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Vanness Wu: V.DUBB (SonyBMG)

Vanness Wu: V.DUBB (SonyBMG)

I once watched Vanness Wu live in concert and remember thinking at the time that the guy could actually sing. However, those talents tend to be a little overshadowed by his former pretty-boy F4 image and over-produced music tracks.

Unfortunately, on this album the songs are once again the beat-heavy dance tracks and ballads that he is known for, which is a shame.

Yes, the songs are catchy, danceable and his ballads are sappy and romantic. But they sound so much like his previous songs, and all the other songs by young male artistes that it’s becoming a little disenchanting.

But then again, the blandness of the music would probably be the least of Wu’s fans’ worries, since they’d probably be too distracted by the picture of a shirtless Wu on the album cover – the elaborate packaging featuring more pictures of Wu and the two giant posters Wu. Definitely for fans of Wu only, this.

e C e n t r a l

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Hua Liu Magazine - Brief Translation

source: Chappy55 of
Hua Liu Magazine

credits to
According to TinTinxu's brief translation of the content, Jerry went to Tokyo for taking promotional pictures from June 1 to 5, and these pictures may be seen on the home page of
According to the reporter of the magazine, regarding the solo photo album, he is working toward the goal of having it published by the end of this year
Regarding Basketball of Fire, he has decided to film it, and it is expected to be broadcasted by the end of this year.

vanness wu real film collection dvd caps

vanness wu real film collection dvd caps

lots of pics in one click

thanks janet mok /glovevanness wu real film collection dvd caps

lots of pics in one click

thanks janet mok /glovevanness

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Vanness daring in 2nd album V-Dubb

Vanness daring in 2nd album V-Dubb
Source : searchina
translated by hamasaki@onlyvanness

The member of popular Taiwan idol group, F4, Vanness Wu is great with his 2nd solo album "V-Dubb". It sells on the 30th with Japanese versions. The album packed with styling jacket design and other photograping individual photos inside.
Also included is an MV of a sexy dance music, a ballad about a mother also is lifted up in the album. He also has contributed so hard in the album lyrics and sounds.

The album is named V-Dubb means "boyhood". About the naked more daring photos, he discloses that he needs maturity on his 2nd album especially on the tune fantasy love as a bonus track for japanese edition.

Meanwhile, Vanness Wu decides to have a solo concert in Tokyo titled "2007 Van Ness Wu Concert in Tokyo V-Dubb, My Kingdom" on July 13 and 14. Ticket price 9,450 Yen.
For inquiries, you can call 035436 up to 9600

Vic and Barbie's Living Together Has Not Changed

Vic and Barbie's Living Together Has Not Changed

Translated by: stephanieshieh
Source: Crienglish

Vic Chou (Zai Zai) under "Rain God"'s nickname, yesterday night was in Shanghai holding a meeting, and suddenly there was a rainy windstorm, and Vic reported his itinery to girlfriend Barbie Hsu (Da S), proving that their relationship has not changed!

Vic yesterday was in Shanghai holding a meeting, with 4,000 fans present, and Vic using his "Rain God" nickname again, "brought on" sleets and sleets of rain. With the rain, he performed his singles, "Love is Loving You" (ÛÔڐÛÄã), "Remember I Love You" (Ó›µÃÎҐÛÄã), and "Meteor Shower" (Á÷ÐÇÓê). When performing that song, the fans offstage started yelling his girlfriend's name, "Da S! Da S!". After the show, the fans refused to leave, and Vic performed An Ge Qing's song, "I do" (ÎÒîŠÒâ). While playing a game with the fans, a female fan hugged him and wouldn't let go. When he received the fans' birthday to remodel a school, Vic was very moved and wrote down, "Always Going Up" (ÌìÌìÏòÉÏ) to encourage the students.

With him in Shanghai, and relationship with girlfriend Da S as a main focal point in the entertainment circle, yesterday in Taiwan there was a rumor that the two have split, saying that Vic has already moved out of Da S's house. But Vic's actions have signified that their relationship has not changed -- it doesn't matter where he is, boarding the plane, or going to the hotel, or at the reporter's meeting, he'll always call Da S, and even though he won't slip any romantic lines in, when his flight was delayed, he immediately called and reported to Barbie: "The last flight was delayed, so now I'm boarding."

Even Da S's mother insists that their relationship has not changed, only smiled and said: "They never let me listen to them on the phone!" Vic's publicist also emphasizes: "We're going to go pick up Vic now, and it doesn't matter if we pick up or take him somewhere, we will definitely go to Da S's house." It doesn't matter how you say it, Vic is still living with Barbie, and their relationships has not changed!


Wang Chao Made A Major Change; Invitied Linxilei, ZhuxiaoTian To

Wang Chao Made A Major Change; Invitied Linxilei, ZhuxiaoTian To
Join In ¡§Once Again¡¨

2007-06-27 11:08:04 Source: Southern Newspaper

¡§Anyang Babies¡¨ director Wang Chao is slated to shoot the film
¡§Once Again¡¨. This reporter has learned that the movie is a joint
venture of Mainland China , Hogkong and France and has invited
Linxilei, Zhu Xiao Tian, Huang Lixiang as the major star players.
Wang Chao admitted that he sincerely wants to target the domestic
market for this movie.

According to the reports, ¡§Once Again¡¨ is about a story of white
collar workers in Shanghai , a story of love lost in the city. In
the previous years, Wang Chao¡¦s works included ¡§Anyang Babies,
¡§Jiancheng Summer¡¨ and ¡§Day and Night¡¨, which were all entries to
various international film festivals, but has never made an impact
on domestic cinemas. In the movie, ¡§Once Again¡¨, he is expecting to
make a major transformation. Investors from the Hongkong company
said that French audiences is very familiar with Wang Chao¡¦s work
and is known as one of the excellent Chinese directors in France,
favoring the expected strong impact there by the French investors.It
was learned that the investment for this movie has reached to 18
million yuan. In addition, ang Lee¡¦s movie partner Linlaingzhong
will take part on the movie for its cinematography.

Credit to KensWorld@yahoogrou ps

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F4 Tv Special: Vol.5: ???? ???: ??? (Jerry Yan : First Time) DVD is No. 7

credits to
info from touchingsoul @
F4 Tv Special: Vol.5: ???? ???: ??? (Jerry Yan : First Time) DVD is No. 7 in the daily Oricon chart - DVD Music category. Free Image Hosting at

This DVD was released yesterday, June 27. It can be bought at HMV or Amazon Japan:

Zaizai's Fan Meeting in Shanghai

Free Image Hosting at

Yesterday night, zai held a fans meeting at Shanghai. Although there was intense rainfall, fans' passion and eager were not affected at all. Zai performed wholeheartedly last night. What surprised zai is that, members of his fans club gave zai a meaningful present.

Organization committee had prepared 3000 seats, but this could not satisfy the demand from zai's fans. There were fans who didn't have a seat chose to stand for one and a half hour to enjoy zai's performance. What moved zai the most is that zai's Shanghai fans club member donated a sum of money to a primary school in Lanzhou to repair its old main building in zai's name.

That night, zai sang the songs: Love to love you, Remember I love you, Meteor rain etc. Many fans hummed at the time when zai sang these classics. During the meeting, fans shouted "Dai S, Dai S (Barbie)" It is clear that zai's fans not only love zai, they love zai's love as well. Near the end of the meeting, all fans called for an encore session which can only be seen in concerts, zai treats his fans well enough to come on stage again and sang Souxidewenrou (ending theme song of Silence) and I do (faye wong's song) without backgroud music. This showed zai's actual talent in singing.

Source :
credit : elviedecastro

The Sneaker Pimps exhibition

The Sneaker Pimps exhibition was recently featured in Shanghai, China and this time they had live installations from artists like Dave White and SBTG. Like many other Sneaker Pimp shows, there were displays of many rare sneakers and artwork. Celebrities and people from the industry such as Sam Lee of Subcrew, Bigz of Clot, and Taiwan R&B star Vanness Wu was also in attendance. Once again, Sneaker Pimps kicked off their Sneaker Pimps Asian tour with a blast.

photos and source:

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Leak takes wind out of tourism bureau surprise

Leak takes wind out of tourism bureau surprise

OUT: The bureau had hoped to keep the name of its new spokesperson for Southeast Asia secret until today, but a leak ended the suspense. And the winner is ...

By Shelley Shan
Thursday, 21 June 2007, Page 2

"It is going to be a male entertainer and a female singer. I promise it will be a huge surprise!"
- Janice Lai, Tourism Bureau director-general

When Tourism Bureau Director-General Janice Lai was asked two weeks ago who would replace pop diva Chang Huei-mei, or A-mei, as the new spokesperson to help draw tourists from Southeast Asia, Lai chose to remain silent.

"Allow me to keep it a secret for now," she told reporters at the time. "Let me just say that it is going to be a male entertainer and a female singer. I promise it will be a huge surprise!"

But what was meant to be a surprise turned into an unexpected cat-out-of-bag incident. Lai was upset yesterday to find out that local media had unveiled the "secret" before she did.

A report in the Chinese-language Apple Daily yesterday said that Jolin Tsai, who won the Golden Melody Award for best female Mandarin pop singer last week, has been selected to be the bureau's new tourism spokesperson in Southeast Asia.

The report also mentioned that Tsai and film director Wu Nien-jen, another new spokesperson, would participate in promotional events and activities organized by the Tourism Bureau.

It also said that the bureau would pay Tsai NT$8 million (US$242,400) per year for the deal.

The bureau's contract with A-mei ended this year. During the past three years, the diva participated in tourism-related promotional events in Southeast Asia, from meeting with fans to leading them on an around-the-nation tour.

The momentum A-mei generated encouraged the Tourism Bureau to consider choosing another popular singer to be the new spokesperson this year.

Lai ordered her staff yesterday to investigate the leak and find out why the news was released to the media before the scheduled date, which was today.

The incident was reminiscent of the Golden Melody Awards' problems, as both events have had their lists of winners leaked to the media before the organizer could make an official announcement.

To increase tourism each year, the bureau has recruited popular idols as part of tourism promotion package. Last week, it announced that the boy-band F4 had become the bureau's emissaries in Japan and South Korea.

Teens Mag: Van Ness Wu: He's a lean , Mean, Lovin' Machine

Five years after releasing his debut solo disc, Vanness Wu bounces back into the spotlight with a brand new sound on V.Dubb. Dig on to this A to Z guide compiled by MING LEE.

A – merican –Born Chinese

Born on 7 August, 1979, in Los Angeles, Vanness was named after the street his family lived on. He is the second of four siblings – he has an older sister, a younger brother and sister. Among his close pals are Stanley Huang, Machi’s Jeff Huang and Jimmy Hung (from now-defunct Tension).

B – ody Will Sing

Released in 2002, Body Will Sing marked his solo musical debut. Described by the critics as the most musically talented F4 member – thanks to his silky smooth vocals on previous group smashes such as “Meteor Rain” and “I’ll Be There” – the much anticipated effort steered him away from the bubblegum pop pieces. Instead, it revealed his inclination towards R&B and hip-hop, and spawned chart hits such as “My Friend”. Vanness was, the second F4 member (after Vic Zhou) to put out a solo record.

C – hest

It’s the body part that he feels most proud of, says Vanness, It measures 42 inches, so while the blokes are left admiring, the babes can dream about being cuddled. By the way, those eight pecs you see on the cover of V.Dubb? They are the real deal! He adds, “As a performer, it is important to maintain a fit and trim body; it is a form of respect to the performance. That’s why many dancers, especially in US, are so well-built – they have been consistently working on their muscles!”

D – iet

To maintain his physique, he sticks to a diet of low carbohydrate and calories. He eats only chicken breast meat or meat without gravy or sauce, salad and fruits. When he’s not performing, however, Vanness allows himself to indulge. In fact, he once wolfed down a spread for eight persons ! Fortunately, he drops extra kilos quickly through dancing.

E – xcel

Vanness never takes success for granted. To pursue a career in show business, he left US at 18 years old to seek out opportunities in Taiwan. “I couldn’t read or write Chinese.”, he remembers. “I lived in this tiny apartment with no television, no radio and no phone.” That was, until six months later when he bagged the role of Mimasaka Akira in MeteorGarden.

Once told to minimize his American traits in order not to influence F4’s image, Vanness has come a long way. On V.Dubb, he write Mandarin rap lyrics for tracks such as “My Kingdom”, “Just One Dance” and “Friday Night”.

“Writing Mandarin lyrics is tough. I had to consider the grammar and words carefully. But rap lyrics is relatively easier since it is supposed to be casual.” He says.

F – 4

In case you’ve been living on Mars for the past several years, F4 comprises Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Ken Chu and Vanness, who portrayed the members in MeteorGarden. It’s success resulted in the boyband phenomenon in Asia, most notably Taiwan, and helped pave the way for all-male groups such as 5566, Energy and Fahrenheit.

In 2005, Japanese TV executives produced their own version of the anime-inspired drama, with Matsumoto Jun (Arashi) taking on the lead role of Domyoji Tsukasa. But it has not dented the popularity of Jerry and company – during a recent promo visit in Japan, they were even invited to appear on an episode of variety programme SMAP X SMAP.

G – ym

Vanness does not apologise for having to work at getting his 40-30-38 bod. “I work out at the gym about six times a week. I do abs training and weightlifting, among others. If my schedule is packed, I still do sit-ups every morning”, he says.

H – appy go lucky

Perhaps due to his Christian faith, Vanness has on many occasions come across as an optimist. For instance, instead of fretting over his craving for chocolate while on diet, he would allow himself a small piece of the sweet treat, especially since mom says chocolate makes a person happy, and I agree totally!”

I – dol

Often compared to Rain and Justin Timberlake, Vanness says his idol is none other than Michael Jackson. “His dance moves are very appealing, so I don’t mind becoming the Michael Jackson of the Mandarin music scene. But no, I don’t think I’m anywhere near him at all !” he says.


Word has it that the fab four are working on a new album, slated for release the end of this year. By then, however, they may be re-christened as JVKV (abbreviated from their first names). According to MeteorGarden producer Angie Chai, the publisher of Hana Yori Dango in Japan allowed them to use the name F4 initially – until a local TV version was produced and the company does not want it to be used in unofficial Hana context.

K – angta and Vanness

Vanness met Korean superstar Kang Ta at the 2004 Golden Melody Awards in Taiwan. When their management heard they’d gotten like old friends, they came up with a brilliant scheme – and a cross-country and cross-cultural musical duo Kangta and Vanness was born.

Despite the initial opposition from fans in each camp, the duo relished it as an opportunity to push themselves further. For starters, they had to pick up and sing in each other’s ;language, especially since they would be shuttling between two countries for promotional activities.

In addition, on their debut album Scandal, Kang Ta contributed tracks such as “127 Days”, “One Day” and “Faint”, in addition to his duties as co=producer. On the other hand, Vanness handled the rap lyrics and took on all the rap parts on the new tracks.

L – eehom

Their friendship goes back to the music video for Lee Hom’s 2005 track “Wrong Love”, which also featured Vanness as a boxer.

To return the favour, Lee Hom took time out from finishing his upcoming album to attend the launch of V.Dubb in April. He also presented Vanness with a big gun to wish him a soaring success.

Incidentally, Vanness has gotten into trouble with the customs officers in Hong Kong when they scanned his luggage. Discovered his gun belt buckle (see the album cover) thought it was a real firearm and confiscated it.

M – eteorGarden

Enough has been said about this anime-adapted TV drama that single-handedly kickstarted the idol drama wave in Asia. It follows the adventures of headstrong high-school student Makino Tsukushi, who befriends a foursome lnown as F4. whose leader Domyoji Tsukasa is in love with her. However, Tsukushi has the hots for his friend, the reticent violinist Hanazawa Rui.

became skyrocketing success, turning its cast members including F4, Barbie Hsui and Rainie Yang, into instant household names. It also spawned a sequel starring Singapore’s own Michelle Saram.

“N –ever Let You Go”

In addition to producing and rap-writing duties, Vanness also tried his hand at directing for the music video for lead single, “Never Let You Go”. He not only got buddy Jimmy Hung to serve as consultant, but also other friends to act in it. One of them even loaned him a Ferrari for filming. Says Vanness, “It was very exciting although quite pressurizing as well, especially because I had to complete it on time”.

O –rdinary

His fame may have reached stratospheric heights, but Vanness is like any one of us when it comes to his shortcomings. For instance, his poor grasp of Mandarin often lands him in awkward situations, which he readily apologizes for.

During one visit to China, he blurted out that a fan had “short legs”, which was later pointed out as a rude remark by a journalist. “Sorry, my Mandarin is very bad, so I wasn’t aware if I’d said something wrong. I grew up in US, where I’m used to saying it like it is. Actually, my sister also has short legs.,” he replied good-naturedly.


While he used to worry about getting snapped by the paparazzi and would often stayed holed up at home, he’s more relaxed these days. “I’m not doing anything illegal or immoral,” he says, “: so they can feel free to take whatever pictures they like.”

Q –uarter

We’re pretty good as a team. Our personalities may be very different but for some reason, our individuality gives us that unison, “ Vanness says =about working with F3. In the same interview, Jerry even uses a family unite to describe the group, with Vanness being the “serious and hardworking father”.

R –omance

Vanness has admitted to having four relationships but cryptically stated that “none of my girlfriends were from the entertainment industry”. Although once linked to songwriter Vivian Hsu, he maintains they are good friends. Vivian even contributed a track, “Imagine This Love”, under her pseudonym Jia Bo Yong. “Imagine This Love” was also released as a Japanese single in Japan.

S – tanley Huang

Besides singing and dancing, Vanness also has a talent for BBQ! He used to go for barbeques with Stanley Huangs’s family and picked up some tricks from Stanley’s dad. Vanness especially loves soaking the meat slices in beer because it enhances the flavour. Otherwise, the secret to achieving nicely-barbecued meat is to keep a constant watch over it, or so Vanness says.

T – he Three Kingdoms

Vanness has begun filming The Three Kingdoms – Resurrection Of The Dragon, a period movie in which he plays Guan Xing, the son of a legendary general Guan Yunchang. The Chinese-Korean collaboration also stars Andy Lau and Maggie Q.

Vanness’s other big screen roles include Star Runner, where he plays an aspiring boxer opposite Kim Hyun Joo (My Sassy Girl), and Kung Fu Wu DI, an action comedy by the same cast of Stephen Chow’s Kung Fu.


Vanness joined UNICEF Ambassador Charlie Yeung on a recent trip to Djinbouti, Africa, to visit needy children. Charlie, who had been there several times, let in that she wept after seeing the plight of the children, but hid her tears from Vanness because she didn’t want to “scare him”. Vanness, meanwhile , told reporters that the experience mad him realize how lucky he is.

V –.Dubb

V.Dubb is actually his nickname on MSN.

W –oman

The tabloids may be hounding him about rumoured romances but for the longest time Vanness has only openly declared his love for one woman – HIS MOTHER. He included a track “Mama” on V.Dubb as a tribute to her, for having singe-handedly supported the family for the past decade. Even after he made it big with F4, she would also attend his performances to cheer him on.

X –pose

While many male artistes are hesitant when it comes to going topless (cross reference band mates Jerry Yan and Vic Zhou), Vanness sees it as a part of his act. “It could be because I grew up in US, where the environment is more liberal. Like , whenever guys perspire during basketball game, we would take off our shirts,” he says.

“If the objective of going topless is to show a healthy image, why not? I’ve been considering it since I entered the scene. So yes, it’s time to show it off !”

Y –ay !

V.Dubb opened with no.1 sales in Taiwan. Do we need more reason to pop the bubbly?

Z –zz

With the launch of V.Dubb, sleep is possibly the last thing on Vanness’s mind these days. Nonetheless, he was spotted clubbing into the wee hours of the morning during a recent rip to Shanghai. Work hard and play hard, no?

Credit and thanks to: HITAD of

http://global.yesasia. com/assocred. asp?FYDZ6EJC+ http://global. en/PrdDept. aspx/code- c/section- music/pid- 1004739407

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Video Buzz: F4 (JVKV) in Taiwan Tourism Ad

Taiwan Tourism Bureau premiered a TV commercial yesterday featuring the popular Taiwan boy band F4 (JVKV), scheduled to be broadcasted in Japan and Korea starting next month. The 30-second TV spot is part of the bureau's aggressive marketing campaign to increase the number of Japanese and Korean tourists visiting Taiwan each year.

The story begins with a Japanese tourist receiving a letter from Taiwan, then shifts to four famous local scenic spots, which are visited by the F4 members. Jerry Yan appears in an exhibition room at the National Palace Museum, looking at Chinese calligraphy and then becoming one of the characters in an ancient painting. Vanness Wu is first seen playing with a lantern in Pingsi, Taipei County. Two seconds later, Taipei 101 is seen, amid exploding fireworks. Ken Chu, for his part, is seen standing on the side of the Love River in Kaohsiung, looking dreamily at the metropolitan area at night. Meanwhile, Vic Chou is seen playing with a Taiwanese puppet, with the traditional art center in Ilan County in the background.


The bureau's director general Janice Lai said yesterday that the commercial will appear on 14 TV stations in Japan and three in Korea. Lai said that a TV series featuring F4 will also begin shooting next month. Based on the contract, the series will be broadcasted by the end of this year. Lai also confirmed that Jerry Yan (言承旭) will not be in the TV series due to prior obligations. While Ken Chu (朱孝天) and Vic Chou (周渝民) are guaranteed to be in the series, Lai said the bureau was working to get Vanness Wu (吳建豪) on board.

To Lai, the commercial was a gratifying experience. "Many Japanese tourists are impressed by the snacks at the night markets, the fortune-tellers or the hsiao long bao [little steamed buns]," she said." What we are trying to create is a fresher image. Through the charm of these four people, we hope to give our guests a better understanding of Taiwan."

Besides the TV networks, the commercial will also feature on flights from Japan and Korea before they land in Taiwan. The bureau is hoping to increase the number of Japanese tourists to 1.23 million and that of Koreans to 210,000 annually.

Source: Taipeitimes

Taiwan Actor Close Up: Jerry Yan

Cool info on Jerry Yan, including pictures, videos, news, biography, photos, stats, and pics.

Chinese Name: 言承旭 / Yan Cheng Xu
Name (English): Jerry Yan
Real Name: 廖洋震 / Liao Yang Zhen
Nickname(s): Bao Long, Xiao Bai Tu
Profession: Actor, Singer
Date of birth: January 1, 1977
Birthplace: Taiwan
Height: 180cm
Weight: 72kg
Star sign: Capricorn
Blood type: B
Music group: JVKV (formerly known as F4)
Chinese Zodiac: Dragon

Taiwan Actor Close Up: Vic Chou

Cool info on Vic Zhou, including pictures, videos, news, biography, photos, stats, and pics.

Chinese Name: 周渝民 / Zhou Yu Min
Name (English): Vic Chou, Vic Zhou
Nickname: 仔仔 Zai Zai
Profession: Actor, Singer, Model
Date of Birth: June 9, 1981
Height: 180cm
Weight: 66kg
Star sign: Gemini
Blood type: O
Music group: JVKV (formerly known as F4)

Taiwan Singer Close Up: Vanness Wu

Cool info on Vanness Wu, including pictures, videos, news, biography, photos, stats, and pics.

Chinese Name: 吳建豪 / Wu Jian Hao
Name (English): Vanness Wu
Nickname: Vann
Profession: Actor, Singer
Date of Birth: August 7, 1978
Birthplace: West Virginia, USA
Height: 180cm
Weight: 72kg
Music group: JVKV (formerly known as F4), Kangta & Vanness

Taiwan Actor Close Up: Ken Chu

Cool info on Ken Chu, including pictures, videos, news, biography, photos, stats, and pics.

Chinese Name: 朱孝天/ Zhu Xiao Tian
Name (English): Ken Chu
Profession: Actor, Singer
Date of Birth: January 15, 1979
Birthplace: Taiwan
Music group: JVKV (formerly known as F4)

Clear version of commercial by TW Tourist Bureau

Clear version of commercial by TW Tourist Bureau

posted by kkla at
thanks to Zhu Re Rong

view online:

Korean version

Japanese version


Korean version

Japanese version

F4 Real Film Collection - VanNess Wu

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here's the package of dvd... worth to buy... ^^
credit: yue@vifc for the pics

F4 Real Film Collection - VanNess Wu

Box and cover 01
Free Image Hosting at

Box and cover 02
Free Image Hosting at

Disk 01 and Picture
Free Image Hosting at

Disk 02 and Postcard
Free Image Hosting at

u guys can purchase online from


vanness words from F4 Real Film Collection - VanNess Wu DVD
credit : kerricanness @ vifc
(( thank you so much for sharing ))

To anybody who is watching this and everybody who is watching this,
thank you guys so much for taking the time out and to take a glimpse
and take part in a small piece of my life.
Every support and every love that all the fans have shown me is not
unoticed. It is noticed!
I appreciate everything! Even sometimes you guys might not feel it but i
really do, and thank you guys for just walking the journey with me
and helping me fulfil my dreams and being a part of my dream.
It's an amazing feeling and I only wish that you guys knew exactly how I
felt inside.
I do apologize sometimes if you guys are not happy in some of the
things that I do like I said I'm only human... um... I love you guys dearly,
God bless you guys, and ...
you know I hope that whatever I do you guys will see me just as a
person growing instead of... um...
people would say SUPERSTAR or entertainer or what a celebrity!
That is the definition of what my job is and everything but still I am still
as human like everybody else,
so you know, thank you guys again, I love you guys, GOD BLESS!!!



To all the Southeast Asia members (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Brunei,etc), please sign up this petition if you which to see him for V.Dubb promo at your country and to show your supports and love to our DEAREST KING-VANNESS.

Maybe this petition will make each of our dreams come true. After the dateline, it will be submitted to SONYBMG, FULONG and maybe JV. Who knows, it might successful and let’s try our luck.

Each member is advice to sign up just once to make it more valid and accurate and you may help to spread this news around…Thank you.
Hope to reach target of at least 1000signatures...thanks

DATELINE: 17th JULY 2007

Credit: Cassandra Zhou

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It was really Fun ... We were laughing on our booth whenever people were pointing that "gorgeous picture" displayed on our table ... nyahahaha ...sort of a Publicity diba? hehehe ... How long i will LOVE - F4? hayyyyy sometimes i got so tired na and irritated pero Mahal ko pa rin sila!!!!!! hahahaha!!!!

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I'll post our pics on my f4misyel blog later ...

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*i'll sign the petition ... thanks for sharing it ... thanks to the one who made that suggestion/petition ... May Sense ang Petition na ito, kaya i-fwd natin sa mga friends natin...Sino bang ayaw makita si Vanness? hehehe!!!

Zai Zai, Zhu Hsiaot'ien drives taxis around Taiwan

Zai Zai, Zhu Hsiaot'ien drives taxis around Taiwan

link renewal date: 2.007/06/14 billion 07:10
Reporter Zhao Dachih
/Taipei report

The new edition of tourism bureau idol play "Wish to see you again"
shot by Chai Chihping has finished shooting, Zai Zai, Zhu Hsiaot'ien
would be acting the roles of taxi drivers, taking everybody on a
sightseeing tour throughout Taiwan, introducing the beautiful
sceneries and the abundant delicious food of Taiwan . Besides this F4
has also confirmed to gather together in October, planning to an
large-scale Japanese Korean meet the fans session in Taipei "Xiao Ju

F4 holds the post of Taiwan tourism ambassadors for Japan and Korea
Area. Yesterday the CF advertisement was officially broadcasted,
although Taiwan audience would not be able to see it, but according
what tourism bureau international group officials disclosed, this
finely manufactured 30 second advertisement, would be put 2 days
on the tourism bureau's website to be broadcast, welcome everybody
watch F4's charming demeanors.

What is special is, continuously suffering many setbacks before
success idol play, after the stopping of the original "Guo Shi De
Lie", Chai Chihping has already prepared a new case, Zai Zai, Zhu
Hsiaot'ien having important roles, two people act as taxi-drivers
different family backgrounds, Vanness is a guest performer, the role
of the leading lady will also be by a new comer.

Zai Zai previously loves to race cars, after having 2 traffic
accidents and Da S's love nourishment, already restrained a lot. In
the new play "Wish to see you again" he changes to drive the taxi,
"walking the path of being closer to ordinary folks", the role is
completely different from the former roles of entrepreneur or the son
of upper-class family . Occasionally will take taxis, Zai Zai,
started to observe the driver uncle's words and behavior manners, for

After the idol play has completed shooting, F4 will again go to
South Korea, to personally introduce to local fans there this
representative work which talks all about the beauty of Taiwan.

Translated by Jace @ kcifc_sg

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vanness message from his blog

vanness message from his blog

A little doodlin~ It's called "Reflections" , the other one I did in the
studio to kill time while mastering my album. Can u see'z between the

So i finished the last leg of da promotionz for now. Gonna start getting
ready for the concert soon******

hope to see'z everyone of u. It'll be on hell of a show, Freak of Nature
style baby~!!!!

credit just vanness

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Wish To See You in Taiwan - TV Commercial



2007-06-12 23:58:59
1. Event: Opening ceremony for the 9th International Flat Display Exposition Date and Time: 09:30 a.m., Wednesday, June 13, 2007 Place: Taipei World Trade Center 2ND Exhibition Hall, No.1, Xinyi Road, Sec. 5, Taipei City Organizers: Taiwan External Trade Development Council Press Contact:Tel.2725-5200 2. Event: Opening ceremony for Taipei International Economic Forum Date and Time: 09:30 a.m., Wednesday, June 13, 2007 Place: Grand Hotel, 10th Floor, No. 1, Zhungshan North Road, Sec. 4, Taipei City Organizers: Importers and Exporters Association of Taipei Press Contact: Tel.2581-3521 3. Event: News conference on the premiere of a TV commercial featuring pop group F4 to promote Taiwan tourism Date and Time: 10:30 a.m., Wednesday, June 13, 2007 Place: 3rd Floor, Ministry of Communication press room Organizers: Tourism Bureau Press Contact: Tel. 2349-1500 Disclaimer:

The CNA provides this listing of some of tomorrow's events in Taipei and some other cities as part of our daily English-language service.

Reporters interested in covering the events listed in the Daybook are advised to contact the organizers for additional information.

The CNA is not responsible for any cancellations or last-minute changes made in the scheduling of these events.

credits to Jerry Yan Philippines

Invitation to 6th Phil Toycon on June 16 and 17

Hello Friends,
The following items will be available for SALE on June 16 and 17 @ 6th Toycon @ Megatradehall 2and 3 [5th Level, SM Megamall].

Entrance Tix is P80. Hope you'll visit our booth. Thanks so Much.

Prices ranges from P50 to P1000. See Yah!


DISCLAIMER: All items are exlusively OWNED by ShopNana Phils, and it is NOT ASSOCIATED OR AFFILIATED TO ANY F4 GROUPS.Thank You!

For Pictures, Please visit
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Ken Chu went to Zaizai's Birthday Party

Posted by: XiaoChien @ Vic-Barbie Thread in Asianfanatics
ZZ (hes wearing the crystal necklace)

Gist: Yesterday, ZZ was seen at "??KTV Asia ", when he saw the reporters, ZZ just raised his hand he was in a good mood. Da S was not seen with him. When asked if Da S gave him a gift, he went silent for a while then said she didnt. Ken Zhu later arrived and the scene was very happy.

New source: udn news
June 10, 2007

Zai Zai spent birthday with Da S

Zai Zai spent birthday with Da S

Source :
Translation by minivicki @

Fans donate money to rebuild school to celebrate Zai Zai's Birthday

Today's Zai Zai's 26 birthday and his birthday wish was very simple "Hope to be healthy". His fans were very touching and mature. Zai Zai once said "Don't buy any presents for me. Donate the money to help those in need" and because of that, Zai Zai's fans formed a ???????? group to do charity act. This year, they managed to raise a fund of 160 000 China money and spend 100 000 of it to help rebuild some schools in Ning Xia, Gan Su that were in danger. They also plan to consistently for 5 years, donate 100 000 Taiwan money to a family aid centre in Yi Lan which is Zai Zai's hometown to help the needy children.

When Zai Zai learnt of his fans' actions, he kept saying "I'm really happy. It's great. Hope everyone will continue to support." Recently, Zai Zai has been busily recording his new album but his company has decided to give him a special day off since it's his birthday and yesterday, he went out with Da S to celebrate together. In relation to t he recent rumours of breakup between the two, this act seem to show that the relationship between the two is not like what the rumous say and there's no breakup.

The ????????group formed by Zai Zai's fans also printed a book called ?Power with Love???????to celebrate their idol's birthday. It is a 2007 edition.

The fans spent a lot of time to gather all of Zai Zai's news in the year and also pictures from his events. The most unique part is that fans from all over the world also specially made a ??????(favourite food) section which include barbeque meat rice, curry race, fried rice, birthday cake etc. They took photos of the food to put into the book to share the joy with everyone.

Yesterday, Zai Zai went to the office to do costume fitting for a advertisement and it coincided with the arrival of a parcel sent by a Japan fan which included cloths, hat and biscuits etc. In reality, Zai Zai dislike fans spending money to give him presents and would rather they spend the money on something more worthwhile such as charity. Lots of fans have followed his remarks and donated money to mainland and Taiwan's needy children under Zai Zai's name.

VicBie Was Mentioned during Vic's DR Promo in Beijing

VicBie Was Mentioned during Vic's DR Promo in Beijing

ZZ during Delicious Relationship Chat

news credit to VB

*translated the parts that i cud understand

When ZZ was asked about the diamond ring and and if there will be a wedding soon, ZZ said that the diamond ring was just a gift. He said that when he saw something he likes, anything that he think will suit to anyone like his mother, family or will look good on barbie, he'll buy it and give it as a gift

Patty Hou also said that when barbie comes to visit, she would always bring food for everyone and chat with them, and this makes ZZ shy, Barbie then will ask eveyone to asked ZZ to talk and chat with them. She also said that when Barbie comes to the set, the atmosphere is very happy.

ZZ also said that since both him and barbie are both actors, they always discuss about their work and scripts, and they understand each other very much.

Credit: xiaochien of AF


Watch Clip:

Patty Revealing that Barbie Visits on DR Set, Happy Atmosphere

Credit: vicbarbie.comv

Vic and Patty in Beijing to promote Delicious Relationship

Taiwanese stars Vic Zhou (F4) and Patty Ho were in Beijing on Saturday (May 26) to promote their TV drama Delicious Relationship.
Vic Zhou and Patty Ho promote drama in Beijing
Delicious Relationship is the debut drama for Patty, who is famous as a news anchor in Taiwan.
Vic Zhou and Patty Ho promote drama in Beijing
[Source - image credits to]

Charlie and Vanness show love in Africa

Hong Kong artist Charlie Yeung and Taiwanese star Vanness Wu held a press conference with UNICEF to show their charity work in Africa.
Charlie Yeung and Vanness Wu as UNICEF ambassador
UNICEF or the United Nations Children’s Fund is an organization which helps to improve the life of children across the globe. Charlie and Vanness visited Africa in March as UNICEF’s ambassador to help raise awareness in Hong Kong to aid the children in Africa.
Charlie Yeung and Vanness Wu in Africa
Their visit has been filmed and will show on TVB (Hong Kong largest TV station) soon.
[Image credits as labeled]


Vanness Wu promotes new album in Hong Kong

Vanness Wu (F4) was in Hong Kong to promote his latest album V.Dubb
Vanness Wu in Hong Kong
Vanness Wu in Hong Kong
He also took the chance to raise medical fund for one of his young fans, who is a cancer patient in Shanghai.
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