly gave up half way through. It is also a spot compulsory for each new Shaolin disciple to reach before they can be officially considered a true Shaolin disciple. In this 2nd attempt, Wu Jian Hao had even broke his own record, the previous time when he went through this, he need to spend nearly one hour to reach the spot but this time, he only needed 40 minutes, leaving his companions far behind him! He even wanted to challenge his fellow Shaolin disciples to reach the spot within 30 minutes next time round. His fellow Shaolin disciples then said to him, they spend a few years to train to get such result and hope Wu Jian Hao will not succeed so fast on his latest challenge or else the Master will think they are lazy to improve themselves, making Wu Jian Hao jokingly told him, he will not tell the Master on this should he successfully meet his targeted time next time.

Apart from Shaolin’s main events, Wu Jian Hao had also participated in Charity event relating to Shaolin founded orphanage. When he found out Shaolin had this Charity plan to help raise funds for the orphans, he immediately expressed he wanted to go visit the children at the orphanage, besides, singing and dancing with them, he even gave everyone of them an English name and gave them lessons in learning simple English. Witnessing these children living in such bad conditions and environment, he volunteer to purchase a painting drawn by a Master from another Monestary at 100,000 Renminbi and the proceeds will be donated to the funds for the orphanage. When the Shaolin Master knew about this, he personally called up Wu Jian Hao to praise on his good deed and both even in talks to hold a Charity concert, hoping to be able to fulfill the plans in the quickest time possible.

Thanks also to juju at VIFC