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Ken Chu to Hold "Freedom" Solo Concerts in Japan; Walk Past Yesterday Single

Ken Chu to Hold "Freedom" Solo Concerts in Japan; Walk Past Yesterday Single


TOKYO- 3/21- SAT^17:00 OPEN / 18:00 START -JCB HALL¡n
TOKYO- 3/22- SUN^13:00 OPEN / 14:00 START -JCB HALL¡n


"Hello everybody, I'm Ken.
I have good news for everybody - I'll hold a solo concert again in Japan on March.
This is my third year holding a solo concert, I want to thank everybody for your support.
All the achievements I have today is because I have your support.
Thank you so much!
This time concert is not the same as the previous, this one I'm discussing the concert myself.
I became free, my music became free too, can do a lot of things I want to do now.
Even the place is not the same as before.
I hope it'll bring a whole new experience to everybody, and also want to invite you all to enjoy the concert with me! Thank you!"

Walk Past Yesterday- Digital Single for Japan concerts

"The Last Night of Madame Chin" first trailer revealed, Fan Bingbing hold hands Zaizai resist

"The Last Night of Madame Chin" first trailer revealed, Fan Bingbing hold hands Zaizai resist

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Yesterday, Fan Bingbing and Liu Xiaoqing production company held a press conference for TV series "JinDaBan” (The Last Night of Madame Chin) and released the trailer for the first time in Shanghai. Cast including Fan Bingbing, Zhou Yu Min (Zai Zai),Alex Foong, Huang Shao Qi i and staff held a grand press conference at the Shanghai "landmark" Global Financial Center. More than 20 leading TV stations attended the press conference.

However the trailer become the least expected, as Fan Bingbing held Zai Zai's hand and ZZ resist during the press conference, becoming the biggest highlight of the scene.

Fan Bingbing said holding Zai Zai's hand is natural

The press conference consisting of more than half of the total cast, stood up and walked to the front of the stage for the media to take photographs. Fan Bingbing acting as "JinDaBan" and also one of the studio boss, thought of making the cast feel more comfortable at the stage and creating a happy atmosphere, took the initiative to hold Zai Zai’s hand. Perhaps Zai Zai felt unused to the warmth shown by Fan Bingbing, he looked distracted, and after 2 seconds he immediately changed posture/ position and let go.

In the subsequent interview sessions, reporters took this opportunity to asked Fan Bingbing about the hand incident, and Fan Bingbing very cleverly answered "When I look at all the cast taking photographs and felt it was a bit crowded so I hold Zai Zai’s hand hoping he would come in front a bit." She smiled, half-turned her face to look at Zai Zai then said "But he did not give me face, in fact, it is natural that friends hold hands." At the other side Alex Fong said "In fact, she should have taken my hand, I am married with kids so it's more secure.”

Zhou Yu Min said Fan Bing Bing like a mother

As one of F4 members, Zai Zai’s love story and marriage becomes media attraction but obviously he was very vigilant. In “JinDaBan”, he and Fan Bingbing although act as lover but he strongly hold on to his principle saying he treats Fan Bingbing more like his mother.

In the press con, Zai Zai said “Although we act as Jie-di-lien (older woman-younger man relationship), I don't treat Fan Bingbing like a sister, in fact, she is more like a mother, too naggy. When Zai Zai answered this, all the media listen closely to what Zai said: "I seldom talk, but I don’t like other people taking care of me. She cares for all the cast very much. When the weather is cold she will ask us to quickly wear more warm clothes, provide warm bags for us, and right after the filming ends, she will ask us o hurry up and go back indoors in order not to catch cold. She gave me a lot of warm feelings like a mother's care...." And when reporters asked Zai Zai about his love life, he half-jokingly said:" At this moment, I don’t need a girlfriend who is like a mother.”

Zai Zai too deep into the character

In the TV series "JinDaBan" ZZ acts as Fan BingBing’s young boyfriend. He is younger than Jin Da Ban (FBB) by a few years, is supported by Jin Da Ban, and has a pure, kind heart. Although while performing ZZ puts in all efforts and is very deep into character, but he said in real life he doesn't like this character.

One day, one of the JinDaBan crew suddenly said to Zai Zai "A man who commits suicide for love is the most stupid". Although this confirms the success of ZZ’s acting, it also leaves him dumbfounded. "At that time I was filming the suicide scene every day. And although during shooting I go as far as possible into the role, but in real life I do not approve of such a disposition."

Although "JinDaBan" have not completed filming yet, but for the first time yesterday, the trailer was revealed. “JinDaBan" costumes fittings and film sets nearly spent one million production costs which can be clearly seen on the trailer screen. Fan Bingbing and Tong, one of the investors and the international media Xin'an Television Animation Co., Ltd. Fuzhou leadership attended the conference yesterday, with more than 20 leading television stations nationwide as guests to watch the trailer for the 1st time.

This drama is gorgeous and modern, there is no lack of classical charm. Fan Bingbing thought-out this plan and said that she believed that "JinDaBan" will change the impression on the 30's era century which will be seen in the drama..

In the storyline, the drama retains the original story from Pai Hsien Yung (author) and added a lot more content, especially the love between ZaiZai and BingBing, and it is believed that it will give the audience a fresh experience.

= END =

Vic Zhou is swearing off relationship for now

Vic Zhou, member of F4, who broke up with Barbie Hsu because they had "differing views and directions in love", claimed that he has lost confidence in maintaining a relationship.

In TV drama "The Last Night of Madam Chin", Zhou took the role as Fan Bingbing's young lover; a passionate man who tried to commit suicide for "Madam Chin", Fan's character. In his opinion, taking one's own life for love is a stupid move.

This is the first time Zhou and Fan are partnering on screen. "She is more like a mother and quite a nag; she'll bring me thermo bags, ginger tea, afraid that I'll catch a cold. I found out recently that my costumes were handpicked by her too," he shared.

In response to this, Fan said, "Everyone says I care too much for people around me."

Zhou also revealed that he has no wish to get into a relationship in reality for the time being. "Based on past experience, if I do not have confidence to bring her a lifetime of bliss, I should never fall in love with her," he said.

Growing up in single-parent families: F4, Jay Chou, Jiro Wang & Dylan Kuo all have a sad history

Source: sina
Translation: Sarah @

Growing up in single-parent families: F4, Jay Chou, Jiro Wang & Dylan Kuo all have a sad history

Many people are attracted to the talent and good looks of the male idols in the entertainment circle, but often we will overlook their family background. You may not know that in the Taiwan entertainment circle, many male idols all grew up in single-parent families. Today’s Asia King Jay Chou is one of them; when he was 14 years old, his parents divorced, and he was brought up by his mother alone. Was Jay’s family like how he describes in his song, and full of violence? And how did his 3 composed songs for his grandmother, mother and father originate?

Dylan Kuo rose to fame after starring in idol drama ‘The Outsiders’. His situation inside and outside of the drama are surprisingly similar. At a young age, not only did he experience the hurt from his parent’s divorce, his mother also died when he was in junior school. How much unknown pain did he experience during his childhood and teenage years? How did he live his unimaginable life?

As for idol group F4, all 4 members were actually brought up by their mothers, and the 4 experienced lives even rougher than in television dramas. So how was each of their single-parent family life?

Fahrenheit’s Jiro Wang looks full of sunshine in all directions. But once at an event, his family was brought up and he broke down in tears. Behind a prince image, actually lies a rather tough childhood life; when he was in junior school, already he had to work so to take care of his whole family. And what kind of childhood life did he experience?

If you want to know what kind of bitter memories were left on our male idols, please watch ‘Television’s Feng Yun Chart’ on China’s educational channel 3 on the 8th of February at 6:00pm.

Ken Chu new album "Getting Real"

Special thanks to Marai for accommodating our orders. Sa uulitin. hahaha.

Album : Getting Real
Artist : Ken Chu
Release : 09 January 2009
Language : Mandarin

Track List:
CD 1
01. (Zou Chu Zuo Tian)
02. (Wen Hao?)
03. (Cuo Le Lu)
04. (Hao Xin Qing)
05. Rain
06. (Ai Bu Ting Zhi)

CD 2
01. (Ai Bu Hui Yi Zhi Deng Ni)
02. La La La
03. (Ting Jian Ai)
04. Inside Of My Guitar
05. (Yi Ge Hao Ren)
06. (Wu Suo Wei)
07. (Hei Bai)
08. (Ke Shi Wo)
09. (Yong Bu Ting Zhi)
10. Here We Are
11. (Fu Huo)
12. (Zhong Ji)
13. (Ling Wu)
14. (Sha Qing Ren)
15. (Qing Tian)
16. (Dai Wo Li Kai)