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The Jerry Yan show at the NBC Tent in Fort Bonifacio Global City last Friday attracted a multitude of women from all ages who didn’t mind lining up as early as 5:30 am and braved the rains just to get a glimpse of the F4 member who endorses the clothing brand Bench. Thanks to talent manager Douglas Quijano, who gave us tickets to the event, we witnessed girls from all ages going delirious at the mere sight of a smile from the popular Taiwanese star. 

One fan we talked to said she lined up at around 8:30 am and if her estimate was right, she was the 560th person in line. She had with her a knapsack that carried her food and an umbrella to shield her from the rain. The nasty weather, however, didn’t stop the Jerry Yan fanatics from going all the way to the Fort Bonifacio Global City to catch their idol who did two song numbers and then an autograph-signing session. All that was over in one hour. 

If going to the NBC Tent was not much of a problem (we were able to hitch a ride with fellow Today columnist Jet Valle, who was also going to the event), getting out of the place was not easy. Not only did the rain continue, but we also had to scramble for a ride together with the legion of Jerry Yan fans. Taxis were scarce and the buses plying the route were slow in coming. Still, the Jerry Yan fanatics didn’t seem to mind the bedlam. They continued to talk about him excitedly aboard a bus to Ayala, including the small fortune they had to pay for a ticket to the event.


I spent my holiday at the province...Bad News --NO
!!! Good thing i have a signal (celfone) on that area! 

UNFORTUNATELY, wasn't able to watch the premiere of Memory
Pieces...I WANT TO DIE!!!

Now, I'm back at town...yeah, we are all set for Jerry's Arrival...

We are very very very very very the nth power!!!!

Thanks to sis gold for the sms re MEMORY PIECES ON CHANNEL 2 (MTB), 

i just smiling while watching it, The editing of the video wasn't that good, 

parang minadali ah, medyo magulo ang phasing buti na lang


Can't get enough of JERRY...and I WANT TO SEE HIM....SOON!!!

***ang ambulansya girls, wag kalimutan!!!

Galaxie: Perfectionist At Work

Thanks to "Ms. Liao Yang Zhen" of onlyjerry 

Galaxie: Perfectionist At Work

When something is worth doing its worth doing right. This is

Taiwanese heartthrob Jerry Yen's (of the group F4) philosophy. And

that is why his debut album took over two years to produce. Jerry

wanted to have his personal stamp on everthing so he took bold new

steps - he took piano lessons, went for vocal training classes and

even tried writing song lyrics. In order to concentrate on giving his

best for the album, Jerry even rejected several acting offers.

"A few years ago, when we (F4) were recording our first group album,

we did not have time to prepare and at the same time we were also

busy filming," he said. "There was no way we could put in 100 per

cent where feelings or performances were concerned. In fact, when I

first heard myself, I actually felt sorry for my mother. To think

that she gave birth to someone who sung so badly!"

This time around though, a lot of effort has been taken to ensure

that Jerry gives his best; in fact, he didn't even mind singing a

particular verse repeatedly 50 times just so they could get it done


On of the producers of the album, Lee Sze Song, is a stickler for

details and because Jerry himself is a perfectionist, the two worked

well together, spending over a week to record just one song. Jerry

admitted that he felt pressured to deliver but said he is more

concerned on how fans will receive his album than the album sales

performance. He also said that although he could have released the

album when F4 was at its height, he wanted to have a quality product

rather than just release an album for the sake of it.

*** Credits to Ida (OnlyF4) ***


Happy, it's so nice to be Happy...shalalala!!!

Thank you to my "fairy-god mother" for saving me!!!

Yes, it's true. I'll be there on Nov 5. Need to settle some accounts soon. But for now my f4 sisters will be there and we are going to cheer you up, MABUHAY, JERRY!!! Mahal Talaga Kita, Pramis!!!

Very good marketing strategy for Bench/ yes, saludo ako!!!...Million thumbs up for this! of course, u have to bring Jerry here para tlaga we can show our support to Bench and Jerry (parang t-shirt!hehe)

No more words to say....speechless pa ako ngayon eh...what more kung malapit na event!!! 

FOR THE LOVE OF JERRY ---full force
oh yeah!

bench idol photobook
- passport to nov 5!

thanks to yam for the


Share ko lang tong lakad namin ni sis katz yesterday,
habang sya ay nasa ortigas at ako naman eh nasa makati...

ang meeting point namin eh, sabi ko " dun na lang sa shrine, dadalaw muna ako kay dao" hehehe,
meaning "let's meet sa bench/ glorietta, wanna see my jerry"

ayun hehe dun kami ngmeet.  ang saya-saya...ang tagal ko nakaupo sa bench sa tapat ng bench
(huh paulit-ulit hehe), tlagang nakaharap ako sa bench hehe (kulit!syet), habang pinapanood ko
laahat ng dumadaan at sinisilip ko reactions nila, grabe ang funny least nakita nila si jerry ulit
may cute na guy bumili nung shirt hehehe (foreigner,syet! hehe) o diba...tlagang in demand ang tshirts na yan.minamalas lang, nagbubudget pa ako hanggang ngayon hehehe
at nung nagmit kami, at nagpunta kami sa pupuntahan namin ang nakasilip sa newstand rack eh yung
BENCH AD ni Jerry, tawa si katz sabay turo dun sa newspaper

at sinabing "sis, ayaw kang lubayan ni jerry" ang ending, tawa pa din!!!! 

miss ko na kayo mga sisters

musta na ba buhay-buhay?


(thanks to YAMMY FOR THE PICS)


SATURDAY - OCT 9, Met up with sis
almond, katz and lauren at greenhills 

(maiba naman ang chikahan meeting place, o
di ba?), full of stories (f4 of course),

 I said to them to set a marathon
viewing for MARS!!!! hehehe.

Met my GS/HS friends, coz we were
finalizing our reunion for next year. 

Yes, they do love Jerry and f4...why?

they kept asking me when he'll be coming here so i'll be happy 

(so nice of them, mwah!)



NAP GUTIERREZ, People's Journal


Could it be true ? there's trouble a-brewing among F4 fans? 

Visit their website and you'll know what we mean. 

The story? Jerry Yan's latest single, "One Meter," was no.1 in the Top 10 songs of MYX
TV on Studio 23. Sandara Park was no. 2 with her "Am I In or Out." 

The target of Jerry Yan's fanatics was to make "One Meter" stay at no.1 at the charts for the longest time. 

That is why they vote and vote for Jerry's songs everyday, so it'll stay on top. 

Much to their surprise one day, Jerry's song was dislodged as frontrunner and became no 2. 

Sandara's song became no. 1. And you know what was the intriga? Some fans were claiming that those who were F4 fans but were not maka-Jerry Yan actually voted for Sandara's song, so that Jerry's song will be dislodged. 

Of course, we don't know if that's the true story. 

Marami rin namang maka-Sandara siguro. I hope it's not true at all. 

Jerry Yan is back at no. 1 on MYX top 10.

*Opppsss teka, hmm si Nap nabasa ang
sentiments natin during the MYX issue!!! hehehe. Basta f4 tayo, walang siraan...Mahal
ko f4.period!!!


Mission Accomplished: Files already given to OJ Leah, hmm it was a very serious talk.Hope to see my fellow OJ sisters soon.I am very sorry for not being so participative
nowadays. Thank you for respecting my DECISION.

Met Almond first at College of Mega.She bought a new flat-iron.Ok here's the story:
habang ang mga ibang sisters eh nagro-roundtrip ng MRT sa Magallanes at kung san-san pa nakadisplay ang bagong billboard ni Jerry. At nanghinayang si Sis Almond kanina dahil nakadisplay na daw ang new Ad ni Jerry sa Bench Glorietta, Timing na puntahan namin si Sis Katz sa National Bookstore sa Mega A, eh Sa may ice skating rink pa lang, nakita ko na Yung nakadisplay sa BENCH/ imbes na sa may national kami dumaan inikot ko ulit si almond at kinaladkad papunta sa kabilang side akala nya trip ko lang sya idaan dun, tapos pagharap nya di pa nya napansin nagulat na lang sya nung tinignan nya ulit

LAHAT ng girls na dumadaan, at may hawak na celfone na may cam, humihinto, at pagtapos sabay sasabihing "ang gwapo"...o syet ang gwapo talaga nakakaloka nakatawa ba naman, mabangga ako nyan sa dinadaan ko hehehe sabay pasok sa Bench/ ayun, nagshopping (sila, kasi ako wala pang
pera!!) hehehehe.....

Here's a pic of the said poster: OMG so gwapo!!!!

watched sana ako ng MARS disc 2 but unfortunately i've been addicted to the internet and my mom sms me coz
lumindol kanina and she's checking me if we were ok (buti na lang i'm already home

See you later sisters sa Greenhills for our next project hehehe!!!and
sa Night naman, i'll be with my batchmates...naku ano kaya ikwento ko? for sure--f4!!!!


I watched the disc 1 of MARS, oh goodness...simula pa lang, ganda na.what more pa d succeeding episodes...LOVE YOU BARIE AND VIC FOR GIVING THE BEST SHOT IN ACTING, same with ate norie (many thans for d cds

As ONE METER falls to #4, well still GRAVITY reigns and sure it'll be a NEW #1 on Weekend Countdown.Congratulations and Job Well Done to all who voted and supported

Some of my friends went crazier than ever! She took a roundtrip MRT just to take a glimpse of JY's new Billboard in Magallanes (too bad, there was no light!), and the other one, also took the picture of it!!!! They were Jerry die-hard fanatics. (Mga sis, cool lang kayo di aalis yang billboard

As last night, at our College of Mega (tambayan), also got to chance to talked to Katz and Almond for our new art


GOODNEWS: Taiwan 868 CD, will be here anytime next week (pray hard or i'm the one who'll fly to get it --duh!)

Hope to meet OJ Leah tonight for turn-over of my OJ pre-order list.

I'll be meeting my sisters in new art project!!!! Can't wait to see the final product...hahahaha


I've read in OnlyJerry forum that Jerry has a new billboard in Magallanes, entitled
"BENCH IDOL" by this time, We can see JERRY'S CUTE SMILE. (mga sis, field trip na!!!).Jerry's new bench ad saw last saturday on Phil Daily Inquirer.

Also, Nights ago (Tuesday?) Teaser of MARS (Starring Vic and Barbie) already aired on GMA7, i kept on waiting last night (too bad no signs of Mars hehe), but still to be lucky to catch it...Are you ready for this?

CONFESSION: Kill me after reading this....I've been traumatized couple of weeks ago. My friends knew what happened(it was a shocking revelation).As far as i am concerned, i hate this kind of
feeling...NEVER and NEVER i'll be doing such favors again...honestly,
I CAN LOVE JERRY IN MY OWN PERCEPTION...I don't need ANY recognition, All i want is
JUSTICE AND EQUAL TREATMENT...If ever JERRY will be here next month, oh well, i'll just be happy seating here in my room and watch him on TV.

How i wish i can win a jackpot price in lottery,
sis taya naman tayo sa lotto...hehehe or yung PAG-IBIG FUND nyo, meron pa ba, or
yung money tree, tumubo na ba? kulit noh....



I never expect this to happen in my entire life!

I never been so fanatic (in my entire life, huh!but i am an internet addict hehe) and since Meteor Garden aired here last year (summer), whew! everything had changed! I never thought of meeting and having some friends like this...I am not a shy-type and I am very much an outgoing person (I am so friendly in nature).

Yes,i also owned/created a forum (that's f4_phils, marked the 1st anniversary last May 2004,and eventhough we r not together all the times, still in our hearts--we keep the friendship lives on) and also joined this group sometime late last year. And in an instant, We created a was sometime in early this year (2004) that i met the lovely ladies.I won't forget it --It was during the distribution of MK premiere tickets--and the following day, We've watched Sky of Love and Rest IS

We came up for a project, the f4 photobook...We experienced and learned so many things-time management, accounting, and the most important --the customer service related activities...We admit, we are not a perfect group, although some mistakes had been made, yet, still, we keep on understanding each other,and most of all our secret formula,
LAUGH ON IT!!! (crazy? nah we r just humans, why focus on problems?all problems have solutions....hehe).

My other friends told me that i am neglecting them (no, i am not turning back), yes, i am gone in a while...but don't you worry, i'll be back and i'll introduce all of them to all of you. It just happened that these ladies whom i called "sisters" are very much important right now...we treasure every single moment...we keep track if other is missing in action...(how sweet of them actually totally caring for you). I maybe sometimes got so many mood-swings (well that's what we called quarter-life crisis, diba ken?hehehe) but still managed to LOVE ALL OF YOU.

Call us crazy, but "we are proud of it" Having the same favorites, still keep us together....I can't figure it out what's the best explanation of this...many people been telling us, how come all of you meet
together...STILL I DON'T KNOW THE ANSWER...i just smiled and says "F4 are our GUARDIAN ANGELS" and "We must be stick together because that's the angels told us"




Rumors spreading all around the internet forums that Vic (Zaizai) will be here in Manila to promote GOD MARS over GMA 7 sometime in October. (Is Barbie coming? don't have the final details yet!!!)

and Jerry Yan will be here sometime in November for a Bench Promo. Actually Bench already starting it's promo coz JY will be featured in Philippine Daily Inquirer this Saturday (Oct 2)....(Must be awake early in the morning to get the newspaper!!!hehehe!!!)

***whew, it's been a year since they went here (last Nov 2003) remember the happy 50 tv concert, and bench promo????***

ARTICLE FROM HI MAGAZINE (PH): Jerry Yan Mania, Still Alive

Jerry Yan Mania, Still Alive

Date Posted: Sept. 29, 2004

Over 400 fans of Jerry Yan attended the launching of Jerry For You which was held in Dish, QC last Sept. 11.

The album launching is quite different since Jerry wasn’t there. Large pictures adorned the venue and his video clips were continuously played to make up for his absence.

The event was organized by Only Jerry with the support of Bench and Sony Music Philippines.

Different fan groups like Jerry Yan Family, OnlyF4, Switch to F4, JnB Team, Love ko Jerry Group attended the event to show support.

Just imagine how loud the screaming whenever Jerry was shown on TV. We laughed at the waiters who covered their ears everytime the fans screamed.

It was a joyous occasion and it is the largest gathering of Jerry and F4 Philippine fans. There were raffles and singing contest whose prizes include magazines and posters of Jerry and F4.

By this time, the local version of the much-anticipated album of Jerry is released already. The album has two versions, day (full color cover) and night (black and white cover). It has 10 tracks including the first single “One Meter” and “Forget Myself” which is Jerry’s composition. Other cuts include “Fantasy”, “Gravity”, “The First Time”, and “Be a Good Lover”. It also includes “I Want to Love You” (theme song of Magic Kitchen) and “I Want It Now” (theme song of Pepsi). Jerry rapped in the following songs: “Memory Pieces”, “Decoration” and “Isolation”.

It took Jerry 3 years to release the album which means that he really worked hard for it. He had voice lessons in Japan for four months. He was really happy when the album was finished.

“See You Soon”

There is a rumor that Jerry might come here in Manila this November for Bench and to promote his album. There will be a meet and greet session which will be organized by Mr. Ben Chan, bench’s owner.

In fact, in a video clip, Jerry was seen holding a poster which said “See you soon” which caused an uproar among the fans. They are very excited to see their favorite again.

Loud screaming also erupted when the video clip of the 32 Philippine fans who went to Taiwan for the pre-order and stamping session of Jerry’s album were shown. They sang Because of You with its chorus in Mandarin which delighted Jerry. Besides seeing Jerry up close, they were able to get autographs and had the opportunity to shake Jerry’s hands. They were also featured in Taiwan Daily.

The goal of Jerry’s fans is to make his album a gold record or even a in the Philippines. 

Source: Hi Magazine (available in selected magazine stands in Robinsons Malls @ P40)

Translated by rubypurple of - thanks. and thanks to jerry yan family





Nap Gutierrez

Nagyon lang ako nakakita ng isang album launching sa isang malaking lugar na wala ang artist pero punong puno ng bisita.

Nangyari yan nung Sabado sa Dish ABS-CBN at ang event--album launching ng debut CD ni Jerry Yan!

Naguumapaw ang lugar sa dami ng tao at nung i-serve ang buffet, napakahaba ng pila at umabot yata ng halos dalawang oras bago nakakuha ang lahat ng pagkain.

Biruin mo nga namang dumating ang mga solid F4 fanatics ng grupong F4 International, F4 Philippines, Jerry Yan Club, JERRY YAN FAMILY and Barbie, F4FU, Switch to F4, Exclusively F4. VIC ZHOU FAMILY, VANNESS FAMILY, KEN CHU FAMILY at ang nag-organize ng party na Only Jerry Philippines.

Kung ang ibang local artists eh nahihirapang punuin ang dish kapag may concert sila o album launching, hindi nito naging problema ang mga tao. To think na ang mahal ng tickets nila sa entrance pa lang.

Nag pa-raffle sila at di biro-birong mga memorabilia ang ipinamigay nila. May mga posters, magazines na galing Taiwan na ang cover ay si Jerry Yan, mga CDs at marami pang

Sa mga magazines pa lang na may Jerry Yan cover, kinikilig na sila.

Kapag ipinapakita ang video footage ni Jerry, grabe ang hiyawang maririnig mo.

To think na akala ko eh tapos na ang f4 fever nung mawala na ang MEteor Garden sa TV.

Sa ngayon, hindi pa nag-re-release ang Sony Music ng CD ni Jerry, but at the rate it's going, pagdating dito nyan ay gold kaagad.

In fact, daan-daan na ang pre-order na nakuha ng Sony Music.

Sa Myx TV, numero uno na agad sa Top 10 charst ang One Meter ni Jerry.

Anim na Asian charts na ang na break na ni Jerry at no. 1 na ang song nya, disloging all former number one artists.

Ngayon ko lang nakita kung gaano ka-grabe ang suporta ng mga local Jerry fans sa idolo nila.

Last month, 32 Jerry fanatics ang nagtungo ng Taiwan para umatend ng album launching ni Jerry.

Tatlong araw nila nakasama ng upclose si Jerry, at ibig sabihin, kaya nilang gumastos para sa kanilang fare at accomodation. At lahat sila ay nagsasabing napakabait at ver gentleman ang kanilang idolo.

Ngayong November, may balitang darating si Jerry Yan dito para sa album promo at para na din sa isang event na gagawin ng Bench.

Sinuportahan din ng Bench at ni Ben Chan ang naturang Party kaya naman may nga T-shirts at Jerry Posters na naipa-raffle.

Thanks to Ebolash12 of Jerry Yan Family and F4FU

Thanks also to lizette (love yah sis!mwah!)




Nap Gutierrez

Never have i seen an album launching in a big venue, with out the artist but well attended.

It happened last Saturday at DISH ABS-CBN and the event -- Jerry Yan's Debut CD Launch!

The place was literally bursting with people and when the buffet was served, the line was so long that it took almost two hours before everyone was able to get their food.

Solid F4 Fanatics from fan groups, F4 International, F4 Philippines, Jerry Yan Club, JERRY YAN FAMILY and Barbie, F4FU, Switch to F4, Exclusively F4. VIC ZHOU FAMILY, VANNESS FAMILY, KEN CHU FAMILY and the party's organizers OnlyJerry Philippines attended the event in full force!

If other local artists are finding it difficult to fill up dish during concerts or album launchings, this was not a problem at Jerry Yan's CD launch. To think the entrance tickets are quite expensive!

They raffled-off memorabila like posters, magazines from Taiwan where Jerry is on the cover, CDs and others. Fans are already simpering just seeing the magazines. When Jerry's Video footages are shown, screaming fans bought the house down!

Just when I thought that the Meteor Fever has died down when Meteor Garden ceased aiting on [Philippine] TV!

Right now, Sony Music Philippines is yet to release Jerry's CD, but at the rate things are going, the album will bag the Gold award the moment it is released.

If fact, Sony has received hundred of pre-orders.

On MyX TV, One Meter is already on the top spot. The same single is already number one in 6 other Asian Music Charts, dislodging all former number one artists.

It is only now how local fans supports their idol. Last Month, 32 Jerry fanatics flew to Taiwan to attend his album launching. They were able to spend three days with their idol, up-close! This also means that they can afford to spend on airfare and accomodation! They were all gushing on how good and genlemanly Jerry is.

This November Jerry is rumored to visit the Philippines for various promotional activities for the album and for a Bench event .

Ben Chan and Bench also supported the party. They donated posters and shirts for the raffle.

Thanks to Ebolash12 of Jerry Yan Family and F4FU

Jerry, The Richest One in F4

August 31

BANGKOK, Thailand
– When we were writing this, we were just about to leave to watch the F4 concert. According to the F4 fans that we talked to yesterday, the show at Impact Arena last Sunday was very successful.

There were a lot more fans who wanted to watch the show but they were no longer able to buy tickets because even via the internet, all tickets were sold out fast.

It was expected that a larger crowd will be arriving at Impact Arena last night since this was the original concert date. Another concert night was added to appease the demand of the tons of F4 fanatics who wanted to again watch the combined performances of Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Ken Zhu and Vanness Wu.

We haven’t been able to get a Vanness update, but according to one of our sources, he is still busy with setting up his boygroup that is called Machi.(Note from tina wu: This is inaccurate. Machi is a separate group composed of guys Vanness grew up with in LA. They are his close friends so he always finds time to join and support their activities.)

When Vanness came to the Philippines last year on March (for his Araneta show) he always wore shirts and a cap that had ‘Machi’ written on them.

We thought this was the name of his favorite designer, but this was the name of the Taiwanese boygroup that he formed and helped become successful.

Vanness’ mommy flew to Bangkok from America to watch the F4 concert last night. Most likely Ken’s stepfather, based in Bangkok and owns a fish sauce factory here, also watched the show.

The TV series God Mars of Vic Zhou and Barbie Xu has finished shooting in Japan and is now showing in Taipei.

A Jerry fanatic told us that Jerrynians were so happy when he guested in the TV show of sisters Barbie and Dee Xu called 100% Entertainment Show to promote his solo album called ‘Jerry For You’.

Dee was even teasing Jerry and Barbie so the fans were really excited (Note from tina wu: This is the closest translation I can give.)! This TV show if the Xu sisters has been running for five years already.

Jerry is the richest among F4 since last year he was Number 3 in the list of ‘richest entertainers’ in Taiwan. It is expected that his income will increase since just recently he became the endorser of a famous jewelry chain in Taipei.

F3 arrived in Bangkok first – Vic, Ken and Vanness. They arrived Saturday

(August 28) while Jerry arrived almost the same as time we did on Sunday (August 29) afternoon on a China Airlines Flight.

Article From Allan Diones of Abante Tonight (August 31, 2004)

Translated by Tina Wu of F4FriendsUnited.

Jerry of F4 goes solo

The sensational Taiwan band F4 is to perform in concert in Bangkok on August 29 and 30, but even before that, band member Jerry Yan is launching his solo album Jerry For You. He worked for two years to complete this album for Sony Music. Jerry said since he is not gabby, he prefers to let his songs talk for him, and reveal his true self.




F4 in Thailand

F4 no longer popular? The answer is - No!
The Thailand Fantasy
concert they will attend in August, each will pocket at least $10

August 28 and 30, F4 will proceed to Bangkok, Thailand to perform in
front of close to 60 000 audience from Asia. The company was willing
to pay a sky high price, reaching 8 digits. According to estimates,
each F4 member will rake in 10million

F4's concert tickets are still on sale, with the highest priced
ticket fetching around $6000, which was gone in one day. F4 are still

F4's MG was shown in Asia, and last country to broadcast was in
Thailand. Two years ago, their first album was released. This year,
the sequel was shown. In just over half a year of release, F4 are at
the peak. F4 is coming to Bankok for a concert. It was originally
scheduled to be one show only but due to the great demand, another
show has been added.
Each member will sing 3 songs, with Jerry, ZZ and Vanness all singing
songs from their new album. Ken even though has not released his
album yet, has been producing his album and has recorded a number of
songs. Whether he will let his fans hear it, is still being decided
by his music company.

F4 held concerts over a year ago. Due to their lack of experience and
their own songs, it was criticised to be "tong he hui". After a year
of practice, their stage experience increased, they are confident the
Thailand concert should please their fans.
In the past year, F4 have each been doing their own things. The
Thailand concert will reunite them and they will arrive in Bangkok
from different parts of the world. Jerry will come from Taipei, ZZ
HK, Ken China and Vanness from the US.

Approximately, from the ticket sales, advertisements and concert
products, NT$100million will be the revenue, taking our expenses,
each F4 member will at least pocket at 8 digit figure. 

taipei reports 3/8 

thanks to lilian of onlyf4
thanks to aheira of f4fu
thanks to almond of f4 intl fc phils

Beautiful Challenges along the way

Message from Sailorgirl of ONLYJERRY

VIDEO FESTIVAL REPEAT: Beautiful challenges along the way

It never dawn to the working team that the repeat would spell more
work and much pressure as there was the first festival to reckon with.

As we want it to be grander, merrier and more memorable, the group
was sent to a tailspin of hectic ticket distribution and mad dash to
collect overseas packages.

To sum up everything, our fears that there will be less people and
downplayed event because it was a repeat defied what happened last

We were prepared for only 180 people coming but there were 250 people
and more were coming. We run out of tickets, the food run out so we
have to reorder and it was quite hot inside the venue even with all
aircons at full blast from all the screaming and movements of the

There were so much fun, and the screams were louder this time. They
thought if you scream more , you will be given the red tag, just like
before, but this time, we gave red tags to those who were quietly
watching, for those who were celebrating their joy in their
silence. :D

Most of the packages arrived 2 days before the festival and was quite
touched when a JMS from Guangzhou sent 6 emptied JY Pepsi warrior
cans. Apparently, Helen of Yan Cheng Xu Beijing mobilized members
who contacted JMS from Nanjing, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou to
find the cans. They found the last few cans at Guangzhou, emptied it
(air regulations prohibited pressurized containers) and immediately
sent it by FedEX. Thank you Cici and Vicky, wish we will meet you and
return the favor someday.

Similarly, the 16 My Idol magazines were sent by JY Family
Indonesia. Quite heavy( 8 kilos), the mags were first delivered to
Singapore, then hand carried to Manila. We promise, a heavier OJ
stuff will be delivered to you, hand carried also.:D OnlyJerry
Singapore, sent three separate packages, all hand carried and last
package was delivered 2 am May 16!

There were two great walls of Jerry this time. Do you know that
those 2 walls are just owned by two persons? Thanks to Jerleth of
JYC for lending us one wall.

I think the people who watched can attest to the fun and memory of
the festival. Some went for the second viewing and was still touched
(and cried) when JIA YOU AH XU was shown. As usual, FEEL THE BEAT,
PERFECT MOMENT and MG1 were the favorites. Some are asking for the
3rd showing,.. crazy eh??!! Jerry crazy!!!

Many thanks to our dear friends who supported the festival:
Exclusive F4, OnlyF4, JYC, F4 Phil Intl, Switch2F4, F4 foundation,
F4IFF, JY Family, F4FU, F4 Phil.

And to the working team, who were quite nervous during their
presentation of MY FAVORITE PICTURES, it is always a pleasure and
very inspiring to work with you: Norie and Lizette (coordinators),
Ems, Leah, Lauren, Daomichelle, Rhona, Riel, Simonette, Lanie and
Nancy. Watch out my fellow Jerry Friends, this group is back in the
meeting table again, cooking up something for the next activity!

Thank you everybody, to the attendees, to our JMS counterparts and to
our beloved JERRY, all of this for you!!!

If there are any comments so we can better improve our events, please
don't hesitate to email us at ojsecretary@p...


Jerry Yan Video Festival...The Repeat (UPDATE)

i just want to thank all who attended our JERRY YAN VIDEO FESTIVAL ... THE REPEAT at Richville Hotel yesterday, May 16.

It was another successful project of OnlyJerry (Yahoogroups) Phils.

I would like to say thank you to my f4 friends (many to mention)who were present, please continue loving JY!!! all the way!!!!

I really loved the entire video presentation (of course, i love jia you, ah xu hehehe it's really emotional!!!!) the raffle..again, second time around..i won hehehe.

and also, Congratulations to OnlyJerry (Yahoogroups) Phils, our coordinators/moderators (local and abroad)/and co-working committees...It was really one of my most unforgettable moments as of now.thank you for the friendship you gave. I'll see u soon, sisters! (I heard we r going to take a rest first before heading the next project coming soon hehehe!)

and to Jerry, I wish you were here...

I will love u, only you...ONLY JERRY!!!


Special thanks to my f4 international fan club - phils sisters, and f4_phils (my group), and all forums who were present (internet and non-internet based).


It's been a year.

It started with Meteor Garden Craze then, there's f4. KEN VIC VANNESS AND JERRY, now what's next. can't wait to see them all together in one series (hope so).

I miss dao ming si hehehe

till then
see u all soon!!!!!


A member of F4, Zai Zai's home in Taiwan caught on fire due to an electricity surge (something to do with the wires n stuff). At the time, Zai Zai's brother was in there, sleeping, and he managed to escape. In just over 10 minutes, the fire was put out, and the situation is not the serious, no one was hurt. once he heard about it, zai zai immediately went home to check on things and talk to police

Translated by xiao xing of

It's better than late than NEVER

I would like to thank all who attended the Jerry Yan Video Festival Last April 24, Saturday.

It was filled almost 3 1/2 hours, non-stop videos of Jerry and some surprises

Can't help, laughing-screaming-and was so memorable.

Thank you and support us once again...




Produced by Onlyjerry Philippines, the event is a 3 hour
nonstop video presentation of JY's mvs(television
series, movie, songs), commercials, video clips, concert clips and
special videos prepared just for the occasion.

Highlights in the festival:

- "This is my favorite pictures" is a presentation of
special pictures
downloaded from the net and will be presented by the

- The "great wall of Jerry" will contain
pictures(12R,15R,17R and 18R)
, posters, stickers, banners that will be for RAFFLE
and for AUCTION.
Dont forget to bring spare cash in case you get
interested in some of
the stuff. Our bid master will be OJ LEAH and raffle
stubs are
available at the registration table.

- Special videos prepared for this event emcompasses
the different
moods, the persona and friendships of Jerry. Some of
these videos
are: Kindred, Model Perfect, Sad Jerry, Feel the Beat,
Ladies Man,
Because of You and many others.

- Memorabilias will be made available during
registration. This is
inclusive in the P300.00 ticket price. A light snack
will also be
served during the event.

* Ticket drop points:

April 20 - Glorietta, 2nd floor Mc Donald's

For more details, contact the Videofest coordinators,
09178456558 norie_g@m... or lstgleyo@p... And OJ
LIZETTE 0917-465-
8377 lizette_0415@y...

The event will start at exactly 2:00 pm. Please come
and register
early (12:30 pm) so you can enjoy the "wall" and other
surprises. See
you there!!!!

PLEASE VISIT f4_phils to view the teaser, under file
-jyvideofestival teaser...(dao_mi_chelle)


happy birthday, joisu...from ate misyel and f4_phils

ken loves u, show me your love! hehe


Get ur tickets now!

It'll be 100 percent, pure Jerry Yan...non-stop video presentation!

Thanks to all who bought their tickets already.

See you all there

(Jerry left na daw, hmmm hope he enjoyed his stay here. FYI, nobody or any e-groups confirmed that Jerry was here. So, it's up to you kung sino paniniwalaan. I said, we never confirmed anything! that's it.)


Thanks to sis joisu for the new design/layout etc of the blog. more f4 stuffs coming soon.

More pictures will be uploaded soon. I was so touched with the heading "family" we r all family here no matter what, as long as you love f4, you'll be part of the family na din. I miss f4, miss also all my sisters here in f4 groups, wish to be together soon....

Kai, my long lost friend (GS-HS) sherrie and I, went at ate vhia's place to stare some of her f4 stuffs....also we watched some f4 concerts (jakarta, pepsi blue), screamed to death whenever JY face's on screen....

Most "touching" part was the Pepsi-china promo....when Jerry cried coz fans did show something...How i wish magawa natin yan...let's invite jerry and let him cry here (no kidding!!!)...that's it...full of f4 pa din...

I MISS ALL MY SISTERS/FRIENDS HERE...WISH TO BE WITH YOU... take care and best regards

'dao misyel"
forever dao


Okay guys, I changed the whole layout. Bad comments are not needed for I am a very pissy person right now. Expect revenge.

Anyway, I used html - as in I typed (ermm.. copied and pasted) everything up. No software programs were used because I am po0r :(

Old stuffs are in this site: oldf4misyel


On Lenten Season...

Message from Lauren

Hello friends! just want to share this beautiful link... dont forget to turn on your speaker and feel GOD's message of Love... not only this Holy Week, but ALWAYS...

God Bless us all....
May this lenten season fill our hearts with peace, humility and love....

site updates

heya peeps, sowee i haven't updated this in a long time. screw my life and homework.

updates will be uploaded so0n ^_^
and maybe a new layout, too.



Vanness Concert Pictures will be uploaded soon!

Watch out for renovation! hehe

birthday GREETINGS:
April 2 - Misao and Yvonne
April 18 - Sis Joisu da webchuva! hehehe

see yah soon!

best regards


Gud am

here's the details of what happened.

March 27, Crazy in Love with Vanness @ araneta

2 pm - Assembly time of all GA/non-GA, members/some moderators of
f4_phils and f4_internationalfc-philippines

4 pm - Start Lining up @ the GA section

around 7 pm (not sure) - Getting inside the venue

around past 8 pm - Announcing that All GA ticket holders can move,
one level. But the thing was, everybody's occupying even the lowerbox
area! it's a legal stampede (hehe)...guess where am i seated? near
backstage! haha!

Start of show
line up:
-francis m (yo my man!)
-the starstrucks (yasmien and mark) (nvm)
-eric santos (he was awesome, he waved at me coz im the only one
who's waving at him sa left side hehehe papansin!!!!i really like him
coz i love his voice!!!perfect!)
-Jay-R (cool dude, sexy body hahaha)
-Pops F (ok fine)
-All Local artists singing (where's the love) as vanness standing at
the backstage, when he moved one step ahead...we saw him, we
screamed,and then he moved step backwards with matching a handwave
hehehe...sayang umatras hehehe.

-looking for juliet (he's really great! OMG...!!!)
-who made u cry (emotional!)
-crazy in love with pops (he's really crazy showing more body moves!
(sexier duh!)
-imagine 10 of u (lights on the candles!touching!)
-body will sing (sexy body yah!)
-meteor rain (f1 version,medyo di nya mareach high tones of vic's
line ata or ken's pero he tried his best!cool man!)

I'm sorry but we all went crazy last night.

Mostly, people at GA went crazier.

I'm sorry to all my colleagues during that time.I was talking to a
long-lost friend,suddenly, people were jumping all over the next
level.It was really a legal stampede anyways.I never saw some of u
once again.I'm with ate elena and ate mercy, i only saw baby lauren
and her friend at the other side.

I tried to monitor each one of you.but i can't.anyways, i hope u all
do feel fine.and really enjoyed the show.kaming tatlo nina ate elena
at ate mercy, jumping over and over sa backstage just to see vanness
hehehe.i took pictures pero low resolution lang para lahat kay
vanness lang and the zoom wasn't that good kaya sorry no good
pics.ang kulit ni vanness sa backstage pramis mga friends...remember
yung crazy in love duet, grabe si vanness nagsasayaw na sa
backstage,kumakaway pa samin tapos flying kiss tapos kumakanta din
sya grabe panalo! tapos yung wave nga nya hehehe pamatay...lalo na
nung umakyat hahaah nasa likod nya kami panalo!

My sisters @ f4_intlfc-phils, do wave at us.Ganda ng pwesto ng mga talaga sa baba!naks!and im sorry for not able to join
you sa mandarin.injured talaga ako, swear.di ako nakapagpractice mag-
long jump!hahaha!

All diff forums/groups participated-a job well done--full of
gimiks,banners,streamers and costumes hehe.

to karess, shawarmame - thanks for the bright idea but we dont have
matchsticks buti na lang me katabi kami nakisindi hahaha!

all members of f4_phils, thanks so much for your time to drop by and
see me.i do really appreciate it.i'll set a meeting soon.hope to meet
all of you again.

on negative side:
-estimated seats occupied, 40-45% only, half of the circle is empty
(sooo sadddd!!! and depressing!!!!)--what happened???????

-do i have to hate, GMA? or what?i'm so pissed off.i hope i can do
something to improve the promotion of the, who's fault it
is?o na kaninong bulsa ang pera ng promotion?nakalibre na ngang
promotion because of ang daming egroups nagkalat,free of charge pa
kami nito.sobrang in!!!!

-productions, oh not against them ha.gamitan lang to
grabe.wag na lang magconcert kung ganyan na naman sila.pero tayong
mga fans, sunod ng sunod.dahil sa mahal natin f4, naloloko na
tayo...di natin alam! BE KIND TO US NAMAN!!! pera-pera na naman
talaga to diba?ur capabilities as productions/promotions---sucks!!!
tlaga!swear!naiinis ako!!!!

i'm proud sa GA na ticket na binili ko.di ko kasalanang makapunta sa
baba.fault nila,baket di napuno ang araneta!

those were my opinions only.not subject to forwarding or reposting to
any other groups.u can comment on this but please, no hard arguments
please....only opinions!

ok, i saw vanness last time at the mandarin...i saw him at the
backstage...he's really kind to us-nagwave-flying kiss-smile.that's
the sign he loves us so was memorable, VANNESS...

pero sa true lang di ako nakasigaw...ang sisigaw ko na sana eh
stretcher please kasi ang lapit ko...gusto kong tumalon di sa baba
ah, sa backstage!!!


ur owner/moderator/future stuntwoman (ay si ate elena pala yun)


good morning everybody!
ready na ba kayo sa concert mamaya!

im sorry ngayon lang ako nagpost ng msg ha.wala kasing computer sa place na pinuntahan ko.

here's my story:

last night, we're about to meet at sis gold of f4_intlfc-phils' apartment, well nauna akong dumating dun and then wala pa pala silang room na napapareserve so, we went sa mandarin hotel together with almond and myka.

madaming tao sa lobby,actually medyo masungit sila noh kelangan may business ka sa loob kungdi palalabasin nagpareserve sila ng room for tonight.

palabas na kami, we were chatting sa mga ibang sisters natin na taga onlyf4.
as we walked toward the hotel and waited for a cab, me nakakatsikahan pa kami so nahihinto kami sa labas ng mandarin...

eto na...

me nag handsign samin sa labas na lumapit dun sa may kanila dun sa likod ng mandarin...we were wondering kung ano yun and then sabi nila ay "false alarm di ata tapo paglabas ng isang bodyguard, biglang lumabas si VANNESS!!! o gosh, takbo ako papalapit sa kanya and then he waved sa'min with a smile...OMG talaga natulala ako ng ilang saglit ha and then medyo malayo pa kasi kami pero we saw him papasok na sa hotel gosh goodness tlaga walang nagawa yung cameras na hawak namin wala lang hawak lang as in natulala and then timing na kukuha ako ng shot eh biglang sinarado yung door...ayun pagclick ko huhuhuhhuhu door na sya pagview ko...i deleted na yun kasi naiinis ako wala talagang nakakuha kahit merong mga cams yung celfone as in wala...ewan lang dun sa iba kung merong naka-take ng picture pero palagay ko sa sobrang shock namin after pagsara ng door tsaka nagsigawan--mga delayed reactions...nagtatalon kami sobrang saya tapos grabe di ko maimagine na natakbo ko ang ganon kalayo at di ko alam na may kasama nga ako hehehe nagkalimutan hahahaha pero ok lang yun for the love of f4 nga naman sabi ko medyo nabblock-out ako!!!!

kaya sensya na kung walang pic huhuhuhu how i wish nakuhanan ko sya pero dis is my first time to encounter na malapitan and unexpected pa...accidental lang ang pagsama ko sa mandarin to the fact na magpapaiwan na lang ako sa apartment...hay naku up to now lalo na kaninang madaling araw nung matutulog na kami pagpikit ng mata ko yung eksena pa din nakapicture sa utak ko...grabe as in...he's so gwapo...naka-white sya eh kaya madaling mapansin...lutang na lutang...sabi ko nga he's like an angel...natahimik kasi kaming lahat nung dumating sya!!!!!!!!

kahit sa gen ad ako tonight, solve na least i saw him in near distance!!! love u vanness very machi!!! see u later!!!



Latest news, pampanga venue is cancelled.

Please support vanness on araneta concert on the 27th!!!!
and to all living in visayas and mindanao, Please do watch CEBU on

LET'S JOIN HAND AND FULL FORCE araneta. Please if u love f4, support
the concert!!!!


hi everybody!
at long last tapos na din ang much awaited exam ko halos ata lahat bumati sakin ng goodluck and thanks sa mga goodluck messages sa susunod samahan nyo ng cash!!! heheheh joke


comments: PREMIERE TELECAST OF METEOR GARDEN DREAMLAND, i have to admit...poor dubbing and sexbomb? argh! stop those irrating sounds!!!! and please, wear naman proper clothings hehehe di naman kayo sasayaw noh.argh! talaga.wala akong ma-comment. IF SOMEBODY FROM GMA. this one...medyo OA ang script ng sexbomb! at bawasan ang exposure nila bigla-biglang sumusulpot in the middle of the show.hay buhay for the love of f4, kaming mga fans eh nagtitiyaga hay buhay talaga.subukan lang nilang gumawa ng production sa concert ng f4...makikita nila...tinanggap ko na kapuso na ako pero di 100% hehehe!!!!



I would like to congratulate ONLYF4 for a job well done...f4 ohana party last sunday was a huge success!

Thank you everbody for greeting me on my bday most especially my f4_phils family and moderators and f4_internationalfc-phils friends. (thanks also sa gifts!)

It was so memorable. and I'll treasure this kind of friendship.

Hope to see u all sa Pampanga and Araneta. For Cebu, calling all visayas and mindanao f4 chapters please do support vanness!

take care and best regards!

(grabe ang ganda ng poster talaga love u f4, love u jerry!!!!)


"Ohana means no one gets left behind or forgotten"
- Lilo and Stitch

MegaMedia Productions, in cooperation with OnlyF4 Philippines would like to invite you to the grandest prelude to the best event that will hit Philippine shores this month.

*** F4 Ohana Party ***

... where you can expect nothing but the best conglomeration of
a spectacular film showing event, featuring exclusive footages from THE EVENT and the HAPPY NEW YEAR F4 concerts;

a halting press conference to be attended by the concert producers, organizers and promoters, as well as the media;

and one great big Ohana where nothing matters but friendship, camaraderie and, of course, F4.

When: March 14 (with Press Coverage)
March 21
Where: RATSKY's Tomas Morato
What time: 5pm onwards

***Ticket prices are Php300 each, inclusive of 1 order of iced tea and the chance to ask a few questions of your own***

Let us celebrate as one big F4 Ohana, reliving and creating great F4 memories as we commence the countdown to another fantabulous, fabutastic, feverishly fun F4 event featuring
Vanness Wu.

Tickets can be obtained through Megamedia Productions and OnlyF4 Philippines. Interested parties may call Megamedia Productions or send an email to Please specify F4 OHANA PARTY in the subject line and include pertinent details such as name, date of event that you will be attending as well as the number of tickets that you will be purchasing. OnlyF4 will then inform you of further instructions.
***[OnlyF4 Philippines will be selling tickets on March 6. Please visit us at the 2nd floor of Cafe Breton in Podium, Ortigas between 3pm-6pm]***

For more information, please contact Megamedia Productions through the following numbers: (632) 688-0707 and (632) 688-0808 or visit the OnlyF4 Proboards.

*** 'cause i can't help, falling in love with you ***


translated interview - rumours clarified

Special thanks to hermaning of onlyjerry for posting this message

Kindly credit " - Kevral" if you wish to
post the following translation elsewhere.

The following article is an interview by a newspaper (or mag, i'm not
too sure) and the interviewee is Zhi Xiang Li - one of F4's managers.

Manager reveals for the 1st time, the truth about the disbandment of

Rumor #1: The truth about the disbandment of F4

According to a particular newspaper which reportedly received
reliable news, reported that Jerry Yan, who has only 6 mths left to
his existing contract with his management agency, has the intention
of forming his own company for his own future developments, and he's
holding a very firm stance on his decision to not extend his current
contract. As such, F4 will officially disband come September. That
article also provided a very clear view regarding the contracts F4
signed. That is, the 4 of them currently belong to Taiwan Fulong, Ken
Chu has signed a 10-year contract a long time ago, Vic Chou has also
extended his contract by 3 yrs at the start of this year, thus
leaving Vanness Wu and Jerry Yan, both having 6 mths left to their
contracts. Fulong is currently trying very hard to get the 2 of them
to extend their contracts, as understood, the chances of Vanness
extending his is very high, whereas Jerry Yan is proving to be a very
difficult target, he has told Fulong straight that he intends to form
his own company to manage his own developments. He's bent on leaving,
as such, it's unavoidable that F4 will disband

Clarification #1

Zhi Xiang Li too seems very helpless when he was replying our
questions, but still, he made the simplest rebuttal: "No such thing.
It's the first time we've heard this, this rumor will occur almost
every month. There's no such thing."

With regards to the particular newspaper reporting that Jerry wish to
form his own company, Zhi Xiang Li clarified that actually each of F4
have all along have had their own company, that being offices opened
under their own names. "They had these offices since they signed the
contracts with us", Zhi Xiang Li said: "In Taiwan, every artiste will
open an office of their own, this is for them to handle some of their
private stuff."

As for the most debatable question regarding Jerry Yan's contract,
Zhi Xiang Li insisted that Jerry's contract with them will not be
ending so soon, but they have been discussing the issue of extending
his contract. As for the progress of the discussion, he said: "The
discussion went very happily, but this is confidential to our company.

Rumor #2: F4 is not a group

To support the 'fact' that F4 has already disbanded, that particular
newspaper reported that since last year, basically each of F4 have
already started on their individual developments - Jerry filmed
, Vanness filmed , Ken filmed Love>, while Vic concentrated on filming idol drama .
Also, when they were interviewed on several occasions, they insisted
that the 4 of them only got together because of , and
that they hope that come the future, each of them will be able to
identify his own goals and work towards that. But even though the
disbandment of F4 is at hand, the 4 of them cannot avoid the
possibility of working together again, because the commercial
contracts they signed with Pepsi and S&K were signed under the name
of F4, as such, if the advertisors organises any promotion, the 4 of
them will have to come together as F4 again.

Clarification #2

With regards to this question, Zhi Xiang Li feels that "we'll need to
have a really long discussion". Because, it seems that till now,
others still don't seem to understand the nature of the existence of
the group F4. "Initially, the 4 of them is neither a group nor a
boyband. In , their roles is that of a group, but when
they signed their contracts with us, it was as individuals, and not
as a group, hence now we are also waiting for good scripts, good
music, only then will they be able to come together as a group.

There may be some concerns raised towards Zhi Xiang Li's answer,
because looking at F4's current hectic schedule, it seems almost
impossible that the 4 of them will be able to spare some time to come
together to film a drama serial, but still, he brought another good
news: "We still want to hold concerts. Hopefully by year end or
beginning of next year, we'll be able to hold a worldwide tour.

Rumor #3: We did not get others to sing on behalf

Another recent issue is that recently, while being interviewed by a
HongKong radio station, Luo Da Yuo announced publicly that he does
not like F4, because entertainment factor stood 90% of F4's music,
making it totally different from actual music. He even said that a
friend told him that when F4 sings the harmonization part of their
songs, it's not totally sang by them alone, but got others to sing on
their behalf.

Clarification #3

With regards to Luo's criticisms, Zhi Xiang Li insisted that they did
not get others to sing and emphasized that that's only back-up
vocals: "You all also listen to a lot of cds, actually nowadays back-
up vocals need not be sang by yourself, you can employ professional
back-up singers to sing it for you, but the main vocal is still sang
by themselves. Be it Jay Chou, Jolin Cai or Elva Hsiao, they also
employed professional back-up singers to act as their back-up vocals!"

As for the part about entertainment factor exceeding that of real
music, F4's album producer Liu Tian Jian said adamantly the other day
that the music industry itself is an entertainment industry, and F4
is an entertainment group, entertainment is a singer's
responsibility. Compared to Liu's outburst, Zhi Xiang Li's answer is
much more polite: "Everyone has his/her own standard towards
appreciating any songs, he's a senior, of course we will thank him
for his guidance and comments."

Then will F4 change their music direction because of this? Zhi Xiang
Li feels that: "We can't do anything about this, because there's
always so many comments, F4's fans feel that their songs are very
nice, we'll not change their music direction just because Teacher Luo
said that their songs contain too much of the entertainment factor,
what if we change the type of music they do, and the fans feel that
their songs are not nice, then what are we to do? But of course,
we'll still look for songs that suit the 4 of them.

source taken from Big Star 5th Mar 2004


we are indeed - do not want starstruck besides they've been telling that f4 is not a fever anymore...look now? they're, who's moving over? f4 or starstruck? please...

ako din

Just wanted to say na gamitin ang comments box para sa comments na related dun sa post na yun. may tag-board sa blog para sa mga iba pang messages nyo. yun lang. arigatou and stop being a hater.


joisu da webmistress


this is all i can say for those who hate a member or two of f4!

I understand all of us have personal choices...but don't call urself a f4 fan if u hate one of them!!! And please, stop comparing each of them.They are four-4-four, different entities who have their own talents!

I know most of us got sad (including meeh!)when it was announced earlier that Jerry will be no longer performing this march but please, even Vanness alone or with Ken or Vic, let's support them!!!!

Peace Out!


MK music video is currently playing.

Thanks so sister joisu, for fixing some tags hehehe me utang na naman ako sayo nito!!!!

enjoy watching

jerry forever!


DIARY OF A FAN, part 5

February 6, 2004
The day of the flight… the night before, I can’t sleep… I kept on checking my bag… did I forget anything? Is my gift for zai zai all set? Should I bring along my dog (stuffed toy)?… I slept at around 1.30 am and then woke up at 4.30… siyempre while taking a bath all smile na ako kahit ang lalim ng eye bags ko at sobrang dark niya… my mom and my brother were the ones who accompanied me to the airport… we left the house by 5.30… nung asa airport na, eh di ba-bye na kay mama… sabi niya, ingat ka don, ‘wag ka gala mag-isa baka mawala ka… tapos kiss na then bye… I texted ms. mila, she was inside the airport already waiting for me and two other persons… ms. roslyn reyes from sony and vj salie. When I saw her sa waiting area and after greeting her… wala lang… quiet lang ako… then I asked her… “Bakit po yung entry ko yung napili niyo? What was your criteria?”… she just told me, “wala naman talagang criteria… basta okay yung sa’yo and also, kailangan na kasi namin ng winner agad…” okay… so quiet ulit…
While waiting for the others, napatingin ako sa may entrance nung airport… I saw a familiar-looking face… I said to myself, “kilala ko ‘ata ‘to…” yun pala si salie!!! She’s really pretty in person… when I was introduced to her, parang magkakilala na kami… feeling ko nga parang close na kami!!! Haha!!!=) I texted my friends right away… sabi ko nga ang pretty ni salie… after that, ms. ros came (who is also pretty and kinda looks like a female version of ken) tapos nagcheck-in na… immigration… then we waited for our flight to be called… they ate breakfast after that, ms. mila said, “Mag-shoot na tayo for OPM MYX… tapos introduce mo na si christia…” WHAT THE ***?! Hello?! Asa airport!!! Ang daming tao… wala naman akong nagawa, tawa lang ng tawa… kaya ganon… people were looking at us for crying out loud!!!=)
Minutes after 8.00 am, we boarded the plane… siyempre, sa loob ng plane ‘di pinatawad… nagshoot pa rin sila…=) and then ms. ros gave me my free zai zai cd… siyempre, I listened to it right away!!!=)
We landed in hong kong before 10.30… sobrang lamig talaga!!! Ms. Ros saw me wearing just a plain jacket kaya she asked me, “did they inform you na sobrang lamig ngayon?” I answered back, “Ms. mila told me but I never thought it would be THIS cold!!!” DAMN!!! Sa loob pa lang ng airport, nagchichill na ako… then she looked back, sabi ni ms. ros, “Hey there!” when I looked back din, I saw TIM YAP… TIM YAP?! What on earth is he doing in hong kong?! TIM YAP!!! My goodness!!! While walking towards the immigration, nagvivideo si ms. mila and we were laughing kasi wala na kaming maintidihan ni salie… we were transported to meteor garden…=)
There was this immigration slip and health certificate that I failed to write on inside the plane kaya sobrang nagmamadali ako sa line sa immigration!!! Buti na lang I was able to finish it right away… ang lamig na nga ng hands ko (numb na) tapos sobrang kaba pa kasi baka they might find out something about me, pauwiin nila ako… (it was my first time to travel alone kaya sobrang worried din ako…) para tuloy akong tanga don…=) Tapos sobrang tagal pa nung baggage ko!!! Hindi ko agad makita… ms. mila and salie were waiting for me kaya nakakahiya… naisip ko agad yung gift ko kay zai zai… siyempre inuna yung gift bago yung damit ko diba?! Tapos tim and ms. ros were there with us na… I was introduced to tim by ms. ros… shake hands… warm ng kamay unlike me na parang patay… BAKIT SILA GANON?! Nakakainis… di ba sila nilalamig?!
Anyway, we were met by the tour guide sa may labas na… tapos we went to the mini bus to bring us to our hotel… pag labas namin sa airport, shit!!! Sobrang lamig talaga!!! Siguro around 10 degrees… winter talaga!!! My friends, during our break time in class, called me up sa phone… “Tinay!!! (my other nick name) asan ka na?!” sobrang ingay nila don sa classroom… I really wanted to shout… “Ching!!! Showbiz na!!! Andito si TIM YAP!!!” but I didn’t kasi asa likod ko lang yung tao…=) sabi ko na lang, asa airport kami… we’re going to the hotel… blah blah blah…
I was really freezing na that I told them na ang first item na bibilin ko was jacket… kaya salie offered her extra jacket to me for the mean time…=) On our way to the hotel, si tim the tour guide was welcoming us and all… tapos offering us kung gusto namin punta sa ocean park… si salie, it’s her first time to go to HK kaya gusto niya ma-tour yung HK… sabi nila she should make the most out of the trip so gusto niya sama, sama siya… I was also asked if I want to go to ocean park… Naku po!!! Lagot na!!!=) I don’t have enough money to join the tour pero I just said yes… mukha naman ako kawawa!!! Good thing salie didn’t go with tim the tour guide!!! Yes!!! ‘di nabawasan pocket money ko!!!=)
When we were dropped off in our hotel and after checking in, panik na kami sa room… I was with ms. mila… the room was kinda small… pero I don’t really care… I AM IN HONG KONG!!! Zai zai and I are breathing the same air now!!!=)
The five of us, Ms. Mila, Ms. Ros, Salie, Tim and I, met up at the lobby to look for lunch… around 1pm… Tim mentioned that he made a reservation at the inter-con… there was this restaurant inside that we have to try daw… kaya we have to be back at the hotel by 8.30 kasi 10 pa yung dinner… Sabi ko, why so late? Accordingly, we were waiting for someone… si “tito ricki” daw will arrive at that time… Sinong tito ricki? Ricki Lo pala… hmm… ibang level na ‘to… showbiz na talaga!!!=) haha!!!=) We ended up eating in a dimsum place near the hotel…
After that, we went on our own na… naghahanap na ako ng jacket ko… since I was with tim yap who happens to love fur, yung jacket na nabili ko tuloy may fur din!!!=) nakakatawa talaga!!! We just walked from the dimsum place to I don’t know where… tapos along Nathan road, we passed by promo posters of zai zai… siyempre sabi ko, “I’ll see you tomorrow, dude!!!’’
Ms. Mila was looking for a place named Sino Center… sobrang layo niya kaya we decided to take a cab… we were dropped off in Mong Kok tapos sabi sa amin nung driver, “Turn right first corner… after stop light.” Naman!!! There were two stop lights don!!! Kaya nanghula kami ni Ms. Mila… wala ring sense yung direction nung driver…
When we turned right… guess what I saw?! Samuel and Kevin store!!! SHIT!!! Tapos meron malaking billboard nila!!! WHAT THE?! I can’t believe it… kakaiba yung feeling kasi I actually saw the store na silang 4 yung nag-eendorse… I thought sa mga e-mail ko lang sila makikita… I guess not…=)
When we finally found the place, Sino Center (Dude, if you’re a big anime’, J-pop, canto-pop fan and you want everything cheap… Sino Center is the place), sobrang natuwa na naman ako!!! ANG DAMI ANIME’!!! ANG DAMI ZAIZAI!!! ANG DAMI F4!!! When I saw the original F4/zai zai stuff, kuha lang ako ng kuha… I didn’t mind the price so when they asked me how much were the items I bought, my answer would be a very quick “Hindi ko alam!”=)
After buying so many F4 stuff, I told myself, “I can now call myself a REAL fan.” Why? Kasi before I don’t usually buy their albums dito sa Philippines… all my F4 stuff are in my mailbox… True! I watch their concerts… I listen to their music… pero wala akong shrine for F4 or zai zai… even posters wala ako… just one, bigay pa yon… that’s how kuripot I am…=) But when I was there, man, I was really different…=)
When we left the building, we passed by S&K again… wala ng hiya-hiya… I got my camera from my bag, stayed in front of the store and took a picture… I don’t know if people were looking at me but I don’t care…=) By 5.30 we headed back to the hotel through a cab again… guess what I saw again?! A pepsi bus!!! WHAT THE?! Grabe na ‘to!!! Sayang, kasi I wasn’t able to take a picture kasi may isang pangit na bus na tinakpan yung pepsi bus!!!
Back at the hotel, I called up my sister and informed her na walang vanness photo book… then na-cut!!! WALA NA AKONG LOAD!!! Oh crap!!! I need to buy one kasi hindi ako nakapagdala ng globe… I went out on my own, freezing to death na and looked for 7/11… I asked them, “Do you have prepaid call cards for cell phones?” Ang answer, “don’t have any…” Man! Was I depressed… may nakasalubong akong Filipino couple and asked them, yun nga daw sa 7/11… pasok ulit ako 7/11… dun sa napasukan ko meron daw pero ang bigay sa akin sim card ng orange (telecom company)… I’m not looking for a sim card!!! I’m looking for a prepaid card… I waited for several minutes… ‘di na niya ako pinansin kasi ba naman tinapos niya lahat ng customers na nasa line… when I asked him again, kinausap niya yung co-worker niya… medyo he was a little irritated na kasi ‘di nga kami nagkakaintindihan… may tinuro siya na parang mga cards sa entrance ng store… dapat pala you should get one of those cards and present it at the counter… that’s when I found out na tawag pala nila sa prepaid card ay RECHARGEABLE VOUCHER!!! Goodness gracious!!!=)
I left and looked for the real orange store… finally, I was able to get the thing that I was looking for… on my way back at the hotel, lakad na lang ako ng lakad when I realized na nawawala na ako!!! Shit!!! Wala na yung landmark ko!!! AHHHH!!! I thought I brought along with me the map to the hotel but I was so wrong… I was so dead… Ayaw kong magfreak out doon… I don’t want to cry pero deep down talaga, I wanted to cry!!! Shit!!! I am so lost… no choice na ako but to take the cab… sobra lapit na lang pala sayang tuloy money ko!!!
Back in our room, I reloaded my cellphone pero hindi pwede!!! AHHH!!! Pa’no na yan?! Sobrang problematic na ako naaawa na si ms. mila sa akin… no choice ulit… I went out again and bought a sim card… nakakainis!!! Buti na lang wala na yung guy from 7/11 na hindi ako pinansin kanina… mapapahiya ako non!!!=) damn!!! That time, ‘di na ako nawala… I went back to the hotel safely…
A few hours later, we left the hotel for dinner… that’s when I met tito ricki… hehe!!! Nakiki-tito na rin ako…=) he didn’t join us for dinner kasi sobrang pagod daw siya… we ate nga at the inter-con… very nice view… very nice seats din kasi we ate at the chef’s table… ibang level…=) si tim madaldal… sabi niya si Jackie Chan lang daw yung artist na sobrang na-starstruck siya and si sharon cuneta…=) and he’s friends with A-Mei… he parties with her and the other hong kong socialites…=) iba siya!!!
After eating, salie, ms. mila and I went to temple street… nagpapack-up na silang lahat kasi upto 1am lang yung night market and we arrived there pass 12 midnight na… nakakatawa kami kasi while they’re packing up, nakikipag-haggle pa kami sa kanila… somebody even tried to hit on salie e…=) “Where u from? You are beautiful…” Haha!!! Funny!!!=) We left temple street at around 1.30 and arrived at the hotel by 2am… before going to sleep, I was fixing my gift for zai zai… I rewrote my letter as well… I slept before 3 am with the thought of meeting zai zai in my mind…=)

* February 7, 2004
This is the day!!! I woke up early kahit sobrang puyat… what did I do?! Siyempre fixing my gift to zai zai pa rin… natatawa na nga lang si ms. mila kasi nga I slept late because I’m doing something for zai zai tapos I woke up early doing something for zai zai pa rin…=)
By 10 am… I’m all set for the day… I accompanied ms. mila to Watson’s but sad to say, we didn’t find any store near the hotel… so naggala na lang kami… we just have to be back sa hotel by 11.30 to meet up with everybody else… we went to I think two stores full of cosmetics… tapos out of nowhere, I just said to myself, “I need to buy a cheek tint and a lip gloss!!! I really need to buy one!!!” if you know me, sasabihin mo, “Tinay, ikaw ba yan?” To be honest, I really don’t buy or use cosmetics… I don’t know how to apply it on myself… kasi I’m a bit boyish…=) it would take my best friends one hell of a time just to persuade me to buy kikay stuff… si zai zai lang pala katapat ko!!!=) he turned me into a girl!!! Haha!!!=)
We met up with them at the lobby before 12 noon… While waiting, sabi kasi may games daw dun sa fans day… tito ricki asked me, “are you chinese?” I said no… tapos sabi niya I look like one naman so dapat magjoin daw kami sa games… =) tim wasn’t be able to join us kasi he’s still sleeping… nakipagparty pa kasi e…=) so we left for HITEC… quite far from the hotel pero okay lang… damn!!! I’m getting nearer… I’m almost there… when we arrived at the venue, the first thing that welcomed us was a ji de wo ai ni poster!!! This is it!!!=) AHHHH!!! I can’t take this anymore…=) siyempre pinatulan ko ulit yon… I took pictures again… there, we met two filipinas who came all the way from the country just for the fans day and for the autograph signing the following day…
We ate first since the event will start at 2 pa… around 1.30, salie and I went to the CR… sobrang nervous na ako… I wanted to run, to jump, to scream talaga!!! I felt restlessness that time… nakakainis na!!!
We left the restaurant the moment we went came back from the CR… pareho kami ni salie na kinakabahan kasi zai zai fan din siya…=) I saw a poster again near the elevator and as usual I took another picture!!!=) When we turned left, that was it!!! I saw fans lining up already… people from the media… cameras, lights… Oh my god!!! I saw the cameras of TVBS, Phoenix, Asia Plus, Channel V… sobrang na-excite ako kasi I only see their signs sa cable… that time, I really saw it!!! They were going to cover the event!!!=)
We met several other fans… from China, Thailand… The girl from China even gave us a zai zai button… A few minutes later, Ms. Ros called us saying that we’re going inside the hall na!!! We were the first few people who were able to enter venue hall B1 - - if I’m not mistaken… Once we were inside and once I saw the stage with a very big picture of zai zai at the back, the balloons and everything, I was really in awe!!! Songs of zai zai were being played pa!!! Gosh!!! I’ve traveled how many miles just to see this, to see him!!! Everything was so surreal!!! I was like jumping for joy inside the hall and the security people were looking at me!!!=) I called up my friends back home… “Ching, I’m inside the hall!!! Eto na!!! Tapos later, we’ll be going to his hotel!!!” I promised to call them back once I see zai zai… One of the organizers gave us numbers for our seats… we sat near the stage!!! Iba talaga!!!
The event started before 3pm… Salie and I were getting bored na kasi nga matagal magstart… then the host came up the stage… siyempre she was talking in mandarin kaya wala kaming maintindihan… tito ricki knows another Chinese language, not mandarin… sayang… yung supposed interpreter namin kasi, tulog pa…=) Clueless kami as to what was happening yun pala may game… paunahan mag-raise ng hands so that you could be chosen as a contestant… Salie and I raised our hands din kaso we weren’t picked… Buti na lang kasi yung contest pala, you have to sing zai zai songs from his new album… they will play a song tapos ‘pag nagstop, you have to continue it…=) I haven’t memorized the songs yet nor have I properly listened to his CD… kaya good thing I wasn’t chosen…=) I forgot who won pero siyempre lahat sila may gift… poster…
Fans were calling for zai zai already because wala pa rin siya e… tagal na… sigaw sila ng sigaw, “ZAI ZAI! ZAI ZAI!” kami ni salie, we were trying to come up with our own translation kung ano man yung sinasabi nung host… We almost fell asleep na nga… tapos, yun na… he went up the stage and said “Hallo!!!”!!! Ayon na siya!!! Salie and I were going nuts sa may table namin… the others okay lang… I kept on telling salie, “SALIE! SALIE! ANDIYAN NA SIYA!!! $%@#%^@$!!!” Oh my goodness!!! Iba ang stage presence niya… sobra talaga!!! Sobrang tuwa ko kakapicture, I decided to go near the stage kasi yung zoom nung camera, it’s not that nice… sabi ko kay salie that I have to go nearer… no more second thoughts, I knelt down the aisle and started to sort of crawl/walk… I don’t know how you call it basta para akong nasa baclaran church!!! Salie did the same thing with me… When we were two tables away from the railings and stage, nakita kami ng security and started to walk towards us eh nakita ko siya agad… “Salie, may security!!! Halika na!!!” We ran back to our seats and started to laugh out loud!!!=) Salie tansfered to the table in front of us… I saw her asking the girl beside her so I decided to try my luck… The one seated beside me was a boy… I asked, “Do you understand English? Can you tell me what is happening?” He just shook his head… poor me…=( So, I was there, listening to what they were saying… just watching zai zai’s move… the way he laughs… then he sang one song… Your Body Heat (as translated in the Philippine version of the cd)… maarte siya kumanta!!! But cute!!!=) it’s live… I called up my friend and told her to listen to zai zai!!!=)
After that, tapos na yung event… he went down the stage and we were like, “Tapos na?!”=) The fans grabbed their chairs towards the front and siyempre, eto na naman ako, “Ano meron?! Why are they taking their chairs? Salie, halika na!!! Punta tayo sa harap!!!” We didn’t know what was happening perso game kami… Salie took a chair… I didn’t get one kasi I was bringing all our stuff… yun pala may picture taking yung mga fans… the media people were on the stage and then the fans behind the railings… yun lang pala e, so we decided to let it pass… malayo rin naman kami sa may center eh… few minutes later, everybody was screaming!!! Zai zai came out again to have his picture taken!!! WWWHHHAAATTT???!!! Sayang!!! The person I met kanina called me and said, “Halika dito!!! Andito si zai zai!!!” so balik ako… I stood up sa chair… I almost fell pa nga kasi kasama ko siya (yung friend ko) sa chair… I saw his the side of his face… My friend was shouting “ZAI ZAI WO AI NI!!!” Gaya naman ako… naki WO AI NI na rin ako!!!=) I think pumiyok pa nga ako e… =)
Anyway, after that, that was it… we went back to the hotel kasi we’ll be picking up tim and ms. ros was going to get something pa… chance ko na rin to freshen up…=) before 5 ata we arrived back at the hotel then we ate first at the cafĂ© sa may lobby… we’ll be meeting again before 6.30… we went up and went straight to the washroom… I washed my face, brushed my teeth… basta inulit ko yung morning ritual ko… tapos I made myself up na… I really don’t know how to put on the cheek tint basta lagay lang ako ng lagay, once in a while asking ms. mila kung okay na… “Dagdagan mo pa! Wala akong Makita e.” So lagay naman ako… I removed my rubber shoes na din… pinalitan ko ng sandals… Ang taray ng dating!!! High heels pa!!!=) Basta I really wanted to look presentable and girly that night kaya pati blouse ko pink!!!=)
We waited for salie in our room… tapos nagvideo sila… downstairs, when we were complete na, we went down to the parking area to wait for our cab… I was with tito ricki and tim… salie, ms. ros and ms. mila in another cab… niloloko nga ako ni tito ricki eh… sabi niya, “Ayan! You’re rubbing elbows na with tim yap!!!” I replied, “Oo nga eh!!! I was shocked when I saw him then you…”=) Inside the cab, I was really quiet… the two of them just talking… in Chinese pa nga minsan… basta pag nagchinese sila, they made it a point to translate what they’re saying for me… para ‘di naman ako ma-left out… that was really nice of them… He also asked me what my age is kasi they were talking about something not intended for a minor… I said I’m 22… tapos nakuha pang manloko saying that he thought I was 21 and a half… haha!!! Very funny… with a sarcastic tone…=) I could pass as a 16 year old girl daw kasi…=) ganon?!=)
The cab slowed down already and I saw the name of the hotel… HARBOUR PLAZA… Gosh!!! This is it!!! I’m in the same building as zai zai!!! Damn!!!=)
We went to the third floor… business center… then we waited for them there… I went to the CR to pee then while I was inside doing my business, I heard ms. ros speaking… Shit!!! Andiyan na sila!!! Wait for me!!! I rushed towards the waiting area kahit I’m not yet fully done with my thing… OOOPS!!! It wasn’t them pa pala…=) while waiting, the Chinese girl (the one I met at the fans day) called me… she followed zai zai in his hotel… tapos dumami na sila… they were asking me how I’m feeling at the moment… how I won the contest… they also asked me if I could give their gifts to zai zai… I just said, I’ll try…=) Before I went inside the business center, they were teaching me Chinese phrases… ‘pag di ko na alam yung sasabihin, Ji De Wo Ai Ni na lang…=) Then I went inside… feeling ko para akong delegate of some conference na makakameet ng isang important world leader… kakaiba!!!=) Ms. Ros told me after I came inside that the managers to be inside the room during the MYX interview kasi originally, di dapat… I don’ t know what exactly happened but they allowed me…=)
I was preparing my stuff when I heard the sound of the elevator… Ting!!! Then I saw people wearing business attires… they were wearing all black… and then… and then… SHIT!!!! Lumabas na siya ng elevator!!! Damn!!! He’s so tall kaya siya talaga yung mapapansin mo…=) While he was walking (na feeling ko sobrang slow motion lahat…), I was smiling talaga… ear to ear… when they went inside the room, I sat beside Salie and hugged her, “Salie, eto na! Sorry… nasakal ba kita?!” Sabi niya, “Oo nga e… medyo mabigat ka kasi…”=)
Tim was the first one to interview vic… after that, tito ricki and ms. mila were next… kami ni salie, quiet na lang… she wasn’t talking… I wasn’t talking as well… SILENCE… I was on the floor, hugging my chair kasi sobrang nervous na ako… Kasi the moment has arrived…=) Mukha akong kawawa talaga!!!=)
Ms. Ros came out of the room and said, “tin, salie… kayo na!!!” Salie went ahead of me kaya nagmamadali ako… I brought all my stuff… those things to be signed… my bag… my gift… the gifts of the other fans… ang dami kong dala, I looked like a delivery girl…=) anyway, as we entered the room, OH MY GOD!!! I saw him seated on the sofa… almost lying pero hindi and he was singing “You are so beautiful to me…” in perfect English, mind you!!!=) no accent or whatever… I heard him sing live and in English!!!=) Damn, how lucky can a fan get?!?!?! When I saw him, I almost fainted but I tried not to faint… Dude, napaluhod na lang ako… as if I saw a miracle… a god in front of me!!!=) wala rin naming chairs sa loob ng room so talagang nakaupo lang ako sa floor… for 20 to 30 minutes that I was inside the room, nakasmile lang ako…=) and whenever he’s looking at my way, at the back… he never failed to nod and smile at me… he acknowledged my presence for goodness sake!!!=) siyempre, ganon din ako!!! I was like a Japanese girl for 30 minutes because I kept on bowing my head…=) then my moment came… ms. ros was like, “I’d like you to meet the winner of our contest… this is… anong name mo gusto ipakilala? Tin-tin or christia?” Hmmm… I went, “tin-tin na lang po para madali!!!” “This is tin-tin…” Damn!!!=) “Hi” “Hallo!” Then he said my name and repeated it several times… funny nga because he was kind of laughing/smiling while saying “tin-tin”… I don’t know why…=) Yung gift ko and my camera, I placed them on the table before I held and shook his hand… When he offered his hand to shake mine, sobrang kinakabahan ako… shake hands na… his hand was so warm and soft as compared to mine na sobrang nilalamig… then he asked me, “Ni shi zhong guo ren ma?” Huh?! I looked straight in his eyes and said “Huh?!” Then looked at the interpreter dumbfounded… she said, “are you Chinese?!” I said no… Damn, he smelled good!!! For all those who want to know, mabango siya… I don’t know exactly kung may perfume siya or anything pero mabango siya… or di ko lang naamoy kasi sobrang my senses didn’t cooperate with me…=) then I think I gave him my gift, explained what’s inside, and pleading pa nga ata to read my letter and eat the mangoes…=) then picture taking na… I really thought that he wouldn’t put his arms around me but HE DID!!! Oh my goodness!!!=) that was one hell of an experience…=) then autograph signing… I was able to ask for 5… very lucky me!!!=) while writing down my name, he was again smiling… really don’t know why… anybody?! What does tin-tin mean in Chinese?!=) after the signing, I gave the gifts from the other fans… explained that some came from fans from Guang Zhou, China… nauutal talaga ako I can’t even pronounce Guang Zhou properly… I kept on saying, “Guang… Guang…” and then he was looking at me… parang naaawa na siya sa akin because I can’t say the name of the place… I told him, “…from China…” and he was like, “Oh… China, Guang Zhou… Xie Xie… thank you…”=) tapos yung gift from the filipina fan… a wallet with money inside… but they didn’t get the money… they don’t accept money from fans e… after that, that was it… we said our goodbyes na… I can’t recall kung nagshake hands ba ulit or something pero I was really happy!!!=) Before leaving, I wanted to say, “WAIT I HAVE TO SAY SOMETHING IN CHINESE!!!”… I’ve been practicing Chinese phrases for several days… memorizing it… but I wasn’t able to talk… I wasn’t able to say anything… sobrang star struck /love struck… wala tuloy nangyari!!! AHHHH!!! When I tried to open my mouth to talk, feeling ko yung dila ko babalik sa loob… That is my biggest regret… not being able to say what I wanted to… pero I wrote everything in my letter naman… AND the fact that I wasn’t able to hug him back… unforgivable… kaya sabi ko nga…”I wanna cry!!!” huhuhu!!!=(
After that, we went out of the room… they asked me what happened… interviewed me… all that… and that was it… zai zai and company left the place 5 to 10 minutes after salie and I went out of the room… we were supposed to have a group picture taking kaya lang they remembered that there was another interview or something… we said bye na!!! And for the last time, he looked at me, bowed and smiled…
February 7, 2004 was, is and will always be the best day of my entire life…=)
*** we ate dinner at around 10 pm… after that salie, ms. mila, tim and I went to mong kok that time for the night market… late na naman kami kaya nagpapack up na sila… we went back to the hotel before 3 am…


i already got my OJ vcd yesterday at Megamall.

It was words can describe how i feel when i watched Jerry's "i want it now" mtv.

The contents of the vcd are the following:
Whampoa Kowloon, HK - Departure at HK airport - Yan Chai Charity Premiere - Some MK clips with sammi's Mk song - Whampoa pics with jerry's MK song!!!!

Special Thanks to onlyjerry. More Power!!!!

YAMAHA EXHIBIT at Mega Strip, Megamall

there's a huge f4 banner located at the booth of Yamaha.

Also, some motorbikes as exhibits. they also teach kids to ride on the motorbikes.

Lauren and the girls of f4_intlfc-phils got a poster and sticker (too bad, i went home early) i enjoyed the day activities and i have to go home asap hehe...maybe next time....a motorbike with f4 hehe

DIARY OF A FAN, part 4

*January 26, 2004
Since it’s a Monday, wala akong pasok sa school! As soon as I woke up (that was around 8.30), I had coffee and after that, I sent my entry via e-mail right away… I didn’t do the presentation kasi wala rin akong time so yung entry ko sa MYX, full of smiley… ‘di pa nga yung animated e… my entry was really simple and humorous, at the same time, direct to the point… so nung nasend ko na yung mail, I thought my day is through already… as in back to normal na ulit…
Come 6.30 in the evening, while my sister was using the computer, she answered the phone… “Ate, sa MYX daw!!!” I was shocked because I just sent my entry that morning… my first reaction was, “Weh?! Totoo ba yan?!” tapos malapit na ako sa phone, I asked her, “I won? I won?”
So, I got the phone… and the conversation, as I remember, was like this:
Tin: hello?
MYX: is this christia morada?
Tin: yes… speaking…
MYX: hi! This is mila from MYX… we got your entry and read it…
Tin: really? (I was getting really excited already… parang yung voice ko nga medyo expecting na… ang stupid nga e… siyempre, kaya nga sila tumawag eh kasi nabasa na nila yung entry ko…)
MYX: so, you’re a real vic zhou fan?
Tin: oo naman… matagal na…
MYX: are you Chinese? Kasi yung entry mo in Chinese kasi e…
Tin: no… that was just translated by my sister…
MYX: may passport ka ba? Nakapagtravel ka na ba before?
Tin: opo…I’ve been to the states and hong kong before…
MYX: valid pa ba yung passport mo? Baka hindi naman…
Tin: valid po yon… kakarenew lang kasi ng passport ko e…
MYX: ahh… okay… ganito, you’re not yet the official winner pero we’ll call you again whatever happens… vineverify lang naming yung mga contestants…
Tin: okay… sige po… bye…
MYX: bye.
After the conversation, sobrang happy ako… medyo uneasy kasi when I thought about my answers, sabi ko, “Shoots! Dapat hindi ko sinabi na pinatranslate yung entry ko… dapat sinabi ko ako yung nagtranslate… dapat sinabi ko I haven’t been to hong kong kasi baka hindi nila ako gawing winner…” yung sister ko, sabi niya…”’wag ka mag-expect… malay mo ‘di ikaw yung winner… masakit yon if ever you find out na hindi ikaw yung winner… tawag ka kay Arlene (friend ko na zai zai fan din) tapos tanong mo kung nagsend na siya ng entry niya, kung tumawag sa kanya yung myx…” Sort of counter-verification on my part, di ba?! Point taken… but I didn’t call Arlene…
An hour later, I was able to answer another call from MYX… Ms. Mila just asked me if I joined any contests conducted by MYX or MTV in the past… if I won in those contests daw… I answered no kasi first time ko talaga yung contest kay zai zai… that was it…
My brother who was eating that time told me, “Ate, ikaw na yung winner… kasi tignan mo, twice na sila tumawag sa’yo… ano ibig sabihin non?!” Outside, I looked really calm na tipong parang wala lang sa akin yung sinabi ng brother ko… na wala lang yung second call from MYX… But man!!! inside… sobrang lakas na ng heartbeat ko…
While I was preparing the doggie food in the kitchen… around 8.30 pm… the phone rang and my mom called for me after a few seconds… “Tin!!! Sa MYX…” Oh my god… another call… is this it?! Siyempre ang dumi ng hands ko when I took the phone from my mom…
Tin: hello?
MYX: christia? This is mila from MYX again…
Tin: yes…
MYX: I don’t know if I already asked you this pero itanong ko na lang ulit… nagtravel ka na ba before?
Tin: opo… sa hong kong and sa states po recently lang…
MYX: ahh… okay… sige na nga… kasi ganito yon… ikaw na yung WINNER…
Tin: talaga?!?!?!?!?! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After I heard her say the word winner… wala na… I didn’t understand the words she’s saying… sobrang tili ko, my entire family was looking at me… for the first time in my life, nabakla ako in front of them!!! Another reason why I didn’t get the things she’s telling me was that zai zai and ken’s yamaha commercial was on TV kaya sobrang wala na talaga… DAMN!!! I’m going to hong kong to meet THE guy!!! Yung mga details na lang during the latter part of the conversation, yun na lang yung naintindihan ko… she gave me her office number… she told me that I should prepare myself from February 4 to 8 kasi hindi pa nila alam yung exact date ng flight… I asked her kung maraming entries… She told me “Sobra!”… then we said goodbye…
OH MY GOD!!! This was the statement I kept on saying to myself from the time Ms. Mila informed me upto the time I went to sleep… siyempre before closing my eyes, tinuloy ko na yung prayer…=)

*** The following morning, pasok ako sa school… I was waiting for Arlene to come kasi gusto ko siya and my close friends lang yung first sa school namin na makaalam… wala pa siya pero I can’t help myself… so I told Izaw that I joined this contest and I won… buong batch ko na yung nakaalam after a few minutes… Arlene was the last person to know about it… saying! late kasi siya eh…
*** from January 27 to the early days of February, I received no call from MYX… I was a bit scared already kasi I don’t know if it’s really true… every time I enter the gate, I ask my mom kung may tawag from MYX… wala daw… Thursday lang tumawag si Ms. Mila to get my full name… after that, zero, nil, wala… Sobrang scared ko, I was thinking na baka they found a better entry than mine… maybe they read red_star’s entry already kaya ‘di na siya tumatawag… maybe joke lang ‘to… my friends were asking me bakit pa daw pinapakita yung promo sa MYX eh may winner na? I just told them kasi next time pa daw nila ipapakita yung name ng winner… I was so full of fear and doubt kaya kung anu-ano na yung naiisip ko… if ever I found out na iba na yung winner, I’m going to sue them for giving me false hope!!! I’m going to bring them down!!! February 4, she called me up… “christia, punta ka dito tomorrow to claim your ticket…” that was the day na naging okay na talaga ‘ko…

DIARY OF A FAN, part 3

January 25, 2004
Japs, my best friend called me up in the evening… she asked something about adjusting entries in accounting… then we discussed something about the baby shower for our friend… tapos in between the discussion, I told her about my intention to join the contest. She was excited for me!!! And then I asked her for suggestions… “gawa ka ng A to Z na reasons… Ayy!! ‘wag yon… write 100 reasons why you love vic!!! Tapos gawan mo pa ng presentation… ‘wag power point presentation… dapat adobe… tapos ilagay mo sa friendster or publish it sa newspaper!!!”
Siyempre, natuwa ako sa suggestion niya… But 100 reasons?! Medyo napadouble take ata ako don!!! That’s so plenty!!! I’m not saying that I can’t write something like that… pero I think I already read a fan-written material na ganon din… ayaw ko naman manggaya…
I decided to cut down the 100 reasons to just 10… pero sabi ko walang dating yon… dapat my entry should make an impact… I thought of translating my top 10 reasons in 5 different languages… English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Filipino… hmmm… medyo mahirap and I don’t have that much time too… siyempre may assignment din ako that needed my attention… English, Chinese and Japanese na lang kaya?! I’m not really good in Japanese but I’m really into Japanese culture kaya lang irrelevant naman yung Japanese sa F4… English and Chinese na lang!!! BINGO!!!
I wrote down my reasons in less than 10 minutes… had it translated by my sister (yung vanness fan) in an hour or so… I’m done!!! Yehey!!!