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Collectibles Christmas Fair 2006
December 22-23, 2006
Megatrade Hall 3
5th Level The Summit Mega B, SM Megamall
EDSA cor. Julia Vargas, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila

event starts at 10:00AM to 9:00PM

From the organizers of the Annual Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention brings you a grand collectibles sale and bargains happening this December 22-23, 2006. Great items like Anime, Comics, Toys, Cards, Games, Dolls, Action Figures, Cars, Collectible items and Memorabilias will be put in display for sale by people from various hobby shop and collectors.



Collectibles Christmas Fair 2006 at the Christmas Gifts Expo 2006

In behalf of our group, F4 International Fan Club Phils - Yahoogroups
We are inviting you once again to visit our booth

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Collectibles Christmas Fair 2006 at the Christmas Gifts Expo 2006
December 22-23, 2006
SM Megamall
Megatrade Hall 2 and 3
5th Level, Building B
event starts at 10:00AM to 9:00PM

From the organizers of the Annual Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention brings you a grand collectibles sale and bargains happening this December 22-23, 2006. Great items like Anime, Comics, Toys, Cards, Games, Dolls, Action Figures, Cars, Collectible items and Memorabilias will be put in display for sale by people from various hobby shop and collectors.

for our items:
Proceeds of this project will be donated to our chosen Charity Institution.
See You There and Advance Merry Christmas to Everybody!!!

Mr Chih Message

Mr Chih Message

Dear All,

F4's Official website F4ever has announced their newest plans –
Beginning of next year, Ken, VanNess and Vic will each have their
individual website like Jerry's. This is due to the artistes own
request to personalize their own websites for their fans as a means
of communication. All the new websites will be ever more exciting,
with more services, interactivity and information, so let's all
anticipate for the release of the websites.

F4ever will remain the official website for the four, thus whenever
there are events or jobs with the four of them news will be released
here. All events regarding allocation of tickets will be split
equally amongst F4ever and F1's consecutive website. This service
will continue until the end of 2007, where fans and the artistes
themselves will evaluate such plans and their wishes to continue or

Currently all member fees, if still valid, can be transferred to
either Ken's, VanNess' or Vic's website, whilst at the end of
F4ever's member period, you can choose to join the artiste's website
of your choice.

Each of F4 members has great plans for the upcoming year. Hope all
of you can continue to give them their support and encouragement as

Chih (12. 05. 06)

Please Give A Proper Credits If Posting This Elsewhere

Update from F4ever (Japan) in regards to Individual Fan Club

[sharing] Update from F4ever re: individual fan club

Update from F4ever (Japan) in regards to Individual Fan Club

Thank you so much for all of your support on F4. Going forward, Vanness, Ken and Vic will have their individual official web-sites (fan club). Given that each of them will have their respective web-site, F4's current official web-site "F4ever" will cease member services on December 2007, including Jerry's. Please accept our sincere apology for those who gave their support for F4 as a whole. It will be our honour to gain your persisted support for Vanness, Ken and Vic on their new start. Furthermore, Jerry, Vanness, Ken and Vic will continue holding F4 group events and activities. Please keep giving your royal support to F4.

Members of F4ever are entitled to enjoy their continuous benefits and services before membership expiry. In addition, they will also have access to the individual official sites for Vanness, Ken and Vic.

announcement will also be published on the upcoming 5th edition club magazine.

Thanks for sharing this update in Chinese from Huilo

F4: The more they bow their heads down the more they fascinate, idol popularity is reasonable

F4: The more they bow their heads down the more they fascinate, idol popularity is reasonable.

Lian He Bao
November 2, 2006

It seems it’s very hard to see their eyes: Zai Zai Zhou Yu Min, or Yan Cheng Xu it’s even harder for Zhu Xiao Tian. It doesn’t matter if it’s for work and you are only a few feet away from them. The impression you get from them is that their heads are bowed down with a smile on their faces or with no _expression at all. It is only when fans scream during picture taking would they occasionally lift their heads and expose their killer smiles.

On screen it seems we are acquainted with another person, they are lively and they smile a lot, they perform seriously, in the drama dialogues they become the fashionable boys loved by the whole of Asia. A moment ago they began interviewing Yan Cheng Xu, you can’t tell much by his words; he will only smile then flash even more of his killer smile. Zhou Yu Min would often bow down his head as if lost in thought and then emit an innocent giggle; with his long hair covering his face Zhu Xiao Tian is the one with the fewest smile, but with his height taller than 180 cm everyone just loves his head bowed down.

In a certain hotel room, with his face flushed from wine, Zhou Yu Min finally answered the reporter’s question “Actually, during the interview, I am afraid to look at the eyes. The eyes can reveal the sincerity of a person but I don’t have that ability yet. I am afraid that what I might say isn’t enough, say what isn’t right and I might not be able to satisfy the other person and make them feel disappointed.” Yan Cheng Xu also says: “Coming from a single parent background, he isn’t really a person who loves to talk and its hard for him to convey his emotions, his is used to covering them up, up to the point that he feels he isn’t mature yet; he is like a big child.”

For F4 fans who go to all kind of events, contribute money in establishing schools, they are cartoons that turned into real men, their force has reached everywhere. You can say that these are the indicators of a popular group in the wake of their increasing popularity the more they lower down their heads the more they become popular. Maybe we can say that it is this mystery that makes them popular.

In the hearts and minds of their fans, F4 is without any equal. They are the ultimate idols.

Translated by honeybums of KCIFC Philippines

Bao Long and ZZ are very refined

Bao Long and ZZ are very refined

Bao Long and ZZ are very refined
Bao Long Jerry Yan and Zai Zai Vic Chou's relationship isn't bad because recently when Jerry was filming "The Hospital" and ZZ was filming "Silence" they visited each other on the set. One day they also concidentally were filming in the same building. Jerry bought some food to go see ZZ and played around with him, "Please let me be a passerby."
Source: Min Sheng Bao

Jerry doesn't think he and ZZ are enemies, "We visited each other on the set. One time when ZZ was filming 'Silence - Shen Qing Mi Ma" I kept on saying that I wanted to be a guest star, to make an appearance. ZZ and Vanness Wu has also visited me."

Source: Cheng Bao

only translated the more important parts

Credit: Amy of Faithful 4ever -

Translated News Oct 21

F4 has been busy with their own solo career. Jerry, who is just appointed as World Vision Regional Child Sponsorship Ambassador will be visiting Mongolia. On behalf of Taiwan citizens, he will visit the poor & suffering children there. Zai is busy filming movie and tv serial "Delicious Relationship" will only end filming next January. "Chu Liu Xiang" starring Ken Chu will complete filming soon. Vanness Wu was at San Li tv station few days ago, and had a discussion with an idol drama producer.

Jerry, having returned from Australia not long ago, will head to Mongolia on 24th Oct. Being one of the sponsors, "Whenever i receive some information on the child tat i'm sponsoring, I will want to see exactly wat kind of environment are they living in." Therefore, he immediately accepted the offer despite Mongolia's minus 6 degrees temperature.

Jerry's fanclub has sponsored 29 children, 5 of them from Mongolia.

"Delicious Relationship" starring Vic & Patty Hou had been seriously delayed. Producer Angie Chai expressed, yesterday she has met up with the management companies of the main casts, the production team and director. And they have agreed to wait until Vic to finish filming his movie "Flying Butterfly" in November.

Source: Min Sheng Bao 21.10.06
thanks to Michi@OnlyF4 for the translation

Tokyo Trial" Released DVD on National Day breaks 10,000,000 yuan.

Tokyo Trial" Released DVD on National Day breaks 10,000,000 yuan.

Jin Chu Net Release
Reporter: Wu Ke

Although, it missed the 918 screening date, the historical movie
Tokyo Trial is still a winner it earned box office success and public
acclaim. A few days ago, it released it's collector's edition DVD and
it hopes to attract more audiences.

This reporter learned "The Banquet," "Treasure Map," "Big Jungle
Attack" on the National Holiday Period all these movies had great
drawing power. But "Tokyo Trial and 100% Glamour, a lot of cinemas
have shown these movies independently. This is already some kind of
an achievement; during the past years this kind of movie theme will
not have this success. At present this movie has already broke the
10,000,000 yuan mark.

In the next few days, Tokyo Trial will release its hardcover DVD
edition. Aside from the movie it will feature behind the scenes
footage and photography sessions. Also it will have "a call to
history" the principal narration of the court tribunal, emotional
dramas that will shake the people's spirit and make a world
declaration; it will also narrate all the hardships they went
through. "These times can't be forgotten," behind the scenes
highlights, lead actors interview, "don't forget history," and a
choice collection of photos.

TW G-Music Chart
Dvd Ranking : No. 1 - The Hospital

Special Note : To people who are reposting this translation, Please
make sure to CREDIT ONLY honeybums of KCIFC Philippines no other
names should be posted for the translation & the original source of
the article. No reposting to Chinese sites. Thanks for your

Barbie's birthday, ZaiZai proposes as a surprise.

Barbie's birthday, ZaiZai proposes as a surprise.
The girl smiles sweetly, HsuMaMa says: "No marriage this year!"

Barbie's 30th birthday this years falls on Mid-Autumn festival, and
ZaiZai pushed back all his work so he can be with his girlfriend to
celebrate both events. It was said that ZaiZai had planned out
a "propsal" for her big birthday surprise this year, but Barbie
denied. HsuMaMa also adds: "Cannot get married this year!"

Romantic Mid-Autumn
Last year when DaZaiLian was exposed, Barbie was rumored to want
marriage as her birthday present. She wanted to let the public know
on her birthday, which scared everyone. During that time, HsuMaMa's
image of ZaiZai wasnt that deep nor well, and XiaoS also leaked that
if he wanted to become their brother-in-law or son-in-law, he had a
long way to go.

Ate at a French restaurant
Lately, ZaiZai has been in HK filing for his virgin movie, "Flying
Butterfly," and since his girlfriends birthday is on the same day as
Mid-Autumn, he has already planned on dropping all his work and
flying back. Rumors has it that he also planned to propose to her
because that is what Barbie's been wanting since last year.

Last night, ZaiZai went to the Hsu's, but when he saw the reporters,
he went inside to hide out for a bit. When they left, they headed to
a French resturant. When asked if this was part of his proposal, DaS
commented: "No!" but her faces was full of smiles.

As for her thoghts on Barbie's marriage, HsuMaMa replied: "As for my
daughers marriage, i think this year is not good." Good friend PaceWu
says: "Really? If so, then i envy." As for their manager, the reply
was: "I never heard anything of it, but i dont oppose to anyone
wanting to get married." But Makiyo's mother suddenyl jumps in the
picture and adds: "If they get married now, i oppose. He should wait
until he grows out a beard. At least he should be like Mike, XiaoS's
husband, should be over 30." If so, then the 25year old ZaiZai must
wait another 5 years.

The history of DaZaiLian
2005/07 ZaiZai got into a car accident. DaS rushed to the scene and
gave him her hug and comfort. DaZaiLian was "exposed"
2005/07 DaS admits to her and ZaiZai's relationship, admits to being
boyfriend and girlfriend
2005/09 ZaiZai takes her out for a ride in his car, car accident. DaS
never wanted to ride in his car again
2005/09 DaZaiLian is at its highest, ZaiZai goes in and out of the
Hsu's as if it's his own home
2005/12 DaZaiLian is rumored to get married.
2006/04 ZaiZai buys a parking space at the Hsu's, rumored to have
already taken wedding photos
2006/05 ZaiZai films "Delicious Relationship," DaS examines the
script first, seeing if ZaiZai has any intimate scenes.

Translated by m1ss @ asianfanatics
News credits: Apple Daily

*Thanks to m1ss of AsianFanatics.

Please Give A Proper Credits If Posting This Elsewhere

F4 members hopefully will have a repeat appearance this November

China Times

Reporter: Peng Guo Yu

Jay Chou, Rain, Nicholas Tse, Jolin Tsai, Louis Koo, Jerry Yan, Ken Chu, Edison Chen 8 Pepsi Giant Stars will gather together in Beijing this November, to joyfully celebrate Pepsi Cola's 25th year anniversary.

Yesterday, this reporter obtained information that on November 7 Pepsi Cola company showcase "One Song" they will cooperate in the Muqin Shui Jiao Ai Xin Concert. For the first time they will have all the stars together in China.

This evening party will be used as the turning point of Pepsi Corporation 25 years in Mainland China, it is hoped that the big stars will give the feeling of it strength, and expand it to all walks of life so that they will understand and support the company Muqin Shui Jian project in the long term.

This reporter asked why only two F4 members: Jerry Yan and Ken Chu are included in the event, the Pepsi side expressed: To have the 10 Pepsi Big Stars would truly be a rare opportunity but with regards to Zai Zai and Vanness we are still trying very hard to get their schedule. We hope that all the 10 big stars of Pepsi can appear together.

At present concert tickets will not be sold to the public but rather, the regional offices will use it as a promotional gift. It is reported that Beijing and the northern area will have a bigger promotional activity. At the same time, a Pepsi will also conduct an inter-related activity in their official website and give tickets.

CREDIT ONLY honeybums of KCIFC Philippines

F4 is BACK!

F4 is back
The original Taiwanese boy band F4 is due to release a new album next year, its first in almost four years.
The pop group comprising Jerry Yen, Vic Zhou, Ken Zhu and Vanness Wu first came into the limelight in 2001 with Mandarin series Meteor Garden, which sparked an Asia-wide F4 frenzy.

F4 is still together and has a new album in the wings.
After the series ended, the guys had been involved in different solo projects, giving rise to rumours that the group had split.
But the four have stressed repeatedly that they did not break up, and proved that recently by appearing as a group.
On their upcoming album, they said that it will be different from their previous releases because “our vocals have improved a lot since then”.


Please Credits Jerry Yan Philippines when Reposting Thank You

Sina News

Translated by: stephanieshieh
Source: Sina News

Vivian Hsu yesterday wore a sexy red outfit to promote new album "Vivi and" at an autograph session. As for possible rumored boyfriend Jay Chou was also doing an activity at the same time, she expressed: Won't discuss feelings of friendship, thinks it's very rumor-filled, but will personally go to the record store to buy Jay's new album!

Yesterday, it was reporteed that the two were at TVBS-G recording, but they had to be seperated from each other. Vivian denied yelling, and revealed that the two looked at each other and talked for a few minutes, wishing luck for each other. Ex-boyfriend Vanness Wu wouldn't work with her, but is planning to work with Coco Lee for her new album. Vivian expressed that she's happy to see the Vanness and Coco collaboration.

Asides from relationship reports, Vivian's new album broke 100,000 sales, and next year she can hold a concert at Xiao Ju Dan.

Latest Message from Mr Chih 9/11

Dear All,

Haven’t left a message here for a while. Recently I’ve been a frequent flyer attending events all over, plus the work on hand is busier than ever, yet I have been attending to all your messages.

Ken is continuing his shooting at HengDian at ChuLiuXiang. Sudden climatic changes and big temperature differences gave Ken the flu, but he’s been getting his rest and becoming well by day. Though there may be many rumors and opinions about the crew, all Ken wants to do is to prove what he does best as an actor, try hard to coordinate with the director’s and crews’ needs and give it his best shot.

Vic is still in progress with his new movie - Butterfly, flying back and forth between Taiwan to study and Hong Kong for work. The TV drama will now have to wait until the movie is completed to resume their work again. We also have some DVD promotions going on, but will announce further information when it’s confirmed.

VanNess and Kangta’s first concert in the Mainland will take place on Sept. 22nd and 23rd at the City Hall of Beijing. This is a very important part of their China promotions, as well as Scandal’s final public event. VanNess is very excited and has been prepping himself for his wonderful performance to share with everyone; we hope that everyone who attends can give VanNess’ their biggest support! After the concert VanNess will return to the states for a while to continue his work for a brand new album.

Lastly, details for the Taiwan Tourism Board project is still under negotiation, I know that you are all concerned but we will for sure announce the details once they are all set, so please keep your patience for a little bit longer.


Dong Sen News

Dong Sen News
September 5, 2006

Korean Drama Da Chang Jin (Jewel in the Palace) has made South Korea increase its tourism, making them earn a lot from money spent by tourist, this has stimulated the interest of the Communications group of the Tourism Board, they have now decided to follow the example of the Koreans, for this endeavor they will be spending NT$85 million and sought F4 idol group for this project. They will use the sceneries of Taiwan as the backdrop of the new drama project. The plan is to have this broadcasted in Japan and South Korea, it is their hope that this project will entice overseas tourist to come and see the sights of Taiwan.

Follow the example of the Korean Dramas! Idol dramas have promoted Taiwan sceneries, Winter Sonata, Da Chang Jin, these dramas have been very popular and have helped pushed them to be hot. We can not belittle the use of idol dramas, there have been studies in this and the domestic tourism board prepared a follow up, they are prepared to spend NT$85 million to film an idol drama and help push Taiwan in the international arena to advance to the Japan and South Korean market. They will be using the idol group F4.

At present the tentative outline for the drama would be “Wonderful Love Hot Dance Troupe” they will use F4 as a group who loves “street dancing” they will be the champion of the youth. The special feature of this is for the main actors to have gone all over the 8 tourist spots of Taiwan, but of course included in the drama would be love stories. The leading ladies haven’t been decided on at the moment, it can include: Yang Cheng Lin, Wu Pei Ci (partner of Vanness in MG2), as well as Xu Ruo Xuan (Vivian Xu) who has already made a name for herself in Japan.

The drama will have a total of 25 episodes, the plan is for it to be shown April next year, five big broadcast stations will show it in Japan and Korea. To follow are concerts, promotional activities, merchandise products. The tourism board has the confidence that using idols can attract overseas tourist to come and see the sceneries of Taiwan.

Aug 12 - Gathering Pictures

We would like to thank everybody for coming to our gathering!
We hope you enjoy our little treat

Keep on supporting F4 ...


Personally we would like to thank our friends from:

-Jerry Yan Philippines
-Jerry Yan Club - Philippines
-Ken Evolution Team/KRL/KCIFC
-Certified VannAddicts
-F4 Tensed
-Tsinoy [F4 thread, Jerry Thread, Ken Thread, Vic Thread and Vanness Thread]

If you have suggestions, comments or reactions
You can email us at, and
or login at our yahoogroups



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Zaizai takes leave for 2 months, Patty Hou loses 120,0000 a month

Zaizai takes leave for 2 months, Patty Hou loses 120,0000 a month

Zaizai Vic Zhou would be heading to Hong Kong during mid August to
film movie, Hu Die Fei for 2 months causing idol, drama, Mei Wei Guan
Xi to halt filming. However, the biggest victim is actually Patty
Hou. To film this show, she pratically push away 3 shows to host
every month, 120,0000 vanishing into thin air like that. Now that Mei
Wei Guan Xi have been delayed, it's predicted she'll be losing lots !

Ever since the show have started filming from April, it have been
going at a tortise pace. That's because , Director Cui You Ning is
very serious and place importance on the feel of it. He can sacrifice
a day just for one scene and it's very normal. For the quality of the
film, he spent huge amount of money to buy the best ingredients. The
ingredients even have to be thrown away as he could not film several
scenes a day.

Besides, artists who were involved in the filming were all very busy
and often took leave, Zaizai promoting Silence and Patty had lots of
invites for hosting while Alan Kuo had to record his album and film
commercials. And also, Zaizai would also be soon acting in Du Qi
Feng's Hu Die Fei and would need to film for 2 months. Thus, Mei Wei
Guan Xi had to halt filming for some time.

Mei Wei Guan Xi has 20 episodes with 60 minutes in each episode. It
is predicted that it would complete filming end of the year. However,
after 3 months of filming, they have only finished 3 episodes instead
of 5. The show have burnt thousands of money and with about 20000 for
each episode and it have been increased to 300,0000. It is predicted
the end money used would be 6000,0000.

With the slow pace, every artist was in huge pressure. The Director
requested each artist to write down their feelings at the end of the
story and Patty's heartfelt words were, "can we film faster ?"

Patty's manager expressed that they hoped the show would complete
filming by end of the year while producer, Cai Zhi Ping did not want
to comment about the slow pace and burnt money but said that
regarding Zaizai having to go overseas was planned beforehand and she
was willing to burn more money to wait for Zaizai.

Thanks to Liberty Times.
5th Aug 2006

Extra Note : To people who are taking the below translation, DO make sure you ONLY CREDIT
Xiujuan @ onlyf4 for the translation. No extra credits should be given and no changes must be made to the translation. Thanks for your cooperation.


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busy with his fathers funeral matters, KEN CHU wasnt able to give vanness a birthday gift, but KEN already texted him as greeting, and they have agreed to eat together when he comes back to taiwan.

source: liberty times 8-8-06
(ken parts only)

Kangta and Vanness News July 28

Article: July 28, 2006

click link for pix.

Kang Ta and Vanness were in HK to promote. They said that they communicate with Mandarin, English and Korean. Kangta said that he had no problem using English but perhaps Vanness might have problem understanding. Vanness said it is fine.

Vanness said that he used to sing ballads with F4 and now he's more on dancing and he enjoys it. Kangta said he likes this 2 person combo because with fewer persons, they are more in sync with each other's work.

Permission to repost this article is granted only if this article is accompanied with this message, the text is not altered, and credit is given to this site as follows:

F4 Schedule til August

What’s new:

- 0720 Charity Premiere Ticketing Start
- 0722 Indonesia Dinner Show
- 0813 Taipei Charity Premiere
- 0815 Start

Ken :

- Jun 18, 2006 Press conference for TV drama series "Chu Liu Xiang" in Shanghai
- Jun 17, 2006 Red carpet opening of "Shanghai TV Festival" in Shanghai
- Jun 8, 2006 Chongqing "Sun Yanzi Concert" as guest performer

Vanness :

- Jul 12, 2006 Album Promotion Activities and Fans Meet & Greet Session in Osaka, Japan
- Jul 10-11, 2006 Album Promotion Activities in Tokyo, Japan
- Jul 8-9, 2006 Solo concert in Tokyo, Japan
- Jun 17-18, 2006 Album SCANDAL Autograph Sessions in Taiwan (4 sessions in total)
- Jun 10, 2006 Golden Melody Awards in Taiwan

Vic :

- May 18, 2006 "Silenece" media preview and two TV programmes recording in Taiwan
- Filming of new TV drama series "Delicious Relations"

credits to and

Picture of the Week and Bad News ...


think all of you are very sad and depressed after hearing Ken's father was gone from news these days.
Our club (K.C.I.F.C) also contacted Fu Long and take care for Ken at the 1st time.
Fulong indicated that ken's still working very hard, and he is truly sensible.
He clearly knows what he should do and how to do at this moment.
Ken will come back to Taiwan after finished his works at Xingjian.

This moment, I think ... be a fan, we cannot do anything, but I think what we can do just show our supporting
and encouragement to him. We shall standby him ... maybe they be the power for him now.
Hope everyone please leave messages for Ken. He shall understand how we such care about him.
I also believe Ken is a strong person. Maybe he has such many regrets and sadness, but he decided keeps his hardly working.
And he wouldn't like everyone worry about him. He is just our Lovely Ken.
I understand everyone is very worry about him, because he always forbears from bad emotions.
In any case, Ken'll know how to do face it...

Messages for Ken's father: ¡§Uncle Chu, please be rest; You have a good and filial son. He'll never let you down..."


[SHANGHAI] Zaizai patiently waits for Barbie while on shooting ... Hay nakaka-inlove ka na Zaizai ahhhh!!! hehehe!!!!

For my sisters!

see you girls soon!

In the final analysis is F4 very popular?

In the final analysis is F4 very popular?

Kang Ta a little plump when he returns to Korea.
Have eaten a lot of Spicy Ma Po and Xiao Long Bao.
Reporter Yang En Hui/ Xing Bao

Having a special fondness for spicy food is a Korean trait, Kang Ta is
no exception. This time when Kang Ta and Vanness promoted their new
album "Scandal" in Taiwan, those dished were always on Kang Ta's mind.
When they visited a restaurant, Kang Ta said, "I want it super spicy."
And he also wants his food to have a lot of sesame oil to the point
that he would use Chinese and say, "I love sesame oil."

Vanness Wu requests a song.
Kang Ta looks for inspiration everywhere.

Vanness appreciates the musical talents of Kang Ta the most,
requesting Kang Ta to write music, he said he wants to help Vanness
find his emotions in writing a love song. He will be releasing his
solo album soon; lately he started listening to Taiwan's popular songs
to look for inspiration.

In the final analysis is F4 very popular? Kang Ta relates his first
hand experience. He revealed there was a time when he to Manila to
film an MTV, one evening he went to a local night spot, manager and
other staff went ahead, when he followed, he saw the manager and a
local girl seated, at first he was very anxious that he would be
recognized, he never thought that, that girl would point at him and
say, "You look like F4's XXX." Kang Ta smiled then the girl said she
made a mistake.

This time when he was in Taiwan, he would like to go and see night
markets, but because he has to wake up early and prepare for
promotions, and he is happy with the progress of the world cup, so
lately he hasn't been able to do just that.

Last year, Jerry management contract with Fu Long expired, because he
wants to manage himself, he announced this at the end of the year, and
he established his own company. But results are not what they are
expecting, aside from "White Tower" and the Indonesian performance it
seems he doesn't have any other work his fans couldn't understand it
and they still question Fu Long whether or not they are freezing him,
why are they only helping F3 find work?

F3 manager Zhi Xiang Li said: Originally Jerry said he was too busy,
then now he is pushing for the world tour, he just finished arranging
work for the other F3, ¡§I only know that I can't let F3 be idle.

Fanny made it clear that after the concert, they have been
continuously talking with companies, endorsements, TV dramas, movies
and albums, the second half of the year, Jerry will really have a lot
of work. His official website has also been very active.

As for the rumors that Jerry is pushing for the world tour, Fanny
stressed that, So-so K we really haven¡¦t been pushing for it, all the
F4 members have been looking forward to this too. The main problem is
the place and schedule. Everyone wants to satisfy the fans not only
Jerry. At present we are absolutely not waiting for F3

China Times Weekly Magazine

Warning: I think you have the right to know, that's why I summarized the following gossips from TW Next Magazine (a gossip-entertainment magazine in TW). It is up to you to believe it or not, or to determine how much you should believe in it. However, please bear it mind that even the artists in TW said if the entertainment news in the newspapers and magazines had 20 to 50% truth in it, they would be satisified. As a Jerry's fan, I only believe in what's from Jerry's mouth.

If you want to transfer my "summary", please also transfer "kkla's comments" at the same time, so fans get to read the other side of the story. Thank you very much.

Here is another gossip from an entertainment magazine in TW.

[06/29]Yan Cheng Xu and Lin Zhi Ling have broken up
China Times Weekly Magazine, vol. 1480.
Posted: June 29, 2006

(only extracted the parts related to Jerry and Ken's work)

summary: After YCX has become popular, no matter acting in dramas or releasing his solo album, he protects his success/career very much. He seldom goes on entertainment programs. Even when he promoted his dramas and solo album, he has selectively gone on them only. However, this time, the talent fee for his upcoming Indonesian concert is heavenly high. According to information, it is about US$60,000 for 3 songs, about TW$190,000. Other than the fee is extremely high, the location is very special as well. It is a famous night club in Indonesia.

In order to coordinate with last stage production (like recording and dubbing) of TH, his overseas study plan needs to be on hold for now.

This time, the talent fee of YCX's Indonesian concert has broken the TW record. According to the production company for this concert, YCX's talent fee is the highest among the TWese artists. However, with this kind of talent fee, the performance won't be easy, as the location is a high-class club with a lot of wealthy busnessmen as customers. Although the price for the tickets is high, the production company doesn't concern about the ticket sale, as there are a lot of Chinese in the community.

Regarding having a concert in a night club, YCX's agent, Fenny, said that it should be ok, as Ah Du (a singer in TW) and Zhao Wei (an actress and singer in Mainland China) have also performed over there. This time, YCX accepted the invitation was mainly to meet with fans, as he has not been in Indonesia for 4 years. When fans have missed him so much, he also misses his fans very badly. Regarding the talent fee, Fenny said that she couldn't disclose the real figure due to agreement with the production company. However, the rumor is not true.

kkla's comment:
According to fans of Indonesia, the location is not an indecent place.

summary con't: While Jin Sha Restaurant invited YCX with a heavenly fee, another member of F4, Zhu Xiao Tian, accepted the role as "Chu Liu Xiang". Last year, F4's agent asked for TW$400,00 per episode in Mainland China, this led to the producers to back down. This time, Zhu Xiao Tian accepted the role with about TW$80,000 per episode that he is going to lose about NT$10 millions. Regarding Zhu Xiao Tian's acting fee for "Chu Liu Xiang", the responsible person in Mainland China confirmed, "Yes, he will have the treatment of first class actor but he accepted the role with a friendly fee." According to the acting fee of TWese artists in Mainland China, F4's YCX and Zaizai ask for NT$400,000 per episode, and Vanness and Ken should not be less than NT$240,000 per episode. This time, in order to fight for this role, Ken hasn't just rejected all the other invitations since four months ago, he also cut his acting fee. The producer in Mainland China confirmed, "He has shown his biggest sincerity. During audition, he didn't just remember all his lines, he also showed us a Kong Fu act from the lessons he learned recently. That's why we are satisfied." The scrptwriter also said, "When Huang Xiao Ming came for audition, he was simultaneously discussing several other drama projects, not like Zhu Xiao Tian being this serious that he has plan for only this one. When we first looked at his photos, we thought that he looked too chubby. After meeting with him in person, he doesn't look as chubby as in the photos, with his seriousness, we decided to choose him."

Claiming that he can gain weight by just drinking water, Zhu Xiao Tian has given up his habit of eating weight-loss drugs. His agent, Zhi Xiang Li, indicates that Zhu Xiao Tian has lost 3 kgs since he got up at 5 am to play Tai Chi four months ago. When he films this drama in Xin Jiang, he will cook his own meals.

kkla's comments:
For your information, the production team has also contacted Jerry and Zaizai. Jerry's agent publicly announced in the newspaper that he didn't plan to accept the invitation, although he was voted to be the no. 1 candidate for the role in a survey. According to Zai's agent, Zai is busy with other drama projects.

Kangta and Vanness/Jerry New Ads

Just got my copy of Scandal Album (thanks to vannessmom @ vannaddicts).

for some info of the album, visit their official site

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Jerry's back once again ... He's very gorgeous!!! arrggggh!!!

New MIA Ad

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New Pepsi Ad
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Hate Comparing

I really hate those people who always COMPARE Jerry and Rain
Magkalayo po sila.

Sa Looks
Sa Talent
Sa Acting
Sa Nationality

I used to like Rain ... Full House (days), but when you watched the way he performs, hmmm ... some friends says, he doesn't have any originality *winks, this is my blog so i have a right to say anything and this is from a friend's opinion* the first time i watched his Rainy Day DVD Concert, hmmm some performances actually kinda boring for me, the music is the same for 2 hours of performances!!! R&B, Pop ... he doesn't have any originality when he sings ... also when he dances ... why? just watched "Michael Jackson, Usher, Justin T" ... hehe! I won't forget nasa Quiapo ako, i was with my friend ... nakita ko pinapalabas ang Usher Concert DVD, nakinood muna ako ... then, ayun ... parehong-pareho ng style ... pati costume ang kay rain, white lang suot ni Usher...natawa ako bigla...sabi ko napanood ko na yun ah! hehehe!

Anyways, back to my SENTIMENTS ... ABS-CBN said in their advertisement that Rain is the Asian Superstar, Most Influential Man (Time Magazine) Actually, He is one of the Nominees, not the winner! ... It's ok to say that he is an Asian Star...not Asian Superstar ...

As i've always said ... Kelangang ma-beat nya ang Meteor Fever, then i'll call him an Asian Superstar ... hahaha! Punuin ang Hong Kong Coliseum ng 4days ... Mag-Autograph Signing ng straight 3 days ...

Agree? if not ...GO AWAY haha!

I remebered Jerry's previous ad --sabi --- Asian Heartthrob ---Asian Superstar ... hmm sa White Tower, ano kayang promotion? hahaha!!!

Congratulations to Vanness and Kangta --- Number 1 ang Album nila sa Taiwan! China! Thailand! wuhooooo ...

Toycon 2006

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

"All F4 Items courtesy of F4 International Fan Club Phils-Yahoogroups Moderators and Co-Moderators"

"it's our 3rd time to participate in this much awaited - funfilled - exhibit, wish to be there next year!"

5th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2006

Toycon Poster

Greetings from Collectibles Unlimited!

It has been our pleasure to hold the annual Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention in the Megatrade halls for the past four years. We have enjoyed four years of unparalleled success as far as this gathering is concerned. Almost 20 thousand people have been a part of this event since it began in 2002, and enjoyed the diversity of collecting as a hobby and the enthusiasm of the toys and gaming communities.

Now on its fifth year, we are gearing up for the biggest Toycon yet, as 2006 is the year of the Supercon, as we have chosen to call it.In line with the showing of two superhero blockbuster flicks, Superman Returns and X-men 3: The Last Stand, we are organizing the most awesome, exciting and activity-filled event of the year!

In this regard, we would again like to invite you and your family to be our valued guests for this auspicious event.

This year's convention also marks the first time the Toycon will be held for two days and is scheduled to take place on June 17 and 18, from 10:00 Am to 9:00 PM in SM Megamall, Megatradehall 2. 80 exhibitors joined this two day event and we bring you our new activity for kids and lots of convention contest like Customized Action Figure Contest, Cosplay contest, Drawing Contest, Battle of the Tribute Bands, Video Game Tournament, Transformers Speed contest and a lot more

5th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2006
June 17-18, 2006

Only exhibitors are allowed to sell any items at the event.In fairness, to all, we will report any unauthorized selling to the Management.

Message from Mr Chih 6/22

Message from Mr Chih 6/22

Dear All,

Previously, ongoing events and functions have kept me entirely occupied, I can only answer a short reply to everyone’s questions.

Regarding the red carpet event on the 17th, until the day of the event we were still not sure if we were going or not. With the clashing schedules of both the film festival and TV festival, Ken had an entry in both events, and both events included consecutive crew members walking the red carpet…
The decision of which to attend changed by the hour. Ultimately the final decision was the walk with the crew of ChuLiuXiang, by that time it was 20 minutes away from departure time….

ChuLiuXiang’s image, for now all I can say is that the hairstyle you have seen may not be the final result. You will know the hairstyle is finalized when the production members want you to know. As an artistes’ managerial company, we will respect all decisions made by the crew upon accepting the offer to act in this production.

Because of the extremely hectic and tight schedule of the entire incident, Ken and us have all tried our best to meet all schedules related to the production, and have thought that perhaps fans would understand our behavior in such unstable circumstances. The initial idea of having this website was to hope for better communication and relations with fans, a more direct way of receiving news about any events or functions, to gather everyone’s energy and power to support their idol. If fans choose not to trust us, by following the act of the media before hearing or trying to understand our situation, by complaining and giving unreasonable opinions and judgments before any clarification, it makes me wonder if it is no longer necessary to hold this website, to update news frequently to you all. Seems like we’re drifting further and further away from our original concept…
Chih (06. 06. 22)

hay, ibang fans kasi demanding masyado ... pag sinara yan, patay tayo! la tayong infos!

Shanghai Film Festival Opens Saturday

Shanghai Film Festival Opens Saturday

June 16, 2006

Film fever grips Shanghai starting Saturday, with "The White Countess" opening the 9th Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF).

The film directed by U.S. director James Ivory tells the love story of a blind American diplomat who develops a curious relationship with a young Russian refugee in 1930s Shanghai. The screening follows the opening ceremony at Shanghai Concert Hall. For the next eight days, more than 300 films from some 40 countries and regions will be shown at 19 Shanghai cinemas.

Stars expected at the opening include Andie MacDowell, Edward Norton, Catherine Deneuve, Sigourney Weaver, "The Banquet" cast members and Chinese directors and actresses Zhang Guoli, Xu Jinglei, Chen Hao and Japanese actor Hiroyuki Sanada.

The festival closes June 25 with Pedro Almodovar "Volver."

French director Luc Besson "The Fifth Element, The Professiona" heads the festival jury, the first time a foreign director has been given the honor.

One of the highlights of the festival, 17 films from 13 countries were selected to compete for the Jin Jue Award.

Other events include the Asian New Talent Award, the Jin Jue International Film Forum, and, getting down to business, a forum on the International Film and TV Market.

According to a SIFF organizer, this is the first year that the festival has accepted online submissions, contributing to the record number of 746 films received. This was an increase of 48.3 percent from last year.

World premieres

Four of the 17 films competing for the Jin Jue Award will hold their world premieres at the festival. The last-minute-arrival "Four Minutes," by German director and screenwriter Chris Kraus, only reached Shanghai on Wednesday. This is Krauf's second feature film. His feature debut, "Shattered Glass," won 10 national and international awards.

The Canadian film "Lucid," the Argentinean film "Cities and Love," and the Italian film "The Land" will also premiere in Shanghai, something new for the festival.

Two other global premieres and two Asian premieres for films not in the Jin Jue competition will also take place during the festival.

Young and talented directors

Canadian director Sean Garrity and former journalist Chris Kraus are two of the leading young directors at the festival.

Director and screenwriter Garrity "Without Her" tells the story of a young violinist discovering the truth behind her motherfs disappearance two years earlier. In "Four Minutes," an 80-year-old piano teacher transforms her pupil into the musical wunderkind she once was after discovering the secret that she once killed someone. The German writer-director has numerous screenplays to his credit, including gay activist male filmmaker Rosa von Praunheim's gay biopic "The Einstein of Sex."

Chinese films

Two Chinese films, "The Music Box," by the late artist and director Chen Yifei and "The Forest Ranger" by young director Qi Jian will compete for the Jin Jue Award.

"The Music Box" tells a love story of a simple barber living in turbulent times. "Forest Ranger' is a realistic film about contemporary rural life.

Four other Chinese films, "Drinking Tea," "Judgment in Tokyo," "Glorious Anger" and "Silent Man" will compete for the Asian New Talent Prize.

Source : Zhong Li @ Shenzhen Daily
Translated by: Francesca of Asian Fanatics

Legendary Chu Liu Xiang

Special Note : To people who are reposting this translation, Please make sure to CREDIT ONLY honeybums of KCIFC Philippines for the translation & the original source of the article. No reposting to Chinese sites. Thanks for your cooperation.

The Legendary Chu Liu Xiang: An impressive array of stars present themselves at the Shanghai Television Festival.
Breaking News: Sina Entertainment

This news has been hot item for half a year already, at the Shanghai Television Film Festival the roles have been revealed Zhu Xiao Tian, Chen Hao Min, Cui Peng, Xiao Qiang, Hu Jing, Liu Jia etc. make a show of force to the media to promote the new drama, Southern TV, Huan Le Media, Tang De International joint press conference attracted many reporters, TV station buyers came even without invitation, but the press conference was “red hot,” it was practically out of control, TV festival organizers had no choice but to increase security to maintain order and control the situation.

The great and luxurious “Chu Liu Xiang”

After 5 years of preparations, 6 months of choosing the cast, this June 18 at the Shanghai TV Film Festival, “The Legend of Chu Liu Xiang” announced for the first time its line-up: Ju Jue Liang and Liu Feng Sheng are the directors, Zhu Xiao Tian will play the role of Chu Liu Xiang, Cui Peng will play Wu Hua, Chen Hao Min will be Hu Tie Hua, Chen Jian Feng will play King Gui Zi, Wang Zhuan Yi plays Zhong Yuan Yi Dian Hong, Xiao Qiang plays Shui Mu Yin Ji, Hu Jing plays Su Rong Rong, Lin Jing plays Liu Wu Mei, newcomer Liu Jia plays Song Tian, this line-up comes from Mainland, HK and Taiwan, and overseas these are the actors with the most appeal its really a such an elegant cast. Shi Guan Yin, Li Hong Xiu, Li Hong Xiu are still being selected and its becoming a concern.

“The Legendary Chu Liu Xiang,” since the election of this role, the response has been very warm, competition was very fierce, and in the end Zhu Xiao Tian became the big winner. Producer You Jian Ming cites two reasons for the choice: the first is: choosing Zhu Xiao Tian is a fresh idea, it’s the first time for F4 member; Zhu Xiao Tian’s Shuaiqi causes the viewer to feel everything is fresh and new; the second is that he is really a logical choice because his frame of mind is already “Chu Liu Xiang.” “This XiangShuai is a China (tradition) martial arts hero” and “film’s handsome and debonair 007,” Zorro’s double character, his naughtiness is precisely what we are looking for.

Chu Liu Xiang’s loves affair.

Unexpectedly distinguished and admirable, Yu Shu Lin Feng’s Chu Liu Xiang is a world famous novel about swordsmen. Will this Chu Liu Xiang have a He Feng Cai? Producer You Jian Ming indicated they will strive to make a drama worthy of this Chinese tradition and at the same time blend a modern flavor to it people will accept its versatility and chivalrous spirit, the biggest breakthrough will be Chu Liu Xiang will meet his true love.

In the novel, Chu Liu Xiang has Su Rong Rong, Li Hong Xiu, Song Tian, three loves, and numerous other girls, who will he fall in love with?

50,000,000 a huge amount to make the new XiangShuai.

On the basis of the original work of Mr. Long they will revise the plots of Chu Liu Xiang’s “Xue Hai Piao Xiang,” “Da Sha Mo” “Hua Mei Niao,” this three plots will be revised. They will be filming in three locations Xin Jiang, Yu Nan and Zhe Jiang it is expected that all filming work will finished November 2006 and post production work will be complete by March 2007. For this reason the producers have thrown in huge amount of 50,000,000 for the production.

F4 Talkasia Transcript

F4 Talkasia Transcript

Friday, June 16, 2006 Posted: 0701 GMT (1501 HKT)

LH: Lorraine Hahn
JER: Jerry Yan
VS: Vanness Wu
KEN: Ken Chu
VIC: Vic Zhou


LH: They are known collectively as F4 -- pop idols who have been inspiring fan frenzy all through Asia since coming onto the scene in their native Taiwan in 2001.

Jerry Yen, Vic Zhou, Ken Zhu and Vanness Wu beat hundreds of other candidates in a casting call for the drama series "Meteor Garden," based on the wildly popular Japanese comic "hana yori dango."

The TV series and its sequel became such hits that it made superstars of the group overnight, leading to more drama roles, product endorsements and a string of successful albums and concert tours.

Gentlemen, welcome to Talk Asia. Thank you very much for being here with us. Its good to see you all.

The series, Meteor Garden, that made you virtually instantaneously famous, did that come as a surprise to you?

VS: Bit of a shock, yeah. We didn't expect it. I remember me and Jerry, we were supposed to have a fan meeting. Our very first one. But then, there was complete chaos where it was packed and then the fire department said we can't show up otherwise it would get too crazy. So the first ever fan meeting was cancelled. (bit of banter with Vic) So that's when we realized, wow this is bigger then we've ever expected and blown away by it.

LH: Was that hard to deal with?

JER: Yes, it was really difficult at the beginning when I wasn't used to it. But later, it got better when we learnt to accept it. And as more and more people started paying attention to us, we found that the attention made us want to work harder and do better for our audience.

LH: I mean you didn't have much, and forgive me if I'm wrong, but you didn't have very much acting training, right, before Meteor Garden?

JER: You're right, we never had any training, we just... went along with the flow.

VS: It was like a learning process...learning in progress. (KEN: I think we had a very good director at the time.) Yes our director was really good and he helped us a lot with everything. He really built the backbone of each character as well. I mean, he would give us certain parts and just really go with it, you know, he really helped us.

LH: Right, and Vic how close is your character, for example, to your true self?

VIC: I actually feel like the four characters in Meteor Garden are quite like our personalities, in real life. And that's the reason we were chosen. I had accompanied a friend to the audition and was waiting for him in the corridor of the office. The light was very dim and I hid in a corner against the wall. And when the director was going into his office, he saw me sitting there and thought, "Why is this person here?" And then he looked again and said, "This person's manners really seems like the character of Hua Ze Lei!" So he invited me to the audition.

LH: Some people said that you know, the story was focused on the wrong values -- you know, that it set poor examples for the young people. What do you think?

VS: I think a lot of times the media does blow everything out of proportion. Just by a single sentence, you know, they can say one word and then everybody will catch up with me all of a sudden and be like "Oh you're right you're right! We think this is wrong, the values are all gone." But then if you really look at the story, what is it really saying at the end? Just follow your heart! You know, is it wrong to follow your heart? Who can judge? You know, so ...

JER: Actually I think that it's just a television drama, not something that anyone should be taken too seriously. It was a bit of entertainment and escapism for some people. At best it gave some viewers something to think about.

VIC: That's Jerry's lifestyle! (laughs) Actually, it really is just a drama. You won't find many people in society like the ones in the show. Really, it's just entertainment, something for viewers to enjoy.

LH: Okay gentlemen we're going to take a very, very short break. When we come back, Talk Asia will talk with Jerry, Vanness, and Ken and Vic about their solo work and what they think about each other. Stay with us.

Block B:

LH: Welcome back to talk Asia, I'm sitting with Taiwanese pop idol group, F4. Gentlemen I heard that you all have very different personalities. Is that very difficult for you when you work as a group?

VS: Not really, I don't think so. I mean, cause when we work together we work as a team, and we're pretty good as a team. I think that's one of the things that is, that stands out about us, is because our personalities is so different in a group. Mostly when you see a group, a lot of the personalities, they are kind of like, in unison. But then for some reason our individuality makes us that unison.

LH: Interesting. And do you see each other, Jerry for example, as colleagues? Brothers?

JER: You mean the other 3 members of the group? (VS: Be careful!) hahaha...

LH: Wait till you hear the next question! (VS: We're more like partners)

JER: Actually, you could say that the four of us are like a unit, a small family. Vanness is like a... (Someone says mother, they all laugh) No, actually, Ken is more like the mother. Vic is like the cute lovable little brother. And Vanness, he's the serious and hardworking father. (VS: Hah! Just call me daddy! Hahaha! LH: Yeah. Exactly!)

LH: Is there a leader?

JER: No, not really. There isn't one person who always takes the lead or who must make all the decisions, if that's what you mean. Everyone shares their opinions freely. Everyone helps to make the decisions.

LH: Now all of you have sort of gone off, as you mentioned to me earlier, gone off and done your own work right? You come together for F4 and then you go off to do your own work. Why do you do this? Why don't you just stay as F4?

VIC: We don't really split up. After Meteor Garden, the four of us were offered a lot of other projects. And not all the projects were appropriate for the four of us. So we had to be selective. Like when I go to do a drama, maybe Ken would make an album instead, or maybe someone else would go and make a movie. We each have our own interests, our own strengths. I guess we all just got busy. But we always make time for F4. Like for this concert tour, we made an effort to clear our schedules so that we can do this together.

JER: (teasing) Actually, what happens is that Vic is always going off to make movies and the three of us would be left here with nothing to do. So we'd have to find our own projects... just to keep busy! (everyone laughs)

VS: I think in the long run, it reverts back to our personalities as well. Because our personality is so different and we have so many different interest as well. You know, so we of course, as a human being, would want to peruse our own interests, to do other things that we have more passion for. But then yet, when the timing calls for us to come back again, we will always be here.

LH: Jerry let me just continue with you. A little bit on the personal for each of you individually since you're such individuals. You started as a model. Was show business, entertainment, movies, TV always an ambition of yours?

JER: Er... yes I think so. When I was a model, it was natural to think about going into entertainment. That's why I was happy for the opportunity to act in a drama. Then after I had a chance to try acting, singing and dancing, I realized that I really enjoyed it and that performing was something I wanted to do more of.

LH: Vic you were studying engineering. What did you want to do? Did you really want to be an engineer?

VIC: Actually there's a funny story in that. At the time, the reason I chose to study engineering was because of my older brother. I was lazy, and I thought it'd just be easier to just follow in his footsteps. Whatever he did, I just did the same. Whatever school he went to, I wanted to go too (laughs). Then in the third year of studying engineering, when we were about to graduate, I realized I didn't really want to be an engineer! I thought, why did I choose this course? (laughs)

In the end I think I was lucky that in my first job, I met these guys, the other 3 members, and I found them inspiring... All these years, I've learnt so much from them.

LH: Right. Vanness, born in the United States of America, what brought you to this part of the world?

VS: Well I was always interested in performing. I was into dancing when I was at a very young age, so...and plus a lot of my friends were older then me and they were in the entertainment industry already. So I was pretty much surrounded by it when I was growing up and then I was working at a dead end job so...

LH: And what was that?

VS: It was customer service, if you can believe that. And then my friend told me you know, 'what are you doing in America right now?' I said nothing much. He said well why don't you go back to Taiwan and do nothing much in Taiwan and who knows, maybe you'll get famous. And luckily enough gods blessed me so... I'm here!

LH: Right, now you've worked with people from all kinds of backgrounds. How do you feel about this sort of blending of different backgrounds?

VS: I love it, I love it! I think it's a wonderful thing and it's a great opportunity to have a mixture of so many different cultures and personalities. It's a real gift -- you know you really see the world and get to meet different people, so I'm really blessed I think.

LH: Yeah I can imagine. Ken you were born in Taiwan, but you lived for some time in Singapore right?

KEN: Yeah, (LH: I cant hear that Singapore accent) -- oh if you want it I can ... but you got to give me a Singapore accent first (LH: Okay, okay, okay la!) Okay, la and stuff. I try not to you know -- because Singapore accent is for the local stuff. When I go to Singapore I do the Singapore accent.

LH: I'm fascinated by your cook book. It's called Darling Let's Cook Together right? I mean how did that idea come about?

KEN: Well actually I, I cook for myself all the time. (LH: Do you cook for these guys too?) Yeah sometimes (LH: Right!) Sometimes! If someone's heart broken and stuff... (all laugh)

LH: Heartbroken!

KEN: I'm just kidding! I cook because I don't like to eat outside food you know, it makes me feel sad.

LH: So is it fun, relaxing to you or just something you love to do?

KEN: It's just something I love, something that keeps me sane!

LH: Good. Good for you! It seems, and I mention this very briefly just now, that you go on tour as F4, then you go and do your solo work and this sort of continues right. Will there come a time when you have to say, okay I've got to choose between staying with F4 or doing my own solo career.

KEN: I think it is up to our fans, you know.

VS: Yeah, pretty much. I don't really see that anywhere in the future that there will be a decision like that. Because this has been working so well already -- we do our own thing, and then we come back. And then so...

LH: How does the solo work that you do compliment the work that you do as F4? Or does it?

KEN: Actually this concert we are having, we have a lot of personal stuff inside it. You know. For each part we have individual parts and the time for us to do different performance. And then we have the combined performance. So I think the solo stuff does help us in, you know, getting us more and more ready for the new challenge and stuff.

VS: Yeah we grow as an individual and we grow as a group. So...

LH: Is it important to you to come across with a very clean image, with a very proper image -- an image that maybe parents would be happy with? Is that important to you when you have so much influence with younger people?

VS: I think that's important in Asia. Yeah, in Asia you really have to have a clean image. But we're only human (laugh), and we just try to do our best and try to live, you know, a proper and right life that is for us.

LH: Does it require a lifestyle adjustment for you?

VS: Oh yeah, I mean there are times when we want to go out but we can't. You know, especially around here too -- the paparazzi follows us.

LH: Yeah I was just going to say, how do you keep them away?

VS: We can't!

KEN: By not leaving the house!

JER: Just DVDs! (laughs) DVDs keep me company. I spend a lot of my time indoors watching movies on DVD.

LH: (laughs) It sounds pretty boring to me.

KEN: That's why I started cooking! That's why I actually started cooking! (VS: That's why I exercise!) That's why I have pets. (LH: You have pets, wonderful!) I have three cats.

LH: Great. Was it worth it gentlemen. Is it all worth it?

VS: For me it is. I think so. I came out with three good friends, a career, you know, a chance to travel and meet new people.

VIC: Yeah, it's worth it. It actually hasn't really impacted my life. I'm the sort who would normally stay home quietly anyway! (laughs)

LH: Gentlemen, we're going to take another very, very short break. When Talk Asia comes back we'll find out what F4 thinks about the competition from Japan and Korea. Stay with us.

Block C

LH: Welcome back to Talk Asia, I'm with Jerry, Vanness, Vic and Ken of F4. Gentlemen you are hot in Japan right now. I mean is that an important market for you?

VS: I think every market is important to us right now. You know it's another chance to explore a different country, get to better know a different part of the world, you know.

LH: So do you feel, Jerry for example, that there is a need to break into different markets now in order to stay ahead of you know -- so many new singers coming out these days, right? I mean they're young, they're energetic -- I mean there's so many of them. In order to stay ahead do you feel that it is important to break new ground, break into new markets?

JER: How we do as a group depends on fate. I really believe that. My own personality is such that when I make a TV show or movie, I just want make it as good as possible and have as many people as possible watch it. To me, it's not about the competition. Working hard is all about growing and improving my talent, so that I can develop as a person and entertainer.

LH: Ken?

KEN: I'm just trying to make a living, you know. (LH: laughs) It is okay for me because I'm not...I love this job, I do love my job but it is not like a career to me. I mean, I am growing up, I am getting older, I have got to think of something else, you know. Because I don't think this is permanent to me.

LH: Yeah but I mean there's so many new faces coming out Vanness, they are competition right? I mean in a sense?

VS: Well in a sense if people look at it that way. I think for us we try to do our jobs and you know, try to, try new things, you know. I'm always up for different roles, different type of things. The market... my dream -- my ambition -- to pursue right now is, I really want to break through into acting in America, so you know. (LH: Wow.) It's hard because Asians as a whole, we do get type-casted and stereotyped, especially in America. You know, its either you're really good in martial arts or you know, you're a math genius, you know? So yeah, but hopefully we can bring new depth to the American market.

LH: You're Taiwanese, you travel around the world to a lot of places. Do you ever get drawn into politics?

VS: Not really, no. Our job is too time consuming to get dragged into politics.

LH: But how did you feel when let's say the TV series was banned in China and your two concerts were cancelled?

KEN: We have to thank them actually. (LH: You have to thank them? Why?) This is how we got famous in China. (VS: Good point! Laughs) It is. (LH: Any publicity is good publicity). No, okay, when we first went there our show was banned in China, we were all... (VS: Pretty distraught.) Yeah. And then after a while, we kind of realized that the more the government wants to ban, the more the people want to see, and that's how we got famous actually.

LH: Is there a new album you're working on at the moment?

VS: I am working on my next solo album.

LH: Your next solo album right. Anything different from previous?

VS: It's... well right now the producers and the lyrics are done by myself and my group of people that I've come work with, so its basically like my own personal music diary.

LH: Right, anybody else working on a new album or...?

KEN: Actually the four of us are going to have a new album coming out, I think this year (LH: Great. F4?) Yeah. (LH: Great.) The exact time we don't know yet.

LH: Anything special, anything different from the previous albums?

KEN: I think the very different part will be our vocals because the previous time we record an album was about 3-4 years ago.

VS: Three or four years ago, and I think our vocals have improved since then! (laughs)

LH: All this non stop lifestyle that you have, how do you deal with it? I mean has there come a point where you really just want to shut off for a little while? I mean you seem to go for F4 to solo and then F4 -- you know its like non stop.

JER: Oh it's not like that at all. It's not a bad thing. What we gain is more than what we lose.

KEN: Actually we do enjoy working with each other. That's the thing you know, when we don't see each other for a while and we meet each other, it feels better actually.

LH: What is the best thing about being in F4?

VS and KEN (stare at the ceiling in deep thought): Hmmmmm. (laughs)

LH: Aww, it shouldn't take that long!

KEN: I never think about that...

VS: There's so many, there really is. (LH: Just one) Just one. Me personally, I can help my family out more. So I can take care of my family, so that's the best part of it.

VIC: I think the best thing about being in F4 is the sense of unity that we have among the four members. I've never felt like I was alone or had to do a job by myself. Regardless of what challenges I face, I always have three other people whom I can go to for help. These people also inspire me to do better. And their inspiration has been what's helped me grow and improve.

LH: Right. Ten years from now, lets suppose the name F4 is still out there in conversation. How would you like to be talked about?

JER: If our fans, all the people who have followed us and who have worked with us...if they all have some good memories, that would be enough.

LH: Well gentlemen, thank you all very, very much for spending time with us. Vic, Ken, Vanness, Jerry -- thank you all very, very much. (F4: Thank you.) And that has been talk Asia this week, my guests have been Taiwanese pop idols, F4. I'm Lorraine Hahn, let's talk again next week.

credit to's Club Magazine , Vol. 3 - Jerry's part's Club Magazine , Vol. 3 - Jerry's part

credit: mei520104
translated by kkla

1. What is the most difficult part when preparing for the F4 concerts?

The actual rehearsal didn't start until I arrived at HK on the 12th. I had about 10 to 14 days in total only.
Regarding the number of playing piano, as I haven't taken any formal lessons in the past, I needed
to start learning from the basic hand movements. Besides, I also needed to sing as I played the piano,
therefore, it was the most difficult part. When the filming of WT was delayed earlier, staff also worried
that playing piano might be too difficult for me due to the limited rehearsal time. However, I have always
thought that a man playing piano can fully display his temperament/disposition and it looks very handsome,
so I really wanted to try. Actually, I have wanted to learn playing piano since youth, but there were no
opportunities due to the poor environment.

With these F4 concerts, the four of us could work together again after a long time, not just Chai Jie and
Director Cai came to the concerts, even the photographer was the same one who worked for MG1 as well.
All of a sudden, I remembered a lot of the old days. Some days ago, when I needed to record late in the
studio, when I was resting, all of a sudden I heard some guitar sound. Then I found out that it was Vanness
who was practising guitar for the concerts. At that moment, I was very touched by the unity of the four of
us' trying our best to finish the same project.

2. Regarding the solo parts?

When I had meetings with the production team before the concerts, I found out that we had similar ideas
regarding the design of my images in the concerts. The team tried to create the images based on the
concepts of "sexy", "wild", and "bad boy" in mind. Coincidently, I had the same ideas and I really liked
to try some different than usual images. Moreover, I really like the feeling of the whole audience singing
together with me, therefore, when I had the meeting with the concert director, I suggested to include
more opportunities for interacting with the fans during my solo parts, so we didn't arrange too much
specific performance during my second solo part. We hope that we would just follow our mood/feelings
at the moment, so I feel like being closer to the fans.

3. It seemed like your dance in the concert was quite wild. Is it true that you even bumped your head?

The first dance was pretty wild, especially the last move at the end. I needed to kneel down and to fall
back to the floor with full force. Due to a lack of experience, after the concerts, I found bruises on both
of my knees. When Vanness knew about it, he said, "I always wear knee pads, how come you didn't wear
any at all?" At the first concert, I really bumped my head against the floor really hard. Although it hurt
very badly, I was ok.

4. What were you thinking when performing? Did you pay attention to the audience at all?

During the first two concerts, I was too focused when performing. After being reminded by the concert
director, I realized that I needed to pay more attention on interacting with the audience. For instance,
during the concerts, opportunities were arranged for us to shake hands with the audience, and the
purposes were to increase the excitement, and to create the interaction between the performer and
the audience. However, at the beginning, I was too serious and too polite when shaking hands with them,
it ended up that I could only shake hands with 3 people when others had finished 10 already. After I
realized the problem, I tried to interact with the fans as much as possible after the first two concerts.

5. What is the message to the ones who couldn't attend the concerts this time?

It is really a pity, as we, F4, have worked together again after approximately four years. We have all
put in a lot of effort this time. I hope that next time we will have the opportunities to go to other countries,
such as Japan, Korea, and a lot of other countries. We can bring the same kind of performance to the
audience there, so everbody can see it. I hope that everybody will be looking forward to it.

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"most memorable part in HK Concert was ... we were on HK NEWS"

Together ... Forever

"They are so sweet ... It was "very unforgettable" seeing them onstage!"

What’s new:

What’s new:

Jerry :

- Post production of "The Hospital"

Ken :

- Jun 18, 2006 Press conference for TV drama series "Chu Liu Xiang" in Shanghai
- Jun 17, 2006 Red carpet opening of "Shanghai TV Festival" in Shanghai
- Jun 8, 2006 Chongqing "Sun Yanzi Concert" as guest performer
- May 19, 2006 1:00-2:00pm Radio interview at SPAIN-ZAKA STUDIO - PARCO PART 1, SHIBUYA, JAPAN
- May 18, 2006 "City of the Sky" promotion in Japan
- Apr 22, 2006 7:00pm Taichung National Music Theatre "Rainie Yang Concert" as guest performer
- Apr, 2006 - New movie pre-production

- Vanness :

- Jul 8-9, 2006 Solo concert in Tokyo, Japan
- Jun 17-18, 2006 Album SCANDAL Autograph Sessions in Taiwan (4 sessions in total)
- Jun 16, 2006 Korea Video Fair Opening Concert in Qing Dao
- Jun 10, 2006 Golden Melody Awards in Taiwan
- May 27, 2006 IVI China Korea Charity Concert in Macau (Cancelled)
- May 23, 2006 SBS-TV 2006 Worldcup Special Programme for Victory
- May 14, 2006 SBS TV live programme in Korea
- May 10, 2006 New album release press conference in Korea
- May 8, 2006 Disney movie "Cars" press conference in Taiwan
- May 6, 2006 MTV Asia Award in Bangkok, Thailand
- May 2, 2006 Solo concert press conference in Tokyo, Japan
- Apr 30, 2006 Shanghai F1 Racetrack to cheer for the S&K car racing team
- Apr 2006 New album recording in Korea

Vic :

- May 18, 2006 "Silenece" media preview and two TV programmes recording in Taiwan
- Filming of new TV drama series "Delicious Relations"


Forever ....

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F4 finishes, Can't Bear to

F4's 4 concerts in a row can to an end the night before, helping Ren Ci Hospital to get a sum of 138 Wan. After 3 nights of performance, their performance on the 4th night was even more opened up. Vanness and Jerry jumped out of stage to dance even during their solo dance part. Vanness even took out his gun and shot Jerry. Other than singing korean song, Vanness pulled up 2 Japanese fans and sang Xiang Bei Ai Shuo Zai Jian all of a sudden. Zaizai played the guitar with Ken and played wrongly at the start, making everyone laugh.
Whether his rumoured girlfriend have came ? Jerry publicly thank his assistant, Fenny who have never left him and also the manager whom he quarrelled with, Cai Zhi Ping. He even pulled Cai Zhi Ping upstage and hugged her. And even said, without her, there would be no F4 today, making her so touched that she cried his his arms.
Among F4, the only who did not strip was Ken. The night before, he became the victim of all. The other 3 got the fans and asked him to strip. In the end, he only took off his jacket, leaving only the stripes shirt inside. In the end, he was being poke fun by Zaizai as being a criminal.
It's not always the 4 of them can gather together to perform. So during the last night, they couldn't bear to part. All of them gathered together and the last concert only ended at 1140pm. Even though they had already encore once, fans refused to leave and waited for their idols for ten minutes and only left when stage crew started to take down everything. The night before, Vanness and Jerry's family, Li Xi Lei, Tai Bu, Zheng Chu and Ka Qi were there to support.
When F4 was being asked about fans refusing to leave at the post party, they explained they had to do this interview the moment it finishes. Saying that if they had known earlier, they would definately come out again to meet their fans. Zaizai expressed that his family did not come because his way of interacting with his family was different from the rest. He said if he were to see his family when he was performing, he would feel very shy.
Jerry expressed he don't think Lin Zhi Ling came. In regards to Lin Jia Qi who said she have given the 1st model title to Lin Zhi Ling, crew came out to stop the question even before Jerry could reply.
Ken was very satisfied with his last performance while Vanness said, his sister who also performed this time loved performing.
Thanks to Mingpao.
27th March 2006