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Vanness comment on Fahrenheit's popularity

Vanness comment on Fahrenheit's popularity

Vanness: In F4, I'm considered good man, felt honoured to be the
guest of honour for "Good Guy".

Sina entertainment report: Vanness Wu appeared in Shanghai on 19th
evening, and was the guest of honour for 2007 "Meters/bonwe-
Gambatei! Good Guy (blog)" organized by dragontv (Dong fang Wei
Shi), sina (Xing Yu Le). He wore a simple T-shirt, and a black long
pants, his fringe was covering his eyes, and his face still have
beard stubs, obviously lookinf more haggard than during the times in
F4 band. When discussing who among F4 is a good man, Vanness
considered for a moment before answering, "Me!" Perhaps is due to
the weariness from work, perhaps it's because of the language
barrier (Vanness grew up in America), although Vanness was very
friendly when accepting interview, but he still did not say much.

Self admit that he is the good man in F4

Although he's the guest for "Meters/bonwe- Gambatei! Good Guy", but
when Vanness was asked what does he understands by "Good man", he
actually was stunned for a moment, after thinking for a long while,
he actually spluttered a "Don't know leh, never thought of it, the
most important thing is to perform well on stage." When being
questioned among the four members in F4, who is considered a good
man, similarly, Vanness lowered his head and thought about it, "Me!
Because of my personality. " But when asked who knows how to take
care of girls the most, Vanness answered without hesitation, "It's
Zai Zai!" Although F4's brilliant victory has already become
history, but this boy band who had once gained popularity from the
whole Asia, will still be used as a comparision with the newest boy
band. When asked who is more popular, Fahrenheit or F4, Vanness's
answer made many reporters speechless, "It is very difficult to say
who's popular and who's not."

Only watched Meteor Garden once himself

Vanness now already has a clothes brand that he designed himself,
and is also attempting to create his own songs, working so hard to
develop in various areas, is it because he do not ant to have the
image of an idol artiste? When he heard the questioned, Vanness
asked back instead, "Do you think I am an idol?" He expressed,
although he entered the circle through an idol drama, but he don't
usually watch TV, even F4's "Meteor Garden" which was his key to
fame, he also had only watched once.

Rejected answering his relation rumours

When discussing relationship problems, Vanness avoided answering,
when a reporter asked, "There's rumours that you and Vivian (Xu Ruo
Xuan blog)¡K" Vanness changed his method of thinking for half a day
before answering, and blocked the queries by saying
immediately, "You also say is rumours, so there's no need to
answer." The reporters, unwilling to let this off, tried asking from
another perspective, and asked if he ever cried for any girl,
Vanness brilliantly answered, "I've cried for my mum before, cried
for my sister before, cried for guys before, but the most important
task now is to take good care of my family, having taken care of my
family can I have the ability to take care of others. Everyone's
goals are not the same, my goal now is to do my job well!" Interview
ended, when leaving the place, Vanness still said teasingly, "I'm
leaving already, any more relation questions?"

Translated by Tiffany aka tiffon
Fahrenheit international fanclub forum

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Resending Invitation to Access The Jerry Yan Philippines Forum

Resending Invitation to Access The Jerry Yan Philippines Forum

Dear All,

I am resending the invitation to some members to activate their membership once again so that they can access the JYP Forum.

If you have friends,still can't access the Yahoogroups, Please email me [together with their Email Address, Full Names and Contact Informations] ...

*Activate within 7 days ....

Thank You and Have a Nice Day to All

Boys over Flowers Forces F4 Idol Band to Rename Itself

Boys over Flowers Forces F4 Idol Band to Rename Itself
posted on 2007-05-14 14:31 EDT
Group formed for Taiwanese live-action show based on manga

The Star magazine and the China Daily newspaper reported that the publisher Shueisha has asked the popular male idol band F4 to rename itself. The band's name "F4" was inspired by a fictional elitist high school clique in the Boys Over Flowers (Hana Yori Dango) manga. The artists formerly known as F4 initially came together to play the fictional F4 in the cast of Meteor GARDEN, the 2001 Taiwanese live-action television adaptation of Yoko Kamio's manga.

At first, Shueisha allowed the use of the name as part of the Taiwanese drama series. However, the issue of confusion arose as the idol group's popularity grew across Asia and two native Japanese live-action television adaptations of the manga, Hana Yori Dango and Hana Yori Dango 2 [Returns], began airing in 2005 and 2007, respectively. Angie Chai, the Taiwanese drama's producer, chose the new name JVKV last month after the first initials of the quartet—Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Ken Chu and Vanness Wu—in order of descending age.

source: Anime News Network

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V Dubb Album Distribution

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