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F4 is BACK!

F4 is back
The original Taiwanese boy band F4 is due to release a new album next year, its first in almost four years.
The pop group comprising Jerry Yen, Vic Zhou, Ken Zhu and Vanness Wu first came into the limelight in 2001 with Mandarin series Meteor Garden, which sparked an Asia-wide F4 frenzy.

F4 is still together and has a new album in the wings.
After the series ended, the guys had been involved in different solo projects, giving rise to rumours that the group had split.
But the four have stressed repeatedly that they did not break up, and proved that recently by appearing as a group.
On their upcoming album, they said that it will be different from their previous releases because “our vocals have improved a lot since then”.


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Sina News

Translated by: stephanieshieh
Source: Sina News

Vivian Hsu yesterday wore a sexy red outfit to promote new album "Vivi and" at an autograph session. As for possible rumored boyfriend Jay Chou was also doing an activity at the same time, she expressed: Won't discuss feelings of friendship, thinks it's very rumor-filled, but will personally go to the record store to buy Jay's new album!

Yesterday, it was reporteed that the two were at TVBS-G recording, but they had to be seperated from each other. Vivian denied yelling, and revealed that the two looked at each other and talked for a few minutes, wishing luck for each other. Ex-boyfriend Vanness Wu wouldn't work with her, but is planning to work with Coco Lee for her new album. Vivian expressed that she's happy to see the Vanness and Coco collaboration.

Asides from relationship reports, Vivian's new album broke 100,000 sales, and next year she can hold a concert at Xiao Ju Dan.

Latest Message from Mr Chih 9/11

Dear All,

Haven’t left a message here for a while. Recently I’ve been a frequent flyer attending events all over, plus the work on hand is busier than ever, yet I have been attending to all your messages.

Ken is continuing his shooting at HengDian at ChuLiuXiang. Sudden climatic changes and big temperature differences gave Ken the flu, but he’s been getting his rest and becoming well by day. Though there may be many rumors and opinions about the crew, all Ken wants to do is to prove what he does best as an actor, try hard to coordinate with the director’s and crews’ needs and give it his best shot.

Vic is still in progress with his new movie - Butterfly, flying back and forth between Taiwan to study and Hong Kong for work. The TV drama will now have to wait until the movie is completed to resume their work again. We also have some DVD promotions going on, but will announce further information when it’s confirmed.

VanNess and Kangta’s first concert in the Mainland will take place on Sept. 22nd and 23rd at the City Hall of Beijing. This is a very important part of their China promotions, as well as Scandal’s final public event. VanNess is very excited and has been prepping himself for his wonderful performance to share with everyone; we hope that everyone who attends can give VanNess’ their biggest support! After the concert VanNess will return to the states for a while to continue his work for a brand new album.

Lastly, details for the Taiwan Tourism Board project is still under negotiation, I know that you are all concerned but we will for sure announce the details once they are all set, so please keep your patience for a little bit longer.


Dong Sen News

Dong Sen News
September 5, 2006

Korean Drama Da Chang Jin (Jewel in the Palace) has made South Korea increase its tourism, making them earn a lot from money spent by tourist, this has stimulated the interest of the Communications group of the Tourism Board, they have now decided to follow the example of the Koreans, for this endeavor they will be spending NT$85 million and sought F4 idol group for this project. They will use the sceneries of Taiwan as the backdrop of the new drama project. The plan is to have this broadcasted in Japan and South Korea, it is their hope that this project will entice overseas tourist to come and see the sights of Taiwan.

Follow the example of the Korean Dramas! Idol dramas have promoted Taiwan sceneries, Winter Sonata, Da Chang Jin, these dramas have been very popular and have helped pushed them to be hot. We can not belittle the use of idol dramas, there have been studies in this and the domestic tourism board prepared a follow up, they are prepared to spend NT$85 million to film an idol drama and help push Taiwan in the international arena to advance to the Japan and South Korean market. They will be using the idol group F4.

At present the tentative outline for the drama would be “Wonderful Love Hot Dance Troupe” they will use F4 as a group who loves “street dancing” they will be the champion of the youth. The special feature of this is for the main actors to have gone all over the 8 tourist spots of Taiwan, but of course included in the drama would be love stories. The leading ladies haven’t been decided on at the moment, it can include: Yang Cheng Lin, Wu Pei Ci (partner of Vanness in MG2), as well as Xu Ruo Xuan (Vivian Xu) who has already made a name for herself in Japan.

The drama will have a total of 25 episodes, the plan is for it to be shown April next year, five big broadcast stations will show it in Japan and Korea. To follow are concerts, promotional activities, merchandise products. The tourism board has the confidence that using idols can attract overseas tourist to come and see the sceneries of Taiwan.