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Vanness Wu in Singapore

25 Nov – Taiwanese heartthrob, Vanness Wu who is currently in Singapore to perform songs off his latest album, "C'est La V", in filming the debut episode of MTV Sessions, talked to us in an exclusive interview where he revealed about his choice of abstinence through Christianity, among other details about himself.

Vanness who is widely known as a devoted Christian, said that he strongly believes in abstinence before marriage, when asked on his unusual choice on the matter.

"I see virginity as something worth holding on too, as a measure of self-worth, seeing as it is so easily taken among today's generation," said Vanness.

He added, "Especially in these times, it is so easy to just walk in a club, drink alcohol and find somebody. I want something of value to give to my special someone."

Vanness is reportedly dating the daughter of a rich Singaporean, Arissa, but has yet to confirm the relationship in the media, and still refuses to comment on his love life when asked.

However on his album, "C'est La V", the 33-year-old Vanness said that the despite only taking a year to make, it felt more like ten. But that didn't stop him from being glad with the response it had garnered so far.

"The album is a reflection of how long I've been an entertainer, and it took that long for me to fully understand myself, my direction in life, how to give and take in becoming who I am now. This album is me."

During the conception of his album, Vanness collaborated with Ryan Tedder and Bruno Mars, although he had never met the former. However, he is eager to collaborate with artistes such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna and U2, in the future.

For now, Vanness is just eager to meet his fans and family in Singapore.

Some of Vanness' upcoming projects are television dramas in Taiwan, as well as an exclusive accessory line called 3V07, a reversal of the word LOVE.

Vanness Wu forms a new band

The former F4 member mocked himself for being part of the boyband in his upcoming movie

Taiwanese actor Vanness Wu's upcoming movie The Road Less Travelled will open in theatres on Dec 12.

The film tells the story of five music lovers -- Vanness Wu, Jimmy Hung, Dean Fujioka, Long Chen Han and Eric Tu -- and their road to forming the band SMASH. The quintet made their official debut on Nov 13, attracting more than 300 fans at a promotional event.

This is Vanness's third group in his showbiz career. He debuted as F4, together with Jerry Yan, Vic Chou and Ken Zhu, and later collaborated with Korean singer Kangta.

When asked if he is worried about falling out with good friend Jimmy, Vanness replied, "All groups have their share of ups and downs, but at the end of the day, we're still friends. This group is different from before; we have chemistry with each other."

In the film, the singer mocked himself for being a former F4 member, saying, "You wouldn't put me into silly idol groups like F4 and Tension, would you?"

The singer confessed that "rock n' roll is every man's dream" and revealed that he is the lead singer of SMASH. The group will soon be holding a concert tour around Taiwan to promote the movie and hoped to release an album in the future.

Furthermore, Jimmy, who is also the director of the movie, managed to get his father, veteran actor Sammo Hung to act in his movie.

When asked if he was confident with the box office sales, Jimmy laughed, "I'm happy as long as it doesn't flop. I hope it'll break a million dollars."

Jimmy also admitted that his father did not give him pressure and is very grateful that Sammo gave him space to express himself.

[Trailer] Road Less Traveled -Van Ness Wu

吳建豪 (Van Ness Wu)、洪天祥 (Jimmy Hung)、洪金寶 (Sammo Hung)、涂百鋒 (Eric Tu)、藤岡靛 (Dean Fujioka)、隆宸翰 (Chris Lung)、弦子