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A member of F4, Zai Zai's home in Taiwan caught on fire due to an electricity surge (something to do with the wires n stuff). At the time, Zai Zai's brother was in there, sleeping, and he managed to escape. In just over 10 minutes, the fire was put out, and the situation is not the serious, no one was hurt. once he heard about it, zai zai immediately went home to check on things and talk to police

Translated by xiao xing of

It's better than late than NEVER

I would like to thank all who attended the Jerry Yan Video Festival Last April 24, Saturday.

It was filled almost 3 1/2 hours, non-stop videos of Jerry and some surprises

Can't help, laughing-screaming-and was so memorable.

Thank you and support us once again...




Produced by Onlyjerry Philippines, the event is a 3 hour
nonstop video presentation of JY's mvs(television
series, movie, songs), commercials, video clips, concert clips and
special videos prepared just for the occasion.

Highlights in the festival:

- "This is my favorite pictures" is a presentation of
special pictures
downloaded from the net and will be presented by the

- The "great wall of Jerry" will contain
pictures(12R,15R,17R and 18R)
, posters, stickers, banners that will be for RAFFLE
and for AUCTION.
Dont forget to bring spare cash in case you get
interested in some of
the stuff. Our bid master will be OJ LEAH and raffle
stubs are
available at the registration table.

- Special videos prepared for this event emcompasses
the different
moods, the persona and friendships of Jerry. Some of
these videos
are: Kindred, Model Perfect, Sad Jerry, Feel the Beat,
Ladies Man,
Because of You and many others.

- Memorabilias will be made available during
registration. This is
inclusive in the P300.00 ticket price. A light snack
will also be
served during the event.

* Ticket drop points:

April 20 - Glorietta, 2nd floor Mc Donald's

For more details, contact the Videofest coordinators,
09178456558 norie_g@m... or lstgleyo@p... And OJ
LIZETTE 0917-465-
8377 lizette_0415@y...

The event will start at exactly 2:00 pm. Please come
and register
early (12:30 pm) so you can enjoy the "wall" and other
surprises. See
you there!!!!

PLEASE VISIT f4_phils to view the teaser, under file
-jyvideofestival teaser...(dao_mi_chelle)


happy birthday, joisu...from ate misyel and f4_phils

ken loves u, show me your love! hehe


Get ur tickets now!

It'll be 100 percent, pure Jerry Yan...non-stop video presentation!

Thanks to all who bought their tickets already.

See you all there

(Jerry left na daw, hmmm hope he enjoyed his stay here. FYI, nobody or any e-groups confirmed that Jerry was here. So, it's up to you kung sino paniniwalaan. I said, we never confirmed anything! that's it.)


Thanks to sis joisu for the new design/layout etc of the blog. more f4 stuffs coming soon.

More pictures will be uploaded soon. I was so touched with the heading "family" we r all family here no matter what, as long as you love f4, you'll be part of the family na din. I miss f4, miss also all my sisters here in f4 groups, wish to be together soon....

Kai, my long lost friend (GS-HS) sherrie and I, went at ate vhia's place to stare some of her f4 stuffs....also we watched some f4 concerts (jakarta, pepsi blue), screamed to death whenever JY face's on screen....

Most "touching" part was the Pepsi-china promo....when Jerry cried coz fans did show something...How i wish magawa natin yan...let's invite jerry and let him cry here (no kidding!!!)...that's it...full of f4 pa din...

I MISS ALL MY SISTERS/FRIENDS HERE...WISH TO BE WITH YOU... take care and best regards

'dao misyel"
forever dao


Okay guys, I changed the whole layout. Bad comments are not needed for I am a very pissy person right now. Expect revenge.

Anyway, I used html - as in I typed (ermm.. copied and pasted) everything up. No software programs were used because I am po0r :(

Old stuffs are in this site: oldf4misyel


On Lenten Season...

Message from Lauren

Hello friends! just want to share this beautiful link... dont forget to turn on your speaker and feel GOD's message of Love... not only this Holy Week, but ALWAYS...

God Bless us all....
May this lenten season fill our hearts with peace, humility and love....

site updates

heya peeps, sowee i haven't updated this in a long time. screw my life and homework.

updates will be uploaded so0n ^_^
and maybe a new layout, too.



Vanness Concert Pictures will be uploaded soon!

Watch out for renovation! hehe

birthday GREETINGS:
April 2 - Misao and Yvonne
April 18 - Sis Joisu da webchuva! hehehe

see yah soon!

best regards