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ARTICLE FROM HI MAGAZINE (PH): Jerry Yan Mania, Still Alive

Jerry Yan Mania, Still Alive

Date Posted: Sept. 29, 2004

Over 400 fans of Jerry Yan attended the launching of Jerry For You which was held in Dish, QC last Sept. 11.

The album launching is quite different since Jerry wasn’t there. Large pictures adorned the venue and his video clips were continuously played to make up for his absence.

The event was organized by Only Jerry with the support of Bench and Sony Music Philippines.

Different fan groups like Jerry Yan Family, OnlyF4, Switch to F4, JnB Team, Love ko Jerry Group attended the event to show support.

Just imagine how loud the screaming whenever Jerry was shown on TV. We laughed at the waiters who covered their ears everytime the fans screamed.

It was a joyous occasion and it is the largest gathering of Jerry and F4 Philippine fans. There were raffles and singing contest whose prizes include magazines and posters of Jerry and F4.

By this time, the local version of the much-anticipated album of Jerry is released already. The album has two versions, day (full color cover) and night (black and white cover). It has 10 tracks including the first single “One Meter” and “Forget Myself” which is Jerry’s composition. Other cuts include “Fantasy”, “Gravity”, “The First Time”, and “Be a Good Lover”. It also includes “I Want to Love You” (theme song of Magic Kitchen) and “I Want It Now” (theme song of Pepsi). Jerry rapped in the following songs: “Memory Pieces”, “Decoration” and “Isolation”.

It took Jerry 3 years to release the album which means that he really worked hard for it. He had voice lessons in Japan for four months. He was really happy when the album was finished.

“See You Soon”

There is a rumor that Jerry might come here in Manila this November for Bench and to promote his album. There will be a meet and greet session which will be organized by Mr. Ben Chan, bench’s owner.

In fact, in a video clip, Jerry was seen holding a poster which said “See you soon” which caused an uproar among the fans. They are very excited to see their favorite again.

Loud screaming also erupted when the video clip of the 32 Philippine fans who went to Taiwan for the pre-order and stamping session of Jerry’s album were shown. They sang Because of You with its chorus in Mandarin which delighted Jerry. Besides seeing Jerry up close, they were able to get autographs and had the opportunity to shake Jerry’s hands. They were also featured in Taiwan Daily.

The goal of Jerry’s fans is to make his album a gold record or even a in the Philippines. 

Source: Hi Magazine (available in selected magazine stands in Robinsons Malls @ P40)

Translated by rubypurple of - thanks. and thanks to jerry yan family





Nap Gutierrez

Nagyon lang ako nakakita ng isang album launching sa isang malaking lugar na wala ang artist pero punong puno ng bisita.

Nangyari yan nung Sabado sa Dish ABS-CBN at ang event--album launching ng debut CD ni Jerry Yan!

Naguumapaw ang lugar sa dami ng tao at nung i-serve ang buffet, napakahaba ng pila at umabot yata ng halos dalawang oras bago nakakuha ang lahat ng pagkain.

Biruin mo nga namang dumating ang mga solid F4 fanatics ng grupong F4 International, F4 Philippines, Jerry Yan Club, JERRY YAN FAMILY and Barbie, F4FU, Switch to F4, Exclusively F4. VIC ZHOU FAMILY, VANNESS FAMILY, KEN CHU FAMILY at ang nag-organize ng party na Only Jerry Philippines.

Kung ang ibang local artists eh nahihirapang punuin ang dish kapag may concert sila o album launching, hindi nito naging problema ang mga tao. To think na ang mahal ng tickets nila sa entrance pa lang.

Nag pa-raffle sila at di biro-birong mga memorabilia ang ipinamigay nila. May mga posters, magazines na galing Taiwan na ang cover ay si Jerry Yan, mga CDs at marami pang

Sa mga magazines pa lang na may Jerry Yan cover, kinikilig na sila.

Kapag ipinapakita ang video footage ni Jerry, grabe ang hiyawang maririnig mo.

To think na akala ko eh tapos na ang f4 fever nung mawala na ang MEteor Garden sa TV.

Sa ngayon, hindi pa nag-re-release ang Sony Music ng CD ni Jerry, but at the rate it's going, pagdating dito nyan ay gold kaagad.

In fact, daan-daan na ang pre-order na nakuha ng Sony Music.

Sa Myx TV, numero uno na agad sa Top 10 charst ang One Meter ni Jerry.

Anim na Asian charts na ang na break na ni Jerry at no. 1 na ang song nya, disloging all former number one artists.

Ngayon ko lang nakita kung gaano ka-grabe ang suporta ng mga local Jerry fans sa idolo nila.

Last month, 32 Jerry fanatics ang nagtungo ng Taiwan para umatend ng album launching ni Jerry.

Tatlong araw nila nakasama ng upclose si Jerry, at ibig sabihin, kaya nilang gumastos para sa kanilang fare at accomodation. At lahat sila ay nagsasabing napakabait at ver gentleman ang kanilang idolo.

Ngayong November, may balitang darating si Jerry Yan dito para sa album promo at para na din sa isang event na gagawin ng Bench.

Sinuportahan din ng Bench at ni Ben Chan ang naturang Party kaya naman may nga T-shirts at Jerry Posters na naipa-raffle.

Thanks to Ebolash12 of Jerry Yan Family and F4FU

Thanks also to lizette (love yah sis!mwah!)




Nap Gutierrez

Never have i seen an album launching in a big venue, with out the artist but well attended.

It happened last Saturday at DISH ABS-CBN and the event -- Jerry Yan's Debut CD Launch!

The place was literally bursting with people and when the buffet was served, the line was so long that it took almost two hours before everyone was able to get their food.

Solid F4 Fanatics from fan groups, F4 International, F4 Philippines, Jerry Yan Club, JERRY YAN FAMILY and Barbie, F4FU, Switch to F4, Exclusively F4. VIC ZHOU FAMILY, VANNESS FAMILY, KEN CHU FAMILY and the party's organizers OnlyJerry Philippines attended the event in full force!

If other local artists are finding it difficult to fill up dish during concerts or album launchings, this was not a problem at Jerry Yan's CD launch. To think the entrance tickets are quite expensive!

They raffled-off memorabila like posters, magazines from Taiwan where Jerry is on the cover, CDs and others. Fans are already simpering just seeing the magazines. When Jerry's Video footages are shown, screaming fans bought the house down!

Just when I thought that the Meteor Fever has died down when Meteor Garden ceased aiting on [Philippine] TV!

Right now, Sony Music Philippines is yet to release Jerry's CD, but at the rate things are going, the album will bag the Gold award the moment it is released.

If fact, Sony has received hundred of pre-orders.

On MyX TV, One Meter is already on the top spot. The same single is already number one in 6 other Asian Music Charts, dislodging all former number one artists.

It is only now how local fans supports their idol. Last Month, 32 Jerry fanatics flew to Taiwan to attend his album launching. They were able to spend three days with their idol, up-close! This also means that they can afford to spend on airfare and accomodation! They were all gushing on how good and genlemanly Jerry is.

This November Jerry is rumored to visit the Philippines for various promotional activities for the album and for a Bench event .

Ben Chan and Bench also supported the party. They donated posters and shirts for the raffle.

Thanks to Ebolash12 of Jerry Yan Family and F4FU

Jerry, The Richest One in F4

August 31

BANGKOK, Thailand
– When we were writing this, we were just about to leave to watch the F4 concert. According to the F4 fans that we talked to yesterday, the show at Impact Arena last Sunday was very successful.

There were a lot more fans who wanted to watch the show but they were no longer able to buy tickets because even via the internet, all tickets were sold out fast.

It was expected that a larger crowd will be arriving at Impact Arena last night since this was the original concert date. Another concert night was added to appease the demand of the tons of F4 fanatics who wanted to again watch the combined performances of Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Ken Zhu and Vanness Wu.

We haven’t been able to get a Vanness update, but according to one of our sources, he is still busy with setting up his boygroup that is called Machi.(Note from tina wu: This is inaccurate. Machi is a separate group composed of guys Vanness grew up with in LA. They are his close friends so he always finds time to join and support their activities.)

When Vanness came to the Philippines last year on March (for his Araneta show) he always wore shirts and a cap that had ‘Machi’ written on them.

We thought this was the name of his favorite designer, but this was the name of the Taiwanese boygroup that he formed and helped become successful.

Vanness’ mommy flew to Bangkok from America to watch the F4 concert last night. Most likely Ken’s stepfather, based in Bangkok and owns a fish sauce factory here, also watched the show.

The TV series God Mars of Vic Zhou and Barbie Xu has finished shooting in Japan and is now showing in Taipei.

A Jerry fanatic told us that Jerrynians were so happy when he guested in the TV show of sisters Barbie and Dee Xu called 100% Entertainment Show to promote his solo album called ‘Jerry For You’.

Dee was even teasing Jerry and Barbie so the fans were really excited (Note from tina wu: This is the closest translation I can give.)! This TV show if the Xu sisters has been running for five years already.

Jerry is the richest among F4 since last year he was Number 3 in the list of ‘richest entertainers’ in Taiwan. It is expected that his income will increase since just recently he became the endorser of a famous jewelry chain in Taipei.

F3 arrived in Bangkok first – Vic, Ken and Vanness. They arrived Saturday

(August 28) while Jerry arrived almost the same as time we did on Sunday (August 29) afternoon on a China Airlines Flight.

Article From Allan Diones of Abante Tonight (August 31, 2004)

Translated by Tina Wu of F4FriendsUnited.