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After 5 years, Vanness Wu latest solo album all set to release

After 5 years, Vanness Wu latest solo album all set to release

Long awaited Vanness 2nd solo album "V.Dubb"will be released on 20 April. Aiming at the title of Taiwan's No.1 Dancing King, Vanness will use his charm to conquer fans once again.

It's been 5 years since his last solo album, fans are looking forward to Vanness 2nd solo album. Vanness have placed a lot of attention and effort in it. To let fans see and hear to most genuine Vanness, he participated in music composition, dance, performance, styling, packaging, various details of the album.
Therefore, the album is named after his nickname "V.Dubb". Through this album, fans will be able understand the innermost Vanness beneath his muscular and cool look.

Vanness personally handled the image styling for the album and specially went to America to shop for his new image. Having grown up in America, Vanness likes the American style Hiphop style - baggy jeans, singlets, caps and many bling bling accessories including necklaces, belts etc. Vanness said although it's hip hop look, but to wear in Sexy, and expressing his personality and individuality, that is his own Vanness style!

Among his accessories, there's a diamond studded belt with a gun buckle and silver bullets. These accessories which looks like the real thing created a stir at Hong Kong airport, causing his luggage to be detained. As Vanness went to Genting for a concert after his shopping trip in America, his luggage were brought back by his company colleagues. Unexpectedly, when the luggage transitted in Hong Kong, due to the "gun" and "bullets", those collegues were suspected smuggling. And as the key to the luggage was with Vanness, they were unable to open the luggage for inspection. In the end, the luggage was detained in HK airport for more than a week, his manager has to fly to HK to bring back the 2 "dangerous" items. Vanness laughed: "didn't expect my "gun" to create so many stories, i'm very sorry towards my colleagues".

Source: 2007-04-04
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